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Full text of "The Treat family: a genealogy of Trott, Tratt, and Treat for fifteen generations, and four hundred and fifty years in England and America, containing more than fifteen hundred families in America .."

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^ (^enealogt) of Qivoti, Qivaii, an\i ^reat 



fVi^ Illustrations t Autographs^ and a Map of Somersetshire. 




The Salem Press Publishing &* Printing Company. 
Ubc Salcm pttn, 







After ten years of constant labor, the Genealogy of the Treat family has been completed 
and published. It was a work of love on my part, and has required not only much time, 
but quite a sum of money has been expended, for which no remuneration is asked. It 
was intended at first to publish the Genealogy in octavo form, but it was found that this 
would result in a large book of about one thousand pages, and it could not be bound in 
two volumes without dividing a family ; so by increasing the size to a royal octavo, and 
using smaller type in the family records and notes, the number of pages has been much 
reduced without omitting anything. The number of copies was limited to four hundred, 
and the price placed at the bare cost of publishing, yet scarce two hundred copies have 
been subscribed for. Some who were very anxious to have a family history, and made 
great promises, did nothing or next to nothing, not even subscribing for a book ; many 
willingly furnished records, but did not subscribe; others who would not even notice my 
letters of inquiry, did subscribe for a book. To such as assisted me my warmest thanks 
are due, and I have no hard feelings towards those who neglected to aid me. The loss, if 
there be any, is theirs, not mine. 

When my attention was first directed to the subject of genealogy, ray purpose was to 
trace out my own line of descent, and nothing mnre. Becoming interested, I determined 
to hunt up all the descendants, male and fem-ile, of the Rev. Samuel Treat, of Eastham, 
Mass., the oldest son of Gov. Robert Treat of Conn., from whom I am descended. To 
that end a considerable collection was made, and some autographs obtained, which are 
here printed. At length it was thought best to publish a complete record of the entire 
Treat family. The record will be found to be very full. No pains have been spared to 
make the work a complete ouc. Places of interest have been personally visited. Records 
of all kinds — town, church, and probate — have been carefully searched, and the old bury- 
ing grounds have been examined. 

Some families by the name of Treat are not included in this book, for the simple reason 
that either I had no knowledge of their existence, or because they made no reply to my 
letters of inquiry. It is my intention to continue my researches in order to obtain a fuller 
record of the family, and in due time to print an appendix containing such additions, and 
a correction of errors inseparable from a book like this. The compiler is not always 
responsible for mistakes. Baptismal, town, and probate records, and inscriptions on 
gravestones do not always agree. Members of the same family differ as to dates. Some 



ni;v<;r k(;pt a funiily rci;ord. In Hiicb cohch one lias to use bis Ijest judgment. It will be 
ojtumuUfri'A a gr(;at favor if [>erHonH would correct sucb errors as tbey may find, and send 
uui fulditional rimterial. There are two familicM which it was impossible to insert in this 
\HH}k in their proper [ilacc, owinj^ U> the lack of one or two links whereby they might be 
connectf.'d with soine one of the branches ; also quite a number of miscellaneous names, 
m^mt of which, it is U) Ikj hoiKsd, can Ijc ma<le to appear in their proper place in some 
futun; appendix. 

Prior Uf Sept. .'J, 1752, time was reckoned according to two methods. The civil or legal 
year began on the 2r>th of March, which was the first month of the year, February being 
th(i twelfth. The hiHtorl(;al year began Jan. 1st, which was the first month of the year, 
nntl lh'vvm)n',r the twelfth, lioth methods of reckoning were in use, and frequently com- 
bined, «M Feb. 1, 1710-1, which means that it was 1710 according to the civil year, and 
1711 according to the historical. In early records the name of the month is often not 
given but expressed in flgures. In that case March was the first month. The dates have 
Iwen gi> en Just as found in the records, without any change to make the old style conform 
t4> the new. 

I nni under gntat obligations to the following persons, who are not connected with the 
family, for many favors : 

John H. Dyer, Town Clerk, Truro, Mass. ; Josinh Paine, Harwich, Mass. ; Hon. Charles 
Tublm, Osceola, Penn. ; Frank W. and Josiah G. Leach, Philadelphia, Penn. ; William S. 
(loslec, (llastonbury, Conn. ; W. L. Sherwood, Newark, N. J. ; and Nathan G. Pond, 
Milford, Conn. 

Tlu> following parties have voluntarily sent me pecuniary contributions : 

CharloH P. Treat, C'hieago, 111., ^fiO.OO; Horatio Treat, West Newbury, Mass., $30.00 ; 
' Silas H. Treat, Brooklyn, N. Y., $15.00 ; Jonathan F. Treat, San Andreas, Cal., $10.00; 
, Milo (■. Trent, Washinglon, Ponn., $5.00. 


The number of copies taken by eachy ami the name of the family branch from 
which tfiey are descended. 

AUlrich, Mrs. Alinira (Treat), Edwardsburgh, Cass Co., Mich. 

Ammon, Mrs. Mary J. (Treat), Estberville, Iowa. 

Avery, Mrs. Catharine Ilitchcock (TiUleii), Cleveland, Ohio. 

Backus, Mrs. Hattie Rogenia (Wilson), Dulutij, Minn. 

Baldwin, Judge C. C, Cleveland, Ohio 

Bartletr, Mrs. Caroline Eliza (Harrod), Annandale, N. Y. 
Barton, Mrs. Esther Treat (Bushnell), Wellington, Ohio. 
Beers, Mre. Gertrude Amanda (Treat), Danbury, Conn. 
Benthall, Mrs. Rebecca A. (widow of Thomas A. Treat), Wharton, 


Blanch:ird, Mi-s. Alzina (Treat), Minneapolis, Minn. 

Boardman, Wm. F. J., Hartford, Conn 

Bwxly, Mrs. Abbie Harriet (Treat), Brooklyn, N. Y. . 
Boyd, Mrs. Su.^an Dayton (HarnKl), Annandale, N. Y. 

Brass, Richard William, Albany, N. Y. 

Buck, Rev. Edwin Augustus, Fall River, Mass. 

Calkins, Mrs. Marie Frances (Treat), East Aurora, N. Y. 
Campbell, Capt. Charles Harrod, Washington, 1). C. . . . 

Case, Dr. Lafayette Wallace, Chicago, 111 

Champion, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Booth), New Haven, Conn. 

Chittenden, Mrs. Nellie M., Chicago, III 

Combs, Frank A , Cleveland, Ohio. ..... 

Hiram A., Cleveland, Ohio 

Samuel M., Cleveland, Ohio. ..... 

Coon, Mrs. Sally Betsey (Treat), Camden, N. J. 

Crane, Henry Ryland, Baltimore, Md 

Doane, John Adams, Atlanta, Ga 

Joseph Albert, Preston, Conn 

William Howard, Cincinnati, Ohio 

DoiT, Mrs. Alma Althea (Treat), Frankfort, Maine. . 

Downes, Anson Treat, New York 

Dunham, Henry Chester, Middletown, Conn. .... 

Finley, Mrs. Mary Ann (Treat), South Manrheslcr, Conn. 
Flagg, Mrs. Mary Frances (Lake), Keene, N. II. . 






. Robert. 

















GruDt, Juilge CbarlcB Rollin, Akron, Ohio. .... Robert. 

Grccnougii, John JaineH, Ft. McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia. . . Robert. 

Hanchett, Mrs. AugiiHta Lovia (Tilden), Hyde Park, Mass. . Robert. 

Ililer, Henry Pxlward, Brockport, N. Y. James. 

Hoes, MrH. Anna Eliza]>etli (Treat), Rondoiit, N. Y. . . . Robert. 

Ilovey, CassiuH M., Brockport, N. Y. James. 

Treat James, Brockport, N. Y. James. 

Jennings, Mrs Mary (Treat), Geneseo, N. Y Robert. 

JesMiip, Mrs. Hannah More (Treat), Bridgewater, Conn. . . Robert. 

Johnson, Charles Andrew, New Orleans, La Robert. 

Mrs. Emily M. (Treat), Easthampton, Mass. . . . Richard. 

Jones, W. C, St. Louis, Mo 

Kirkholder, Mrs. Florine Augusta (Combs), Buffalo, N. Y. . . Robert. 

Knapp, Mrs. Olive (Treat), Cheshire, Conn. .... Robert. 

Lake, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Treat), Pittsfield, N. H Robert. 

Lea, J. Henry, Fairlmvcn, Mass. 

Lyon, Mrs. Angelina (Treat), Cincinnati, Ohio. .... James. 

Mather, Horace E., Hartford, Conn. Robert. 

McClure, Mrs. Caroline (Treat), La Porte, Indiana. . . . Matthias. 

McDonald, Mrs. Sarah (Treat), Cromwell, Conn. . . . Richard. 

Millikaii, Mrs. Mary Lucretia (Treat), Colony, Kansas. . . . Robert. 

Moore, Mrs. JoHcpbine Aliueda (Treat), Leatlville, Colorado. . Matthias. 

Paine, Robert Treat, Boston, Mass. Robert. 

Pelh'tt, Mrs. N. B. (Treat), Middletown, Conn. . . . Richard. 


I'umpelly, Raphael, Dublin, N. H Joanna. 

Randall, Mrs. Euiily Frances (Doaue), Wyoming, Ohio. . . James. 

Ramile, George Mnthc-r, I'hilailelpliia, Peun Robert. 

Riciiards, E. S., Reading, l*enn. 

Sackett, Mrs. George, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Robert. 

Sanger, Mis. Mary Robeiia (Treat), Bangor, Maine. . . . Robert. 

Savage, Mrs. Grace Abbott (Treat), Bangor, Maine. . . . Robert. 

Sawyer, Mrs. Elizabeth .lane (Treat), Presque Isle, Maine. . . Robert. 

Schennerhorn, (iilbert Decker, Rondout, N. Y Robert. 

Seymour, Cieorge I)n<lley, New Haven, Ccmn Susanna. 

Simonils, Mrs. Anna Maria (Treat), WaUhiim, Mass. . . . Robert. 

Stone, Mrs. Serena Kliza])eth (Treat), Tallinadge, Ohio. . . . Robert. 

TaU'ott, MisH Mary C, Hartford, Conn Richard. 

Treat, A. (ililbert, AuWnrn, N. Y Richard. 

Adna Adams, Denvor, Colorado Matthias. 

Alonzo Lewellyn, Wmlsworth, Ohio Robert. 

Mrs. Annie Mary (Kidlcy), widow of James Treat, Boston, Mass. Robert. 




Treat, Benjamin Franklin, Coopersville, Mich 

Benjamin Miller, Tonawanda, N. Y 

Burnett F., Kansas City, Kansas 

Charles Baiton, Buchanan, Berrien Co., Mich. 

Charles G., Ist Lieut., 5th Art., Governor's Island, New York. 

C. H., Akron, Ohio 

Charles Henry, Edgar, Nebraska. . 

Charles Henry, Baltimore, Md. 

Charles Payson, Chicagp, 111. ... 

Dr. Charles R., Sharon, Wise. 

Rev. Charles Russell, New York city. 

Charles Wliitten, Blooming Prairie, Minn. 

Cornelius Mortimer, Clinton, Wise. 

David Augustus, Rondout, N. Y. 

Dennis, Tallmadge, Ohio. . . . 

Miss Delia Louisa, Hartford, Conn. 

Durions William, What Cheer, Iowa. 

Edward Adums, New York city. 

Edward Beecher, La Salle, 111. 

Edward Holj^oke, Riverside, Cal. 

Edwin Buck, New York city. 

Edwin Chapin, Ottawa, Kansas .... 

Edwin Parker, Frankfort, Maine 

Elgia E., Syracuse, N. Y 

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Treat (Clark) Hinman, widow 

Treat, Tallmadge, Ohio 

Ezra Parker, Monroe, Wise. .... 

Fayette, East Concord, N. Y. 

Franklin C, Coopersville, Mich. 

Frederick Howard, Philadelphia, Penn. 

Miss Gail A., Baltimore, Md. .... 

Garry Lamont, Marion, Iowa. 

George Ellery, Milwaukee, Wise. 

George Floyd, San Diego, Cal. 

George Russell, Mcriden, Conn. 

Miss Gertrude Margaret, Baltimore, Md. 

Henry Bryan, Fremont, Nebraska. 

Horatio, West Newbury, Mass. 


Howell Burr, Painesville, Ohio 

Ira Hascal, Anderson, Cal 

Ira Ralph, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Irving C, Hartford, Conn. . • . . 
Mrs. Isabella Laidly (wife of Joseph Atwater Treat), Indian- 
apolis, Ind 

Miss Isabel Martha, Roxbury, Mass. 
James Elbert, Methuen, Mass. 
Miss Jessie, Hanunerton, N. J. 

of Calvin 















































Treat, John Han^ey, Lawrence, Mass. Robert. 100 

John Jay, San Jacinto, Cal Robert. 

John Lee, New Haven, Conn. Robert. 

John Sheldon, Portsmouth, N. H - Robert. 

Jonathan F., San Andreas, Cal Robert. 

Dr. Joseph Augustus, Stuart, Iowa. ..... Richard. 

Joseph Henry, Meadow Valley, Wise. .... James. 

Joseph R., Foster, Iowa Robert. 

Miss Julia Belinda, Claridon, Ohio. Matthias. 

Mrs. Julia Maria (widow of Alfred Amos Treat), Rondout, N. Y. Robert. 

Julius Allen, Sharon, Wise. Richard. 

Miss Kate Siieldon, Buffalo, N. Y Robert. 

Leslie R., Janesville, Wise. Matthias. 

Leverett Jackson, Union City, Penn Robert. 

Mrs. Lucinda (widow of Albert Treat) , Orange, Conn. . Robert. 

Lyman L., Webster City, Iowa Richard. 

Miss Mabel lluxford, Baltimore, Mo Robert. 

Miss Mary Clark, Bridgeport, Conn Robert. 

Miss Mary E., Vienna, Ohio. ...... Robert. 

Merritt Etlward, Derby, Conn Robert. 

Milo Clinton, Washington, Penn. . . • . . James. 

Morgan, West Point, Va. Richard. 

Mortimer Smith, Woodmont, Conn. Robert. 

Mrs. Nancy (widow of William Treat), Hampden, Me. . Robert. 

Nathaniel B.. Monroe, Wise. Robert. 

Nathaniel William, Cohasset, Mass. Robert. 

Orange Sackett, Tallmadge, Ohio. Robert. 

Robert, New York city. Matthias. 

Robert Marcus, East Morris, Conn Robert. 

Rollin Jerome, Lima, Ohio Robert. 

Royal C, Chicago, III Richard. 

Royal Clark, Meadow Valley, Wise James. 

Judge Samuel, St. Louis, Mo Robert. 

Samuel Atwater, Chicago, 111. Robert. 

Samuel Worcester, Rockfoixl, 111. ..... Robert. 

Sidney Clark, Weeping Water, Nebraska. .... Robert. 

Stiles Jonathan, Orange, Conn Robert. 

Sylvaniis Franklin, Cohasset, Mass. Robert. 

Thomas, Le Mars, Iowa Richard. 

Victor Hugo, Ottawa, Kansas. Richard. 

Warren Augustus, Marengo, 111. Richard. 

Webster, Davisville, Cal. Robert. 

Willard James, St. Paul, Minn. Robert. 

William, Brooklyn, Ohio James. 

William Philo, Mcdford, Mass Robert. 

William Wyllle, Boston, Mass Robert. 

Turner, Walter A., Brookline, Mass. Robert. 


Walker, Mrs. Fauny Webster (Treat), Buflfulo, N. Y. . . . Matthias. 

Whitehouse, Mrs. Evelyn Maria (Treat), Augusta, Mo. . . Robert. 

Wolcott, Flora Isabella, Oberlin, Ohio Robert. 

Wolcott, Mrs. Harriet Esthe I- (Treat), Talmadge, Ohio. . . Robert. 

Wyraan, Mrs. Helen Amanda (Sanderson), Baltimore, Md. . . Robert. 

Young, Mrs. Esther Clarissa (Treat), Kokonio, Indiana. . . Robert. 


IN the 3'ear 1640, and perhaps us early as 1637, there probably resided in the town of 
Wethersfield, Conn., no less than ten persons, and possibly two or three more, who 
then lK>re the name of Treat, Tret, Trator Trot. Before proceeding fnrther, it will not be 
out of place to give a little account of the founding of a town which for more than two 
hundred and fifty years has been, and still is the home of the descendants of some of its 

Governor AVinthrop arrived at Salem, Mass., June 12, 1630. On the seventeenth of the 
same month, he and Sir Richard Saltonstall travelled through the woods to Charlestown to 
select a place for settlement. Saltonstall, Rev, George Phillips, and others of his friends 
comnienced a settlement up the Charles river, at a place called by the Indians Pegusset, 
or Pigsgusset. Sept. 7, the General Court gave the place the name of AVaterton, or Water- 
town. July 30, 1630, Saltonstall and about forty otliers drew up a liberal church cove- 
nant, which they signed. Their sufferings were so great the first winter that Saltonstall 
became discouraged and returned home the next spiing, but left his two oldest sons. In 
1635, he sent over a vessel with twenty laborers, to make a settlement on the Connecticut 

As early as 1634, tiie number of inhabitants at Watertown and other neighboring settle- 
ments had so increased that there was no longer sufficient land for tillage and pasturage. 
They complained of "straitness of land, especially meadow," The colonists therefore 
began to think about removing elsewhere and founding new settlements. 

During the year 1631, the governors of both the Plymouth and Massachusetts colonies 
bad been informed by the Indians of the beautiful and fertile valley of the Connecticut, 
but no steps liad as yet been taken to settle there. In 1633, a party of newly arrived 
emigrants travelled due west overland till they came to the same river, whither they 
moved the next 3'ear. The reports of the great fertility of the new country, in addition 
to the previous rumors, made the inhabitants of AVatertown, Newtown (called Canjbrnli;e 
in 1638), Roxbury and Dorchester very eager to migrate. May 14, 1634, the Court gave 
the inhabitants of Newtown permission to migrate to some new place, provided that ihey 
selected a location not already occupied, hut when it was kuown that their destination 
was Connecticut, this hchenie was opposed by the Court at the session in September. In 
spite of this prohibition, some of the inhabitants of Watertown set out lor the Coniu cti- 
cut, and passed the winter in temporary homes at a place called Pauquaug, or Pyquung, 
by the Indians, which they called A\''atertown, and a few years later, AVethersfield, a veiy 
desirable tract of intervale along the river. This is said to have been the first town s< t- 
tled in Connecticut. 

Finding that the people were determined to emigrate, the Court on the sixth of May, 
1635, reluctantly gave the inhabitants of Watertown liberty "to remove themselves to 
any place they shall think ineete to makechoise of, provided they continue still under this 



govern riHMit." (^MasM. Kec<>r<l8, 1: HC.ji The inhabitants of Koxburv and Dorchester 
were ^runled a like |>ei'rniHsion. 

In U'/M}, many eauie from Watert4^;wn ; it is Kui>i>08e<i that they came loiiml hy water, 
U) the new nettlement of Watertown on the banks of the Connecticut. The same year 
«^>me of the peophr i>f I)«>rche8ter remove<l to a settlement which they called Dorchester, 
and aflerwardH Windsor. In IG'iG, alK>ut a hundre<l men. women and chiMren. with 
lli'.v. Mr. lUxtkf.r, from Newtown, or Cambri<ljfe. joined those already at Hartford. 

At a Court held at New Towne, Feb. 21, 1636, it was voted to change the name of 
WaU-rtowne to Wythersfeild or Wealhersfeild. afterwards spelled Wethersfiehl. The 
town was doubtless named after Wether.Hfiehl in Suffolk, Enjrland, on the lionlers of Caui- 
brid;;eshire and Essex. The name of Newtowne was also cliantre«l to Ilarlfonl towne. or 
IIartfor<i, and Dorchester to Windsor. 

'J'lie inhabitants of Wethersfield and Windsor were compelled during the winter of 
1635-6, owing to the lack of provisions and the severity of the weather to retire to the fort 
built at th<? mouth of the Connecticut by the colonists whom Saltonstall had sent over 
in 163.'>. They also suffered severely' from the Indians. Being high-spirited, courageous^ 
and full of adventure, they made no effort to conciliate the savage foes by whom they 
wen; surrounded. In 1636, the Indians killed six persons and took seven captives whom 
they barbarously tortured to death. April 23, 1637, they killed six men and two women, 
and tijok as captives two mairlens. They also killed twenty cows and did other damage. 

The people of Wetliersfiehl suffered much from internal dissensions. Not above six of 
the early setth'rs were members of the church, and only seven in 1639. They took no min- 
ister with them, as did the other towns, who might have curbed and directed them. Owing 
to these discords, many of them were constantly leaving for other settlements. In 1641, 
elforls wvn: made to reconcile the paities and bring about a i)eace, but without result. 
Thereupon twenty <»f the planters removed to SLamford. Among the principal men who 
renuiined in Wethersfield were Talcott, Willis, Ilollister, Demiug. Smith and Treat. 

The town of Wethersfield \oted Dec. 26, 1689, to allow the inhabitants on the east 
side of the river trj form a new town. The petition to the General Court was dated Feb. 
13, 1689-90, and the new town was incorporated May 8, 1690, under the name of Glas- 
tenbury, often written in ol<l documents Glassenbury. It was un<loubtedly named after 
Glastonbury in Somersetshire, England, though with a slight variation in the spelling. 
Of late years the name has been spelled Glastonbury. Richard Treat, sr., owned a large 
tract of land in this town, known as "the Treat farm," which he gave to his son Richard 
in 1668. Some portions of this farm remained in the famil}- down to the present genera- 
tion. See Rev. Alonzo Chapin's "Glastenbury for two hundred years." 



~TV"T"0 genealogy is complete which does not trace back the family to the mother country. 
1 \| But in this C!»se there was a tliflfkMilty. The imine of Treat does not occur at all 
among t.lie nobility, gentry or country families of Knglan<l, nor can it be found amon«jj Eng- 
lish surnames, in any publislted Iniok that I Iwive seen. There were a few Trolls, another 
form of tlic Treat name, but that I then considered to be a distinct name. So there was 
no clew as to where I should look. Just then the names of Treat and Treate were tlis- 
covei\?d in recently pubiialied London P:\rish Uegisters, once as early as l.'i'JO, nn<l the 
names were our family names, Richard, Roiiert and Thomas. Afler many and vexatious 
delays and <lisap|»ointments, I succeeded in (Inding a competent gentleman, J. Henry Lea, 
Esq., of Faiihuven, Mass., who has uiade a thorough search of the English records. That 
great storehouse of wills, the Prerogative Court of Canterhury, was searched from 1503 
to 1657, ami but one name of Treat in any form of spelling was found till 1656. Nor 
could anything of value be found under the name of Trott. The Commissary Court of 
London conlnined a will of Rolicrt Treats? of ]63«, but that was of no value. All the 
various London Probate Courts were searched, some of thcjn from 1504 to 1719, but the 
name of Treat could not l>e found. Nor coidd it be found in the Lincoln marriage licenses, 
1. 508-1 62M ; ihe early Lincoln wills, 12H0-i547; the Wilts marriage allegations; the 
Wilts Prohate Court; the Lancasiiire wills, 1457-1680; or in the York wills. Other rec- 
ords were searched with like results. Finding the names of Tratt and Trott in some 
Somerset parish reyiisters, our attention was turned in that direction, and with success 
as the results show. 

After Anding the family in Somerset, the next tlting was to trace it as fully and as far 
back as possible. The wills of the Prerogative Cfvnrt of Cnnlerlniry were again searched, 
Uie Wells, an<l Taunton wdls were carefully examined, and the Taunton Manor Court 
rolls explored. This vast estate, the most ancient in England, dates back to the hep- 
tarchy. It was anciently given to the See of Winchealer, and wtLs divideil into hundreds, 
Staplegrove, north of Taunton ; Narlsborne, or Nailsborne, north of Staplegrove ; TTolw.ay, 
southeast of Taunton; Poundisford, which included Pitminster, on the south; Ollerford 
aiijoins Poundisford and extends south to the borders of Devon ; Hull, now Bishop's 11 nil, 
on the west; Rympton far to the east towards Dorset; Taunton Castrum and Taunton 
Borough represent Tautiton and environs. This was the old arrangement. Tlu'se hun- 
dreds were again divided into tythings. A low words in these rolls require explanation. 
The lands ami tenants of this Manor are for the most part of two sorts — boundlands, 
containing ancient dwellings and tenements "lioldcn by a customary fine and rent certain, 
paying heriots and doing suits and services to the same belonging;" overlanda, upon 
which there were anciently no dwellings, ''holden by a fine and rent certain, and fealty, 



but the tenants thereof pay no hcriotSt nor do no other customs, suit, or service, for 
same." Sec Shillibeer's Ancient Customs of the Manor of Taunton Dean, Tiverton, 
1S21, ji rare and interesting hook. In the Muniment room, Tannton CaatJe, where these 
records are kept, there has accumulateil in the course of centiu ies, a maea of documents 
wluclt would require months to examine, even if they were in goo<) simpe, but most of 
them are without any order, on shelves, tal»lcs and tiie floor. They have been eaten by 
mice, corroded by damp and are l»lack witli dust. Besides, tlie style of writing is such 
that no one but an expert can read them. They are very valuable as showing where the 
family lived. A few of the most important leases have been given in Latin just as written, 
conti'actious, and all, but the others are a free translation of matters of interest contained 
in them. 

Very few parish registers date back of 1538. In that year orders were issued that 
every parish BhouM keep i^gisters of baptisms, marriages an<l }>urials. This was prob- 
ably owing to the tlissolution of the monasteries in 153.0, by Henry viii. Many registers 
do not Commence till 1558, the first year of Queen Elizabeth, while a great many eorly 
i-egisters have utterly perishetl, and others arc very imperfect. All such as gave hopes 
of containing any information have been searched from Hridgewater on the north, to Crew- 
kerne on the borders of Dorset; the full record Ims \ivrxi given in aonie cases, partly to 
illustrate the varieties in the spelling of the name. 

The fHiriily of Trott, quite as often spelled Trait iifter the middle ol the sixteenth cen- 
tury, appears to have been a very large one iu Somerset. The name also appears in 
Cornwall, Devon, Wilts, Bucks, Middlesex, Essex, Lincoln, Derby, Kent and doiditless 
elsewhere. Like all old names that of Treat has been spelled iu various ways. In Eng- 
lish records, as also to some extent, in early Connecticut records, we find the name under 
these forms,— Trat, Tratt, Tratte, Trnte. Tret, Trett. Trette, Treet, Treete, Trot, Trott, 
Trotte, Troote, Troot, Treat, Treatt, Treatc, aufl with a few other varieties of spelling. 
The name of Treat and Treatt exists to-<lay in England, but is an uncommon one. lean 
not find it in Kelly's Somerset Directory for 1883. Tratt and Trott occur occasionally. 

It is cnstomar}' in most genealogies to give the supi>osed origin of the family name. 
These derivations are generally too far-letche<l and absurd to be of any value ; so I will 
say nothing, except that the origin of the name Treat is unknown. In its [u-esent form 
it is certainly as old as 1572. How much further it can be traced I know not. It is 
probably of local origin. The different ways of spelling are doubtless the result of pro- 
nunciation, or the corruption of other names. 

Below will be found some of the results obtained ])y research in England, selected from 
a large mass of material obtained : 


iViiasn OF St. Antoolin, Bcdok Row, 15»8-1764. 

ir.!>o, April S. PorcNB, dan. of Tfioman Trfnte. (BiipUxed.) 
1671, Aug. 29, EiizalK'lh, wife (if Joseph Truyte. (Burled.) 

Parish ov St. Pktku, Counhilt., 153d-16«r.. 
1860. Jan. 5. Mary. duo. of Richard Treat by Giles Crlpplegaie & Robert fTairecliild. (MarrlocH 

I'ARisn ni" St. Birroi.fH, Bisuoi'soatk, ].55M-17.>;). 

1626, Nov. 1. RIcfjAvd Trentc of St. Mary WolliioUi & Mary Ibe dati. of William Averlll, of tlds 
Pnrlsh.ju'. lie. Dr. DiirH'. (Miirikd.) 

\(V.\2, April H. Jnne. dan. of Rirlinrd & Mnry Tr«ate. (Uuptlzeil.) 
loy», Aiiij. 21. Kolwrt Treuto, 70. (Burled). 


Parjsu ov St. Mauy Wooij«oto. 1538-1670. 

IR?7. Sept. 2. Mnry. dau- of Ulihanl Troiitf. ( Bapt.) 

KVJii, Juue as, Miirgftiett. ilnu. al' Uichsird Treute. (Hapt. ; buried Aug. 8, Ui2».) 

luao. July «, RicUard, son of Richard TroU, «oldsmah, (Bapu; buried July :iO, IflSO.) 


ir;22, Supt, S. Rohert Trt'iit, of St. Bololpli, BiHliopH-jnte, London, Goldsruith. & Lucretlii Knane, 
Widow of lilcliard Ki*mte, GoldsriiUli ; at St. Grt'sory's. Lotid. 

102(1, Oct. 31. l{(chimt Treat, of St. Miry Woolnoth, Loudon, Goldsmith, & Mary Averlll. of St. 
Bulolpti. lli»ttiops^iite, Londou, Splusier, dau. of Win. Atrerill of sume, Merchant T»»ylor; at St. 
Botolph'8 al5<i. 

PAnisii OK St. Geoiiok, Hanoveii StiUAitK. 

17»0, Nov. 6. George Purse & Esther Treatt. 

K'JI. Dec. 30, HicliMrd Ilnrchiiison & Stirali Tratt. 

iryy. Doc. 21, Charles Sprl«;;8. U. & Collembery Tratt, S. 


TiiciiAUu Cuiir TiiKATT, Dunster House, .Mincing Lune, London, E. C. I received a letter from 
him, dated May 31, 18.HH, His father, Jolui Burford Treatt (member of tlie Lonii<iu An Union from 
Exmouth 111 1856), and Ids grandfatiier Rlrltard Curt Treatt, were both born in Exuiouth. South 
Devon, and were botli engageti in tlie ^.liipplng busincHS, owners of ships, Aumll one.s. His mother 
told him that tlie name was formerly .spelled Treate, He Imd two uncles, both dead now, Heuvy 
Treatt, a lawyer In London, and (ieorge Treatt. Am Informed that he is a very flue appearing 
gentleman. Is a dealer In Attar of Rosen, Essential i)\U, Flower Pomades, etc. 


pAinsn or St. Edmcnd. 

1571. April 23. Henry Tret & marjraret weddall. (Married.) 

1580, August yo, manryse vprice &, Katherlne Trcyt. " 

Pakisii oy Sr. Thomas. 
1C41. ffebruarle. Eliza)) : TroLe, a .stranger. 28. (Bnrled.) 

Paiiibh of St. Maktin. 
1672, may 9, Richard treate Alius David treate. (Buried.) 



1605, Dec. 2. Ann. dan. of Richani Trotl. 
HJ07. Dec. 2;J. Blanch, dau. of Richard Tratt. 

iniO, Aug. I!), .Tune, 
IRI2. Dec. 15. Blanche. *' 
I6H, June 19, PeeU'r, son 

1680. Feb. 4, Richard Trnt. 

(She m. Nov. 4. 1637, Richard Seevlus.) 
(She was bur. Jau. 7, 1615.) 


1633. Sept. 4. Sarah, dau. of Thomas Tralte. (Baptism.) 


16:18, Will «if Uol)crt Treate (called Rnger 1»y misiaite, In Calendnr & Probate Act. Bo«>k), of the 
riiri-h of St. Btittfilph wiUtout Bisli<»p;iutf, London, goltlsiniili. of pf«'ct health and nieniory ; Dateti 
lU Sept. l«»3.'i, 11 K. Chas. ; Soule to gud & i>otly to earth in Chrlstiiiu burial at discretinn of myne 
Exrcuthx; To poor of S<. BiHtolpliH without Bi>*hop.s2ate. London, *'where now 1 am &. of long 
ty»ne haui< b«'fne a parlxhi«»nHr" l:u. 4il. ; T<» niy verie loving ffrond MrLs f'onatauce Halce my gold 
wait* ring: To nepliow Richard Treale lOx. for a rememiirance of me; All rest & residue of goods, 
Chattell*. Plate, re.-idy moneys, ilebt & wliatsoever eln of ndne debts and fnnend expense.H palil. to 
my verle lovliiy wife Ltu-ntla Treute i she sole Exe<'Utrix; In witiios, &e., ltol>ert Tieat; Wit: 
Kolwrt Hanny. liicli: Merydaie. Fljdllp Pclrson servant to the said Rich: Merydale: Prob. fult &c. 
x\'" '■■ 'figusij 16,".t8 cora Mro: Henrico Ddlingham Arlm Mro Surro &c. jurnmento Lucretiae 
T et ex*** 4c. Book 1634-38, fol. 353. 

I ■ift. 


1038. Hen»e AoKUdtJ — vIceHlmo tci ito Illc probatav fall Te»iainrniqn) linjterl [RoberM] Tre«tfi 
nup ptu 8ll Bollii cjtlm HUhopariie Lomliin (Iffuiict — Jurfliiiento Lucretlae Treatc Ilellcuv ©tex***, 
4c. 4v. Uc bciic ^c. &c. Uvit Luniloii MiiiU Ju*' x*«> 313- I^i- 10. 

Frolmte Act Book — 1638. 


April Hi'iO. The tliJnl dny r-r«» of Aitron ii^j-urd out unto bUiJaclt Trcntft the relict of Klchanl 
Tnal Into urtlic pjirihh ui o'liivef Sllvt^r^Vri-t'lf Loml &(le«v«wi1 To nrjtrr Uicgnotlfechtllsaml ileJita 
of llie bd UeceuiJ, hlie being llfbt bworu Iniiy lo Hitnibicr Ac. Jur>- Exid. Aduiuh. Act Bk. To. 83. 


HJfllS. Brld;iet Treat. Cora. Usuetl 23 Oct. for Admon <»f sood^ Ac. of Brld;fet Treat, late ofpah. 
of St. Olavetf In Sllverslrcct, Loudon, to lilchard Marrell, brotiier of decuuAt'd. Inv. Ex. vj" vllj*. 

Act Bk fo. 145. 

On the opposite page is a mnp of a. p.irt of Somerset County, England. 
Taunton n» a ceutre. 

MUc circles radiate from 



(Searched from i:>38 to HJGO.) 

1528. Nkoljn* Hmsky. of Woutt-m Coorlney. l):it 10 Oct. I'i'JA. To Church of Lnccombe il.j*. 
Illjd. WilmMx. TeUT Troll. (Wotton Courtney is twenty-two miles northwest of Ttiuntun; three 
nilleM tiouthwe^t of Mlneiieuil.) 

Thuinuh Kvui!. «»f Cr^.•wke^n(^ Dsl. 8 Sept. ir>;W Witness. William Trotte. 
RiiiliilpiMH KnulMiH, of N. Fetlieiion. Dm 12 May ir>.*W, Wit J<iliii Trotte. 
Wiihnni Stiuulerd. of N. IVtherlon. Diit, '-'2 F«b. I.'i31. Wit. .John Trute. 
RoKt-r Iluvfonl. oJ >V«»iion, Dat. 1(1 M>rvU I't'.ii. Wti. Sir IVMrus Troiie. 
Alyse Nueion, of Af.Jioit. Dnt. K! .Ian. 15:13; "lo Tlios Troti n vow hoj;;r."— thflt is, uyoiinff 
(Asijoll U seven and one-half miles uurlliwcsi of Taunton; two miles huuthca^t Over 

(Porlock is iwcaly- 




1333. John Symon, of I'orlock, Dst. ult. Sept. 1588. Wit. William Trott. 
miles northwest of Taunton ; lour miles wci^t of Minelicnd.) 

1334. Sir Pcier TroiL<>. FrirA*on of Wotiou Cowriney. Dat. 22 Jan. 15.'U. MiMilions hro. William 
and IiIh scm John. (Tlie will h quite leni;liiy and Intereblhiij. See will of William Trott of Por- 
lock, I54i;. Trinnton wilts.) 

1«>33, John Tiult of PItmlnster, Co. Somerset. Chlrurjrion, sickc & wenke in l>r>dv : Dnt 11 April 
1(133 ; 1 jjlvr £5 of my miirriii^ie muney Into iiands of OvLM>eers and Excrniors, to i»e dispr>»jrd as 
U»ey see til, & £10 more lo b« n«lH»Ml for the f-ame purpose; wile Kdiili nil the rrst of msirriage 
money; dan. Kli/.iil)etli £30 In one year: HKbriid I'null 20 murks bv 40 s. uyear; .John Paull Ijs. ; 
dau. Editli lO.H. ; everie of^rodcliildren xV\ d.; for sayd Richnr<i Pauil the newe Colter in my Chamer 
at the stnyre lieiul : snyde dau. Eh/.iibctii ilie middle luasse CrocUi- i a biusse ptinn : sonn Ciirlslti- 
pber Tndi. lie.Hiil. Ia'H. & Kxerntot ; uvLM'.*ieL'i>» luoilo'i- Khliiiul 'I'riiir nud frieniN Philipp llsyne & 
Tims. Alvyn; wlin««Hi'<i Kilwurd Ciiry, Not. Ptdi. &.Rich>ird Tiatt: hlj;fieiil>v mark; Itivi-ntorv taken 
xlh of May by Richurd Trait &. Phil'. Ilayne; Sum total 1x7 11. (£(i7) ijs. llijd. ; Prob. Mny 10. 1H33. 

Filed niil. no. 170. 

PnonATK CouKT ok the Archi>e.icon ov Tjiuxtos. 

(Registered Wills from 153a lo l.^»3.) 

jr>4(;. Tbonms Bestc, of Sheptoii Bechamp: dat. 15 Nov. ir»4fi; prob. K Jan. I.'»4fi; witness Rich- 
ard Trott. Vol. 1588-1546, fol. I9L 


M22. Thomah Snuldin::e of An;rersley ; wenke of l)ody; 17 June i<i22; to brolln-r wUliiim SL 
slsU-r kalhien best (..'loaki'. Dnhlettil brerehes; 3 tanlalt w*^'' 1 had ot n»y ftilher my will U tloy t'lisll 
baeke to Itim njfalne; to h'oerd Trutt the ».onn of lilchard Tnitt niy bri) in lawe ilj' lilj**; godson 
Thoina* SciuUllngt' xlj*'; Kdward Donu'til> lliitt : ClirlsiopliLM biiiicome oweth xxvj' vllj'' wliereof 
1 ulve him vJ* vilj'*; *vyh> with «'hlUle .HJu'tjj pay it £20 at 3 years nnd ovio-xeers to h«ve eliary*- of .sd 
nion4<y : wytV ]Wh. I.i'ij. &. Kx«'en»rix; OviMnefrH in l>omiMt& Win. Scaddbit; ; Wit. .John Scaddinwe 
&.lohn Doinimtt; PioU, 7 Nov. Kl'.'a by Extx Inventory II" xvij* Ilij'>. Flifd will. no. VI. 

li!25. Jidin Tratl of Taunton, ('o. Sonn^rset, jjlovier, sl«'kf ol tM>tlyi-; Dat 7 .Tune IG25; to sonne 
xpofer Triilt £<'ioui of £.>(> which will ;irowe dew onf of Poolt-widlr- mills a(ti>r tho dccea>e of xpoft'r 
CSai'dnrr and Dorothye hi^ wir<', my uioiIkT; sonne Steplim Trittt44ls. wldcii was given him by .lohn 
CroH>«v my l»r«»ther-ln-lnwe deceuned and now in hnnds «»f xpofer Osininer. my iaiiier-lu-lnwe; wief 
ElUubeth Res. Leg. (k Ex.; Overseers Wlilium Jent uud George Tuiiip>ou; wit. John wreuLmure, 


PfUr Godwin. Christopher Trntt (NiKticd by ttinrk). Scul, A chevron between three . . . . (obHt- 
erttt»*(l). I'roh. LM M:nfh Iii2a-<i. Flk'il will. 

I6;iO. .l<»h»i Scttiliusr «»r Aci|£<'r<tllc, Diocese Ruth niul WeHn: sick of boriie; Dat. Niutcii I)h_v uf 
OcloliHr, I6M0; to piiiisJi Cluirch of AiifiiTnlie acijd. ; ici DiiriiM' CMlirou Scndln;' on Hnd forlle pouiidM, 
ft Triickvl bend pi rfoiriK'd & heHt Cllotkf & 1»'ii>hct yeurlen, n hrns>i Cidldr^n, scUlft & Cmidell sUcke, 
to rilntors, tUw. biirells, to Tubr* to riiiikt* tlooc hi Sl oii Ci-evr. to Coirors; tin- liord hi the Clie- 
chrn & the bunchen h> tlie Hall & the lllidl t>orde with in ll»e nddikdl Dure .shall not )te moved (*Ut 
or the howsr; KniiKc willhiin Scrndinji's Diifflt-r Aimen Sccndiiifr b«'si. ye/irli-u; DuHer in hie Jonne 
Scritdin;; on oC ila- bent liunf?*; Sonne Thonuis Scrndiny's Diiflvr Kll?,al>»*lh Srcaddln;; my st-cond best 
Innie; i<onnv in Lawi; Ittclnird I'r^ite & Ids tlin-'O Sonnrs Lciiert), Iticlinrd &. Itobfut. ti liiine A peaec; 
Rlxlt-r Dtciies SccndiwsJ "^v worscr t'Hocke & un Cite; to i^odchildren xij d. a penee ; HOnne 
■wlinftni Kes. Lt-ii.&Kx.x nverM-i-rs. Richurd Trut JL John 8owihey (nu siguatuh' or wiiitcsf^ej*) ; 
Prob. ♦ Nov. K'-'M) by Kx. ; Invent. In" »• 8<' Filed will, no, 4H. 

IC40. Stephen Priest of I'ilnilnster; sick of bodio; Dut 1 Oct. 1640; to poor of I"itinln»ter xx<*. ; 
mother An \orrlj.h xxs. it v<re for life towards the Itepitrarltmof lier npnrcll to lie provided by Jolni 
I'n-lst; to Edi-ih Mi.dniii the wlHe of RIchnid Midlain xx 8.; Edeth Tnitt xx ». ; Kll/,>dieth TrHlt 
XX H. ; EllzRbeili Etiwards xh. ; bro. Jvlm I'relst whuiiie 1 make Exr. one wliul4'n mow; Overseers, 
frds lilchHrd Tratt & Williuiu Scuddiit^ (sl^nvby lunrk) ; no witnesses; Frob. 2(> Nov. liilO hv Exr. 

Filed will, uu. 152. 


Thene Calendiirs cover the pcrlcni from 15i»7, or thcreahonts. to 1G*9. They are now superseded 
by iho New (!rdendnrs which contain only the wiJIa that still exist. The nninOM Iktm noted represent 
only .'•nch wills a^ have now iierUJied ntr^'ily, but are uotuwortliy n» clews to localities, and us tlx- 
Ina relatively the date of decease of the te.stutor-*. 

16:*H-i». Pltinl lister, Tej*t. Uoljertl Trntt. File vll, no. 105. 

HJ14. Fytnjinster, *• Ilugonis Uayleni, " 110. 


(SerticUed from 1503 to UioT.) 

1584. jMhn Trote of 13lsliop« C<»nipton, Co. Soiner>*et. husbandman ; sick of bodye: Dat 2o .Inly 
1684. 20 KHz.; Kuried in Chyd of (lompton: to soiin Koborl Troite all plou«:h.««, weane!«, luirne>!} 
dcv., & ^ jiheepe; use of plou<:j^h.s to wife for life; thtu. Eliztil>eth Trolt HQ ewes & weathers, 2 silii' 
tipfjones, 20 hu-'h. of wheate, 2 plaileiH &. crocke; yr. utmu wdliara Troie same beque>l; if wife 
many then in eacli a Cowe; wife .loitne Trott Kes Le;; & Extrx; tiver'teers wliUam Vrche & .lohii 
FriMv: Wit. Win. A twill, wni. Vrche, .lohn Pri>t. Symyon Biir;;res: Del»ts. to .loliii Sylue.ster L'.\ 
whereof <!<« ^d l^* pjiid in rent: Henry Hoo i'7; Dehts owln^ me fr Geo Itiist 50s; Steven Dinner 2»lit 
Hil ; Uoodmnn Hopper of yealiugford Alis 4d. ; Prob. 14 Aug. 15H4 by Peter Johnson, Not. l'ul»., Atly 
for relict & Extrx. Wataou 22. 


ir»08. ChHHtopher Trott. May 20 ComnilHHion issued to Ciiarles Ley one of the Credllorn of 
XiHjfer Trott, lut** of Tauntou, Co. Somerset, deccaaed, to adinluister &c. Invt. Ext, 4*" Jfdds HiO'i. 

Act Book, i'o. 1 la. 

Bhii>okwaticu Rkgistkiis; Parish of St. Majiy Maodalrxb. 
This town Is nine miles northeast of Tannion. 

11APTISM8 ]oo8'I(>46. 

1008. Oct. the 28— Alexander Trott. 

iMAItRIAGKS 1 658-1 i:ri3. 

1(M,5. June — Jacobns Tratt et Joanna Lantrow. 

nuitiALS 1560-1589. 
157.';. June the 17— ThoiuRS Tratt 
1676. July the 17— John Trot 

There are Traits and Trotts in Bridge water now. 

OvKK'SrowKY liKfjLSTKiis; Church op St. Mauy Magd^uxne. 
(Records searched lo.'J8-lfi63.) 
"ftltuated eight and one-hnlf miles west of. Bridgcwater and nine and one-half miles northwest of 
Two eiildes of Trot« and Trait between 1505 and 1G2G. Also a Uu<'h Bearde alias Trott. The 


will of John Beorde allai TroUe, Tanner, of OvcrStowey, June 8, ir»5t), Is recorded in the Taanton 
Probute Court. 

North Petlierton is a large town lu the Iluniireci of North Poth<;rton, between Urlil^ewalpr and 
Taunton, two and oue-half miles south of the former, aud sU aud oue-h»lf mUei» uortlieast of 


1504, Sept. 20. John Trntt. lOIC, 

15r.G, Ot:t. 2S. Miirvo Tiatt. 1(J18. 

15»IH, Sept. 20, .lohaiie Tratt. lOlU. 

IS71, July 22, MargHrett Tntt. liJ2l, 

l.=i78, M«rch 8. Syiiioii Tratt, J»>24, 

ir,-]). Miirch the 0, .loliti Tnitt. 1(120, 
loSI, June 28, Peeler Truit. 

Iftsi, Oct. 8. Ilearne Tniit. H12n, 

l.iH.H, Nov. 10, nHiliarliie Trott. lOHl, 

loMO. Jan. ".2, Johnne TiDtt. loaa, 

1588. Oct. l.S. TJionijis TiHtt. ICaS, 
lfi03, Sept. 4, MttiKtry Tratt. 

]«(i(l, fteh, 1. Maiie Hi : Svuion Trnt. ]«3."i. 

l(!oy, Jan, y, Svinnn nonnu of Syniim Trait. ]i'un, 
1012, Sept. 0, Jaiiu's Noune of Syinoii Tiutt. 

1015. Oct. 4, Muryuret tla: o!" Syinon Trutt. lOH'J. 

Heame Tratt signs a^CljurcJiwai'ilcQ. 
Oct. 18, .Syinon !«onne of Synton Tratt. 
UcL. 18, Thoina-H soune of iho ; Tratt. 
rifh. 10, Sfichaeit sono ^f ThomaH Triitt. 
July 2."». IVttT (sone of Thoma.s) Trail. 
Sept. .r, Katherlu (dau^h: of) Thomaa 

Sep: 27. Joane (da:) of Thomas Tratt. 
Octuli: IH, Simon slin of Tho : Tratt, 
Oct. 8, JanioM s : of Jame8 Tnitt. 

Thomas Tratt sl^ns as Church 

.lau. 17. Mnry d: of Jnmes Trntt & Mary, 
Jnn ; 2t», Jolm S : of Tlionins Triilt Ji .Mar- 
ffeb. 10, James f : Tho i Tratt &, Joan. 

MAUlilAUi.ts; SKAItCllXD 

166D, July 3, Uobte Jefferye-Mar^aret Trott. 

155!), Dec. 11, James Traltr-Allcu Samwls. lOlti. 

IBO.'i, ffeb. 11. Hobcrt SamwU-.Margaret Trott. 1(^27. 

1577, Maye 11, Thouiai» Tratt-.! <>l jane Dave. 

1585. Jun : 21. Kxpofer BuHiul>le-Gresi;;an'Tratt. 1029. 

1002, Oct. SO, liearnc Trail et .Juuc Synies. 

1(K)4, May 10, Uobeit Catchman cu Katheryne 1040, 

1C05, ffeb. 18, SymoQ Trat et MagdRleu Good- 1040, 


TO Ui5i. 

ffeb. 10, John GoodlnRe et Johane Trott. 
flcb. d. .lohn Clatworihy to Jane Trait. 
Sept. 24. PliiliiJ ffarrwell aud aiargcry 

Octoh: lU. John Hurley and marv Trait. 
(^Ulmsm from Mar. 22. lOUOlo April 0. liMtt) 
Jameii Tratt signs as Ctaircli- 

June 9, Ellzeas Mostram to Katherln 


1558. mnye 20. Joliane Tratt. 
ir>72. .lunc 17. Alice Trolt. 
1577, Novemb : iJ, Annls Tratt. 

15[M;,Jiuin: .HI, Tl ax Trail, 

15y8. Auf;. V,K Tlioninx 'I'raM. 

nklA, Aprlll 20. Ell/abeilie Trat, vid : 

1010, June 17, John Tratt. 

lOIl. Jnn. 2, Svmon Bonn of Symon Tratt. 

1018. Jttn: 0. Hearue Triitt. 

lOiTi. Apr. 10, Symon Tr»it. 

102!». Decenjb: HO, Margarett Trott vid. 

lorn, Sep; 10, SUnon S. of Tho: Tratt. 

1037. July 4, James 8: of Ja: Trait. 

STAPLKonovE Rr.fliSTiais, 1558-1040. 
This parish 18 one and one-lialf miles noriiiweBi of Taunton. It formed part of tlie Parish of St. 
Jiime.s, Taunton, whose early records are lost, till the reign of Elizabeth. There wiih a chapel of 
Si. John herenmch earlier ihun ihai period. In thl>*parii<h werind the llrHl tracen of the Trott family. 
The Inliabitanls were very few in Ihode days. No trace of Trott. Tratt or Trett can be found In the 
Keglstera from 1558-1040. The family must have moved awuy at an early period. 

Tauxtos Rkoistxrs. 
Tsnnton Is a place nf^reai antiquiiy. It was a Riiman station, and was early In the]>o!48esitionof 
the Weal Saxonn. It is In the Hundred of Tauiiion and Taunton Dean, and Uie Deanery aud Arch- 
deacoitry of Taunton. There nre two ancient churches here besides sioveral modoru ouen. Several 
Trolt families now reside here. 


Church of St. Mary Magdalene, 
baptisms 1568-1640. 

1595, Oct. katherine Daughter of xpofer Tratt 1604, Jan. margeret Daughter of laarence Tratt 
4 dale. 9 daic 

1597, Jan. Jane Daughter of xpofer Tratt 22 1619, Apr. Stephen sone of John Tratt 15 

dale. dale. 

1599, Apr. Dorothie Daughter of zpofer Tratt 1621, Maye Chrlston Sonne of John Tratt 6 

9 dale. dale. 

1601, mar. Xpofer sonne of xporer Tratte 17 1628, Apr. John Sonne of John Tratt 6 dale, 

dale. 1625, JnliJ Marey Daughter of John Tratt 17 


MAItRIAOKS 1558-1640. 

1579, Jan. Thomas Frist-Edeth Ednen. 18 dale. , 

Chasm from May 16, 1580 to June, 1588. 
1604, Julie Thom. wlllis & KIlzHbeth Tratt 23 '< 

1604, Aug. Clirl»tover gardener and the widowe tratte 20 " 

1618, June John Tratt and Elizabeth Tampson 8 " 

1618, June John Dross (Cioss In the will p. 4) and Dorothy Tratt 28 " 

BUIUALS 1558-1653. 

(Chasm from June 9, 1580 to March 22, 1587; fragmentary ftrom 1643 to 1651.) 

1597, ffeb. Jane the Daughter of xpofer Trott 13 daie. 

1603, Aug. Christofer Tratt 2 " 

1624, Aug. J<)hn Trott 8 " 

1625, June John Tratt 8 " 

1638, Juuc Mary Tratt 11 " 

Church of St. James, 
baptisms 1610-1640. 

1626, Jan. The 29th Christofer sonne of Christofer Trnte 

1628, Sept. The same day (14) Barbara daughter of xpofer Tratt 

1629, Aug. T!je 30 John 8<»nne of Xpo Tratt 

1630, Aug. The 2i> Thomas sonne of Christopher Tratt 

1637, Aug. The 27 Henry the sonne of Christopher & Charity Tratt 

1639, ffeb. The 16 Katherine the Daughter of Christo : & Charitie Tratt 

MARRIAGK8 1610-1639. 

1632, Jan. The 14 James Trott and Mary Sauidge 

BURIALS 1610-1640. 

1628, Sept. The 20 Barbeira dauchter of Xpofer Tratt 

1629, Sept. The first Peter sonne of Christofer Tratt. 
1682, Oct. The 80 Bart>era the wife of Christopher Trott 
1632, Nov. The 3 William the sonne of Christopher Trott 

Bishop's Hull I^goistkrs ; Church of St. Pkter. 
(Registers searched 1562-1640.) 
Anciently called Hull, in the hundred of Hull. Situated one and one-half miles west of Taunton. 
The family had holdings here. No Trott entries. 

Bradfohd Begistkrs ; Church of St. Giles. 

Situated four and one-half miles southwest of Taunton, and one and one-half miles northeast of 

BAPTISMS 1658-1646. 

1593. xlljth daye of march Anne tratt the dau. of Joliu tratt 

1596. 19 day of Jan. William tratt the sonne of " " 

1610. Philip the dau. of John tratt was bapt. the xxixth daie of Julie 
1623. Johane the dau. of William tratt was bapt. the xvijth day of Aug. 
1625. John the sonne •• " " ** " the xth of July 


1627. Robert the soune of William tratt was bnpt. the xxixth of July 
1629. William the " *' •• " " ♦• the Sd September 
1631. Phillip '♦ " " •♦ " " •' the 4th March 

1635. Francis ye sonne " " Trott & Anne his wife bapt. Apr. 12 
1637. Aune daughter of William & Anne Tratt July 30 

MARRIAOICS 1561-1652. 
1588. xxv^ daye or maye Thomas person & Tamsen Trott 

BUBIALS 1688-1653. 
1596. xix daye of march willm Tratt 

1«!04. Johane Tratt widdowe w«a bur. the xvljth daye of December 
1612. John Tratt was bur. the liljth day of September 
1649. Phyllip Trott wydow & Robert Sonne of Will : Trott ffebruary 26th 

West Buckland Reoistkrs ; Church ok St. Marv. 
Situated two miles east of Wellington and five miles southwest of Taunton. Baptisms exist only 
after 1684. 

MARRIAGES 1539-1617; CHASM 1617-1682. 
1586. xpofer tratt & Elizabeth his wife were mar. the xxvth dale of Julye 

BURIALS 1538-1645. 

1636. Mnrinn wife of Charles Ley of Poole was bur. the xviiijth of Oct. 
1641. Charles Ley was bur. the ninth of August. 

This Charles Ley of Poole is no doubt the Charles Ley who administers the Estate of Christopher 
Tratt of Taunton in 1608 (p. 6). Was doubtless the son of Alice Ley, alias Farthing, with whom 
the Trotts had transactions in 1600. Her will was proved at Taunton in 1612, but is lost. See the 
Taunton Manor Court Rolls (p. 18). 

MiLVERTON Registers; Church of St. Michael. 

(Registers searched from 1538-1643.) 

Situated seven miles West of Taunton. 

1577. John Trott the sonne of s' John Trott minister was baptized the xxviijth Daie of December 

15H9. Thomaslne Trott was buried the xxxth Daie of male 

1594. The second Daie (March) Maruu'duke Tratt was inducted vicar 

1604. Robte Biclcnell & Margaret Tratt weare marled the xxljth Dale of October 

1610. Marmadulvu Tratt Vicar of nillverton was bur. the xijtii day of Decemb"" 

1611. Johane Tratt the wlcff of Ilenrie Tratt was bur the fourth Daie of November 
1615. Einet Trot was buried the 20th of July 1615 

1621. William Tratt and Agnls Pariish weare married the 8th of October 

1628. Alexander Tratt and ElizHbelh Griddle married the 28th of .ianuary 

1629. Joane Trott the dau. of Al«x. & Ellz. was bapt. the 26th of Nov. 

1631. Elizabeth Trott ye dau. •• " " " '• the same day (27 Nov.). 

Elizabeth Trott Jiifant was bur. ye Inst day of December 
1633. William the sonne of Henry (?Alex) & Elizabeth Tratt was baptized ye 26th of May 
1635. Elizabeth ye dau. of Alex & Ellsab : Tratt was bapt. on ye 13th Sept : 
H>36. Henry Trott was buried Nov : ye 17th. 

1637. Mary ye Dau. of Ah-x. & Eliz. Trott was bapt. march ye 4th. 

1638. " " " " " was buried ye 17th of June 

1639. Dorotliy ye Dau. of Alex. & Eliz. Tratt was bapt. on ye 9th daie of June 
1641. Elizabeth Tratt ye Dau. of Alex & Eliz. was bur. Oct: 29th 

Here is the autograph of Marmadukc Tratte (1604). 

Wiltox Registers ; Chukch of St. George. 
Situated half a mile south of Taunton. 


MAHIUAGRS 15dO-1(j40. 

1392. Johes Troott et Phllllppla IIynnfor<l miptizAU fuertint duodecimo dJe menss Decembrls 
Anoc} Dril 15i>'i. 


^Theae regUtors nro fxcpptlonally perfect. The first few loaves with nbout two years of baptisms 
»Te been torn out. In other respects thf book seems perfect, and without the ch&sitis that dls- 
ft^re 8o many of these records. The writing la also singularly good and clear. 


1564. Ahx' trolt the Daiisfhtor of liobiirt trott was Bupt lh»> Illjlh I)«y<* of ffebrnaryo. 

rniO. .lohii Trott the son of Kobiirt irott wiis Bapt the xt!» Diiye of September. 

1S75. Mary Trott the Dan of flolmrt ti'oti. wa> Uapl ibc vl Diiy uflTcb. 

1577. AiineA trolt D.iu of Uobiiit irott whs Rtipt the xviljth Day offehruary. 

IRRl. TaniMln trott l>au of Ht>bart trolt was Hapt th*' xxvjlh of may. 

IBH. Richard trott son of Kobart trott was Dupl (he xxviijth Day "of Auij. 

lo'JS. (-hriatover Trott sou of John Trott was Ript the vlijth of Sept, 

I.ilfft. Tliomaslo Trott dan of .lohn Trott was bjipt the xvth «>f fftibtnary. 

Ifi02, EdlUi Trolte tlao of John Trott was bapl the xviljth of Aprill, 

Irtl'i. Honor Trul driu of RIctiard Trat was bupt tlie xixtli day <j1' March. 

ICU.J. Lt'onart Tratt soniie of Leonnrt Tiatt was l»api ye xxjth day of Aprfl. 

lOlS. Joan Trott Dan. of Richard 'I'roit was liapt tliu xxliljth day of miiy. 
(The above flrst entered Jo: and altered to Richard.) 

1018. rfrancls Trott sonnc of Leonart Trott was bapt ihr xvllljtii day of Angast. 

1C20. Sara Trott Dan of RIchanI Trott bapt ihe Third <lalr of December. 

If'iil. liobert Trott aonne of Leonart Trott wai bapt the 2(1 of Sept: 

l\\2'2. Richard Trott scmitic of Rlrhnrd Trolt wax b;ipt Uie Ixih day of .Tan. 

11124. Robt; Trott .suniie of Rkliaid Troll hapt ye xxvth of ffebruai^. 

ir>;i7. EllKab ; Trait diiu of Rlcluird wax bapt the xxv tiny (►f July. 

i*\l9. Su!«anna Tratt dau of Kichard was l»apt the Sth day of October. 

ItJ^l. Alice Trait d:iij of RIcliHrd Tratt w:i-s l»apt ilie of February. 

1«»4. J:inu'« Trait sonne of Richard Tratt & Alice his wife w«.«» Hapdzed yo 20l\\, of July. 

1C37. Kuthcrlne Tratt tlau of Richard Tratt & Alice his wife was bupt the 29th uf June. 


loS'J. Kdmond morcom was intirried to Alee trott the xxvjth day of JunlJ. 

1C98. idcolas Collin wan mar to Joan trott the xxjth day of may. 

I5i»7. Robart Dabb widwore was mar to mary Trott Daughter of Hobt: Trotl the viyth Day of 

16y8, John Trott son of Robart trott was loyned in marrldge to Edith Prist Dau of Edleth prist 
Wid . the xxliijth of Apriell. 

ICm. John Aplln son of Richard ApUn was loyued In mnrr. to Agnes Trott Daughter of Robart 
Iron Hie ixvljlh diiv of An::uMl, 

Kill. Leaiiard Troll of the pi^hc of Curland was innr to Dunes Wealand Daughter of Robt : 
wayland llu- xxvljih day of deceinber. 

11115. Rhliard Trrtt was mar. to Alice Gaylard the xivlj day of April. 

ICT*. Robert Troll and Kllz.ab : ffry wcre'tnar the 22ih day of Jube. 

1639. Richard Mldlam wag Mar to Kdlth Tratt widow ilie 13th of June. 


1.144. Jolm Trotl son of Richard trolt wa"* burled the xvjth day of October. 

lo'jy, Robart Tratt wiw bur the xvjth day of ffebruary. 

1<>16. Thotiiasin Troll Dau of John 'Trotl wan bur the first <|jiy of may. 

iri".i7. Honour 'Tratt Wld«>vvc wa- bur the xvijlh day of 8epleinber. 

Uy.V.\ J<diri TnUl ivas bur the 7i|i of mjiy. 

I'l '.:: .Mice Trolt dan of Rlchnnl Trott was bur ye 2d of August. 

UW>0. K<llih Tratt WUlow Wa** bur the I8lh of Januiiry. 

IflM. Kll/.afieih Trail Widow Was bur \\u- 24ih of Ifcbruary. 

li;.;;>. KlIz-iilM-Ll) Tint I was* bur the lOlh of Xoueiuber. 

UrTKnifORn Rkoistkrs; Chitrch of St. Lkoxauh. 

SiluAt^d south of Taunton and PltmiuHter, mU miles dlMUnt from the former place. Some of tho 
ftttnlly had hohlin;^>4 Ijcre and their names appear in the re;: I sic is. The registers are %*ery defec- 
ll*c. About IMio, the warden, who was a fthop-kccper, used them in doing up his goials. 
2 * 


BAPTISMS 1558-1650. 

1571, Jan, 25. Ktchard sonne of John Trottc christened. 
1574, Sept. 3. John " '* »' 

1577, 8ept. «. U'onard " '• " ** 

1581, Dec. 26. Joane Daoghter of " «• ** 

15M3, .Taly 14. Willinm soime of '* Tratt 
1591, May 15. Thomas •' " " *» 

irM, June IV. Hunan daughter of William Trott Baptised 
1628, Aug. 10. Elizabeth daujfhter of Henry Trott. 

1624, Mar. 20. Klizal)eth '* Leonard Tratt 

1625, May 8 (Susan, see burials) daughter of Henry Tratt. 

1*'27, Sept. 16. Lauranua daughter of Henry Trott. 

1630, Mar. 20. Charity 

16.t2, Feb. 17. Henry sonne " Tratt. 

16:)5, Nov. 8. Grace the Daughter of Henry Tratt & Alice his wife bapt. 

1637, Mar. 18. Susanna •• " 

HVi'J, Jan. 12. William ye sonne of John Tratt & Susanna bis wife. 

1642, April ye 10. John ye sonne " " " " " . 

MARRIAGES 1558-1655. 

159-, April 17. Richard Clenger & Agnis Tratt were married. 

BURIALS 1558-1655. 

1677, Aug. 14. Joane Tratt widow buried 

1682, Mur. 17. SuMan daughter of Henry Tratt buried 

1688, May — Deanes wife of Leonard Tratt buried 

UiA5, in August, henry Trott 
"In February. Tvconard Trott 

SnKPTON Beauciiamp Registers; Church ok St. Micharl. 
(Registers searched 1558-1663.) 
Situated twelve miles southeast of Taunton, and two miles west of South Fetherlon. 
One Trowt entry, in 1558. 

South Pktheuton Rkgihterk; Church ok SS. Peter and Paul. 
(Betiin 1574; searched to 1651.) 
South Petlierton is a large town in the hundred of Soutli Petherton, thirteen and one-half miles 
southeast of Taunton, and four and one-half miles northeast of Ilminster, on the river Pedreder, or 
Purret. It I« near the old Roman road and lioman relics have been found here. 
15H8, JnniJ 3U. Sepulta fult Elinora Trotte vidua. 

16U8, Nov. 21. Stephanus Trott de merlot— Joanem Androes In uxorcm duxit. 
1604, Dec. 16. Baptlzatus fult Tho : lilius Stephani Trott. 

KiNOKuuRY Eriscopi Registers; Church ok St. Martin, 
Situated thirteen miles east of Taunton and two and one-half miles north of South Petherton. 

baptisms 1558-1645. 
No Trott entries. 

marriages 1558-1666. 

1560. William Trott & Jsahle wllly married 25 Januarle 

inc.J). John Jordaliie & J^«able Tiott " 28 September 

157J>. Jolin Nicholls Jt Kdcth Tiolt ♦* 24 Januarle 

15'J5. Robert Rodbcrd & .Joan Trott " 30 Januarle 

nuRiALS 1581-1638. 

15!)2. Kllxiibeth Trott buried the 28th of August 
15U3. William Trott buried the 13 June 

Martock Registers; Church of All Saints. 
Situated fourteen and one-half miles southeast of Taunton. Part of the name is cut off In the 
map. Only Mart appears. 



BAPTISMS 1558-1640. 

16W). Nor. Thomas the sonno of ht*nryc Trolt wui bnplised tlio «*nine tlaje (24) 

ia«2, June. John the s. orTliomus TroM wiis lmi>t. ilu* xvtii Diiye 

" Oct. Agnes Iho DntJ. of hemyc tiott vvms »)ftpl. tlu' stunc D.iye (11) 
J5R4, Juue. Jolmnu lliy Dun of li«Miry« Tnnt. <»r lodr was l>!i|>t,. tlio s.iukt daye (17). 
1«k'.. (Miircli. Ainil imd Mny, hliuik.) 

1S(JC. Doc. wlUm tlu? s. oI'lHMirie 'IVotte was h:ipt. liu! xvijMi ilaye 
isas. (May. .lijue, .July. Any;.. St>pL. iiml Oct. ttUmk.) 

lB(iD, Jiilyo. Hplirle ye ftorini* of benrle frotte l)a|>i: y« xvljih dnye 

157!J, Oct. Henrle ye 8. of lienrli* Tn»U liapt • ye xvlijili iloye 

158», Apr. John ye s. of John Trotu* !>npi. : yt* sixjth iliiy 

1585», Dec. Kohert yr s. of .lohn Trott Ijopt ve xlijth ilay 

milli, Oct. Mary Da" of Mulh.nv Troit the 17 
ir.«l4. (Chusni from 2h De«-. to d Doc. Ifl.HS.) 

1C^7. Auj,'. Juhu ye soiiuc uf inuthew &. mary Troot wua baptised the 17lh 

MAFIRIAOB* l.'i5»-H153. 

1.172. Maye. wlllm Trott nn«l mnwde iJvse were njarr. ye vth dnle 

l.'»7<>, .luiie. Thorns Tlushe vt .Toliane Tiott were in.arried ye xxvlli dnye 

JAHO, Jan. Joliu krwippe & Eillihe Troite were iiuir. ye xxviljth duye 

J587, Sept. John Trolt & Marnnrel Copper 7 

1690, July. Thomas Slope & .\lnr;;tiret Trott 2« 

Ifirti, Oct. Ro«:er Genii &. Kreophirla Trot were married ye xxvlij day 

1G.12, >»ov. MflLhew Trotte to Mary Uawkltis the 'jr, 

B1-IMAL8 1508-1013. 

IJSflO, Maye. Agno§ dan. of henrle Trott bnr : y© Ixth daye 

15C'.», Nov. Mnrie ye daiiy:hl' «>f TlioiriM-* trolt bur: ye xvl day 

ITiTO, July. Edward ye soniie '>( lienry tr(»tl bur ■ ye llijtli Daye 

loTii, Dfeb. Alice ye Dan. of ht^nrlc Trott bur. ye vjth daye 

•• •' Allre Trolt »>«ir: yp ixrh daye 

I.'»77, Mar. Henrle Trott wa«i burled ye .\tli dave 

[.•iHO. Nov. Thomas Trotte was buried ye xvl daye 

LSfto. Aug. Alyce ye dau. of \Vm : Trotte l)urled ye xlllj day 

ir>h7. Sept. Willm Trotte was l>uried ye first ilay 

IiW*M, rfeb. J<»liii ve st)iine fif John Trotte buried ye vjjth day 

15«0, Deo. Jobu Trott was burleil ye xlij day of Dec. 

1594, Jan. Mawde Trotte 17 

Crrwkerxe Rkgistbbs; Chcrch of St. Bartholomew. 

Crowkerne is a very ancient Saxon town in the hundred of Crewkerne, sixteen miles southeast 
of Taunton, and live miles south of Soutli Petherton. The name mean:) a place of retirement. It Is 
well watered and wooded. The churcli of St. Bartholomew is a larue and j»tftteiy Gothic building, 
in the fonn of a ctokk. On the west side of tlie north end of tlie transept U a small mural stone 
with a brass plate containing an inscription to the memory of Jlenry Trat. the fichool mooter, hapt. 
Oct. 31, lOUl, and son of Henry and Thomazen (Fuller) Trat: 

♦' SpeclatlMslnd Vtrl M. Henrlcl Trat, nnper dum vlxlt LudI Maglstrl Crewkcrnlensls Ion((e cele- 
berrhnl; cujus dei^ideratis^lma; Hnim:v depoHitum subtus In Domino couqulesclt, dcfiiuctum prliuo 
die .Mali et Mcpultnm Scptimo die Anno Domini U',7iK ietatU sme .^»5." 

To this Is added a long Latin apostrophe by one of his scholars, Saniael HUl. I have a rubbing of 
tltU brass. 

From tiik Tainton Wills ; Nkw Caijcndar. 

H>29. Henry Tratt of Crewkerne, pewterer. sicke of bodyc; Dut. ti .\pr. 1629; dan. Christian 
Tnut; sons .John & lienry Trntte; :i daus ('hristian. Dorothie & Grace; wife Thomruen Res. Leg. &. 
Ex.; Se:d. a Lion Rnntpant; Witnesses, John Fuller. William i'hllps, Richard trot: probate, 17 April 
1G2'.#; Inventory, xlij II. vii.j s. vDj d. Filed will. 

Tlie resistors betwcren l.'iSs and l»5:^s contain forty-seven Tratt iind Trott entries, but none of 
them concern our immediate fanjllv. 


Long Ashton. 

About three miles west of Bristol. 

ElidDey Trat was vicar of ttie auclent chnrch of All Saints, Long Ashton, in the handred of Bed- 
minster, from 1G95 to 1725. On the floor of the church are stones to his memoi7 and that of hia 

"Hie etiam requiescit corpus Elidni Trat, hujus eccleslae per 83 annos vlcarii, qui oblit Septem- 
bris 3, anno salutis MDCCXXV, setatis sue LX." 

"Hie dormit Anna, uxor Elidni Trat, vie. quas animam Creatori suo religiose reddidit 28 Julii, 
A. D. 1716, Stat, suie 47." 


1725. Thomas Trat, s. Elidney, of Long Ashton, Somerset; cler. St. John's Coll., matric 19 
March 1724-5, aged 18 ; his father probably B.A. from Merton Coll. 6 March, 1687-8. 


I HAVE compileil a pedigree of the family in England, for six generations, as best I could 
fix)U] the scanty probate, manor and parish records. There are doubtless sorae errors. 
'. can trace the family back without any ditliculty for four generations to Richard Trott, 
eyond that point there is a ditllculty. There are no parish registers before 1538, and no 
rills at all relating to our branch of the family. The Taunton Manor Rolls are our only 
^sources of information- There is a calendar, not complete however, quite well preserved, 
t)m U/iO-lGGfl, but in the present condition of the records it is utterly useless. It would 
require months of search an<i great expense to iirid the documents indexed. As this was 
a matter of no great importance, I did not feel like undertaking the work. Have thought 
best to give all the names of Trott found in the calendars between 1450 and 1573, in order 
to show our authority, in the absence of direct proof, for regarding John and William 
Trott as the founders of our family, they being the only Trotts in Taunton Manor, and 
their names having been common ones in the family. The natnes are in Latin : — John, Wil- 
liam, Richard and Robert. 

I U.*>8. Staplegrrore, Johes Trolte. 

WlhB •' 
>> li 

WWlis Trote. 

RIcQs •• 
Oterford, »' Trotte. 

Ponnttlsford, " Trott. 

I IWO. OlerforU. 


1548. 8taplegTove» Jolinna Trntte. 

1542. '* Luciu Trotte. 

1542. " Alicia •• 

1546. Poandlsfbrd, Jolies " 

1554. Hull, WlJlus •' 

IBGfl. •• " " 

15(17. Poondlsford, " 

1571. Hnll, 

1571. Pottodisford, Robtus •• 
1672. Hull, Johes Trott. 

1572. Pouudisford, Robert " 

The name of Trott has been ailhered to in this peiligree, because it is the oldest form 
of the name, though Tratt is often found in the records. 

1 John' Trott, of Staplegrove, near Taunton, was probably the grandfather of 
Richai'd"-' Trott, from whom we can trace our line of descent without any dilllculty. His 
name occurs in the calendar of the Taunton Manor Roils, 145«, 1163, 1473 and 1479. He 
"WAS probably the father of 

2 WUliam- Trott, whose name occurs in these calendars as of the same parish and 

hundrecl of Staplegiove, 1503, 1504, 1510. 

Children probably: 

1. Wii.iJAM.* His name occurs In the calendars, Hull, now Brsbop's IIull, 1554, ISfifi, 1571, 
157C. 1571*: Poundlsford, 15«7. 1573, 1575, 1576. Ha«1 iw«» clilldrenat least: Ji>!in. son 
nnd heir; .Mary, who in, Willlfiiti Smyth. In the reKiijtt^r bi>oks wo find these Items: 

156<». Poundlsford, Fines. William Trott for 1 Mfssuace &, half virKBte of Uondland 
called Cansgrove (Cauous Grov« (?); there Is ii locality hy that mime now In Piimlus- 
let), late of Wni. Checke in TytUintJ of Sontli Fullforde by surrender of Wm. Liiucaa- 
Ur, h«? to jiay waid Wm. Lancaster £70, &c,, &c. 

15C6. Hull, Wiilium Troit for licence to hold 3G acres of Bondlaud In the Tythlng of North 





1.171. Wni. Trottc for I Mensimge & 1 furlong of Hi>iuJlan«l in Tyllilrif: of North iroodle 
Iiy surreudoi* ort'si»»ff f Okf, fn li<>|<| umhT cnixlitioii of paynn*ni of £I(M). 

157;{. Pouiuiisfoid. Win. Tn>ttc has licmice to hold &.c. of John AllfonI laiuis Ac. of 
Lord of Mittior of Tituiitou Dcnnc. BondsmiMi, Robert Hall ftuil xpofer Ingrurn. 

ir>7fi. Mull. NVilllnm TroUe for licenci' to hold 1 house vt 1 furloii<; of Boiidland & !i arroJi 
of Boiirtlniul 111 Tytliliiy: of North lreii<ll«> for llf«. 

157C. I*oiiiid«"Hford Willhim Troll fi»r licence to hold 1 house &, half vir;;uteor BoridlHnd 
iti T,vlhlu« of SouUifulford for life*. 

1597. PoumllHford. WilllHiii Trottc surroiuh-rs into hfinla of the r,ord 1 Mcusnnuc & 
luilf n vlrgate of land culk'd f'onmjiroVL' (Ciinons (Jrovc?> \u ih«» Tythlnn of xoiitli fill- 
forde to nae of hoii and heir John Trotte, Ur to pay Mary Smyth, wife of Wni- Sinylli 
&dau, of said Win Troite, xlij" liij'' |»er ann for life- Witt. Uofito Troiio, Hour: Shut 
& Johos I'rieste. Th-du'es. Uohtt? Tr-nt He Johis Prystc, (Not In Calt-ndar.) 

1607. roiindlsford. Wlilus Tioit Ivinj; in exirctnity surrenders in liandw of the T«onl 6 
arres of overland ("ailed Halfeyard In tli»? Ty«hlni:<if Piitm«st«r, lnt<'of wllllum SenocX 
to iiMc of Hon & heir John Troll. Wit. Henry Shut. Hubt. Troll &. John inywl; liondSo 
Hobte Tiolie & Jolin Priest. (Not in Cidendur.) 

KicH.iUu,* brtpt. ; d. about Ifi'l; lu. Joanim -. 

Joanna, of StapU-grove, 1542. 

LrcY, '• " lfi42. 

A LICK, " '* 1542; m. .Tnn«t 2fi, 15o2. Edmoiid Morcom, In Pitmlnster. 

John, bapt. : probably d. — l.'isl, in MNhop's C»>inpion; m. Jounnu ■, who i 

vived hini. His name occurs in Tnunion Minor Calendar. See will IMi, p. 5. 1 
three children, Robert, William and Elizabeth. 

3 Richard'' Trott ( iriV/<Vfm,^ Jofm^), Imptized ; died ahoul 1571 ; marrietl 

Joanna , perhaps the Joanna Trott buried at Ottcrford, Aug. 14, l/iTT. In th« 

Tttuntoii Manor Cjilendar we find his name iu Staplegrove, 1510; Poundisford, 15S4; and 
Otterlbrd, 1527, lo40. See tho register book for 1571 (p. 15), where 8on Robert inherits 
a lease sutrenderecl by Richard Trott. 

Children : 

1. John,* l>apt. ; bur. Oct. l^;, ir.44, in PiUnlnster. 

4. ii. Joux. bft|)t. ; d- about l'il»5; m.. 1st, Christiana ; 2nd, , Agnos — 

6. iJ. Uoni'.nr, bnpt. ; bur. F**i). !<!. J.i!>!>: m. Honora or Honour , 

6. i. WiLi.tvM, bapt. : bur. March i;». iriOfl; ni. Johaiie . 

r>. Tam.-jKN, bajii. ; bur. ; in. May 27, 1583, Thomajs IVruon, at Bradford. 

4 John^ Trott {kichard,^ WUiam.'i Jottn^), baptized ; died about 1595 ; mur- 

rieii, Hrst, Curistivna- — -; second, Agnks , who married, second, April 17, I59-, at 

Otterford, Richard Clenj;er. Ilis name occurs iu the Taunton Manor Calendar, Hull, 1572 ; 
Utterrord, 1572, 15K2, 15H'J ; Pouiidisford, 157M, 1504. In thu register are these ciitrtea: 

1572, Hull. John Trotte by enrollmetit hohla of Thomas Cooke an annuity of £10 by^ 
mortgage of certain lauds iu Ty thing of Hull, same in Moutelusy called Grouutinge 6i same 
iu South Mead, elc, et«:. 

1572, Otterforde. Johes Trotte, p. i inesuage et i ferlino; terr nut et qninqz aer tetT 
nat et ij"'*« cotJig en suis ptim et iiij"' acr terr de on' land iu Decern «Je Otterford quondui 
Willi liowbyc Ex Retldicoe Uici Troite pria sz Hen«l !*ul» condieoe q I idem Jolies TroLUs 
no vend nee sursn'^retM p.mi.s.s sz pd nee aliqua iudc p. cell alicui p.sone vel p.sonis 
nisi sit vnode cognoiuine de lex Trotts Ilend. 


1572, OlU^rford. John Trott<3 for 1 messuage and 1 Airlong of Bondland. and 5 acres 
of Bondland and 2 cottager with their appurtenances, ami 4 acres of Overland In TythSn^ 
of Olterford late of William Bowbye, by surrender of Richard Trotte to be held on contlU 
tion that the said John Trotte ^hall not «ell nor surrender hi.s aforesaid premises nor uny 
portion of the same to any perHon or perKons except to be held liy one of the surname of 
Trotte. See p. 17, where he makes a release to his son William, in 1505. 

1574, IViu nibs ford. John Trotte for 1 Messuage and I furlong of Bondland cailcil 
Btodobearcs iu Ty thing of Otterford by snrrender of Richard Hersey, to bo held on pay* 
uient, dec. 

1575, Foundisford. John Trotte for 1 house called the Hay Houne & other house called 



|h)c nonse & cloae of BoiulliuKt of 3 ncres & ollter close called Piteland. cnDlainiiig 1 
re, & other fluse callnl HrodiMiu'mle eoiitriiniiiu; 4 acres in Tylliitig of Corllt'. Iiy snr- 
nder of John Vincent, to he hehl during the livi's nf AlicL", wife of tiiiid John Vincent 

► xpiflnu wife of said John (Trotte) ; Trotl. piiying Vincent £50. Bonds. l{oi)t kcat •& 

Imie pojde. 

il5Hy, Otttrford. John Trott for 15 ticrca of Overlnnd cnllfld Hollemores in Tything 
Otterforil, late of John Grigge, hy surrender of Rohert Grigge & by liceni*e of Uio 

[>r«l Kolit. tt'orisfcr, to hohl to use of said John (Trottj on pnyment of xiij'^ Dat xxiij 
|iig. lo'O. Honda Kohtl Trotte & Hugh Marden. (Not in Calendar.) 

15&I, I^tundisfoiil. Joim Trotte lying; in extremity surrenders into the Lord's hands 
[Mensuuge & 1 fuiloug Bon«Uand in Tything of Curffe late of Roi)t ]M»ole to use of his 

^11 iV heir John Trotte acconling to the usage of the Manor ike. on condition that Agnes 

Jicl of sfti<l John (Trotte) shall hold said preiuities during her widowhooil. Wit. Rohti 
^tte & John Poulle. (Not in Calendar.) 
1595, Otterfonl. John Troite lying in extremis surrenderH into handa of the Lord 1 

tes8U,age & 1 furlong of Bnndland & 1 eotage in Tything of Olterford louse of son «t 

Sir Henry Trotte on condiii«»n that Agnes the relict of said John (I'rotto) to lioM same 

111 «uid HrM>rv ii^ xxj years of age. Bnnd« RoI»t Troite «& Johnl'ouie; Wit. Hen. PouIIG| 

[>bt Tiotte & John Poullc. (Not in Calendar.) See [u 17. 

[Children baptized in Olterford : 

1. RicHAitn,* Impt. J<ui. 'J4\. 1571 ; hur. ; m. Sciultling. 

2. Jons, liapr. .Sept ."I, 1574. 

3. Lkov\ki». bupt. Sopt. 9, ir»77; uar. Fob,—, lG4r.; in. Dec. 27. li^II, Dunes or Deaiies 

4. JoANK, hnpi. Dee. 2G. 1581. 

5. Wxi.Ll\.M. hnpi. .luly U, I.'jS;;; hur. •; ni . 

♦1. Till 'MAS. hapi. Mtiy l'». l.'iUl. 

7. llE.NKV, bapt. ■; luir. Aug,, UUo; m. , Allre . 

[6. Robert' Trott ilHrfiard,^ WnUnm,'^ John^), hnptized prohahly in the hauikt of 
pndle, now Trull, parish of I'itniiuster ; hur. I'Vh. 16, 159U, in Pitininster; inarrie<l 

[»NORA or HoNoUK , who wua Imried Sept. 17, 1(527, in Pitminsler. The Taunton 

unor Registers contain the following : • 

1571, Poundisforile. '* Rohtus 'I'rotte p. i niestiage et <liinid virg terr uat, i cotng cti 
ptui ft iiij"" aer terr de ou'iand in Decern <le .Soulhtivmllc ([uondin Hiigonis Hollvrell 
reddicoe Kici Trott pri3 «z Ilend suh comlicfie q«l idin Kol»tU8 non vend ne<jz sursu'redd 
[lies \m\ nee alicpia undo pcell alieni p.sone vol p.sonis nisi elt voo de cognomine de lex 
aUc«. Plin. (hlank)." 


[1571. Poundlsford. *'Rofrert Trotte lor 1 MeK<«uagi' and half a virgate of B<ujdl:ii>d, I 

Dtlage with ilK rippurtenances, iiiid four acres t>l' Oveilantl in the Tylhiug of South Tieu- 
t, Ittle heltl hy Hugh HolUvtill, hy .surremler of Richard Trott, t<» be held, on the coiidi- 

Iti that the said Robert .shtill not sell or surrender Iheaforsaid pieinis^ses nor any portion 

[the sfune lo atiy alien person or persons except to one of the surname of Trolle. Bonds- 

eu Hjlank)." 

|L57l. Poun<lcsford. Rol»ert Tiotte for 4 acres of Overland pasturage in the Tything of 

>uth Trendle by .surrender of William wiites. 

1 1572. l*oundesfoid. Robert Trotte for 1 Messuage and half a virgate of Bondlnnd, &c. 
i« 1571, same lsind«i. 

1 1578, Poundi>*ford. Robert Trotte for 3 acres Overland called Saymore in the Tything 

'' libukdiMi by Hurrender of Thos Vincent. 

[See aUo the Taunton Mnnor Cnlendar, Poundlsford, 1584, 1591 ; Holwaye, 1677. 

[Mr. Trott prob.nbly rosiiled in the southern part of Trendle, now Trull, a hnmlet in the 
I'ish of PltiuinMer. His will, lo£H-il, was probated in Taunton, lile vii, No. 105, old 

ilendar, but unfortunately has utterly perished. 

[Children, Implized in Pitutindter : 



1. Ai,lCH:.*bftt»t. Feb. 4. 15ft4. 

11. 2. Jon.v, bapt. Sept. 10 1570; bur. Mojr 7. 1033; in. ApH) 24, loOM.Eimii PricsU 

3. Maiiv, bupt. Feb. 0. 157.i: bur. ; m. Oct. «, 1507, Robert Wnbb. widower. See Tnan- 

lon Miutor CHlcitdnr, Holwaye, Ifill, lfi20. 

4. Agvks, bapl Feb. IS, l."»77: bur. 1 in, Ang. 37, 159«. John Aplln, s^n oT Richard Ap- 

iin. The Taunton Munor K»'«l«»erH contain t bo following: lii!t«. Ponmtesford. RlcharJ 
Aplin »urr<-u<b?rs into iiaml.'* of l^>rd 1 acre UondUiml in North pnrt «f CAosc cuii<.'il 
Three acres, in Tythinj: nf Soutli fc'tiirt»rij. to use of son nml ht'lr .loJui Apllu &c., for 
life, al.Ho other hoUHes* uml latul*. Dai 24 Au^. xl F.Ha. ; wii. llobie Trotte, ffraticla 

wills, Johei biMibe i xpofer Trott, (Not foaud in Caknulur.) ^ 

5. Tamskn, biipt. May 2G. 15«L 

12. 6. RiniAitD. I)upt. Aug. '^8, ioM ; d. 166U, In Wcthersfleld, Conn. ; m. April 37, ICLS, Alice 


6. William^ Trott (/^V/*arrf,» WUHain,^ ./»>//«'), baptizi'd ; probably the Wil- 

iiain Troll buried alBradCoid, Mtuoh I'J, 15UG ; married Jouanr^ , probably buritnl 

»t Bradford, Dec. 17, 1604. His name occurs In the Taunt«>n Manor Calendar, TanuLon 
Castrutn, 1579; Hull, 1578, ITjHI ; Holwayc, 15H3. In Hie Rj^jjisler arc these entries: 

1579, Taunton Castrum. Wdliam Trotte for a Mill with uppurteuaucea «&c., in the 
Tylhing of Hollway by surrender of George Sldenhaui, gent. 

1594, Taunton Caslrum. ''WilluBTrolte Burnu'^redtl in inanus Dni lotu illud do molend 
6. apnd vinar vm: ixKilemylls cu octg ss couBUetue et ptm ( qz in DHr«?m de Holl- 
waye Ad optis et usum xitoferi Trotte lllij & lieretl et Assign suo in ppm scdm couRuetuo 
man'ij de Taunt^ni Deane Heud sub condicoe sequent Viz qd Dm (Ds?) xtKjfcrus Ti-olie 
liercd aivc Assign siu sohiant sen solim fac. Deo Williino Trotte auutt"' Durnnl Vita 8, 
iilj" legally moiiet Anglie, soluend ad iiij*^" anrj p. terniinos viz ad fesla natnlis Du». 
Anucit'onis bte mario virgns Nalnlalis sei Johis bapti et 8ci tnicliis Arch p. equal por- 
coe8 Ad &<•. Caput ij'"" die Septe'bris A** Rne — &c. xxxv*" Ju })'seiit Robtc Trotte et 
Thome p.soub ten man''ij. Pliu. Robto Trotte, Thome p. eons. Wit. Robte Trotte & Wyl- 
liam Trotte." 


"WUiiam Trotte surrenders into Uie hands of Lord all his mills at tlie Brewery called 

Poole Mills with its an<l certain appurtenances in the Tylhing of | 

llollway to th«' profit and use of Christopher Trotle,son and heir, and his Assign fruever 
acconliug to the cJistom of the Manor td' Taunton Deane, to be lichl under the following 
eon<btion, \\z. that the said Christopher Trotte, hiw heirs, or Assign nhall payor cause to bo 
paid to ihe said William Troite during his life, £4 lawful Knglish money, to be paid four 
times a year, viz. at the Fea8t>*of ChriHlmas. the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
the Nativity of St. .Ir»lM» Baptist, anil St. Michael the Arehangel, in equal [)arts. Exc- 
cul»"d Sept 2d, in the 35lh year of Queen Klizabeth. In the prenence of Robt Trotte and 
Thomiw Persons, tenantnof the Manor. Bonds. Robte Trotte, ThomuH iV'tsons. Wit. Itobl 
Tixjtte ami Wylliam Trotte." 

Childr«*n : 

13. 1. CnursToniKa.* bapt. ; bur. Aug. 2, 1«0S; ni., Ist. July 25, 168iJ, KUznlxjth -; 2ud 

, Dorothy . 

14. 2. J0H.X, bnpt. ; bur. Sept. 4, 1612; in. Dec. 12. 1592, PhUlipln llynAford, 

7. Richard* Trott (John,* Itkhaul,^ William,^ Jotm^), bat)tlzed Jan. 25, 1571, in ' 

OtUirford ; bmicii (alive U'lSO) ; married .Scadding. See will of Thomas Scad- 
ding, 1G22, and will of John Scailding, lOIiO, pp. 4, 5. 
Chihhen : 

1, LKovAitn.' allvo lC'2'i and 1G30. 

2, Kn;nAitD, alivc HVMi. 

3, HuUEKT, alive liioO. 

8. Leonard' Trott {John,* Rkhard^ WiUiam,'* Jolm^), baptised Sept. 8, 1577? 
Ottcrfoid; Ituritd Feb. 1 045, in Otterfonl ; ni.irric4l Dec. 27, ICll, in I'itminstcr, where] 




he. Is said to bo of Curland, threo miles southeast of Pitininatcr, Dcnes or Dfanks 
Wayland, who wa'i hurled May, l03'^. in OltoiT(jicl. un<l (huii];ht.or of Uohcrt Waylaiul 
of Pitrainster. 

Children, baptizerl in Pittiiinster (the lourlh in UUcrford) : 

1. Lkonaud." bupt. AjuJl LM, lOHl. 

2. FRiNf-rs, l>af>i. Auk. I!», IGIH. 

3. RoitKur. b«pt. Sept. 'AH. K'l^l. 

4. ELi/.AURTii. bapt. IVLirch 20, l<i24. 

9- William'^ Trott {John,* Richard,^ William,^ John^), baptized July 14, 1583, in 
Otterford ; Ixiiit^d ; maiTie<l . His name occurs in the Taunton Manor Calen- 
dar, 1010. The register contains tliese entries : 

159J, Otterfurd. John Trolte, lyiuq; in extremity sinrendera into Lord's Ijands 15 
acres of Bondland, 4 acres Overland & 1 c"lage in Tything of Otlerford, lute of Wm. Bow- 
hye, lo use of son & heh' William Trf>tte on conclition that A<riies relict of said John 
(Trotte), shall hold same till said William reaches age of xxj years. Same Witnesses 
ami Bondsmen as to snrrtMider to his brother Henry. S**o below. 

151)5, Ott^-rford. John Trottc, 5 acres of Overhind in Tything of Otterford, called Hole- 
mores, late of Robert Grigge to use of son & heir William Trotte. On same comHtions 
and with same Witnesses and Bondsmen as above. 

1607, Otteiford. William Trott surrenders in hands of Lord 5 acres Overland in Ty- 
thing of Olt^rforil, called llolemorea, late of Robt Grigg to use of Charles Hurt. Dat. 
xvij Oct. 1007. 

Daughter baptized in Otterford : 
I. Susan/ bapt. Juue ID, ^(iO^. 

10. Henry"' Trott iJoJm,^ Uickard,^ William ^^ John^)^ baptized (under age 

\^^\)h ) ; buried Aug. — , 1 045, at Ol terford ; married AucB • The Taunton Manor 

Calendar contains his name, Otterford, 1611, 1630. The register contains these entries: 

159.*). Otterfor<l. John Trotte lying in extremity surrenders in hands of Lord 1 Mes- 
suage i^ 1 furlong of Boudlantl *& 1 cottage in Tything of Otterford to ukc of son & heir 
Henry Trotte on condition that Agues the relict of said John (Ti'otte) shtdl liohl same till 
said Henry is xxi years of age. Bonds, Robt Trotte & John I'oule. Wit. Hen. ruulle, 
Robt 'J'jotte & .lohn roulle. (Not iu Calendar.) 

1607, Otterford. Henry Trott surrenders in hands of Lord 1 Messuage, 1 furlong Bond- 
land «& 1 eolnge in Tything of Otterford to use of Robert weely. Dat. 16 Jan. 5 Jas. Bonds, 
John Trott «fc John 

1607, Ot-terford. Robt weoly surrenders into Lord's bauds 1.1 acres Bondland in Tyth- 
ing of Otterford, called Lakes, to use of Henry Trott. Sanre date an<l bonds as above. 

1610, Otterford. John Trott on pledge of surrender &c, of 1 cotage with appurtenances 
in Tything of Otterford, held under Lord, 1 house & furlong of Bondland pertaining lo 
Henry Trott in Tything aforesaitl for use of sairl Henry. Dat. xiiij Apr. 13 Jas. Bonds. 
John Aplin, Wm. Gailenl & Francis wills. (Not in Calendar.) 

Children baptized in Otterford : 


Elizamktu,' bnpt. Aiij;. 10. 1(52.3. 

Soi»»x. Impl. May H, 1(12;%; bar. March 17. ir.33. 

LAlHtANNA. hapt. 8i;pt. 16, 1*127. 

CUAiOTY. bapt. March 2<», lO'JO. 

llrxitY. bapt. Keb. 17. UVS'l. 

(iUACK, bapt. Nov. H. ICJr>. 

St'SAN.VA, bapt- Murclj IH. MVM. 

[11. John'- Trott {Robert.,^ liichanU'-^ mih'am,^ Johu^), baptized Sept. 10, 1570, in 
Pltminsier; lnuied ^Nl.ay 7, I6.'i3, in Pitminstcr; married April 24, 1508, in Titminstcr, 
Edith Priest, daughter of Kilith Priest (Thomas Prist married Jan. 18, 167'J, Edeth 



Eilnen. at Tannlon. See p. 7), who inaiTiecl, second, June 15, 1039, Riclinrd Midlam in 
Piliniriftler. See will of Stephen Prist, 1640, [i. 5. The name of Kdith Midluin occurs three 
limes in 1C46 in the Culeneinr of the Taunton Manor Rolls. Mr. TrotL was a surgeon. 
His will is dated April U, li>33; probated at Taunton, May 10, same year (j). d). The 
Taunton Manor Registers contain the following; 

lt)00, Pnundi'sford. John Trotte for 3 acres overland called »tony downe, parcel of 12 
acres of overland so called next larul of xpofcr kevell In South port &c., by surrender of 
Roblo Trotte &c. 

16U0, the eaiue John Trott for 3 acres of overland called Saymoore In tything of Black- 
don, late of Tho8 Vincent by surrender of Uobl. Trott, Ac* See Robert Trott, 1578, 
p. 15. 

IDOO, the same Jolin Trott for 4 acres of overland called stoney Downe, late of Nichi 
Gobbes in tyth of sonthtrendle by surrender of Robte Trotte. The name of Ilonore Trott 
also occurs. 

See also Calendar: Hoi wayc 1000; Hull 1539, ICOO. 1604; Poundisford 1596, ICII, 
throe times, 1613, 1619, l>y njaniage license^ 1028 and 1G30. 

Children baptized in PitmluHter, and all but Thomasin mentioned in his will : 

1. CnRtiTovrit." hnpt, S«*pt. 8, 150H, Ills name occurs In the Taunton Manor Calendar tlirye 

UiwvH 111 IHoi!, sat or Pilniinster. 

2. TuoMASis, hapt. Feb. 15. JjlH>; l)ur. May 1. 1(I!5. 

«. Ei>rTU. bnpt. April 1«, I<i02. Alivu ir.40. See will of Stephen TrJest, 1G40. p. 6. 

4. EMZABicrn. bapt. » nieiitloueil in her failior's will 1G33;? bur. Nov. 10, 16o9. See will 

SlepUcn rrle»t, 1040, p. 5. 

12. Richard' Trott ( Robert,* RkhanU^ WlUlam,'^ John^) , baptized Aug. 28, 1 584, 
in Pitminster; married April 27, IGlo, Alice Gaylaud. Ho emigrated to New England 
about 1637, and, with Matthias TroU, was the founder of the Treat family in America. It 
is the custom to style the emigrant ancestor as of the first generation, an«l Richard Trott 
or Treat will bo so designated hereallor. See pp. 2ri-31. 

13. Christopher' Trott (Willwm,* Jiiclmrfly^ n7?/i'<<?«,-J"//;<"), baptized ; 

buried Aug. 2, 16U3, at .St. Mruy Miigrjulenc's, Taunton ; inanied, first, Jidy 25, loH6, at 

West Buckland, Elizabkth ; secondly, Dorothv , who married, second, 

at St. Mary Magdalene's, Aug. 20, 1604, Christopher Gardener. In the rrturn of names of 
Pykeraeu & Shottin Sir Henry Barkley's Band, mustered the ilij daye of 0«-t. 1586, Hun- 
dred of Taunton, made at the time of the Spanish Armada in the Somerset Musters, we And 
that of "Christover Trat Corporal of Shutt." His name occurs in the Taunton Manor 
Calendar, Holwaye, 1587, 15811, lo'JS; Hull, 1598; Taunton Castrum, 15l>5, 15U'J, 1602. 
In the register book we lind these entries : 

1590, Hull, xpoforus Trott for I rod of Bond land in west part of close next land late 
of John Wcstconibe in Tything of Northtreiiille by <laync surrender of William Way, &e. 

16U0, Taunlon Castrum. xpoforus Trott surrenders in hands of Lord . . . near 
Brewery called poide mvlU'S &c., in Tything of lloUwaye to the use of Alice Ley als llar- 
thinge, wiilow, & hor heirs, &o. Hat vilj June 42 Eliz. 

1600, Taunton Cnstrum. Alice Ley als ll'urthinge on ple<lge of surreiuler in hands of 
the Lord of a gniin mill calU'd Poole milles in Tything nf Hollway, late of Christ. Trotte, 
to use of said Christopher, his heirs, Jtc. Dal. 1« Nov. 43 Kliz. Bonds, <& Witnesses Fran- 
cis wills & Jhon trat. See West Bucklaud Registers, p. 8, and Adm. of Christopher 
Trott, 1608, p. 5. 

1603, Dorothy Trfttt, widow of Christopher Trott, for a grist mill nailed Poole ISIills, 
&c., surrendered into Lonl's hands hv ilealli of said Christopher &c. Dat. 31 Aug. 1 Jas. 
Wit. & Ik»nd8. Geo. Hill it Wm. Brine. 

1604. Taunlon Cswtrum. Dorothy Trott, wi<1ow, on pledge of suiTcnder into Lord's 
bands of mill <ilcc., late of Christopher Trott, for use of sou & heir Christofor Trott & 



his assigns, the said Cljiiatofer payiuc; to his sister Dorothy Trott £00 & to his brotlier 
Jolin Trott 1V»0, with remainder lo his wister Kfttlierine Trott &o. Dat. 15 Aug. 2 Jas. 
Bomls. John Trott & Wm. Brine. Wit. Dorotliy Trott, John trtit, Jolm Clement & Wm. 

Children, tlie hist four baptized in St. Mary Magdalene's, Tjiiinton : 

15. 1. JoHx/ bnpt. ; bur. June 8, 1*125; m. June 8, 1618, Elizabeth Tarapson. 

2. KAinKUiNK, hapt, Dot. 4, ir>I>5. 

8. J*NK. hupt, .Tan. 22, I5!i7; bar. Feb. 13, 1697-B, 

4. UoKMTiir, bnpt. April 9, 15tf!>; bur. ; m. Juno 28, 161«, John Dross (Cross in will of 

Clirthtopber Trott). 

16. 6. CuKisTOPiiKu, bapt. March 17, IflOl ; bar. ; in., let, , Barbara ; 2nd, , Char- 

ity . 

14. John'' Trott {WilUnm,^ Richard,^ WilU<iin:^ .^/m'), baptized ; bnried 

Sept. 4, 1612, in Bradrord ; tnarrie«l Dec. 12, 159*2, at Wilton, Phillipia Hvn.vitoud, 
bnrieil Feb. 26, 1640, at Bradford. The following surrender probably refers to him: 

159i>, Poundisford. .John Tratt of Heaie in the pishe of BrodAird hath surrendered in 
the lords hantU all one moadowe w"' his appnrtenunee cMlled hitlC yeai'd in«»adecontayning 
vj aeres beiiij^e inure or iesse, sictinile Lyin<j; and beinije in the Iliindred of pounsforilc 
and tithing of PilminsLer. The said Surrender beini^ tiiken by John Smyth of Hatnwoode 
and Surrendered vnto the use of Gyles Bftrry and to his licirs & assignes ft»r ever, jiceord- 
ing to the Custome of said Manor. Wit, Thome praone & Johes Pryst. Dat. 2 Feb. 

Children baptized at Bradford : 

1. AnxFm' bnpt. Murch l.S. 150.^. 

2. Wii.i.nM. bnpt. Jan. I?. KV.m; ; bnr, Mfircli 19, l.iafi; or perlitips ho was thi- William Trott 

Willi wife Anne, ehiMren were bapt. In Brailford betweeti KJliU and 1^.27. 
8. PuiLiP(dau.), bapt. Jnly 29. IGIO. 

15. John" Trott {Chriatopher^^ William,^ Richavd,^ WtUlam,'^ JnJtn^), baptized 

; buric<l June H, lG2.i, at St. Mary Magdalene's, Taunton ; married June 8, 1618, at 

St. Mary ^ragdalene's, Taunton, Elizabkth Tampson. Perhaps she was the Elizabeth 
Trott, widow, buried Feb. 24, 1656, at Pitminstor. Mr. Trott was a glovier. His will 
was proved Mareh 24, 1625-6. See p[». 4, 5. 

Children bapttze<l at St. Mary Magdalene's, Taunton : 

1. STKniEs,' bapt. April \',. Hliy. 

2. CituisjoN. bapt. May »j, 1«!21. 

.3. JoH.N, bupl. April rt.'lC23; bur. Aus. 3, 1624. 
4. Mary, bapt. July 17, 1GS5; bur. June 11, 1638. 

16. Christopher'^ Trott {Christopher,^ William,* Richard,^ William,^ Johii^) , bap- 
tized March 17, 1601, at St.. Mary Magdalene's, Taunton ; buried ; married, first, 

Dakii.\k.v . who was buried Oct. 30, 1632, at St. James', Tuunton ; second, Charity 

Children baplizdl and buried at St. James', Taunton: 

1. Chkistoi-hku.' bapt. Jan. 29, lfi2(>- 

2. lt.\nUAKi, bapt. Supt. 14, U)28; bur. Sept. 20, 1028. 
a. John, bapt. Alll^. 80. ir,2!». 

4. Peprk. biipt. ; bur. Sept. 1, 1G29. 

5. TuoM.vs, bapt. Aujr. 2'J, ir>;to. 

«. WILI.UM. bapt. ; l)ur. Nov. 3. 1«32. 

7. Hk\«v. I)npt. An^'. 27, Hi,17, «on of Chrl.stopher and Charltle. 

8. Kafukiunk^ bapt. Feb. U). 1031). dau. of CluKitopher and Charltle. 


THE fact ibat tiie name of Trot, Trott and Trotie freqnently ocean in the early Wetb* 
erNReld and f 'ortnectictit recortlti, where it is plain that it is i»uh8titutei1 for Treat, ga% 
rifte U) liie <>j>iuion llmt TnAt, and not Treat., was the original rnrnily tisune, whicJi iind 
went varions clinngew, and finally assumed tlie form of Treat. Inasmuch as the name of 
Treat had not then been found in England, but has been dlscoverctl f)ince, the Rev, Selah 
B. Treat Home jrearB a^o suggested that the name Treat might have been originally Trott, 
or Trotte, which waa a name known In English historv. and found among the early Mt- 
tlers in Wetherafleld, a.* well as in other partn of New England. Mr. Henry Champion, of 
New Havfn, lhcren|MDn »j»cnt some time in examining the Wetherafield and Connecticut 
reconlM, and road a paper liefore the HistorienI Sot-iely of that city on the change of nam*?. 
This paper I have carefully examined and mad*» nHeof tlif irjmjTt^ at which he aniv..!. aa 
well aa having investigated the subject myself. 


The name of Richard Trat Urnl occurs in 1641 , in the entry of certain lands in his name. 
Tlien follow lands of Mr. Tratt, and of Richard jr., the name being variously spelled 
Trat, Trutt and Tratte on the same page. In 1C47, Richard Tratt is a witness to an 
agreement, and a few pagea further on lan<l is described as bordering on the "Treat 
raea<low." In I G.*i3, *' the townc considering Mr. Richanl Ti-eat's ilesire for an a<lditiou 
to his farme on ye east side of ye great river," granted him a portion, and in lG.o4, he ivas 
ap^kointed to run a boundary line. Two years later James Tratt w:is also appointed to 
run a line. In 16.07. Multliias Tratt bought lan<l of his father (father- in-law) Riehnrrl 
Smith, and we know llmt Mallhias Treat married Mary, the daughter r>f Richard 8mitb. 
The same year Richard Tratt was chosen one of the selectmen of Welhersfleld, TUe 
birth of a son to Samuel Treatt \h recorded in 16C1. In 1662, Mr. Trat server on a com- 
mittee, ami Kichard Trot is ap[>ointed a coji.stable for WelherslieM. In these records 
the name is generally spelled Trat; occaaionally Treat, and once Trot. 


The first account that we find in these records relating to Richard Treat is the appoinlj 
went (»f Rieliard Trolte of WetherHtiuld, Sept. 29, 1642. to oversee the killini; of calved 
in that town in onler to have leallier. 0<rt. 14, 1642, .lune 4, 1643, ami Jlareh A, 1014, 
Richard Trott is a i)arty in various lawsuits. In Pec, 1642, 3Ir. Trott is appointed by 
the Genera! Court to take account of contribntions for the building of a ship. Feb. 23, 
lG.Vi-3, the choice of Richard Trotte for ensign of the train band in Wethersfield waa 
approved by the General Court. For many years he served as juror, from 1643 to 1648, 
otlen under the name of Mr. Trott, and in April, 1044, he was chosen deputy, and held 
the offlee till 1057. Oct. 25, 1044, Mr. Trott was chosen on a committee lor maintain- 
ing scholars at the college at Cambridge, Mass. During 1646, 1648, 1641), Matthias 
Trott appears as a party in various lawsuits. May 21, 1657, James and M.itthiaa Treat 




were admitted as freemen. At the General Court, March 11, 1657-8, among the "listed 
persona for troopers presented and allowed," was Uicliard Treat of Wetherafield, wlio was 
chosen corporal by the troopers. This person must be Richard Treat, jr., whose father 
was made ensign in 1C.J2-3. From 1044 to 1G57, Mr. Trott had been annually elected 
deputy, l)ut March 11, 1 65 7-S, among the deputies nominated to the court to be pro- 
pounded :it the next General Court election for choiee to l>e magistrates, occurs the 
Dame of Richard Treat, senior, of Wethersfield, — and it is to be noticed that he is spoken 
of as being already a deput>', thougli elsewhere it is stated that Mr. Trott was elected 
de[)nty tiie previous year, thus plainly identifying iSIr. Trott and Mr. Treat as the same 
person, — and he was elected the ensuing IMay 20th, ami also for the next eight years. 
The name of Trott no more appears in these records either as deputy or magistrate. In 
1G59, the tiame of Treat is fepellfd Trntt and Treato, lie being magistrate for that year, 
IJms plainly identifying Tratt and Treat as dilTerent forms of the sauje nauie. Up to this 
time the name of Treat, or Treate, is found but three times in these records. On May 19, 
1660. Mr.Tral is sent to Ijold Court in New London. ISIr. Trfiut, or Treate, was elected 
magistiate from 1000 to 100.'*. In 1660 Mr. Treat was appointed on a committee in 
regard to 80 mile Island, by the General Court. Richard Treate was one of the patentees 
mentioned In the Charter of 1602. In 1604, Richard Treate was a member of Governor Win- 
Ihrop's Council. In lOO'J. lists of the freemen in the towns of Connecticut were forwarded 
to the General Assembly. In the WetherRfleld list are the names of Richard Tret, sen., 
James Trett. and Richard Tret, jr., thus plainly showing that Tret, Tretl and Treat are 
the sante names though spuUed diUcuently. 


Robert Treat, son of Richard Treat of Wethersfjeld, removc<l to Mil ford, in the New 
Haven Colony, in 1639, and soon became very prominent in public affairs, both town and 
colonial. lie returned to Wethersfield subsequently for a brief period l)Ut became a resi- 
dent uf Milford again as early as 1G4H, The early records of the colony are defective. 

In May, 1653, the name of Robert Treate appears as deputy. In April, 1654, he is 
called Rol>ert Trcatt, and on the 26th of the same n>onth his name is spelled Trcatte. In 
1657, h»! is called Robert Treat, and in an autograph of 1GC2, the name is written in the 
same manner. In a letter to the Geuend Court in 1075, he spells his name Robert 
Treat e. 

In the Milford records the name is spelled Treat and Treate, but never in them or the 
New Haven Ileconls iloes he go under tlie name of Trott, Trett or Tratt. 

June 29, 1603, in a letter to Director Stuyvesant, Mr. Treat signs his name Robert 
Treatt (N. Y. C'ol. Hist., 13: 207). In letters written to him by the Dutch autlunilies, 
bis name Is spelled Treatt or Triatt. His wife's name is called Jane Treate on her grave- 
atone In 1703. 

From tt careful study of these records, three things are evident : 

I. That the same person or family was designated by the names of Trat, Trot, Trott 
and Treat; these four words being written also under different forms. 

II. That the persons in question never s|jelled their names Trott, at least after they 
came U} New Flugland, so far as wo know, or in any other way than Treate, Treatt or 

Richard Treat, sr., in a certificate date«l May 30, 1664, published in Goodwin's Notes, 
p. 227, spelled his name Treate. It is spelled Treat in a deed to his son James of the 



diilc of Sent. 28, IC64, which T have seen, sigiu'tl by liim an<l bis wife Ali^e Treat, She 
signs her name Tret. In his will, Halei! Fob. 13. ICG8, he spells his njune Trent. Gov. 
Robert Treat, hia son, apelleil his name imlifforently Trcatt, Troate and Treat. 

In later yeurs the name has often l)een spelleil Trect in the records, — the name bein^ 
probably written from sound, — tintl not many years since a memlier of the family adopted 
this form of spelling from choice. In the buryinj^-ground at Bridgewater, Conn., is a 
gravestone to the memory of Tliirza Treate, who dietl as late as 1832. 

III. That in New England the spelling, Trott, Trat. Tret» is purely local, and confine<l 
for a few years atul thai, with exceptions, to ihe Wetherslield Records and those of the 
General Court held ut Hartford, only some four miles jlistant, but never existetl at M»l- 
fordj and In the Ne\v Haven Colony. The spelling Trutt, however, lingered for a long 
time in Glastonbtjry, In the town records of Lt. TlK>nias Treat's family, which must have 
been entered after 1696, and perhaps as late a8 1713, his name is spelled Trat. The 
manner of spelling a name was very little regarded in old times. Below are the various 
ways of spelling the same name in these very rt-conls of the Genond Court: 

Dkming, Deraant, Dement, Demon, Dynion, Demyn, Demminge. 

Gaylokd, Gailor, Gayler, Gailerd, Gaylenl. 

3IiNOR, Mynott, My not, Miner, 

Mygat, Magott, Mi<iat. Migatt. 

Talcott, Tailcoat, Taylecoate, Tailecoate, Tailcoat, Tailcoat, Talcoate. 

See also the Glastonbury Centennial, appendix v, p. 201-2, for changes in the manner 
of spelling names. 

But the name of Treat is older than the settlement of Wethersfield, and is fouml in S.ilis- 
bury and London parish registers as far back as 1572 and 1590. Ithas been a surname for 
more than three hundred years, at least. Trott seems to have been the earliest form of 
the name, then, a few years later, we have Tratl, next Treat and Tret. Trott and Tratt 
were used indifferenUy almost in the same line. Locality seems to have had something 
to do with the matter. In Pitminstor, Trott was the earliest form in 1544, then Trait, 
and later, after IGOO, Tratt generally. In North Petherton, Tratt was llrst used in 1558, 
when the records commence, an<l almost always, Trott occurs in 155D, and is used oc- 
casionally. Other parish registers show similar results. Trott and Tratt occur in the 
Wells and Taunton Wills. In the Prerogative Coin-t of Canterbury, searched from 1503 
to 1657, Trott occurs in 1522, and Is almost always tjsed. Tratt occurs in 1023, and 
Treat in 1656. Treat and Tratt are used interchangeably in the London parisU records, 
ihe former occtirnng as early as 1590. Trett occurs occasionally in the records. I con- 
jecture that TroLt, Trett, Treete, Tratt, Trate and Treat were paouounced much alike in 
the IGth anil 17th centuries, and that the clear distinction between those names that now 
exists was then unknown. This view is supporte<l by a map of Boston and vicinity, — 
Carte dn la Villfi^ Uiii/ey e( Enoh'ons dr Ikiston^ drawn by a Frenchman, Jean Baptistc 
Louis Franquelein, in 1676, and deposited in the Marine Department, Paris. He was 
not an English scholar, and writes the names of localities as they sounded to him when 
pronounced. Boston is spelled Baston ; Dorchester Neck, Dachcten Nocke ; and Nan- 
tasket, Nontarbet. This map now hangs in the Boston Public Library. This seems to 
indicate that the o in the first syllable of Boston was not pronounced as now. The names 
of Tratt, Tret, Treat and Trott, as distinct family names, are to be found now in England. 


nV'TO early trace of Ricliiml Treat, or of any one bearing the name of Treat, has as 3"et 
1 \i been found in 3Iu38acliusctts, but ns Wcthcrsfiehl ws\8 setllL'tl byi'olonista from Wa- 
tertown, in the abstMice of any proof to tlic contrary, it had generally been assume*! that liu 
))elonged to Saltonstall's colony wliich settled in Watertown in 1630. When and how the 
family cajne to Welhersfield is not known. Tiiey came to Now Eiij;land probalily about 
1G37 or 1C3H, and were uertiiinly here jv8 early jis 1(330. Their youngest chiUI, Katharine, 
was baptized June 29, 1637, iu Fitminster, and they niUBt have come subsequent to that 
event. We find the following faniilius or persons in Wctijerslkihl at a very early period, 
and they all came at the aame time, piobably, though this eannot be i>rovud : 

1. Richard Troat and his family, L'onMiating of a wife and nine children, three sons 
and six dauglilera. 

2. Matthias Treat, probably a relative of Rlchai-d Treat. Can hud no trace of 
him in England, after a most thorough search. His baptism was probably recorded in 
the registers of some of the numerous parishes wlmse early records have been lost. 

3. Samuell Treatt. All we know of him is that according to the Wcthcrsfield 
records, be had a wife natne^l Mahy, and a son IJknnkzek, lK>rn July 29, 1661. What be- 
came of the family, we know not. His name does not appear among llie freemen in 1GG9. 
He may have been a son of Richard Treat, born in America, or a brotlier of Matthias 
Treat. Can fin<l no trace of him in England. 

4- Mary Treat, or Mrs. Mary Treat, according to one account, married about 
1690, us Itis secouil wife, JosiAir' Wolcott, born July 22, 1658, and son of Henry'^ and 
Sarah (Newberry) Wolcott, of Windsor, Coim. It is not knowji whose daughter she was. 
She may have been the daughter of Samuel Treat, but could not have been his widow, as 
she was too young for that. Sometimes the title of Mrs. was given to elderly unmarried 
hulies. Nor was she the daughter of Matthias Treat. Mr. Wolcott married for his thst 
wife Penelope Curv»rin, and had one daughter Elizabeth, born Marcli 3D, 1688; died July 
12, 1702 ; the wife and mother dying soon after the birth of the child. He moved to 
Salom, Conn. 
Children of Josiah and Mary Wolcott : 

1. .l(»8iAn, I). I)ei\ 21, IGDO; (I. Jan. 4. Jfitll. 
TuKAT. h, iMnrcli '2C., ](\{u\; ii. .Inly 7, ICUiJ. 
TtJoM.vs. b. June 5J;J, \V>9~ ; d. Sept. Mi, 1700. 
Mkhitaui.b, b. Aug. a, 16!»8; il. July rt, 1721. 
JuNAJI, b. July II, 17IX>; d. July 31, 1700. 




0. JotiN, b. Sept. 12, 1702. 

7. Elizabkih, b, April 1, 1705; d. June 24, 1716. 
R. Mahy. b, July i:J. 1706; d. July 2!), 1706. 
9. TuKAT. b. Oct. *>. 1712. 

5. Widow Hannah Treat. According to Ibe Hart Genealogy, page 166, she 
married April 12, 1694, Lieut. John Hart, of Farmington, Conn., wiio was born 16G9, 
and the son of Steplien Ilarl, born in Braintree, England. She joined the Second Chiircli 
at Hartford, in 1700, and was admitted to the chnreh at Farmington by letter from that 
church, Feb. 2», 1707-8. Who she was ia not known. She could not iiave been the 
widow of either of the sons of Richard Treat, or of Matthias. The latter had a son Rich- 
aid, who was seven years old in 1662. Of him we know nothing more. 

6. There were three other persons in Wethersfield, hy the name of Trott, between 
1642 and 1045. JohnTrott was a juror, Oct. 14, 1642. Thomas Trott was a juror* 
Apr. 6, 1643, and Elias Trotte was fined 40 a. hy tlie General Court, Dec. 4, 1645, for 
keeping bad com|iany, and ^'dinwlng wync w^'^out lycencc " (C. C. R., 1 : 7G, 83, 13G). 
What became of tliese persons is unknown. They disappear from Wetherafield. Perhapa 
the Dorchester, Mass., Trotts are of this same stock. In the early Dorchester records 
the name is spelled Tiatt and Trott. 

THOMAS TROTT, senior, was received to full communion in Dorchester, 8(1) 1644 ; 

married , Sarah , who died May, 1712. He died Aug. (July, town roconis), 28, 

1606, agetl 82 (gravestone). The maiden name of his wife is unknown. 

The births of Ids children are thus recorded : 

1. Sau,oi, dau. Thomas Tratt, h. 2G: 11 : Kioa. 
a. Maky, dttii. Thoiims Tratt, b. 2«i : II : 10.13. 

8. Samitkl. son of Thomas Tratt, b. 27 («) UJGO. 
4. Joux, aon of Thomas Trott, b. 24 (D) in<>4. 
r.. TliANKKUL, dftu, of Thomas Trott, b. fi (10) 1667. 
6. JAJHKfi, sou of Thomas Tratt, b. 2 {A) 1071. 

Thomas Ti-ott had two other chihlren : 

TnoMAS. b. ; d. Jan. 13, 1603-4; in. , Aun . 

Phkskkved, bapt. U'Ac. 

So far as known, every i»er8on in the United States wlio bears the name of Treat, is 
descended from Richard or Matthias Treat. The name is now (IH'JO), antj has been for 
many years extinct in Wethersfield. In Glastonbury there are now six voters hy that name. 

C'hiueh dissensions throw a little light on the Treat family in Wethersfiohl. In 1656, a 
quarrel arose between Rev. John Russell and Lieut. John lloUister, whom he had excom- 
municated without giving him any reason for the act. A (letition was presented to the 
General Court, Aug. 17, 165M (Conn. Col. Rec. 1 : 370), signed hy John Ilolister, Thom- 
as Wright, sen., John Demminge, sen., John Edwards, sen., and Rich.'ird Smith, sen., 
and six females, among whom was Alice wife of Richard Treat, sen., and his daughter Jo- 
anna, wife of Mr. HoUister, all members of the church, and thirty-eiglit others not mem- 
bers nf the church, but probably of the society, many of whom were men of high position, 
including Richard, James and ]Matlhias Treat, asking that Mr. Russell nn'ght be removed 
and another minister be substituted. The name of RichanI Treat, sen., does not occur in 
this petition. He may have been away on a visit to his son Robert In Milford at that 
time. March 9, 1658-l>, the Court sustuiued Lieut. Uoltister in deuiaiiiling that he should 


be informed of the nature of the charges upon which he had been excommunicated. They 
also obsei*ve that '* whereas Mr. Treat, Mr. Holister, Jo : Demant [Deming] are desirous 
and willing to attend some regular way for the composing their differences, and to y^ end de- 
sires some Ch" : or p'^sons may be thought on, to lieare and determine tlie same : It is desired 
by the Courtt, that Wethersfield Ch : , w*^ y® officer, would consid' the matter and season- 
ably, w^out delay conclude if it can be, vpon some way that may effect the issueing their 
sad differences.*' (C. C. R. 1 : 330-1.) Oct. 9, 1659, the court took means to settle this 
quarrel by calling in the aid of the church at Hartford and that at Windsor. The diffi- 
culty was ended in that year by the withdrawal of the minister and his family to Hadley, 
Mass. (See Hollister, Hist, of Conn., 1 : 462 ; Hollister Genealogy, p. 19-23.) 

Among the freemen of Wethersfield, Oct. 11, 1669, according to the Colonial Records, 
were "Richard Tret, sen., James Trett, . . . Richard Tret, junr." Robert Treat, son 
of Richard Treat, sen., had long before removed toMilford, and Matthias Treat, who had 
been made a freeman in 1657, had died in 1662. 


Richard^ TreSit (Robert^ Richard, lfi7/<Vim, Jo/iw), was bom 1584, in Pitminster, 
probably in the liamlet of Soutli Trendle, now tlie parish of Trull, Somerset, England; 

baptized in Pitminster cliurch, Aug. 28, 1584 ; died , 16G9-70, in Wethersfield, Conn., 

was alive Oct. 11, 1G69, and the inventory of his estate was presented to court, March 3, 
1669-70; married, April 27, 1615, in Pitminster, Alice Gaylard, who was baptized May 
10, 1594, in Pitminster, when her name was spelled Gaylaud, and the daughter of Hugh 
Gaylard, who was buried Oct. 21, 1614, in Pitminster, and whose will is recorded in the 
Taunton Probate Court in 1614, but has utterly perished. When Alice Treat died is un- 
known, but she survived her husband. The tradition that Alice was a second wife, and 
tliat the name of the first wife was Joanna, who was the mother of Mr. Treat's children, 
has proved, upon investigation, to be imfounded. The name of Hugh Gaylerd appears in 
the Taunton Manor Register, 1573, Ponndisford, for two Messuages and two Furlongs of 
Bondland, and two acres of Overland in Snialecrosse, and one acre of Overland in Lake- 
mead, in the Tythingof South Trendle, late of Nicholas Gaylerd, and the said Hugh first 
surrendered one acre of Bondland called Southgrove, in Tything aforesaid, by surrender 
of John Gaylard ( ? Johane widow of Nicholas) to hold to said Johane a Messuage and land 
for residence, &c. His name also appears in the Calendars in 1574, '81, '88, '92, '94, '96. 
Oct. 4, 1608, he surrendered a Close called Smalerest in the Tything of South Trendle, to 
son George Gaylard. Richard Treat was the son of Robert and Honora or Honodr 
Trott (p. 16), and the grandson of Richard and Joanna Trott (p. 14), all of Pitminster. 
His great grandfather was probably William Trott (p. 14). of Staplugrove, and his great 
great grandfather, John Trott (p. 13) also of Sta[)logiove. He was baptized under the 
name of Trott, married under the name of Trett ; his children were baptized by tlie names 
of Trott and Tratt, and he was called Treat when he died. The name of Treat first ap- 
pears in 1C47, and in 1664 he signed two dilferent documents under the name of Treat and 
Treate. I find the following in regard to Richard Treat, or Trott in the Taunton Manor 
Registers. This is an exact copy : 

1600. Poundisford. "Ricua Trotte p. i raesnnge et dimid virgat ten* nat i cotag cum 
8. ptni et iiij acr terr de ounanil in decem de soutlitrendle quond'm Hugonis Hollwell ex 
reddicoe Robti Trotte per s. Ilend sub condicoc (jd Honora Trotte relict eiusdem Robert 
Heat teneat et gardoat oia el singula p.miss Durant viduetat &c. Dat 4 Mar xlij Eliz. 
Bonds John Prist & Nichi Dolliug." 

Translation. "Ricluinl Trolte for' one Messuage and half a Virgate of Bondland, one 
Cottage with its Appnrtuuanc^'s, and four acres of Overland in the Tything of South Tren- 
dle, late held by Hugh Ilolwell, by surrender of Robert Trotte, to be hold by him under 
coiKlition that Honora (Honour) relict of said Robert (Trotte) liave hold and possess all 
an<l every of the Premises iliiring her widowhood, »fcc. Given March 4th in the 42d year 
of (iueeii Kiizubfth. lioiidsuien, .lolin Prist anil Nichohis Dolling." 

This is the saim- lainl tliiiL was once held by hid grandfather Richard and father Robert 
Trotte, ir»71 7'i (l)ngt' !.">). 



* ?nme y^fiv, for four ncro<i of Ovorhml p^isturfi in llolliinore in tho TytliinG; of S^ntli 
TreiwUf, lutiM)f Wtn. Wills, liy smreinU'i- of Robert Trolte, &e. ; also for throe acres of 
Ov««I, willed Stonuy Downe next the roml in the Tylliing of South 'IVeiHlle, lute of 
Agno8 Ilenn^r, hy surremlcr of Robert Trott &C'. ; nl?<o, for two Cottages with Coiirtyunis 
containinoj (blank) in the Tything of South Trondle» late of Richarti Aplyn, by surrender 
of Robert Trott, &c. See also the Calendars for 1601, '18, '19, *22, and '30. 

The family lived in tlie hamlet of Trendle, now the parish of Trull, in the parirth of 
Pitrninst<*.r, a large parish and village 4^ miles south of Taunton, now iu the Hundred of 
Tttunt^n Dean, in the Diot^ese of Bath and Wells. Tlio soil Is day and the chief crops are 
wheat, oats, llarloy, roots and pasture land. The population was 1382 in 1>^H!. The res- 
ervoirs of the Taunton water work** are in this parish. Biirlon (irange, anciently the resi- 
dence of the Priors of Taunton, is at the foot of the lilagdon Hills, and the park contains 
some mugnificent oaks and elms. Bl.'igdon 1| miles southwest, Howlei«;h 1^ miles west, 
Felthaui 1^* miles south, an<l Lowton 2 miles west from the church, urc hamlets in tho 
parish. John and Robert Trott, doublless distant '•cousins," nf>w reside in the parish. 
According to CoUlnaon's history of Soujcrset. p. 5, Vol. 1, in 1791, Pitminster comiuised 
five hnroleta: Blagdon, 47 bouses; Leigh, 57 houses; P'ulford, 23 houses; Trendle (now 
Truli), 30 houHCH ; DuddU-Mton, '28 houses. The village til' Pitminster contained 3M houses, 
and the whole number of inhabitants was UKi6. This manor, anciently called Pii)einin9- 
tro and Pippleraenstre, is mentioned in the Domesday bnt>k, 1086, and was given by Kin^ 
llardicnnto to the church of Winchester. In the time of King Stephen, the church of Pit- 
minster VKQs appropriated to the priory of Taunton, by Henry de Blois, bishop of Win- 
chester. It is dedicated to St. Andrew and St. ftlary. The present structure is not very 
ancient but built u|)ou the ruins of one of the SaxuJi times. It iseighty-eiglit feet lon^, and 
forty feet wide, iu thu perpendicular style, couwistin^ of a ciumcel, nave, two side aisles, 
Bonth porch and western tower with a spire and five bells. There are some ancient and richly 
curved benches, a finely carved stone pulpit an<l reredos, and some very interesting? altar 
tombs lo the Colet* family, daling iVom the IGlh an<l I7th centuries. Two of the windows 
ore stainAd, The siltirjgs are for four buiub'ed peo[»le. (See frontispiece.) 

Trull, anciently North antl South Trendle, is a parish and village lying between Pit- 
minster and Tjiuntou, two miles si^ith from the latter and on the high road to Honiton. 
It was formerly in the Htiinirod of Pouiidiiford, now in that of rauuLon Daau. The chief 
crops are wiieat, barley and roots. In USMl, the population was 960. The church of All 
Saints fornu'i'ly belonged to the priory of Taunton. The register of bai>tisms and burials 
dates from 1670; maniages, 1G77. The earlier ones have been lost. Tlie fabric is built 
of local 8t4^)ue, of the perpen<licular pcnod, consisting of chancel, nave of tinee bays, aisles, 
BOUlU porch, aud an embattled western tower of two stages, with pinnacles, and contain- 
ing six bells. Some of the ancient Ifith century lieuches have very riclily carved ends. 
One represents theonbnary Sunday i)rocession of a sm.'ill parish church of tlie period, and 
iochideia (1) a l>oy in short sur[)lice, carrying a cross; (2) a man in fleshed trunk hose and 
short surplice, carrying a candle or torch ; (^3) a similar figure, wearing a maniple on the 
left arm and carrying a rcli<]uary ; (4) a man in a long surplice, holding an o[)en book, 
probably n deacon or second priest; (5) the priest, vested in a fringed alb an<l embroidero<l 
cope, anti holding un open book; neither holy water nor incense is shown. Another bench 
end represents the instrutnents of the Passion and the figure of a cock ; two more bear 
the letters S and W respectively, the latter letter being upheld on the peaks of two birds ; 
at the hack of the furtherost seat are eiiilit pancU, ornamented with the linen pattern and 
bearing this inscrription : ''.John Waye Chirke here," and "Sim >u Waruian, maker of this 



woike, Ano Dni ir>60/' Our ancestors n>iist luive siit in ll ese very seats. On the hack 
of the pulpit are ligjurca of St. Jolm the Evan|j:elist, ait<i tlio four Latin Doctors; there is 
an ancient screen of carved oak and six stained win«low9. The church was restored in 
1H()2. (See Kelly's Somerset Directory, is«0, pp. 30><,300, 374.) If the early Trull regis- 
ters had not jjcrishcd they would doubtless supply many gaps iu thu family history. 

Social Rank of Richard Tkkat. 

Mr. Treat must have been a man of liigh social standing and of much influence in the 
town of Wethersfield, and in the colony of Connecticut. This ia evident from the vari- 
ous positions of trust occupied l>y him. Titles once meant something. Not every one, 
as at the present day, had Esq. attached to their names. Even the prefix Mr. or Master 
was a mark of importance. It was then a title fnlly as liigh as Honorable is now. Gen- 
erally speaking, not more than live freemen in a hiuidretl had the title of Mr., and very 
few of the deputies and magistrates. 

By the General Court of Massachusetts, Sept. 21, IC31, *' It is ordered, that Josi.os 
Plastowc shall (for stealing 4 baskctfs of corne from ihe Indians), relurne them K l>a8- 
ketts againe, be rtlned V.' and hereafter to be called liy the name JosJas, & not Mr. ua 
formerly liCcs v»ed to be." (Mass. Records, 1 : *J'2.) 

In the list of freemen of Wetherslleld for 1C59, otdy three besides Richard Treat, sr., 
are styled Mr., and he l)ore that title as early aa 1642, and perhaps earlier. In 1095, ont 
of a list of 1 14 legal inhabitants of Eastham, Mass., only two have the title of Mr., — Mr. 
Sunderland, who was the schoolmaster and held in higli respect, and Mr. Treat the miu<- 
ister. It is said that Mr. Treat was a deputy from Wethersfieltl as early ns 1637. but 
there ia no proof of this so far as I know and it ia doiditfid whether he was there as rarly 
as that. Certainly he is not mentioned as one in the Conneclicut Recortls before 1614. 
He was chosen a luror, Juno 16, IG-IS, — a high i^ositlon then, generally occupied only by 
the most prominent persons, — and grand juror, Sept. 15 of the same year. (C. C. R. 1 : 
88, 93.) 

In April, 1644, he was chosen deputy, and was annually elected for fourteen ye.irs, up 
to 1657-8 (ifj. 1 : 103). 

He was elected assistant, or magistrate, eight times, from March 11, 16.57-8 to 1665_ 
(ib. \: 310). 

Oct. 25, 1644, he and Mr. WcUk wcil- (nc committee from Wethcrsrn-ld to receive money" 
for maintaitdng scholars at Cambridge {ih. 1 : 112). 

In 1654, he was chosen on a committee to lay out lands granted by the town. 

In 1660, he was a townsman, an o/Iice answering to the present selectmen. 

Oct. 4, 1660, he was ai)pointed to examine Thirty mile Island, a valuable township, 
thirty miles from the mouth of the Connecticut, with a view to settlement. 

In 1663, he wan appoinle<l to prociue a minister. He also held various other olllces of 
honor and trust, which have been mentioned on pages 20 and 21. 

March 14, 1660-1, the General Court of Connecticut applied to King Charles TI, for a 
charier for their colony, wliich was granted Apiil 23, 1662. It was of a very liberal char- 
acter. Richard Treat, and two of his sons-in-law, John Deming and Matthew CamfleM, 
were among the patentees : 

"CHARLES THE SECOND, BV THE GRACE of God, King of England, Scotland, 
France anil Iieland, 4]efendor of the Faith, &c. ; to all to whomo ihiM.s shall come, Grcf't- 
inge: waituKAs, by the several Navigai,-on«», discover) es «fe sncccssrull IMantarous of dl- 



Siilijocls of this our Rpiilmo of England, Severfti L:in<i9, IslnnHs. 
Plarcs, ColonioB aihI I'huit.avinis have liyn ol>tHinoil aini Hi'ttlofi In timt parlv of the Con- 
tinent of Aiiieiieri callctl New Kiigiaiul, an«l therehy the Trade atul Comiiieree tlieio hath 
bV'i of late 3'eiires inueh increased, ani» wukkkas, we liave hyn inftirined by tiii.' hmnble 
Petieon of our TiUHty ati<i well heloved J<.>lin Winllirop, John MtLSon, Samuel WilJisj, IltMiiy 
Clerko, Matthew Alli;ji, John Ta|t|ian, Natliau Gold, Richard Trrato, Uieliard LokI, Homy 
Woolientt, Jolin Tnleoh , I):iul»'l CU'ike, John (>2:den, ThoMjas Weils, Olieilias Brewen, 
Jt»hti Clerk, Anthony IlanUins, John Derning and Matthew Caindeld, heincr Persons I'rin- 
cipixUy interestetl in our Colony or Pianlaron of Conectleutt in New England, that the same 
Colony or the greatest parte thereof was purehased and ohieyned for greate and valuable 
Conaideraeons, And Mouie other parte tlienM>f gained by Con(|ucst, nu<l with much dilllcnlty, 
anil alt the only endeavours, cxpenee an<l ('harjre of thiMu and llM-ir Andoeiates, and those 
under whonie they Claynie, Sulidued and improved, and thereby beeome aconsiidorablo en- 
Inrgement ami addiroiiofour Dominions and iuierest there, — NOW KNOW YEA" &c. 
(C. C. U. 2: 3-11.) 

He was a member of Governor Winthrop'a Council, Dec. 17, 1C(»3, and July 1, ICG4 
{ib. I't: 3«8). 

Mr. Treat was rUo a man of consi<lernble wealth for thoRC times and nn extensive land 
owner in Welhensnt.-ld. At the laying out of the Naubne farms, whieh constated of lands 
on tbe east side of the Connecticut river, within the limitsi of what was then Wolherstield, 
but nowGlttsloidiury, In 1640, or as early iia 16U9, tbe town gave him a large tract of land, 
lot No. 3G, 310 rods wide by the river, eompulintj south from Ronrinsj Hrook, and ex- 
lending buck a lonj^ ways into the wilderne^n, some three miles. The exact size of this 
lot is not known, but is supposed to have contaiue<l about 900 acres. It was called the 
" farm of Na>oo/' und lot»g known as the "Treat farm." Richard Treat, jr., itdierited 
IIjIh farm, lie also bought several homesteads. ' In 1041. he bought the IkjUsc of John 
Whitmore, on the (^ast side of High St., at Ihe norlli eml, with 12t acres of land around 
it, and also Ids lot No. 27, at Natdnic, of 54 acres. The saniej^'car, or a little earlier, he 
bought both of the homesteads of Matthew Milchel, one on the east side, and the other 
on the west si<le of Hioad JSt., botli having dwelling houses and barns attacheil. lie also 
purchased the homestead of Thurston Raynor, on the west side of BrotuI St., and his lot 
No. 6, containing 3"iO acres, across the river. These three — Whitmore, Mil<-hel, an«l 
Ras'noi — removed to Stamford, Conn. In 1Gj9, he bought the homeslea<l of Rev. John 
Russell, who went to Hadley, situated on the west side of Hroad St. Ho gave away much 
of his properly while alive. Que of the lots which he owned in 1641, remained In the fan»- 
ily <Unvn to aijout ISoo. It was on Broad street. No one by the name of Treat now 
(l«yO) lives in Wcthcrsndd. 

Aalograph of Richard Treat, senior, and Alice Tret, his wife, Sept. 28, 1664 : 

WiLL OF Richard Theat. 

The last will & 'l\*stament of Ricbanl Treute sen'' in t-he Colony of Cannecticnt In manci 
«& forme us Kollowelh : 

Imprimis I being weak Jb Infirm of b«)dy but of sound undcrstan<1ing & of competent 
memory doe resigne my soule to the Lord hoping to be Juatided & saved by the merits of 


Christ, & my body to be biiryed. Item I give & bequeath to ray loving wife Alia Treat 
after my decease all the lands of what kind soever I stand possessed of within the Bounds 
of Wethersfield : viz : five acres of land lying in the dry swamp which I have Improved & 
prepared for nse lyeing next my sonn James land. Item, one peice of meadow lyeing in 
the great meadow Commonl}' called by the name of Send Home. Item the one halfe or 
eight acres next Home of that peice of meadow commonly called fillbarne. Item the Home 
lott By the playnelain side. Item the dwelling iioiise that I formerly lived in w*** conven- 
ient yarde roome and that end of the Barne on this side the threshing Floare next the 
dwelling house, with the one halfe of that Lott belonging to the said dwelling house lye- 
ing next his son Richards house & Lott except my wife & son James shall agree other- 
wise; Item all my pasture hind fenced in beyond my daughter Hollisters lott: Item 
the use of Two of my best covves which she shall chuse, which if the^' shall continue & 
stand longer than my loving wife liveth they shall be my eldest sonn Richard Treats; 
Item I give to my loving wife the standing i>ed bedding bedsted with all the furniture 
thereto belonging, w*'^ the use of so much of the household Goods during her life time as 
she shall Judg needful for her comfort of what sort soever. 

Item I give and bequeath to my eldest son Richard Treat the full possession & confir- 
mation of the farme of Nayog, with all the respectiue privileges thereto belonging with 
Three of my youngest Heifers. 

Item, I give to my second sonn Robert Treat Ten pounds. 

Item, I give to my youngest sonn James Treate besides the Lands already made over 
to him my mill & grinding stone fann Timber Chaines, stillyards & my little bible; 

Item I give to my sonn in law Matthew Campfield Twentie pounds for that which is re- 
may ning for his portion ; 

Item I give to my daughter Ilollister Forty shillings. Item, to my daughter Johnson, 
Tenn shillings. 

Item my debts being payed I give to my loving sons John Demon & Robert Webster, 
equally all the rest of my Goods & chattels whatsoever except M*" Perkins Booke which I 
give'to my sonn John Demon [Deming], & m^^^ great Bible to my daughter Honour De- 
mon, & that money in my cousin Samuel Wells his hand, unto ray cousin David Deming, 
son of John Demon sen"" & my desire is that 

My sonn in law John Demon, Robert Webster and Richard Treat would be my over- 
seers for their mutual helpfulness to my louing wife, & endeavoure to see the accomplish- 
ment of this my last will an<l Testament, and for the ratification hereof I have this Thir- 
teenth day of February, 1G68, set to my hand and seale 

Richard Treat Sen : (seal) 

There is one exi)re8sion in this document, " next his sou Richards house," instead of 
" next my son Richards house," which would seem to indicate that Mr. Treat did not him- 
self write the will, but that it was drawn up at his dictation. Probably he was too weak 
and infirm to do it personally. 

The Inventory of his estate was exhibited in Court, March 3, 1669-70, and is as follows ; 

Imp. Cattel & Swine £34—00—00 

Item several Goods in the house the jjarticulars have^ 

been valued which are those that followe V £05 — 06 — 00 

in the Chambor next the Barne J 

In the other Chamber £05—15—00 

More in the same chamber £02 — 16 — 00 

To several In the Kitchen which have been valued at £13 — 11 — 02 

In the parlour £03—12—06 

Gates & Indian Corne & Salt £U4— 10— 00 

.fOD—lO— 8 

Jan : 69 ai)rised by 

John Dominge exhibited In Court 

JohnNott March 3^1669 
Robert Webster 70 



CliiUlrcn born aiui haplizr<1 in Pitminster, England : 

ri.) Ho.viin.' h. 10.10; hjipt. MMrch I'J. IClo-C; d. 

(2.) Joanna, b. - 

(S.> 8AIUII. b. — lf.20; bftju. JK'Q. 3, K.aO; il. ; m. about IG44, Mftttliew CiuiipUcld. 

— ; m, uhoat 1C37. John Dciulng. 
-lOIH; bapt. May 24, 1(118; d. Oct. — lUDt; m. John IIuIUsUt. 


RicuAKi), b. 

RoDF.ftT, b. — 


1622-3; bapt. Jan. 0, 1C22-3; cl. abuat 1693; m. about 1C61» Sarah 

102-M;; bapt. Feb. 25, 1024-«; d. Jnly 12, 1710; m., ^at. 


Tapp: 2d, Oct. 24, 1706, Mrs. Elizabeth (IlolUngsworth) Bryan, Uaa. of Michael Pow- 
ell, of Boston. 

Elizajsbth, b. 1027; bapt. Jnly 2r», lfi27; d. ; ni. about 1649, George Wolcott. 

8ci^NXA, b. 1C29; bapt. Oct. 8, lfi21>; d. 1705; m. about 16G2, Robert 


AijcK. b, l«.'n-2; hapt. Feb. 16, lG.'?l-2; buried Aug. 2, ir,83, in Titmlnater. 

Jamk8, b. IC.'H ; bnpl. Jnly 20, 1634; d. Feb. 12, 1709, In hit) 75th year; m. Jan. 26, 

in(>r>, Rebecca Lnttlmer. 

Katharink, b. 16117; bapt. Juno 29, 16.S7; d.^ — -; m. Nov. 29, 1655, Rov. William 

Tbonipson, or Tornson, of New Haven, by Gov. John Endecott, at Boston, according 
to the Boston Records. He wan the son of Wllllum and Abigail Thompson, who 
came from Enjyrland about I6.'^7, and settled in Br/iintrce, Mass. Ho irraduatrd at llar- 
var<l in 16o3, and was a preacher in Sprinfftleld, Mass., In 1<!'»4-'1. In Marrli, l('.rt7, he 
came to Stonhi^fton, Conn., with him family. Wus employetl by tlie Comnds*l«>ner8 of 
the United Colonies aotinjr for the London Soelely "for Pro|»ft^atin|{ the Gospel in 
Now England." as aMisslouury to thePequot Indians, in Ifn'H, at Wa^ituxet. In We^ti-rly, 
R.I. Mr. Stanton, tlicn Interpreter General of Ni-w Eni^land, was employed by tlie 
CommiftHioners as Interpreter to Mr. Thompson. Al»out Iflo'.), he resided in New Lon- 
don. Conn. After 1001, hi.s sahiry from the Society was withdrawn aa he neglected 
the business, prol)al)ly from 111 health. * March 14, 16<U)-1, he was made a freeman of 
Connecticut. In 1»?«>8, he left New London in feeble health, and in Sept. 1(104, was in 
Surry Co., Va, Oct, 11. 1004, he made a tender of his property to the Court of Majjls- 
traU'8 at Hartfortl, for the liquidation of a debt, bcinir about to remove to Virginia; 
and Oct. \^, ttie Court ordered Hie Con'?ljil»le of New I.<»ndon to take posgession of his 
property. June 20. 10<>5, lie wrote a letter from Pixford liay. Va., to his 'I^ovinf; brother 
Mr. Jiimes Treat of Wethers Meld," auihori/intr him to *iell property in New London, 
and tliatiH Ihelant that we hear of blm. Ili-^ileath probably occurred soon after, thoiigli 
the dale Is unknoAvn. Richard Treat in his will. Fob. 15, 1068-1), mentions "my 
dnu^liter Johnson," but as the Boston Records state explicitly that she married Mr. 
William Thompson, who also calls James Treat "brother", meaning' brother-in-law, 
the name Johnson mast be a mistake or a mlsrciidluK, for Tomson or Tompson,— and 
tlie mistake could occur very easily from a similarity of appearance of the names in 
writing,— or Jolmson nmy have been the name of -h Hi<M»rid Imsband, though he \h never 
Iward of elsenhi-re. In the copy of Mr. Treat's will on r<?cord now at the Stale, 
Hnrtfor«i, Conn., the name is plainly Johnson. We have no record of any children. 
(See Sibley's Bio^aphical Sketchea of Gradnateaof IL U., pp. 354-367, Yul. 1.) 


(I) Honor^ Treat {likhard^) , born 1616 ; baptized March 19, 1615-6, in Pitrainster, 

Somerset, Eng. , died ; married about 1637, John Dehino, who died in 1705, in 

WethersQehi, Conn., where he was among the earliest settlers in 1635. He was admit- 
ted a freeman in 1645; is named in the Ciiarter of Connecticut of 1662; was deputy 
nineteen times from 1646-1665, and had the title of Mr. His will is dated Jan. 26, 1690, 
and probated in 1705. (See Goodwin's Genealogical Notes.) 

Children (not in order of birth), of John and Honor Deming, born in Wethersfield : 

1. John', b. Sept. 9, 1G38; d. Jan. 23, 1712, in Wethersfield ; m. Sept. 20, 1657, Mary Mygatt, 

b. in l(j37, and dau. of Dea. Joseph Mygatt of Hartford, Conn. Had seven children, 
five sons and two daughters. 

2. Jonathan, b. 1639 ; d. Jan. 8, 1699-1700, aged about 61, in Wethersfield ; m., 1st, Nov. 21 , 

1660, Sarah who d. June 2, 1668 ; 2d, Dec. 25, 1673, Elizabeth Gilbert, who d. 

Sept. 4, 1714. Had twelve children, five sons and seven daughters. 

3. Samitkl, b. 1646 ; d. April 6, 17(19, aged 63, iu Wethersfield; m. March 29, 1694, Sarah 

Kirby, dau. of John Kirby, of Middlctown, Conn. 

4. David, b. about 1652 ; d. May 4, 1725, aged 73, in Boston (g. s. Granary burying ground) ; m. 

Aug. 16, 1678, Mary who d. Oct. 14, 1724, aged 72 (g. s. Granary). He was a fence 

viewer iu Cambridge in 1690, and tything man in 1700. Owned the Brattle estate, ex- 
tending from Brattle Sq. to Ash St. No record of his family in Cambridge. Kemoved 
to Boston before 1707, where he resided on Newbury St. In his will dated April 23, 
1725, probated May 25, 1725, he is called a "Knacker." Inventory, £846. 128. 3d., in- 
cluding an Indian boy valued at £(>0 (SulF. Trob.). He and various members of his 
family arc buried in Boston. Is frequently mentioned in Sewall's Diary. His son 
Rev. David Deming, grad. II. C. 1700, andd. 1746. 

5. EiJENEZER, b. ; d. May 2, 1705, iu Wethersfield; m. July 16, 1677, Sarah . 

Had three children, two sons and one daughter. 

6. Rachkl, b. ; d. ; m. Nov. 16, 1665, John Morgan. 

7. Daitghteu, b. ; d. ; ni. Beckley. 

8. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. John Ilurlbut of Middletown, Conn., b. March 8, 

1042 ; d. Aug. 30, 1690. 

9. P^uzABETH, b. ; d. ; m. June 16, 1657, Thomas Wright. 

10. Sauah, b. ; d. Sept. 29, 1717, in Iladley, Mass. ; m. Samuel Moody, of Hart- 
ford who d. Sept. 22, 1689. 


(2) Joanna- Treat (Richard^), horn 

1GI8; liaptlml May 24, 1618, in 

ntmlnMler, Somertiul, Eug. ; died Ocl. — UVJ4, in WetliersHeld, Ctnin. : rnunie<l , 

.loHJ* lIoLLtsTEK, suU} lo bavc heen a luilive of Brisl^)!, Englnud, born ul»oul. 1G12; 
died between A[ivii 1^-20, ICG.i. Mo is said to have eomo to New England about 1042; 
rrn& rnndc a frccmuii, May 10. 1G13, in Wt-ymodtli. Mass. Tliere is reason, liowever, for 
liiinking llml tluM'e were two Jolui JloiiisterH in Nt«w England at llio satut? litne, one at 
Weymouth wriio afterwards returned to England, an<l the oilier at VVetherstifM. lu June, 
1644, vraa a ineinhcr of lliejnry at Hartford, from Wethersfield, Conn. He was a deputy 
fourteen times, from I644-16/)H, nnd had the title of Mr. when he drat oanio lo Conn., hut 
ttfWr lt>57, wan styled Lieut. Holliater. In 1656, he became involved in a ciunch quarrel 
with the Rev. John Russell, of Wetliersflehl, who excomnmnieated him that year, an<l re- 
fused to give any reason for his act. Hollister and his friends petitioned the Court, Auj^. 
17, 1658, for an order comi)elling Mr. Russell to ^ive his reasons. This petition was 
granted. As near as we can jud^e from the scant records which have come down tons, 
3rr. Ilollister had accused Mr. RusrcII of lmvin({ given false testimony in a certain case 
wiiieh watt prohahly true, though (KM-haps, not inlentiimnl. The result of the quairel was 
that Mv. Ruivsell and his friends moved to Uadley, under the jurisdiriion of Massachnsetls, 
in 165'J. (Sec Genealogy of the Ilollister family, pp. 19-27.) 

Children of Lieut. John and Joanna Ilollister, pixjbahly not in the order of birth, born 
in WetherstJeld : 

1. EuzAHicnrV b. , d ; ni.. aboai IfifiO, Sninnd Welles, of Glastonbury. Conn.. 

who fl. Jnly ir». U\l!>, anil was tlio snn of Gov. Thomas Wfllcs For tiis r^ccond wife 
he ni, nniitiali, dan. of Gyor^e Lainbcrton, of New Haven. Hail i*lx children, two 
sons and fr»nr clau'rhters. 

2. JoriN. l». alxmt ifiti ; il. Xov. 24, 1711 ; m. Nov. 20, lfl»i7, Sarah (roodrieh, who d. about 
1700, and wan thi-Uan. of Ktjsi;?u William Gooilrlch of WellHTslleld. He wOsKergeant 
In the militia. Had ten children, six sons' and four datiirhtfrs. 

8. Thomas, h. about HH'J; d. Nov. 8, 1701 ; m., lat, about, ItkTl. Elizrti)cihLftttin»er. who was 
b. Dec 26, IC>52', 2d. about IfiJW. Mrs. Kllxabetli WUllaius, widow of Anjos Williams. 
He was tt Lieut, in the ndlitla. Hiid eight children. Ave sons and three daughtefsi. 

4. .TosKrn, b. ; d. Aug. 29, P»7:i-4; iinni. 

5. Lazakds, b. , 1650; d. Sept. — . 1700; num. 

6. Marv. b. : d. - — - — : m. luril). John Welles, of Stratford, Conn-, who d. 

March 24, 1714, son of .lolm Welle^, and gr. son of (Jov. Thomas Welles. Had eight 
children, fonr sons and fonr ilan^hters. 

7. Sauaii, b. ; d. Dec. s, IfitU : m.. \»t. abont 1C74, Rev. Rope Atherton, who was b. 

In 164fl, d. .luuL'N. 1077, ft^id-'U. and^on of Maj. Gen. Humphrey Atherton. of Dorchester, 
MttHH , nnd llrst mlultsU^r of UatJleld, Ma.s». ; 2d. about l«7!». Lleiit. Timothy Baki-r. of 
Northampton, Mass., who d. Aug. 30, 1729. Had eight children, four sons and four 

8- Stei'Hkx, U, , irir.8; d. 8 bout Oct. 2, 1709; m, Ist, »l>o{it 1«8», Al>ljra11« Treat, b. 

Itioy, and dan. of Matthias' Treat; 2d. between 1702 ami 1700, Mrs. Elizabeth (Coleman) 
Reynolds, widow of .bmatlian Reynolds, nnd dan. of John Coleman. CHpt. Stephen 
HoUWler<l. atCirei-nbUrth, m-ar Albany, N. Y-, "about Oct. 2. I70«>," of rjimjk ilisi.i-mper. 
Had cloven chiMren. seven sons and four daughters. Sec Abi^^all' Treai imder Matthias' 
5 (:W} 


(3) Sarah^ Treat {RicJiard^), born , 1620 ; baptized Dec. 3, 1620, in Pitrain- 

ster, Somerset, England; d. , in Newark, N. J.; married about 1644, Matthew 

Campfield. The name is sometimes spelled Canfield. In one old document he is called 
"Mathu Camphlle of Norwack." He had the title of Mr. He was first of New Haven, 
Conn., but subsequently removed to Norwalk, Conn. Was made a freeman in 1654 ; was 
deputy 1654-1666 ; assistant 1658, 1663. His name occurs in the charter of 1662. After- 
wards, about 1669, he became one of the first settlers of Newark, N. J., where he was 
magistrate 1670-72; assistant 1669, 1671, 1673. The inventory of his estate is dated 
in 1673, in which year he died, between March 19, 1672-3, and June 6, following. 

Children of Matthew and Sarah Campfield, the first six born in New Haven : 

1. Samuel,' b. ; bapt. Oct. 19, 1G45; d. ; m. Wlllonghby, dau. of Hon. 

Francis WlUongbby of Charlestown, Mass., who was made an inhabitant, Aug. 22, 
1038, and afterwanis became Deputy Governor of Massachusetts. Mr. Campfield was 
made a freeman in 1069, and settled In Norwalk, Coun., and received his portion of his 
father's estate there. 

2. Sakaii, b. May 23, 1047; bapt. May 24, 1647. 

3. Ebenkzkr, b. , 1649; d. Nov. — , 1694; m. , Bethla . 

4. Matthew, b. May 9, 1660; d. before 1705. 

6. Hannah, b. June 21, 1651 ; bapt. June 22, 1651. 

6. Rachel, b. July 29, 1052; d. probably before 1073. 

7. Jonathan, b. ; d, Nov. 26, 1088. 

8. Maky, b. ; d. . 



(4) Richard^ Treat {Richard^) , horn 1622-3 ; baptized Jan. 9, 1622-3, in Pitrainster, 
Somerset, England ; died about 1693, in'Wetliersfield, Conn. ; married, about 1661, Sarah 
CoLBMAN, daughterofTlioraas Coleman, one of the first settlers of Wethersfteld, afterwards 
of Hatfield, Mass. She died Aug. 23, 1734, aged ninety-two, at Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, 
at the house of Cnpt. Ephraim Goodrich, her son-in-law. Mr. Treat was the oldest son of 
Richard Treat. By his father's will in 1668-9, he inherited the great farm of Nayog, or 
Nayaug, of some 900 acres. I find the following record in Vol. 1, Wethersfield Land 
Records, p. 120. There is no date to the entry : 

'*The Lands of Richard Tratt junior, lying on the East sid of the Great River, at a 
place called Nayake, w** was given by the Towne to his Father for a farme, and is now 
given to him by his said Father. The bredth by the River sid, meadow and swamp, is 
three hundred and ten rods ; from the River to a markt tre, being a white oke, is two hun- 
dred eighty six rods, on the South sid of that furme. Upon this farme stands his house 
and barne, upon a parcell of upland w'^ lys within Mr. Hollister*s farme, containing seaven 
acrs, more or lese. The ends abuts on Mr. Hollister North, and his owne land South ; 
and the sids next the said Mr. Hollister East, and West." 

This was long called the "Treat Farm," situated in Glastonbury, Conn., and some por- 
tion remained in the family to the present generation. March 11, 1657-8, Mr. Treat was 
chosen corporal of the Train Band in Wethersfield, the first body of cavalry in Connecti- 
cut. He is supposed to have died between Feb., 1690, and 1693, as his name appears in 
a petition of the former date for the incorporation of Glastonbury, but does not appear in 
a similar document in 1693. 

Children born in Wethersfield ; 

2. Richard,* b. Feb. U, 16G2 ; d. . 

3. Sarah, b. Jane 8, 1604; d. Jan. 26, 1711-2; m. May 20, 1684, Capt. Ephraim Goodrich. 

4. Mauy, b. Oct. 8, 1666; d. Jan. 1, 1748; m. Dec. 10, 1684, Thomas Chester. 

5. Thomas, b. Dec. 12, 1668; d. Jan. 17, 1712-3; m. July 6, 1693, Dorothy Bulkley. 





3 Sarah^ Treat {Richard:^ Jlichfird^), Worn June H, IGC4, In WeUieratield, Conn. ; 
dIedJan. 26, 1711-2(«:i:\ve«toiicin Wolliorgfield) ; inanifd May 20, 1684, C;i[)t. EriiRAiJi^ 
GooDKicu of Rocky Hill, Wt'llieisneld, lujin June 2, 1063, died Feb. 27, 1739, a^ed 76, 
imtl son of WiHinui' and Siirali (.Murvin) Goodrich. Fof Ids second wifti, he umnied Dec. 
25, 1712, her eonsin Mrs. .Terufthn^ (Treal) Welles, diinirhler of James* Treut. 

Children of C'upL. Kphraim and Sar.ih Goodrich, horn in Welhersfleld : 

<;. UicnAHi*,-' l». Fel». 27. IC8:.; (1. April 7, ir5I»} m., 1-st, Mtty 18, 1709, HaufiaU Btilkley ; 2nd, 
ApiU 23, 1721. Mehitublf Boardiiian. 

7. SAJtvu. I). Aug. a, Ulrtii; tl. May «, 1785; ra. Doc. 15, 1725, Rlchnnl Batlcr of Welbcrsfleld, 

whu (1. Oct. 27, 1757. 

8. Ei'iiKAiii, li. IX'C. 21, 1003: d. .\u;:. 12, 1771 : m- .Tuly 10, 1715, Unmndi Steel. 

1). WiM.UM. b. Feb. 21, I<5y7; d. iJec, IC. 17&7; iti. April 4, 1728. Uachel Suvage. who d. 
Sept. 20, 1787, nzicd 84. 

10. l>AVii>. b. Oct. 3. ICDt); d, Jnn. 7, 1770; m. Feb. 13, 1729, S«r«h KJwnrdH, who d. Mny 11, 

Kao. in her 80ih year. Hud eleven cidldren, kIx sons and five <hius. 

11. TnoMAS, b. Sept. 27, 170] ; d. ; m. Nov. 20, 1711), IhiniiHli Kcynolda. 

12. GiUKo.N, h. Feb. 7, 1705; d. , HHO; lu. June 2!l, 1718, Si»rHl» . Think thcf 

TOUHt be n niJKtnke Humewhere. as he was niurrlcil when but thirteen years old iiccordlng 

to the dates ulven. 
These children lire of tin* third generntlon in the Goodrich line. See Geoealogy of the 
Goodrich family, ed. 188J>. 

4 Mary^' Treat (7?fcAar(/,'' ifKAani^), born Oct, 8, 1666, in Wclhersfield. Conn.; 
died Jan. I, 174?<, in her fighty-first year, »n Welhorisfleld ; mmrie<l Doe. 10, 1084, Thomas* 
CiiESTKU of Wetlier&lu'ld, born .March 23, 16CI-2, died Dee. 4, 1712, and son ofCupl. John^ 
and iSaruli (WelU's) Chester. His uiotlier was the dan<^bLer of Thomas Welles, one of the 
(IrsL settlers of Hartford an<l WelheraUeld, and tbcfonrthgovemorortheConnectieutColony. 

Children of Thomas aiul Mary Chester, born in Wctherstiold : 

13. Eunice.* b. Nov, 22, 1085. 

14. Samukl, b. Sept. 20, ItlUC; d. March 17. 1710. 

15. John, b. Dec. IT. IfWH; d. Dec. 14, 1710. 
10, MaicY, b. Jan. 6, 1700. 

6 Lieut. Thomas* Treat {Wrhard,^ Uir.hard^), iiorn Doc. 12, innn, in Wetberl 
field. Conn. ; dini Jan, 17, 1712-3, in Glastonbury, ('oiin, ; married July 0, 1G03, Douotht 

BuLKLKT, born a*>ont 1662, died , 1757, and daughter of Rev. Gershom and Sarab 

(Clinuncey) llnlUley. Mr. Treat wasoneof llie peti lion cr-s fur the inoorporaliouof Glattlon- 
bnry, Feb, L3, 1600, and in 16'J1, assisted in forming the lirst ehnreb in that town. In May, 
171 1, he was iipptiinled lieutenant of Ihe Train Uan«i. He wasorij^inally a[>|»ointed ex<"L'utor 
of the will of bis fatln-r-in-law, 'Mv, Bulkley, but dying Krst. bis wife Dorothy was m.'ide ex- 
eiaitrix of her fnther'a estate b^' a codicil. In 1703, 1706, 1707, and 1712, he was a dep- 
uty to the General Court. Jan. 27, 1714, the town of Glastonbury voted to give GO acres 
of land additional to Mr. Thomas Treat, deceased. March 26, 1714,60 acres a<lditional 
were voted to his heirs, and March 7, 1748, another grant of 89 acres, S2 rods, and 404 
poles, was made to tlie Name parlies. In 1737, the GiaMliMdniry School Society paid Dor- 
othy Treat, the widow, or daughter, probably, of Mr. Treat, £10 for keepmi; school. The 
following is an extract from the will of Mr. Bulkley. 



bafltly to nr^Tnnijhtor Dnrothtj Trmt, aftuesaid who as vet liuth lia<l Imt little and 
wliMt she hath had in nut now to he accounted for her (to her), I give an<i hcijueath all the 
rest of my l>er«onal estate, whatsoever it he, wilhunt mentioning or ui>|)rizing of |)urtUMi- 
Inrg, whether it he in my own hand;) or in the hands of others, or thie and owing from 
others to n)e ; exeejit only that if there ^hall \h' any poor wiihiw or widows or otluT truly 
XM>or periions not able to pay their debts lo me, my will is that my execntor shall remir, 
it and not Ironhle them for it, — wtileh I must leave to his discretion, yet with the ail- 
verliscnient, that hy poor 1 mean snch as are indeed poor, at least hy divine Providenee, 
not hy idleness, nor such as may say tliey are ])oor, and yet can (Ind wherewith to (irink, 
swi'lj, antl 8waj!j;;er, an«l mnke themselves poor ami others too. 

*'And in pnrt.icnlar. To her, my said Dorothy Treat, I give an<l bequeath my nejjro 
maid Hannah, willingly and solemnly requiring that into whose liands soever she niay 
happen lo nime they use her well, and consider that hIic hath a sonl lo save as well as 
wee. an<i is a Christian ; and therefore that they mnke consrienee to |)romole her in her 
rending, catechism, and nil Christianity, that she in:iy profit and grow in religion and go<l- 
liness and attain the entl of haptism to the glory of God, and this I eameslly require on 
her l»ehalf, as they will answer the neglect thereof before Goil." (Bulkley GeneaUigv, 


March 9, 1710-11, at a meeting of the Governor and Council, the following resolution 
^as passed : 

**•(>) fiered that Lt. Thomas Treat of Glassenbury, be pai«i thirty shillings by the treas- 
urer, for hifi exlraorilinary labour and scienee as interpreter, and in nnmaging the Indians, 
who served in the expetlition to Wood Creek." 

The inventory of Mr. Treat's estat*^, taken April 3, 1713, amounted to £770, 6s. IT*' 
was commonly <talled *'Thomas Treat of Nayaug," and Inherited from his father in 1G93 
Ihe large farm left by his grandfather Richard. His name was sometimes spelled Trat. 
His will is dated June 13, I70G, when about to go in the service against Canada. In it 
he requests that his son Richard, if he recovers from his malady, might be brought up at 
college, which was done. His widow Dorothy was appointed administratrix, March 2, 

His gravestone is a large slab of sandstone, raised a little from the ground, but in a 
D<^giected condition, in the old burying ground on the Green, Glastonbury, and bears this 
inscription : 

uv.nv, idEs lU'iaKD 
Tin: iji)i>Y (»r m« 


DItD.lANVAia- Till-; ipii 

ANM» IX tM 1712 



Children born In Glastonbury : 

17. UlcHAUD.* I». Mfiy 14. Hi!N; i\. nbout 1759; m. Aur. 7. 1728, Sasanna WooiPjildse. 

CnAi<LK», b. K«li. 28, l(VJ5-0; il. ; ni. Oci. 12. I7a7, Sariili OiinhniT. 

TliuMAS. )i. .Mny a, UJ!)!); d .Ian. 15. 1780; m. M ly Ui, I72n, Mary Hopsnn. 
Ifjixc, l>. Aug. ir>. KMl; tt. Auif, 2i>, 17<U; m, l>oc. 10. 17.10, Uehucca Bulkley. 

Douotnv, ) ,^^..„^ ,^ ^^ j-o^ . , d. . 

DoKoruKirs. ) t d. 

nith (Untiiic') BrnLmi. 
SamaH, Ik Jan. '.^1. I70(i-7i d. ; m MiutIi i;^. 1728-J), .loseplt Tryon. Jr. 

, 17r,4. Mrs. Han- 

MAttr. U. Jan. U, 170J~!0; d. Fuh. I'.^ 1730; in. .Ian. 1, 17.'i2-;i, Joseph SteVL*ns. 




17 Rev. Richard' Treat {Thomas,^ mcJamJ,^ Rkhm-d^), ItoriJ May M, 1694, 
in Glastonlmry, C»nn. ; died ahout I75U; rnnrric«1 Aug. 7, 172H, Si'SANna WooonumGE, 
liaptizcd Feh. C, 1703-4, and dnuglitor of Kcv. Timothy Woodl)ii«lge of llnrtrurd, Coiifi.» 
who giadimted at Marvui'd College in 1676, way u luonihei* of Saybrook Synod in 1708, 
and dietl Aptil 3U, 173*2, uged about cigltly. In his will liu made Uie following provisions : 

**I Give my Dungliters Rnlli Piersoii and Svsannjih Tn'ul. (with wlinl eacli oftln'in Imue 
already had (Von» me) So nivcli onl ol' my Kstato us to inaUc np the valine of one hundred 
and ten pounds iloney to each of lliem." 

After the ileath of Mr. Treat, she is said to liave married Skinner. 

A Mr. Treat olllcialed at DunHtahkv now Nasliua, N. II., in I71f». wlio was prolmbly 
our Richard Ti-eat. I give the church record just as 1 (hui it: 

"Nov. 2d, 1715 it was voted for to desire Mr. Treat liJ continue wiiii iis smn time luiiiior* 
and to give liini as before, which wiis 20 shillings a .sabljuth. Also volctl that Sari;L. 
Cnmings should be looking out for a nnnister in oidcr for scttlemejit." 

Mr.Troatgraduateil at Yale 1719, a)i<l oUiciatcti for aNvhile, temporarily, at Stonington, 
Conn. In Oct , 1720, permission was grante<l by the General Cuurtof Counnectiout, to the lu- 
liai>itanls of the North society in Stoi>ington, now North Stonington, t-o raise a tax to pay 
Kev. Mr. Treat for preacliing fourteen weeks while wiih them. M.'iy 31, 1721, he succeeded 
James Pierponttn the rectorship of the Hopkins grammar school in New Haven. He was 
probably ordained to tlie ministry In 1724. He was the first settled mitiifHler of Brimtield, 
Mass., where ii chinch was erected in 1722. At Ids settlement in 1724, lie was gianle<l 
120 acres of land, and his full share in all future aUotments of projirietors' lands. Ili^ 
salary was £s5, which do«?s not seem to have been consi<le(eil a* large enough for his sup- 
port, or to have been promptly paid. Thene two tilings in aihlttion to poor health, caused 
him much uneasiness, so that June 8, 1733, a committee was appointed by the town to 
look int^) the matter and again Sept. 13, the matter was brought uiulor consideration. 
Dec. 31, 1733, it was voted l)y the town to give Mr. Treat £20 in atldition to his salary. 
But the matter was not*d, and March 25, 1734, a council was voted to dismiss their 
minister, April 24, 1735, the inhabitants of the town concurred in the action of the coun- 
cil. When he removed to Glastonbury in 1734, he sold his estate of about 300 acres for 
i!800, and .Ian. 23, 1743, all his remaining right to one-seventieth of the township for £10. 

Of the results of Mr. Treat's ministry of nine years, nothing is now known, as the church 
reconls were destroye<l by flie in 174H. From Dec, 1734, till June, 1735, while living In 
Glastonluiry, ho preached to and taught the Indians in IMiddletown, but abandoiuMl the 
work, as the society in Scotland lor piopugiiting christian knowledge paid hiuj no regu- 
lar salarj'. in the fall ori738, theUev. Chiliab Urainard, who had been ordaineil miuis* 
ler at Eastbm y, an ecclesiastical society incoriu»ratcd within the limits of Glastonbury, 
informally resigned hisotUce, and Mr. Treat was liire«l by the committee to preach until the 
next annual meeting. After the death of Mr. Brainard, Jan. 1, 1739, Mr. Treat preached 
till March, 173'J, when Rev. Neheiniah Rraiuard was settled. After the settlement of Mr. 
Brainard, he preaehetl there occasionally, till 1742, and also in Middlotown. In 1748, he 
was in Sheltlehl, Mass. Jan. 29, 1750-1, he petitioned the General Court of Massachusetts 
for the grant of a small piece of land that he had entered upon and cultivated iu the prov- 
ince lands just west of ShoUield, A survey and plan wat* nvadc March 20, 1750-1. April 
8, 1751, the plan was accepted and 200 acres of land was granted to Richani Treat and 
his three elilest sons, whose names unCortunately are not given. His farm called the "Treat 



grant," waajust vyest of the Shenield boun<lary line, ami juljoining it. A plan oT the land 
wJlL a hdiise on it, may he seen in the MussnchnscttH archivos. 

In 1743, Ihc town of Shotriciii pctiLionotl theGeneial Court for a giant of laml lyins: Ik?- 
iween the west lino of tlie town and the riilgo of the monntuin. There is no recoril 
this petition was grantinl^ but pnilmbly it was, aa this tract has always been eunsiitcreil 
apart of the town, Jinil is vory valuable. 

Mr. Treat waa an itinerant preacher. In 1754, he and Mr. May pR^ached four days 
each in Charlemont, Mass. A bill of Moses Rice was allowetl June 26. 1750 (1756''*), 
amounting to £4, 4s. for ^'keeping the nilnisters" Mr. Smith, Mr. Dickerson, Mr. May 
and Mr. Treat. Jn the history of N4)rf(ilk, Conn., it is stated that Dec. 20, 1758, un itin- 
ernnl clergyman, named Treat, preached the first sermon ever dellvcre<l in tliat town. In 
the margin of the copy 1 have, so»no one has marked with a pencil *'not accurnt-e." 

It in not known when Mr. Treat died, hut it is supposed that it was about 1759, of small- 
pox, while on his way to Queltec as a soldier, perhaps as chaplain. This is a family 

In a deed to his moLher Dorothy Treat, dnted May G, 17M^, he is destMibeil as of Glas- 
tonbury. In 1731), he was in Ka^tbury, a pnrish of Glastonbury. JIarch *•>, 1742-3, ac- 
cording to a deed to .lame^ Mitchel. he was then at MidtlleUiwn. May 27. 174M, he gives 
a iletnl to Sarah Treat, daughter of his brother Charles, wherein he describes himself as 
U'ing tlu^n of Shetlleld, ■\Iusr., and was present on that occadion at Hartford to make ac- 
knowledgment. (.Sec Glastonbury Books of land sales.) 

There is no rccor<l, so far as is known, of the chihlren of Rev, Richard Treat, except 
the Hrimfieid record of the birth of his son Thomas. A grandson, Cornelius Treat, born 
in 17GG, who wrote a little sketch of himself ami family, left on record that his grand- 
father had five sons and one daughter, — Richard, Timothy, Ashbel, John, Thomas an<l 
Prudence, but furnished no other particulars. Have received the same information from 
other descendants, with the addition of another daughter iSIary, who according to one, 
inarrieil a Goodrich. The whlow of Elijal/' Treat, grandson of Rev. Richard Treat, used 
to give Mr. Treat's chiUben in this manner: •'Richard, Tim, Tom, IVu, Ashbel, Mary 
an<! little John,** nn<l 1 have placeil them in this order. 

Children : b. ; d. ; m. March i:^ l7o:». Mnry IffiuiUn. 



TiMoTuv, b. aljout 17:U ; d. April 24, 177G; m. Mnrcb la. 175.'). UulU Ilainlln. 

TuoMAa, b. Oct. 'J7, 17!i2; d. ; in. , M!irj;nrct — . 

TaiPKNCK. b. ; d- iilwut 1778; ni. Ft->b. .'>, I7.V», Jnrvln Madge. 

AsniiKU b. ; d. about ilsO; m. . Dorcas Wutenauu. 

Maut. b. . 

John, b. ; d. 1801 ; m. Oct. 27, 1774, Esther Uarber. 

18 Rev. Charles' Treat (ThonmH,^ Jiichardr Rkhard*)^ born Feb. 28, 1605-96, 

in Glastonbury, Conn. ; diet! ; marrie<l Oct. 12, 1727, 8ak.\h G.irdinkr, who died 

April 2, 1744, in her thirty-llflh yt-ar (grnvcsitone Glastonbury), and <hiuj_diter of .John and 
lllsn'y (King) Ganlincr, Lhinl proiuietor of Gunliner's Island, ami grandson of Lion' Gardi- 
uer. Mr. Treat graduated at Yale in 1722. lie studied theology, and became a minister. 
April 25, 1727, a vote was taken at Gla^^toidiury to call a minl«tcr, and Mr. Treat received 
OIK* vote out of ihirly'seven cast, lie abandone<l the ministry soon after his man iage, and de- 
voted himself to agriculture on the targe estate of his wife. John Gardiuer'a will is dated 
Deo. 14, 1737; probated Aug. 1, 173ij. It contains the following (Movisions. **lTiiM : I 




give and bequentli tmto my lieloved ilaogliter, Samh Trent, one Immlred pounds in New 
Kiigluiui money. Item : I give find bequeatlj to my gmnd daughter, Dorothy Treaty the 
sum of one hundred nnd tlfty pounds in New Enghmd money, lo be ptiid lier l»y n>y ex- 
ecutors when she shall arrive t<j the age of eighteen years or marriage whicli shall first hap- 
pen. Itkm : I give and l»equeath to my grand daugliter, -^amA Treaty one hundre<l and fifty 
IMDunds In New England money, to be paid her by my cxeeiitors when she ahall arrive to 
the age of eight,een years or marriage which shall first happen, Itkm : I give and bequeath 
unto my gran<i aon, Jonathan T^eat., the 8um of one hundred and fifty potimls. New Kng- 
land money, to be paid him by ?ny executors when he shall arrive at the age of twenty- 
one yenis." (Sec Gardiner Genealogy.) 

In 1728, Mr. Tieat was a Representative from Glastonbury. In 1742, he ww paid by 
the Gla*4tonbury School Society for two months' service £l 2. The year of hi* death ia not 
given in the Yule ('atalogue, lint his nuine was first starred in 17ii7. Nor is his name 
printe*! in Italics to indicate that ho was a minister. Mr. Treat at ono time re»ide<l at 
New London, Conn. According to the Land Records of that town (11 : 92) ho deeded 
land to Ivory, March 29, 1735. On the IDth of OL-t., 173G (Laml Records. 1 1 :l.'>7), 
John Jetfroy, of New Lontlon, deeded a tract of land to Charles Treate, of New Loudon, 
*'with a manticm house thereon," for £219. 

Children born in Glastonbury: 

a2. 4SAiun,* b. Fel». 24. 1728-0; was nllve 1748. A Samft Treat <1. PfC. 23, 17«1. 

33. Douoinv. b. .'\|>rll 15. 1731; d. July 19. I7«r.-, ni. Muy 27, 17>I, S.iuiuel <ftHHlrirli. 

34. .ToNATHAX, b. Nov. 12, 1732; d. Nov. 12, 1810; m. Jan. 25, 1757, Hutli IJouse. 
35. ABioxn,, b. Hov. 27, 1739; alive 17r>fl. 

36. llACniCL, b. Sept. 26, 1748. 

19 Thomas^ Treat {Thunuui,^ Rkhauh^ /?/cAa<YZi), I»omM«y 3, IGOa, in Glaston- 
bury, Conn.; die<l Jan. 15, 1780, in Glastonbury; married May 10, 1726,Marv IlorsoH, 
of Colchester, Conn., born July 2, 1705, died Doc. 2-1, 1780, in Glastonbury. Was a 

Children born in Glastonbury : 

37. riiTKK.* J). Mivy 20. 1727; d, .June U, Jt<i)0; m. Sept. 25. 17r,r.. Froelove 

38. .louN, h. .luly 22. 172.S; d. Muy 13, 1778; m. Muy 27, 17<52, Mury SinlUi. 
8'.>. Marv, b. Nov. 30, 1729. 

40. DoitoTHV, b. Jini«»I3. 1731, 

41. Sarah, b. Sept. 21. 1783. 

42. CmaHLKm, b. July I), 1735; d. Sept. 28, i7<l. 

43. M.umu, b. Felj. 5. I73fl; d. -; m. Oct. 21. 17G2, Epliralm IIuMinnl. 

Catiiauink. b. Sept. 1«, 1738; d. 

m. Murclj, 17(17, Timothy Ea«»Luu. 

45. GuAcr. (twill), h. Sept. 15, 1710; d. Muroh 6. 181fi; uum. Will UhI.mI \\v^. 11, 181h prob. 
April 30, 18 IG. Lefjiicy lo her cousins Dyer" uuci Ctmuncey* Treut. .>»oiis of I)orutlivu»* 

40. GKtisnoM (, b. Sept. 15. 1740; d. ; ui. , Jane . 

47. Cua»li<«. b. Nov. 15, 1742; d. Sept. 11, 1759, u^cd 10, In the nrmy ut Tlcoudero^a, 

20 Isaac^ Treat {Thomas,'^ JtuhanU'^IiichanP), born Aug. 15, 1701, in Glaston- 
bury. Couti. ; died Aug. 29, 17G3 (Glastonbury Church Records), or, Aujj. 12, 1764, in 
his G3il year (^iiavestonc), which must be an error, as his estate waw atlnnnistered upon in 
1 763 ; married Dec. 10, 1780, Ri.ukcca Bulklkt, his cousin, born Feb. 22, 1 701), dieil Oct. 19, 
I78S, in her 83d (?) year (sjrHVCjtone, Glastonbury), and daughter of Capt Edward and 
Dorothy (l*r«8colt) Bidkley. The inventory of liLs eatatc ii» dated Sept. 27, 1763, and 



aniea w> £^33. lUs. Od. Aihninistratlon on the estate was jj;ranle<l Sept. 80, 17G3, to 
the wiflowr Rebecca, and son Elisha Tieiil. (Ilarl. Proli. ID : H'>, 150,) 
Ctiililicn Itovxi in Glastonbury : 

4S. Ti£oMAH,»l>. Nov. 2.',, 17."U; bnpt. Nov. 28. ITiU : d. Sept. ">f). 1740. In hts l^th year (z. s ). 
49. Rkukcca, b. liec. 13. llBii; bapt. Dec. IC. 1733; d. Dec. 21, 17(58; rn. Oct. 2. 1731. Joseph 

60. Mauy, b. May IC, 173il; bapt. May IC, 1780; d. : m. Nov. 6, 1760, iMrael Smith. 

61. Elikha, b. ; d. ; m. May 2y. 17i;«;» Miiry Wilcox. 

8AMi;ict, b. 

-; d. ftboHt 1790; m. April 2, 17t5:i. Lydisi Stockiug. 

Lucy, b. about 1743; d. Nov. 28, 1831; in. Nov. 18. I70G, Jo8«ph Terry. 
Olivr, b. about 1745; d. Oct. 8, 1749, In tier 4tli yt?nr (g. a.). 
Mahel, b. April, 1746; d. Oct. rt, 174G, iiged about 7 mos. (g. 8,). 

22 Dorotheas* Treat (ThomaM,^ Richard,^ liichanV), horn Aug. 28, 1704, in 

Glttslonhury, Conn. ; Hied ,1755; married ,1754, Widow Hannah (House) 

Bknton. In the Ilidwell Genealogy it is stated that Samuel Bidwell manicd between 1750 
and 1759, Kli;cabelh Treat, or Widow Benton, a» his second wife. The name Elizabeth is 
an en'or for Hannah. Hannah House^ daughter of William House, married Feb. 5, 1735- 
6, Josinh Bcnlon. The inventory of his estate was taken .Tune 17, 1755, and amounted 
to £7703. 4s. Sept. 4, 1755, I^iaac Treat, brother, and widow Hannah Treat were ap- 
pointed oxocutoifi of tlie will, and the latter guanliau of her only son Dorotheus, aged 
about eight months. June 7, 1757, the will was pro<Iuced in Court, and Isaac Treat and 
Jose[ih Hollister were appointed aiiniiniatrators. This was probabl}' after the;e of 
widow Hannah. March 14, 17G9, Peter Treat, an uncle, was appointed guardian of Dor- 
olheus Treat, jr., minor, under fourteen. 

Son born in Glastonbury : 

50, DoRoruKrs,^ b. Dec. 18, 1764; bapt. Dec. 22. 1754; d. Dec. 4, li<03; ra. Feb. 24, 1789, 
Mary SmlMi. 

"23 Sarah* Treat {Tltovms,^ Uichnni;^ l{>chard^), born Jan. 21, 1706-7, in Glas- 
tonlrijiv, (onri.: illi.d ; manicd IMarch 13, 1728-1), Jose[)h Tryon, jr., of Glaston- 
bury . 

liaughter of Jodoi)h and Sarah Tryon, born in Glastonbury : 
57. Sauau," I>. July la, 1730; bapt. .Tuly 18, 1730. 

24 Mary* Treat ( Thomna,^ RiehanJ,'^ Richard^), horn Jan. 9, 1709-10, in Glaston- 
bury, Conn. ; dicil Feb. 12, 1734-5 (gravestone in Glastonbuiy) ; married Jan. 1, 1732-3, 
JobKPH Si'KVENs, born Aug. 15, 1711, and son of Kev. Timothy and Alice (Cook) Ste- 
vens, of Glastonbury. The name w.ns sometimes spelled Stephens. For his second wife he 
mnrried Oct. 14, 173C, Jciiisha Stow, of Middletowu, Conn., born Aug. 6, 1710, and 
daughter of Thomas and Martha (White) Stow. 

Son of Joseph and Mary Stevens, born in Glastonbury : 

68. Josiu>u,* b. Oct. 22, 1783. A Joseph Stevens, jr., d. Oct. 2tJ, 17U4. 


richaud treat : fifth generation. 


25 Richard'' Treat [Ulrhard,* Thnwu.-i;-^ Rictmyd,'-' RkhnnO), liurn- , in L'on" 

nec'ticiit ; died ; innriicd M.'iirli 13, 17.'»5, Maky Mamlin, born Feb. 2'», 1735, arul 

ilnughter of Cornelius and Mary (Mudge) Hmulin of Sharon, Conn. Mr. Treat waa one of 
the early settlers of Shnron. Dec. 13, 17r»6, he purthascil hulfof a house of Cornelius II am- 
lin,and In 1T5H, being then of Albany, N. Y., sold n porlirm of it. In 17G1, then of Spen- 
cerlown, N. Y., where his falher-in-law hod removed temporarily, he gave a quitehum dee«|. 
About 1768, he remove<l to what is now Lebanon, N. Y., and settleil on land which was 
granted to Charles Goodrich of rilt»rieKl, Mass., in 1761. A long strip of land along the 
western border of Massachusetts, now called Hancock, began to be settled about 1760, 
mostly' by |K'ople from Connecticut. June 0, 1770, a petition was presented to the Gen- 
eral Court by Luke Vornaunum and others, among whom was Richard Treat, who had 
made settlements in Berkshire County, in the great Hollow south of Williamstown, ask- 
ing to be incorporatetl into a town. July "2, 1776, it was incor|x)rated un<ler the n.inie of 
Hancock, having been originally ealleil Jericho. His name does not appear in a subse- 
quent petition in regard to this n)atter. A Richard Treat, perhaps his son, did service 
in a Berkshire regiment in 1777 ami 1781. After the ilealh of Mr. Treat, the widow 
warrieil again, and lived to a good old age in Williamstown, Mass. In 1787, the line 
betr/een Massaeluisctls and New York was established, which cut otThalf a mile from the 
former slate, thereby bringing the Treat farm nioslly in New York, the line running 
through the bouse. 

Children, the first two born in Sharon, the thirtl in Spencertown, N. V., the others in 
' . There may have been others : 

59. RicuAKD,* b. March 14. 1757; d. April 19, 1838; m. , ITTU. Sarah Bishop, 

eO. PoROTUEOs, b, Feb. 26, 17G0; d. ; in. » 

AsnuEL WooDDKlDGK. b, Nov. 22. 17G2; d. ; m. . 

Chaulottk, b. Miiy 16, 176»; t). .lime 7. 1S10-. tn. Feb. 17, 17f»4. Ephratm Pearce. 

Mauy, b. ; d. ; m. \birch G, I7U4, Matlhcw DtMidiij;. 

Anna, b. Sept. 13. 1778; d. Oct. 24, 1841 ; ra. , John Goodrich. 

26 Timothy^ Treat {Wchnrd* Thomas,^ Bfdtard,^ Jikhard^), bora about 1731 ; 
dietl April 24, 1776, in his forty- fifth year ; married March 13, 1755, Ruta Hamlin, born Dec. 
2, 1786, died May 10, 177.S, in Lenox, Mass., in her forty-third year, and daughter of Cor- 
nelius and MaiT (Mudge) Hamlin of Sharon, Conn. Mr. Treat settled in Sharon as early as 
1 755, and seems to have moved away subsequent to 1 701. In 1755, from Sept. 15 to Doc. *», 
his name appears as a private in Capt. Ktinha .Noble's company of ShefSeUl, Mass., in the 
French war. On Aug. 3, 1764^ he was in I>enox, when the eai* mark of his cattle, t»heep 


and swine is descril)ed as a swallow tail or hollow crop, V, in the lefl ear. March 16, 
1770, he was chosen fence viewer of the town. During the Revolution his son Tiinotliy 
was drafteil, but being sickly, the father went as a substitute, and died of small-pox to 
Canada. He died intestate. Administration was granted May 4, 1781, to his son Tim- 
othy Treat. Guardianship was appointed for two sons Cornelius and Ebenezer, minors. 
Mr. Treat was a member of the church In Lenox prior to 1771, and his wife was a tnomber 
June 2X, 1772. The early church records of Sharon arc lost, but opixisite Mrs. Treal^a 
name is ••dismissed.'* 
Children, the first Uiree born in Sharon, the fifth in Sheflleld, Mnsa., the sixth iu Lenox : 



-; in- M inch 30. 17T», Bwalftli Sironj;. 

TlMOTtlV.* b. April 5. 17n6; d. - 

THOMA8, b, Sept. 11, 175d;d. Oct. m, IK32; m., 1st, about 1782. Jemima CttUclns; ^Sdi 

Dec. 25. 18 1«, Mrs. Belsej (lUnir) Boles. 

Rrru, b. .Ian. M, 1761; il. ; unm. 

Mkrcv, h. ; d. : ro. For*ytlic. 

CoKXEUOt*. b. Oct. 30. 171)6: il. Ocl> 21, 1817; m., lAt, June 2S» 1787, Esther Park; 2d, 

Dec. 17Ba, Mrs. Alcy Pahnfr. 
KBKMCZKli, b. June 7. 1771 ; <\. Sept. .1. 1852; m. Nov. 7, 17'J3. Hannah Park. 
Sv6/iSsx, b. ; il. . 

27 Thomas'* Treat {Richard,* 7%/>wa«.=» Rlchardy^ Richard^), l)orn Oct. 27, 1732, 

in Biiiuflelt), M:is8. ; died ; married BKRaARirr . He reaitled for many 

years in .Slip|!lel<l, In 1757, lie served eight clay** in Capt. Joliu Fellowsj' company, 
fttim SheOlel'l, at Fort Riward, for the relief of Fort AVm. Uenry. 

Children (there were perhnp* otlier«) horn in SheHleUl ; 

7«. SlLVAi* (ilHM.),b. Nov. lU. 17firt; d. . 

78. ASXK. h. May 7, 17iJ8; <l. . 

74. CnkULics. b. April 30, 1769; d. — 
76. Danihl, b. ; a. » m. 

28 Prudence^ Treat {Richard.* Thomas,^ Richard,^ Jiidiard^), Ijorn 

dtefl aliout I77H, of mortifk'ntion, cnnsed by taking cold in a finger from wiiich she had 
ra»hci] off a «ni.Hll portion of skin ; married Feb. 5, 1755, in Sharon, Conn., us his first 
rife, Jakvis Mudok, born 1723, «lied 1810, in Wolcott, Wayne Co., N. Y., and son of 
Ebenezer and Aliignil (Skinner) Muilge of Sharon, Conn. He was a toillwright and farmer. 
In 1761, he removed from Sharon to Canaan, N. Y., where he was chost'n ptjstmaster in 
17K.3, and again in 1791. Uv owne^l the celebrated Lebanon Springs, N. Y., which he 
nold for ^50 to Charles Goodrich in 1790. The part of the town where he settled once 
belongeil to Mjissachnselts. but in straightening the boundary, it foil to New York, and a 
new town wiis iu4*orporaletl in 1>^19. He aflerw.ards removed to Wolcott, N. Y. For his 
6eeon<l wife he married Lucy Root Sackett. (See Genealogy of the Mndge Family.) 

^Irs, Mndge was a woman of great eournge. At one time during the Revolution she 
wa9 in a fort with her sick husbimd. and surrounded by Indians. He loaded the guns, 
which she fired fmuj the port holes, and shouted different names as if commanding a num- 
ber of men. The Indians llnally rctin'd h-aving one of their number dead. 

Chihiren of Jarvis and Prudence Mndge, the lirst four born in Sharon, the others in 
CftUttttn, now Lebanon : 

PRror.xcE." b. Jan. 11, 1750; d. ; ra. -, D;ivid Durrow of Lebanon. He was 

a runner, and soldier of the Uevolntion. He, his wife, and four children joined the 
Shakers. He soon left iliem and went We^i. 

ItKBKCCA, b. Jan. 1, 1758; d. Mrirch lU, 1M04; ra. . Wtlllnm bnwrence, a blacksmith. 

She joined the Shakers only six dayn before her death. Ha<l four children. 

Jabvis, b. Oct, 1, 17fil; d. Nov. 2t>, 1H42, at West DHhl. CnnoU Co., Ind.; m. Mnrch 16, 
1786, Mary Glllclt. Was a fanner and scUled In New Marlboro. Msi»9. He removed 
thence to Wnlcolt. N. Y., iind Qually to West Delhi. Whs a raercbant. and Justice of 
the peuce. Hud twelve children. 



Solomon-, b. 17fi2; d. ; m. . Abigail . Was a merchant. 

CiJ4niK0, b. ; d. about IHKS, In Bainvla, N. Y. ; m. , Adelia Holt, who d. at 

Palmyra. N. )f. Was a trader, and had three children. 



83. Amos, b. Oct. VJ. 1770; d, .Tune 20, 1810. in Broatlulbln, Fulton Co.. N. T. ; m. May J>, 

179r>, Lucy Sackctt, b. March 29, 177o, In New Lebunou, N. Y., i1. May 'J9, 18/»1, in 8clie- 
neoliifly. N. Y. Wu>* a itiason hy trurle, aim! h soUlier In lUe war of is 12. Was a cap- 
ttiln In a couipnny of niliaitt! tncn. IIiul six children. 

84. Silas, b. ; d ; m., l«t, ; 2nii, lso:i. Mrs. Ifnnnali C«ldwoll (Ojiden) 

Ward. He was a trader. KnUstod In the war of 1812 ; went tu Sackfll'« Harbor. N. Y,, 
and never returned. Had Ibree clilldren. 
nru Anmxu., b. Jan. 10, 1778; d. (was alive in Albany in I8n?i, In bcr 87th year); m. March 
27, 1708, Rev. Pel^-r Van Buren of ihe Dotcli Reformed church. Had ten chlUlrfU.— 
three of them triplet*, b. Jnn, 1!» I^IV 

29 AshbeP Treat {HkhanU* T}ioma:i,^ Jiicfiard,^ nkharcV),horn 

', nuineil 

after his iinciv, probnlilv, Ri.'v. Ashbel AVoo<1l>ri(lu:e. ininister ixl Glastonlnirv, Conn..fn)in 

1728-1768 ; died alx^ut 17^0, in Lenox, Beitishiro Count3* ; married , DoucAa Watkk- 

MAN, who died Monday, Aug, 8, 1804, in her seventy-si xtli year, in or near Anbtirn, N. Y. 
In 1757, Mr. Treat served in the French wnr eiijlit duya, in Capt. John Fellows' company ; 
went to Fort Edward for the relief of Fort Wm. Henry. In 17G0, he served in the same com- 
pany from May 7 to Nov. 18. The ratisfcer rolls of the French wars are very imperfect, 
and furnish very little information as to actual amount of service. lie must have come 
to Lenox very early. The town wa-^ inooiporuteil in 1707. According to the records 
he was elected to the following olBces : constable, March 14, 1708; hot; reeve, March 
2.3, 1769 ; warden, March 23, 1772 ; hog reeve and surveyor of highways, March 25, 1773 ; 
school conimiltee, March 21, 1774. The names of Ashhel and John Treat, his brother, 
are appended to "the Covenant signeel in Leno.x, July 14, 1774," wherein the signers 
agreed that they would "not import, purchase or cousntne any goods, wares, or inanu- 
faclures which shall arrive in America from Great Britain." He dieil intestate, and a<i- 
ministration w.ns granted Fob. 29, 1780. He left a wiilow, Dorcas, and nine children, in- 
eluding Aaron and Amy, whose names do not appear in the town records. 
Children, born in Letiox : 

HC. Dorcas.' b. Nov. 5, 175G. 

87. An-NK. b. Oct. 30, 17:»n; d. July fi, 1773. 

88. LOCIXDA. b. Dec. 21, 1701. 

89, AsuREL. b. May 13. 1704; d. April 14, 1H42; m. . Srinih Bell. 

90. .lonv, b. Ot. 11, 1700, or 17C7. fnmiiy rectird ; d. Dec. », 1813; m. . 

01. Uwc, b. May 15. 1709; d. ; in. -. No Issue. 

82. MosKS, b. Marcli 14, 1771; d. -•, m. . 

I»3. Ma«v. b. March II. 1773; d. ; ni. — . 

94. AAi«i»f. b. — - — ; d. — — -; m. , IJetsey Monroe. 

95. Amv, b. .; d. Dec. 17, I82S; m. March 2, 1794, Dca. Philemon Wolcott. 

31 John"^ Treat {liichnnl,* Thomas,^ llk'hard.'^ liichard^), born ; died 

, 1801. in Coeymiins, Albany Co., N.Y. ; married Oct. 27, 1774, Kstuek Rakbku, of 

Norf(ilk, Conn. At the time of his marriage he resided in Lenox, Masii. July 11, 1774, 
he and hia brother, Aslibol Treat, signed the "Covenant" made in Lenox, agreeing not to 
use any articles of British manufacture. He was iu Lenox in 17U8, and subserpiontly re- 
moved to Coeymans with his family. " 

Children born iu Iamiox : 

-, Mosnuin Ayers, of Co«y- 

9G. KsTiiKtt,* b. July 2, 1775 ; d about 1816, In Cooyniaius ; m, 
mans. No Issue. 



97. EuJAii, 1». June 27, 1777; d. Dec. '*5, l«fil; m. Oct. 5, 1802. Lois Hnth Miulgo. 
08. .John, b. ; d. ; m, , 1807. Charlotte Formau. 

33 Dorothy^ Treat (C/taWe.%^ ThrmaH,^ Ru'hard,^ Richard^), l>oru April 15, 1731 , 
in GljiHtonbiiry, C'onri. ; die<l July li>, 178C, in her fifty-fifth yt-ar (gnivestonc, South Glas- 
Umhiiry) ; inarrk'<l May 27, 1731. Samuel^ Gooduich, boru June 15, 1729, duxl Oct. 25, 
1777, aged fifty (gravestone. South Ghistonbury), and son of Thomas and Hannah (Rey- 
nolds) GocKlrk'h, of Glastonbiii-y. In 17oG, the town permitted him *Ho build a saw mill 
on Roaring Brook, on his own laud near the Cranberry marsh." 

Children of JSamuel and Dorothy Go<3drich, born in Glastonbury (they are of the fifth 
generation in the Goo<lrich line) : 

99. Danikl.* b. Feb, 8. 1752: d. Nov. 19, 177S. 
U»4J. iXoRun V. l>. Juno 9, 1755; d. ; m. .lunc 9, 1777, William Hidwell. 

101. BATJisnenA, b. July 21, 1767; d. Pec. 22, I77fi .;g. »., Sotith OlastotiUury). 

102. SAAiitKL. b. Fob. 23, 17C0; d. March 37, I7G0. 

103. EUZABKTU, b. Sept 30, 17GI ; d. . 

IW. Rjicii«J., b. Aug 12, I7r,4;d. , 

105. Abigail, b. Oct. 23, 17i.8; d. . 

34 Jonathan' Treat {Charlen,^ Thomas,^ Rkhnrd,^ Richard^) ^ born Nov. 12, 
1732, in GhistonUny, Conn.; died Nov. 12, 1810, iti Kastbury Pariah, Glastonbury; 
married Jan. 25, 1757, Rttu Housk. daupht^T of John House, of Gla8t«»nburv. In 
177.'^, he ha<l ]»ern»issiun fnmi the town, '* to build a aaw mill on a Htream in Ash .Swanifi, 
he petting lilKTty of the owner of tlic land." This wab on Slab lirook, a branch of 
Roarinj; Brook. Afterwards used as a caitling mill. 

Children born in Glastonbury : 

10*i. UACiiia.' b. April 11, 1758; d. — — . 

107. Charlks, b, June 1, 1759; bapt. June 15, 1760; d. Aprils, 182'i; m , 1st, Nov. 28. I78f>, 
Dorothy Fox; 2d. June 20, 1798. Mr«. Hannah (Pelt»»n) Clark; ad. Jan. 6, 1800, Mr*, 
l^hrho (Pelton) Hiirlburt. 

108. JoxATTiAN. b. July fl, 1702; d. Jan. 24. 1817; m.. 1st, Feb. 19, 1783, Chloe Fox; 2d, Not. 
14. 1792, Katnnih Weir. 

109. Isaac, b. Aup. Jib. 17i;5; d. 17HI. in the service dnring the Revolution. His death at 
riiilftdfl|iliia beard of In Glastonbury, Nov. 27, 1781. 

37 Peter^ Treat (Tftomiis,^ JhmnaA,^ RHnml.^ Rtcfinr<U).hon\ May 20, 1727, 

inGlai5.tonltuiy, Conn. ; ilied June N, IHOO ; married Sept. 25, 1755, FuEb.i,i»VE— -, who 

died Maivh 4» 1778, in Glastonbury. He took the oath of fldelity in 1777, and wai» a 
»oldi»*r in thi; Revolutionjiry war. 

Children Imuu and l»apti/.ed in Glast<.>nbury : 

110, Mary,* b. ; bnpt May 4, 17'J0:d In hi fancy. 

TuoMAS, b. Sept, 4. 1761 ; bapt. Sept. 12. 1702; d. March 11, 1847 ; ni., 1st, ^= — ^, JenisUa 


1 2d, Nov. 8. 1791, Unchfl Welch. 

RaIUM, b. ; bapt. May »), I7rt4: d. OcU 28, 177C, 

Frkklovk. b. ; bapt. June 29. 17(W;: d. 

Pio-KK, b. June !*«, 17<;9 ; bapt. June 2r,, 1709 ;d. .Ian, 11, 1850; m,. Jst,- 

2d, . N,1>*li. 

-, Lydlo- 

DonoTiiY, b. 
Anx, b. 

-: bapt. July 28. 1771 ; d. Feb. 9. 1809: tn. John Abby. 

17. Mary, b. 

IlAy.NAH. b,- 

Iln. Conn. 

.; bopt. Jan. 2i. 177.*i; d Jan. 23, 1778. 

— ; bapt ; d .\uj;. 2, 1779. 

; biipL : d. Nov. l;\. islS: ni. .Jan. 10 1788. John Kolsfy, of Dor- 



38 Joha^ Treat {Thnmas,* Tliomas,^ Ridiard,'^ Riefiard'), born July 22, 1728, in 
Gla8toiibury, Conn.; died May 13» 1778, in captivity in New York; raarricil May 27, 
1762, Maky Smith, wlio wsis living in 1816. H»* t-nlisted April 29, 1777, withCapt, Caleb 
BiiU, in Col.lSaniMcl B. Webb's Conn. Hcg't, and was taken prisoner Uee. 10, 1777. He 
died March 2, 1778, in captivity, acconliug to the information contained In the Pem^lou 
Department at Washinj^ton, though according to the Glastoubun^ church recoi-ds, he died 
May 13, 1778. 

Children born and baptized in Glastonbury: 
119. Chaiilk^.* b. ; bapt. Anjr. 22. 17<I2; d. . 1802; m. Jnne 2. 1788, Rachel Abbe. 

120. Ei.iZABFni, b. ; liiqu. May 20. 17r.4; tJ. Pec. 12, iHin. age«1 n^. In ht-r will, dattd 

I)fc, 10, 181G; probntett Sept. 4, 1817. she nieiitions lier mother, to whom she li.<ave« her 
wearinjj; apparel, her brother John, and the heirs of her deceased brother Charles, to 
whom she Icavon property. 

121. Mauv, b. I bapt. Dec, 8. 17«5: dead 181(5. 

122. Maiitha. b. ; bapt. .June 17, 17«8; d. March 21. 1774. 

123. Rinn, b ; bapt. Xov. li>. I7fl!),- d. March 2:i, 1774. 

124. Joa.s, b. ; bapt. Feb. 5, 1775; alive 181C. 

44 Catharine'" Treat {Tfioma»* Thomas,^ Richard,^ Richard^), hora Sept. 16, 

173H, in GlaBt<»nbury, Conn. ; died — , in Glastonbury; niarned March — 1767, as 

hia second wife, Tisnrrnr Easton, of Hartford, who died Oct. .^, 1811, in Glastonbury, 
where he resided. For hia tirst wife he married March, 175'i, Haunali Benton, of Gins* 
tonluiry, dany^liter of ICphriiim Benton, .*^he died July *^, 1765, in her thirty-socf>nd year, 

having hiul one hou ami three daughters. He afterwarda married , Thankful • — , 

who<lied in Glastonbury, Dec. 1, 181 1, in her sixty- fourth year. It is stated in the Hollistcr 

genealogy (p. 92), that Timothy Kaston married, after 17G.3, Mrs, Kalliarine ( ) Hol- 

lister, widow of llobert lloUister, and that Tbomaa Treat was appointe<l guardian, March, 
15, 1769, of their daughter Mabcl^ Hollister, boru Oct. 8, 1762. 

Children of Timothy and Catharine Kaston, born in Glastonbury j 

125. EpnaxiM.^h. Feb. 0. 1708. 
120. liKUK, b. Feb. 23, 1770. 

46 Gershom"' Treat (Thomas,* Tftomas,^ Rirhard,^ Richard^), born Sept. 15, 

1740, in Glastonbury, Coim. ; died , iii Conn. ; m. — - — , Jank, who died 

March 17. 1830, in Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio. He was a Revolutionary soldier. Kn- 
listctl April 21 » 1777, in the company of Capt. Vine Klderkin, of Windham, Couu., in the 
Reg't of Col, Henian Swift, Was at the battle of Germautown, Penn., Oct. 4, 1777. 
Was discharged Jan. 8, 1778. 

Children liorn and baptized in Glastonbury : 

127. I)r\yA,« b. ; bnpt. July 20, 1775; d. Nov. 14. 1821 ; ni. Feb. 24, I7nr.. .TiiKtOH Bllna, 

jr., who d. .Inly IC, l«4i;. No Issue. lie m., 2d, Feb. 24, la22, Malimla Stewart. 

128. Sakau, b. ; bapt. April 20, 1778; ± . 

129. Lkvi, b ; bnpt. Ang 2, I7i*2; d. . 

ISO, Amos Ham., b. Feb. 15. 1786; bapt. Feb. 28, 17S0; d. Jan. 22. 1B7U; m. Feb. 21, 1811, 

Jane Stewart. 

49 RebaOOa'' Treat {Iftnur,^ TJunnas,'* JCidmH,'^ Richanl^), born Deo. 13, 1733, 
in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Dee. 24, I 70H (gravestone, Ghistnnbury) ; marrietl Oct. 2, 
1751, as histii"st wife, JosKPii^ HoixisTEU, born Sept. 5*, 1732, died May 3, 1793, and son 
of Joseph^ and Mary (White) Hollister. He married, second, March 8, 177Q, Aiina Hand- 



rorrt.whodiorl Oct. 26, 1784. id h.^r fifty-fimi yrnr ; tliilfl, Foh. 14, 17.S5, T^etliinli Steel, who 
ftunMVi«<l him ^ncl rnjirried Oct. 17, 17l>6, Ilonry Doytoii. (See Hollisirv Gtht^:il<»i£y. ) 
Cbtldrcu of Joseph aud Rebecca Mollister, bom in GIa8toubur> ; 

131. .To8KPH.«}>. \vn. 26. 1762; d. Aug. 21. I84H; ni. Nov. Ifl. 1777. or 1778. rutlonot* IIolIlbtLT, 
dau. of Nathaniel* and MehiUible (Mftttisou) HoUister. Was a sergeant In ihc Ucvo- 
Intlonnry army, and ai*Hi8t«I In Ihc rapture of a British sloop. 

182. AS>-. h. Doc. 22. 1754; d. ; ni. Oct. 5. 1777, WlUlam Stevens. 

US. HicBKKAri. h. April 15, 1757; d. Nov. 7, I7rt9; no. , Charles Hale. 

i:i4- Marv. h. March 28, 1760; d. about 1844; lu., Ist. Capt. William* fJin>dr5ch, as his meond 

wife; 2d, Darrow, of Bristol, Vl. 

136. WiLUAM, I). Jan. 15, 17«>a; d. ; in. Feb, 21, 1790, Rjichel Holdon. 

IJMJ. Uaac, b. Jan, 6, 170r.;d. July 8, 18fi»>; m- ^, Abigail Savage, of Mlddtetown, 


107. JiiiUKL. h. Dec. 8, 17fi8; d. about 1858; m. 

-, DeUght Wmiams. 

50 Mary-' Treat ( haac,* Thomas,^ Richard:^ lii'churfV), born May 1 G, I73r), in Gljis- 

tonbuiy, (;«»nri. ; «li<(l — ■ in Glastonbury; uumie<l Nov. 6, 17G0, Israel Smith, who 

died July 17, 1783. * 

ChiUiren of Israel and M.iry Sinitli. born in Gbislonhiiry : 

13M. Manoam.' b. ; hapt. Oct. 18, 17(;i ; d. . 

18!>, Emkskzkk, b. ; hapt. March 4» 1704; d. Oct. 1, 1826, aged G2, (g. e.); m. , 

B«'ts«'y Rblcy. 
140, Mauv. b. , I7«t<;; bapt. 

-; d. Feb. 24, 1807, in her4lBt year; in. Feb. 24. 178U, 

DorolhiMis* Trvat. (Het> 66.) 

141. IftKAKL, b. \ bapt. ; d. Sept. 4, 177C, blown «p lua powder mill at Eubtllart- 


142. Dyek. b. ; hnpt. March 24, iTTl; d. Aag. 24, 1775. 

51 Elisha-' Treat {fmac,* Tlinmxnt^^ Rlchnrd,^ Ricft(ird^), l>orn , in Glaston- 
bury, Conn. ; died ; married May 29, 1766, Maky Wilcox, of Middletown, Conn., 

bom Jan. 27, 1736-7. died May 21, 181>^, asietl eii:hty-on«% in Middletown, and daughter 
of Jeremiah and Mary (Miaw) Wilcox. lie ifBukHl in Glastonbury and, in 1769^ was 
grflnti-<l liberty "to Imild a lined mill on Roaring Hrook on his own land.'* 

Children l.»orn and baptized iii GIaatx^)ubury : 

143. Mary,' h. about 1707; bapt. Feb. 22, 1767; d- March 17, 18,12, aged 64; ni. May 28, 1788, 
Jodcdiah Smith. 

twins, b. , 1770; bapt. July 1, 1770; [• 




RiniKL, I ''^""'' "• ' *""' ""»"" ""'■» '' """' I d. Oct. H. 1778. 

EusifA. b. Aug. 27, 1772; bapt Sept. 6. 1772; d..Tan. 10. 1H52; m., 1st, April 5, 180!, 

Kydia Hart; 2d, April li. I81fi, Betsey iCirby. 
BaCHKL, h, , 1775; Impt. Feb. 5, 1775; d. ; m. Jan. 23, 1800. JoLn <ionUl. 

52 Capt. Samuel'* Treat ( haac,* Thf>innn,^ Richard,^ Richard^), \hjvu 

GUuslonbury, Conn. ; die<l about 1790 ; marriec^ April 2, 1765, Lydia Stocking, of Mjil- 
dU'town, Conn. Was a sea captain aUd sailed on his last voyage about 1790 for the 
Went Indies, where he was loHt. 
Children born and baptized in Glastonbury : 

148. rATlicxcF.." I). ; bapt. SepU 1. 17G5; d. Jan. 4, 1817, 52d year, g. s.. South Glas- 


141). ItiXhV, b. ; bapt. Oct: 1*). 1700; d. Aug. 28, 1777, blown up ill a powder ndll at 

Gla^itonhury. Six persons were killed. 
IfiO. 8AMUKI., b. ; bapt. Feb. l», 17Gl>; d. Nov. 28, 1770. 

48 BiCHARD treat: fifth generation. 

151. Mabel, b. ; bapt. Nov. 4, 1770; d. ; m. June 16, 1791, Simeon Daniels. 

162. Samuel, b. ; bapt. Jnly 26, 1772; d. . 

153. RoxANNA, b. ; bapt. March 26, 1776; d. Dec. 26, 1777. 

154. Mercy, b. ; bapt. Jan. 5, 1777; d. Dec. 31, 1777. 

155. Mkbcy, b. April 19, 1779; bapt. May 2, 1779; d. April 4, 1871; m. Sept. 23, 1804, Horace 

156. Olive, b. ; bapt. June 10, 1781 ; d. . 

157. ROXANXA, b. July, 1783; bapt. Aug. 10, 1783; d. April 30, 1845; m. May — , 1813, Ash- 

bel Terry. 
168. I8AAC, b. ; bapt. March 8, 1786; d. Oct. 7, 1736. 

159. Silas, b. about 1787; d. June 20, 1858, aged 72, at Glastonbury ; unm. 

53 LUcy^ Treat (Isaac,* Thomasy,^ Richard,^ Richard^), born abont 1743, in 
Glastonbury, Conn. ; died Nov. 28, 1831, in Enfield, Conn. ; married Nov. 18, 1766, Joseph 
Terry, born May 7, 1732, died April 23, 1809, in Enfield, and son of Jacob and Mary 
(Pease) Teny^ of Enfield. Was a farmer. (See Terry Genealogy.) 

Children of Joseph and Lucy Terry, born in Enfield : 

160. Joseph," b. Sept. 14, 1767; d. Feb. 12, 1841, in ^nfleld; unm. 

161. Lucy, b. Oct. 24, 1769 ; d. Dec. 9, 1849 ; m. Jan. 26, 1797, as his second wife, Capt. Sol- 

omon Allen, b. Sept. 16, 1813, and son of Dbenezer and Rebecca Allen. Was a farmer 
and captain in the militia. 

162. Cynthia, b. Feb. 1, 1772; d. May 29, 1864; m. , 1796, Eli Pease, of Enfleld, b. Oct. 

17, 1772; d. Sept. 2, 1845. Was a farmer. 

168. Mabkl, b. Feb. 16, 1777; d. Feb. 17. 1777. 

164. Mabfx, b. March 14, 1778 ; d. April 18, 1833 ; m. Jan. 19, 1813. Samuel Allen Stillman, son 
of Samuel and Mary(King8bury)Stillmnn. Was a farmer in Enfield. 

166. ItKBfcccA, b. Dec. 9, 1780; d. ; m. Dec. 24, 1801, Jabez King. He was a plow man- 
ufacturer in Enfleld. 

166. Danikl, b. June 16, 1783 ; d. April 3, 1842, in Enfleld ; m. Oct. 10, 1816, Mary Pease Parsons, 

b. in 1787 ; d. Oct. 31 , 1864, in Sutton, Mass. Was a farmer in Enfleld. 

167. Gaius, b. Aug. 16, 1785; d. Sept. 3, 1824; unm. Was a farmer. 

56 DorotheUB^ Treat {Dorotheus,* Thomas,^ Richard,^ Richard^) ^ born Dec. 18, 
1754, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died Dec. 4, 1803 (gravestone, South Glastonbury) ; married 
Feb. 24,1789, Mary Smith, died Feb. 24, 1807, forty-first year (gravestone. South Glaston- 
bury), and daughter of Israel Smith, who married Mary^ Treat, daughter of Isaac* and 
Rebecca (Bulkley) Treat. (See 60). Was a farmer. 
Children born in Glastonbury : 
168. Dyek,« b. April 20, 1791 ; bapt. June 26, 1791 ; d. April 14, 1830; m. April 11, 1809, Rachel 

189. Chauxcky, b. July 17, 1795 ; d. Nov. 16, 1840 ; ra. 1st, May 14, 1815, Sophia Chapman; 2d, 
Feb. 10, 1817, Lucy Chapman. 




59 Richard'^ Treat {Rhhard,^ Richard* Thomas,^ Richard,'^ RicJtard^), born 
Mai-cU 14, 1757, in Sharon, Conn. ; <HeU April 19, 1838. agetl eiiilil)'-one,lnLolmnori Springs, 

N. V. ; married . 177*.l, Sarait Bishop, who Hied .Ian. 5, 1«32, iijicd geventy-five, at the 

Shnker Cominntiitv, Lelmnoit Sprin<;%. Mr. TtiMir |)iiL Ibrth a "Tesliinon}" in (leCeni-'t* ol'the 
Shnkrr fioctrines, dated New Lebanon, July 25, 1820. This wns published with other 
•^Testimonies eoncerning theclmractor and ministry of Mother Ann Leu. Albany lH27,"by 
Seth Y. Wells. From pages 38-40 we learn that he was born in Shaion, Conn., and that when 
about eleven years old his father removed to Xcw Lebanon, N. Y. In 1779. he married. 
In June of that year a revival broke out. He was convicted of sin, ami greatly distressed 
in mind for fear tlmt he had committed the nnpardunable sin, and could not therefore be re- 
claimed. In the spring of 17ho. he heaid of a strange people living in tlie wiMerness, 
about seven miles northwest of Albany. With a comi»anion ho set out on foot to visit 
them. The roail was very mtuldy, and they were unacquainted with llie way. Arriving 
at their destination lute in the evening, wet and covered with mud. they were kindly re- 
ceis'ed, their feet were washed, and their clothing dried by orderof Mother Ann. Such kin*!- 
nesa won his heart, and after much conversation with Ihem he became convinced that lie 
could not have sinned against the Holy Ghost, as he had never yet known Ilim. After a 
few days, lie went back to his home, but so<ju returned with his wife, and took up hisalwMle 
wltli the Shakera. Many others converted in the revival, ombraco<l the same views. They 
sold their lands and had all things in common. Mother Ann I^e, the founder of this sect 
was JKjrn in Manchester, Eng., in 17IJ6, and came to America in 1774. settling in Watervlit 
near Albnny, N. Y., where she died in 1784. A society was soon organized at NewLeba* 
non, and a meeting house erected in 1784. There Kichard Treat resided during his life. 
He had one 8<m, Tkdman^ Treat, who<lledFeb. 12, I «13, aged about thirty-three yoora. 
Ky a h'tter from an aged brother, Alonzo('lilea*^Hol!ister (Hollister Genealogy, ]).272), I am 
informed that nothing is known abotit Mr. Treat's parents except tliat his mother's name was 
Tkludge l>cfore marriage, — but lierein he mistakes, that being the name of his grandmother, 
for Ids mother's name was Mary Hamlin, — and that they were both opposed to his faith. The 
dwelling house in which Mr. Treat resided, and in which many of the Society's records and 
mony valuable MSS. were kept, was destroyed by fire in 1875. The writer further says: 
**Richard was estcen)ed both for his virtues and for his agreeableness as a companion. 
But he passed to the viewless shore, before I came to these parts, forty-seven years ago. 
But I often hear his name mentioned in connection with some clever expression. I wish we 
bad an army of Kichard Treats, who felt the need to-day of following Christ's example, 
and hail the courage anrl resolution to do so. He was enthroned on earth, and I believe is 
throned still higher in Heaven." 

A HK'hanl Treat, probably the above, or his father, was in Capt. Stephen Smith's Co., 
Col. Benj. Simontls' Keg't, from Jidy 1-31, 1777, also from Aug. 14-20, seven days, an*! 
ngain Se[)t. 4-SO, the same year, probably called out upon alarms ; was a corporal in Capt. 
Peter Porter's Co., in General Fellows' Brigade of Berkshire C<»anty militia, from July 1 
to Oct. 31, 1778, four months, when he did duty at Albany, and was also under General 
Stark. His company was (lischargcil at the hitler date. He was also in Capt. Samuel 
Clark's Co., Colonel Poweirs Keg't of Berk^^hire militia, from July 22 to Aug, 26, 1779. Ho 
dues not meutiun this circumstance in the little biography of himself which he published in 



his "Testimony." It is but natural that he should say nothing about his former service in 
the army, as war and bloodshed were abhorrent to tlie principles which he had now adopted. 
Mr. Treat's wife liad two sisters, and two brothers, Job and Ebenezer Bishop. Job was 
a prophet, and became first ehier, with the title of Fattier, in the Society at Canterbury 
and Knfleld, N. H. Ebenezer was first in the ministry at Lebanon, N. Y., for over twenty- 
flve years. The Shakers also kindly sent me copies of many hymns composed by Mr. Treat. 
Extracts from some of them are given below, which show that by nature he was a poet of 
no mean order, though lack of education has prevented them from having that polish and 
fineness of expression which are to be found in great poets. 



Leap and shout ye living bailding! 
Christ has in His glory come. 
Cast your eyes on Mother's children, 
See what glory fills the room ! 
Full of glory, all in motion, 
Skipping like the lambs in May, 
Dancing in their sweet devotion, 
How the blessed virgins play ! 


Now this beastly work is over. 
Heaven shows a final plan ; 
God the Father, Great .Tehovah 
Takes His Judgment- seat in man. 
At this seat so much derided, 
Every soul must yet appear. 
And their case must be decided, 
And their deeds be opened here. 


Once it was our best devotion 
In our guilt to weep and pray 
To our Father, •while our notion 
Fixed Him far above the sky. 
There we strove' to stretch our senses, 
When we tried to sing or pray ; 
Now our Father and our Mother 
Both are with us day by day. 


Tho* the Father judges no man, 
But commits it to tlie Sou, 
He revealed it to the woman 
When by marriage they were one; 
She conveyed it to her children, 
Whom she has made Princes here, 
And the kingdom they are building. 
Preaching judgment far and near. 


What did fill us with such meanness. 

We could never comprehend. 

Still confessing our uncleanness. 

Now the mystery 's at an end. 

'Twas our lust, the beast we followed. 

Saying who is like to him? 

In his filthy works we wallowed, 

And our lieaveu was a dream. 


This is glory undivided, 
This is judgment that will stand. 
Here all things can be decided 
Man in God, and God in man. 
Man Ills Image, and Ills glory. 
And the woman in her place. 
This completes the Apostle's story, 
God In all in every place. 


Now the sanctuary's cleansed, 
And the host Is purified, 
Tis by heavenly hosts defended. 
And by fire it has been tried. 
Righteous God I we give Thee glory; 
Thou in Truth hast judged the whore; 
Alleluia, we'll adore Thee 
With our songs forever luorc. 

RicnAUD tukat: sixth oknkuation. 




In tlu> Larrilis tUni ri'vdntion. 
Tliti' Ht« smtjilii from oust to west. 
He crtulil flud no iinbittiMnn 
Ko alMilin;; pliu'i- of rest, 
Fathi-r of tlio Now Cn'Jition. 
One*.' "11 ' V — iiilferrtl jmlii. 

N'o>v II rnko |M»)>ii>.s^ion. 

Now UiL .1,;,. 1...^ closed U\h rel:;!!. 


C]iilclr«*n of the ri'stirrcctlon, 
VlniiMf* who>,p ".oiiis with Christ nrose. 
Under lh» Diviiu* proicrtlon 
Follow llhn wlitTe'er lie jioes; 
Movliiij 111 tlielr ranks before ns, 
'rUinj;> liiimortnl thoy discern. 
Tliene etiii join tile Jieitveiily chonia, 
Nuue hat hucIi lUe ttutig cau lejirii. 

Tbou rlifhlcotw IIolv Spirit, 
Hr lUnt Knvo ereutlon birth. 
ShRll He not nil rlifitt lidicrlt? 
Sholl Ho ni)l |»osHe«-« the eiirlh? 
Now lle'n come to ri-iirn forever, 
Now lie tins the kini^dom won! 
On Monnt Zlon stands tin* Sjivjour, 
There tlie ifnilnriiiir Ih l»i-;:nii. 


First of nil the N«w Creiition, 
Friilt of <i(Krs etrrnid pliiu. 
Here He lltidh a li,'il)iution, 
Here He can converse with man ; 
On their face His nauio'N engraved, 
In their month is foiiml no^uile; 
Thehi- from mery lunt are saved, 
These do uol themaclve^ deilh-. 


On thtM Munnt His throne U Axed 
Elders seated all around, 
Llvlnu souU with Ati;;elH mUed, 
Join their harpx In i^idemn sonnd. 
Nr»w Uw'.y Hbitf complete re<lentptlon, 
Hark ! the joyful son;? is new ; 
M<»rtnlf» eea-»e yonr vain <-.i»ntention. 
Let the heuveidy muHlc Ihruu^^h, 

Like the sonnd of many waters. 
8a4'red trnlli IteLrlnn to flow. 
Adnrn'o :iriillty sons nml (laughters, 
How they're tossInK •«> ami fro! 
Natnres pained to her centre. 
Teemln}.' with the second birth; 
Everlaf^tln;; <iospcl enter. the drtigou from the earth. 


Voice of truth, roar on Uke thunder! 

O ye forked li;:litnlngs, play I 

Rend tJie veil or flesh asuntler! 

Leave the world In open day I 

Alleluia! Alleluia!! 

Let the devil'!* kingdom fall I 

Alleluia! Alleluia!! 

Christ shall aoon he all lu all. 

60 DorOtheuS^ Treat {likhard,^ lUckord,^ Thomas,^ liicfturd,^ BkhartV) . horn 

Feb. 25, 17G0, in Sharon, Conn. ; died , ui ; married , who died , 

188 1, of cancer in iho brcnmt. Mr. Treat Htrwd in the Hevolittionjiry war and received a 
pcnsicMi. HeeuliBled at New Lelmuou, N. Y., for one year, in Captuin Uowley'rt Co., in tlie 
Kew York or Miwaachnsetls Ueg't of Colonel Rossitt'r, in March or April, 1777, and was 
diftchnrged at Fort Miller. The reason assijrticd by him for not knowinu; to which state 
Lid regiment belonged, was bceanse the division line between the two stati'S ran through 
hb father's houBe and farm. Acconliug to the Massachusetts Cluster Rolls, he served ia 
Capt. Aaron KowUg's Co., Col. John Aaliley's Rerkt*hire County Keg't from July 3 to 
A«p. 13, 1777: in Capt. Stephen Smith's Co., Col. Renjamin Simondrt' Reg't from Sept. 
4-^U, 1777; In Capt. Isaac Marsh's Co., Col. Sears' Rerkshire County Reg't from July IS 
to Nov. i, I7«l. In 177H, he a-^ain enlisted with Captain Lnsk, in the New York or Massa- 
cbuM'tta Reg't of Coktnel Lnsk, for six ornine months, and also served a term of three months 
with Captain Smith in Colonel Lusk's Rig't. In 17K0, he enlisted f«»r the war with Captain 
Kittg, in Colonel Warner's Reg't. He was discharged iu March or April, 1783, at West 



BIOHAUD tkeat: sixtu gknkkation. 

Touit. lu Jnniijiry, 1^29, be rfsidrtl at Kiolihind.Ot^wego Count}', Now York. In February 
1831, he wna ul Uswcgo, New York, livinir alU-rnalely with his children. His niinie on 
the nmiy rolls a])i>eur8 n» Theaus, Theoa, Theodore, and s<imetitues correctly, as Doro- 
theas Treat, lu the printed list of Uevolntionary soldiers, in tlie New York urehives, he 
iu culled KoaH Trent, probably a clerical error, and was a private iu Colonel Van Rons* 
eelaer'a Ileg't under C'uptaiu King. Have been unable to find any trace of his family. 

61 Ashbel Woodbridge'' Treat {WrJutrd,^ Richard,* TIiomaH,^ /?/cArjn/,* 
i^<7<«>•(i'), born Nov. 22, 17(12, in .Spon(rert<iwu, N. Y. ; died ^ iu -; luarriwl 

. He received apenaion for services during the Kevolutionary war. lie voluntcerwl 

at New l.eltaiKUi, N. Y., for six niontliH, in May. 177^, in Captnin Noble's Co., Colonel 
Vrooman's Keg't and was sent to occupy the two forts at Schoharie, N. Y. lu May, 17H0, 
he was a substitute for Thomas Treat, his cousin, probably, in Captain Bostwiek's Co.» 
which joined Colonel Livingston's Heg'l at IVekskill, N. Y., anil rendered sh«»rt )»eriiHU 
of service at Dobb's Kerry, iSiony Toiut, on North river, and at Albany, after which 
he was ordered with his regiment to Fort Edward ; thence he went with his company 
to a Bliick IIouHe at Pabuertown, where he was soon discharged after 54 months service. 
In the fall of 17HI, he was called out twice on alarms to go from New Lebanon to 
BemlB Heights, now Saratoga, and to Scheneetady and Schoharie, under Captain Kiug, 
for a few ilays eacli lime. Aecording to the New York archives lie was a fifiT in Colonel 
Grahuiu's Keg't, under Captain iJostwick. He lived at various tunes in Granville, Wash- 
ington Co.; Aureliiis, Cayuga Co. ; and Hejirietta, Monroe Co., all in New York. In 
ll^2«, he resided in Hrutus, Cayuga Co., ami in I«32, in Freedom, Cattaraugus Co , and 
in 1H18, in Arcadia, Wyoming Co,, New York. Letters written by him are nminly dated at 
Ea-t Otto, Cattaraugus Co., but one of October, 1M47, was dated at CeuLrcville, Allegany 
Co., N, Y. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

170. Bavid,' b. ; d. — . 

171. John, 1>. ; d. . Tliiak he may t)e the John Treat who m. , llnrrtct .Mnnson 

of Centrevlllo. The family Is said to have moved to Michigan. (Sec LelunU iJenealogy, 
p. 1)2.) They had: 

1. Mary K. Treat', b. , 1889. 

2. George H. Treat, b. , J»42. 

172. GouooN. b. ; d. , 

Wlllum, h. 
Laura, b — 



-. Parmelc. Has a son, WilUaui Parmcle, who resides 


in Chctoplm, Labette Co., Kansas. Can get ito biformation from libn. 
llt^MiY, 1). July n;, i;9l); rl. Aug. 2G, 185U ; m. Nov. 10, 1828, ^(aria Uuldwhu 

64 Anna'^ Treat {IHchiml.^ Richard,* Thomas,^ Richard," Richard^), lw)m Sept. , 
18, 1773, in Lel>anon, N. Y.; died Oct. 24, 1841, in Moravia, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; mar-j 

ried • — , as his second wife, .Toun^' Goouiucii, of Lebanon, born Dec. 26. 1755, and] 

son of Elijah and Marg.'iret (Gillett) Gombich. There is in exii»tence an oltl family deed 
of a ten-acre lot signed by John Goodrich, ami his wife with an X, given in 1M24. iti the 
town of Hancock, 3Iass. For his lirst wife he married May 5, 1775, iSusan Ilambli'i ^■• 
issue by this marriage. (See Goodrich Genealogy.) 

Children of John and Anna Goodrich, born in Lebanon (Ihcy tti'e of the sixth geuer 
ation in the Gootlrich line) : 

17(5. Calvin,' b. Feb. 3, 1800; d. Mareh 28, 1874; m. July 1, 1821, Sally Brlgdea. llad frmrl 


177. Lucy, b. April 2C, 1802; d. Mny 19, 1881; m. Feb. 20, 1822, Tlionias nrlgdca. Had nlnd 



TjM, b. Jan. 4, 1804: d. Oct. 24, 1844; ni., Ist, AF>rU 1. 182fl, Sophronl.i Mclnndy; 
I'd, iJrt. 5?, 1H:«;, Ut'hci'cii nuiitley. UcsUUmI in Lockport. Ill, Hail ri^ihl rliHilnMi. 
171). Jaooh L., I». July 8, 180(5; .1. Sept. 18. l.S«;!I; til., l!<t. June 2«, Ift^ftJ, .\lniini Nash; 2d, 
, Mary J. JoIin>»on. Hail iano cliiltlrcn. 

65 Timothy*' Treat {Timolh;/,^ BicharcJ,* Thomas,^ likhard;- Rkhnrd^), born 

Ai)ril «*>. ITa^i, in Shnvon. Comi. ; died ,» in IIotiuT, C'oiiluQd Co., N. Y. ; marriiMl 

Muivli 30, 177l>, Bi:ri.AiJ Stkonu, who wn9 burn July 24, 17.ii>, and djin^rhter i»f Ozins 
ajid .Susununli (West) Strong, of Loiiox, Muhs. In hin youth bo sccmih to have ]>€'on ol 
tt delicate coustilution, for having been druftt'd into the army at the bre^iking out of the 
Hevobiti(»u, his f.'ither, thinkiny: thut he could better emlure the hnrdt*hi|>w of a soldier's 
life^Wivs accepti'd ns a nnbatitnte Tor the son, and went to Canada with hits regiment where 
he was taken sick with the small-pox, and died April 24, 1776. According to the muster 
rolls he Merveil from July 22 to Aug. 13, 1777 — twenty-one days — in Col, John Ashley'^ 
Berkshire Kei:^ t ; in Capt. Oliver Selding's Co., Maj. Caleb Hyde's detachment, from 
July M to July 20, 177«; in Capt. Charles Dibbel's Co., eleven days, Get. 21, 17«0; wan 
coqioral in Capt. Isaac Marsh's Co., Colonel Seara' Reg:'t, at Fort Plain, under Brigadier 
General Stark, from July 13 to Kov. 2, 1781. He probably rendere<l other services, 
but we have no account of them, aa the rolls are very imperfect. At a town meeting 
held in West Stoekliri«lge, Mass., April 1, 1793, he was npiK>mted a committee to 
present a petition to Baptists. What this petition was the records do n<»t stat*?. March 
3, 17D4, .and again ^lareh 9, ll^h, he was ehosen highway surveyor, and March 2, 17'.)7, 
was elected Held driver, lie resicled in Lenox and West Stockbridge, arid removed to 
lloraer, Cortland Co., N. Y., in 1799, or 1800. (See Strong genealogy.) 

Children, the first eight lK)rn it) Lenox or West Stockbridge, the ninth in Homer: 

1«0. Aaianda,^ b. March .W, 1780; d. ; ra. .luue 8, 1800, James King. 

181. Skymouk, b. Dec. 3, 1782; U. Jnne 6, 185l»; m. May 15, 1808, Pbebe McCurty. 

182. AuiGAir.. h April 15, 1784; d. -, 

188. SuvANNA, b. April 2.T, 178G; d. ; in., Ist, May 28, 1807, Zelsik Walter; 2d, Feb., 

1814, Joseph Phelps. 



Francis, b. May L'i5. 1788; d. youwjf. 

Calvin, h. July 10, 1790; d, ; ra. - 

LuriA. b. Doc. 20. 17!»r>; •!. ; ra.— 

1. IlniTletMbiylis. b.- . 

2, Jusopldne Baylls, b. . 

3- Eb/a Bii.vUs, b. . 

Ki-IZA, h, March 24, 171)0 ; d. : in., 

1. Thnotby Trent* Prosser, b. 

2. Kda Prosser, b. ■ — . 

LAtTKA. b. Feb. 2;l, 1801; d. : m. - 

1. Stunj^hton' Robinson, b. . 

Hud B family. 
— Baylia. Jlud three children : 

. Prosper. Had two elilldrea : 

lie resides now near Chicago, III. 

— , Milton Robinson. Mad fotir citildreii : 

8o[)hronia Robinson, b. 

Miirens Robinson, h. 

Lorinda Robinson, b. — 

66 Thomas' Treat {Timothy, -' RldutnU* Thomas.^ nichard,^ liuhnnU), born 
Sept. 11, 17.'jH. ill Sharoti, Conn.; died Oct. 10, 18 i2, in Aurora, N. Y. ; maiTied, llrst, 
alMiut 17M2,Jkmima Calkins., iKirn Oct. 1), 17.')8, dietl June 11, 1H16; 8e<*ond, Dee. 2.'», 1K16, 
Mrs. Bkt^kt (Bi.Atit) Boik.s, of Aurora, born May C, 17G2, and widow of Joel Boies, of 
Unthuui, Worcester Co., Mass., whom she married Oct. 18, 1781. He was at the battle 
of Lexington, and servcil for about eighteen mouths, during the Revolution. He died 



Marob 2D, 1809. While liviiifj in Lennox, Horksliiro Co., Mr. Treat enlistofl in Sopt. ITTfi, 
nnder (.aptaiu BeUleiifor three months, joining Colonel Simons' regiment at Valentine lliil, 
near White IMaiDft, where he was eniployeil in buililiug a fort, whieh was alreotlv <H>m- 
nicnceil, and wastlu-n <)r«lere<l to march in the nij^ht t^Tuckahoo. where the nexl morning 
the enemy were in »ight. The next niglit, under eover of the darkness, he removetl lo 
White Plains, a distjinoe of fifteen milee, arriving at daylight, and joined the main army 
nnder Oeneral Wnshingtou, whieh in two or three days*, Oet. 2H, 1776, had a battle with 
the British troops. The Americans were fureed to retire from tiieir iJitrenehiueutrt U» an- 
other position on a hill, where a cannonading took place. Jn May, 1777, he joiut^>il aoom- 
pany of minute men in Lenox, who were obligated to turn out on all alarms, and when 
Wnrgoyne continued to advance from Canada, he went with iiis conjpany to Ilubbardton, 
Vt., where he was io the battle of Jidy 7, 1777, and a little later he was in the battle of 
Bennington, Aug. 10, 1777. lie wa8 again out under Captain Uelding, in Colonel Brown's 
Reg't, which marched to Stillwater, and was stationed at Tull's Mill where he re- 
mained until the surrender of Burgayne's anny, Oct. 17, 1777. In May. !77*<, he volun- 
teered lor six munths with Captain Parker, to go to Springfield, and acteil as guard to the 
Arsenal at that place. While residing at Lee, he engaged in June, 1780, to serve six 
iniuiths at Peekskill, N. Y., in the company of Captain Mains, iu Colonel Sj)rt>nt'B Keg't, 
and while stationed in that vicinity Major Andre was captured and executed ati a 
spy. After the war he resided in W^illsboro' (was there m 1793), now Champlain, Clm- 
ton Co , N. Y., and in Georgia, Franklin Co., Vt., from whicli town he reniovecl to New 
Y'ork, and about 1H12, to Aurnra, KricCo,, N. Y. His widow was residing there in Jnljf 
1853, aged ninety years. 

Children, born iu New York and Vermont, liy (iib tirsi marriage: 
1S«). Lymax,^ b. Auj;. 2. 1783; d. March 27, llS'u 

190. Lyman, n. March 14. 1785; (\, ; m. . 

191. TiMoTuv, b. March 30, 178J5; d. March 1,1875: m.. Ist, ; 2d. .Ian., 1817, Lovlsa 






Oben% b Oct. 15, 1787 ; d. April 2C, 1882; ni., Ist, Nov., 1813, Nancy Thompson : 2d,- , 

1k:»5, Mnria Weeks. 
TUVI-IIO.SA. b. Aug. 2. 17851: d. .lune 10, 1815. 
.Tkmima. b. Jul} y, ]7t)l; a. , hi WhIcb, Erie Co., N. Y. ; m. .John Uolnjea. 

No Issue. 
Izuox, b. June 1, 17!).T; d. Feb. 22, 1878; ni., 1st, Feb. 22, 1822, Apphin Thompson; 2d, 

. lluldah FU'Uls. 

John (twin), b. May a, 1700; d, Jan. 10, I8<;4; ni. July 17, 1823. Eunite Aniidtm. 
197. Bktsy (twin), b. May 3. 17y(>; d. June 24. I7t)K. 
198. ErjZABETH, b. April 1, 1798; d. Jan 27. 1841 ; m. Oct. 14, 1820, l8«ac lluw. 
l»9. Thomjls, b. Feb. 10. 1802; d. March 12, 18(J4, at or near Lansing, Midi.} in. , Har- 
riet StalTord. of Krie Co , N. Y. No Isane. 

69 Cornelius*^ Treat (Timotlii/,^ nk-toird,* Thomas, ^ Jiichanf,'^ JfirJutnO), lioni 
Oet. 30, 17GG, iu Sheffield, Mass. ; died Oct. 21, 1847, in Mendon, Monrtn? Co.. X. Y.; 
married, first, Jnne 28, 1787. Ksthek Pakk, who died June 14, 17I>6. in Mendon ; second, 
Dee. — , I7U(), Mi's. Ai,cy Palmkk, of P:dmyra, N. Y., who died May 2H, 1*^48. li 
firet hiusban<l she liad twoehildren, — George and Bridget Palmer. Mr. Treat wrotea hi 
of his life and an account of hia family, which is now in the possession of his grandson, 
C. M. Treat, of Clinlon, Wi.s.. who has furnished ine with extracts from it. Mr. Treat's 
father, Timotliy Treat, moved from .Shellield to Lenox, Mass., in 17(jH, when his son Cor« 
Melius was two years old. tSoou after the breaking out of the Revolution, he went into 



the army n.s a sul»slih>le fnr his son Tiuuitliy who hud boou drafted, and diod soon after 
in CanadHof the sum 1 1 pox. In Nov., 177G, young Cornl"li^^4 was "bound out" to a man 
by tile nnrne of Jnnios Riohai'dj*, for tbt« tenii of four yi'ars, or till he should nrnvi* iit u 
projuT iigc, — fourteen yeurw, — to ehoOBe bis own guardian. He lived with Mr. Richards 
the specified time, and had the advanlnges of school as per contract, which was eight 
wot^ks each year. This was all the edueatioiial a«lvautajie ho over had. Whon he arrived 
at the ttge of fourteen years, he chose Mr. Uichanls an his guardian, who engagt-d hiiu to 
a man by the name of Asa Uement, on trial, to learn the blacksmitire trade. &Ir. Benient 
being alment a great portion of the liiuj", and tils wife being an inveterate seold, young 
Cornelius thought that the lime uf ^^trial" had better cease, so in the absence of Mr. 
Bement, lie tCK>k leave of Sirs. Bement and the last of July, 17^<1, enliet^^d for three 
months in the American army, in the company of Capt. Isaac Marsh, and went into 
camp at Stork l>ridgc, Mass. His oldest brother Timothy was si-rgeant in tlie same com- 
pany. Captain Marsh was onleivd to march his command to Albany, N. Y., thence to 
Schenectady, .Schoharie, and Fort Plain on the Mohawk river. Here a large force was col- 
lect^'d under the command of Colonel Willett. An incident occurred here which will be re- 
lated in his own words : 

^•I hert! joined Capt. AVoodwanlV company of Rangers anrl wv marclird to Ft. Schuy- 
ler, where Utica now stands, and from there we went in a northwest direction in search of 
Intlians. Wc had but sixty-two men rank and file, and one faithful Indian guide. After 
marching alwait twelve miles, we came to a place where Indians hail cin-ajuped the night 
before. The pilot toUl the captain that tluMc were many hnliatts and we sliouid all be 
killeil if we pursued them. The captain called him a coward, and marched on th*- trail 
made in the bnikes by the pursued. We iiad not proeeetleil more than two miles when 
con)ing to a ravine or hollow, down which the Indianri had proceeded, our pilot again re- 
m««nHtrated with the captain of the danger in following them further; but the captain, 
possessmg more courage than wisd«jm, ordered a forward niaii-h. and Wf had not gone 
more than forty or tifty ro«ls when we were fired upon l>y the Indians lying in ambush on 
three sides of us. The caj)taiu, lieutenant and ensign fell at the lirst fire ; after liriuira few 
rounds, a man by tlie name of I'lirker said to me 'we are all alone.' 1 looked arouml luit 
couhl .see nothing but smoke and Indians, We then ran for our lives. Five of the red- 
skins followed us ; w^e ran several miles and loa<led oim- guns as we ran, when Parker said 
to me 'let's give tJiem another shot.' We wheeled and lired; two of the Indians fell and 
Parker also fell dead l>v my side. I made all speed possible to outrun them, the i»ther 
threestill in pursuit and fr<'([uently firing at me. 1 ran on until it was quite dark or dusky, 
when nnuiing over a little hill an<i mit of their sight, I loiuli-d my g'ln, and fortnniitely a 
large tree that had fallen an<l split by falling luul formed a kind of trough on the under 
Bide, just large euouiih to ailniit my body. Into this I went feet foremost, with my gmi 
well loaded, determined to mcII my life as dearly as possibh* should 1 be dincovi-red by my 
imrsuers. In a >^Iiort time they came and stiHid upon the loii not more than twenty feet 
friMu ujC, conversed awhile in their language, and tlicn returned the wny they c:ime, to their 
irilM? I snpl>ose. and e;lad 1 was to know tht-y w«'iv gone. I lay in thut silualion all night, 
and the next morning started for the Fort, which J reached the following morning about 
eight o'clock." 

Having by accident injured one af his Mngera very badly, and the time of his enlistment 
having expir«'d, he applied to Cohmcl Willett, who gave him his discharge. He arrivi-d liome 
the 2'Jlh day r»f October. 1781, the day before he was sixteen years olil. Thus ended liis 
first campaign. On the 10th of Feb., 1782, he again enlisted for three years, and remained 
in the army the close of the war, having had many hairbreadth escapes. He re- 
ceived his final discharge from the army June 30, 1784. 

From a seurch of the pension records and other documents, I am able to furnish the fol- 
lowing a«ldilinnal ]>articnlars in regard to his services in the Ivevolution. Acconling to the 



iiinrAMh turat: hixtii oexeaATioir. 

r^iMx^ioliiinKtlN MiiN(4*r Uv\U, lie Mcr\'ctl iu Captain Betdhig'f compaDjr, Col. John Rrown's 
Ui«K'l,r»imj Sr|it. Ifl Ut Oot. 14. 1777; waa In Capl. Kno* Parker's Co., Col. Jacob 
OimtIhIi'm Ui'g'l, fmiii July n, I77H, lo Jnii. 1, 1779; wiw In Cni.t. Jotin Spiwn's Co.. Col. 
JhIiii AnIiU'V'* Ut^tf'l, rriirii July 7 ti^ July 2H, 17^0. wImmi hi* fuliiited fn>in the tuwn of 
|iiii*« MniA.t for «U iiimmI1i«. Whil*« reisii]iri{i; in Lrnox, Mtifti*., be servrd ilirre znnnths. 
fmiii .Inly VO, I7m|, In <'i»|il. Innnr- M:ir>h'i» Co.. Colonial KoMiter's Rep't, whirb joincs! 
HMHtoinMMiiMlof Cojiiiu'l Wllli'tt lit Toll I^hilu on tlie Mohawk river. While there he vol- 
ilii|i4(»i'it(l A nil olIiorN. fiN II rutiKi^r, under Cuptuiu Woodward, to perfomi Hcoutiiig duty 
III (''ori Htiiuv»l%, IM»W ItoMiM. N. y., Htid fit KoH !l««rkim<r. On onr oecusiou tliey wrre 
uiiiIimnImhI I»,v H pffly **f Imliaim, »n<l (Ifty-flvv of liii« cornrndcB, out of Hucty-nine men, 
ImmiUmiI' wllliCaplnlu Woo<lward, wore either killed or taken priBouere. After this event, he 
IiiIiumI lilt* i'iim|t»ii(y iindi-r (*«|»liitn F<»rl I'liiin, wlien* he rtMiuiim^d till diHoharored, 
(M'L |lj r/^l< H»' »'iill»t»*d Ki'Ik, 1 7M2, while liviii«i in Lonox, for three years, iit Captain 
|f|)4'« Ullii tlllU*!* limrHwd to IVekKkill, N. V., to join the command of Col. Henry 
JiM>l«Noii, of IMiiiui., Hhd HUM -itationed at NtdHon'i* and V«'rf»lank's Point, on the Xorth 
l)vi<i, iiiilll vtrlidvi-, Hiifti tlie ti'^iniciiT cniuunpi'd ut Snaki* Hill, liack of Newbtiri;. N. Y. 
WltlMi tll<« rr)(liMNl»t wiiM diMlmndcd, Mr. 'I'lvat waH trauHferred to the company of Captain 
llntlMiMili, III lh*< 4tli Kt'K't-. eommatidi'd by Colonel .fackHon, which whh stationed tit West 
polnl iililll Ih lober, whiMi it wan li'inovrd to Anienia liiitri, lu-ar IVcksUill. In November, 
hmiiii di' Kli'iibeii nrleeted three lejiimeiitH, in one of wliieh was Mr. Trent, for the lirigade 
hIiU'Ii iiian'hiMi iindi'r the eommand of Colonel Jaeknon to New York, and occupied it vrh^u 
Uu» IllllUh I'Vaciiated the place, Nov. ift, 17h3. Mr. Treat remained here till some tin>e in 
ll'idi'i n^ii when he waw onh-red to We«t Point, wlu-r*' the army was discharj.'ed witli the 
V|(Mt(i|hiii id tMtr regiment, under the eonnuand of Lieutenant Colonel IIhII, in which rcgi* 
tlMMlt* iva«einbitieed at itn f<»rmatioii the eom|mny of Captain MiHb^ to which Mr. Treat was 
HM'U'hi'd, and ipirirtiTed on CoUHtitution Inland, where the ma.t(ay/me was located, licit' he 
leiuilllied (111 hi" diHcliarue, June 50, 17S|. He received a pension from the government. 
A (lei IiIm return fitnn Uie anny, he worked on a fanu for different men during the sum- 
tueit »*••*! I" *'"' ^vintrr tauuht Hclmol, until the 2Hth day of June, 1787, when he married 
)<i«lltel I'lilk. Keb. A, I7l>1, he and his family removed to what Ik now the town of 3ten- 
dui^ MiMIIHiM C'iii, N. v., Hliere tliey experienced all the hanUhips and ])rivalionsgencndly 
MMeiidluu « lift' III It new ettunliy. lie and both of liia wives tlietl on the farm which they 
hiu\ M>eltUMi»'tl tioiu tht* wiltU'rneKH. They weremt>Ht excellent inople, and their memory 
U hulil Ut Mie hitf heiil i«N(4»oni by their de8(*endant8. 

' ' ' H. the Hiiit three born In Alford, Mans., the others in Mendon, N. V., by hid" 

AMA4UII.* I». April It?. ITtM); d. , 1»19; IU. 8«pt. 17, IHOH, Sully Colvln. 

IUit9t^M. h. .Idly .HO. i;ttl ; d. May S. IdS9; lu. , Daukl Fall. 

HVUI. h. Keh. 19, KVa; il. ; ro. Bbt^ut ItdO, Moscti McCldUn 

.\iMX. U March 17. 17^5; 0. AUj|t, 4. I«l5d; m. April 1, 1817. Ilanimh \ .-in Nr8«, 

Its iiU «e\HkUil man'ia^>t; 

im. |^»^.« WIS l*«i MKU. h. Att«. 19, 179^1 tt July 14. 19^; in. Aimt. 1. 1^^. Sums K. DarU. 

tM^ lSMkHM.I\t IkwcLLY. b. A toil IS, tmi » d. Kor. t, lUt% m. Jan. 5. !«:». Amamla 8kla. 

ittt, HuMiV HAKIN4M*. ^. Ocl. 4. 1^03; 4. F«b l», lS70i m.. 1«U April 13« 1S90. Mar;:«ni« Cobl- 


m.. Ut.OcLS.1i<0, UnTWiArnKtroosi 

M. ^e-\ U I"*!.*. M»ij Aau .\>vf» 



208. John Jay. b. May 23, 1808; d. Aog. 6, 18r>2; m, April 13, 1885, naris»*R StTong. 
a09. JosKPii Randolph, b. Jnly 14, 1»I0; d. July 8, 1808; m. Oct. 20, 1830, Caroline Wil- 
210, Daughter, K ; d. In Infancy. 

70 Ebenezer^' Treat {Timothy,''' lUchaid,* Thomaa,^ liichanU'^ Richard^), horn 
Juno 7. 1771, in Lenox, Mass.; died Sept. 3, 1852, in Meadon, Monroe Co., N. Y.; 
marrietl Nov. 7, 1703, Hannah Park, sister of Esther Park, who mnrried his brother Cor- 
nelius^ Treat. She died May 17, 18G0, at the house of her youngest duuy;htcr, Mrs. Jemima 
Curtiaa, in Rugbies, Ashland Co., Ohio. A few years after his marriage, he emigrate*! from 
Alford, Mass., to the "Genesee Country," and setthul in Mendon, N. Y. Was a farmer. 

Children, the first bora in Alford. the others in Mendon : 

211. Mamxa,' b. Oct. 12. 1794; d. May 27. 1844; m. April 22. UlS, Philander Chamberlain. 

212. KsTUKU. b. Oct. 15, 1707; d. April 23, 18ft;l; m. , Belaniy Clanin. 

213. Jkmima, b. Dec. 25, iwxi; d, Nov. 23. 1872; m. Aa«. 15, 18l», CUarle^ Cortlsa. 

214. Pakk. b. Nov. 0, 1804; d. Oct. 16. 1880; m. June 22, 1827, Soplila Barney. 
!16. EuKNRZKU IlAMLrs, b. Nov. 15, 1808; d. .Tan. 21, 18G7; m. April 19, 1832, Ferret Ncw- 

74 Charles'"' Treat ( f Tltrnnas,^ Richard;* Thomas,^ Richard^^ Richard^) ^ born April 

80, 1769, In Sheffield, Mass.; die<l ; mnrned . He lived in =-, 

Herkimer Co., N. Y. The family records were destroyed by fire, so that wo are unable to 
give tlie name of his wife and other dates. His grandson, Benjamin Franklin*^ Treat, has 
Airnished me with what information I have in regard to the family. We have no direct 
proof that the above Charles Treat was the son of Thomas Treat except that there was no 
other Charles Treat at that time, so far as we know, and that Thomas Treat and family 
had disappeared from Sheffield. 

Children, born in , Herkimer Co. : 

310. OuANOK,' h. . lie was probably the Oranjrc 8. Treat, who served In the war of 1813, 

April, Ifoo, was at Ri^rn. Lenawee Co , Mich., ajjed lU. Jan., 1851, wns In Almond, 
Allegany Co., N. Y., aged 5(1. Was drafted fornix mouths at Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
in Sept., 1812, and dlscUaiged at O^densbing, N. Y. 
217. Alvi.s, or Alvah (twin), b. Sept. 20, 1795; d. Aug. 17, 18G5; m. Jan. I, 1820, Elizabeth 

218. AI.MTBA (twin), b. Sept, 20, 1795; d. - — =-. 

219. n.vRuiBT, b. . 

220. JOANSA, b. =— . 

221. Thomas, b. . 

222. Sylvester, b. July 26, 1806; d. Nov. 15, 1877; m. June 20, 1826, Betsey Webb. 

223. Lkwis, b. -. 

224, CUAULES, b. . 

76 DanieF Treat (? T7to77io«,* Richard,* Thomas,^ Richard;^ Richard^) Mrn^ , 

in ; died , near Adrian, Midi. ; marric<l — , Statiraii Hand. As 

early as 1790, he was living near Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y. Bolli he and his wife 
were Baptists, and people of strong religious convictions. About 1830, he came west 
and settled in Colebrouk, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He afterwards moved to Michigan, 
and settled near Adrian. We know thiit he was a brother of the preceding Charles Treat, 
and Ihcy were probably both of them sons of Thomas Treat of ShcUield, Mass. 



Iron, l)orn in Gorlmm, proluihly not in onler of hirlh : 
noi.Axn,' li June 10. 1707; d. OcU 4. I87C; m. Julj 11, It<2i, MrHiida Cole. 
TiTi'», I). ; d. ; m. . Hu*! a family in A«li*lAn, Mich., bot ciin get no 

Hannam« i». 

-; d. 

-; m. 

-, Robert James, lie settled In Michigan, and had 



two rhlEilren : 

1. Uohert* Jamea, h. — 

2, Citrolliie JiiineK, b. — 
SUTl-tFK, U. ; d. 

1. Amtindn" Tr»!«t, b. — 

2. Hfleu Treat, b. 

3. Lodlhtf Treat, b. 

Statiiiaii. b. ; d. — 

1. Tliereau" I'liliner, b. 

2. rHlllsl.l P.llllKT, b. - 

3. HonuT PjilnuT, b. — 

4. Frnnk I'ulruer, I). — 

Had thit'e daughters : 

Benjamin Tulmer. Had four children : 

89 AshbeVTreaX {Ashbel, lUckanU* TltovmH,' RnhnnU^ Rkha)'d^),U)YU .May iSf 
17o4, in Lenox, Mmsh. ; rliecl April 14, 1842, in ]SIent.z, Cayng.-i Co, N. Y. ; nmnicd 

, Sarah Bkll, bom Feb. 23, 1764 ; die<i Marcli 29, 1842. Mr. Troal wna n soMier 

of Hie Kcvohition flutl receivorl a pension. In April, 1781, lio volnnteered for nine nKmllis 
nl Snli^luiiy, Conji., nmU'i' Captain Micpenl, in Colonel Cortlantrs New Yoilc Keg'l, 
joining it at Fislikill, N. Y. With a part of the regiment, timier Lieut. Colonel Weisaen- 
fels, he wiis soon ileUiched nnil stationed at Saratoga until his enlistment expireil. in 
March, 1782, he enlisted at Lenox for two years, with Caplain Posey, or Pearcy, in 
Col*>nel Willelt'a New York Keg'l, which he joined at Albany, thence he marched 
up the Mohawk liver to Fort Hunter. After remaining six weeks, he with a part of the 
regiment was ordered to Forts Plank and Plain, for the winter, thence in Jan., 
1783, he marched west by way of Fort Stanwix, now Konie, N. Y. ; thiMj across Lake 
Onei<la, to within about a mile of Oswego, hut soon returne«1 to Fort Plain, where he was 
discharged in June^ 1783. Soldiers sent to the .iliove named forts were actively em- 
ployed in the perilous duty of scouting Ihe surrounding wilderness to protect the frontier 
settlements from Hie npproach of hostile In<lians and tories, with which the central part 
of New York was every 3'ear invaded, in addition to those under Brandt and Johnson. 
According to the New York archives he was also a fifer in Colonel Whitney's Ueg't, 
uixler CnptaiJi King. About 1794, he removed to Throopville, Cayuga county, near Au- 
burn, N. Y., where he was soon followed by his brothers, John, Isaac, Moses and Aaron, 
who all settled in the same town. There is still a locality called the "Trent Settlement." 
All hud families hut Isaac?, and their descendants continue to reside in the vicinity. Was 
B farmer. 1 regret that I have been unnble to get much information about these fam- 

Children, moat of them born In Throopville: 

230. Lyman.^ b. Doc, 1«, 178i',; d. ; ui., Ist, ; 2d, - — , Clarissa Hayden. 

TAX. AsHUKi., I). Feb. 27. 1780; d. Jnn. 2.'*. 1«13; m. . 

2^2, Isaac, b. April 3, 1701; d. ? m. , Aseuuth Monroe. 

288. JaRICS (twl!i),b. Feb. 11, 1793; d. ; m. . Chlldien: 

1. Ackley" Treat, b. . Ucslde<« bi BreoHport, Cheniuiig Co., N. Y. 

2. Awlihel Trent, b.-^ . Resides la Breejipuri, Clienumg Co.. X. Y. 

3. Usiac Trent . b, . 



Justas Trent, b. — 
Sophronla Trent. Ij. 
Sarah Trvat, b. 

1817. Phtfbe Mix; 2»1, , 

— , Betsey MtKcusvjr; 20, 

iH. JrsTUs (twin), b. Feb. II. I7y3; d. Dec. 20. 17M. 
236. Justus, b. July ft, 171)5; il. March 11, lH45j m.. 1st, — 

1881», C«roUne Miller. 
236. Jamiw D.. b. April 27. 171)7; «i Sept. — , 1867; m., 1st, 

Miirrh 2H, 18<Vi. Rlleti L. Wcllmaii 
237. niKAM. b. July 6. 17t»0; «l. An;;'. 17. 1803. 

288. Sauaii. b. Mny 10. IS'L'; d. : m. , Sdmut'l Rlcf. No Issue. 

28a. LttviSA. h. May 25, 1804; i1. ; III. , Biitjjimin Miller. 

240. Li'CLVt>A, b. Oct. 2, 1807; d. ; iii. , William Rice. 

90 John*' Treat (Ashbel,^ IHcImrd.^ TJtomas.^ Richard;^ Jiichard^), !>oni Oot. 11, 
17CtJ, or 1707 rainily reiionl, in Lenox, ^lass. ; dietl Dec. *J, 1813, in Albany, N. Y., at 

tbe house of his son Hirura, while waiting for u pension; murrieil . According 

to the M:\ft9acl»n«ftU mn!it«r rolls, he serveil In Capt. Josiuli Yale's G<>,, for Iwcuty 
dnys in Oct., 17S1, and was ut .Stillwater. He served in Capt. John Rncon's Co., 
nine dayn, from Oct. 20-28, 17H1, and in Captain Wells' Co., Sd Berkshire county 
Reg't, eight days, from Oct. 30 to Nov. 7, 1781. RLMnoved to Lebanon, N. Y., and 
aftcrwaiils to Shoreharn, Vl., where he settled on the east side of the creek, near the 
site of the tirst house built in town in 1795. He was constable in 1792, 1793 and 1795. 
Soon after 1800, he removed and settled In or near Auburn, N. Y., with his brotiters. 
He diwi before receiving a pension, for which he had tnade a[)plication. 

Children (there were prolmbly others) : 

241. IImAii,'b. Feb. 14. 171U; d. March 17, 1837; m., 1st. ^— , Llauor Cole; 2d, Nov. JO. 

1825. Murj:aret lliilletibeck. 
242. John, b. May 2, 17»8; d. Nov. 8, 1831. 

92 MoS38^ Treat (A*hbel,^ Richardy* Thomas,^ Richard,'^ Rirhard^), born March 

14, 1771, in Lenox, Mans. ; died — ^ ; married — -^ — - . Was a farmer. 

Children born in tlie Treat settletnent. near Auburn, N. Y. ; 

248. Che'^tkr,' b. ; il, , in. . Was a deacon In the Presbyterian Church. 

ChUtlren : 

1. Alinon^ Treat, b. . 

2. Arhsah Treiii. b. ; d. ; m. 

8. Cbarlottc Trent, b. ; d. ; 


244. IlKMAN. b. ; d. ; m. 

1. Horace' Treat, b. . 

2. LAn>uig Treat, b. . 

245. MoftKs, b. . 

246. BuTMKr, b. ; d. — : ra. — , Graham. 

247. Soi'UtA. b. Jnoo 6, ]80<i; d. Oct. 25, 1809; m. March 1, 1827, Insley DougUss. 

248. Orvili.a, b. ; d. ; m. , > Cady. 

24D. Amam>a, b. ; d. ; Tii. . Bowen. 

250. JcLLA, b, ; d. ; m. , Joseph lladdeu. Had two sons: 

1. Robert" HaddciJ,b.~^—, 

2, Egbert Haddcn, b. . 

94 Aaron" Treat {Axhbel,^ Richard,* Thomat^^ Rkhardi^ Richard^), born — , 

lu Lenox, Mass.; d. , in Compicst, N. Y. ; m. , Betsky Monboe, who 

died lu Conquest, where he kept a hotel. 

Richard Cft-^ner. 
— , Reuilngton, In the Treat 

Wa« a church officer. Had two sims : 




ChililruD, iho first l>oia iu Lenox, tlie next live in Coeymans, the seventh in Elmira, 
N. Y. : 

268. Anokhna • b. Uct. IS, 1803; il. Oct. 2tl, 1888; «n. Jnn. 6, 1825. JosiuU AUord. 

269. Ki>VMN E., b, Auif. 25, 180o; d. Maieb 20, UfiH; in. Jitii. 1, 1»31, June Hnish. 

270. UiiMKU II., I». Aug. 10, 1807; d. Jan. — , 18G4, at Bristol Spring!*; m. . 1839.S«iruU 

Oakley, or Naples, Ontario Co,, N. Y., who U. Jn 1840. Wus a blnckismilh by tmde. 
No is.^«ii<*. 

271. Ai-iiKUT L., b. March 10, 18011: d. July 25, 1885; m. March 6. 1839, Eveline lliithaway. 

272. MiNKKVA Ruin, b. .Tuuf 20. 1811 ; ni, Feb. 28, I83.H, Rev. RoUeit Hicks. 

278. DAvniJ MruGK, b. Mny .3, 18U; d. , utiut. He wa* a caijienter nnti joiner by trade 

and n tine wt)rkmiiu. Beeauie irisutie a few years before his dcutli, uud died iu the iiayliuu 
at OvUI, N. y. 
274. KICH.1RO SiuxEY, b. April 18, 1819; m. , 184^, Louisiana Coimnt. 

98 John" Treat O/o/m,^ Michard,* Thomaa,^ Ilichnrdv^ Richard^) . born , 

ill Lenox, Mh88. ;died , in Coeymans, Is. Y. ; married aln^ut 1«07,Chaklotti{ For- 

man, of Coeyuians, and <laughter of Aaron and Deborah Formaa. He was a fanner in 
good circninstanees. 

Daughter, horn in Coeymans : 
27a. Lyuu,' b. , 1808; d. Oct. 16, 1841 ; m. , Albert Hoyt. Had two sons: 

1. Aaron* Hoyt, b.- 

2. Edwlu Huyt, b.- 

107 Capt. Charles^ Treat {Jonathan,^ Charhn,^ ntomm:^ Richard,^ Ricftard^), 
tHirii.Tune 1,1759, in (ilastonhtn-y, Conn. ; liied April 5, 1825 (gravestone, KasthjH'y bnry- 
in|i-gronn<i, Gl.aslonbtny) ; married, first, Nov. 23. 17^^0, Douotuv Fox, whodled April 30, 
1796 (36lh year, gravestone), and daughter of William Fox; second, June 20, 179S, 
Mrs. Hannah (Pklton) Clakk, wlio died May 20. 179U (3'.»tli year, j;ruvestone), and 
daughter of Josiah Pel ton ; tiiird, Jan. 5, 1800, Mrs. Phkbk (Pklton) Huklbuut, sister of 
the n1)ovc, who died Jan. 10, 1H46, aged ^8. He was a carpeuter. His first two wives and 
daughter Dolly ai'e buried at Kasthnry. 

Children, borti in Glast*>nbiiry (some of whom wei'e baptized in Eastbury Pan'sb, now 
Buckingham, Conn.), by his first marriage : 

278. CiiAULKS,' b. March 30, 1781 ; bapt. Nov. 26, 1782; d. Sept. 12, 1851; ra. Jan. 3, 1802, Belln- 
Uu .\ndreW8, 
David, b. Nov. 2. 1782; bapt. Nov. 2fi, 1782; d. March 27, 1824; m., Ist, Nov. 25, 1802, Mllly 

AmJrews; 2d, Ort. 14, 1818, Charlotte Shepperd. 
RfiH, b. Dec. 4, 1784; d. Dec. — , 1872; m. Feb. y, 1804, Ell Holllster. 
LeoN.ULD. b. May I, 1787; bapt. June It). 1787; d. Aug. 17, 18GI ; lu. Nov. 25, 1807, Abigail 
280. Jahki>. b. Aug. 0, I78l»: d. Feb. 11, 1853: m. .Ian. 21, ISlfi, Ann Corey Wadsworth. ' 
281. D01.1.Y, b. Fob. I«, 1792; bapt. March 6. 1792; d. May 81. 171)3. 

282. C1.AUIS1.A, b. Dec. It), 1793; d- Nov. 27. 1842; m. , George Pease. 

283. WiLUAM. b. March 27, 17l»C; bfipt. May 2, I7a<>;d. Oct 8, 1873; ra.. 1st, May 10, 1818, Lacy 

Pelton;2d. .luly 18, 1822, bally Pelton; 3d, July 3, 1855, Mrs. Mary E. (Cra^jle) CUntou. 
By his secoiui marriage: 

284. EiiHHA. 1>. May 20, 1799 ; d July 6, 1848; ra., Ist, Oct. 13, 1820, CTarissa Benton ; 2d, April 

11, 1827. Ahidra Wheat. 
By his lliinl marriage : 

285. HammaD. b. April 8, 1801 ; d. ; ra. Feb. 14. 1822, Edmund Matson, jr. 

108 Jonathan" Treat {Jonathany^ Chadett* Thomna,^ Richard,^ Richard^), born 
July (i, 17C2. in Glastonbury, Conn. ; dlcil Jan. 24, 1817, iuGlastonbury ; married, lirst, Feb, 




uicHAHn trrat: sixth oenekation. 

19, 17H3, CiiLoK Fox, wlio <Ue<i Nov. 21, 1789, in lier Iwonty-sovonth ye.-ir ( gmveslone 
KiiHlbury bur\ injl-giotirul, Gla.stuiiliiify) ;&e(:oiHl, Nov. 14, 1792,KKt'L'U\ii Wkiu, wlio died 
»Iuly H, 1845, ill Tyniigliutn, Mnss. IK* nnd liin wife CUloe renewoil tlieli* huptiginal cov«« 
MJiiil in EustUiiry Purisli, March 23, 1784. His accoiul wife, "Ciilurali," reneweil llic 
CovLMuuil on tln' 24lli of Nov., 1703. During llie Revohition he was a tlruinmcr in Ihe 
conipany of Capt. Eliziir Hiihlmrd of Wcthersfield and marched for Boston at Uie Lexing- 
ton alarm In 1775. \Vas paid for four days' service. AUo served as toatnster for over two 
years tinder Coiidiiclor Caiit. Hisscdl Phelps, from 1777 Lo 1771). Received a pension. Re- 
Bided in Kuslhury Parish. His will is flateil May 2. ISlC ; prolialed Fell. 20, 1817. Men- 
tions wife ICatnrah, daughter Chloe Hubbard. Nestore, or Vestore (Sylvester?), Sally, 
Psimujy, Isa.'ic an<l Marlhy, There is no mention of datighter Semautha, unles* she \» 
calh'd by some other name. Neither do I tind her name in the records of ba|»tiam wldch, 
however, are imperfect. I put the name of Chlue Urst, though her name dr>eH not occur in 
the Records. The names of Permella and Semautha occur among the pension records aa 
surviving the widow in 1853. 

C'luhben, lM?rn in Glastonbury, ]>y his first wife: 

286. Chlhr,' b. ; d -: ni, Hubbard. 

2»7. UOTM. b. ; hopt. ,Ian. 2:{. 17vS.-i; d. . 

2«M. Isaac, h. ; bapt Nov. 3, 1785; d. March 7. 1704, 9th yoarfg. 9 ). 

-; bapt. Jane ^2, ITtftf ; d. . 

28!», Nkstoh (or Veslor). b. - 

»0. UaCHKI., b. ; bnpt. Nov. 12, irsLi: il Nov. 1;^. \:A\K 

By his second marriage : 

^M. Sakui. b. ; bnpt. Nov. 24. 1703. 

282. Paumk (or Pcrnielia), b. ; bapt. Oct. 18, 1796; d. 

(alive ISoU) ; ni. Feb. 9. 1833, 

Lester DowU. 

I*AAC. b. : bapt. May 2fi, 1799. 

IsuAKL TalcotT, bu ; bapt. Juae 13, 1802. 

AVALINA, b. ; bapt. Juue 20, 1«02. 

SuiANTiiA, b- ; d, ; in. Feb. 11, 1825, Chauncey Brewer, who d Sept. U, 

iyri2, aged 50 {g. s., liockantim. Conn.). There bal^o a g. s. for LikIIa Sophia Brewer, 
dau. of Chauttcey and Semautlia Brewer, -who d. April 13, l?54. a^eU ly. tM. 

HI Thomas^ Treat {Peter, ^ Thomas^* Thomas,^ Bkhard,^ RicJimxl^ ),)x>rn Sept. 
4, 17G1, in Glastonbury, Conn.; dietl March 11, 1847, in Arcadia, Wayne Co., N. Y. ; 

uinrrieil, first, , Jkhl'siia* , who died Nov. 22, 17H6, in Glaslunbtirv ; second, 

Nov. 3, 17UI, R.1CIIKI. Wxu^iit at Middielown, Oisego Co., y. Y-. who was l»oru Dec 
10. 1771. In 1856, frlie rvsidtMl iu IVatUburj;, Slcuiwn Co., N. Y. Mr. Treat was m 
soldier in the war of the Kevululion. and refeive«l a pension. In M:»y, 177(>, Tboro:i8 
TivKle ami others presenieil a .Memorial to the Assembly iu regard to a Mdil*ry Co. in liie 
First Parish, GLtstonbury. While livlnj; in Glasioiihiiry in 1777, be was called oat for 
six or oiglit days under Cnplain ^^" , ^ from General Bur- 

goync's army on their way acixiss t , .; .,, Ue served a term 

of eight monUis fmin June, 1 7^, under CapUiin Lay, in Colonel Wells' Reg't, at New London, 
Conn., ami WHA there again In 1781, at the alarm •• ''ug of Be«i«<lici 

A ruoM, the burning of that place, tliecaptiirv of ili. o oppoMit sM* 

ofUie river 'Huirors, ami tlie maaaacre uT the garrison. Sept. 6, I7if 1. After Ll»e war be re> 
sidnl in .Springfield and Middletown, !». • ■ » •• Co., N. Y, In July. 181 2. Im» removeil 

to Italy. Yale?» Co., N. Y-, wliere bv .cr twenty years. Tlie re^-tiol oC %hm 

hirUt* and names of tlje cbUtlreu Is wniu*o oo a small lemf, aiui is Illegible in some lo* 



Acconling to tlie Ilistoiy of Yntes Co., N. Y..p. 422, lie settle*! in Ilnly in 1817, on 
Lot 6, North Survey, ami moved to Italy Hollow in 1823, settling on Lot 25, South Survey, 
where he lived till 1831, when he sohl out and moved to Arcadia, Wayne Co., where be 
died. He and his wife Rachel were memhera oT the Baptist Church in Italy when it was 
first organized. She died in 1857, aged eighty-six. 

Children, the first two born and baptized in GlaBtonbury, the othera in N. Y. State, 
by his fii-Mt marriage : 

jKssr,' b. — 

-; bnpt. June 20, 178.1; f\ . 

— ; bapt. Nov. 28, I7«u, nt the funeral of her mother. 

By his second marriage : 

rj9. Jamko, b. Aug. 4, 17D2; d.- 

nmliiL'tl vUis[le. 
800. Maiiv. b, Feb. 4, 1794; d. - 

-, hi enriy lire, and upon ids wife's death re- 
-.Clnrstcr Burke, of Onkland Co.. MIcli. 
, WorsterBuck. 


Haxnau. b. Feb. 10. or !«. 17»6. 

KuMCK. h. Feb. IS, 1797: d. ; m. - 

FitKKi.tJVK. b. .lull*? 4, 17yO. 

Ai.VA, b. .May 2, 180J : d. ; left town uiimnrrfed. 

Nancv, b. July 20, 1(*03; d. ; m,, l»t, Mwce, who d, k'avlnjr one 8on Thomas 

Mace; 2d, . Aliimnnder Powers. Had it large fnindy and moved to WIhcoiisIii. 

Loka. b. Dec. 4, 1805; d. ; ni. - - - ■ , Chester SiuMli. Lived on a pHtt of I^t 80 

Sonili Survey. She **urvlved her finsbnnd many yenrw. Had four chiMreii ; 

1. Stilly" Sinlih, b. ; d. , In Pnittwbuig, N. Y. ; m. Whenton. 


rijiri.>.s.i SmlUi, b. ; m. 

ilin •• chililren. 
Emi'y Smith, h ; d. 

three chll<ireii. 

Jane Smith, b. ; ni. 

N. Y. UjuI Ibree children. 

Emily, b. April <», 180H. 
.\xsicL. b. March 14. 1813; d — 
KCKSKLL, b. Sept. 14. 1813: d. 
Lovi.VA, b. June lU, 1818; d. - 


—, Charles W. Brown, at Dresden, N. Y. Il/id 

In Itnly; m, , .\ndre\v J, Barker, llad 

, Andrew J. Furguson. Resides In Torrey, 

, Sfilly RpynoUls. 
— , In Wnyne Co. 

-. in Wayne Co. 

114 Peter*' Treat (Peter,^ Thomas,'^ TJiomnn,^ Hkhord,^ IUcfinrd^), born June 18, 
17Cy, in Gl:u.toubnry, Conn. ; die<l Jan. 11, 1850, in Chatham, Tioga Co., Penn. ; maiTied, 

first, Jan. H, 179G, iu Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y.. Lydia ,wbo died March 12, 

1816; second, , Nash. He removetl from Middlefield to Chatham, Penn., May 

2H, 1H27. where he dit^l. 

Cbiklnen, lM>ni in 31idrUefield, by his first marriage : 

811. Lyi)|\.Mi. Dec. 24. KIKJ; d. Dee. B, 1«71; in.. 1st, .Tan. 25, 1826. Orrlu Stebhins; 2d, 

, Exr» Potter. 

312. Haxvaii, b. Dec. 30, 1709; li. July 9. 1832, bi Hendcrwjn, Jefferson Co. , N. Y.; m. , 

lllrauj Willlnm*. Had two dans. : 

1. LoriUa 11.* Wlinam>«, b. Jau 22. 1828, in Lock, Ononcla^ Co., N. Y. ; res. (1890) 
In Lanjtin^, Mich. 

2. Adeline WlllUnw, b. July fi, 1827. In Ilcndcr*on, N. Y. ; d. Oct. 3, 1863, in Am- 
Uy, Eric Co., Penn.; lu. Hl^jrlns. Ckildren : 

(1) EcaMsta* lllggbis, b. May 1. lt)4». 

(2) rharJe!, I- Hig^ins. b. . 

IS. SYLinwrm. b. April 14 1H02; d. Oct. 6, I860: tn. March 27. 1827, T.tielnda Gat«a. 

14 AuKi.isr.. b Ang 1», 1h04; d An?. 21. 1x54: m. . Robert B. Poller. 

IS. JonKJ'M.b. Nov. 4. iHOr.; d. Aug. 2il, 1H40: uiuiu 

LO. Sauukl B . Ik Jaly a, 1810; d. Dec. 7, 1878; m. Nor. 22. 1847. Mary J. Uardiwr 



317. DowoTHV, b, March i, 1814; d. April 3. 1841; m. . Lewis TlatUbnn. 

S18. Sakah Ann. b. Jan. SS, 18H>; d. Oct. SO, 1853; in. Sept. 28, 1834, Warren Glcttson. 
By his soeoiicl marrlftgo : 
819. JuMU8. b. May 20, ISIS; d ; m.. 1st, ; 2d. — . He was apbysicUua, and re- 

sided In Munsvllle. Madison Co., N, Y. 
1. Frank' Treat, b. . 

Uad a son : 

119 Charles'^ Treat {.h>hn,^ Thnmnn^ Thomas,^ Hfchnrd;^ Richard^), bom 

; baptized Aug, *22, 17C2, in Glnstonbury, Conn. ; dietl, 1802, of lung fever, the 

result of a eold, and was amonR the first buried at WelltJ River, Newbury, Vt., In the 
fields west of linglmnvrt ; married ,Iune 2, 1788, Rachki. Aniie, burn May 13, 17G8, nud 
daughter of Samuel and Raehel (Masson) AUbe, of Chatham, now Portland, Conn. Tie 
was a lumberman, and engaged in river-driving at I he time of his death. Was dead June 
2, 1802, when letters of ndminiutration were grante<l to Isaac IToUister and witlow Ra- 
chel Treat. His eliildren wciv all baptized May 2, 1802, probably owing to the news of 
their f.nthrr's di-nth. The names of four of his sons, Horace, Lathrop, Orrin, .'lud Rob- 
ert, who died away from li<iim', are commejuorated on a stone in the burying ground ul 
South Glastonbury. 

Children lH>rn and Luiptizod m (Jlastonbury : 

820. LATUuoe.^ b. nl>ont IT.SU; d. July 28. l^lll, aged 31 ; ni. 1814, Tallatha Sexton. 

321. IIoMACK, b, July 4. 17»0; d. Dec. 3, 1821: m. , Polly Brooks. 

.•12i. OluuN. b. about 17112; d. July 3, mio. a;;cd 23; unm. Served during the war of 1812. In 
the <*o. of (*npt. Erastus Strong from Ang. 18, 1814 to Oct 25, 1H14. * 

323. Sophia, b. Feb. rt, 17a5; d. Nor. 18. 1850; m. Sept. 15, 1818. Isaac ColUos. 

324. UuUKRr, b. about 1798; d. Jan. — , 1817, aged 19, at Martinique, West Indies. 

325. CtiARU^, b. Oct. 27, 1801; d. Jan. 17, 1867; m. April 20. 1628. Matilda Cooly. 

130 Amos Hall" Treat (Gershom,^ niomas,* TTiomaa,^ Richard,^ Richard^) , bom' 
Feb. l.^» 1786 ; in Glastonbury, Coun. ; died Jan. 22, 187i>, aged ninety three, iu Aurora, 
Portage Co., Ohio ; married Feb. 21, 1811, Jake Stewart, of Chatham, now Portland, 
Conn., who died Nov. 12, 1852, aged sixty-two, in Aurora, Ohio, and daughter of Capt. 
3liehael aud Malinda (Abeniathy?) Stewart, of Chalbam. He remove«l to Ohio between 
1816 and 1818. Was a farmer. 

Chiliireu bom in Glflistonbury : 

326. I.Kvi Stl'awt', b. Jan. 19. 1812; d. April 18. 1881: m.. Ist. Feb. J7. 1831. Kancj Stron 

Hickov; 2d, . Eleuor R. Norton; 3d, Au^. 6. IsoU, Mary Dothca Cooper. 

327. Aiios .MummitR. b. March 13, 1813; m , 1841. Harriet M. llat<;h. 

143 Mary* Treat (E/i«Aa,5 7saac,* Thrmas,^ Richard,'^ Richard^), baptized Feb. 
22, 17G7, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; dii^l March 17, 1832, aged sixty-four (gravestone tii 
GlasJloubury^ ; marrie«l M.ny 28, 1788, Jepeduh Smith, baptizeil Sept. 9, 1764, died April 
4, 1826, agetl sixty-four (gravestone), and sou of «leduthan Smith, of Glastonbury. 
Childnt^n of Jedciliah and Mary Smith, boru id Glastonbury: 

tM. JittUTUAX,' b, jQly 2, 1789; d. Oct. 16. 1791. 3d y. ( g. s.). 

t99. Filii^. b. Jan. 2. 17111. 

»(K MANNAn. b. Xug. 20. I7D2; d. Sc|it. 3, 1792, ag«d 7d. (g. a.), 

881. SmiiAiii.. b. Aug. 12, 171KJ. 

S82. Makv. b. l>rc. 3^ 1795 ; %L Jan. 20. ITW, a«ml f w. (g. a.). 

S88. MAnr.b-MtyJ, 17^7. 

»4. TiK^VAS, b. Oct. 8. 1799; 0. (Vl. tC, 18l». «c«d 19 jta. (f. • ), 

S8S. Su».xKr. bu Mior !<« 1^1- 



sae. Eijz*, b. Oct. s. iHOi. 

MT. JCUA, h ScpL 30. I80fl. 
83d. AvKUji. b. July 1. 1808. 

146 Elisha'^ Treat {Elhha,^ Imac^* Tfiomas,^ Ricfmifl,^ Jifckard^), bom Aug. 27, 
177^, in (TlasUmtiurv. Conn.; ilie<l Jan. 13» 1852, aj^eil seventy-nine, in MiiUlletown, 
Conn ; murrietl, first, April o, IHOI, Lydia Il.vur, horn Sept. 18, 1777, died May 22 , 
180df and dun<;hter of Cnpt. Siinuiel and Lydia (lliusdnle) Hurt, of Kensington, Conn.; 
Bccund, April ,S, 181G, IJktskt Kiiiht, who died .Inly H, IHGl, ftge<l oiglity-two. He wiis a 
member of the legiMlature from Middletovvn in 1.S22, and juBtice of the peace in 1J^37. He 
waa well known ihronijhoiii Middliisex and adjaeent oountieH as "Scpjire Treat." Ho 
was a pn>minent member of the Baptist chtireh for many yearB, and was alno one of three 
inrd in Midillelown who eonstrintly voti^d the abolition tieket for many years previous lohia 

Children, born in Middletown, by hi% first marriage : 

339. LoRSXxo' IlAnr, b. Nov, 1. laOS; d. July 13, 18.>7; m., Ist, Aug. 23, 1826, Samh Sage 

KIrby: 2(1. April US. 18:57. Mary Kirby. 
840. Kmii.y, b. .Tnly 1«, IH04; <1. Srpt. 2r>. H>72; m. Oct 5. 1823, AlM WUcox. 

341. MauY Lydu. b. June SO, 1808; d. Jan. 2U. 1831, aged 23. 

155 Mercy* Treat (.Vamiw*/,* Taaac,* TJioma/i,^ Hichnrd,^ Richard^ ) , born April ID, 
177^ (the family reconl says 1781) in Glastonbnry, Conn. ; baptized May 2, 1779; died 
April 4, 1^71, in Springfield, Ma^s. ; marruxl Sept. 23, 1804, Hokack King, of Enfield, 
Conn , bora Sept, 7, 1783, died Oct. 24, 1847. 

Childr\;n of Horace and Merey King: 

342. HuR.iCK.' b. n.'c. 29, 1804 ; U. July or Aug., 1825. 
RM/.A. b. June 8, IMOG. iJ. Feb. 27, lpi7a; m. . 

34 «. 

8ami'1£L Trkat. b. .hmc 27, 1807; d. .Ian. 6, 1862; m. ■. 

ERAsrus, b. Sepu 21, 1810; in. . ReHldes In Springfield, Mass. 

Fkascis G.. b. June 21. I8I4; d. Dec. 27. 185D; in. . 

Amkma, b May 28. 1817; m. . 

Sakaq Ann, b. June !>, 1H22; m. 

-, Jf»bn Kimberly. Her daughter. Miss Louise II. 

Kliuberly. hai» funiUhed me with ihe riouve tiifonnailon. 

157 Roxanna'' Treat {Samuel,^ hatvc^ Thomas,^ Ricfiurd,^ Rkhard^), Iwrn July 
— , 1783; baptized Aug. 10, in Glastonbury. Conn. ; died April 30, 1845, in Enfield, 
Conn. : married May — , 1813. A^hkki. Tkickv, born Jan. 2, 178.'>, died .March 14, 1877, in 
Eufiehl, and son of Selah and Desiiv (Meaeham) Terry, of EnJield. Wan a farmer. See 
Terry Genealogy. 

Children of Ashbel and Roxanna Terry, Ixyru in Enfield : 
34'J. LoRKVZo/ b. Feb. H, 1H14; m. Nov. 13, 1851, Ann M- Wyllls, b. April 16, 1824, In Deer- 

fleld, Ma^s,, anil duiiKliUsr of Ellat and Hurrlet Wyllis. Was a farmer in Enlleld. 
SSO. Jamk-s. b. .M«rcb 16, IslG; unm. Is a ranner In Fiitlfhi. 
Sol. JcUA, b. Aug. 2, 1820; QUtn. 

168 Dyer' Treat ( Dorolheiu,^ Dorothens* Tkomi»,^ Ricfui rd,^ RicJiard^ ) ,born April 
20, ITS'l, in GLi«tonbnry, Conn. ; died April 14, 1830, aged thirty-nine (gravestone Soatb 
Glr ' ' — - -. (I Ai»rll 11, 1M01», Uachri. Stkvicns. For la-r second husband she 

ina; .. Grove Anson Tryon. He married, first, , Abigail Dudley, 

who dietl Maj 15, 1833, aged forty (gravestone, South Glastonbury). The family after- 

0(5 BIOHAKD treat: sixth generation. r 

wiu'dH ivinovwl about 1887, to Kockport, Illinois, where they died. Mr. Treat was a 
fiirincr, iiiul hiH furin wuh u portion of that originally granted to Richaixl Treats in Soath 

ClilUUvn born in South (Jlustonbury : 

«BL>. Son,'' 1). ; (1. June 11, 1812 (p. 8., S. G.). 

«M. JoHKVU S., b. , 1818; d. March 20, 1814, aged 6 mo8. (g, 8., S. G.). 

8M. It^fant, h. ; d. Feb. 10, 1817 (r. s., S. G.). 

aflfi. Mauv Ann, b. about 1810; d. in Atlas, Pike Co., Ill.;m. , BaxilTalbot Both 

are dead. No iHttue. 

im\. Waukton UAN80M, b. about 1822; d. , aged about 18, in Atlas, Pike Co., 111. 

169 Chaunoey^ Treat {Dowtheusj^ Dorotheus* Tlumasi^ Michard.^Richai'd^) , bom 
J\ily 17t ITUi'N in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died Nov. 16, 1840, in Atlas, Pike Co., Ill; mar- 
ried, tlivt, Mny 14, 1815, Sophia Chapman, of Glastonbury, who died May 7, 1816, aged 
nint»U»cn (j;rftvoHtt>no, South Glastonbury), and daughter of Tennant and Susannah Chap- 
man ; second, Fob. 10, 1H17, Lucy Chapman, l>orn Dec. 10, 1797; died June 25, 1882, 
agtnl einhty-tlvo, in Decorah, WinnoshoikCo., Iowa, and daughter of Abel and Lucy Chap- 
man, of South Glastonbury. Was a fanner and his laud was a pait of the farm origi- 
nally gi*antiHl tt> Kiohanl Treat in South Glastonbury. 

Childivn, lH>ru in Glastonbury, by his firat marriage: 
IW7. OiiAi'.NOKYj b. ; d. May 6, 1816. 

By his stH,»i>nd marriagi*: 

368. Sophia Lvov. b. Dec. 6. 1817: m. July lii. 18;^. Horace Ilerlen Horton. 
368. Kmii.y Makia. b. April 27, 18i\>; m. Nov. 20*. 1855. Charles Blgelow Juhuson. 

360. Fkamis Smith, b. May 8. 1822; m.. 1st. May 20. 1855. Harriet Bosh; 3d, April, 18CS, 

Martha Oaurtold. 

361. Syi yksikk Chxpm \x. b. April 4. 1824 : m. Feb. 2. 1851. Elixa A. Dunn. 
I»i;2. SiONKY Tksxanv. K Feb. I. lS2»;:d. Feb. 18. 185». In Decorah. Iowa. 

363. Axx Lkk. b. IVc. 4. 1827; m. Pec. 24. I8:.l. John Archer. 

364. N vxvY lYisiVKK. b. IVi\ U». 182i»: m. IKv. 24, 18C»4. George MerrilL 
366. M vu\ J KXK. b. Feb. 12. 18.^2; m. IVc. 24, 18ol. John Amnion. 

JOti. Ukxky. K Jan. 28. 18;U; d. Aug. 21. 18o4. 




175 Henry" Treat ( Ashbel Woorlhriflgc,^ Rickard^^ Jtirha)-d* Thotnas,^ RicJiard^ 
RicJnmV), born July H), 1799, in Givonfit-l.l, Snrutocra Co., N. Y. ; died Aug. 2G, 18.>9. 
in Windsor, Eaton Co , Mioli., tuanioil Nov. 10, lJS28, Maria Baluwik, of ^^ illiiini8- 
towTj, Mass., born Sept. 10, 1808 ; ttitnl Sept. 8, 1802, iu Windsor. He was a fanner and 
resided in Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., and Holland. Erie Co., N. Y. 

Childa-n, the liret three born in Freedom, the others in Holland : 

867. Lucy M,,* b. Nov. 22, 1829. 

868. Mautha, b. March IC, 1882. 

889. David Hkxuv. b. Miircli 9, 1834 ; m. , Asonnth Miiry . ResUlcA lu We«t Wh»d- 

»or, Eaton Co , MIrlilgaa. Has two .Inugliters : 

1. FramcB Ella" Trent. m> Hose. 

3. Alice ErniloA Treat. 

870. GoKDOX, b. .Inly UU, 1838. Was au orderly sergeant in the army during lUe Ilebelllori. 
and WHS captured by the enemy. NoLhing was afterward beard of him. He probubly 
dird in prison. 

871. Adkllnk C, b. Jnn. 2, 1845. 
873. Cakolfxe P., b. Scpl. 10, 1846. 

373, ORCEUA E., b. March 24, 1849. 

181 Seymour" Treat ( r<wor/tv,« Tinyjthy,-' Jikhm-d,* ThomnsJ^ Richard y^ lilchanV) , 
born t)ec. 3, 1782, In West Stoekbridge. Mass.; died .June 5, California; mamed. 
May l.'i, 1808, Phebe McCAnrr. Mr. Treat was a uiilhvriirht. 

Children : 

374. Isaiah McrAitTY,* b April 4, 1800; d, Nov. 5, 1841 ; m, Oct. 30, 1838, . 

376. Maria, b Dec. 9. 1812; m. April l'>, I81J7, Moieton B. Sacketi, 

87«. RuoDA. b, March 3. I81G: d. Sept. 12. 1»20. 
877. Steimikn Dkcatuu. b. April 12. 1819; d. . ISiO, ni, Murch 15, 184.1. ■ . 

878. CaULTOW, b. Oct. G, 1826; d- OcU 20, 1845. 

183 Susanna' Treat (Timothy,^ Timolhy,^ Richard,* Thomaa,'^ RlcJiard,^ Ric/t- 

arrf'), l»oru April 25, 17H6, in W«*st Sb_K.'k bridge, Mass. ; died , in Sandwich, III. ; 

married, tiret, May 28, 1807, Zelak Walter, who died- ,1811; seeond, Feb. — , 

18U, JosRPn PiiKt.p.s who died May, 1851, aged eighty-two. In 1841, Mrs. Phelps n 
moved from Homer, N. Y. (to which place her parents had moved in 1799), to Elgin, 111. 
lu HJ57, she eaoie to Sandwich, ami lived with her 8on-in-law, Hon. AugntttUH Ailanib. 
AUjui 1882, she went to Romeo, Mich., to viait her dnnghtei-e, Mra. Crawford and Mrs. 
Tillson. Nov., 1886, *he returned to Sandwich, and lived witli her daughters, Mrs. Wells 
and StUes. Had six chihlren and (1880) forty grandchildren, antl thirty great-grandchil- 
dren. She was a member of the Congregational church in Sandwich and wa« held in 
tlie highest esteem by all who knew her. 

Children of Zelak and Susanna W^alter, Itorn in Homer, by her first marriage: 

879. Sophia,* b. June 13. 180S; m. Jacob Crawford, of Komeo, Mich. 

880. Mabia, b. Juue 5, 1811 ; m. Dr. PJiilo TUIi^on, of Sandwich. III. 

Children of Joseph and Susanna Pheli>8, lx)rn in Homer, by her sec<md marriage : 

881. Ltt»ia. b. Nov. 18, 1814; d. Dec. 14. 1867; m. Oct., 1833, Hon. Augustus Adamii. 
88J. Me&ct, b. Nor. 18, 181D; mi. Sept. 22. 18«3. Carmi Wells, of Sandwich. III. 
888. Jo«BPa E.. b. OcU IC. 1824; in. Sept., 1849, Harriet Sitles, of Sandwich. III. 
aS4. CoR:<ieLU, t>. 8ept. S6, 1827; in. Sept., 1848, Cornelius Stiles of Kankakee, IIL 


liiciiARD treat: seventh generation. 

190 Lyman" Treat (Thomas^^ Thnothy^^ Richard.* Thomas,^ litchard,^ Hidmrd^)^ 

born Man-li 14, 1 7M5, in ; died ; mnmed , . Sei*ved in tho war 

of 1812. His fompnny comnuinded l>y Ca])tain CiiiuBton, wliicli was attncIjfMl to the sec- 
ond ii'giujcnt New York Artillery, Colonel ScoU, wna qaIUh] ont Sept. 15, 1812, for three 
months, to g<i to Lewiston, N. Y., and was stationed at Fort Gray. WJK'n the l»rig« 
Caled(>nia and Adams were CMptnnnl on their pnssage from Buffalo to Lewihton, he with 
his couijmuy "did good serviee." In March, l8o4, he resideil in liotmviUe, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., and formerly at Anbuin, Cayuga Co., N. Y, In March, 1855, he wus linng at 
Horse Heads, Chemung Co., N, Y. He received a pension. 

Son lK>rn in Glenwood, Erie Co., N. Y. : 
385. John,* b. . 

191 Timothy- Treat {Thnmas,<^ Timothy,^ Richard* TJiomas,^ Richard,^ Rich- 
»7rf/'), born Mnich 30, 17«r., in Georgia {?), near St. All)au8, Vermont; died March 1, 

1875, in Elk Grove, Sacramento Co., Cal. ; marri<Nl, first, , , near Buffalo, 

N. Y. ; second. Jan. — , 1817, Lovisa Bbktley, at St. Albans, Vt., who was born Jan. 32, 
1709, in Georgia, Vt., died Sept. H, 18C0, in Silver Creek, Mich. When a young nian be 
removed from V^ermont to Atirora, Erie Co., N. Y., where he enlisted about April, 1813, 
for six months with Captain Stevens, in Colonel Warren's regiment, and served till Sept., 
1814. He received a pen-iion for his services during the war of 1812, He remained in 
Aurr»r.i till the fall of 18;i4, when he removed Uy Michigan and settled near Niles, Ber- 
rien Co. In the fall of 18:17. he moved some twenty-five miles and settled in Silver 
Creek it^wn^hip Cass Co , whei-e he n-sided till 18G3, when he removed to Elk Grove, 
Cal., an<l rt-sided with his eldest son, Sullivan Treat, till his death. He was a farmer. 

Children, the first nine born in Auroni, ih^ last three in Silver Creek, by his first mar- 
riage : 

386. ScTM.iVAN,* l». .Iim. 18. IHII ; d. Jan. 21. 1880; m. Dec. 23. 1843. Caroline M. Gaye. 
By his second marrisige : 
:iHT. FiOKLiA. b. Oct. 15, KsiH.m. .Inly —,1885, Plilhiudei' Dunnlu^'. \vl.<> .1 ,it P.nrliruian 
Midi.. In 1879. NolHHue, 
388. ALMneA. b. Fib. 1». 1S21; m. Sept. 7, 1840, Mvnvy Akhicb. 

»8I>. Rl'DY, b. April C, 1J<23; m, . Wlltliini Green, who d. 1873. Kealdes nt Lower Lake, 

L'ikt? Co,, C;d. H«» M'vcnil chlhlrcn. 

5J90. Jamks Dkntly, I). .Inly 14, l8i.5; m. . Conlelia AUbicli, Reside to Downginc, Cass 

Co., Mich- Have tbre«« tliilUrcn; 
Louisa, b. Nov. 24, 1M2T; m. , Murrls O. AUlrlch. Hnd two children. Reside at 





l..ivvroiice, ViMi llur«-n Co.. Micliiuiin. 

IHA IfisCAL, b Mji>' 11, I8:i0; in. OiU 13. 1860. Alice Ann lUnmlnK. 

Wam.aok Ol<Vll.L(tv\ln). Ik Aug 9, 1882; m., Ist.^ -, In Viriiinla City, Neviidn. who «1. 

In about u yeiir ; 2d, , . He ia n timuMn by trnde. In May, 18511. ho went from 

Mlcbigrtn to ('atiforulrt. and after u few years removed to Vlij^lula Cliy, where for some 
yoar« \\v cariit'd on n Inirdwaru slorr. He now (18S8) rt'sulos aoincwliert* In Oregon. 

WiLi.AitD (twin;, b. Au^. 9, 1832; ni. , , Rt Salina'* City. Mouterey Co., Cal. 

Ilavo two cliildren. 

IIoKACP. Jay, b, Mnrcli 13, 183^^: d. Aprils. 1863. kllle<l hI the battle of Tiltsburg T^nd* 
In;;. He ^nlistid b> C»ct.. iHfil, in Co I. Cnpt. Brown, I2ih re^bnent, Col. guinn, 
Mlcbi^an Vobititeurs. Tln'V ennipod during ilu* winter of 18<;i and 18»}2.b» NiU'H, Mich., 
wluM'L* he WII8 di'iuiltd for lioH|)lial tluiy, there bi-lo^ nmcli sickness ttinonu the men. 
In March,,2. the regiment wenttoT^^nncssec, where bc-stiU contW>ned t*i servo In the 
Ilojipltal, but wbrn tb«-y wore •.urprlH^d by the Confederates at I'ltthburg Landing, all 
the »lck who were aide went out to meet the enemy, nnd Mr. Trent was killed soon 
after the uttock begun. 

RICnABD treat: seventh <}BXEKAriO.V. 


386. LfCT An.v. b. Mnjr 2. in3d: in. Nov. 12. l8o7. Fletcher B. Robinson. 
3V7. Xaxoy J\sk, b. Aug. A. 1811 ; d. June in, I84«. 

398. AMAXbJk KL'PUKMii» b. May 16, 1814; in. Dec. 25, 18CC, Ueory Warren Russell. 


192 Oren- Treat (TZiama*,* Timotfo^,^ Richard,^ Tftomd.t,^ Hichard^'^ JiicJiafd^) 
iHjrii Oft. U'k IT^sT, in Si. Albftii"*, Vl., prohalily ; «!it;d April 20, \HH2, a^tnl iiinely-fivt 
ftl GrirflirM Mills* Krie Ci>.» N. Y. ; timrnea, first, Nov., 1813, nt Williiik, Erie Co., N. Y 

Xai^cy Tuompsos, who <lie«l 1835; sccoimI, , 183C, Maria Wkf.ks, of Saratoga. 

>I. Y'. 3Ir. Trent settled in Aurora in 1812. He resided alGiiftln'sJ Mills. Was enrolled 
under Cnptain Stevens, in Colonel W,trren*8 Reg't, Aug, 1, 1814, and was disdiarged 
at Biitfalo alvotit Oct. 1» 1815. He remenilH^rcvl the asf^anlt uirule hy the nritiHii, abon' 
miilnight, Aug. 15, 1814, to capture Fort Erie. He received a pension. Was a faruici . 

Childi-en tiorn in Anrorn, by his first marriage : 

399. JVUV9 Aujw,'b. , 1RI4; ro. , I8S;), Snvnh Crocker. 

400. AitiOAiL. b. . 1816; m. Nuv. 26, 1636. Willinrn Darlin;;. lU'sliles In SoDlh Wales. 

Erlu Co.. N. Y. 

401. (tKOBfJK, b. Sept. 17. 1817; il. Dec. 25, 1882; xu. M.irch 12, 18.'>4, Sarali E. Foalcr. 

402. THOMA8, b. , 1820; d. ynuii;;. 

403. Thomas Nklsox. b. May 30. 1S'J2; in. March 23. 18C1, Clara W. Bell. 

404. FaYKTTK, b, , 1824; d..Voung. 

406. Lymas L , b, April 80, I82S; rn Jan. 11. 1S7I, Laara Auue Cooper. 

40G. Orex, b. . 1<«M). 

407. Uklkx, b. , 1832; d. in Uifancy. 

408. Nasct Hklkn. b, 1835; m. , Horace Delaocy Underbill. Resides In Sharon, Wise 

By bis second marriage : 

409. Ellkry Bkntly, b. Ang. 20. 1836; d. Nov. 18, 1880; in. June 29, 1863, CharlotUi 11. 

410. VicroRU, b. Jfin. 5, 183.^ ; d. April 1, 1873: m. , Rnyal Lee Colby. Had one son : 

1. Adelberl Morgan* Colby, b, July. 1H63; d. July, 1885. 
411. Mauik KitANCKS, b. Si-pt. 22, 1840; ni Aug. 17. 186.'!, Deli vnn Calkins. 

412. IUkkikt Auvii.LA, b. Nov. 9, 1842; m, Oct.. 23, 1884, Gcurge Buss, Resides at Fort Cal- 
kins. Ltiritner Co., Colorndo. Is a rarnier. 

413. Obvu.1 jc Cassius, b. July 17, 1H44; d. Oct. 7, 1860, Jn East Aurora, N. Y Was a farmer 
m. — -, — . Had two children : 

1. Orvllle Mnule>» Treat, b. . 

2. J«?nnie Treat, b. . 

195 Izbon' Treat {Tlmms/^ Timothy,^ Rlcfmrd,* Thomas.^ Richard,^ likhard} ) . 
born June 1, 1793, in Willsliorongh, Essex Co., N. Y. ; died Feh. 22, 1878, in Aurorn. 
Erie Co., N. Y. ; inairied, Hrdt, Feb. 22, 1822, Apphia Thompson, in Aurora, born Feb. 

17, 1803, in Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; second, — , Huldaij, born Jan. 2, 

i«12, died M:iy 23, IHGC. Wjw a farmer. 

C!iildren, lirst three born In Aurora, the fourth, fifth and sixth, in Colden, by his first 
marriage : 

414. gK.VMorn EDrwAiiD," b. June 13, 1823; d. Feb. 6, 1867; m. Dec. 29, 1849, Abble Spurling 

415- CnAiu.Ks Ualph, b. Jan. 12, 1826; ni. Jan. 1. 1862, Margaret Rcesman. 
416. LrcHKiiAMAftiAU. b Ftb. 5, 1828; d. Dec. 27, 1842. 
417» Lkwis J., b. March 31, 1832; d. Sept. 27. 1861; na. Sept. 12, 18W, Fannie Pratt Barden. 
4ia. Cyrkma A.\.n. b. Oct. 13, 1887; d. Oct. 24. 1845. 

IIP. GriiuukS., b. April 7, 1842. Bfsidcs (1890) lu White Oaks, Lincoln Co., New Mexico 
By second mari inge : 



420. LouiHA R., b Sept. 23, 18ri2; d. Oct. 15, 1833; m. March 29. Is74. Everett Diirbee. h. Sept. 
10, 1847. lt«*s.klt?s (1801) In East Aiirom, N. Y. la a dealer In pianos, organs, njusiciil 
merchandise and stewing mncliint'M. HhU nun ; 
1. Emmet R.» Dnrbec, b. Aug. 20, 1875; d. March 25, 1877. • 

Had two otlier chiMrcn by this maninge, vibo died in infanc}*. 

196 John^ Treat {Thomas,^ Timothi/,^ liichanl,* TJionias,^ Richanly'^ Bichard^), 
born Mny 3. ITDfi, in Jetrerson (?), Franklin Co., Vt. ; died Jan. 10, 1864, in Concord, 
N. Y.; m. July 17, 1823, Eunick Amidon, born Dec. 14, ls04,died Nov. 25, 1877. Mr. 
Treat removed from Vermont in 1804 ; and settled in Aurora, Erie Co., N. "iT., where lie 
built a log cabin. In 1838, he removed to Concord, N. Y., and [mrcUased a farm. 
Cliildren, the first eight born in Aurora, tin; others in Concord : 
421. VoLL\ M.,» b. April 2(1, 1824; d. Dec. 3. 1888; m. .^m. I, 1850, Stephen Wheeler. 

422. Jkmima, b. April 11, 1825 ;<1. Aag. 4, 18«4. in Erie Go. ; m. April 6, 1849, R. W. VanOeusen. 

No i.<}.sue. 

423. CvNTHiA, h. Feb. 19. 1827; m. April 3, 1853, OUs Sweet. No Issue, 

424. Almon Harmon, b, Nov. 28. 1828; d. Jan. 31, 18f>0; m., l8t, Sept. 11. 1859, Carrie G. 

Mills, of Polo, Illinois, b. Jan. 7, 1829, d. Sept. 6, 1868; 2d, Oct. 6, 1880, Abble S. Bo- 
dee, of DLxon. Illhiols. b. June It. 1843. Was Vicc-lVcsUio-nt nn.l Director of the Ply- 
mmitli Roller Mill Co., at LeMara, Iowa. N > i^stie. 
425. Faykttk, b Jan. 8, 1831 ; m. Oct. 2G, 1853, Martha Grlfflth. 
42B. Erastlis, b. Dec. 11, 1832; d. Oct. 17, 183',. 

427. CiHRLOTTE, b. Nov. 10, 1835; m. Mtiy 20. 1858. Payette Corbln. 

428. TnoMvs. b. S»'pt. 28. 1838; in. Scpf, 2s. 18«U. Eva Weallhy Daley. 

429. liKTSv Apphia. b. Feb. 27, 1843; d. Juno 0, 18S1 ; m. Juno 20, I860, Dr. Thomas D. 8tur- 


430. .Tons Counklius. b. Dec. 20, 1844; m. June 6, 18G7, Ellen Leulhera Squires. 

198 Elizabeth' Treat (Thomafi,^ Timothy,^ RfcharrJ,* Thorms,^ RkMitl,^ Rlch- 
«rd^), born Apr. 1, 1708, probably in or near St. Albans, Vt. ; died Jan. 27, 1841 ; mar- 
ried Oct. 14, 1820, Isaac How, who resided and died in Colden, Erie county, N. Y. 

Children of laaac and Elizabeth How, born in Colden : 

481. Douffhter," b. Sept. 1. 1821 ; d, Sept. 7, 1821. 

432. TnoMAS Palmicu, b. Aug. 11, 1822; (dead); m. , Snsau Thompson. Was a U. 8., 

patent lawyer, and resided In Brooklyn, N. Y. Had three children : 

1. Hartley* How, b, . 

2. LuclnH P. How, b. . 

3. Etta How, b. . 

488. Maky Jkmima, b. Nov. 23, 1823; d. May 17, 1875; m. Sept. 1, 1846, Charles P. Stancllft. 

They resided In North Collins, N. Y. Was a mechanic. Hud nine children b. to Col- 
den und Collins, N. Y: 

1. Dau'ihtrr.' h. Jnne 1, 1847; d. In Infancy. 

2. Mjuittu Elizabeth Sianclift, b. April 17, 1849; m. May 18, 18C5, Albert Hicks. 

Reekie in North Collins. Had eight children, b. in Concord, Hamburg and 
North Collins : 

1. (Hive M.'" nicks, h. April l*. 1868. 

2. Ella M. U\ckH, h. May H. 1873. 
8. Cory M. Hicks, b. March 29, 187G; d. June 1, 18«2. 
4. 3fyrtle Hlckn, / w|, Feb. 2, |880. 

6. Myrton Hicks, \ '»' ''*"• 25. >»79 ; J ^ jjarch 7, 1879. 
G. Leroy A. Illck.i, b. April C. 1882. 

7. Guerney E. Hicks, b. .March 17. 1885. 

8. Aaron Ulcks, b. Aug. 5, 1887. 



5. Amlnn l.ytWti SUncUft, b. Muy 8, 1852; m. April 4, 1H76, Abram V. Divine. 1- 

a. carprniLM" niul msides In EHst Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. Have four children 

b. In Klinu, Iltiiiiliui'f; and East Auroru. 

1. Jennie M.'" Divine, b. July 8, 187G. 

2. Liiui^ B. Divine, b. Oct, 6, 1878. 

3. Charles A. Divine, b. Dec. 9, 1880; d. Jnne 27. 1883L 

4. Cltti'^nce 1£. Divine, b. M.ircli 17, 1H82; t\. Doc. 4, 1887. 
4. Mary nort«?n»e SunolUt, b. Oct. 10, 1855; m. May 10, J880, Samuel N. Kceve. 
C. Chnrles Wlllaid Suincllfi, h. Sept. 4. !858; d. May 17. 18&'J. 

6. Jennie Marie Stanollfi, b. Jan. 7, ISrtO. 

7. Minnie Sunclifi. ( 

8. Wlllard Charles SianrUa, \ '^- ^'^^' ^*^' ^**^^* 

9. Keltic Candace Stanrllft, b. Aug. 28, 1SG8. 

200 Amaziah' Treat (Co/-«o/i»m,« Timothy ^^ Richard,* ThnmaH,^ Richard^^ Hich- 
oiv/'). liorii April 1*2, 17l«0, in A! ford, Berkshire county, 3Ift%s. ; die* Hn llic spring of 
1H19, ill Boulhuni Illinois; inarriwl Sept. 17, 1809, Sallt Colvin, who died Nov. 26, 
1^*64, in Rook county? Wisconsin. When lie wiis four yenrs ohK Mr. Treat's parents re- 
moved to Mendon^ Monroe connly, N. Y. In atidilion to assisting his father on the farm, 
he obtained n good coninion 8cho<d education. Was married when less than twenty years 
old, and remained in Mendon till about 1813, when he rcniovod to Angelica, Allegany 
county. In the spring of 1819, he went to southern Illinois hoping to better his con- 
dition, but died there from a severe attack of brain fever. The wi<low with four small chil- 
dren relumed to her lather's house in Mendon, where she gave them all the attention she 
could in U)e way of e<lucatiou. In the fall of 1M3G, she removed to New London, Hu- 
ron connly, Ohio, wilh her cliildr«>n, and subsequently to Rock county, Wis,, where she 
Uieil. Although the youngest of the family is now more than seventy years old, tliey have 
never been long separated, but live very near eaoh other on the most intimate and friendly 
' CbildreD, the 01*81 two born In Mendon, the others in AngoHca: 

434. DlADBMA." b. June 8. 1810; m. Sept. 7, Id.*)!. Ueinan DarrUt. 

436. Sarah, b. F«l>. 17, 1813; d. July 30, 1890; in, Sept. 8, 1831. Benjamin Park. 
486. CouxKuus MiuaiMKK, b. April 2fi, 1817; m. Aug. 29, 1841, Phelie Alvira Curtisa. 

437. ChaRLOitk Ai>aU.M{, b. June I, 1810; ra. March 10, J838, Joel Miner. 

201 Hannah' Treat (Car»e//tw,« Timothy,^ Richard* Thomas,^ Richnrd^^ Rich- 
ar<i'), lK)rn July 30, 1701, in Alford, Mass.; died May 3, 1832; umrricd , Dan- 
iel Fall. 

Cliildren of Daniel and Hannah Fall: 
438. Gkorgk". b. . 

Fmankun, b.- 
WlLLUM. b. — 
BlkkkIcr, b. — 

liRUl, b. 

E'.TIIKR, b. 

202 Ruth' Treat (Corm'// MX," Timothy,^ Richard,* TliomaH;^ Richard:^ Richard^) ^ 

born Fell. 12, 17^3, in Alford, Mass. ; died ; married about 1810, Moses McClkl- 

I.4X f a farmer. He resided in Mendon, Monroe count}', for many years, and then emigra- 
ted U> southern Indiana. All tracos of the family have been lost. 


ClilMren of Moaes and Ruth McClellon, born in Menclon : 

4t4. flRllHJET.* b. . 

445. £l4»iiiRK, b. . 

446. CUARLKS, b - ■. 

203 Alvin" Treat (CorneHnsS' Timothy,^ Ridiard,* Tliomai^^ Richard:^ Hicfiard^), 
born March 17, 17y5, in Mcudon, Monroe eounly, N. Y. ; died Aug. 4, 1853, in Somer- 
set, Niugura ronnty, N. Y. ; ULirried April 1, 1«17, Hannah F. Vak Ness, who died Oct. 
9, 18CI. He was n farmer and resided in Men<lon lill 1H29, when lie removed Ui Yates, ^ 
Orlcnns count}-, N, Y., tbence to Somerset, where he died. 

Children, the fin»t and second born in Mendon, the oUiers in Vnte^ : 

447. Robert Rki>ci*.» b. Dec. 13. ISVJ; m., l»i. Dec. 10, Kh4U. Betsey S. VIckery: 2d. Fob,_ 

27. 1S7S. Mr«. Addia AnM>lil. 

448. GniRr.x Krlson, b. Feb. ir., 1H22; m. Oct. 13. 1B53, Ellen C. Hltl. 

449. Mkbct C. b. Nov. 28, 1829; ni. May 23. IS58. Daniel H. Mend. 

450. CoitNEMus. b. March 8, 1832; in. At>rU in. 18*12, Mary L. Robinson, fie resides In Sora- 

ers»ei, and Is rej4aitU'd as one or the beK farmers In the county. No isHue. 

451. AytKUx CLeMKXnNK, b. May 18, 1831 ; d. May 30, 1873, in Corru, Genesee Co.. N. Y. 

204 Benjamin Palmer" Treat {OnurHuA,^ Timotinf,^ Hichani,* Hioman,^ 
Richui'di* Jiic/nmi^), l>oiii Aug, 12, 17i<M, in Mention, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; liied .luly 14, 
1828, in AugelicA, Allegany Co., N. Y. ; married Aug. 1, 1822, Sosaii E. Davis, of An- 
gelica, who died Nov. 2, 1851. He reuitune<I on his ruther's nirm till his marriage in 1822, 
when he remove*! to Angelica, where he also engagwl in farmLiig. 

Children born in Aogelicii : 

452. 8C8AN L. A.,» b. about 1S23; .1. Ju]y 25. 1825, 

463. St:iA.N A., b. July 4, 1H2.^; d. Sept. 18. 18^7; m. Jan. 13. 1843, A. W. Dankln. 

464. Mary V., b. Dec. 27, 1826; m. Dec. W. 1M43. Nathan C. liammoud. 
4.V5, Bkxjajiin PAL.MER, T>. Nov. 27, 182s ; a. Aug. 7, 1825. 

205 Coraelius Dwelly* Treat { Crtr«W.ii«,e Timothtf,^ Richard^* Thomas,^ Rich- 
ard.^ Rich>inV), born Ai)ril 18, 1801. in West Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; died Nov. 2, 
1851, in Belmont, Laporte Co., Indiana; married Jan. o, 1823, in Palmyra, N. Y.. Amajc- 
DA 8KIMNKR, bom April 10, 1801, at Saratoga, N. Y., dietl July 27, 1874, at Hannibal, 
Missouri. Mr. Treat was a millwright by tra<)e, and oonsiderei] to Ims a very skilTuI mo- 
chnnie. He was a meml>er of the Haptist church, and « deacon of the saoio at Niles, 


456. Chaki.m I. .Um - b. Nov. 21, 1823, at P-tlmyra, N. Y.-, d. April 5. 1 847 1 m. Sept. S2, l«lir.* 
Kev. Georue V. Tenbrnoko. 

467. Cntiu.1 - N. b. Fob. 19, 189G. at Mlddlebursfa. X. T. ; A, Aq$. 7, 1880; m. May 5, 

1.H.11 m\. 

468. CoRNKLiLb Am^auu, b. April lA. 1828, at WmI Bloi>mfleld, N. Y. ; m. Jane IB, 1850, La- 

cinda C. Rouliin. 

469. Bkniauin PaI-Mku, b. t>*c S«, 1830, at Mendon, N. T.; d. Aug. 9. 1874i «. , IBM, 

CInrlhsa Builcr. 
460. John JaT. b, D«c. 12, 1831, at \aio», Orleans Co., K, Y. i la. Xot. U. 18«Q. Gllul>eUi Jane 
4f.l. Ukukn, b. Sept. 3, l8nA, at Suporhir. MIclitgan ; d. OcL 99, |gS8, al Superior. 

206 EUory Sanford' Treat 1 <ytrtHii»M* Tim.^tky* Ridiard^* TkomoM,^ i?«:Aimi « 

/?icAanI'),born OcU 4, I80n, at Mendon, near Kochealer, Monn>c Co., N. Y.j dioii Feb. 



10, 1870, in Milwaukee, Wiac. ; manie.l, (hst, April 13, 1830. Mahgahf.t Coulson, who 
tlied Dec. 24, 1 8.'>0 ; second, Nov. G, l^^.j.'i, Mrs. Cir^itLorrK (rARiiiou;?. A tun early age 
Mr. Treat left the fjirm to teach schogU and followed that occupation all hi>t life. He was 
principal of the public achooU ici Ilt>cheflter froin tlio beginniiii; of the syJteiu till advanc- 
ing age unlltted hitn for the position. In l8tJ7, he rtMiioved to Milwaukee, and livcil with 
his son till his death. 

Chilthen horn in Uochester: 

4<I2. HARnno- Amku*,*1>. Oct. 10, UJ.ia; m. , Jacob Braxce. KeslUc (ItWrt) In Uoeliestcr, 

Hiid litive three UHUghterH. 
463. Gkoicgk Km.huv, h. June 15. IS.'HJ ; m.. 1st. Dec. 1860. Eliza Coulson; 2(1, Aug. 18, 1880, 
Miirth.'i HI;;;el<iW. 
K»4. M.iniiAKhrr. b. Juue 5. 1842; in. Nov.^ 1871. Andrew Erhart. Has one sou uiid two daiii^h- 
Hurl ivvo Mtiirr children who lUml un«li.'r IIvl- yeaj-s old. 

207 Noah Nelson* Treat (Corn*>UttA,''* Timothy,^ Richard,* Thnmas,^ llichnrd,^ 
Jiii'hard^), born Jan. 2G, LSUt), in Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; died Keh. 28, 1878, iu 
Mention ; married, first, Oct. 3, 1833,Hauuiet AKMSTitoNO,orPittsford, Monroe Co., N. Y.^ 
who die<l Ma}- 12, 1H41 ; second, Nov. I, 1H4.'J, AI vitr Ann Avkkw, of ArUport, Sieuhrn 
Co., N. Y"., wlio died before her husband. When a young man Mr. Tre.'it learned the 
trade of a painter, but was obliged to give it upas it injured his health. He then went 
to work o\\ Ins father's farm, of which lie becatne the owner upon hia deatli in 1^47. 

{-iiildren, t)orn in Mention, by hi* first rnarriajie : 

i65. £«TnRR Anv." h. Nov. 16, 183.1; m. MnrcJi i_', isr.o, Charles TAllmatlge, a farmer, wlio re- 
sides In Mendoii. No Wsuo. 
488. AincLAiDF., I>. Apvil :U), 1M37; ni. Dec. 1, l8/»9, Ellsha D. North. 
467. Haiiiukt Palmrr, b. May 8, 1841 ; m. Feb. 4. 1838, Kdward Cady. 

208 Dr. John Jay^ Treat (Conielius,^ Timoth;/,^ Wchanl,* Thoiaas,^ Jti'i'hard,^ 
JikfuinV), born May 23, IHOS, in Men<loJi, Monroe Co., N. Y". ; died Aug. G, 1852, iii 
Rochester, N. Y. ; married April 13, 1835, Cj.artssa Sthono, born Sept, 7, 1807, and 
daught,er of Dr. Kzrn and IJetscy (Dunning') Strong, of Scipio, N. Y. Ho uraifualed at 
the Berkshire Medical Institute, Pittslield, Mass., in 183.5. Was a physician in Kd wards- 
burgh, Mich., from 1835-1842. Was a celel)rftted pli>'sician and surgeon in Rochester 
from 1842-IH52, and died there iluring the cliot«'r!i epidemic the latter year. At that time 
he waa city physiciaii, nn<l for weeks never undreMSwi, but remained in his oHIce day and 
night ready to answer any and every call at a momeni's notice. Finally, ho was stricken 
iiown hinjself. The newspaptn's of that date speak tjf his heroic services and nol)le self- 
sacrifice in (taring for the sick <hjring that dreadful scourge. He was a <ievoted Christian. 

Children, the first two l»orn in K<lward8burgh, the others in Rochester: 
408. Jay Sri<ONG,''b M»iy 2r., I83ii; in. Miiy R, 1802, AnieUu :Miiiim Parker. 
46». FiiANK. b. Aug. 5, 1«40; il. .Tune 28.»U. 

470. EMMA.b. .lune 1. 1843; il. .Inly G, 1843. 

471. Ki».s« .Fask, b. Nov. !>, IH44; m. W. A. Mni*se. Rcsirlca in Minneapolis, Mhia. No Issue. 

472. ClakI!<sa SruoMi, b. May 21. 1847; d. Aug. 22, I84t». 

209 Joseph Randolph" Treat (Cornelius,^ Timothy^^ Itichard,^ Thomas,^ lilch' 
ordr lilchnnV), born duly 14, IMIO, in ^lendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; died July 8, 18B8, 
in Milwaukee, Wise.; married Oct. 20, 1830, in I'eidield, Monroe Co., N. Y.,Cako!.ink 
Williams, who died Alay 17, 1865. Alter leaving Mendon, he settleil in Toronto, Canada, 




AS early &i 1834. Iltj removed to Xiles City, Mich., about 1H38, where he was a black- 
Btnith, ami after ward 9 to Milwnnkee, Wise, where he engaged in mechanical and mcrcaii- 
tile imranlLs. Wn^ in lUv. wholy!*ftlc jewelry Imsitieas. He eriH-ted a fine lilocU o» Knnt 
Water street. In politicH he vv:i.s a sLriL-t Donmoiat who never eut the ticket. Aeeumu- 
inted a fortiioe. 

Children, the lirHt two born in TorouLo, the Lhutl in Nilea City : 

473. Hkmiy ('..' b. J8:i4: rn. Mtircli 10, 1838. K<iie A. I'utniun. 

474, Kki.lif. M.. h. April '2^^, 1887; in. Dec. I», l»*»0, Georjie UeillleUI ClilUen<len. 
475. John HoLru, Ij. June 7, Jt«39; unm. He n-Hldes In K:iiih:w City. Mis>oiir>, and la engaged 

in Lite L«nd. Loan and Insurance hnsincss. His j;enittl and manly character ba» won 
the cunQitence of nil Is quite wi^aliliy. 

211 Malina'Treat( Ehenpzer^^ Timodnj,^ nickurd,^ T/iomittf^-^ I^lchord:- liic/Kinr)^* 
born Ort. 12, 17*J4, in Alford, Mass. ; died Mjiy 27, 1.S44, in Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y.; 
married April 22, 1813, Philander Chamberlain of Mendon. 

Chililren of riillnnder and Malina Chandierlain, born in Mendon : 
i'd. Pnti.KTi s," h. Nov. ad. 1814; m. \hc. 31. 1H37. Julia Uurnts. U a farmer and redldcit In 

477. rniLANHKK T . h. Oct. 15, 181C ; lu. Sept. tt, 1642, Mnry D. Tullle. Ucsides near Hastings, 


478. Hannah L.,h. .Inn. 10, 1823; m. Mny l.', 1851, Dr. Dnnlel T. Webster, of Ensi BloomflcUl, 

N. Y., who (\. April 30, 1880. She ui>w \,1H87) rchides with lier slslcr, Mrs*. Esther A. 
TrUle, at H«>iieo>e Kails. N. V. 

479. Malina J., b. Oct. U. 1827; in. , Henry M. Townc. who d. Oct. 26, lMi4. She now 

rcshlcs on her lartn In Chippewa Co., Wise. 

480. EerHKit A., b, Sept.i'O. IHl'J); m.. 1st, Au;;. 22, 1848. H«iiry Boanlman. who d.ln the nnny, 

Nov.. 18U5, durin*; tiic Kehel lion ; 'id, Dec. l.S. 187ri, A>h TrUh'. apiombn ni hurJwuro 
merchant of Honeoye Fulls, N. Y. Sin- hail iwn rhiltliLii by lit-r ilrst iimrrliige : 

1. Allle" Boanbnan. b. . 

2. Melville M. Hoanlmun, b. . 

481. Hamlin T., b. Nov. 18, 18.'JI ; m. Nov. 24, 1857. Mary Almanda Towne. Thoy reside lu 

Mbiniapoll«!, Mhin. 

212 Esther" Treat ( Ebenrzpr,^ TimnOnf,^ liichard* Thomas,^ Uirhfird,^ liirhard^), 
born Oct. 15, 1797, in Mendon, Monioe Co., N. Y. ; died April 23, 1M83» in Mendon; 
marrieil , Uelamy Claflin, who died some time previous to his wife. As the fam- 
ily records were destroyed by lire it is imiKisaible to gi\e ftill particulars in reganl to this 

Children of Belumy and Esther Claflin, born in Men(h>n : 

482. IlAviLiAn.' b. ;c1. ; in.. 1st, fihoui 18.')5, LIhhie North, who d. In H-'illniLrf*. 

Minn., whoie ho heitled leaving one sun ; 2d, .Mrs, IjjDuc. Hv »u»w re- 
sides at Eureka Springs, Arkauiias. 

483. EsTUKu M.. b. ; d. ; ni. Hiram Mmison, of East Bloomfleld. N. Y. Both are 

now iteml. Nol^flUe. 
4M. Ha.nsah, b. ; d. ; ni., , Everard ruhner, of Buffjilo, N. Y. She lived 

but about a year after licr marriage. 
485. Exir. S., b. ; d. ; m. , Evorard Palmer, after the death of her sister. 

She too died eai-ly le.nving h rton s 
1. H.iiiow" Palmer, b. . who resides with hi» father In Uull'ido. 

213 Jemima' Treat {Ehenezer,^ Timothy,^ Uichurd,* Thorn wn,^ liichanl,^ liicJt- 
ard^), Immii Dec. 25. IsOO, in MendoD, Monroe Co., N. Y.\ died Nov. 23, 1H72» iu 



Clinton, R«mk Lo,, U isc ; iiumied Aug !.*», 181C?, Cii vut.KS CcRTiss, in Mcndon, who 
ilie<l Aug. 6, 1HG5, in Rdgglcs, AhIiIuimI Co., Ohio. They resiileil on their farm in 
Mc^ndoii luosioflhe time up to 1832, wlien they eniigratcil lo Ktiggles. 8ome lime Bfter 
tho death of her Ijusbaiid tihe went to live witii her (Juiighter Phebe Alvirri who hud inurned 
Coruelnis Mortlinei-* Treat in Clinton, wliere 8l»e died. 

ChihlretJ of Churhrs an«] Jemima Cnrliss, tlie first tliree born in Moscow^, Livingston 
Co., N. Y., the fourth in Mendon, the others in Ruggle» : 

496. CriiKXirs TiiKAT,' h. July 1, 1H20; rn. J»u, W, 18.>3, Jallet McComber of Belvhlpre, III. 
Id the sprhig of l5<49, lie went to Cullfornla auil renmined two years. Ucsiides (18J7) 
near Cllntoii. Wi<ic. Hius one son: 

1. Chnrles E<Uviii* CartUs, b. , who is a professor in the Normul school at 

MucU»ou, DtikotH. 

497. Kmii.y Mauiah, h. Jan. 28, 1B22; m. Jiin. 1, 1843, John W. Gat(>s. who d. In the Hill of 
iJliW, 111 Itock Co., WliiC. After living for some years h) New I.onilou, Ohio, »iud vlclnlly. 
tbejr eml;:raied to northern Incilana. thence to Hock Co., Wise. She now (1887; rc- 
»idev with her youngest dau. in Chlcngo, III. Ujm tUree cblUirtin. 

1. Sierm Ntvaitii* GaieM, b, . 

2. Churl«-<» Morilint-r Gatfs, b, . 

8. Ida Eveline Giilrs. b. . 

488. PiiKMK Ai.vuu. b. Ffh. 7, 1824; ni. Aug. 211, 1K41, Corncllns Mortimer" Treat. .See No. 

489. Ebknkzkr IIom>'. b. Oct. «. Irt28; rn. Oct. 27. mn, Maltle E. Phillips, who d. May 24, 
IH7U. He l» a photographer, «nil resides nt Whitewater, Wbc. 

400. EsTURR Jask, b. March 2, 1883; ni. , Humphrey Clark. Resides now (1887) near 

Shoplere, Kock Co., Wise. 

41M, Daniku W., b. Sept. 6, IM35; d. May 10. 188i, In Helena, Montana; m., about I.s<;5. Mrs. 
Sarali Orljig?* of New Louilon, Ohio. In tlie ^prln;; or 1802, be went lo .Montuna. After 
ffinalning a few yenra he returned and married his wife, with whom he returned to He> 
Jena. Montanii, wliere he ain.ia.'ied considerable property. 

4»2.« l.UMls, b. Nov. 5, 1837; d. Dec 31, IS82, In Florida; ni. In the fall of 1H79. Eva 
0«lium. of Turtle. Hock Co.. WI.hc. He was reiiretla furmer, but prepared himself for a 
teacher, whicl* position he occupied succeMsfully for many years In l«<;i, he enlisted 
for three yeMrs hm n noldler, and upon the expiration of his term of service be returned 
and sgah) enlisted, and served to the end of the war. Kesided In New Londou, Ohio, 
till Dec., 1882, wlien he left for Florida to attend a brother who was very sick there. 
Soon after his arrivid be was taken violently sick, and d. on the 31st of the month, 
teavluit a wife and two snmll children. 

493. Wuixu* Pauk. b. Mtiy 2l», 1841; m. , Louisa Fish. Was roand a farmer, but at 

pre^sent (1HH7) is a succes.oful manufacturer in New Loudon, Ohio, lias oue dau. : 
1. Maltle* Curtlss, b. . 

214 Park- Treat {Ebenezer,^ Timothy,^ nichard* Thomas,^ Richard,^ RicJiard^), 
boru Nov. 9, IH04, in Mendoti, Alonroe Co., N. Y. ; died Oct. 16, 1880, in Northfield, 
Waablenaw Co., Midi., where he was residing with his son and daughter ; married June 
^, 1827, Sotn!i4 Bauket, who died July 9, 1H52. He was a fanner, and resided for some 
yeikts in Mendon. whence be emigrated to northern Imliana, and afterwards lo Miehl- 


Clitldren born io Mendon : 

494 .• b. Xof . 12, 1829 ; m. , Ke»hleB in Norlhfleld, Mich. , and has twelre 

If en. 
495. Mutv l>, Feb. 4, 1883; m. Jan. ), 183r>, James Rogers. Resides In Korthlleld, has two 

i!)€. 1!aw.(K. b. June 21, 1847; d. Jan. 17. \S65. tn the army. 



215 Ebenezer Hamlin^ Treat ( A'^>e/i«cr,« Timotfiif,'' likhcmh^ Thmnag,^ Ufch- 

ardr Jtich(ini^), hoin Nov. 15, ISUH, in Memlon, Monroe Co, N- Y. ; dieti Jjin. 21, 1M67, 
ill Uock Com Wise; married, April li*, Ih;^2, Fkkkkt Nkwcomb, dnniililer of llozekiah 
aiu] Mis. (Lcet) Newcomh ( see Nt-wcoiiib Genealogy )» wlio resides in Clinton, Wibt:. Ho 
wns a Tiu'iuer, and resided in JMundon, till Oct., IK33, when he removed t-o Ilnrou Co., 
Ohu). «nd again in ihc full of 184.'j, to Turtle, Rock Co., Wise, The postollicc ol' Ui»l 
town is ut .Sliopiere. 

Children, the first horn in Mendon, three in llnrou Co., and the two youngest in 

407. Wji.i.u\i Maucus/ h. Aog. 22, 1833; m. Oit. 31. 1800, Jenneite C. Bradley. 

498. Makv LiHUSA, b. Oct. l*. IH^ft; m. April lU. 1««}0. Ktla«r K. Hatch. 

4l>y. Mji.ton Pauk, b. Sept. 21, 1837; ni., Isi, Sept. 17, I8(i3, Fansttt A. Conklln, who d. Oct. 
2.''., IRfirt; 2,1. Sept. U, \BC,S, Mrs. Cmluirine .T. Saxton. lie resides ia ClliUon, Wise. 

500. FitANKi.iN Hau., b. Sept. 10, 1M43; ni. Sept. 2<;, 1800, Elltn J. Cime. 

501. Cahounk K.. I). Jtth. 15. IHJO; in. M«y U. 1874. Wuyluntl .M. Newell. 

502. EMJ'KEsa M, S., b. An;r. 5, 1H54; m. Oct. 1», 1h71>, Jatiieti L. Paiigboni. 

217 Alvin" or Alvah Treat iCJtnrhs,^ 9 Thoman,^ Richai-d,* Thomaa^^ Richards^ 

RicfinnV), horn Se[)i. 20, ll'Jo. in , N. Y. ; die(l Aug. 17, 1KC5 ; married Jan. I, 

1820, Emzabkth IIaukis of Belhel, X. Y., born Doc, 13, 1801, died J:in. G, 1871. 
Chihiren : 

503. Elijah H.," b. Sept 20, 18?0; rn. , 1^05, Florence ui<lilitij/s oi Ashtjiuiiia, i •luo," 

Wiis n soliller in the Rebellion, rinti was never heard from iiAer enlisting. 
604. Bkn.ia.min Franklin, b. Nov. 2«!, 1833; rn., 1st, .Inly 4. is.iO, .Tnue Scott; 2d, April 2, 
18.>3. Aiiuliab Ann Con^rdon ; 3d, .Jan. 19, 1876, TIiumh K. Bmwn. 

505. llAXXAti J., b. April 5, 1837; m. , 18(!7. .lames Brown of roniiac, Mich. 

506. Sai«aii, i>, March 24. 1839; d. July 2(1, 1^78; ni. . 1X77, H, M. Gunnison of Footlac 


507. Maky. b. May I, 1842; rn. . 1^01, L. P. Morse. 

222 Sylvester' Treat {CluiTles,^ f TkcmuH,^ Richard^ Thomon,^ Rfchard,'^ Rkh- 
a/fi'), born July 2G, i8UG, in -, Herkimer Co., N. Y. ; died Nov. 15, 1877, in Na- 
ples, Onlurio Co., N. Y. ; married Jane 20, 1828, Betsky Wkbb, born Jiiiie 12, 1809, 
who now (1888) resiiles in Binghampton, IJroome Co., N. Y. 

Children, the tirst three lyoin in North Almond, Allegany Co., N. Y., the fifth and Jiixth 
in Colelnook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, the seventh in Bloomfield, Trumbull Co., Ohio: 

608. Anpukw J » (iwin). b. April 10, 1829; m., Ist, , 18.52. Emily Norrl8;2d, Aug. 20. 186». 

Sionh .June Cook; 3(1, April .10, 18(18, Mi'«. Lucy E. Wftinor. 

609. Amsni«a L. (twin), b. April 10. 1829; m. , 1850, Zemin VVrislit. 

510. Almiha, b. Mtiich 12. lM3t ; tl. April 3. 1872; m. . 1849. E/.ru Webb. 

511. Mauy, b. Aua. 13, 1H37; rt. June 18. 1870, at Binr Oak, Mich. 

612. Maiilda, b. July 17. 1842; 0. June 12, 1875. In Llnroln. Luncaiiter Co., Neb. 

618. OiJVK, b. Oct 8. 1849; ui. July . 1871, Wlllli«ni E. Wilbur. Kesldes (1888) In Blng- 

hampton, N- Y. 
614. AnKLiiKUi C, b. Oct. 19, 185:1; d. Nov. 23, 1874, in Llucohi, Neb. 

225 Roland' Treat {Daniel,^ f Thmmis,^ Rkhard,* TIiomaH,^ Richard,^ Rich- 
ard*), born June 10, 1797, in Gorham, Ontario Co., N, Y.; died Oct. 4, 1876, in Cole- 
brook, Ohio; marrieil July 11, 1822, Mkunda Colb, who illc<1 Sept. 18. 1881. In 1830, 
he removeil iVorn New York, and settled in .Vshtabula Co., Ohio, where is now the town 
of Colelnook. It was a wilderness then, and he was among the llrst settlers, owning orig* 



Intilly 120u acivs of l«n<l. He emliiiiHl all tlic privations of frontier lif'o, hut finally se- 
cured a iroinprtence. Uo was prominent in t*(lticjitionftl anil r<'ligiou3 uiattcrs, and was 
on«» of the organisers of the Baptist Church in Colelirook in 1838. 
CblUlren, the flrut four born in Gorhaui, the olliers in Colchrook : 
615. Lucv B.,*h. Muy M. 1S23 ; m. April 2.'^, 1844, Jjiriiia Millar, who d. In California about 

lAjl*. Hud throe chllJreu. She now resliles in riilcaijo and is a iiinsc. 
516. M-vuy Ann, b, Dec. ^7, 1.H24; in. Aug. 18, lvS47. Gforye Guild 

617. O&CAR F.. b. Dec, 8. 1820; m.. 1st, Dm:. 15, 18»7, Lydlii A. Ckveland; 2d, Nov. 3, 18C7, 

Susmi A, StulLs. 

618. J»>NArHA>f CoLK, h. Aus. 81. 182H; in. Jan. 8. 1847, Lncliida M. Al«er. 

»lf>. SIAIIRAII H-, b. Nov. IC, 1881; d. MarcU 27, 1885; m. Dec. 31, 1847, William Uolcomb. 

No Issno. 
520. Wn.ixvM IIknky, b. Sept. 29, 181'4; m., 1st, , 1858, Mary Loveland; 2d, , Aim 


521. Asni.KY K., b. Juuo 0. 1837; d. .luly 27, 1830. 

£22. Ha-nnauM., b. .July 7. 1840; in. Marcif 2(i, I8«;3. F. F. W«-bb. Miis one child. 

628. Caiioli.vk a., I>. Oct. 31, 1843; d. Sept. 2, 1875; m. «ict. 4. 1874, .tolm Bull. 

230 Lyman" Treat {Ashbel,^ AshhelJ' Richard,^ Thomas,'^ Bichardr Richard^), 

born Dec, 18, 17a6, in ; ilied , at Port Byron, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; married, 

first, » ; second, , Clarissa Haydkn, of Port Byron. 

Clilldren, lx>rn in Port Byron, by his firnt niarriajje : 
624. HiiuM Fi(ANCts.»b. Nov., 18IG; d. Nov. 2, 187ri; m., Isl, 
Oct, 20, 1857. 1'unicllft Sims. 

By his second marriage : 
525. IlENUY, h -. 

626. EG0KKT, b. ; d. ; nnm. 

627. ClAKiasA, b. ; m. , Monroe. 

-, Kiiieline O. Tucll; 2d, 

235 Justus' Treat {Anhbel,<^ jUhbeL^ Richard.'* Thomaa,^ Richards^ Richard^). 
born .July 8, 1795» in Throopviile, near Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; died March 11, 184.J, 
in Throopviile ; married, first, , 1817, Phebe Mix, who died Dec. I, 18.30, in Throop- 
viile: second, , 18ii9, C viujlink Millkk, who died Feb. U, 186f1, in Tuiiuwandu, 

Erie Co., N. Y. Was a school teacher. 

Children boin in Throopviile, by hiii first mturiage: 

ft28. Al>KLiSK,* b. July IC, 1818; d. June 25, 1823, 

62411. JoHlAlf, b. ; <l. youu;;. 

680. Sarao CoitNKiiA, h. Oct. 2, 1822; iu. , llezeklali Hose. Ke>Ule h» Caro, TuscoIa 

Co..Mlrli. Have flvc clilUlien. 
581. Warmkx Ai:cc8rr8, b. Feb. 27, 1828; m. Nov. I, LS55, Abby S. Goodrich. 
682. TiiADUKiTS Ju8T(t8, b. Jtin. 13, 1833; m. June 7, 18C8, Mrs. Ell/.:ibctli Mouiinia (Locke) 

By his second marriage : 

633. Bbnjamin Millkr, b. Oct. \\i, 1840; m. Feb, 22, 1807, Eliiabelh Pickard. 
034. WiixuM A.snnKL, b Supt. IG, 1843; d. March H, 1882. 
685. Henuy. b. Jtiu. 1, 1845. Resides Spring Creek, Williams Co., Penn. 

238 James D. " Treat (A^hbel,'^ Anlibfil,^ Richard,* Thomas:-^ RicJiard;^ Richard^ ) , 

boru April 27, 17U7, in Throopviile, near Auburn, N. Y. ; died Sept., 1867, in ; 

tnarried, first, •, BiixsKx McKknsky, of New Milfbrd, Penn., who died Jan. 8, 1849; 



second, Man-h 28, 1852. Ki.lkn L. Wellman, l»oni Fch. 27, 18IJ4, iit New Milfonl, >iisijne- 
liuiiiiH Co., reiin., ami (iuiigUtcr ofCnlviii Wellriiiin. M\\ TienL wtia a very lfiry;e man, six 
feet four inclicj* in hciglit, aiwl weigliing 275 pouinls. He was uroprietor of Uie Unile<i Slat^oa 
Hotel in Albany, N. Y-, in 1843, an<l lost qnite a fortune thorc. Aftorwanla k»»|H hotels 
tn C'arhondale, Penn., and in 1852^ in N»nv Milfonl. \Va8 the f\rst to engage in coal mining 
in Carbondalc. Was also a railroad contractor. Mrs. Kllcn L. Treat is a matron ou Black- 
wvITn hlund, N. Y. harbor, and has fiirniBlied me with the above information. 

Children, the flrst Hve born In Auburn, N. Y.^ the sixth at New Hilford, the others in 
Stroudnburg, Motnoe Co., I'enn., by his Ihst marriage: 

ftUO. WiLLUM,* b. ; <1. , 18B4, in Scrantoii, IVnu. ; luiin. 

6,H7. Lkwh, b. ; m. Jnn. 8, 1860, Dt-cker, In 8troud»barg!i. 

U:\H. lliKAM. b. ^:in. . ReslUfd in Scranton. 

Ku/AitKrii. b. 
I^ji ii^A, b. 

-; m. 

I)y hia Recond marriage : 
541. Kmma, b. Aus. 10, 1853; d. Au^. 15. 1865. 
1548. JaMIW I>., b. June 25, 18ri5 ; (1. May 17, 18»]1. 
Mn. Emilk a., b. Bppt. 20, 1857; m. July 1, 18:9, - 

milker. !;2(!3 2d Avenue. 
AU. .Sii.NKv NV., b. Jttij. 5, l»«l; m. July 4, 1864, 

Munii, In New York city. Is a ahoe- 
-. Resides In Utwn. 

211 Hlram^ Treat {John ,'' A^^hhel,^ Richnrd* Thonw.t,^ Hicfiard,'^ Richard* ) , born 
I'Vb. 14, 171U, in Lebanon, N. Y. ; died March 17, 1837, in Albany, N. Y. ; niarrltHl, llrst, 

— , Klanou Colk, bon» June 14, 1793, lUcd Jan. 9, 1824 ; second, Nov. 19, 1«25, Mkh- 

OAHKT Hallknbeck, Viorii Feb. 12, ITUti, ilieil Feb. 2G, 1841. He was a shoemaker, a\id le- 
ild^d In Albany 

Cbildrt^n, born Jii AiDiiny, by his first marriage: 

A4A. Mauy Ann.* b. Aiiir. 28, ]8liJ;cl, Murc*li4, 1H40: m. July 17, 1835, Gordon Alotisto Raymond, 
of KiieltPhter, N. Y. Tbey hud two cliiUlren. 

1411. llKNitv GLiiNixjwKa, b. Dec. 1, 1818 ; d. about 18G0, in HodoIuIu. Samlwicli lc.lnn<ls; unro. 

MT. Camou.xk. b. Jan. 8, 1821 ; d. Jan. 20, I8J1. 

ft4H. JiMKM MoNTnoMKRv, b. Feb. i*0, 1822; d. Sept. 3, 1823. 
\\y hU Meconil mariiitge: 

ftlU. Kl.ANOH Maiiia, b. Mny 21. 182C; d- Vvh, 7, 1828. 
hftO. IIannau Mauia, b. Due 5, 1828; in. July 14. 184U, James A. BougliLon. 
I 1n4AC Nkwio.n, b. Oct 30, 1831 ; d. Dec 13, 1838. 

. >: JaMICo b. July 1m. |»:(4; d. May 20, 1830. 
AAa. MAluuKKt Ann, b. March 30, 1837; n>. Nov. 16, 1858, Welles Warner Montu<:ue. 

847 Sophia^ Treat (3ro*e«,« AhIiM,^ JHchard,* Thomas,^ EicJtiml,^ Jiichard^), 

Imtii duiM' li7, IMOO, in or near A<d>urn, N. Y. ; dic<l Oct. 25, 1809, in , N. Y. ; mar- 

rivd M«i"ol» li 1W27, Insi.kv Douglass*, born June 0, 1802, died , in Brutua, Ca>uga 

iN*,! N. Vm «•»'' *f>» of George and Hannah (W«rd) Douglass, of Cayuga Co. He luar- 
U«*d, nvfond, Jtine IH, 1870, Ann S. Chri.slman, of Oswego, N. Y. 
Cldldu*u ul ln!»ley and Sophia Douglass: 

ft.Nl, M, OaHOUKK,* b. May 27. 1828; m., l«t,^ , WilJiam WUllams, of Untinlbnl, X. Y. ; 2d, 

_ — , Henry Wrctl. of llHiiiilbal. 
|M< AUAM'A boiriNA, b July 27. iM30; m. Nov. 80, 1831, Sanford Compson, b. Sept. 25, ]()17, 

III Tyi'»', S«'Ut'ca Co., N. Y. 
$\4 V*w«V Jssn, b. .\prll 27, 1832: m Nov. 20, 1851, Asa Uoso, of Soalh Uuller, Wnyno Cu.» 



55T. JiTUA Hadi>kn. ♦!. April 27. ISSt; ra. J>\n, 15. 1»57. CiWin Mead, uf Soutli BuUer. 

£36. ilicvtiN TkKAT, I). I>(.«c. 5, mati; m. Jan. 1, (858, l*iivbt< Mca<1. ofSouMi UuUur. lieslUes 

Id ilHiiMilinl, OtiWL'no C<>., N Y. 
W9. I.YUU L.. b. n.'c. 10, 18»i<: U. May 22, 1841. 
5«M). l.irciLS I>j>*t.KY. b. Feb. I, 1841 ; m , 1st, Feb. 1, 1802, Amiuidu Moore, of Butler; 2U, Feb. 

14, 1H72, F.lsie Chap»n. ol Uiiil«*r. 
6«l. SaKAH a., b, Aug. 22, IHV.\; ^\. F.-b. — , 1844. 
h(i2. FkaxcicsSkvuia, b. St;pt. 21,1847 ;m. , lleiiry Wliioifar,orSftVHnnah, Wayne Co., N.Y. 

251 Augustus' Treat {Aarou/' Ashbely'* Jiicfuirdy^ Thouias^^ Jiic/iard/^ liichnnV)^ 
huifi Nov. 12, l7i»G, in or near Anlinrn, N. Y. ; die*! July 3, 1870^ in Wolcolt, Wayne 

Co., N. Y.; miitiiiHl , Kiioua Caj^tkulain, Itorn O-t. 8, 17i>8, dieil July, l8H'i, and 

daughter of S(iuiro and Belhiub (llorlon) Cartlerlaiii. Soon alter iniuiiage be removed 
to A new piece of land in Mentz, about twelve miles northwest of Auburn, X. Y., where 
he luiilt fi house whi<*h five years after was luirnL with all its contents. Willi the help of 
kind neighbors, he sckju built a new housne. After a few years he sold his farn« and bought 
a new one In Conquest, near Iho Seneca river, Imt upon the death of his wife's uncle, who 
left her some pio|>erty in Meittz. he retumod lo tiie tatter place and bonglit a farm, 
lie also purchased horses which lie sold in All)any, N. Y. About 1832-35, he, together 
Willi Ids brother, Albert Treat, Uiught a saw-mill, and shippcil l)ic lumber to Albany. 
He was very successful in tiiese enterprises. In 1854, he removed to Grand Itaplds, Mich., 
tnit Booii returned to Wolcott, aiid remained there till hiii death, where a tine monuuient 
comujemoratea bis nunnory uiui tlmt of hi** wife. They were botii buried on July 4, he in 
1870, and she in 1H.S2. They were good and honest people. 

C'hihiren born in Menlz : 

683. Ldukn Ludlow," b. April 10, 1816; 0. Feb. 11, 1883; m. Sept. 23, 1840, Ilnnimh JancKingf,- 

bdA. Almixa Jaxk, b. March 23. 18IS; m. •, 1838, Nathaniel Tyler IJarwhlte. Rcmovoa to 

Mich., Oct. bl, lHrt8. CbiUlrfU: 

1. WlUlttiu A.» Bar white . b. . 

2. Surah A. Btirwhlte. b. . 

8. HliiHla A. BArwhite, b -. 

4. Alma M. Uarwhlt*', b. . 

6. Catbcrlito Ausfiista B«r white, h. , d. -, aged 3yrs. 4 mos. 


RhodaAnx, t>. DfC 4. 1H20; d. Aug. 8, IhlU. 
Foi.i-yFtia. b. IH'c. 29, Im22; d, .bin. 2:>. 188:1; in , Int, 

-, Davitl Hunter 1 2d, 

Dniilcl ItiiKHllct. Hud a son by llrst niarriaifi'. and ii duii. Ida" Binicdlct, by her st-eond. 
OscAii FiLiNKUN. b. Sept. 0, 1824; in. , Mary Littell. Had one s«ui, Charles* Treat, 

who d. yoiin^. 
Mi.nkuvaT., b uct. 17. I82rt: d. Jan. 14, 1827. 
CUNTcji?! AiJOUSTL's, b. March 2G, 1828; d. April 24, 1857; m. , .Taiie M. Ely. Wasa 

wealthy furinvr. Nolssur. 

268 Angelina" Treat [EUjah,^ .loUu,^ Wdmrd^ T/irmias,^ JUrhnnJ,'^ Rh'hfirtV), 
born Oct. 18, I80a, in Leuox, Mass. ; died Oct. 26, 1888, in Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y.; 
married Jan. C, 1825, Jusiah Ai.koro, son of Ashley Alford, of Peru, N. Y., who died 
March 3, 1872. She resided in Bristx^I, N. Y. When yoiui;; taught school in Cheuiumg 
Co., N. Y. Joined the Methodist Episet»pal ehiucli in Ehnira, N. Y., in 1820. Was a 
faithful wife and mother, and gave me much information in regard lo the family. 

Children of .losiah and Angelina Alford, the liist born in Canandaiijua, the secmid and 
Ihird in South Bristol, the fourth to the oigbih in Ilowanl, and the ninth in Bristol Springs, 
N. Y.: 


570. Amanda Alicia," b. Apr. Ifi, 1826; m. Nov. 13, 1851, Charles A. Briggs, of South Bristol. 
Reside In Bristol, and have two daughters, b. at the Springs : 

1. Eveline M.» Briggs, b. April 12, 1854. 

2. Lydia Angelina Briggs, b. Aug. 22, 1857. 

671. RuFus W., b. Sept. 1(>, 1828; in. July 3, 1856, Phedora Crosby, dau. of Ebenczer Crosby. 
Is a carpenter and joiner by trade. Has tliree children, b at Bristol Springs : 

1. Etta A.» Alford, b. May 25, 1857; m. Feb. 20, 1875, Clarlc Holcomb, of Bristol 

Springs, and son of Hilaud Holcomb. Is a rarmer, and a mason by trade. Has 
(1887) five children born In Bristol : 

1. Cliarlton'" Holcomb, b. May 26. 1876. 

2. Stella I. Holcomb, b. .Ian. 17, 1878. 
8. Grace Holcomb, b. June 20, 1881. 

4. William R. Holcomb, b. March 28, 1884. 

5. Mabel M. Holcomb, b. March 13, 1887. 

2. Edgar Alford, b. Apr. 24, 1862. 
8. Floyd Alford, b. Jan. 24, 1809. 

572. HoMKK J., b. May 10, 1831 ; m. Feb. 20, 1802, Luceba Gilbert. Has three sons b. in South 

Bristol : 

1. 0.scar» Alford, b. , 1863. 

2. Spencer Alford, b. Aug. — , 1866. Is in Kansas, where he has taken up a home- 


3. iTvin Alford, b. Nov. 22, 1868. 

573. Hanxah Clauissa, b. May 26, 1834; d. July 27, 1886, in Saginaw City. Mich.; m. Oct. 6, 

1852, Lyman Richard Macomber, son of Holder Macomber, of South Bristol, N. Y. 
Resides near Freeland, Saginaw Co., Mich. Is a farmer, and a carpenter and a joiner 
by trade. Has hold the office of school commissioner of Saginaw Co. Has furnished 
me with information. He has ten children : 

1. Rnfus L.» Macomber, b. July 31, 1853; m. July 4, 1872, Nellie E. Loomis, of 

Freeland. Resides in East Jordan, Charlevoix Co., Mich. Is a carpenter 
and a joiner by trade. Has (1887) six children : 

1. Bessie C" Macomber, b. Oct. 21, 1873. 

2. Sidney H. Macomber, b. March 5, 1875. 

3. Auge Macomber. 

4. Floyd Macomber, 

5. Winnie Macomber, b. Sept. 17, 1882. 

6. Richard M. Macomber, b. Sept. 17, 1886. 

2. Myron H. Macomber, b. Nov. 3, 1854. He graduated at the Collegiate Institute 

at Valparaiso, Ind. Is a stenographer, and resides at East Saginaw City, 
8. Angc M. Macomber, b. March 5, 1856; d. June 13, 1859. 

4. Ida J. Macomber, b. Sept. 26, 1859; m. Oct. 27, 1884, Floyd Hubbard. Resides 

in Saginaw Co., Mich. Hjis (1887) one sou: 
1. Fred" Hubbard, b. July 20, 1886. 
6. Elmer Macomber, b. Oct. 25, 1861. 

6. George Herl)ort Macomber, b. Dec. 1, 1863; d. Feb. 20, 1888. 

7. Wlllard A. Macomber. b. April 24. 1865; d. Oct. 2, 1870. 

8. EfTle C. Macomber, b. Aug. 28, 1868. 

9. Clifford C. Macomber. b. Sept. 27, 1872. 
10. Leslie E. Macomber, b. March 12, 1875. 

674. Emily J., b. Sept. 16. 1836; m. May 25, 1852, Francis M. Gilbert, son of Abner W. Gil- 
bert, of Richmond, Ontario Co., N. Y. Is a farmer and resides in Cauadice, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. Has two sons born in Raton Rapids, Mich. : 

1. Abner W.» Gilbert, b. July 13, 1858; m. Dec. 24, 1885, Bertha Rcmer, of East 

Bloomfleld, N. Y. Resides in Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. Is a jeweller. 

2. Francis M. Gilbert, b. Jan. 26, 1869; d. June 14, 1887. Was a flue young man. 
575. Artk-MUs B., b. April 9, 1839; d. Ang. 4, 1863, at Bristol Springs, N. Y. ; m. Apr. 4, 1861, 

' > twins, b. June 20, 1880; \ dead, 
r, ) t 



Lorloft Smith, ilau. of Ruiwpll Smith. Una one rjftn. : 

1. Elvy» Alforcl, b. Jhu. 21, 1862; m. , 18S0, llaulel Malicr, of Eflst Bloom- 

fleld. N. Y. 
570. Prddib Ann, b. May 10, 1842; m. Ang. fi, 1871, Robert Foote, of Freeland, Midi.. Jindson " 
of IIoli'Foote, Is a farmer. Mrs. Poottj ban taujrl^t. di'itrict schools In Now York and 
Mlcbipin for twenty-one tcrm.s. Has one son b. In Frreland i 
I. CUarU'S Alfonl" Footc. b. Sept. 14, 1875. 

577. AXOKUNK H.. b. March 8. 1845; d. Oct. 10, 18<8. 

578. Loi8 ELmu. b. Nov. 17. 1H47; m. Sept. 22, 1874. Myron A. Wilkinson, son of Chauncey 
Wilkinson, of Joncsvillc, Mich. He is a fanner, and by trade a cooper. She has 
iau:;ht schm>lsevcnt<jeu terms In New York and Mlchljfan. Has fnrnlshed me wHb tlie 
record of the descendants of Elijah Treat. Resldos In Honooye, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

269 Edwin E.' Treat {EHjith,^ John,^ Rirhard,'^ rfioma.%^ liichunlr I{t\-hor(V), 
\H)vn Aug. 2j, LSOo, in Coeymnns, X. Y. ; died Mnrcli 29, l.SHM, Jn Sonih Bristol, OnUi- 
rio Co., N. Y. ; married Jan. 1, 1831, Janb Brsa» who died Sept. 1, 1841, and daugblcr 
of Peter Biwh. Rri^ided in .South Bristol ; was a farmer. 

Daughter bora in ,South Bristol: 

679. MxJtT Jaxk,* b. Oct. 1, l«il3; m. Jnly 4, 1851, Lewis Drown. 

271 Albert L.^ Treat {Elijah,^ Jnhn,^ Richard,* TJiomm,^ Richard,^ RlcJtard^), 
born March H), 1809, in Coevtnnns, Albany Co., N. V. ; died July 25, 1885, in Bristol, 
N. Y.; married March (J, 1889, 'Eveline Hathaway, of Bristol, who w.os born J«inc 2G, 
181K, and atill resides on the homestea^l. lie was a carpenter and joiner by trade, and 
acenniulrttcd considerable property. 

Children born in Bristol: 

680. ADR1.I7.A TiTKRicsA,*' b. MaTch 19. 1842; ra. Nor. 15, 18G5, Ilcnry C. Simmons. 
581. Naxcy Evelinb, b. May 87, 1844 ; m. Oct. y. 1867, Henry U. Tubb«. 

272 Minerva Ruth" Treat {Elijah,^ John,^ Richanl,* TJtomas,^ Rkhard,^ Rich- 
a)Y/'), l>orn June 20, lsil,in Cooymans, Albany Co.. N. Y. ; married Feb. 28, 1833, 
Rev. KoHKUT Hicks, of Bristol, N. Y., who was boru March 26, 1«08, and son of Jacob 
Hicks. He resides in Mnlvei-n, Mills Co., Iowa. 

Children of Rev. Robert and 31 inerva R. Hicks : 

582. Eiusrrs H..* b. ; m. Rlh^la A. Tapiian. Has eight childreu : 

1. Lnther R.* Hicks, b. ; dead (1887). 

Kollo R. Hicks, b.- 
.Tanc S. Hicks, h.— 

Laura M. Hicks, b. — 
William W. Hicks, b.- 

Vinlta nicks, b. 

Elolee Hicks, b. 







8. Mary M. Hicks, b. 8., b. ; dead. 

Maut M.. h. ; m. 

1. Henry C. Johnson, b. - 

2. Homer .Tohiition, b. 

3. Jaua*^ K. .Jolmson, b.— 

4. Ina (J. JohnMiin. b. 

-, John M. Johnson. 

: dead (lHh7). 

-; dead (l88r.). 

Has sevon children : 

Manrico M. Johnson, b.- 

Susan Johnson, b. 

J«»hn M, Johnson, b. 







Lauha J., b. — 

John N., b. 

Ckahlkr W. , b. - 

Jamkm II., b. — 

; di'iid, 
dent I. 
— ; dfiid; 

riitlli^ Hnmtioii. iliid oiit'cbikl. VVniimcirmld 

: drad. 

274 Richard Sidney* Treat {Elijah,^ John,^ Ridutrd,^ Tlio,n<ni,^ Jlkhard,^ liich- 

ard^), l>oiii April 18, IH{<J, \u KImira, Clieiming Co., N. Y. ; married, , 1843, Louisi* 

AN\ CoNANT. He iMilisted Sept. 4, ISfVi, in Co. G, 148lli Rog't» N. Y. Vols., and 
Bcrved during Ihe whole war. Was in eiglitu*"!! battles, but esciiped l>cing woiimlcd, 
thoiigU lie had bullet lioles lUrongii llie legs of his pniitnlooiis, and one through hU blan- 
ket. At the battle of Fair Oaks hv had a narrow escape from being killed, having Iwen 
knocked down by a stick of woo<l which was struck by a bursting shell. He served as a 
sharpshooter for some time. Is a oftrpenter and joiner by trade. Resides in South Bria- 
U)l, N. Y. 

Children, the tirst and second born in Bristol, the others In South Bristol : 
51)0. Rkiuku SiDNKY,* b. Oct. II, 1848; m. April l.'l, 1881, Janie Daniela. I» a cnri>cnter und 

joiner in South Bristol. 
»I»1. Plouini».\. b. Doc. 2a. 1850. 
t»{»2. Ki^iUKR Ann, b. J.\n. 21, IH.'i'.; d. July fl, 1878, and waa burb'd in Toy cemetery, SouiU 

51iS. FnrnKnirK K,,'l). June 27. i8r*7 ; ni. Jan.. IMH.'i. Cora (."rnnc, d»u. of Calvlu Crauv, of Can- 
Audal^a, N. Y., wht-ro he resides. Is a enrpeuur nud joiner. 

276 Charles^ Treat (Charles,^ JomUhan,^ Cluirka^^ Thomas^^ RkhimW* Jlich- 
an/'), born Mnrch 'M>, ITMl, in Glastonbury, Conn.; <Ued Sept. 12, 1851, in Glastonbury 
(gravestone in Bnekiughani) ; married Jan. 3, 1H02, Bflinoa ANbKKWs, born(»cl. ^l, 17S0, 
diet! May 1, 18G3, aged eighty-two (gravestone, Buckingham), and daughter of David and 
Rebecca (Stratton) An<lrew8, of Kastbury Pariah, Glastonbury. Mr. Treat was a ftirmcr, 
and lived in that part of Glastonbury now called Buckingiiam. Was a member of the Leg- 
islature in 1817.* 

Children born in Glastonbury : 

594. C.vuiiMNK B..« b. Oct. Hi. I8o3; d. Jan. 15, 1875; m. June 20, 1822. Ollvir Talcotl. 

EowiN Sru-irroN. b. Miireh 2G, I,hio; d. Oct. 18, 1888; m. Nov. 27. 183r.. Nancy Buck. 
AUKLINE L., b. Nov. 5, 1814; d. April 19, 18.*W; ni. Dec. V\, I8a."i. us his l^t wife. John^ 

Cioodri<"h. b. July 2«{, 1812, d. May 21), 1km5, son of Israel and llnrrijit (Miller) (Jood- 

rich. No lasue. He ni., 2a, Nor. 12, 184.5, Vlucey C. Kuox. Iteslded at rialitlleld, 

Emfjjxk ELTiutnA, b. Dec. 2n, 1819; d. May 1.5, 1821 fg. 8., Kastbury). 
JiciioMK F,, b. March 17. 1824; d. Sept. 19. 1847. Ju TarllMllu, Conn. (g. 8., Buukingli 






277 David' Treat {ChaHeH,^ Jonathan^^ Charles,* TJiomas,'-^ Jiicftard,^ Richard^ )f 
born Nov. 2, 1782, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died March 27, 1824, in Glastonbury (gruv^ 
stone, Eastbury) ; married, first, Nov. 2.'j, 18U2, Milly As'dukws, who died childless Apr. 
17, IKIH, agetl thirty-four (gravestone, Eastbury); second, Oct, 14, 1818, CjiAULtxm 
Sheiterd, of Glastonbury, born Feb. 8, 17'.)1, <beti July 13, 1M7U. For her second 
husband, she married, Nov. 4, 1834, Waito Hale, who die«l May II, lH.'»*i, aged eighty* 
one. Mr. Treat was a farmer in very good circumstances. 

Children, born in (ilaslonbury, by his second marriage: 

RiaiARD treat: seventh GKNERATIOX. 


699. JosEPiiiNF \Uru,' b. Aug, 17, IHIO; «1. j)ec. 2i5, 18r>5; m. April 17, 183rt, rorneMus ( 

600. Divtn Sit»:n'EUT>, li. Feb. M\, 1821 ; •!. .liino 10, ISjtO; m. Sept. K, IM^Ii. Kliza A. Mori?an. 

278 Ruth" Treat (Charles,^ Jonathan,-' CJiarles,^ Thomas,^ BicJiat-ds^ Ehhai^^), 
born Deo. 4, 1781, in (Tittslonhnrv, Conn. ; died Dec. — , 1872, ageil eighl^'-eight (grnve- 
sifji\ii in Sontii (Tlsislonbury), or Nov. 24, 187.*i, according to flollister Genealogy ; innrried 
Feb, U, 1804, in Mancbestor, Codd., Kli*^ Hollistkr, baptized May 10, 1782, died .Sept. 
|18, 1872, aged ninety-one years, four months (gr.ivestone in South Glastonbury), and 
5n of Israel an«J Sarah (>>ivinuer) Ilollister. See Hollister GoneaU>gy. 
Children of Eli and Ruth llollistcr, born in Glastonbury; they are of the seventh gen- 
eration in the IloUialer line: 

— , Mary (or Miiria) M. Ncan. 
, Cupt, Asa riper. Kcskles in Manehes- 

TARiSMirx Eu.* I>. Sopt. 2^, 1H04; i\. Dec, 18«8; m. 

KcHicksl tl.s87; In WcthorHlleUl. 
iU)2. Duiioniv .MATU.nA, b. Sept. 28, 18(m;; m. 

Xrr, Conn. 

♦JOS. JuLU Ei_MiNA, b. Aiiff. «). IHOH; d, ; m. , Frwlus Hfud. 

<M>4. CI..VIU88A Louisa, b. .June 27. 181U. 
605. DwitJiir S., b. May 1, 1«12. 

iUii). IV^itziujii Clauk, b, .July 3, 1814; ni. ■, Ann Bard- 

liU7. IlLiwox Gooowrs', b. Aug. 28, l8Hi; UK, 1st, , 1843, fyjiha HoiIro; 2il, Nov. 12, 

1856. Ann Hills. 
«u8. ?:iJ£knKni Mill**, b. Mar 31, iHl'.i; d. Ore. 14, 1h:»2; m. ■, James Terry of Tcrrj'- 

vllle. He ni., 2(1, Oct. 2o. 18.'}a, Viilorla" Trt-ut. 

flCft). AxN. b. .March 20. 1821 ; d. ; num. 

CIO, LiVXVlA, h. lljiy 2F, lh24 ; m. - 

-, Alfred Ilolcomb of Uranby, Conn. 

r.ll. Cfcj.iA CAU>rA, b. MHuh 21, 1827 ; U, in childhood. 

279 Leonard' Treat (Charles,*^ Jo«a«/m»,5 Charles^* Tliomasy^ TJicAard,^ Bich- 
aivi'), lK)rn May 1, 1787, tn (^Jlastonhury, Conn.; died Aug. 17, 1801 (gravestone in 
liuckinghan)), in Gl.'islonbury ; married Nov. 2.5, 1807, Abigail Welles, who died Nov. 
2*J, 1876 (gravestone in BucUingham), and daughter of Samuel Welles, of Wethersfield, 
Conn. >N'as a farmer. 

Children, born in Glastonbury : 

612. Hakiukt A.,« b. Dec. 2r>, ISO^-, d. July 18, 1887 ; m., Ist, Nov. 11, 1828, John N. Loonier; 

2d, Mnrch 25, 1882, Andrew StHckland; Hd. , Chester Tylrr. 

r»13. WiLlJiM, b, . In n pliyhiclan in Sak-ui, Illinois. 

ei4. CI..UU88A. b. alxmt 1812; d. iH-e. 28, 18J}1, fttjvd 20; ni. Nov. 2ii, 1M2:>, Andrew Strickland. 

616, Lko.naud WicLi.EK, b. nbont 181C: d. Dec. 21, 1840; m., l«t, Jjui. 11, ls:i5, Fidrlla Guslee; 

2d, ; yd, , Maria Treat. 

816. .Hi>iiria ClJNTON, b. .Iiily 19. 1820; in. Dec. 81, 1848, Catharine Mary Weir. 

617. Jamkh W.1TMOX. b. July 14, l-(24; .1. Aug. 6, 1857; uu Dec. 1>, 184«, Uannali Maria Goelee. 

280 Jared" Treat {Charlea^*^ Jonathan,^ Charles^* Thomas^^ Ilichard,"^ Jihhard^)^ 
born x\ug. 6, 1789, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died Feb. 11, 1853, in Glastonbury ; married 
|an. il, IHIG, Akh Couf.f Wad^wokih, of Hartford, Conn. He was a shipbuilder and 

Chihlren born in Glastonbury : 
•;iii. El i/A Ass* b. Nor. 29, Isiii ; d. Oct. vi!, 1824. 

619. lUiuiiH IIkxry, b. Ang. <i. 1818; in., Ut, Oct. 4, 1841, Snrah Blugham; Sd, li&rch 19, 
184ri, LIttnnah Forbes; dd, May II, 1853, Clarbsa Booth. 


iticiiARP treat: seventh uenkration. 



Anson, h, Nov. 2(», 1820; in. Marcb IS, 1845. MemUiutt ilotisc. No Issue. Is u cjirpualcr 
and farmer. KcnkleM hi Kant (JliiwionUury. 

Maky Hu.vrw:. b. Dw. 2(i, 1N22: tl. .Inly 31, 1815 (k> h. Uucmntrlmm); in, OpI. 5, 184S, H»V. 
.\nrou Siuiw, for twcnty-IlvoyL'ttrfi minister in ICftsttiury I'nrlsh, now DiurkJii^hnni. <ilM«- 
tuiiburv. He >vah h, Juno 2^,, 1804, at Snyl>rook, Coun.; j;riid. uf Vole In IMS,"), and ttl 
the Th«'olo','iral Stmlnary cMmiiccU-d with it In IMH; wu* chIUmI fo lila'^tonbnry. dcu, 
184b. and ordained April 2H, 1H41, In Deep invcr. Conn. For liis tlr^t wife he m. 
Sarah >wlu)d. 1H41, aj^ed 2Hy. fun. (Biicl<1ngiiain (.'hurch Record*.). Had two 

1. Mary n.". Snow, b.- 

2. Jane Snow, b. 

-; »n.- 

-, John Brown, of Port Jpffersou, Loujr Island 


Adna. b. Feb. t>. lH2r>; d. Nov. 11, 1881 ; m. Oet. 21, 1840, Snwan C. Chapman. 
Maktha -Vxn, b. Feb. 6, 1828; in. Dec. 2t), 1851), Horace Snniner Tarbell. 
Hannah Fi.vrio, b. Jan. 1.1, 18:U ; m. Oct. 25, iH'ia, Willaid Kllsha Howe. 
Hoiut^K WAi*Hwonrii. b. Oct, 8. 1882; ui. Nov. 22, 18.18, Anna Law ton Corey. 

282 Clarissa* Treat (CfcaW^j*,^ JonaUian,^ Charhtt,* Thontns,'^ JlicJiard,^ Rich- 
ard^), born Dec. 19, 175)3, iti Glastonbury, Conn.; died Nov. 27, 1842, aged forty-iihie 

(gravestone, South Glaslonbiiry) : n». , George Pease, who died July 18, 1866, 

uged seventy-seven (gravestone. South (iiastonbury). . 

Children oC Geo.''ge and Clarissa Pease, horn in Gluslonbnry : 

fi26. FKANCUi,* b, , 1815: d. .Vprll '.», 1817. aced 1!> raos. (.jr. s., >it)uHi iilhstonlmry). 

037. CuAiiLOiTK, b. : m. , Rev. Latid, a MetliodNt ndidfih-r. 

(128. Clauissa Jank, b. , 1H2S; d. Jan. IW. 1H42. w^ed IH (i?. »., South GlaHtonbnry>; tn,' 

, Rev. Azarmh B. Wheeler, a Methodist ndnisler, stationed at Eat>t (.tlasLunbury, 

In 1840. 

283 William' Treat {Charles,^ Jonafhan.^tClMrks,* Thomas,^ Bichard,'^ Rich- 
a7'(V), born Murcli 27, ITllG, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died Oct. 8, 1873, in TopcUft, Kan* 
aaa; innnied, first. May 10, 1818, Li cv Pki.ton, who died Oct. 15, 1821, in Knclid, Ohio, 
and daughter of Josiidi and Liiey Peiton of Vennillion, Ohio, and formerly of Chatham, 
now Portland, Conn. ; second, .Tidy 18, 1H22, SAULr Pklton, who <iied Au^. 29, 1854, 
and daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Pelton of Euclid ; Ihird, July 8, 1855, for her 
third husband, Mits. Makv E. (Cragie) Clinton, duutrhter of Duncan and Elizabeth 
Cragie of Rochester, ?i. Y. The name of her first husband was Ilainillon. She now 
(188G) refijdes in To])eka, Kansas. Mr. Treat learned the trade of shipwright in the ship 
yards on the Connecticut river. He was the only one of his father's nnujeroiia lainily to 
go away from home, in the spring of IHl", he started for llie ''Connecticut Western Re- 
serve/' and aettied at Euclid, twelve miles east of the then small village of CleveiiUMi. 
The jomney iequire<l three weeks. Part of the way ho travelled by canal boat, am! 
walked when nolhing better ottered. He suffered the privations usual to pioneer life, but 
Ids indomitable will, robust constitution, and powers of cndurancef with his habits of 
in<]ustry ami economy, compelled success. lie worked on his farm during the summer, 
and in the fall and winter sought employment at his liade at Clevelatid, Detroit, lilack 
River, or whei-ever ferry boats, or the small wut«r crafl of the times were 1o be btiilt. 
After the opening of the Ohiocmal, ho found plenty of work in the conslruclion of cannl 
lioals, without going beyond Cleveland. He aho built many canal boats at the month of 
Euclid Creek, which were towed up to Clevelaml. About 1838, he built at Euclid, on his 
own account, the Schooner Wti»tei-n Trader of (30 tons. Ho sold a quarter's interest lu 
her to one Cnpt. McHarry, who sailed her, but had no money to help in tter out^ He 
failed to make any money, .and spi'nt one winter on the lake, fix)zen in the iee, when ho 



waB obliged to bum partof liis cargo of corn ami oats for fuel. He aixl liis vessel finally 
«lisaj)|>eiiroii froiu the lake, liul traces of botii were occjisionully fcaind on llie neighbonng 
waters Tor Borne years altfr. About 1843, lie built at Euclid tlic HvhooiuH' Rufoiijft^ u nbie 
tl»ousan<l busbel vessel, wliicb was a large one at tbat lime. For the next fourteen years, 
tbo building of vessels rnrnislied constant erniiiuymeut. About 1848, he built on bis own 
Iftccount the Brig Geit^eral Worth. The season opened badly. No one wanted vessel 
I «lock. The brig woa reatly to bo launched, and Mr. Treat had no moifey to finish her or 
lo purchase her oulHt. N. M. Standart, of Cleveland, came forward with funds, and bhe 
L-w.iH filtt'd out. Standart & Trent continued in the vessel business, and in the spring of 
Ih.'jO, ha(i four good vessels. The Lake Navigation Co., of Butluli*, was organized alxjut 
tbat time, and they sold their vessels to the new company, taking their pay in stock on 
wtiieh they never received any dividend. In two y«?ars the company failed, and the $i>0,- 
000 in stock was worthless. That together with several other sevcro losses, financially 
mined Mr. Trent. In 1H63, he purchased a 100 acre farm in liremer Co.. Iowa, where he 
rcfii<b*d till the spring oflHTO, when he removed to Topi'ka, Kansas. For the last four 
years of his life he receive<l a pension from the government as a survivor of the war of 
1812. Ang. 14, 1814, he enlisted \vith Cai)t. ^Moses Goodman, in Col. Brainanl's Reg't, 
and was discharged at New Loudon, Conn,, where he was stationed, Oct. 24, 1814. Dur- 
ing his service the following incident hap|)ened. He was «letailed on picket duty one 
night while sutroring from a severe tootliaehe, and stood with the breech of the gun rest- 
ing upon the ground and the side of hts face and hand resting upon the muzzle. It was 
reported to the commander that he was sleeping while on <luty ; under which charge he 
wa» court-martialed and condemned to die. Every influence was brotight lo hear to 
save the life of so worthy a comrade. It was praposed that if he would atbnit the otfonce 
ilioro was a i)088ibilit3' of the sentence being reversed. He emphatically denied from the 
first lie had been asleep but asserted that he was sirni>ly resting in the position in which he 
was found in order to case his sulfering. Fimling )iim unflinching in his determination, 
and that he would not confess to a false accusation, they led him to the spot ai*signed for 
the execution. With six picked men detailed for the flrjal shot and with the cap drawn 
over his face, he was asked if ho would admit the eliargf. He sai<l that be would not. 

The commanding otUcer said ''then we'll shoot." His reply was, **ahoot and be d .** 

His adherence to the truth and unflinching courage in the hoin- of danger led to the sus- 
penj^ion of the execution on the ground that such men were scarce, ami that more of the 
same kind were needed. 

Children born in Plnclid, by his ftr«it marriage : 

H2l». (li??to>'.» h. MnrcJi 25. isr.»: d. Oct. 3, 1821. 

a:to. SAsroun Stuoxo, b. Sept. 17, 1821; d. Dec. «1, 18SI. 

Hy his second marriage : 

6iil. <'«AJU.Ka CuNroN, b. Apr. t), 1823; d. .Ian. 14. IS^rifi, ut Brattlt-boro', Vt. ; num. 
632. Vait.ku, U. Nov. 10, 1H2+; m. Oct, 20, IHM, Jninos Terry, 

<l.'t3. FinKUA, b. Aij^. 19. 1S2»1; d. March 4. 184*1. at Euclid, Ohio. 
e34> Knwxtu* Wii.u.vM. b. Aujr. 17, isau; m. Dec. 0, IHao, Adelaide Fiirr. 

tW5. (Y%UI!<SA. h. April 22. 18H2; d. May In, 18112. 

«36. Euzviti.jii. b. (Jet. 4, I83rt; uj. Sept. fl, l^otl, Henry Taylor of WlcklUTe, Ohio, at Terry- 
villf, <'ouu. 

fi37. Ctmxrjxx V., b. Aug. 25, 1831) ; m. Ang. 9, 188«, Rev, Lluus UlakettJey, of Terry vlUe, Conn. 

By h\& third marriage : 

86 RICHARD treat: seventh generation. 

G38. CiuuLEs Sankoui», b. Nov. 23, 185(5: ui. July 14, I87S» LoUlc U. liuut, or Topcka, Kati- 
689. Mauy M\or,ri:, b. Sept. 11, lUnS; m. May 24, 1«:«. Bdwftrd B. Oarn'ood, of Topcka, Knn- 

284 Elisha^ Treat (Charlesy^ Jonathan,^ Cfiarles* Tfiomaa,^ Richard,^ RicharfV)^ 
born May 20, 17U9, in Glastonbiii'v, Conn. ; died July .5, 1848, !n Glaatonhury ; married, 
first, Oct. 13, 1820, Clarissa Benton, burn .lune 4, 1801, died Feb. 24, 1827, aged twen- 
ty-lliree (gravestone in Enstbury, now Biicivinjiljam) ; 8L'con<l. April 11, 1827, Almika. 
Wheat, born Nov. 30, 18G8; <lieti Aug. 15, 1884, "gi-d eiglity. Tl»e clinrch records say 
tliat. lie was baptized May 20, 1790, at bis raotbcr's funeral. He was a farmer. 

Cliibhen, born in Glastonbury, by IiIh first marriage: 
640. .Iaxk E,," b. Oct. 0. 1H21 ; m. Oct. 23. 1H31*. .John B. Holmes. 
«;4l. lUi.t'it BicNTo.N-. b. Dec. 21, 1821>; d. May 2.'i. 1880; tii. Mtiy 25, 1845, Coniclia .Line Sirong, 

ii. Nov. I, 1824, d. , 187'.). rtiul «lau. of KM and Helsfy (Cowle«) Strong, of Boliou , 

Conn. lie waM a Manon, and resUknl in Manchesivr, Conn. No issue. 

642. CUAitLUsC, b. April 21, 1825; d. April ISJ, 1854; m. Ocl. JJ, 1847, Semanlbn Ambah Siroag. 

liy Ins seconcl marriage : 

643. Jons WHK.VT. h. May 8. 182N; d. .inly (i. If^M: in. April 20. 1S52. IvuK-linr Kinlcy. 
r»44. Clakk Klisua, b. Nov. fi, 1829: d. Autf. 18, IfHd: m. Nov. 21, iH.Vi, Mary Ken«*lin«' Slronar. 

1>. .Tnly 6, ls;w, and dau. of Eli and Hybll Strong. lU'Hldcd iu Manchester, Conn. Was 
a Mason. No Issue. 
646. Wauukn TniiAi^L, b. .Ian. 20, is.'l'i; ni. .luno 9. 18«i2, Adela^dr Mp('rack»>n, 
646. RoiiKur Bhuck. b. Nov. 25. IH\\H; d. May 17, 1871; m. Jan. 4, is:>\t, Enierelta DaggHt. 
047. Samit-L, b. .\uff. an. 1842; d. Au*;. 21, 1H45. 
648. Almiua AwKLAiDE, b. .bine 5, 1845; d. Nov. 1(J, 184(5. 

285 Hannah"' Trea.tiCharJes,'^ Jonathan,^ CharJes,* Thomn^,'* Richard,'^ Rtch<(t'<V), 
bom A|»ril m, 1801, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died about 187U ; nt.nrir.l K.b I-l. ls-?;>, Kn. 
UCKO Matson. jk., who removed to South Windsor, Conn. 

Children of Edmund and Hannah Matson, Ihe first three born in GlasUjnbury; 
C4D. AlJlo.v,* b. Oct. 25, l.s2;l. 
050. Ki.t7.A Ann, b. .Ion. H, 1827. 
651, Jin-IA. b. Nov. — , 1828. 
062. Ellkn, b. . 

Martha, b. 
JoiiK, t). — 

JOHf.rHINK., 1», . 

HiczKKiAU (irlplot). b. - 
Zkukkiau (triplet), l». -^ 
ZKruF.Ni.ui (triplet), b. 

292 Permelia" TretLUJouathany^^Jonitthau^' Charles* Thomas,^ Wchard,'^ RlchimV), 

born : Implizeil Ocl. 18, 17'J5, in Gbistonbury, Eastbnry I'ari«li, ('onn. ; died 

(alive 18o3, atjed tiay-Beven) ; married F«d). 1), lH2;i, Lf.*tkk Uowi> of IJnrtford, Conn., 

born , 17'J.*i, tiled , 18t;(], and son of Marcenu and Lydia (Go.«*per) Dowd. Mc 

was n soldier in the of 1812. In 1852, he was of Wayne Co., N. Y. In 1846 and 
1M.)3. he resided in Tyrlngham, Masj*. See Dowd Genealogy. 

Children of Lester and l*ernielia Dowd: 
669. CaxSDl.FJt.' b. ^, 1824; d. , 1881 ; m. , 1845, Mary E. White. 



ilitrS'OKY a., b. , 1827; m. , 1850. Laura A. C'olUns. 

G«L (iKomJK, li. , JS30; d. , 1833. 

6»;2. Cjjnton, b. , 18;t3; ui. , 1H6I, Mary A. ]Kmho»u». 

C63. StKi'ilKV. h. ; d. when about four years o1<l. 

313 Sylvester" Treat ( Peter/' Pfter,-' rhumaa,* Thomas,^ li'uhard:^ JimhanV )^ho\'i\ 
April 11, IHO-J, in (?) 31i.l(llel]cl<l, N. Y. ; died Oct. 5, l^OO, in Kast CImlhriin, Tioga Co.. 
Ponn, ; married March 27, 1827, LocrBroA Gatks. Tie oame to Etiton, Madison Co., N. Y 
when very youny;, imd ictnoved to Chatham, May 28, 1827. The country was then a vast 
wilderness. Here he raised a family of two sons and live daiigiiters, all of whom lived to 
be heads of families. He was a fanner. 

Children, born in Chatham : 

684. Maky," b. Oct. an, 1S28; d. Fob. 27, 18<;<J; m Juiu- 10. 1817, Tliomns Owlctt. 

665. LvDiv b. Aug. 25, 18.'iO; d. Ni>v. f., 18fi2; m. Ani<. IM, 1k47, Dr. WllUam R. Kich. 

666. Kill LTM GvfKA, b. ,Iuly 31. 1832; in. An^- H. 18.*>3, Mary Jnue Snyder. 

667. Cauolinf., b, Sept. 4, 1884; m, .Tunc 21, 1858, Lorenzo Dow Carl. 

668. l)ouiND.» Li:rixi>A. h. Ang. 4, 183«; m. Dec. 2u, 18'i7, .Tames Henry ("arl. 

669. Lois AMEUA, b. Nov. 22, 1843; ni, Dec. 31, 18»W, LeonWas Awry. 

670. SvLVKSTKn, b. Dee. 2(J, 184G: ni. Sept. L^8, 1808, Siirah Miller. 

314 Adeline' Treat (/V/^r,«i^^<?r,*TAo>nrw,< lliomas:^ Richard:^ RichcmV), horn 

Aui;. 9, lHU4,in (V) Middlefield,N. Y. ; died Aug. 21, I8i54,in Deerfield, Penn. ; m. -— , 

KoKKUT U. PorxKR. 

Children of Robert B. and Adeline Potter : 

671. LviUA XvxCY,' b, Nov. 7, 1828; d. Feb. 12. lH:t'j (;.'. s.. DirrUiUL Teim.). 

672. PnKBK. b. ; d. JmitJ — , 188- ; in. . UUvur Cliappel. 

678. ALvuY Maunda, h. Foh. 26, 1834; d. July 8, 1848 (g. a., Deerllcld). 

874. M<n»riMKa C, b. ; m,. Int. , KllxaCarl; 2d, , Alice Button. iHajirou- 


porou.s merchant. Has a store at .Mlddlebnrg, and at KeeneyvIUe, Tioga Co., I'eim. 
•Tosi.i'u. b. . 

316 Samuel B.' Treat (Peter,^ Peter,^ Thovias,^ TfionuiH,^ Uk'hanU- Ricfi(ir<P),Uo\'n 
July it, IMO, in( ?) MIddloIield, N. Y. ; died Dec. 7, 1878 ; married Nov. 22, 1817, Maky 
J. Gauoxkr. 

Children, born in Laing&lMirgh, Shiawasse Co., Mich. : 

676. AucR,* b. .Tune i, If^VJ ; in. , Myron Van Fleet, of Hastings, Nubra^ika. 

677. Kmma, b. July 18, 1853. 

678. Ida M.. h. Feb. 22, 1857. 

679. LllJJB B., b. Feb. 4, 18«]5. 
t'80. OUA J., b. June 12. I8n7. 

318 Sarah Ann" Treat { Peter, ^ Peter, ^ TJiomaSy^ Thomas,^ lik'hard,^ Rkhard^), 
born .Ian. 2ti. I81G, in (?) Kalou, Madison Co., N. Y". ; died Oct. 30, 1853, in Farming- 
fon, Fayetle Co.,>'.Y'. ; married Sept. 28, 1834, Wakhkn (1lk\»on, born Aug. II), 1811, 
In OM><M)ln, Tioga Co., Penn. ; died Dec. 12, I8tii5, in Woodliidl, N. Y., and son of Paul an I 
.ludti (Warren) Cileason. He was a farmer. Resided twenty-three years in Osceola, six- 
teen In Chatham, Pcnn., ten in Farmington, and five in Woodhull. For his second wife 
he married March 27. 18,o0, Fi<lelia Bradley, daughter of Henry Rradley, an<l hntl four 
children: Edward Gleiuson, b. Feb. 21, 18G0; Lucy Glcason, b. April 7, 18G2; Elmer 
Glrason, b. March 17, 1804 ; Charles Gleasoii, b. . 



Chndren of Warren Ami Sin^iii a. • .ic^^^juti. Uie first seven born in Clifilham, the ctgliih 
la Fartnington : 

€ai. OiVAB.* b, Oct. «. IM«5; m. , Hannah Clark. 1% a fanner In Eldora. Tnwa. 

C82- LovKx<-Y. U. March 21, 183H; m. , AlraJi Baxter, a farmer in Fanninjfton. 

CHS. Praxckm A.vs-, b. Oct. 81, 1839; to. , John R. Weeks, a farmer )u FarnilntftiMi. 

AM. Jci»A. b. Jan. 11. 1842: ra. . Myron Dnrcnport, a fanner In Big Plats. N. V. 

C83. LouKNXo. b. ^aj 31. IM4. 

WAnriKx, b. May 11, 1M47; nntn. 
UtncKV, b. April 27, 1840; m. 

1m a jnlller in LInio Grovi-, Iowa. 
-. Mary Mnynurtl. Ij» a funnrr In Fannlngtoti. 

aHH. Adxa. b. Oct. U, 1M53; (1. Sept. 28» 1870, at Coral, Mich.; unm. 

320 Lathrop^ Treat (C7tar/e«,« JbAu,* Thomas.* Tftnmas,^ JiirJuird,'^ Rkfuinl^), 

born , l?'^^*^, in (ilnslonhnry. Conn. ; died July 28, IH19» nged thirty-one (li 

Soulli (ilfisloiihury), ut. Saviinn.ah, Gn., of yellow fever; married , l>il4. i •w 

SKXToxt born April, 1776, died April 17, 1857, and daughter of Geoi-ge Sexton, of Col- 
chester, Conn. He was a eeafariug man. 

Daughter born in GlnMtonliury : 

689. IlAuntRT Elizauxtu.* b. Jan. 21. 1815; m. Oct. U. IfH^, Nelson Bingham PcUot. 

321 Capt. Horace' Treat (Cfiarles,* John,^ TJtom/ut^^ TJiomas^^ RicJiard^^ RicJi^ 
arti'), horn July 4, 17&0, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Dec. 3, 1821, aged thirty-one, of 

yi'llow fever, at Mnifinzas, Culm ( gravestone. South Gl.'istonbury) ; mnrried , 

HuooKS ; who died April 7, 1870, aged 77 (gravestone. Central burying ground, Glas- 
tonbury). Was a sea captain. 

Cliihlren born in Glastonbury: 

690. TIoiiArK Buo»>Ks,» b. Oct, IS, 181C; m. Nov. fl, IflSll, Snrnh AnreUa Glazier. 

691. Mary K., b. May 14. I«I8: m. , Noyirw I). BrownU-r. 

692. AoKLtNK, b. May I, 1820; c1. Au;r. 25. IHOO. aiu'cd 30 (g. s., Central burying ground ). 

GUa. lIoSKA. h. March 3, 18*^2 ; d. Dec. 11, 1H22. 

323 Sophia' Treat {Charles,^ John,^ Thomas,* Thomas,^ Rlchard^^ Richai'd^), 
born Feb. 6, 17l>i), in Glastonbury, Conn.; dlcrl Nov. IH, 1M.*)0, in South (jlaslonbury ; 
married Sept. 15, 1«1H, L-^aac Collins, who die<l Dec, 20, 1838, in South Glaston- 

Children of Isaac and Sophia Collins, born in South Glastonbury : 

CO*. Soi'HlA.* b. June 11, 1820; d. March 15, 18iU). 

ma. Onmx T., b. Jan. 0, 1N2.1; m. Nov. 24. 184(!. Charlotte O. Pitkin, b. Aug. 4. 1821, t). May 
7, 1878, and dttu. of Geortfc and Parmela Pitkin, of Ea«t Hartford. In 1841 hr n>- 
moved to Eatil Ilartfonl, ami in 18o.> cnilRraUul to WestMeld. Bureau Co., III., ami net- 
tliHl on a farm. Now (\hW) resides In Peru. La Salle Co.. III. For the last tlUrteen years 
liJiM Iti'i'M prei^idcrnl of rlie Peru pjiruirr'n Miitnat In^^urauce Co. Children, the Urst 
three iMjrn in Ka«*t llarlforU. the others in lliinolH: 

1. Geortfe Pitkin* CoIUuk, li. July 2, 1.^51 ; m. Pec, 31, 1874, Emma IlolleT, dau. of 

Phlll]) ilollo.r, of Dimmoe.k, La Salic Co., 111. Resides in Hoistcin, Ida Co., 
Io>\H. Ih a laruier, Iltin two f*on8 aud two danuluers. 

2. Lottie KlixalK'tli CollhiK, b. April 18, 1853; m. Nov. 18, 1873. Atiia^a Ho^e. 

Went to Kansas in I M71 ; reMitle>) at Yates Centn' W'M..iw,>fi ('<,. is, a farmer. 
Clilldrcn : 

1. Mabel Bray'" Koae. b. . 

2. Orrin CoiiinM Itose, b,- -. 

:{. i:thrl \i>,sv, b. . 

i^, Siijihiu Tr«':U, Colllni*, b. July ilO, ISWj re»»lde8 In IVru. 



4. Charles Pitkin'" ColHn»s. b. Dec. KJ. 18fi«>: m. July 5. 1882, Kinrnft BIrchonongh, 
dflu. of (.;e<irji«i Birchrn«>iit;ii of Peru. Hesidc* in Peru. ClillUron, b, in 
WeKttlchl. Ill : 

1. rrftncej*" Collins, b. July a. 1883. 

2. Walter G<»orjrc' Collin.'*, b. June 17. JMHtJ. 

3. Emma Collhi?. h. Nov. 1«. 188H. 

5. Lunrn Cowles Colliiis. b. Sept 20, 1H"jH; raided in Chicago. Is a stc-nogra- 
I>her <ni a Farm Implement Hlrectory. 

Esni.Y Maiuaii. 1>. Oct. 20. |hU4: d. Aug. H, l«+8. 
C07. LiVixtA. b. Aug, 8. 18^0; d. Feb. 2*i. lH;i2. 
«'J8. Lyijia ANi<f, b. Jan. 23, 1820; d. Oct. 12, 1873. 

325 Charles' Treat (C/<ar/pj«,6 Jri7i»,* rAom.rf.<,^ Tlioman,'^ Rkhnrd,^ Richard^), 
horn Oct. 27, l»<)Kiii tTlaslonbury, Conn. ; ilied Jan. 17, l!S07,in llarl.fonl.C'unn. ; mar- 
ried April 20, 1828, Matilda Cooly, or Middletown, Conn., l)orn Aug. 2, 1800; died 
July, ISOO, in llailford. Was a seufaring man, as was hla father. Resides in Uarirord. 
Clilldron horn in IlarironJ : 
mo. Jaxk Rai^kl." b. Doc. 1», IH2R; d- Oct., 1887; m. Larkum; resided In Hart- 
ford, Son : 

1. Albert" lArkum, b. Oct. 23. IM't: d. -* 

700. JiTJA Matilda, b. r)ct. 11, 18341; d. April 12. 1837. 

701., b, Sept. 12, 18S2; d Feb. H',. 18G2. 

7i>2. KlJ.KS Ei,iz\nKTii. b. Nov. 23, 18.14; d. Fob. 10. 18fi2. 
703. NfUMAX C. b. July tj. 1837; ni. - — -. 18»>ii. Rose S. Trevor. 

326 Levi Stuart" Treat {Amos 11<UI/' Qenhom,'' Thomas* ThmtmM,^ Eichard,^ 
llkUrtrtV)^ hinti ,]an. 19, iHl2, in Glastonlmry, Conn,; die«l April 13, 1881, in AKjlii- 
8on, KAns.ts ; married, fust, Feb. 27, 1834, Nanct Stroso IIickox, born March 9, 1814, 
died March 23, 1843, in .\urora, Portage Co., Ohio, and daughter of Larinon and \ancy 

(Strong) Iliekox ; eecond, , Ei.knou R. Noktom, from whom he was divorced in 

Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, at the May term of the court of Common Pleaa, 1853; thli'<l, Aug. 
6, 1858, Mauy Dotuea Cooper, who now realties in Atchison, Kansas. Mr. Treat wa8 
i» farmer. 

Children, the fu'st three born in Aurora, the fourth and flfth in Twinaburgh, Summit 
Co.t Ohio, the others in Atchiaoii, by his Oral marriage: 

704. 8n«AUT AM08.' b. Jan. 4, m^n. Is a live stock •ipeeulator and fanner In Atchison. 
706. Cakrik Kilkx. b. Oct. 22. 1h:J7; ni. Sept. 24. IH5(;. In Cleveland, Ohio, Peter Saninel Me«- 
serole. b. Jnly 2, IH.SO. In New York city, and sou of John and .Mary Kllza (Siinnioua) 
Me»-nerolr, Hi' wan a tlealer in aifricultural Implements and Meeda in Chicago, ill. 
70(i. Nkujk .Uk-e. b, Oct. 27. 1.S4L': dead. 

By his second marriage : 

707. A.XTOINinTB, b. 

708. JAMia» Walteii Noirrox. b. 


By his third marriage : 

XtO. Mauy KaTk. b. Jan. 22. 18»51 ; m. April 21, 1887, Samuel Wo*Mhvorth. an attorney in At- 

710. Fn»VK Stirkwsbury. b. Oct. 18, lflr.2: m. Oct. 2(J. 188y. Margarot IIukIics, of .\rl7.ona 

territory. Is now ( IH1M)| pn^pririor of n riincli in Arizona. 

711. TiiMMis C«it»PKU, b. March 20. ISlio. I» a Uniw br«»ker. of the llrni of T f. Titat jL Co., 

• t. or 4ili and Coninierclal HL| AtchlHon, Kauaas. IIom asMiated tut 


713. Au«T. L^THi. b. Nov. 15, 18G«1; m. Nov. 18, 1886, Samtiul Ccorgc Gucrrier. 

713. (iKomuA (Jiuric. b. Jan. «J, 1M7-I. 

714. Kriiia.HAUuiKT, b. Aujjf. i:i, 1880. 

327 Amos Mortimer Treat (AmoH UaU,^ Gershom^^ 77ioma»,* ThomuH,^ Hich- 

or</,*- /^W*«/i/'). I )oni MiucIj l.'i, 1H13, in ClhisLoiilMiry. Conn.; inarrlcd , 1H41, 

IIarkikt M. Hatch, of Aurorn, rorUigc Co,, Olilo, who ilieti April '2b. 1^88, in Buiu- ^ 
bi'i<Ige, (rfuutju Co., where Mr. Treat now refilled, is a raerchunt. 

Chihiren horn in AnroiH and Uniiiiuidge : 

716. J. MoRTiMKH.* I), Oct. 211. IJ<42; in. Jnn. — , IH«H1, Kunico Hu<loli>li. 
718. IIathk J , b. May 18. 185:1: ra. Oct. 1, 1H74, Henry W. IVttlbone. 

717. (i<im>f>N A., b. April 7, IH.".5; lu. Nov, 27, 1H7!>, FlortMn«' Ulair. 

339 Lorenzo Hart" Treat(A7/»/i/(,« £/M/t<;,'' /««<«•/ Thomas,^ Richard,^ likhnrd^), 
\hjvu Nov. 1, 18U2, in Mi<l<lleLovvn, Conn. ; died July l.*i, 1857, aged tilU-four, in MidiUc- 
lown; marrtod, liist, Anjj. 23, 1826, Sarah Sack Kihbv, who dieil An^. 4. 1836, ngetl 
lliiily-two; se<'ond, April 1(5, 18;37, Maky Kmiiv, who died Sept. 28, 18r»8. Wiis a niein- 
hnv of the Leyi!»hinne in 18J4, troni Cornwall, Conn., fornierly a part of JSIiddlelown. 
Was ft notary pnlillt! from May, 1851, to the time of Uia death. Was also town clerk 
an<l treasurer of Cromwell. 

Cluliiren liorn in Middletown, by his first marriage: 

718. Mart L.* b. Feb. — , 1820; «i April 25, 1880. 
719. SaiuH. b. -July 10. 183'.»; in., Ist,.luiie2, 1831. Kluur LdkI WrItOit; 2d. Ort. 22, 1872, 
WilUuin |{«>lHM-t MiDonnld. 
720, Son, U, Marrh 1, IH'Mi; •!. Marcb 1, 1836. 

340 Emily' Treat {EliAha,^ Ellklta,^ Isaac,* Thomas,^ Uichard,^ Michard^), born 
July 16, 1801, in Mwldleiown, Conn. ; died Sept. 25, 1872, n^v(\ sixty-eight, in Middle- 
town; married Oct. 5, 182.S. Ar,?A Wiixox. who died Get. 10. l.s;iM, .|;^ml forty, and tt 
Bon of Joseph Ilnsscll an<i LIna Wilnv 

Children of Alsa and Emily Wilcox, born lu .MiddleLown : 

721. LvoiA IIaut," b. -: m. , Alht-rt Cucon, a farmnr In Westfleld Society, Mlth^ 

7M. CllAirNCiiY, b. . 182r,; (1 July 22, 1833. 

723. Mauy Turat. b. ; d. Jan. 2^. l«iW. 

724. BiOLY TiiKAT, b. — -- — 

725. AUKUNK. I>. 

358 Sophia Lucy* T reSLt {CliaHucey,^ Dorotheua,^ Dorothena* Tftomaa^'^ It^tm^;^ 
liichard^), l)orn Doc. 6^ 1817, iu South GlaMtonbury, Conn. ; married July 16, I83i^, llou- 
ACK IIeklks IIoKroN, who was born Nov. 7, 1815. Me resides iu Plymouth, Amador Co., 
Cat. Is a farmer. 

Children of Horace H. and Sophia L. Ilorton : 

72«. Jamv-sTukat.' b. Oct. 15. 1841: d. .Inn. 12. IH42. 

727. Emii.v Lokaink, I» Nov. ir». |h42; «l Oct, 10, lei43. 

72H. MAmuA Amklia. b. June !>, IH41: tl Sept. «!, M44. 

7211. Ml. u*rK. b Sept. 5. I8»5; d. Oct. U, IMio. 

730. FkaNK llKMJV, b. Oct- 1. I84<;. 

781. CuAUKKf* IlK.ui.KN, b. Jane 28, l><4y ; d. Jsn. V. 1852. 

T32. C1.AKA Stic\'IC3C8. b. Jnue 26, 1853. 



TSS. M^nv Ei.ra*. h. April ir.. 18oC. 

734. Lucr Ksiuk, b. Aii^. 27. 18.iJ>. 

"■»*; Iliucirjc CiiArxncY, b. Sfpt. I'' '^*"? 

359 Emily Maria" Treat (CAwiumvv,'' DomfUnm,^ D^rothenn^ Thnmnn}^ Iluihard;^ 
JiirJmrtl^), Uovu April L'7, Im-Jm, in Soitlh Glast<jnl)iiry, Conn.; inunied Nov. 2<'«, ISri.'i, in 
Kastliamplnn, Mn»s., Cbakles Bigelow .I(»hn9os, who died Feb. 11» 1887. He wa«cx)n- 

^lieclcd with the National Bnlton Co., Etisthtitn|»ton ; a iloauon of the Piiyson Congrega- 
itonnl chui'ch, and town clerk for tnaiiy yt^ars. 

Children of Charles B. ami Emily >[. .Johnson, brim in Eaathanipton : 

Ti'iG. CnAtu.Ks IlKNnv,* b. Aug. 30, 1856. Ik* \h va»U\vT nf the First National Batik iu Ett«t- 

lai. E[)WARI> Texxaxt. b. Anjj. LM. I8«5; d. May 10. W,C. 

360 Francis Smith" Treat (Oh<iuncej/,^ Domtlieua,^ DoroUmi.%* Tf^omas^^ Rich- 
fcflry/,- fiichmd^), horn May ?<, 1822, in S'»nth Glastonhnry, Conn. ; Tnarried. first. May 20, 

iH.iJ, Hakrikt Bl:8H, who died Dec. 5, 1850; second, April — , iM^'i, Makxha CAsriKLD. 
Is a fanner, and resi4ie8 in Lexington, Le Snenr Co., Minn. 

Chihlren, the second born in Lexington, the third in Waukon, Iowa, by bia Uist mar- 
riage : 

738. Kdoaj<,» b. — ; d. April 13. 1857. 

By his second marriage : 

731), Frank, b, F«-l). 9, l.Srt4. 

74f.>. Kmii.v MAnriiA. b. June li7, 18';:.. 

361 Sylvester Chapman' Treat {Chaunrptf,'^ Dorothcun,^ Dfjrolheut,* Thomas^^ 
Jiicli'irdr liiifitirfi^)y lM>rn April 4, 1X24, in Sontli (ilastonbtiry. Conn. ; married Feb. 2, 
1M51, Em7,a A. DtXN. lie is a baker, and resides in Dei-orah. Winneshiek Co., Iowa. 
She has furni9he<l me with the record of the family of Chaunccy Treat. 

Children, the first born in Qnincy, III., the seeond iu Burlington, Iowa, the others in 
Decorali : 

741. Eira-r SiirntA.^ b. Nov. 10. ltt."il ; d. Aug. 13. lHr>4. 
743. EDWARD CnAtxcKY. b. Sept. 2«:, 18M; d. Dee. 6, 1856. 

743. Gkokok IlKMtY, b. Doe. 1. IHoB. 

744. LrKiJ_i F.u/.A. b. April 4. 18r»2. 
74.%. LucyCkma. h. Ati:r. 2. lHr,4. 

363 Ann Lee' Treat (CAf/MJiwv," Dornthens^^Dnrnthma,* TliomnSy^ Richard,^ liich- 
ard^)^ i»orn Doc. 4, 1.S27, in Sonth (xlaatonbury, Conn.; married Dec. 24, 1851, John 
Akchkr, who is now dead. She now (188'J) resides iu Ksthervillo, Kmmett Co., 

Children of Juhn and Ann L. Archer, the first two born in Qtiiney, 111., the others in 
Waranw, IU. : 

74fl. CiiAKLUB.' b. Nov. — , l&:i2. 
717. Lucy. b. Oct. — , 1855. 
74». EuzAbinu. b. Au«. 1, 18.j8. 
749. Mirrui \v. b. , 18(»(J. 

364 Nancy Pulaifer- Treat iChnHncey,^ Dorothans^^ Dorotkeus,* Thomas,''^ Rich- 

92 RICHARD treat: seventh generation. 

a?-d,2 liichard^)^ born Dec. 19, 1829, in South Gliistonbiiry, Conn. ; married Dec. 24, 
1854, George Merrill. He is a farmer, and resides in Saratoga, Howard Co., Iowa. 
Cliildren of George and Nancy P. Merrill : 

750. Emma D.," b. Nov. 10. 1855. 

751. ILiRRlKT, b. Nov. 25, 1858. 

752. William, b. April 12, 18(>1. 

753. FuEDKKiCK. b Sept. 28, 1802. 

754. Frank B., b. Feb. 10, 1805. 

755. Archib.vld G., b. Dec. 28, 1809. 
766. Bexj.\min' B., b. July 30, 1871. 

365 Mary Jane^ Treat (Chauncefj^^ Dorotlieus^^ Dorotheus^* ThovuLs,^ Ricliard^ 
Itichard}) yhoxn Feb. 12, 1832, in South Glastonbury, Conn.; married Dec. 24, 1851, 
John Ammon. For twenty-five years he was extensively engaged in the manufacture of 
agricultural implements in Decorah, Iowa. He met with reverses in 1878, and removed 
to Estherville, Emmet Co., Iowa, in 1889, where he engaged in farming and stock-raising. 
Is at present (1889), and has been for the last two years, superintendent of the Stough- 
ton Wagon Works, Stoughton, Wise. Has always been greatly respected as a man of 
high principles and sterling worth. Has held many public positions of local importance 
for the last thirty years. 

Children of John and Mary J. Ammon, born in Decorah : 

757. Junius," b. Aug. 1, 1853. 

758. William, b. July 20, 1855. 

759. M.vRY Evelyn, b. Aug. 11, 1857. 

700. Cuauxcky R., b. Sept. 13, 1800. Is at present (1880), engaged in farming and stock- 

raising In Esther\ille. 

701. John, b. Oct. 21, 18(51. 

702.>, b. May 13, 1870. 




375 Maria'' Treat (AVytuour,^ Timothy,^' Thuo^hy,'' Hichardy* Thoman^^ Richard^^ 

i^/c/Mirti'), boru l>ec. 9, 1812, In ; mamed April 15, 1837, Morkt<js B. Sack- 


Cliililren ofMoreton B, nnd Marin Sw^kett: 
763. Ji* H.," I>. Oot. If., 1838; m. April in, 1804, 


764. KiioUA T., b. May 1, 1S41; tL Auir. 2. 188^; m.. 1st. Aiiir. 27. 18^7, S. Overlln : IM. , 

1875, DilTlrl Cha«i€. 

105. Si^-movrT., I J 

766. I<Ki-nrx /twins, b. Jan. 23, l»43; \«i. Sept. 13, 167U, 

DftU. : 

1. CalmtA'O Sackrtt, h. Nov. 20. 1880. 
787. Lyou a., b, Dec. 15, 1845; iL April 26. Ift73; m. D«c. 15, 1839. Ebenezer Graham. 

377 Stephen Decatur^ Treat {Seymour^^ Thnothtj^^ Timothy y^ Richard,* 

JhouniH,^ Ridmni,'^ Richard^), i.oni April 12, 181t>, in -; died , H^5U, wiilie 

on Itis way l« Cnlirurnia, and was buritnl at Fort Luran>ie, Wyoming; married 3Iarc'h 15, 

1843, — ^. . 

1^ Daughter ; 

7«?8. Phkuk Oi.rM»A.' b. May 21, 1^44; d- June 20, 1861 ; m. , Ilanford Graham. 

386 SuUivan^ Treat ( Timothy,^ Thftmas,^ Timothy,^ Richard,* Thmnan,^ Rivh- 
ard;i Richard*), l»orn .h\u. 18, 1811, in Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; died Jan. 21, 1880, 
aged sixty-nine, in Elk Grove, Sacranionlo Co., Cal. ; married Dec. 25, 1843, Cakolink M. 
Gaoe. At the age of twenty-one, Mr. Treat left New York and settled in Silver Creek, 
Cass Co., Midi., on a heavily tiraborod farm, which he cleared, enduring all the privations 
lnci«lent to pioneer life. May 20, 1859, he started for California across the Plains, and 
arrived at Elk Grove, where he settled, on the 20lh of Oct. following. 

Daughter, born In Silver Creek : 

760. Alvira II. .» b. Sept. 5. 184<5; m. Oct. 13, 1870, JiiUas Everson. 

388 Almira^ Treat {Timothy,'' Thomnsy'^ Timothy,^ Richard,* Tfiowns,^ Richard,^ 
Ricfiuid^), bum Feb. 13, 1821, in Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; married Sefit. 7, IS'IO, 
Henry Alduicu, born May 5, 1813, in the stale of Rhode Island. He itt a farmer, nnd 
resides in Kdwardsburgh, Cass Co., Mich. 
Children of Henry and Almira Aldrich: 
I7D. Alpha,* h. Feb. 17. 1842; m. Feb. 16, 1866, Har^cT L. Urcw. Uc now resides In San 
BeroariUno. San Bernardino Co., Cal. Has four sons: 

1. .Vrtbiir L."^ Drew, b. . 

2. FniU-rUk Drew, b. . 

3. Roy Drew, b. . 

4. Walter Drew, b, . 

771 JAME^i M., b, Feb. 8, 1844; d. Nov. 10. I8fi2. at thi- UoHpMal at Lebanon, Ky., of pneumo- 
nia. He t^nlUttHl hi the 4tli Mich. Cavalry In An;; , 18il2. 

772. Levi M., b. Jan. 7, 1848; m. , Emma IJcauchamp. Resides at Elk Grove, Sacra- 
mento Co., Cal. No isHUe. 

"" Geort.e B., b. Oct, 20, 1847; d. March 10, 1870, at Eilwardsburgh, Mich. Was a roer- 

774- Jj-wrKU K., b. Sept. 10, 1H49; m. Feb. Ifi, 1873, Maria Aldrich. of Clmutanciua Co.. N. Y. 
RewliUs at Blrdsley's Prairie; P.O.. Edwardsbur^h. Mich. lla» tu'o children: 

1. (Joy A.'" .Vldrirli, b. . 

2. Martha Miiv Alilrlcb, b. . 



392 Ira Hascar Treat {Timothif,'^ Tlioma»,* Timothy,^ Htcknrdy* Thomas,^ 
Jti'rhnrd,^ JiicftanP), Itorn May 11, 1830, in Aarort, Eric Co., N. V,; married Oci. 13, 
1869, Alice Asx Dcnnino, at Elk Grove, Sacratncnto Co., C«l. He roroove<l willi h\» 
father in 183-1 from New York to MichigHii. lie leariie<l llie Inule of carpenter arnl 
jotuer. In IHoS he started with u parly for California across the plains. Had a little 
trofihle with tlie Sioux Indians oppf»8ite Fori Laramie, Wyoralnjr, on tlie Platte river. 
Tln'y nnini>cred nI)out three hundred. liy giving up a portion of their provisions', a 
treaty* was maile and the emigrants were ullowe<l to proceed. The com|)Hny nnndiere«l 
about twenty-five men, eij^ht women, and six children. His brother Wlllanl Treat no- 
oompiuiicMl him on this trip. Aug. 25, they arrived at Hang Town. Since his settlement 
in California he has been engaged in various kinds of husiness, as mining, freighting for 
six years to the state of Nevada, farming and stock raising. la now a faiun^r in rom- 
forl.alile circumstances, and resides in Aniler«on, Shasta Co. 

Children : 

775. Mattix n.,' b. Feb. 28, 1871. 

77c;. LoL8 v., b. Oct. 7, 1872. 

777. WnxuM WAKnKX. b. Jnlj 9. 1874. 

778. IUrrfkt Mabiah. b. Jnn. IS, 1877; d. Jane I. 1865. 

779. Cabiue Asx, b. Dec. 2, 1K83. 

396 Lucy Ann^ Treat ( T/motkij^ Thomas,^ Timotht/,^ HtcJuird,* ThomoM,^ Hich^ 
artiy^ HichanO), liorn May 2, 1h39, in Silver Creek township. Cass Co., Mich. ; married 
Nov. 12, l«o7, Flutcuek B. Robixson, at Dowagiac, Cass Co., Mich. Fi»r uine years 
after marriage they resided in Casn Co. ; then removed to Bnngor, Van Burt*n Co. In 
the fall of 1^74, they removed »o Onekama, Manistee Co., Mich., when the township 
wjia almost a dense wilderness, where tliey now (1H>*8) reside. She is a mem'"' "•' '''c 
3Ielli(Nlist chnrch, and superintendent of the Sunday school. 

Chihlren of Fletcher B. and Lncy A. Robinson, the first born in Dowagiac, the »tHJond 
in Bangor : 

7«0. JatW.,» b. March 22, 1859; in. Dec. 14, 188«i. Ilnltie Ri^n^lmw. in Hayes town^liip, 
lineiia Vlnta Co., luwa. Is a school tcacber, and a lucinbt-r of \\w Ba{>tlst church* 

781. Wauukx Rf.sscn.. b. April 5. I8t;7. 

398 Amanda Euphemia* Treat ( TinwtlujJ TJtomnn,<^ Timothy,' ihcIku a* 

Th'fvtns,-^ JurfKud:- Jiir/t'i ril^ ), hoi II M:iy 16, 1M44, In Silver Creek, Cass Co., Mich.; 
married Dee. 25, 1800, Hkxry Wahrks RcfiSELi-, formerly of Andover, Mass., at Klk 
Grove, Cal. After her marriage they i^miivc'd to Garden Valley, El Dorado Co., where 
they now (18^) reside. She cnnie to California with her father in 18G3. 
Children of Henry W. and Amanda E. Russell, born in Garden Valley : 

782. ^«ii.' \ ^^^ I, j^jjjg jg j^^^g ^ ,^ Infancy. 

784. Ista B.. b. March 28. 1871. 

786. Warrkx T.. b. Au«. 8. Is75. 
78«. KlMTH A , \ j^.jjjg ^ p^,, J3 ,^-g 

787. £i>OJUt IlK.\UY, I 

399 Julius AHen' Treat {Oreu,' ThoiniW> Timftthy,^ Richard,* TJiOrtut.i,^ ni,^h- 
arti;^ UichnrtO), b. , 1?<H, in Aurora. Kite Co., X. Y. ; died Feb. 22, 18D2 ; mar- 
ried , lH3t>, Saiuii Cuocker. Mr. Ti-eat came to Wisconsin tc 1»44, and resided 




!nS!mroT», W.ihvnitli Co, Was n inember oC tia* .1. A. Treat Lninbcr Co., mflTttifnoUirera 
RU(I wholtMalc tU'nlri^ ii) Imolirr, shingles, niid Inllis ; mills aiul yards at Mnnnetie, 
Oooiitu Co. 
Cliiltlren : 

*««. Favcttk C.,' b. K.siilcs In Appletoii, Wise. 

789. Jexxik T.. b. ; m, -, D. K. Sedgv?ick; resides la York, York Co., Nebraska. 

401 George' Treat (0/v;jJ Thomnsy^ Timothy,^ Jiichanl,* Thomntf,^ Rfcharrlj^ 
Jiichanl*)^ l)on» S*;pt. 17, 1«17, in Aurora. ICrie Co., N. V. ;»lieil Dec. 25, 1882, hi Sharon, 
Walworth Co., Wise. ; luarrieW March 12, 18^4, Sarah E. FobTUFi, of Millcilgeville. While- 
tt\t\ii Co., 111. Settled in Wisconsin in 1848, and resiiled in Sharon. AVas a farmer, and 
bad the re&peel of the community for his industry autl iHt<!grity. 

Children, liorn in Sharon: 

790. ¥lAm\ Li'CiXD.i,* b B'eb.24. 185C; ra. Peh. 2R. 1878. Miixon W. Pierce. 

791. Hrt^K-v M.\riTuV, b. July 2. IKSlf; m Jnii 23, 1881. .lackMott C. Miller. 
7l»2. Eva LrruiA, h. .Tan, 24. 18*13; iL .Tuly 20, 1870. Iti Sheiroii. 
793. Gi<*CK Ai KORA, I). Jnly 23, 18»J7; m, Oct. i7, 1886, Ira W. Holmes; rcsUlc* in llttwardcn, 

Sionx ('<i., lovra. 
704. MAitio!< Urorgu, b. J«n. 24, 1871. 

403 Thomas Nelson" Treat {Oren,"^ Thomas,^ Timothy,^ liichard^^ Tfiomasy^ 

ijikhard,'^ Iticfttml^)^ iiorn May iJO, 1822, in Aurorji, Erie Co., N. Y. ; married Mareh 23, 

1H64, Cr.AKA W, Bkll. In 1844, lie lett the ohi homestead for Seneca Co.. Ohio, In 

1847, he I'erooved to Sharon, Walworth Co., Wise. Was justice of the peace. IIjis 

L ««nally been engaged in furrning. Resides now (1887) at Clear Lake, Ceno Gordo Co., 


Chilidren, lH>rn in Sharon ; 
7&5. AucK M.,»b. Feb. IS, ]8rt5. Is a teacher. 
796. Mi^Mt: B , Nov. 0. 18»;c. Is a teacher. 

405 Lyman L.^ Treat (Oren,^ Thomas,'^ Timothy,'' Richard y* Thoman,^ Jiichard,^ 
/JcWiard"), Itorn April 20. I.S28, in Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; married Jan. 1 1, 1871, Lalua 
A.NNK CoopKK. lit; went west when a young man of nineteen, and has spent the lah»t thirty 
years in Iowa, Resides now (1890) in Welister City, IIam»lt4)n Co., Iowa, where he is a 
dealer in dry g<KMls, cloflnng, l>oots, 8h«x»9, hats, caps, etc. lias also dealt largely in real 
estate and grain. In 1859 and 1860, he held theolllce of treasiuer of Kossuth Co., Iowa. 

Chihiren : 

797. Canroli. L..» b. Xor. 21 , 187 1. 

798. TkkksSa L.. b. April II. 1878. 

409 Ellery Bentley' Treat (Oren,^ Thomnn,^ Timolhy,^ Richard,* ThomaH;-^ Rich- 
lOrd;* Uu.hthd^), lioru Au:i. 20, I8.3r., in Aurora, Eric C^., N. Y ; died Nov, 18, 1880, in 
Mnnilowor, Wi^\ ; married June 29, l8i»3, Charlottk H. Farnswoktii of .Shelioygan, 
WijHT., Jind daughter ot one of the ohle*t settlers in that eonuty, M«". Treat attemieil school 
at Aurora Academy till he wan sixteen, when he left and went to Buifaio to study law in 
Uie ofllce of Backus &. Lanning. lie was admitted lo the har Dec, 1, 1850. In 1860, 
he removed lo Wisconsin ami taught seliool in Sharon. When the war broke out, he 
relnrned to .Vuixira, rei'niiled a company of volunteers ami w.ts commissioned a lieutenant, 
but drcliunl the |K}sition owing to 111 health. He was reailmilleii to the bar at Milwaukee, 



AjMil H)» 1S(>1, iiiid nl t'liifagi) ii IVw «]uys Inter. JJiisiness culloil him away U^t Slu-hoy- 
guii, wlit'ie lu; wiiH «() well [»i4\as»f(l that h« scLtlod there in 18GL', ami in the fall t>r tluit 
ycnr wn* eirctcd «listrJct nttornoy for Sheboygan County. The next spring ho cnUMod 
Into (uutiuMHhiji with Williatn lluiullt*^!). mu\ wn* ooaoccttvl with him fur four years. He 
wat» n*txt rtertod <li*»ljict utloi nt-y for MunlUj*viw:% and a«rveil eight ^'CJira. In I8T2. he 
forrncii a ))artuerdhl|j with Lymtin .F. Nnah, hut sinm Rbttn(U>ne<l tho law to cngngc in the 
hnutier hiiMlness. TIiIr proving a iliaaslrniia speculation, he reanmed the practice of l»w. 
In hid prtifffision hi» was painstjiking, ronjic'icntioii^ and honorable, iliseotiraging rather 
than eneouraging litigation. Aa an ortker he was faithful tohisdnties; in hisi biHincs* 
h« wiui honest; in politics he was a eti-ong Democrat, while in his sucial relation** ho wau 
Uic bost of husbands, and the kindest of fathers. After his death his widow removed 
back to Shebt\\gan, where she now (1886) resides. She is tin active, intelligent wotnau. 
Children born in Manitowoc: 

7D9. RoyKRT Paink,* b. April 34. 1864 ; ilend. 
BOO, Cmaim.ks IUnky. I). Mv^. '2A. !8<;i». 
801. >Viu.iAM I'UKNru'K. »>. Stfpt. 4, 1873. 

411 Marie Fr&nces^ Treat {Oren,'' Tkoman^^ Timothy,'^ Richard,* TfiomdJf.^ Jifch- 
lirrf,* R'chaiii^), liorn Sept. 22, 1840, in Aurora, Krie Co., N. Y. ; married Awg. 17, 1865, 
Dr.i.iVAN Caucims, !>orn May 80, 1822. He is a farmer and resides in Kaat Auror*' 
N. Y. 

Dnnghter of Delivan and Frances M. Calkins, btirn in East Aurora : 
km. CiiAiux>rrK AntoKA.* b. Sept. S. 1H75. 

414 Sejrmour Edward' Treat {hbm,^ Tho>nnn,^ Timothy,^ Richard,* TAomfff,' 
7?icA.m/,< /;.cAoni'), burn Jnne 13, 1.S23. in Aurora, Co., N. Y. ; died Feb. 6, 1807, 
kilknl aeiidenlally in Chicago, in tlio stock yarils ; inarripti Dec. 29, IHI'J. .Kmbiic Spobl- 
fN(» ItLTTAiL, lM)»n May 13, 1H25. She now resides in Poh*, Oglr Cc».. III. Mr. Treat 
wa« fur many ycirs engaged in the merciuttile and grain business in I'olo. >\'a3 also dep- 
uty shentr, deptity pro\'n«i tuarshal. justice of U>e peace and IseUI various town offlces. 
Clilldren : 

WIS. FkAXk EnwAkD.* b. Oct. 9. I«i3. 

M^. Linuu RiJiiaA. U. Aaj. S9. l$ii; m. Jmi. 9A. 1$^. Jnhtt BArtkct; rMkks la loira. 

M. AUCR, \ ^^„ ,^ j„, ^ ,^ f i«IUe. With brr «H>lbcr 

907. Dwtanr TNi>%ir»o9(. !>. Umj i, i$6i ; r«sl<ki» la Oikaeo. 

415 Dr. Charles Ralph' Treat (/tAoa,^ Tlutmtu* TtawwAy.* Ri^ani,* Thomas,* 
/i*. A.i,W,« R»'<M,i,iV), Imrn Jan. 12, 1H2<;, in Aurora, N. Y, ; taarrieti Jan. 1. 1862, Ma»- 
^. u;» T RsKfiitAX, of Salona, Clinton Co., IVnn. TaiiglU whool for »i>aM* y«ir« in New 
York and OU\^^ ; 8V <cine un«kr Dr. Gibttoa in Uihnocv, OUo; a' :\\ 

Iwturr* to IrOl ait., ... ^^wnl a few mmiUta In a dm^ atore in TilBn. U.. ■ . ..uia 

tkens to KnK}k> illo. 111.. wl»ert ha ga ta^ In %h» dry ItooiU basiness wilh hi« linHber^ Soy* 
utour ' iie sama U«ik . oa Um |w«cUe« of OMillrioe to aorar rxtrnt, lUl 

lb« H^ . „ . vbea l*c renv > laroa. WUc,. wl«e<^ ba U ttom a i»!.y>ieijn. 

Siin t>uni in Sbanin : 
•00. CMiauB tUtrm* b. iUt n. i^Oi . ol ixc. ao. isMv Uattte U«U. 

417 Lewis J.' Treat 1M«»«^ 7Um4«,« TVaMCAj^^ HidUtd^* Tlemm*,^ iUckmti^^ 



RuJtard^), born March 31, 1832, in Col.len, N. Y.; aied Sept. 27, 1864, in the army; 
married Sept. 12, 1855, Fansy Pratt Bakokn, of Collins Centre, N. Y., born Oct. 3, 
1832. Soon after their marriage, they removed from N. Y. state to Polo, Oi^le Co., III. 
in 1858 removed to Albert Lea, Freeborn Co., Iowa. At the breaking out of the war he 
enliated in Co. G, 27th Reg't Iowa volunteers, and was shot by a rebel bushwhacker, 
while doing duty over a prisoner. 

Children, the first born in Polo, the others in Albert l.ea: 

809. CHARLirs DEMBTKnrs,* b. Feb. 18. 1857 ; d. 1862, In Albert Lea. 

810. GiLaKRr BAitTr)K, h. Dec. 25, I»59; m. Aii^. 2, 1883, in St. Paul, MLun., Hannah B. Carl, 
who d. Dec. 8, 1885; Is a !»ur::eoii iluntlsl In Polo, III. 

81 1. LKWitt Edward, b. Feb. 17, 18(il ; m. July 25. 1885, Ulioda F. Stralil. 

421 Polly M.^ Treat (Jofin,^ TJiomas,^ Timothy,^ Richard^* Tftomaa,^ Richard,^ 
/^^Wirtj-d'), bom April 2G, 1824, in Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; died Dec. 3, 1888 ; married 
Jan. 1, 1850, Stephen Wheelkr, 

Children of Stephen and Polly M. Wheeler : 
• 812. MixERVA E.,» b. March 6, 1861. 
813. AsyjL M., b, Sept. 19. 1852; d. Feb. 27, 1853. 
8U. J. Treat, b. Dec. 15. 1858; d. Oct. 4, 1800. 

815. Fbjixk S., b- Doc. 10, 1855. 

816. H. BeKCHF.K, b. Oct. 4. 1858; m. Sept. 18. 1889, Kate Trevett. Son : 
1. Paul T.'" Wheeler, b. Aug. 23, 1890. 

425 Payette*' Treat (Jofin,'^ Thomas,^ Timothy,^ Richard,* T7tomas,^ Richard^^ 
?/cAtird'), lK3rn .Tan. 8, 1831, in Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; married Oct. 26, 1853, Martha 
iRirFtTU. Resides in East Coneoril, Erie Co., N. Y. Is a fanner. 

Cliildren, bom in East Concord : 

8X7. IlArriB K..' h. .June 9, 1855; m. Oct. 26. 1878, Bjron E. Walters. 
818. Ella I., b. July 13, 18.'»T; m- Nov. 22, 1881, James Lowry. 

427 Charlotte* Treat {John,^ 77io?aa^,« Timothy,^ Richard,* Tfiomnx,^ Rkhardy^ 
Ricltnrd^)^ born Nov. 10, 1H35, in Aurora, N. Y. ; married May 20, 1858, Fatkttb Cor- 
BiK. They i-eside in East Concord, Erie Co., N. Y. 

Children of Fayette and Charlotte Corhin, born in East Concord : 

fil». RrrxLLE C* b. July 20, 1859; m. Oct. 14, 1885, Mortimer Leroy llayden. Sons: 

1. Claude C* Hayden, b. Nov. 8, 1886. 

2. Gerald L. Hayden . b. April 17, 188'J. 
620. YlnxiAM P.. b. Dec. 21, 18G0. 

428 Thomas^ Treat iJohn,'^ Thomas,^ Timothy,'^ Richard,* Tkomatt,^ Richardy^ 
Richard^), born Sept. 28, 1888, in Aurora, N. Y. ; married Sept. 28, 1864, Eva Weal- 
thy Dalft, l>orn March 22, 1843, in Marshall, N. Y. He resided in Polo, III., and was 
of U)c firm of Treat & Brubaker, dealers in hardware and stoves. Besides now in Le- 
mara, Plymouth Co., Iowa. 

Children, l>oru in Polo: 

821. Wayl-\>d Almos.' b. Oct. 21, 1868; resides In Boonevllle, Mo. 

822. Giuini UtmnA, b. June 30. 1872. 
833. Cahbik LiLUUf, b. Dec. 1«, 1878; d. May 4, 187^. 




429 BotHy Apphia" Treat (./b/»7»," Thomwf,^ Timothy ^^ Uichttrd,^ TJionuu,^ Rich- 
tmi,* Uichnrin), Imiiii Kill. 27, IH13, In C\)ncor«l, X. Y. ; died June 6, IhmI ; married June 
«(J, IHIUI, Dr. Tiu»MA!^ I). Sn uiiKVAxr, Imrn April G. 18;»4, at Skinner's E<My, Wyoming 
C\)., I'tMin. lilt U n dcnliNl uL FoivNinn, Ogiti Co., III. 

Clilldirn of Dr. TI»onm>i D. mid lictsy A. Slnrdrvanl: 
H»4. Vl«'ioH,» I), April SO, \m7, nt Mm.lotn, Kn Snlh- I'o., 111. 
HVft. IUhuv a.. U. Muy fl, 187'J» ut CUin'iico, (.Vdni* Vn., Iowa. 

430 John Cornelius* Treat (./"/««,' 7himnn,^ Timothj,^ Jtidtaixl^* Tlioma^y^ 
Uirfumi^^ h'ivhav<0), Imrn Dec, 20, 1844, In Concoixl, Erie Co., N. Y. ; roariied Jnue 6, 
1«(m, Ki ikn l.Ki'TiiKUA SQi'iitks, Ikhii Aog. 11, 1H40, dauglilf f of JoliH and Ctuoliue (SUiw- 
I'll) .SijUllVn iif Coufonl. Ui'«i»li-i ill Cuiu'Dnl. Krio t'o.. ;iiul is ii fniiiiL'r. 

8otK Uoi-n lit CoHcoitl : 
emn. Thhmaa 8.,»b. aiijc. 2, isrti. 

434 Diadema" Treat {Ammiuft,' Conttlina^^^ Tim»thif,^ Richatd*, TVjowja*,-' A'kA- 
^•^»^• /^VA^m^), hoin .hiiu* 8, 1810, in Mfudon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; marrifd Sept- 7, 
1831, IIkman Hahritt, who tli(*d Mny 10, 1874. When a cUUd ahe aftaUUnl her widowed 
mi>Utrr lo •i(|i|toi( Ihr fiunily In llio n»»w siHlUMucnt, nml iMMJ.ime very es|>eit ' ' \ 
UM>m, upon >vhivli Iho wuly 8i'llloi» had U> «Wpcnd for llieir oloUdng. Imiu ■■.- 
nuu'rinyv, khv movotl to New London, Hurou,Co., Ohio, (Vom which place she emignU4!^l 
In Iho - r 184» to Movk coiinly, Wi«c. S!w now resKles in Uie Tillage o^" CTmton, 
hi cviii . r.cunmUHncoji. 

Chddivn uf llcman and Diadeina Borrilt, born In New Loudon : 

* b. ; d. Feb. 18, IS76; ttniDL ; was • tMrmer. 

t&, tj(SA:ai. . Uarr Miiolkd.orSaaJivlcy.OUoi Xa a 1 

!>oa aad six tlaas. 

Vrifku aad raaldra ta tke vfllaK« of~ 
liaUM, Wlac U* U a fkrawr. 

435 Sarah'' Treat v.t^ u vA,^ rww«<i^« iT«#i^,» JKdUnt.« !!«»««.> «idkir^.« 

J^H^nlM. («vn Felv I7« |}«U« in Meafkw, M«>uroeCa.« N. Y.; cUeil J1U3 M. i^SO, ift 
CHhIoii^ Wiacv i manivl S«i>«, ^. 1831. RaiUJUtsx Pace. Like Imt older sister alie <Bd I 
•ftiaiT in Mi|t|>«tftlHK IW laiKMiy, aa«l wbea mA aUewdlag aelrtsl, or ta^^peU iaoihar ( 
Ifeeka lwi\v U we«vii^ cat Impt Ioowu Soo« aOvr ber asarria^, aiie leawiml lo New Loodoo, 
It. lH»k\ wtU litr bMfe«Ml« aolkir aail brolker. TkK« Mr. ftrk pofctea* 

|l^. ^w la a^K^lkka to l«r tigwiiholil ilaiiea, iMfte irtiil •rtcral %efaB. fa 

||iH«« on«i| ;« llMjr auM Uw Am» aarf w aaa i i rf l» C th ttoa, Am^ Oi^ Wl«^ vtarw tite; 


OMmivr »NiMi«n •») ^SWul^ P^Hu W»« U N>« Inaiw 
itk IKiauitx 4lM«ik* K i^w f I. u8Ki ai. sapt. fc mo. zi^ 

1^ fisMi t«w 9«an v^^^' n^ailjii «r lis Siass Iwteierti 

ll«» ti^im «MM asil «■» «tea. 
9». )i.^nw«a Twa^r - - - ^ • ^ . Iio. tVa. SL IsKl. 1 

U. }1«A, Iti. : • 4* ^ IVwMftMw «r»c Im^m .T9«<r 

liMI atew sa ]i5<».2aA*i N(vv^>«r> v ^lar. WBii fa i i Hn it Mwiiba^ V^ac I 

5M riiMsiiiixriaM ,w :«»».». M>f- 






8.\K\u Ai«» 



. iK X 





438 Cornelias Mortimer** Treat {Amaziah,^ <jornetin»,^ Thnotht/,-' /^/cimrf/,* 

T/tOiH(u^.'^ Richard^'' lilrhard^), Imhii A[>ril 25, 1H17, ui Angelica, Allet^finy Co., N. Y. ; 
lUftiried Aug. 29, 1841, I'hebk Alvira* Curtiss (488), born Feb. 7, 1K24, niui r1ftuglit«r 
of Ctiartes Rn«l Jeiniiim^ (Treat) Curliss. Wlieci Mr. Treat was old enough to atlen<l 
BCUool, Iii8 mrilJKM-, tdotigli .i widow iiml having no nii'iins except her hand"* to support her 
family, look g(«xl caie tlmt he should renp ull the udviintagesof an eihioiitioji that she with 
Iter limited lueuns could afford. CouHequenlly he wu<$ kept at school, both summer and 
winter, till he waft ten years old. He then commenced to work on the farm during the 
summer season, and attended stliool in the winter. ThuH he continued till he was nine- 
teen years old, when on the 27Lh of August, 183G, he with his mother and youngest sister, 
moved to the town of New Loudon, Huron Co., Ohio. He here worked on a small farm 
which the family hiid purchased, during the summer, nnd tiiught school during the winter 
months. In ihe spring of 1H47, he and his nioilier dis|)osed of their property, which had 
increased to quite a farm, and moved to RcK^k county, Wise., where his youngest sister had 
pre<M»dcd him. Here he was engage<l in farming till 1849, when lie became proprietor of 
the American Hotel, in Ridvi<lere, 111. In the fall of lJSo3. he Hold out his hotel nnd [uir- 
cha8e<1 property in Janesville, which he sold in 18.55, and bought a farm in Turtle, Rock 
Co., Wise. He also taught scrhool, and was superintentlent of the schools of the town. In 
1862, he was elected a member of the legislature, nnd in 1865, county superintendent of 
schools, in which capacity ho served four terms, or eight years. His e<1iicational labors 
may be sumumrizHl as follows: taught school eighteen years ; was town supe'rinton<lent 
nine years and county superintendent eight years. He and his wife now (181»2) reside 
in the village of Clinton, Rock County, \Vnsc. Am indehled to him Tor the record of most 
of the des«!endants of Cornelius'* Treat and his brother Ebenezer," as well as for informa- 
tion in regard to other families. 

Chihiren. the first horn in New London, the second in Turtle: 

836. Emu.v Diadkma.* h. Anij. HI, 1842; in. Mny 2y. 1807, Oscar C. Gales. 
836, CCRiUS MoRriMKK, b. April 29, ltt'>"; m. Juu. 80, 1888, Jennie Farrliigton. 

437 Charlotte Adallne^ Treat {AmnziaK' CorneUus^^ Timolfnj,^ Richard,* 
Tfiovioji,^ Richard,- Rirhtu'd^), liorn June 1,18111, in Angelica, Allegany Co., N. Y, ; 
married March 10, IH38, Juki. Miner, who ilied March 10, 1874, in Clinton, Rock Co., 
Wise. In 1836, she removetl fro»n New York, with her mother and brother, to New Lon- 
don, Huron Co., Ohio, and engaged in teaching till her marriage in 1838. In the fall of 
1H45, the fomily remove^l to Turtle, Rock Co., Wise, and lived on a farm till 1873, when 
they moved into the village of Clinton, where she n<^w (1887) resiiles. 

Children of Joel and Charlotte A. Miner, the first two born In New London, the others 
In Turtle: 

837. ncLDjtH Jan-k,* h. ApHl 1. IMili; m. .Tnu. 23, 18(>2. Pbillp Salisbury, a carpenter and 

joiner. JteMides \n Harnploo. Iowa. \h\* ihree Aon». 
WAU.&CB Tuicvr. b. Nov. 18, 1844; d. Aui;. l.>, 1872; m. Oct. 80, 18fi7, Alvlra Gates of 

Turtle, who d. Fvb. 1, 1873. Was it fminer. Hiid a son: 

L Georgf'* Miner, b. , who re.«*lde« hi Chicago. 

Saium Eluaurth. b. Feb. II. 18<7; m. July 2a, lH<iy, Josepb T. Butler, a clerk, R^-sUles 

In Cllaton. No Usue. 
Maky At>Ai.tXK. b. .lun. 23. 1810; nt. Dec. 23, 18C>8. Klnathnn F. Vttmlcrlync, a farmer. 

itoNldejt In rilndiii. ||:i.h one <1ail. 
Ida Ma v. b. Miwcli 81, !.««;: d. Miirch 17, 1874. 
Giu>uoK MoKTiMKU, b. March 10, 1858; d. Aug. II, 1864!. 

100 KICHAKD treat: EIGHTTI generation. 

643. KAtj'H McuRiTT» b. March 24. 18G3; untu. la a furiiier and rettUes on llio honiestead at 
Turtle, WlBc. 

447 Robert Redcus- Treat (vl/rmj Comelhis^^ Timothy ^^ Richard,* Tltomas,^ 
Jik'hurdy'^ Jiiduinl^)^ born Dec. la, 1819, in Men«lon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; married, first, 
Dec. 10, 1«49, BktjsKY S. Vickery, in Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y., wbo died May 14, 
1872; second, Feb, 27, 1878, Mrs. Adklia Arnold. He is a prominent fruit grower in 
Somerset, N. Y. 

Children, lK)rn in Somerset, by his first marriage : 

844. Elgia E..* b. Jniie 14, 1851 ; m. Jan. SI, 1873, Jenuie Hulmes of Somerset. Is a druggist 

and resides In Syracuse, N, Y. No issue. 

845. Flora A., b, Jan. 2. iy54; m. Jan. 30, Ih74, Neal Van Wagoner. Resides io Somerset, 

and lins four children. 
«4C. Ella M., b. Nov. 1, 185G; ra. March — . 187«, Arthur Rennett. Resides in Somerset. 

448 George Nelson^ Treat (/l/wm,^ Comelius^'^ Timothys^ Uichard^* ThomnH^^ 
Jiicltardy^ Richard^) ^ burn Feb. 10, 1822, in Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; married OcU 
13, 1853, Ellen C. Hill, 'of Rochester, N. Y. He remained on his father's farm in Men- 
don till arter his marriage, when he removed to Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y., where his 
J»rollier Robert R. Treat resided, his father liaving just died there. In 1863, he pitr- 
citased a farm in Mendon, and is now (1887) doing a tiniving business there in a meat 
market, in company with his son Alva B. Treat. 

Children, the first two born in Somerset, the tiiird in Mendon : 
847. FuKDKmrK A.,» b. Marcli 16, 1859; m. Jun. 24, lfi83. I<la Featherstone. 
aie. Alva B., b. Sept. U, 1HG2. Resides wllh his parvuUi, utid is hi company with his father 

in tlie meat business ut Mendon. 
849. F«,\SK Jay, b. June 4, 1871. 

449 Mercy C.« Treat (^^u»n,^ Cornelius,^ Timothn,^ Richard,* Tfiomas,'^ RicJiard^^ 
Rkhnid^), lioru Nov. 2.s, 1829, in Yates, Orleans Co., N. Y. ; married May 23, 18.58, 
Daniel H. Mkad, who died July 26, 1874, in Milwaukee, Wise. Immediately after mar- 
riage, they settled in Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wise., and afterwards removed to Mil- 
waukee, wheie her husband died leaving her with three chJhlren, the others having died. 
Soon after she returned to Somerset, N. Y., where she now (1887) resides. 

Children of Daniel H. and Mercy C. Mead : 

8:>0. lI.Mtuv n..» b. Feb. 23, 1859. 

851. fIvx.vAH K.. b. Oct. 15, 1«G2; m. Nov. 6, 1879, Solomon W. Frost. 

852. Minnie L., b. April 18, 18(>4. 

453 Susan A.^ Treat {lienjumfn Palmer^'^ ComeliiiH^^ Timothy,^ Richwd* Thotii' 
rts,^ Richard,'^ Rkhard^). bom July 4, 1825, in Angelica, Allegany Co., N. Y. ; died 
Sept. 18, 1867 : married .Tan. 13, 1842, A. W. Dunkjk. 

Children of A. W. and Susan A. Dnnkiu: 

858. Mary Amklia,* b. 

854. FuANK Tkkat, b. 

8or». Maitie Elizabkth, b. 

856. Sakah Carkif., b. 

464 Mary V.® Treat {Benjamin Palmety ComeliuH^^ TimoUiy,^ Rkhard,* Thorn- 
<M,' Eidtard,^ RicJuird^), born Dec. 27, 1826, in Angelica, Allegany Co., N. Y. ; mar- 



rfed Dec. 25, lfti5, Nathax C. Hammond. Had ten children, eight of whom me still 
living in Pennsylvania. 

Children of Nathan C. and Mary V, Hammond : 

867. Grokuk p.,* b. ; m. , Aniamla Buckley. 

«M. 8rMA.\ C. b. ; m. , H. N. IlHrdt-r. 

S69. Mauy T., b. ; m. , Henry Yentzor. 

DwuJliT L,, b. • 
Fk.\xk I)., b. - 

MlNNIK, b. 

Claka, b. 

Jt%SIK, b. 

— , Einn^u Bnbeock. 
-, Cella Wlaliiuiau. 

456 Charlotte Jane^ Treat {Cornelius DwdbjJ Comelimf' Timothy,^ Richard,* 
Thomas,^ Richard,- Rirhard^), l.orn Nov. 24, 1823, at Palmyra, Wuyne Co., N. Y. ; died 
Aprils, 1847, at B:itlle Creek, Midi.; married Sept. 22, 1845, at Niles, Mich., Rev 
Gkokoi: V. Tenbkooke, a Baptist minister. , 

Son of George V. an«l Charlotte J. Tenbrooke: 

8CC. WiM.iAM,' b. . Ran iiwiiy from home at the commencement of tlic RL'bellion ; en- 
listed hi the army, nnti served ihroii^li the war. Was a 8er;;eiuit. and uttuchetl lo 
Sherman's HtniTiJuiht^ bSs celebinted mnrch to the ^ea. Wus afterwards an engineer 
on a locomotive ou tbe Noitlieru Faciflc R. R., running out orDu)aLli, Minn. 

457 Charles Goodman^ Treat iComeUus Uwelhiy' Comelinn^^ Timothy.^ Rich' 
ardy* Thomus,-^ Rit/turd,- JiicUurd^)^ Iturn Feb. ID, 182G. in Midilk-burjiii, St.'liohurie Co., 
N. Y. ; died Aug. 7, 1880, at Folsomdale, Wyoming Co., N. Y, ; married May b, 1851, 
CuLoR Mead, born May 20, 1832. Was a mason by trade. 

Children, boin in Folsomdaie: 
8CB, FiiANK,* b. Feb. 8, 1852. 
867. WniGUT, b. Bee. 3, 1837; m. Nov. l«. 1875, Hiittle L. Ltiekey. 

458 Cornelius Amaziah*^ Treat {Cornelius Dwdly,"' Cornelius,^ Timoili!//' Rich- 
ard,* Thonias^^ Richard,'- Richard^), born April 15, 1828, in West liloomlicld, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. ; married June 13, 1850, at Cassopolis, Cass Co,, Mich., Lucinda C. Rekion, ' 
of East Aurora, N. Y. Mr. Treat learne<l the trade of a carpenter and joiner, and also 
became proficient as an architect and mechanical draughtsman. At the breaking out of 
the rebellion he was mustered into tlie finst company organized in northeast Missouii, at 
the first call of President Lincoln for 75,000 three uiontlis men. Was sworn into the ser- 
vice by (ien. Lyon at St. Louis, Mo. Was honorubly discharged at the cxpiiatiun of his 
term of enlistment. Was next mustered into the state militia, where he served during 
the war, doing duty in northea?st Missouri. Held the office of cnr[)oral in the companv. 
S<Mved one tern) as alderman in the city of Hannibal, is now (1886) fiupcrintend<»nt of 
construction of the new government court house and post office l»uing erected at Hanni- 
bal. Received his appointment from President Arthur in July, 1884. Is the head of the 
llrni of the Treat Car Wheel Manuf. Co., Hannibal, carrying on a foundry and nia^;hine 
shop for the manufacture of car wheels, castings, and other supplies generally used by 
railroad companies. His sons with him form the company. 


868. J.i>rKS W.." b. Feb. 23, 1851, In Mkh^siin City, Mich. ; m. Jan. 28, I88fi, Ora Rnrton. 
86». Gf.<)U(.k B.. b. Mareb 9, IHaH. at (Jivlvu, Henry Co., lU.; m. Oct. 6, 1884, Emily L. Miller, 

at Jncksonvllle, Moryan Co., III. 
870. Wij.UAM t:.. b. .Tune 23, 1804, at llanulbal. 



459 Benjamin Palmer^ Treat ( Comeliaa Dwelly,'' CorneUns/^ Timotntf,'* Hick' 

ard* TfiDiitaa,-^ Richani^'^ Riclutrd^), boni D»*c. 2(i, 1M30, in MtMidori, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; 
illetl Aug. 9, LS74, at Sparta Centre, Kent Co., Mich. ; inarriwl , 18')1, ChARrssA But- 
ler, wbo (lied March 28, 1872, aged forty-one, in Tyrone, Kent Co., Mich. He removed 
from New York and settled in Tyrone, in 1866. Was engageil in the snw-mil! bijsine«s. 
Children, the first three born in Knowlesviile, Orleans Co., the fourth in Alabniua Cen- 
tre, Genesee Co., N. Y. : 

871. Ika Ralph," b. Aug. 16, 1855; m. March 24, 1679, Mary Fattereon. 

872. Lottie, b. Aug. — , 1857; d. , 1859. 

878. Nklson, b. March 31, 1862; unio. Ts an engineer and resides In Kalkaska, Mich. 

874. JuliaElla, b. July ii, 1»«6; m. Nov. 4, 1890, Earl Drew. Resides In Grnnd Rapids, Mich. 

460 John Jay^ Treat {Cornelius Dwelhf,"^ Comelins,^ Timoflnf,'' Richard,^ Tliorti' 
U8,^ RkJuifd,'^ Richard^)y hmn Dec. 12, 1H34, in Yutcs. Orleans Co., N. Y. ; married Nov. 
14, 1860, at Winona, III., Faazaukth Jank Ui.euy, born D^c. 26, 183Ii, in Hillsborongh, 
Washington Co., Peiin. ; died Jan. 1, 1877, in llnnnibal, Missouri, and daughter of David 
and Sallie (Drake) Ulery. He learned ihe tuaohinist's trade, and was early an engineer 
on the Michigan Central R. R, At the breaking out of the rebellion, he was general fore- 
man of locomotive rebuilding at the Hanuibidand St. Jose|ih R. R. shops, Hannibal, Mo., as 
well us for fifteen years after this time. At Lincoln's lirst call for volunteers, within three 
days there were three eom])nnte8 drilling in Hannibal. Mr. Treat was in Co. A, Mar- 
ion Connty Battalion, Reserved Corps, C«(it. .l«»8cph Loomis. These were mostly railroad 
men, and they diii noble service in preventing the r.T.i!road from falling into the hands of 
the enemy. Served in the Union army under Gen. John McNeil, iti Col. J. T. K. Hayward'a 
Reg't of Missouri Home Guard Militia. Was at the battle of Centralin, Willow 
Creek, and in many sldrmiftln^s with guerillHS and bushwhackers then overrunning the 
stale. Ran the engine which conveyed General Grant and his Illinois troops from Hannibal 
to Salt River bridge, where a skirmish was fought with the enemy H few days before lite 
battle of Belmont. Servetl to the end of tlie war. His grandfalher, Cornelius, gave him 
the old flintlock nnisket which he cariietl duiing tl»e Revolution. Continued to reside In 
Hannibal till after the death ol his wife, when he removed to Kansas City, Mo., where he 
now (1801) resides. 

Children, born in Hannibal: 

876. Kdwij< CuAinN.* b. Nov. 27, 18fil ; m. Nov. 2. 1887, Ada Covert Oiler. 
87fl. Jacoh l.ioNKL. b. Fvb, 23, 18*>«; d. Sept. 27,*18(>4, In Han«ll>al. 

877. .John Jav. b. Oct. 9, 18(54; ni. Jwn. 15, 1888, EllzalH'th Hurley. 

878. VicTou llLti(>, lj. Si'pt. L'8, 18«(l; m. June tiH, lt*'.»0. iit Ossawntonilc, Knni^s, Clara V. 

M«pc!«, b. April C, 1H70, in Stiyker, Oliio, mid daughter of Willluin and Mary (Parker) 

MapeH. He is a miichlidnt at •)ssuwaiouile. 
87I>. BunxETT.FRANCis, b. ScpL. 27, 1868. Is a lumber biHpector, Ualou Faclflc R. K., Kmiaofl 

880. LiLtJAN EuzAOKTH, b. Si'pt. 28, 1870: m, SL>|>t. 22, 1689, Silas M. Johnson. 

881. Vm.iN, I). ; d. Sept. 28. l87o> In Hannihal. 

882. Wilbur, b. -~ ; d. Jan. 12, 1877, In llunnibttl. 

463 George EHery" Treat {Ellenj Sanford,'' CorneUna*^ Timothy,'^ Rklmrd* 
Tlioman,^ Rickard,^^ Richard^), born June l.^i, 1836, in Rochester, X. Y. ; married, first, 
Dec. — , 18G0, Kliza Coulsos, at Albnny, N. Y., who died Jan. 2, 1870; second, Aug, 
18, 1880, Martha Watt BniELuw.olMdwaukee, btnn April 13, 1845, and daughltM'of Dr. 
Thomas and Jenidc C. (Gordon) Bigelow. Is a dealer in sewing machines in Milwau- 
kee, Wise. 



Children, l»y Ins firnt mnrriiige: 

88;i. T.uziK Cuuj.sMN.» b. Oct. 6, I86I. 
By his second uiarrhige : 

t(84. Anna Bi<;KLow,b. April 19, 1882. 

466 Adelaide^ Treat (y< 'I ih Ndttun,^ Comelius/' Timothy,^ JUchanl,^ Th»ma»,-^ 
Richard,^ liichnni^)^ born A[nil oO, 1837, in Mt'ntloti, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; married Dec, 
1, 1859, Elisiia D. Nortu. lie ia a farmer and resides in Etisl Blootnfieldf Outai'io Co,| 
N. V. 

Dftughter of Elisha D. and Adelaide North : 

885. Amrlia." b. March 12, 1861 \ m. Nov. 12. !««*, Etlgnr F, Burt of Mendon. 

467 Harriet Palmer- Treat {Noah XeUon,'' Conielinif,^ Timothy,^ Rhhard,* 
Thojnft.t^'* RicJiardf'^ Ridiard^)^ born May 8, 1841, in Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; luar- 
ricd Feb. 4, 1m.j8, Kdwaki*>y. He resides in Pittsfurd, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

Son of Kdwani niui Han iel P. Cady : 

880. GKOttoe E.,' b. Jnne 2S, 18CI. Resides (1887) with his parents. 

468 Jay Strong^ Treat (John Jay^^ Comelius^^ TimotUy^^ Richard^* Tftomcig^^ 
HicJK*ni/^ Richiinl^), boni May "25, 1836. in Edwardebargh, Cass Co., Mich.; married 
May 6, lw62, Ami^lia Mlns Pakkkr. Was fmraerly a furniUire dealer in Minneapolis, 
Minn. Resides now (1881)) in Newark, N. J. Is cashier of the Merchants National 

Children : 

EnwARo Paysox." b. July 10, 18<;3; d. about 1886. 
Bkuiue Jay, b. June •>, IHfiG; d. Oct. 17, 18*>7. 

473 Henry C* Treat (Joseph Randolph^'' Cornelius,'^ Timothy ^'^ Richard,* Tftom- 

on,-'* Richurtl,' Richard^), born 

1834. in Toronto, Canatbi; married March 10, 

1858, Katk a. Putnam. He is now (1887) and has been for the last twenty-live years 
in the employ of the United States Express Co., in Jlilwankcc, Wise. Resides at 612 Syc- 
amore street. 

Daughter, t)orn in Milwaukee: 

880. Nki.U£ R.,» b. Juljr H!, 1H59; m. Oct. 13, 1885, Horace W. Griggs. 

474 Nellie M.* Treat {Joseph Randolph,'' Comeliux,^ Timothy,^ Richnrd,^ Thorn- 
an,^ /iiijmrd^^ Rich'tfd^ ), born April 23, 1837, in Toronto, Canada; married Dec, 15, 
1H59, George RKDriRLD CunTKXDKX, born July 11, 1834, dietl Ang. 27, 1881, in Clii- 
^CAgOf 111. He was a reflner of oil from Indian corn, and acquired an ample fortnne in his 
nisincss. His widow Atill re8i4ies in the city at 269 Ontario street. 
Children of George R, and Nellie M- Chittenden, born in Chicago: 

H90. EvANOKijSR K iTHRKixR.' h, Sept. 13, 1861 ; m. Nov, 2, 1886, CIlDton Jay Warren. 
801. Gkouok WiiKKiKn, b. March 31, l-H^a. 
«03. KiiroKKirK Wjjj.iam, b. April 30, IHGH. 
HOT. Hrnuv WniTF.iHU'HK, b. Nov. I'.i, 1870. 

497 William Marcus^ Treat (Ebenezer nnmUn,"* Ebenetery^ Timothy,'* Richm-dy* 
Thonuu,^ Richotd^^ Richaitl^), Inirn Aug. 22, 18S3, in Memion, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; 
tuarrictl Oct. SI, 1800, Jkiiiikttb C. Uradlet, of Turtle, Rock Co., Wise. In October, 



1817, he emignilo(i to Montgomery Co,, Iowa. He now resides in Lincoln, Folic Co., 

Clnliiren,thefii'staml fourth born in Turtle, the second and ihii-d in Clinton, Wise, the 
others in Lincoln : 

81)4. Adwk R.,» b. Sept. 27, 18G4 ; ni. Jan. 7, 1886, William H. Eaton. Besides in Thomos Co., 

895. Kdwarh Bradley, ^ . ^ ». » «^ ,„^, 

W>7, Mahkl L., b. 8«pt. 24, I8fl8. 

81»8. Carkoi.u Newcumo, b. Jan. 23, 187C. 

MO. F.riiKL E., D. July 19, 1881. 

498 Mary Louisa^ Treat (Ebenezer /7am//»,* Ehrnezei\^ Timothy,'' Ridmr 
Thomos,^ liichard^^ Richard^) ^W)vn Oct. 14, 1835, in Huron Co., Ohio; married April 
19) I8(>0, Edoar E. Hatch. He is a mechanic and resides in Clinton, Bock Co., Wise. 
Children of E<lgai- E. and Mary L. Hatch, born in Clinton: 
D'M). Makcus Wood.^/ b. Aug. 27, 1.h«.3. 
Wl. .MiNXiK L., b. March ?8, 1805. 
1>02. Uaulow, b. Sept. 19. 18fiC. 
tHW. Trb*t, b. .May 26, 1870. 
904. Fausta T., b. Sept. 21, 1873. 

500 Franklin Hall* Treat {Eh^nner nomJin,' Ebenezer,^ Timothn: i:i',u^M,- 
Thom'U,^ JiicUtji'd,'' Iiicfia)^^)y L»orn Sept. 10, 1843. in Huron Co., Ohio; m.'\irieii .Sei»l. 
26, 186(>, Ellrn J. Case, of Clinton, Wise. He resides (1887) in Lenox, Dakota. 

Children, lK)rn in Evansville, Rock Co., Wise. : 

JH)5, iLiBCU £.,• b. Oct. 17. 1868. 
90<. Claims, b. March 18, 187 L 

501 CaroUne E.^ Treat ( Eb«nner nimlin,'^ Eben«xr,^ Timothtj,^ Richard,* Thorn* 
n.t.3 Ric/mrd,'^ Richani^), horn Jan. 15, IHoO, iu Turtle, Wise.; married May H. 1874,, 
Watland M. Nkwkll. Is a lKK>k-keei>er and resitles (1887) in Des Moines, low*. 

Chihlren of Wayland M. and Ca,roU»e E. Newell, Hie Qrst boru in Clermont, Iowa, tli« 
oUiers in Des Moines : 

»07. Ara K.,» b, Jan. 17. 1877. 
908. Ada. b. April 15. lt)79. 
)HM». Habkl. b. Sept. S, \tr^. 

602 SmiXreaS M. 8.^ Treat ( Eheu^^r //aui?m/ Eb^nezer^ Timr^hy,^ Rirhitr 

TAmum,' ilidkanr,* RiAaM^), born Aug. 5, 1H54, in Turtle, Wise ; m-vrrie^l C>cU 9 A 

1879, Jambs L. Pakoboksi. lie is « mccdiaai engaged in tite boot ami slxio Ikusinea imi 

Clinton, Wise. 

CliiUlreo of JamM L. and Empreaa H . S. Puigborn, bom in Clintoa : 

•10. RrnsL P.,* b. Ocl. ift. t880. 

tn. MyktuM., b. Jaa.ll. I«si. 

504 Beniamin Franklin'^ Treat (.i/ca,^ c%aH^* (f) 7ftonM,< lUdM^ 

TkomnM? RkAdrd* RicAuM^), Umt» Nov. io. IH^ta, b ReUwd, OotariaCo., N, T,; 

He«U flr»s, July 4, 18.50, Jakk Scurr, in Kin»uuui, TttimbaU Co., Otiks wbo dic^l Feb. 8,] 

186i ; second, ApHl i, IH53, Xumxu Ass Comoihms, in Colobiook« AihCalMU Co., Uiiio;] 



bird, Jan. 19, 1875, Thcsa E. Brown, of Coopersville, OtUwa Co., Midi. Mr. Treat 
enlisted in IHGl, in tbe Ist Mich. Cavalry, and in Nov., 18C2, was promoted to be 2d 
Lieut, in the 8th Mich. Cavalry. He resigned in 1864, owing to ill healtli, and lias been 
a great sufferer ever since from rheumatism. Is a dentist by pmfession. Resides in 
Cooperaville. • 

Children, tbe first two born in Colebrook, the third in Disco, Mich., tlie fourth in Pon- 
Uac, Mich., and the others in Coopcrsville, by his second murriage: 

S»12. E»fMi." b. Joue 8, 1855. 

913. Frank Conodon. b. May 1, 1857; ra. Sept. 3. 18^8, Mollle Brady. 

9!4. Ella, b. Aug. 5, lH5fl. 

915, WiLL-iRD F., b. Sept. 1, 1861. 

By Ins third marriage : 

91C. Harry Brown, b. Sept. 19, 1876 ; d. Dec. 30, 1879. 
D17. Bks&tk Frances, b. April 30, 1878. 
918. Carl Fremont b. Sept. 17, 1881. 

608 Andrew J.* Treat (Sr/lvester,^ Charles,^ f Hiomas,^ liichartl,* Tftotnas,^ 
litcfimd^^ IixrhnTd^)y \Hy\n April 10, 1829, in North Almond, Allegany Co., N. Y. ; mar- 
ried, first, , 1852, EuiLT Nobbis, from whom he was divorced in 1862 ; second, Aug. 20, 

1862, Sarab Jane Cook, of Panama, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., born 1833, die<i Oct. 15, 
1867, in Panama; third, April 30, 1868, Mrs. Lcjct E. Warnkr, born Aug. 2'J, 1842. 
Resides (1888) in Dalton, Muskegon Co., Ohio. 

Children, the first born in Mesopotamia, Trumbidl Co., Ohio, the second and third at 
Panama, N. Y., by his first marriage : 

919. Mart C.,» b. Aog. 20, 1854; d. , 1859. 

By his second marriage : 

920. Mary C, b. May 8, 1863; m. July 1, 1882, John H. Smith. 
921. CUARLKA E., b. Feb. 20, 1kG5. llesides 088JS) In Pftoama, N. T.. nnd Is a dealer In gro- 
ceries, provisions, crockery, tobacxo, etc. Has furalshed me with laformiillon. 

609 Amanda L.^ Treat (Sylvetter,' CharkSy^ f Tlumaa,^ Richard* Thomas,^ Rich- 
anl* RkhanV), Itorn April 10, 1820, in North Almond, Allegany Co., N. Y. ; married 
, 1A51», Zf.nus'Wrkjut. Resides in Naples, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

Sod of Zenus and Amanda L. Wright : 
nk, Jossra.* b. Jan. 1, 18C6. 

510 Almira^ Treat {Sylvester ^ Charles,^ f Thonuu,^ Richard* Thomat,^ Richard,^ 
J2iC*ord'). bom March 12, 1831, in North Almond, Allegany Co., N. Y. ; died April 3, 

lS7i, at Burr Oak, St. Joseph Co., Mich. ; married , 1849, Ezba Webb. He has 

nurried again and resides at Athens, Mich. 
I Daagbter of Ezra and Almira Webb : 
>25. Mabxab,* b. , W50. 

516 Mary A nn^ Treat (Roland,' Daniel,'^ f TfiomoB,^ Richardj* Tltomas,^ Rich- 
ard* fiichiird^), ]>om Dec. 27, 1824. in Gotham, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; married Aug. 18, 
1847, Gkobgb GciLD. bom Oct. 2U, 1827, and son of Elisha and Eunice B. (Esty) Guild. 
; pffxt^wiDus Canner in Colcbrool;, Ashtabala Co., Ohio. 

loTGeorve and Mary A. Guild, bora in Colebrook: 

•M. TWMM SmawtsM* b. Dec. 8, 1848. 



R25. EaTA A., b. Sept. 14, 1849; d. May 17, 1876. 

926. Charles M., h. Oct. 8, 1853; d. June 9, 1869. 

f*27. Charles Abiiam, b. Jan. 12, I860; d. Feb. ao, 1803. 

928. CoiiA A., b. Aug. 3, 18H3; d. Nov. 9, 1875. 

517 Oscar P.® Treat (Boland,'' Daniel,^ f Thomas,^ Richard,* Tfiomas,^ Ricfiar^J 
Jikhard^), born Dec. 3, 1826, in Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; married, first, Dec. 15, 1847, 
Ltdia a. Cleveland, wlioiiied Jan. 8, 1867 ; second, Nov. 8, 1867, Susan A. Stults. Is 
a sul)st.antittl farnjer, and resides in Colebroolc, Ashtabula Co., Oiiio, on a part of ti»e old 
homesteatJ. He is a deacon in the Baptist cimrcli of that town, and is higlily respected. 

Children, born in Colebrook, by his first marriage : 

92y. EuGEXK A.,» b. Sept. 16, 1848; m.. 1st, — ; 2d, . Is engaged In railroading 

somewhere In the vfe»t. lias dve duuH. 
880. Emery F., b, Feb. 26, 1850; m. June 14, 1876, Mary C. Jones. 
031. Frank E., b. Dec. 30, 186C; ra., Ist, Oct. 23. 1883, Lillian Rice, who d. May 15, 1884; 2d, 

June 6, 1886, Olive Cool. Is a niercbant. 
982. ArdaB., b. March 17, 1861 ; m,, about 1882, Clarence Crook. He Is a railroad man, and 
reeldes near Rochester, N. Y. No Issue. 

By his second marriage : 

933. Lydia E., b. March 17, 1870. 

934. Mary E., b. Sept. 16, 1678. 

518 Jonathan Cole*' Treat (Rolmid,'^ Daniel,^ ? Thrmas,^ Richard,* Thovuts? 
Richard,^ Richard^), born Aug. 31, 1828, in Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; married Jan. 
8, ISilf LuciNDA M. Alobr. He resides in Geneva, Ohio. Botli he and his wife are 
faithful inciiibers of tite Baptist church, and are full of good works. Is not engaged ia 
active business. 

Children : 

936. jAYP.,»b. Oct. 10, 1851 ; m. April 3, 1873. Ellen B. Stockham. No Issue. He spent his early 

boyhood on his father's farm. Prepared for college at Grand Klver Institute, Anstln- 
burg, Ohio; entered Mt. Union Cullege, Mt. Union, Ohio, lu 1871. and graduated In ths 
classical course; tanght school In New York for one year; was principal of the Klngs- 
vUle, Ohio, Academy, for three years; and principal of the Geneva Normal School far 
six years. Health falling somewhat, he gave up teaching, and U now engaged In the 
newspaper business, being the editor of The Geneva Times, a vrell-known liepublU 
can paper of nortticB8tern Ohio, published by Hawley A Treat. He has been somewhat 
prominent In politics,— a lejider lu the liepublicau party for some ycai*s past, and has 
held several positions of trust. In 1886, he was a leading candidate for the offic* of 
Suite School Commissioner of Ohio. He led all the other canilldates In the Conven- 
tion, but was llually defeated by a combination of the other candidates. Ha» always 
taken a deep intereat in educational matters, and has been a school examiner for sev- 
eral years. 
980. Elmore J., b. Nov. 5, 1854; m. July 4, 1878, Hattie Newstead. No Issne. He Is a farmer 
and mechanic. 

937. Clayton A., b. May 17, 1857; d. May 21. 1872. He was the Hower of the family. Rup- 

tured a blood vessel while jumping, and died from the effects a few days afterwards. 

938. ELI.A B., b. Feb. 3, 1863; d. Dec. 31, 1883; m. March 3, 1883, Frederick A. Graves- 8he 

was a very bright and lovable woman. He was a graduate of the Genvva Normal 


Eva, i 

520 William Henrys Treat {Roland,^ Daniel,^ f Ttioma$,^ Rkhard,* Thovuxa,^ 



Ricliard,'^ Richard^), born Sept. 20, 1834, in Colebrook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio; married, 

first, , ISoS, Mary Lovklamd, who died alwiit 1877; second, about 1879, Ann Dillon, 

He was a soldier during the rebellion, serving nearly three years in the Gth Ohio Volun- 
^leer Cavalry. lie spent one summer in Andersonville prison, and suffered almost inde- 
Dribal)ly. He now resides in Genevat Ohio, and is not engaged In any active business. 
Children, born in Geneva, by his first marriage : 

U\. Flora L.,» b. July 1, 1859; in. , William Ilillyer. Has two childrea. 

942. Frances B., b. Dec. 3, 1861. 

948. Cakkik M.. h. D«c. 3, 1863 ; ra. , Cassius Hillyer. Has one son. 

944. M.IUY, b. July 27. 1870. 

945. Nblue, b. April 21, 1872; d. In inflincy. 

524 Hiram Francis'* Treat mivmnP Askbel,^ Aahbel,^ Richard,* TliomcLS,^ Ricli- 
ard,"^ Richard^), born Nov. — , 181C, in Port Byron, near Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; 

died Nov. 2, 1876, at Madison, Wise, suddenly of heart disease ; married, first, , 

Kmeline O. ToiSLL, who died about 1855 ; second, Oct. 20, 1857, Pamelia Sims, born 
April 8, 1828, in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., N. Y., and daughter of George and Hannah 
Sims, who now (1888) resides with her parents in Afton, Rock Co., Wise. Mr. Treat was 
I tAilor by trade and did an extensive custom and ready-made clothing business in Uoon- 
111c, Oneida Co., N. Y., till al>out 18.i5, when from circumstances beyond his control he 
faileil in business. He then removcil to Wisconsin, and after a short stay at Jelferson 
went into business at Madison. After the panic of 1857, he removed to Janesville, Wise, 
and in the fall of 1861, removed to Anthony, now Minneapolis, where he carried on busi- 
ness as a tailor. 

Children, the first five born at BoonvlUe, N. Y., the sixth in Janesville, Wise, the 
eeventh in Minneapolis, by his first marriage : 

946. Clarissa/ b. ; d. in Infancy. 

947. C1.ARI88A Lucy, b. , 1845; d. Oct. 26, 1878, at Aflon; m. , 1878, William H. 

948. Am ASA Haury, b. — ; m. , Sarah — ■. 

949. Charlks ALMKitT, b. . lie enlisted about 1875 In the U. S. army at Fort SnelllDg, 

Minn., and nothing htm been heard from hlna since. Supposed to be dead. 

950. Floha Adda, b. ; d. , aged 2 yrs. 

By his second marriage : 

961. Georok Lyman, b. Nov. 14, 1859; ra. Jan. I, 1884, Carrie E. Nellla. 

962. Hannah Stklla, b. Aug. 6, 1862; ro. Jan. 29, 1883, George C. Aatisdel. 

531 Warren Augrastus^ Treat {Justus,'^ Ashbel,^ Ashbel,^ Richard,* Thomas,^ 
Jiichafd,^ Rkhard^)^ Imrn Feb. 27, 1828, in Throopville, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; married 
Nov. 1, 1866, AnBY S. Goodrich. Is a retired merchant, and resides in Marengo, 
McHenry Co., III. 

Children, born in Marengo : 

963. EDwrx W.,' h. Dec. 26, 1868; m. May — , 1881, Nellie Shumwny. 

064. Madora A., b. Dec. 1, 1865; m. Oct. 27, 1886, Irving Crocker. Beside hi Chicago. No 

532 Thaddeus Justus^ Treat (Jnstm,'' AsJd^el,^ Ashbely^ Richard,* TJiomas,^ 
Hidutrd,^ Richard^), born Jan. 13, 1833, in Throopville, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; married 
June 7, 1868, Mrs. Klizabetb Momimia. (Locke) Moore, born in Putnam, Washington 



Co., N. Y., and daughter of Joseph and Joanna Locke. Mr. Treat was brought up in 
the towns of Mentz and Sennet, Cayuga Co., N. Y. In 1854, ho went to Indiana, whore 
he was engaged in building raihoads. Oct. 30, 1802, was mustered into the 54th regi- 
ment Indiana Vols. ; was in the battle of Cliickaaaw, Port Gibson, at the siege of 
Vicksburg and the battle of Jackson, Miss., whence the regiment was sent to Texas. Was 
mustered out Dec. 8, 1863, ut New Orleans, Was promoted to be hos[>ital steward March 
7, 18G3. Has held theolllces of i)oatmaster, ujoderator of a school district, and ia a mem- 
ber of the 6. A. R. Is a carpenter by trade, but is now engaged in engineering lii Ton- 
quish, Wayne Co., Mich. 

Children, born in Nankin, Wayne Co., Mich. : 

955. Justus James,* b. March 22, 1869. 

tt5G. Charles Auoostus, b. April 26, 1871. 

533 Benjamin Miller^ Treat {Jmtus,'' Ashhef,^ Anhbel,^ Richard,* Tfiomof/ 
Richard^'^ liichurcV)^ horn Oct. 19, 1840, in Throopvllle, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; married 
Feb. 22, 1867, Elizabkth Pickard. Is a saw-maker. Resides in Tonawanda, Erie Co., 
N. Y. 

Chlldi-en, born In Tonawanda : 

957. Charles BKXJASnN," b. Dec. 4, 1868. 

968. Maud Ellis, b. June 1!, 1879. 

969. Edith Diana, b. March G, 1883. 

650 Hannah Maria^ Treat {Hiram,'^ JoAn," A»hbeU^ Richard,* Thomas,^ Rich- 
ard^^ Richard^), born Dec. 5, 1828, in Albany, N. Y. ; married July 14, 1846, Jamks A. 


Children of James A. and Hannah Maria Boughton : 

960. Amanda,* b, April 26, 1847; c1. March G. 1853. 

961. Jami£8 Hk.nky, b. March G. 1849; d. Dec. 2, 1878; untn. 
9C2. Edward, b. Sept. 2:J, 1850; d. Sept. 7. 1851. 
9G3. CiiAaLKS, b. Jan. 7, 1853; d. April 6, 1866. 

553 Margaret Ann« Treat (IliraviP John,^ AstJthel,^ Richard,* TltomaH,^ Rich- 
ard;^ Richard^), born March 30, 1837, in Albany, N. Y. ; marrie<l Nov. IG, l>i58, Wei.lks 
Warnek Montague, born Aug. 29, 1834, in Wethersficid, Conn., and son of John and 
Lucy (Wright) Montague. Is a farmer and resides in South Wethersficid. (See Mon- 
tague Genealogy.) 

Children of Welles W. and lilurgaret A. Montague : 

964. Lewis Wn.i.iAMS,^ b. .Mnrch 3, 1860. 
966. Uattie Llcy, b. Nov. 19, 18G2. 

563 Loren Ludlow* Treat (Anguslus,'^ Aaron, '^ Ashhel,^ Richard* Tftoman,^ 
Richani;^ Richard^), Immu April 10, 181 fi, in MeuU, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; died FVb. 11, 
1883, in Orion, Oakland Co., Mich. ; niarrifwl Sept. 23, 1840, Hannah Jank Kino8L4ND, 
born Aug. 2, 1815, and daughter of Cornelius and Catherine Elizabeth Kingsland. When 
about ten years old he went under his father's sawmill to cut the ice from the water whj«ol. 
AVhile there the wheel was 9tart«.'<l, which threw the water over him, so that he was frozen 
to the rocks. He caught a severe cold which resulted in the intlammation and destruction 
of the drums of the ear. This caused a partial deafness which prevented him from attain- 
ing a position to which his taleats entitled him, though ho became omincnt in his profca« 



Bion. His ednofiLion wjis obtaiiietl under great difficulties. While attending the Acad- 
emy ttt Port Byron, N. Y.» he was also studying law un<ler Lawyer Rolliuaon, and was ad- 
tuitte<l to the bar in 1889. In 1840, he removed to New Canandaigua, now Oiion, Mich., 
where he became a prominent man. Was state senator. 
Children, born in Orion : 

960. JosKpH Auc.ueTfS,* h. Dec. 10. 1841 j m. July 9. 1872, Kmrna Aii)?«ista Starrltt. 

067. Oscar Clinton, b, March 12, 1844; ni. Jan. 1, 18«52, CInirloLte M. Roseugrants. 

908. John Elmkii. b. Jaue 21, 1848; m. April 24, 1876, Kate GMge. Is an opliclan. 

9G9. Dau., b. ; d. lu Infancy. 

579 Mary Jane^ Treat {Edwin E.,"^ Elijah,^ John,^ likhard,* Thomas,^ Ricftard,^ 
JiicharcV), born Oct. 1, 1H35, in South Bristol, Ontario Co.»N. Y. ; married July 4, 1854, 
Lewis Drown of South Bristol. 

Children of Lewis and Mary J. Drown, born in South Bi istol : 

970. Jank,» b. , 1857; d. , 18C4. 

971. FttANJCLis, b. -, 18<«). 

580 Adeliza Theresa^ Treat {Albert Zr.,^ Elijah,^ John,^ liichard* Thomas,^ 
Jtichardj^ liichard^)^ born March 19, 1842, in Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; married Nov. 
15, 18G5, Henrt C. Simmons, of West Bloomfleld, Ontario Co., N. Y., who died Aug. 29, 

Son of Henry C. and Adeliza T. Simmons, born in West Bloorafield : 
072. Ralph Morris,' b. Feb. 9, 1867. 

581 Nancy Eveline'^ Treat {Albert L.,' Ehjnh,^ Jofm,^ Richard * TJif/mas,^ Rich- 
ard,^ Rirhiird^), born May 27, 1H44, in Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y. ; married Oct. 9, 1867, 
Henrt U. Tcbbs. During the Rebellion he was a private in the 28th Regt. N. Y. Vols. 
Enlisted May 22, 1861 ; was discharged June 2, 1863. 

Children of Henry H. and Nancy E. Tubbs, the first born in Canandaigua, the second 
in East Bloomfleld, Ontario Co., N. Y. : 

973. A PROA LucitXK," b. Nov. 26, 1869. 

974. Alma Gem. b. Oct. 28, 1875. 

594 Caroline B.^ Treat {Charles,'^ Cliarles,^ Jonnthnn,^ Charles,* TViomoa,' Rich- 
ard^ Richard^), born Oct. 31 » 1803, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died Jan. 15, 1875 fgravc- 
stone, Glastonbury, old burying-gronnd) ; married June 26, 1822, as his secon<l wife, 
Oliver Talcott, born Oct. 23, 1791, die<l May 4, 1878 ({iravestone, Glastonbury). He 
resided in Berlin, Conn. 

Children of Oliver and Caroline B. Talcott: 

975. Mary Buxn." b. Mtiy 14. 182«; d. May 0, 1831 (g. 8.. GlaHtoiibory). 
D76. Martha A., b. Nov. 5. 1833; d. April 24. 1847 (g. 8., Glostonbary). 

595 Edwin Stratton'* Treat {Charles ^ Charles,^ Jonathan,^ Charles,* Tltomas,^ 
Riduird,'^ Richard^), born March 26, 1810, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Oct. 18, 1888, 
in Glastonbury ; married Nov. 27, 1836, Nancy Buck, born Sept. 29, 1809, and daughter 
of Benoni and Lucretia (Hollister) Buck. Was a member of the Legislature in 1852. 
Besided in Glastonliury, Eastbury Parish, and held many town offices. 

Children, born in Glastonbury : 
977. BKABTirs Buck.* b. April 10. 1888; m. Nov. 25, 1863. Rhoda Ann Goslec. 



978. Royal Ciiarlks, b. Dec. 25, 1889; m. Dec. 24, 1868, Catherine E. El>eilittrL» of Vinton, 
Iowa. She and Infant d. the following year. Has since ramained unra. Is a publie^ber 
and bookseller In Chicago, No. 199 Claik St. 

y79. Edwin Forbest, b, Oct. 26, 1841 ; unm. ; resides (1888) In Olastonbary. 

599 JosepMlie Maria- Treat (David,'' Cftarles,^ Jonatlian,^ Cfiarlen,* TJiomas,^ 
Richard,^ Richard^)^ bom Aug. 17, 1819, in Glastonburv, Conn. ; died Dec. 25, 1855, in 
Janesville, Wise. ; married April 17, 1838, Coenelids C. Aturrton, born in 1815. He 
removed to South Ilaclley, Mass., in 1842, and in 184fi, to Winchester, N. II., where ho 
was a woollen manufacturer. In 1849, he removed to Manchester, Conn., thence in 1851 
to Janesville. 

Children of Cornelius C. and Josephine M. Atberton: 

980. Artuuu C./ b. Sept. 29, 18.19; d. April 13, 1842. 

981. IjiviNO Eugenic, b. Jan. 22, 1842, In South riadJcy. Moss. ; ra. Joly 28, 1887, Mrs. Marf * 

J^'ouard. In 1846 removed with his parents to Winchester, N. H.; in. 1849, to Man- 
chester. Conn.; In 1851, to Janei^ville, WUc, where he remidned tilt the death of his 
mother in lHr>5, graduating there from the High School ; then removed to Mlltou, Wise, 
where he finished his studies at the Academy in 1858, removing the same year to Waa«i 
loja. Dodge Co., Wise, where he remained in business with his father, miJIlug and mer-^ 
chandlslnir, till .June, 1862, when he removed to St. Paul, Minn. In Nov., 1864, he 
entered the service of the American Express Co. in that city, and has remained conttn- 
nou.sly with this great corporation to the present time, Nov., 1890, having been general 
agent at St. Paul for the hist ten years. Mr, Atherton is a member of the SL Paul 
Chamber of Commerce, a Knight Templar Mason, and coming to St. Paul at an early 
day very naturally is a Well-to-do, respected and Influential citizen. No issue. 

982. JosKPiiiNK Sako, b. Oct. 20, 1846; ra. July 11, 1864, Henry F. Tales. Was for many 

years with the American Express Co.; has been for the last ten years with Franklin 
McVeigh & Co., wholesale grocers, Chicago. Resides In St. Paul. Children : 

1. Gerald Atheriou'^ Yates, h. April ."J, 1865; ra. Jan. H, 1888, Gratia K. Jones. He 

and his brother are clerks in the American Express Co., St. Paul. Dan. b. lu 
St. Paul: 
1. Frances Abby" Yates, b. Sept. 26, 1888. 

2. Corydon Jay Yates, b. May 20, 1870. 
8. Irving Eugene Yates, b. July 4, 1882. 

600 David Sheppard** Treat (David,'' CJtarlea,^ Jonatkan,^ Charles,"^ Thomxta,^ 
Richard,^ likfaiicV), Ihjvu Feh. 13, 1H21, in Glastonlniry, Conn. ; died June 10, 1880. in 
Weat Point, Va. ; married Sept. 6, 1853, EuaiA A. Mok<;an, of Plainfleld, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., born Aug. 25, 1821, died Aug. 16, 1878, and daughter of David H. an<l Nancy Mor- 
gan. They were married at Waterloo, N. Y. Mr. Treat lost his father when only three 
years old, and was luought up in the family of Thaddeus Welles, brother of Hon. Gideon 
Welles, secretary of the navy untler Lincoln. In 1H47, he went to California; returned 
east; married in New York; went immediately to Glastonbur\', Conn.; thence to Cleve- 
land and to Eucliil, Ohio; then to Janesville, Wise., where he went into mercantile busi- 
ness. In 1866, he removed to West Point, Va., where he started a large saw mill. Was 
one of the incorporators of the town, and held the otUce of postmaster, to which he was 
apiK)inted under Grant, till his death. 

Children, the first born in Cleveland, the others in Janesville : 

983. llOBKUT,* b. Aug. 15, 1854 ; d. May 12, 1856, tn Cleveland. 
984. MoROAX. b. Jan. 81, 1857; m. Apr. 22, 1879, 8uo Evelyn Roane. 

985. Lydia Ellkn, b. Apr. 28, 1859; d. Dec. 2. 1863. 

9M. CaARLOTTB A., b. Jan. 28, 1862; m. Dec. 26, 1878, Peter C. Uansoo, who d. Sept. 8, I88I. 



Ho WAS a merchant at West Point, Vft. Ills widow resides (IftSS) at Sag Harbor, Long 
M7. Mauy Ellex, b. May 24, 1864; d. Jan. 19, 1866, lu JanesvUIe. 

612 Harriet A.^ Treat (Leonard^ Charles,^ Jo}iat.han,^ Charles* TJiomas^^ Rich- 
ord,"^ Richard^), born Dec. 25, 1809, In Glastonbury, Conn. ; died July 18, 1887, aged 78 
jearS) 7 months, 10 days, in Buckingham, Conn.; married, first, Nov. 11, 1828, John N. 
LooiCER, of Hebron, Conn.; second, MiircU 25, 1832, Andrew Strickland, of Glaston- 
bury, who had previously married her sister Clarissa Treat ; thiril, , Chkster Ttleu, 

of Buckingham, who was born Jan. 24, 1810. No issue by her third marriage. 

Son of John N. and Harriet A. Loomer: 

988. CuAKLEs J.," b, Sept. 16, 1832; d. Aug. 29, 188G, aged 54 (g. a., Buckingham). 

Children of Andrew and Harriet A. Strickland, born in Glastonbury : 

985). Lkon.vud, b. , 1834; d. July 18, 1887, in Andovcr, Conn. 

990. WiLUAM, b. Jan. 80, 1886. Resides near Cliicago, III. 

614 Clarissa^ Treat iLmnard,'^ Chariest,* Jonathan,^ Charles,* Thomas,^ Rtchard^^ 
Richard^ )y born about 1812, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Dec. 28, 1831, aged twenty, 
(gravestone, Buckingham, in Glastonbury) ; married Nov. 25, 1829, Andrew Strick- 
land of Glastonbury, who afterwards married her sister, Harriet A. Treat. 

Daughter of Andrew and Clarissa Strickland, born in Glastonbury^ : 

Oin. Clauissa Charlottb," b, April 14, 1831; d. Feb. 4, 1883, In Glastonbury; ra. Nov. II, 
1850, Edward Jonah Goslce, b. May 13. 1827, and sou of Osias and Jetriiiua (Willliims) 
Goalee. Children born in Glastonbory : 

1. Clarissa Electa"' Goslee, b. July 3, 1861. 

2. Owen Edward Goslee, b. Jaly 26, 1863. 

3. Newell Milton Goslee, b. Jane 10, 1856. 

4. James Watson Goslee, b. Juoe 17, 1868. 
6. Elmer Leslie Goslee, b. Nov. 17, 1861. 

6. Carlan Oaiaa Goslee, b. March 14, 1867; d. Feb. 38, 1882. 

7. Howard Goslee, b. Dec. 7, 1870. 

615 Leonard Welles* Treat {Leonard^ CJiarles,^ Jonathan,^ Cltarles* Tftomas,^ 
Richard,'^ Richard^) y\)orn about 1816, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Dec. 21, 1846, acci- 
dentally shot in Milwaukee, Wise. ; married, first, Jan. 11, 1833, Fidelia Goslee, who died 
July 15, 1836, aged twenty-two (gravestone, Buckingham, Conn.), and daughter of Jamea 

and Mary Goslee of Glastonbury; second, , , from whom he separated; 

third, , Maria'* Treat, of Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., daughter of Jesse and 

Abiah (Bradley) Treat (297). She has marrie<i again and resides In Milwaukee, 

Children, the first born in Glastonbury, the second in Dunkirk, the fourth in Milwaukee, 
by bis first marriage : 

092. Jamrs Welles,* b. Jan. 28, 1836; m. April 1, 1857, Martha Rebecca House. 
By his third marriage : 

893. Martha Elvira, b. Jane 4, 1839; m. Aug. 26, 1866, George F. Gabriel. 

994. SAiiAU M., b. ; m. , Knight. Resides in Michigan. 

996. Lkonard Wellks, b. June 12, 1843; m. Sept. 2D, 18G7, Laura Ann Armstrong. 

616 Samuel Clinton* Treat (Leonard,'' Charlea,^ Jonathan,^ CltarUft* Thomas,^ 
Riduird^^ RidumV ) ,hom July 19, 1820, in Glastonbury, Conn.; married Dec. 31, 1843, 
Catbehink M.\Jty Wbir, born Aug. 25, 1820, and daughter of Marshall and Susan 



(Wheat) Weir, or Glastonbury. Is a contractor and mason. Resides in South Manchea 
ter, Conn. 

Cliiidren, horn in Glaatonburj' : 

99C. EnwjkiiD CuxTOX," b. Feb. 13. 1840; d. July 15, 1889; ra. A«g. 27, 18C4, Mary E. Root, 
who died before ber husband. He resided in Bolton, Conn., nt the time of bia mar- 
rlage. Had a son b. In Manchester, Oct, 12, lHft5, ni>t now livln;^. 

997. Susan A., b. July 5, 1847; m. • . . Rt-sldes In Hrooklyo. N. Y. 

988. S.vMCKL EuGEXE, b. Dec. 18, 1855; d. Jan. 20, 1889; rn., 1st, , Lizzie Andcraon; Sd" 

Oct. 26, 1878, N«Ule T. Warner. 

617 James Watson® Treat {Leonard ^ Charles^^ Jonathan^^ CharleSy^ Thoma*^^ 
Richard^^ Jiichard^), born July 14, 1824, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Aug. 6, 1857, in 
Glastonbury (gravestone, Buckingham) ; married Dec, 9, 1846, IIannah Maria, 
daughter of Aaa and LucimU (Andrews) Goslee. Was a mason, a smart and talented 
man, a fine singer, a gentleman, and beloved by all who knew him. 

Children, born in Glastonbury: 

999. A.SA Howard," b. , 1849; d. Sept. 15, 1860, aged 1 y., 8 ni. 

1000. CJkokgk Asa, b, Aug. U, 1851 ; m. June 17, 1884, Mary D. Chamberlain. 

1001. Jamrs Bradlky, b. July 20, 1853; d. Nov. 27, 1874. in Glastonbury (g. s., Uucklngbnra) ; 

m. Oct. 16, 1874, Laura •Bell Weir, daughter of Harvey Weir. No Issue. She m., 2d, 
May 28, 1879, Albert C. Downs of Springfield, Maas., a joiner. Res. MaDchester, Coniu 

1002. Maky Calista, b. Sept. 17, 1866; m. April 17, 1876, James P. Fryer, silk spinner. Pllta- 

tleld. Mass. 

619 Harris Henry^ Treat (Jared,'' Clmrles,^ JoJuUhan,^ Charles* Thmnas,^ 
RicJuird^- RicJKmV)y born Aug. G, 1H18, in Glastonbury, Conn.; married, first, Oct. 4, 
1841, Sarah L. Bingham, of Andover, Conn., who died Sept. 20, 1842; second, March 
19, 1845, Hannah Forbes, of East Hartford, Conn., who died Nov. 22, 1851 ; third, May 
11, 1853, Clarissa Booth, of East Windsor, Conn., where he resides. Is a carpenter 
and farmer. 

Cluldren, by hia first marriage : 

1003. Sarau,* b. Aug. — , 1842 ; d. Sept — . 1843. 
By his second marriage : 

1004. Son. b. Feb. 11. 1849; d. Feb. 16. 1849, In East Hartford? 

1005. WruLUM H.. b. .\ug. 16, 1851 ; in. Sept, 27, 1877, Laura E. Vibberls, Resides In Wind- 

sorvUle. No Issue. 

By his third marriage: 

lOOC. HtTUKKT, b. Feb. 14, 1854; d. Dec. 6, 1885, killed by a R. R. accident at Lincoln, Ne- 

622 Adna" Treat (Jaj-erf,' Cfiarles,'^ Jonathan,^ Charles,* Thomasy^ Richardy^ 
Richurd^)^ born Feb. 6, 1825, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died Nov. 11, 1881, in Quincy, 
III.; married Oct. 21, 1849, Susam C. Chapman, in Rockvi lie, Conn. He removed from 
Bockville to Quincy in 1855, and was engagc<l in the coffee and spice business for many 
years, and in other mercantile enterprises. Failing health compelled him to retire from 
business about 1876. He was honorable and upright in all his transactions, and enjoyed 
Uie confidt'iice and esteem of all who knew him. 

Chihlren, the first born in Uockville, the others in Qiuncy: 

1007. Amma SoruiA." b. May 12. 1861 ; m. Dec. 10, 1878, John W. Howell, of Quiocy. Resides 
(1887) Ui Des Moines. Iowa. 



1(108. Emma Bkm.e. b. April <;. 1858. 

1009. F.iic,\u Bkutinic, b. Feb. 27, 18C3; m. 

623 Martha Ann** Treat (Jai-ecW CJiarleSy^ Jonathan^'' Charhs^^ Thomas,^ Rlch- 
mxlt^ Jiichard^), born Feb. 6, 1828, in Glastonbury, Coun. ; married Deo. 2I^ 185y, IIou- 
ACE SuMNKK TiUBELr., of Bellville, Cfinuda West. Tie was (188G) ftuperintcuilent of the 
scbools at Proviilence, R, I. 

Cbiltlren of Horace S. and Martha A. Tarheli : 




Lkiiiiia.* b. Nov. 7, 1800; m. - 

AVnlertown, 8omti Dakoia. 
Mattie. h. Au^, 23, 1802. 

Sumner Tukat, b. April 1, 1804 1 d. March IG, 1865. 
Dblla, b. July 17, 1800; d. Jan. 8, 1874, 

-. W. E. Scarritt, Prcs. Watertowu National Bank, 

624 Hannah Flagg" Treat {JaredP Chades,^ Jonathan,^ Charles* Thomas,'^ 
ik'lnird,'^ Jiirftard^), born Jan. lo, 18.31, in Glastonltiiry, Conn.; married Oct. **o, 1H53, 
TiLLARj) Ei.isHA HowK. Rcsides in Bnckingham, town of Glastonbury. Is a farmer, 

and also engaged in the lumber business, and has a mill. * 

Chiblren of Wiilard K. and Ilanriah F. Howe, born in Glastonbury: 
1014. Alick M.,» b. June 10, 14*54; d. Jan. U2. 1804. 
10J6. Edith Waiwwoutu, b. Sept. 8, 1805. 
1010. AiiNiF. ISABF.L, b. Dvc, 10, 18G7. 

625 Horace WadsWOrth** Treat {Jared,'> Charles,^ Jonathan,^ CTaWf-S"* Thom- 
iig,^ Jiir/xird,'^ Uiehard^), born (Jet. 8, 1832, in Glastonbury, Conn.; married Nov. 22, 
I8a8, Anna Lawton Corky, boru Oct. 8, 1882. He was a carrlage-tnaker at Roclcville, 
Tolland Co., Conn. Is now a farmer and resides at East Windsor Hill, Conn. 

Children, born in Rockville : 

1017. CjuiittK,» b. July 12, 1801; (1. Jan. 25, 1804. 

1018. iRViso C. b. Feb. 10, 1803. \Ui» nirnislicd me with iDformntion In ros:»>"^l t" the family. 

Is now (1{<«'J) a member of the llrm of Clupp ^ Troat, hiudware dciilers, 64 Statu St., 
Hartford, Conn. 

632 Valeria^ Treat ( William,'' CJmrles,'^ Jonathan,^ Charles,* Thomas,^ Richard,^ 
i^Wmjti'), born Nov. 10, 1824, in Euclid, Ohio; married Oct. 20, 18.'>a, as hia second 
wife, Jasces Terry, born July 5, 1823, in Terry ville. Conn., died April 29, 1870, and son 
of Eli and Seninntha (^IcKee) Terry. He was {)resident of the F/i^^le Lock Co., and re- 
sided in Terry ville. He married, first, Elizabeth Mills*^ llollister, born May 31, 

1819, died Dec. 14, 1852, and daughter of Ell and Rutli^ (Trent) Hallister (608), of 

Children of James and Valeria Terry, born in Terryville : 
1010. VAUcni\ Fidkua,* b. Ang. I», 185'>; deatl. 

1020. COKSKLIA. b. Dec. 27, 1858; m. Sept. 22, 1881, Dr. Dwight W. Hiinlor, son of O. D. Ilon- 
ter, of Terry ville. lie rc&ldes In New York city, and makes a specialty of di:«eases of 
the eye and ear. 

634 Edward William^ Treat ( U7///a»i,7 Charles,^ Jnnnthan,^ Charles,* Thomas,^ 
Rirhai'd,' liiduti'd^), lK>rn Aug. 17, 1830, in Euclid, Ohio; married Dec. 6, 185.3, Auk- 
LAIDK Faur, daughter ofAhram an<l Lucinda Farr. Mr, Treat learned the trade of ship- 
wright with bis father. In 1853, ho formed a partnership with bis uncle Milo H. Hickox, 



CI()Vf!»n<l, Ohio, in tlie retail luml»or trade. Jn 1854, hu ptircliased Ins partner's interest 
in Uio businose, am\ iu 1855, be sold ont ami returned to Eiiclitl. In the winter of 1855- 
50, ho and his fjitlier built the brig Williant Treat. Tn the winter of 1856-7, he l)UJlt nt 
Knollii the schooner VaUi'iay named after hia Bister, and owned Ihm* through three of tl>o 
hfirdoMl ftuttiwjns known in the history of lake navigation. In the spring of 1869, he went 
with her to Liverj)Ool, with a cargo of lumber and staves, brin«»ing back to Cleveland a 
fidl return cargo iif pig Iron, cutlery and soda a*h, for George Worthington & Co., which 
was one of the first, if not the Qrst cargo ever brotight to the Lakes direct from Englan<l. 
At that time thiH tr.iile was thought to promise much for the fnltjre, but the era of cheap 
trauHportalion, since inanguraled, has completely destroyed it. In the winter of 1x60-1, 
lie and luM futher built, at Euclid, the schooner Col. Ellstcoiih, for Charles Ilickox, of CIcve- 
Inixl. The next two years he spent in the shipyard of Peck & Masters, in Clovelan«l. In 
the spring of I8r>4, he went to St, Louis, on<l was engaged on the gunboats there being 
built for the governnjent. The following fall and winter months were spent in Iowa- In 
tlie spring of 1H65, he went down the river to Qulncy, 111., where he bought an interest iu 
the American Coflfee and 8pice Mills, ami travelletl for the house for a year and a half. 
Ilr llu'U went into the insurance business and, iu 1871, rcniove<l to Kiuhus, and again, in 
187*i, to Mdwaukee, Wise, where he remained for five years, during four of which he wan 
engageii in the retail wood business. In Sept.^ 1877, ho went to Union Grove, Wise., Where 
be is still (1887) engaged in the insurance business. Has also been a jiistiee of the 
pence for live years. 

Duughter, born in EueUd : 
nm. Alice Cohnkija,' b. Feb. 2. 1857; d. April 18, 1871), at Qidncy. 111. 

610 Jane E.*" Treat iElUho,' Charles,*^ Jonathan y'-* dtarleMj* Thomas,^ Hichorti,* 
Uidmrd^), born Uct. 6, IM-Jl, iu Glastonbury, Conn.; marriinl Oct. 23. 183fl, JouK B. 
JI01.MKM, iHjrn Nov. 19, 1820, died Sept. 25. 1887, iu Glastonbury, where he resided. 
\Va»4 a mIoui' unison. His widow resides in Glo8tou])ury. 

Children of John B. and Jane E. Holmes, born in Glastonbury: 
102:1. Cl-AittsdA B..* b. Oct. 25, 1840; m. April 14, 1807, D. K. Griswold. Children : 
1. Clnrft I>estinu'» Griswoiil, b. April 2, 1JS75. 
S. Krtlliriiia Unllmid Gilswui^l. b. ,h\n. 20. 1877. 
I.rjiiRtt M., b. Feb. «;, 1K42; rn. Dec. 26. 1873. Snrali Aim Phelps. 
FuANCi'M Jaxk, b. Dec. ta. 1843; ni. Sept. 23. iHtr,, John M. (ioodftle. Children: 

1, Cliarle* L.'" Goodttle. b. Match — , ISrtS, 

2, Miiry Frnnccsi r.ondale, b. Sept. 18, ls72 ; d. Fol). ai, 1874. 
El.rHAN J., b. Dfc. 29, 1850; m., Ist, Aug. 10. 1871, Emma L. StDne; 2(1, May 10, l«i4, 

Delia M. (ittllnslier. ChlMreu: 

1. iHfnn I.cs»iltm'" Ilobues, b. .luly 12, 1872. 

2. Kllhaii DelbAt llobncs, b. Ftb. 10. 1886. 

3. I.ifntcr Kulph Kolnus, b. Mny 1{», 1888. 
8Alun C, I). Aug. 25, lM.i4 ; in. .July 25. 1872. RoAis A. I'ulford. 8an : 

I. FrtMlorJck A.'" Pulford. b. Aug. 12, 1875; d. Jno. 14, 1S77. 




642 Charles C/ Treat {ElUha^ C/untes,^ Jonathmu^ Charifs,* Tliomun;^ llich' 
urd,^ Hk'hard^), l>orn April 21, 1825. in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died April 19, 1854 ; mar- 
riifil (M, 3, 1847, Skmantiia Azubaii Stuong. born Jan, Ifi, 1829, in Manchester, Conn. 
dh*>I Jnn. fl, l^*''^ (^(ra vest one. Manc'hosi*.»r — town reeords say Jan. 10, 1H.')7), ami dauc(h 
t«r of Kll ftiKl lhiti*t'y (Cowle«) Strong, of Tl.nrtland, Conn. He was » blacfcsmitii luid 
renhleit in Willoughby, Lake Co., Ohio, wlurc he dii-U. 



i Maneheater : 

1027. CiiMii.K«» OwKN,» b. S««pl. 22. 1849; ra.. 1st. June U, 1870. Maryetto Tryon; LM, Nov. 10. 
187(i, G«riru<Je E. NetUuton. 

643 John Wheat^ Treat (EUnha,'' CJiarles,'^ Jonathan,^ ClmrhB* Tftomas,^ Rfch- 
ti,^ JCirJiard^), l»oin Muy 8, 1M28, lu Glaston})ijry, Conn. ; died July C^^ 1S.S4, in Iliirt- 
9nl, Conn. ; married April 20, 1852, Emeune Finlby. Was a mason and cuiitractor. 
Ile«ided iu Hartford : 

Son, l>orn in Glastonbury : 
1028. UtCAU FiNi.KV,* b. Murcli— , 1&54 ; d. Muy H, 1854, a;?eil 1 mo., 24 d., In Mjinchester, Conn. 

645 Warren Thrall' Treat (Eh'fihn,^ Chnrlcs,^ Jountkan,^ Charles,* ThomaH,^ 
Iluhard,,^ /ik/hoW), horn .I:in. 20, 1H3.'), in Ghirttouluiry, Conn. ; nuiiTied Juuo 0, 18U2, 
AiiKi.AiDK AIcCkackks. Rusidrs ut Jiuokiughauu Conn. Is u farmer. 

CUildi-eu, the flrst born in Manchester, Conn., the others in Glastonbury : 
10*2*1. Ri»-KLLiA,' f*. March 2rt, 1803; d. Miy 2<;, 1H<J«, lured 3 v., 2 m. (jf. s., Buckinphnm). 
1030. Fka^nk S., I*. .Tun. H, 1865; m. Sept. 22, 188a, Mttry T. Browu, of Manchester, Conn. 
1U31. I-SABKL. I). Miiy 25. 1807. 
10:i2. JoUN W.. b. May 24. 1870. 

1038. Jkromk, b- ApHl 14, 1S72. 

1084. AirmuR, b. Mtiy 1, 1S70. 

lO.'lS. UxLva B., b. July 3. 1885. 

646 Robert Bruce- Treat (ENsfm,' Cfiarles,^ JonatJtan,^ C/invles,'^ ThomaK,^ Rich- 
ard^^ JiichiiriV)^ born Nov. 2.'), 18.38, in Glnstoubury, Conn.; died May 17» 1871, in 
Glaatonbtiry ; married Jan. 4, 1859, Emkrktta Daggett, in South Manchester, Conn. She 

married, second, . Menry F. Payne, of Gilead, in the town of Hebron, Conn. They 

now reside iu Buckingham, Glastonbury. Mr. Treat was a inHson by tiade. 

Children, the first two born in Manchester, the third in Glastonbury : 
1086, NKi.LtK Jask.» b. Feb. 10. l.H(]»: d. Jnn. 17, 18C7, In West Springfield. Mass. 
UW7. William iiKoitoK, b. June 25, 18(;7; resides with bis in«)Mu'r \n IJncklnghuin. 
10a«. llAvriK H.. b. Jano «, 1809; d. Dec. 2G, 1870, in Hartford, Couu. 

664 Mary^ Treat (.Sy^s/*?/ J Pefer,^ Peter,^ Thomxufy* Tltnmas,^ Richard,^ Kich- 
ard^), born Oct. 28, l.s2S, in Chatham, Tiotja Co., Penn. ; died Feb. 27, 1806, in Chatham ; 
married June 10, 1847, Thomas Owlutt, born Sept, 23, 1823. Kesidcs in East Chatham 
and is a farmer. Hn8 married a^ain. 

Children of Thomas and Mary Owletl, born in Cliathum : 

1039. vVndkkw," b. Jan. 3, 18."iO; m., Ist, , Dolly Doane; 2d, . Ann Bosard. Re- 

sides In Chftiliuni. Is ii fanner. 

UKO. Maktha, b. July 2S, 185','; ni. , Rutsor Krway. Is a furmer and resides In Chat- 


Altck, b. Dec. 27, 1854; m. — 
Ai-BKiir, b. June 3, IH57; m. — 
Mauy, b. Sei»t. 20. 18511 ; ni. - 

a farinttr. 
Amki.ia L., b, Nov. 9, IHCI, 
TuoMAS M., b. Dec. 23, 18G5. 

, Floyd Ei'wny. Is a farmer and resides In ChatUftra. 

, F.llzHhcrh Grlffln. 

-, .larul. R l>o;uie. Ilesldes Id Mlddlebarg. Peuu. Is 

665 Lydia^ Treat {S'flvesfer,' Patn-,^ peter J* Thomas,^ Tlminas,^ Richard,'*' Richard^), 
born Aug. 26, 1830, in Chatham, Penu. ; died Nov. 6, 18(j2, iu Chatham ; married Aug. 


18, 1847, as his second wife, Dr. William B. Rich, born Jan. 14, 1813, died Nov. 27, 
1887, in Chatham. He was a physician of respectable practice in Knoxville, Chatham, 
and other places and served for a short time as a surgeon in the army during the Rebel- 
lion. He was married three times. 

Children of William B. and Lydia Rich, born in Chatham : 

1046. Jui.iU8,» b. about 1848; d. , 1849, aged 10 raos., In Chatham. 

1047. Bykon Syl\t58tbu, b. about 1850; m , Ada Forgner. Resides In Willow Lake, 

Clark Co., Dakota. Is a farmer. 

1048. Mkxzo, b. al)out 1852 ; m. , Emma Howland. Resides at Academy Corners, Tioga 

Co., PeDu. Is a farmer. 

1049. Eugene, b. about 1854; d. about 1860, in Cliatham. 

1050. Albert, b. about 1866 ; m. , Jessie . Resides in Wiliow Lake, Dakota. Is 

a farmer. 

1051. Charles, b. June 22, 1859; d. Aug. 24, 1878, in Chatham. 

1052. Son, b. about 1862; d. at birth. 

666 Rufas Gates^ Treat {Sylvester,"' Peter,^ Peter,^ TJiomas,* Thomas,^ JRich- 
ard,^ Richard^), born July 31, 1832, in Cliatliam, Tioga Co., Penn. ; married, first, Aug. 
14, 1853, Mary Jane Snydkr, who died Aug. 25, 1887 ; second, Sept. 20, 1888, Mrs. 
Sarah E. (Bakkr) Dartt, widow of Dr. J. C. Dartt. Is a farmer and an excellent man. 
Resides in East Chatliam, where he was postmaster. Mr. Treat enlisted Sept. 26, 1864, 
in Co. D, 199lh Reg't Penn. Volunteers, and was discharged June 28, 1865. His regi- 
ment was in front of Petersburg during the winter of 1864-5. 4pril 2, 1865, it assaulted 
the rebel Fort Gregg with success and suffered great loss. It then joined in the pursuit 
of Lee, following along the south side railroad to Burkevilte. It was in the fight at Ricc'a 
Station, April 6, and on the 9lh of April was engaged in the fierce fight at Appomattox, 
with a loss of two killed and some wounded. 

Children, born in Chatham : 

1053. Ida Ai)alink,» b. S«*pt. 20, 1855; d. Jan. 23, 1858. 

1064. Caroline, b. Feb. 27, 1857 ; m. July 3, 1875, Thomas Jefferson Ransom. 

1055. Joseph, b. June 1, 1859; d. Aug. 19, 1864. 

1056. Nellie Lucinda, b. Nov. 9, 1861; d. June 27, 1887; m. Oct. 4, 1879, George Ransom. 

1067. Ada Ev aline, b. Jan. 23, 1865 ; m. April 2, 1884, Franlt Lewcllyn Palmer. 

1058. Jesse Orrkn, b. April 5, 1867. 

1059. Adklbert Gates, b. Aug. 8, 1869; dead. 

1060. Mattie, b. Dec. 27, 1871. 

1061. -EuNEST Glenn, b. April 13, 1874. 

1062. Clara Julia, b. Sept. 8, 1879; d. Feb. 2, 1880. 

667 Caroline^ Treat {Sylvester ^ Peter, ^ Peter, ^ Thomas,* Tftomas,^ Richard,^ 
Richard^), born Sept. 4, 1834, in Cliatham, Tioga Co., Penn.; married June 21, 1858, 
Lorenzo Dow Carl, who was born Aug. 8, 1823, and son of Duncan and Betsey (Kil- 
mer) Carl. He is a farmer and resides in Chatham. AVas a soldier during the Rebellion. 
He enlisted in July, 1863, in Co. G, 2d N. Y. Veteran Cavalry. They went into camp at 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. In October they were placed in the defence of Washington, D. C, 
where they remained until Feb., 1864, when they were transferred to the Department of tlie 
Gulf, where they operated till the close of the war. March 4, 1864, they started upon the 
Red River expedition under Gen. Banks ; had a sharp fight at Cane River Crossing, La., 
on the 7th of April ; were in the disastrous battle at Sabine Cross Roads, April 8, and on 
the 9th, held the enemy at bay at Pleasant Hill. This expedition failed, and during the 



;i«9 Cavalry Co. encounterdl the enemy at Yellow Bayon, May 19, on iheii" vruy 
to Alexsitidria. TLey finally Tell buck to Morgaiiza, La., where they remained until March 
19, 1H65. Dnrin^ this time they made a raid under Uen. Herring Into Central Alalmma, 
^ni\ approached Mobile. They also had a shari) fight at I'ort Hudson, In March, 18Gr>, 
iJiey wont hy boat to Pensacola, Fla. ; engaged the enetny at Pollard, Fla., and arrived 
before Fort Blakeley, near Mobile, Ala., April 1, 18(55, and engageij in the rwhiction or 
tills city nntler Gen. Canby. After the fall of Mobile they oecupied Montgomery and 
Talladega, Ala., nntil Nov. 16, when they returned to Albany, N. V., and were uiustered 
out of the service on tlie 28th of Nov., 1865. 

Children of Lorenzo D. and Caroline Carl, the first and third born in Tuacarora, N. V., 
the others in Chatham : 

10C3. At OfSTA,» h. May 3. 1859. 

lOi;*. Ella LifixtiA, b. Feb. I. 18«il ; tn. Oct. 17. 188«, George RnnBom. 

\Wr* Lkmukl ErGKNK. b. Mnrrh 17, 1H(W; m. Jan. 1, 18851. Mnry Taliner. 

IWA. EixsAR. b. Au^. iA, ISDti; m. Jan. J, 1889, Lola Burley. 

1(K17. Fmancis UtUR. b. Sept. 5, 1808. 

10C8. Stella. Ik July 12. ]m:i. 

668 Dorinda Lucinda^ Treat ( Sylvester ^^ Peler,^ Peter, ^ Tliomas,* Thoman,^ 
llmhnrdy' JHchnvd^)^ born Aug. 4, 1><3C, in Chatham, Tioga Co., Pcnn. ; manie<l Dec. 25, 
1857* James Henry Cakl. l)orn Jan. 10, 1832, died Jan. 28, 1888, and son of Diinean 
iukI iJetaey (Kilmer) Cnrl, an<l brother of Lorenzo Dow Carl who married her sister Caro- 
line Treat. He is a farmer and resided for many year% in Fairnitiirton, Tioga Co.. INim. 
He resided in Argyle, Washington Co., N. Y., in 188^ 

Children of James H. and Dorinda L. Carl, born In F.irniington : 

irjcy. Helen- MATiLDA,»b. Ang. 11,1860; m. Nov.2T», 1M82. WMl. Schermerhorn, of Affrylo, N. V. 

1070. ADAI4XB Lydu, b. July 7. 18G3; m. July 26, 1884, Charles Duell, of Argyle, N. Y. 

1071. AyXA Mat. h. Sept. 19, 186rt. 
1073. J.OIEB CharlkS, b. April 1, 18(T8. 
J07:J. Uaky Bktskt. b. July 31. 1871. 

669 Lois Amelia^ Treat (Stjlveater,"^ Petev,^ Peter,^ Tliomas,* Tliomns,^ Rkhard^^ 
Jlichinl^)-, lK)rn Nov. 22, 1843, in Chatham, Penn. ; niarrie«1 Dee. 31, 18G8, Lkomdas 
Avert, born Majeh 7, 1843, in Chatlium, where he now 0888) resules. Js a farmer. 

Chihlren of Leonidas and Lois A. Avery, Iwru in Cbatliam : 

1074. I>i:WrrT.» b. F«b. 5, J 870. 

I(r73. BI..1SCUIC, b. April 5. 1x71. 

107«. Okack, b. Oct. 12, 1.^72. 

1077. JoYCR. b. YvU. 12, 1874. 

il07S. IiKi«T«A. b. Mnrcli 17, 1876. 

1079. HKRiitiiT Glenx, b. Feb. 10. 1878. 

10*0, Willi iM. 0. Feb. Irt. 18S0. 

IWl. Josnni. b. Doc. 21. 1^82. 

670 Sylvester" Treat (^■y'•^*^:''^' Pe/^r,^ Pe/er,^ 77*o7»«j»,* JlmmnM,^ Ilkhnrd,^ 
i?icAaiti'), born Dec. 20, 184G, in ( li:iiham, Tioga Co., Peno. ; married Sept. 2>^. 18G8, 
Sarah Millkk, who was born Dec. 6, 1850, in Chatham, an<l daaghter of i»amuel an«l 
Juda (Closs) Miller, who was iHjrn Jan. 12, 1826, ilie<l April 9, 18»2. He is a farmer and 
reftidi>« in Chatham. 

CbiidiiiD, born in Chatham : 



loaj. Lkww/ h. May 9, 1H70. 

lOMJ!. Amik. b. \iV4. \, IH75J. 

1084. Bkkt, I). K»'b. H5, inrr,. 

lUMfi. AONKN L.« b. Mftrcii 24, 1878. 

Mm, Kannik, b. July 10, 1H»0. 

UW7. CLAOnB S., b Sept. TJ, IHH, 

lOHH. Samokl, b. Sept. 14. 1886. 

689 Harriet Elizabeth'' Treat (Lathrop^ Charles,' John,^ Thomas* Thomas,^ 
Mii'hiuxl,^ Uit'fianO), born Jnii. 21, j81o, iij GlasUiiilmi'y, Conn.; luamed Oct. 9. 183G, 
Nki><>k Hinuiiau 1'kllktt, of Canterbury) Conn. Ho whs a Carnicr. SUe lias fuinidbed 
MM \vHU Intbnniilion. Ri-sides now in MiiMleLown, Conn. 

CUlUlit'n of NoUon U. and Ilurriet E. Pellett, the first three born in Harrison, N. Y , 
lUrrit(hlh In I'ortlan*', Conn., the others in Canterbury: 

10*U, ALO.vxo I)iei,o».* h. Feb. 7, 183B; m. April 3, 18GI, Eliza D. Amos.b. In PortlaDil. H« 1« 
A JotncT tttul rcHltlvd In Ilariford. Conn. CUIUlron : 

I. KHthirr 1'.'" IVUett, b Jan. \ii, 18«2; <1. Jane 23, 1873. 

II. LcwJ« K. IVllrtt, b. Oct. ai. 18fi3. 
». Milton F. IVlktt, b. Oct. 10, I8<!5. 

4. KftlU' R. Pcllitt. b. Feb. 17, 1871; d. Nov. 9, 1872. 

5. llrUu O. iVllctt. > ^^,^ ^ ^ ,^.^ 
n. Henry O. I'cMctt, J 

Or.oiuiit NKIJ4UX, b. Aug. 15, 1830; d. Oct. 6. 1841. 

SAniii \tiS, b. July C, 1841 ; m. May 8. 18.=iH, Ralph Northam. of MarlboroORli. Conn., h. 
.\MK. Jf. l8t/3, rl. Jan. 8, 1872, and son of Oliver Northum of Mnrlh<»rouKh. Was a 
fHinuT. riilhlren : 
I, Ihirrlct K."' Xortlmm. b. Jan. 8. 18*10; m. Sept. 12, 1883, Ferdinand GildcrMlevo, 
b. Auir. W. 1H40. Children: 

I. Sar»h G." OlUlersleve, b. Sept. 29, 1885. 
'J. mclmrd GlUleitflevc. b. Oct. 27, 18M9. 
i. Knnua O. Northam. b. Fcti. (1, 18«>\ 
KikWIK FiUM'ifi, b. Nov. M. 1843; m., lut, April 5, 180.5, Sarah E. Dudley, b. Sept. 4, 
IM4. b» MUl<lh'town, d. Dec. 4. 18«U; 2d, Nov. 30, 1808, Mary E. Smith, b. In Sag 
Harbor. U I . •! Ft*b. 2, 1880. Is iu tbe druK business hi Kansas City, Mo. Son by 
)«l« tt«HHHul nmrrhitfe : 

I. Kuurnv F."» ivllott. b. Sept. 10, 1870; d. Aujr. 17, 1871. 
JVII4 8fc:xi«»N. li. March 4. 184fi; m. Feb. 15, 1871, John Jasjier Cone, b. Nov. l»» 1880, 
MhI •on of John Cone of Mld<lk'l«>wn. Ik it fwrmer In Mlddlctown- Children i 
I, John Janpor'*' Cone. b. April a. is7l>. 
1. MnUI'^ IVlU'lt Cone, b. April 21), 1875. 
^ KrntiK K<hvlii Coue. b. Jan. in, l8wo. 
M««trM« Kmki.ikk. b. April 7, 1849; m. Feb. 14. I87i. .Tames R. Bailey, who d. Doc. 11, 

i^r.A. and »on of Daniel lialley of Mlddletown. No issue. 
^^u^ i:iU4itiMii, b. May 3, 1851 ; in. Oct. 27, 18flO, Henry Chester Dunham, b. Dec. 27, 
|4>ll.amt nonuf KylvctiterC. DuuUaiuor Mlddletown. Is a farmer In Mlddletown. Chll- 

. V.'" Dunhiiuj.b. Nov. 17, 1870; m. Nov. 13, 188!), llcndh-y \V. Hubbard, b. 

1 fi. IMmi. and son of E N. nuldmrd, of Mlddletown. Dau.; 
J. .Mriry S«'ar*" lluhbanl, b. Sept. 13, \890. 
%. iKMintA 11. Dunham, h, July ,'U. 187H. 
a M«»iy C. Dunham, b. Apr. 11». IHMI ; d. Sept. 5, 18M1. 
^^^s"^^ \/i%«iN, b. Sept. 10, 1857; m. Jan. 5, 1H82, Ida M, »arrett, b. .May 14, lHr,2, In 
Xl Onioae Co., S. Y. Is n uui«oii iu Kansas City, M*j. Chllilren born In 

\. . .iiw Co.. Kau»a«: 

. K.*" rollott, b. Feb. 12, 1884. 






a. PaaUne rellclt. b. Jan. 15, 1880; tU Aa^. 10. 1886. 
». Frank C. rdlctt, b. July 3, IH87; ri. Aug. 21, 1887. 
4. DuUU^v M. lV)lctt, b. Nov. 30, 1888. 

JO Horace Brooks'* Treat (Horace,'' Cluwlea,'' John,'' Thomas,* ThonutA}^ Rich' 
ard^^ Uit:lmr<V)^ bum Oct. 15, IHIG, in Glu.stonl.iiiry, Conn. ; nifin ietl Nov. 3, 18;i9, iSAUAii 
AuRKMA Glazier, born Dec. 23, 1823 ; died May 13, 188'4. Is ft dealer in stoves in South 

CliiUUeii, born in Soutli Qlustunbury : 
luur. Mahv AttVTLLA.» b. Sept. 27, 1840; m. June 5, 18«9, Carlos "WellcB Thompson. Is a clerk 
In Ha/ardville, Conn. She hnt* nssi.sted me. 
Jl'Likttk Auf.uxk. b. May 25, 1843; in. May 24, 1860, Ellsha Edwartl HoQiK: of East 
Hartford. Is a dealer to leather. Had two children : 

1. Grare Harriet'^ Iloasc, b. Aug, 10, 18(18; d. Dec. 2G, 1868. 

2. Horace Guy House, b. May 2, 1870; d. Nov. 25, 1872. 
Hoit.u:E, b. Dec. 8, 1845; ni. Aug. 5, 18C0. Ellen flynn. 
UiuoN, b. Aug. 6, 1848; in. July 4, 5871, Margaret E. Paxson. 
Gkor(;f: .losKPH, b. Dec. 20, 1851; ni. Dec. 13, 1874, Mary Conners, of Vernon, Conn. 

Kosldcs In South Glastonbury. Is a teamtiter. 
FRKUK.niCK, b. Dec. yO» l.'S56; m. Jan. 25, 1879, Sarah Isabel Quiinby. 
Jamk-s, b. Sept. 0, ISOU: d. Jan, 7, 1885, in South Glastonbury. 
llAimr TuoMPsox, b. April 6, 1864; m. June 22, 1886, Mary lUley. 






691 Mary E." Treat {Horace,'' Charles,^ John,^ Thnnifn** Thomas,^ Richard,^ Itich- 

ard'), born May 14, 1^18, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; married , Noriis D. Huewstkk, 

born Oct. 27, 1816, in Frunkliu, Conu. ; died Jan. 11, 1873, in llarttbrd. Conn. She re- 
8itle« (1800) in Hartford, 

Children of Noyes I), and Mary E. Brewster, born in Hartford : 

1106. MAicxnA D.» h. May 2, 1841; d. Aug. 17, 1842. 
lino, FiuxKLiN D., b. May 2, 1848. 

1107. Jamks II.. b. April 10, 1845; d. April 13, 18-I5. 

1108. CfiAiti.ES W., b. Sept. 12. 1846; d. Sept. 1.'5, 1876, in Wallace, Kansas. 
lion. LoKKXA, b. Feb. 11, 1H49; d. June 24, 1850. 

1110. Marcus, h. April 26, 1861. 

1111. Fkkpisaxd, b. Feb. 2. 1855. 

1112. AxntED L. , b. M ay 24 , 1857. 

111.3. Euww C, b. Feb. 26, 1862; d. Nov. 30, 1886. 

703 Norman C* Treat (CJtarks,'' CharUs,^ John,^ TJtomas,* Tfiomas,^ Richard,'^ 

Rkhfird^), born .July 6, 1837. in IlartfonI, Conn. ; married , 1803. Rose S. Tkkvor, in 

St. Joseph, Mo. la a railroad rann and travelling agent for the Pacific Railway Co., 
paasenger depot, and resides (1887) in Qniney, III. 

Children : 

.\LnERT Tkkvor," b.— 

; d. March 9, 1870, hi Omaha, Neb. 


1115. CuAKLKS Norm AN, b. 

1116. EnwAioi Ei.v, b, — ; d. March 14. 1870, In Omaha. 

1117. llosK Tkkv«)R, b. . 1874. 

712 Alice Lydia* Treat (Levi Stuart,'' Amoa //u//,« Gernhom,^ T/iowas,^ TJiomas,^ 
Richord,'^ JUcfumO), born Nov. If), 18G6, in Atchison, Kansas; inanied Nov. 18, 1886, 
SamuklGkokok Gckrkiek. He is a loan broker in Atchison. 

Daughter of .Samuel G. and Alice L. Gnerrier, born in Atchison: 
1118. Flukicji(ck Lotta,* I). Ang, 30, |hh7. 


715 J. Mortimer® Treat (Amos 3fortimer,'^ Amos Hall,^ Qershom,^ Thomas* 
Tfiomas,^ Richard^^ Richard^)^ born Oct. 29, 1842, in Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio; married 
Jan. — , 186G, Eunice Rudolph. He ia a farmer, and resides in Aurora. 

Children, born in Aurora: 

1119. Cakrie M.,» b. March 14, 1869. 

1120. Frank M., b. Feb. 2, 1872. 

1121. LucuETiA R., b. Sept. 2, 1879. 

716 Hattie J.^ Treat (-4mos JWor^mer/ Amos Hall,^ Gershom,^ TJiomas* TJiom- 
as,^ Richard,^ Richard^), born May 18, 1853, inBainbridge, Geanga Co., Ohio; married 
Oct. 1, 1874, Henry W. Pettibone. Resides in Buinbridge, Geauga Co., Ohio. Is a 

ChiUlren of Henry W. and Hattie J. Pettibone, born in Bainbridge : 

1122. Clara," b. April 17, 1877; d. Oct. 21, 1879. 

1123. Louisa, b. April 22, 1881. 

717 Gordon A.® Treat (Amos Mortimer,'^ Amos JTall^^ Oershom,^ Thomas,* Thorn- 
a.<r,3 Richard,^ Richard^), born April 7, 1855, in Bainbridge, Geauga Co., Ohio; married 
Nov. 27, 1879, Florence Blair. Is a farmer and resides in Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio. 

Children born in Aurora \ 
112k CiiHiSTiKK," b. Jan. 10, 1885. 
1125. WiNFiKLD G., b. July 24, 1888. 

719 Sarah® Treat {Lorenzo Jlart,'^ Elisha,^ EUsha,^ Isaac,* Thomas,^ Richard,^ 
Richard^), born July 10, 1832, in Middlelown, Conn. ; married, first, June 2, 1851, Eli- 
ZUR Lord Wright, who died Aug. 3, 1864; second, Oct. 22, 1872, William Robert 
ISIoDoNALD. He is a merchant and dealer in dry goods, gent's furnishing goods, hata, 
caps, boots and shoes, hardware, wooden ware, flour, feed, fertilizers, lime and plaster, 
Cromwell, Conn. No issue by the second marriage. 

Children of Eiizur L. and Sarah AVright, born in Cromwell : 

112G. Mary Treat,' b. Feb. 8, 1852; d. July 28, 1853. 

1127. George Loud, b. Muy 3, 1853; d. Sept. 28, 1853. 

1128. Samukl Hai:t, b. Sept. 12, 1854; d. April 28, 1803. 

1129. Bknjamin Ciiai».man, b. Feb. 11. 1858 ; d. April 28, 1863. 

1130. Bkxjamin Elizur, b. Aug. 3, 1864. 




763 Julius H.^ Sackett {Maria^ Treat, Srpnour,'^ Thnothy.^ Timothy,^ Wrhnnl,* 

Iftomas,-* Jiicliard,' Richard^), horu Oct. IC, 1838; umrrk'd Aiiril 10 I, si, 4, Schor- 


ChiUhvn : 

1131. Jknxtk R.."' b. Jan. 25. l«<;r.-, tl. June 12. lS(5a. 
ll.SS. CooNKLius Bauknt. b. Jnne 24, ISiUi. 
1183. Ellkn C, b. June 12, 1H75. 

764 Rhoda T.^ Sackett (Marin^ Treat, Seymour,^ Tiiaothy,^ Thnothy,'* Jiichard,* 
77ir>7«<x«,3 JiiclKird,' Richard'^), born May I, 1841 ; <lie<l Aug. 2, 1885 ; married, first, Aug. 
27, 18.i7, S. OvKRi.iN ; second, , 1875, David Ciiask. 

Childreu of S. aud lihoda T. Overhu : 
1134. Clauok.'" b. Oct. 14, 18r»6. 

Children of David nud Rhwlii T. Chase ; 

1185. JRNNIK M.. b. Mnrch 18, 187fi. 

ll:U». IUK^^cv W.. b. Jun. 3, 187«. 

II.S7. Joic W., I>. Dec. 2, 1H71>. 

1138. CiiAHLKH W., I>. April 2. 1883. 

1189. Rhoda T., b. Aug. 2, 1885. 

767 Lydia A.' Sackett (3/«na8 Treaty Seymour ^"^ Timothy ^^ Timothy,^ Jtichai-d^* 
rhoynaH,'* Jiirhurd^- RicliarfP)^ horn Dec. 15» 1645; died April 25, 1873 ; nmrried Dec. 15, 
18.')'.), Ebenkzlr (Jrauam. 

Children of Elwrjezer and Lydia A. Graham : 

1140. Doily M.,»<' b. Aug. 22, I8r.2; m. April 4, 1880, Millon Wambold. Dnaghter: 

Myrtle L." Wumbold, b. June 25, 1H82. 

1141. Noah .M., b. Sept. 11, 18i;4 ; in. JuoeO, 1884, . Has one child. 

1142. MlSNlR L., b. Nov. 12, l8Hn. 

1143. Joe A., b. Nov. 29. 1808. 

769 Alvira H.'* TreatiS uUhav.^ Tivwthy^ Tltomns,^ TimotJiy,^ Rkhardy* TJiomas,^ 
Richnrdy'^ Richo.nO), fvoni Sept. 5, 1846, in Silver Creek, Ca88 Co., Mich. ; married Oct. 
13, 1870, JcLiDs KvER^oN. He is a merchant, and rosidea iu Elk Grove, Saerameuto Co., 

Children of Julius and Alvira H. Everson, boru in Elk Grove : 

1144. LfiSTER T..'" h. July IH. 187(5. 

1145. Walter T., b. May 12, 1881. 

790 Flora Luoinda^ Treat (George,^ Oren,'^ TJtomaa,^ Timothy,^ Richardy^ Tfiom- 
asy^ Richard^^ Richard^), born Fcl>, 24, 1856, in Sharon, Walworth Co., Wise. ; married 
Feb. 28, 1878, in Sharon, 3Iaxon W. Pierce, born Feb. 21), 1856, and son of Mark F. and 
Harriet (Wheeler) Pierce. Ke.sideB (1890) in Austin, Cook Co., 111. Is a One man. 

Childreu of Mux<jn W. and Flora L. Pierce, the lirat born in Big Foot, 111., the othera 
in Sharon : 

11411. BKRTnA Kvalvn,'" b. Marcli ^, 1R79. 
1U7- BLjiNcuk Mli.MSUO. b. Oct. 20. 1881. 
1148. OiM«iU8R TuKAT. b. Miircb lU. 18»J; (I. Oct. 22, I0{i3. 



791 Helen Martha'' TresXi George,^ Orm,'^ TfmnanJ* Thiiothy^^ Rkhnru,- ihomuit,^ 

Richard,'^ JfirfianV), horn July 'i, 1H5W, in .Sharon, Wnl worth Co., AVise. ,; nmrrludJan. 23, 

l«8l, Jack«om C. Millkk, at Allegheny City, Penn. licsidcs at Iluwurden, Sioux Co., 


Children of Jitckson C. and Helen M. Miller; 

1I4II. Lt'i.u,'" b. May 14, 1H«2; d. Nov. 22, 1883. 

1150. UifAOK fSAUKLt.A. b. July 4, 1885. 

808 Charles Ralph'-' Treat {ChaHen Ralph, ^ JzhnuC ThomasS' Tmothy,'' Richard,* 
Thiwiast.''* i^V/«n•f/;^i^t7/a)YZ«), horn May 19, IHOH, in Sharon, Walworth Co., Wise. ; mar- 
ried Drr- llO, ISSi;, Uattie Lkwks, nt Ilnwitrd, III. (;riiduati*d lit Sharon Iliijh Srtiool in 
18j;3 ; spent two years at Beloit Colle;xo ; devoted four years to the study of niedicine ; 
gniduateil at Chieago Honiucpathic Medical College in \WS, since which time he has |»r»c« 
tised in Sharon. 

Daughter I Kirn in Sharon : 
1161. Maiioakkt Jank,'" b. May li, 1888. 

811 Lewis Edward"^ Treat (Ia-vu's ./,,« hhouy'^ Thomas,^ Timothy ^^ Richard^* 

Thomnn,^ RichanL^ Ukfutrd^), born Feb. 17, 1861, in Albert Lea, FreclMjru Co., Iowa; 

married July *2ii, 18H.'), Riioi>A F. Stuahl. llesiiles in Polo, 111. 

Children born in Polo : 

1163. Lkwis L.,<" I). Mi,rcli 24, 1887. 

115S. MiNNIK M., b. StjH. 10, IMIM). 

817 Hattie E.'^ Treat {FnpfUr,'^ JoAw,' Thmtas/' Timothy,-' Richard,* TJiomas,^ 
Richard,'^ Richard^), born .June 9, 18.'>5, iu Kast Coueord, Eric Co., N. Y. ; married Oct. 
2G, 1878, Hyuon E. Walteiis. 

Sons of llyron E. aud Hattie E. Walters : 
1154. Clakicnck F ,'" b. Feb. a, 1882. 
lir.5. llAauvT, > 

im. hauom. k.. r^'"^' ^' ''*^^- 2^' »«''^- 

835 Emily Diadema' Treat (Comelius Mmtimfr,^ Amazinh,'^ Conieliusi,^ Tim- 
othy,^ Richm-d,^ T/<om««,*' Richard,^ Richard^), \>oYn Aug. IC, 1842, in New Loudon, Hu- 
ron Co., Ohio; married May 29, 18G7, Oscau C. Gatrs. Slie completetl her I'tlucation 
at Allen's Grove Aeademy, Walworth Co., Wise, When only sixteen years old she taught 
8eht>ol. Mr. Gates was fonneiiy of Hopewell, N. Y. After residinii awhile in Clinton, 
Wise., alxnit 1870, he removed to La Crosse, Wise., where he was employed a« conductor 
on the S«»utheru Minnesota Railroad. Al>out 1878, he returned to Cltutun, where he still 
(18H7) resides, engaged in banking. 

Children of Oscar C. and Emily D. Gales : 

n67. Cyris Mortuukr,"' h. . 

1158. Fanny Ai.vutA, b. — . 

\\m. VoLNKY Cciniss. b. — — -. 


836 Curtiss Mortimer' Treat (CameUus Mortipifr,"^ Afmtzinh,' Cornelius,^ Tfui' 
othy,^ Richard,* Thonnui,^ Uidtard,'^ Richard^), iKiru April 29, IHo", in Turtle, RiKsk Co., 
Wise. : inarritil Jan. 30, 18«;J, Jkmnik FAURrNoroN. of Milwaukee. Whrn ;» ' ' .-^ 
m*h<M>l, he maiiifeslt'd a disiMisitinu to become a Journalist, and witJi this ; w 
Ik- labored to pr»>p:iie himself for the profcssiou of his choice. When but dixU'vn years 



oUl ht» started Thn Clinton Independents the first newspaper over puhliahcd in Clinton, Wit*- 
(Hin^ii), Iwing tiien tho youngest editor in tlie Btate, und uccording to George 1*. Rowell & 
Co.'s Ncw»*paper lieport^-r, the youngest eilitor of a i-egnlur weeldy newspaper in the Uniletl 
Stated. After publishing The Independent Tor five years^ he soli] it., uud with his oousin, 
M. T. Park, purehsised The Wuhoorth Counljf Indepcndenf, nt Klkhorn, the shire town of 
that eonnty. Wise., hut MmlingthHt the liehl too 8n);dl for two to labor to advuntaiic, 
he sold his inti'rest to his partner and purchased a new olllce in the city of Racine, where 
he started The Racine Evening Netva, which he published about four years. Then thinking 
that as he ha<l never worked in any (illleo but his own, a few years* experience on a more 
niotroi)olitan paper wotdil l»e bi'nelieijd to his jotjruulistic career, he sold The Netrs, and 
aoeepte<l a position on the editorial stafT of The Milwaukee Sentinel j which iM.>8ition ho 
held for a}>out three years, when a more lucrative poHition as Milwaukee correspondent of 
The dhicoffo Trihune, was ten<lored hiin, which he acceptcil ami still rjccupies. Is also 
ngent of the Associated Press for Milwaukee, and the Wisconsin rorrespoudent of The New 
York World. lie now (18^<7) resides at CI.') Grand Avenue, Milwaukee. 
Child Itorn in Milwaukee : 
1100. LlLLt^s GKitniquE."' b, Sept. 23, 1885. 

847 Frederick A/* Treat (George Nehony^Aloln^ ComdinH,^ Timothy,^ Itichard,* 
ho}iia»^^ Hichnrd^'^ Itmhard^) born March 16, 18.5!l, in Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y. ; 
arried Jan. 24, 188;3, Ida Fkatiikkstone, of Iljirthuid, Niagara Co., N. Y. He resides 
on hia futher's farm in Mendon, N. Y. 
Children born in Mendon : 

1]«1. CoKNKLiih Jav.'" h. Feb. 7, 1881. 

1162. Gkougb Van Nks^ b. i^cpt. 12, 188(;. 

867 Wright' Treat {Charles Onndnmn,^ CorneUnH Dwelhi^ Cornelius,^ Timothy/,^ 
Utchunl^^ Thowns^^ Uuhardy^ Richard^), born Dec, 3, inr)?, in Folsomdalc, Wyoming 
Co., N. Y. ; married Nov. 16, 1875, at Bergen, Genesee Co., IlArriK L. Luckky, born 
Aug. 27, IK.'jI, at Le Koy, Genesee Co., N. Y. Reside in Manila, Erie Co., N. Y. 

Children, the first born in Rochester, N. Y., the second and third in Folsomdale, the 
others in Marilla : 

1103. Cii-iKLKH Wkxtwoutu,'** h. Nov. 17, 187«. 

1H54. CiJiitKNCK li.. I». Fd). I'.J, iH79. 

llfWJ. Fra.nk. 1). Mjiy 29, 1883. 

1166. Grace Estkli.k. b. Sept n. isss. 

1167. Gi.KN.N, b. April SI, I HSR. 
llfifl. Tivvir. May, b. — — , 1880. 

871 Ira Halph^ Treat (Bcvjamin Pnlwer,^ Cornelius Dirplhj,' Cm-nf'liu.%^' Timo- 
thff,^ Richard,^ Tli.o/mt.s,'^ Rirhard,' Richard^), b«>rn An?. 16, 18j:», in Knowlcsville, Or- 
lenns (■«., N. Y. ; mairicd March 24, 187D, Mauv Pattkiison, in Grand liapids, Kent 
Co., Mich., where they now reside. Is a millwright. 

Children born in Gnuul Rapids: 

llrtl). Bknj*min Pai.mkii.'*' b. Mnrcb a.i, 1880; <]. April 3. 1883. 
1170. WllUAAl IlKNUY, h. AUJT. i;;, 18H2; t\. April 14, IHH.'I. 

875 Edwin Chapin"* Treat (John Jay^^ Comeliua Dwell y^"^ Complins/' Timothff.^ 
RicJtnrd,* Thomas,-* Riclinrd,'^ Richard^), born Nov. 27, 1861, in Hannibal, Mo.; 
married Nov. 2> 1887, at Washington, Penn., Ada Covert Uixrji, born May 22, 1863, and 


RiniuuD tubat: ninth generation. 

rhloKt (Intijjhter of Wllliom ami Jennie (Hanipsen) Oiler. He was born July 15, 183i*, 
in WiiMliinufun Co.. IViin., luid ulu* Dec. *^0, IH'll, in Given Co., Ponn. Mr. Treat grad- 
imti'il ill IH77 from the Hiujuibnl lligli Scliool, mid in IH7K was apprentifcd to leani the 
iuii»'hlni»t triwle. Wan LnipUiyed till IHH? on the L'nion I*aeitic R. R., when he arccptod a 
pooitiou in th«? Nouihern Kansas R. K. shops, at Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kansas, where he 
nmidoH. Has taken (xreat iiitert'St in tins work. 
Childani, Uie llrst horn in Ottawa, the strond in rii:inui»>, Xm^ho Co , Kanaae: 

MIX. Mrulk Kdwix.'" t). Oct. l(i, 1888. 

1K», thtuyhter. b. Nov. 22, IHHU; d. Nov. UJ, isn . 

877 John Jay^ Treat (John ./av*** Cantelius DtcelUf^'' Coryielhift/' Thnothyy^ Rich' 
<irt/,* Thomai*^'^ Jiiclmni^'^ Jticlmi-iO)^ born Oct. U, L864, in Hannibal, Marion Co., Mo.; 
marrteil Jan. 15. 1888, in Shu Diego, Cftl., Khzaueth Huulky, born Dec. 2, 1868, 
in Whitneyvillc, Me., and dau^^hterof Daniel and Catharine (McFaul) Hurley. Is a loco- 
nuilive eiiKineer and resides in San Jaeinto. San Diego Co., Cal. 

Children lK>ni lu Los An^eU««, ChI. : 

lira. John HiuiNicn,"' b. (Vt. 30. 1888; d. Aug. 10. 1881>, In Los Angelca. 
1114. Utiitt M\Y. b. Dec. 4. 188V. 

680 LUHan EHzabetll'^ Treat (John Juy,® Corueliua DtCfH^^ ConieUuK^^ Timo- 
«Ay,* /fiVAord,^ ThomoA^^ Hichaniy^ Hidkuni^), bom Sept. 28, 1870, in Hannibal, Marion 
CtK» MiKaouri; married Sept. 2*^, 1889. at KanMi« City, Sri.AS M. Jomnsox, bom Jan. 26, 
18AA, and «tou of Andivw ,). and dano F .Tohnson. Is » miller at S^K^kaue Falls^ Stevens 
Co.» \Vft*hiu)jtou. 

Soil uf Silas M. and Lillian E. Juhni«i>ii. tnirn in Rix'kfurd, Washiugtou: 
1174. ttisri-*u U. TKKkT/" l>. July 6, ISlHV 

913 Prauk CongdOD' Treat {BtnJamiH Ffamkiiti^* Alv£m^ ChnriBS* f Tkoams* 
HickattU* Tfc.»«H<M,^ ifn-Anrrf,« Rfckard^)^ l*om May 1, 1857, lit Colebrook, Ohio; nuuricvi 
S«|U, :(, 1SS8, Mouuk BiiAUv» of lUulo Crv<«k, Midi. I» pf^fvietor of the Unioo He 
NMhvUlc. Mkcb. 

Chiklivn. lhc,nret bona in NasbvUk, the Mcood in Battle CrMk: 

IIT«. RoMutT Rmai^t.** b. Pec. C ltt9. 
nn. ItJLXJAMiK FtKAXttux. h. UArrk9. IMl. 

MO MaiT a* Treat l JMlmr J.,» Sfhmttt,^ Ckmrk^* f nMM«.» JUekmrd,* < 
«*.> RkAtird,* l^dUirrf^). bora M»y X 186^ in PkuuM^ ClttotJUM|M Co., N. T.; i 
July l« 188i, JoMV U. Siting at Graad lUpids, Uk-h. Scskk^ (1886) is V^ham, i 
i«Mi Co.. Ukh. 

CWkiMa itf John It. mkI Htj C. Smilk, the first bora in VakatiDe, Le Gns^ Co., 
!■!» tilt «Kuad m Diahott : 

link BAMv«»kaifi.M.i«ck 

!«al iOntmF..' Ki^mf.' Iktmi^* f Tlwiii.* Rkkmr^* 
n% l«m Fdbc », le^s m 1 ot«>hiML«k. A«^i»1mI» r.v Oki^ 
mm K !»?$» Mams C Jm». 1» a MR^aat m lo««. 

tlM. W^tuyi» V .** ftk Ai«f. 9K t«9T. 


1182. Fl.ouRNCh B.. b. Oct. U, 1881 ; d. May 22. I8da. 
1188. Jay E.. b. July l«, 1885. 

948 Ainasa Henry'^ Treat ( Himm Fnmcltt,^ Lynuin^ Anhhel,^ MhMy^ Richard^* 

fThotmts,'^ Richard,"^ RicfmrtV)^ born , in Tior>nvllle, Oaei«la Co., N. Y. ; raamed 

^flwt, , Sarah ; second, , . He resides in Charlfs Cifv. Iowa. 

la a marble carver by trade, and served three years during the Rebellion. 

Children : 

llwri. \ma«.\. U, — . 

Jo8Ki'n, b. . 

Lt.'cv, b. . 

Mauy E , b. . 

Jamkij LvMiX. b. . 

951 George Lyman'^ Treat {Ilii-am Francis,^ Xym-mJ A^hbdy'^ Anhbel,^ Rich' 
<rn/,* TJiovKis,-^ Richanl^^ Richurd}) ^ \h>v\\ Nov. 14» 1859, in Jnnesville, AVise. ; nmrne"! 
Jan. 1, 1884, Cakhie E. Nkllis, daufjhter of Alexander and Oreelia Nellis, at Silver Lake, 
Palo Alto Co., Iowa. After the death of his father in 1876, he lived with hisinotlier and 
graudfatlier at Afton, Wise., till IHHO, wben he went to Alexandria, I)«>uglafcis Co., Minn. 

^ After two months in a dnig store.|he removed to Fargo, Dakotji, where lur remained a year 
engaged in the same business. Returning to Alexandria he studied law with Geot^e U. 
Reynolds, and spent one year in the law department of the University of Michigan, at Ann 
Arltor. Is now (IHHH) an attorney at law in Alexandria. 
Daughter, born in Alexandria: 
1100. Aucjc Esmmt,'" b. Jan. 1, 183B. 

952 Hannah Stella'^ Treat {Hham F/anc<.i,'* Lyman J AshhrL^ Afhhd,^ Ricfimd^* 
Tfiffiiutu,^ liichard.'^ JHchard^ )^ I'orn Aug. 5, 18t>2, in Anthony, m>w Minneaix^lis, Minn. ; 
marrie<l Jan. 29, 1883, Gkokgk C. Antisokl, of Afton, Rock Co., Wiiic. laa farmer and 
resides in Afton . 

ChiUlren of George C. and Hannah S. Antistlol, U)ru in Aft^>n : 
liyi. Caukie p.,*" b. Ni>v. If!. 1883. 
1U»2. Lauka E., b, Oct. 13. IS85. 

1193. Erxrht Gkoiigk, b. Jnn. 15, 1888. 

953 Edwin'W.^ Treat {Wmren Aurfusfus,^ Jnsfus/ Ashhel,^ Ashhel,^ Richard* 
Tliovuui^'^ Richard,- Ricliard^)^ \x)vu Dec. 26, I H.i8, in Marengo, HI.*; married May — , 
1881, Nellie Shcmway of Marengo. Has removed to Missouri. 

Children, l>orn in Marengo: 

1194. Mahki..'" b. May — , IH82. 

1195. Knwix M., b. Feb., 1883. 

966 Dr. Joseph Augustus" Treat {Loreu Ludlou\^ AugmUus^ Aaron/' AahM^^ 
Richard,* Tho,n<i»,^ Richurd;^ liichurd^), Ijorn Dee. 10, 1841, in Orion, Oakland Co., 
Mich.; married July 9, 1872, Emma AuofsrA STAunrrr, born July 30, 1848. Is a physi- 
cian and dealer in drugs, medicines, etc., Stuart, Guthrie Co., Iowa; one of the execu- 
tive committee of the Iowa SUite Pharmaceutical Association ; a vice i)re8ident of the 
Iowa State Tenii»enince Alliance. His name also occurs in the Naturalists' Directory. 
Children : 
1 lt)6. I.OUK> AlTGDvTUS STARKlTr,'" b. March 25, 1875. 
HUT. Emma Makia. b. April 23, 187G; d. Ang. 20, 1876. 



987 Oscar Clinton'' Treat ( Loreu LuiW}tt\^ Aiupixtus,'^ Aamn,^ AshM,^ AxhMj^ 

Jlicliiird^* 77<r>ma.<,'' Jiirhaitlr fiichard^)^ born March 12, 1844, in Orion, Oakland Co., 
Blicb. ; luarriiHl Jan. 1, 18G2, CuABLoxrK M. JRoskkgbants. 
CbiUlreu : 

1198. Maiit Ei.^NiuB."' b. Dec, 11. 1863} m,. 1st. Aug. 10, 1881. EUijar Gnfflu; 2d, — . 

.Vlvlu Cole, lliis n son by eitcU rjmrrin;;e. 

1. ChftrU'H Miltou" Gritllii, b. S«pi. 11. 1882, 

2. Cole, b. . 

1191). Floiiexck Amklia, b. Sept. 11, ISiiO. 

977 ErastUS Buck' Treat ( Ed wm5<ra/ro», 8 CJtarUs,' CJiarle/t,^ Jonathan,^ CJinHeif,* 
Thotnn:<,^ Jlk'hnvdy^ Hichurd^)^ lioni April 10, 1H38, in GlasUmbury, Conn.; married 
Nov. 25, 18()3, RiioiiA Anv (Joslkk, (Iniijjiiter of J.irnes and Pnlly (Sumner) GosU'e. of 
Glnslonlmry. IIo is a piiblialu'r and buokseller, No. 5 C<H)|»cr Union, Nvw York. Was 
educated at Wilbmhaiu Academy, Mass. From 18C2 to lHt>5, was engtiged as gonrral 
a^iMit in ibo BubHcription book busiin'BM. iu Cbiofltro. In the latter year he took cntiiv. 
cbarge of tbe e>ubttt'ripliou book departnient of Charles Soribuer & Co., N. Y., under the 
style of K. \\. Treat & Co. lu 1«I71, he hegan publishing; ou his own aeeounl. Makes a 
specialty of theological, reli}iious, nnHlicnl, acientine, biojrrap Ideal, historical aud agri- 
cultural iKKjks. No member of the American publishing trade has aiatlc a more houorable. 
success than Mr. Tn'at. 

Children lH»rn iu New York City : 

1200. KvKitKrr Simnku.'" b. Jnn. 14. ISfiS; tl. Aug. 2. IHS4. 

1201. Wti.i.i«%i now*Bn, h. Jan. 30. ]Jiu'.tt. 

1202. ItKL 1.A11 BuuwMXG, b. Juno i4. U^JTO; d. April 5, 1873. 

1203. F.uwiN Civi-Kie. b. June 12, I»73. 

1204. Tayso.x Jackson, b Nov. 14. 1S7S. 
12tKi. PUIMA DltArKU. b. AtlR It). 1HM«. 

1800. Maky Summvh, b. Mnr. :i$, 1885. 

984 Morgan'* Treat {IMvid Shfpjwrd.* David, t'/utrlen/' Joniitftau,' Vfio/ltKr 
Thtntuis,^ Jikhttnl^'* Jiufntrd^), born Jnu.^l, 18.i7, in .Tnnesville, Wise.; married April 2:!) 
1879, StJK KvKi.YK RoANR, of Gloucester Co<i Va., who was l>orn July 4, 18a7, oitd is de- 
scended from an ol«l colonial family. Was a delegate to the Chicago re|mb|jcan «>nvpn- 
lion iu 18SI, and again in 1H8.S. as an anll-M:ihone delegate; was electe<l to the Virginia 
Legislature In 188r>; is now (18i>0) depuly uollect4ir internal revenne : is engageii in 
farming, hnving two farms iu ctdliv:ition, ami is also « wholcsfde au<! relntl gtooer, oper- 
ating two stores. Resides at West Point, King William Co., Vu. 

Children, boru in West Point: 

1207. I.ri.txn Ro*Jci{,«» b, Aiig. W, Is^S. 

1X08. Euwi.N Gii.t>KKNLKCVK. b. SvpU 12, I6d4; d. Kov. fi, IMI. 

992 James WeUes^ Treat (/-tofwmf ITettr*,' Lttmard,^ CArtWw,' JomtOum^* 

C*rtr/oj«,* Ifiomns,^ /^rA.o•d.^ liUhoiyV), l>orn Jan. 28, 185<>, in ' ' mi.; 

tnaiTietl April I, 18o7, Martha lU:toEccA llousi;, bom May 7, l^ v. . -r of 

I^eouanl and Aileiiuo Hou<«. lie was a member of the Conn. Lej^edaiure fh>ui GlaaUM* 
bur} Iu 1836. Is a c. -mi. Resides in M ' -m. 

Children, the first l' - on bury, the fourlli r: 

ISuo. Osmnus Wkix»,** I^ Xot. 90, 1)^*»7; Qnm. KrAhiM In WUllinanUc, Coon. 

1210. CUAKUtf UyouLX. b Ki>v. 90, IWO; d. April l«, 1896 i oam. 



12U. BuiiT.>N LOKKS, b. Sept, 18, ISM; m. Aug, 28, lilHH, Sftinh VIoln Martin, of MuucheaUT, 
witerc llu'y it'sldc. 

1212. Ai,BEKT Lyman, I). June 12, 187!». 

993 Martha Elvira*^ Treat {L*'onard Wilks^^ Uunard^^ lliadcs,'- .hmatnan^^ 
CV//iW<?.v,« TUomns^^ Wchani;^ Huhnnl^)^ horn June -I, IHiUi, in Dunkirk, N. Y. ; ruuiried 
Aug. 25, 1853, Gkoroe F. Gaubiel, wUo whs born April 4, 1831, lu Sloiiinglon, Conu. 
Resiilcs at Mystic River, Conn. 

Daughter of Gcorgo F. »n<i Mnrtlia E. Gabriel : 

1213. HAKKfET N. Mm'° b. July :U, 1866. 

995 Leonard Welles'^ Treat {Lronard Wellen^^ lAionm-J,^ Charles/^ Jonathmu'' 
Charles,* Thomas^* Jiichard^'^ Richard^), born June 12, 1843, in Milwnnkco, Wise. ; nuirricd 
Sept. 29, 1HG7, Laura Ann Aumstuono, who was l»urn Sept. '2, IH47, in Fullon, ()8Wt»go 
Co., N. Y. Wu9 bioujilit up on a furm. July 12. 1MG2, eull&tod in the 3<l WisconHlii 
Light Artillery. Served three years ami one mouth ami was iliselmrged Aug., lKr).5. He- 
moved to liloonier, Chippewa Co., Wise., in 18K5. Was engaged in Unnbering f«»r two 
yearn, and was then elected city marshal, whleh position he still (1890) retains. 

Children : 

1214. IIaTuky Wallack.'" b. Oct. 24, iHaS. Aztlnn, JelTcrMou Co.. Wbc. ; il. July i», 1^H2, in Mil- 
ton. Rock Co., Wi*c- 

1215. Hi UK Wbi.uxgtos, b. July 14, 1870. In Oaklatul, Jcflcrsoii Co., Wi»c. 
12IG. NswFi.i. IIk.vky, b. April 3, 1872, In Jefferson, JitTerNon Cu., Wbc. 
1217, Gkoruk FiiANCis«, b. Mity I, 1874 In Jiircrson, Wise. 
12IH. Bi-:j^>ik Aiaika, b, Sept. H. IrtTO, In Ouklaml. 

1S19. liuovA liMA.. b. July 1, IHHI, in OMkluml. 

1230. VtVY Wii.nuic, b. Aujj. 2K. 1nn», In MlUon; d. March ft, IHHM, In Bloomer. 

1221. jEsdit: ALiY, b. May 22, 1887, In Blouiuer; d. Mnrcb 24, 1M88, In Bloomer. 

998 Samuel Eugene'^ Treat {Samuel CUnlon,^ Lfonard^ ChtnifiM,^ Jofiathan,^ 
Charlex* Thomas,-* Rkftord,'^ Richard* )y born Dee. 13,18,55, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; dieil 

Jan. 20, 1889, in Manchester, Conn. ; married,, , Li^-xik ANTiKit*iON; «ueon<l, 

Ocl. 26, 1878, Nellie T. Warner, aged seventeen, born in Hartford, Conu., who died 
Nov. 21, 1889. He was a mason and reBidefl in Manchester. 

Cliihlren, bora in Manchester, by his second marriage : 

1822. Catiiakisk E.,»" b. July 22, 1880. 
12??«. Sr-»^ ^ 1' ^-'''v 22. 1882. 

lOOO George Asa' Treat (James Wotson,^ Leonard,'' Cfmrhs/^ Jonatimn,'' CharUn* 
Tkofmaa,^ Rkffird,- 7?<oAayY/'j, born Aug. 11, 1851, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; marrletl .June 
17, \B84y Mart D. Chaxbeblaih. Resides In Buckingham, Glaalonbury, where he Is a 
turner. La also organist at the Congregational church there. 

Son Iforu in Glastonbury: 

12314. LLOTt» Bl-KTOS.'" b. Aog. 8. 1H«5. 

1027 Charles Owen* Treat {Charlea C," EUKha,'' Cluirhay^ Jonathan^* Cfiarla,* 
ThuHuiM^^ llirh>ird^^ Richard^), lioru Sept. 22, 1849, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; married, 
finit, Junr 10, 1870, Maktettc (or Ktta M.) Trtok, who ilicd July 26 or 27, 187C, ageil 
i«eMtj-«ight, and dangiiter of George and Mary Ktta Try on. of Glastonbury; M>c<»ni], 
Nov. lU, 187Ji, GuimicuK E. Nettlbtos, boru 1854, in F3aMt Wiudtfor. RcMlduM in South 




Mnncliestcr. Is a mfison-lmilder nntl dealer In lime, cement and plaster. Also rcrtillzera 
of nil kiruls. 

CliiMren, horn in Manchester, by his seeoml marriage: 

1226. C11AI11.KS Clinton,'" b. Feb. 24. I8dO. 
12v<5. RoRKKr VaSCR, b. 8e|il. 11, 188*>, 

1227. H-MTiE Alick. b. Aug. 23. 1888. 

*1054 Caroline" Treat (Rnfus fJates^^ Si/lveMer^' Peter/' Peter .^ Thovin%J^ Tliomni? 
Rirhardy- RlchonV)^ horn Feh. 27, 1«67, in Cliatlmm, Tio}ia Co., Peiin. ; married July a, 
1875, Thomas Jekfkrson Ransom, horn Dec. 10, 1«49, and son of John James Uanaoro, 
horn 1810, (lied Jan. 1ft, 18G(j, .ind Lucy Slevens, born Dee. 23, 1822, tiled Sept. lU, 
lJsr»(I, :it Osceola, Pcnn. Is a farmer and resides in Clymer, Penn. 
Daughter of Thomas J, and Caroline Ransom, born in Clymer: 

1228. Nrlkib.'" b. July 17, 1878. 

1056 Nellie Lucinda'' Treat (Jtufus Oates,^ StflveufP.r,' Pptfr,'' Peler,^ Thoma*^ 
r/zowriy,:* Ulchordy^ Rlchnrd^)^ hnrn Nov. 9, 18Gi, in Chatham, Ti«i|.;a Co., Penn.; died 
June 27, 1887. in Chatham; married Oct. 4, 1879, Gkorge R.in9om, horn Aug. 29^ 1854, 
and Boii of John JameH KauKom. His hrothor Thomas J. Ruimom married bis wLfe^e sis- 
ter Caroline Treat. 1b a fanner, and re«ide« (188><) in Chatimm. * 

Ciiildren of Georj^e and Nellie L. Hansom, horn in Chatham: 
12251. luvixo Gkouge,'^ h. Sept. 2!). 1881. 

1230. iPA. b. July V.K 1883. 

1231. Hcrua Tkkat, b. Aug. 22. 18«C. 

1057 Ada Evaline'' Treat ( /2"/«"' OfUea,^ Sffloestcr,'^ Peter,^ P^ter,^ Thomas^ 
Thomati,^ Rivhuitl^^ Jiic/tanV), hovu Jan. 23, 1805, in Ch:itham, Tioga Co., Penn. ; mar- 
ried April 2, 1884, Frvmk Lewki.l?n Pai.mbu, born Jan. 23, 18GI, inCiialhaui, and soq 
of VMne Pidmer. Is a farmer, and resi<1es (1888) in Challiam. 

Daughter of Frank L. and Ada E. Palmer, horn in Chatham: 
1282. Myrtlb,'** b. Dec. 2n. 1885. 

1099 Horace' Treat {Horace Brooks,^ Horace,'' Charles,^ John,^ ThoiiM.%< Tliom- 
aj»,'' Rirhnrd^ RkhanV)^ liorn Dec. 8, 1845, in South Glastonbury, Conn. ; married Aug. 
5, 18(>9, El.LKN FuYNS. Resided (1881)) at Wiuvhousi! P.iinl, C mn.. iiul wiis LMni>Iov»Ml 
in the silk mill. Is now in PitUsHeid, Mass. 

Children, the first horn in St. Louis, Mo., the next fciur in (ilasl(jiihiiry, the sixlli in 
Hartford, the seventh at Warehouse Point, antl the eighth at Pittslield: 

123.H. Sauau,"' b. July 1. 1870; d. July 1», 1890, In Plttsttcld. 

1234. Edward, b. July 31, 1872. 

1236. Geougk Caul, b. Feb. 3, 1873. 

1234k Juua, b. April 6, 1877, 

12.37. MiNNiK, b. Aus. 1, 187n. 

rJ3M. AOALINK, b. Oct. 10. 1K*<1. 

123t). JosiciMi, b. Dec. 30.'1883. 

1240. l8AnKi.i.k, b. JiMic M\, 1891. 

1100 Orion'^ Treat (Horace Br()ok.%^ IToracfi^ Clinrhs,^ John,^ Thomas,* Thomm,^ 
RirfKird,"^ Richnrd^)^ horn Auj^. 5, 1848, in South Glastonbury, Conn.; married July 4t 
1M71, Ma»u;aukt E. Paxson. Resides in Manchester, Conn. la a manufacturer of knit 
ting machine needles. 


Daughter, born in North Manchester : 

1241. Maky Axokline,*" b. May 13, 1872. 

1102 Frederick^ Treat {Horace Brooks,^ Horace,'' Cltarles,^ John,^ Thomas,'^ 
TJiamas,^ Ridiardf^ Bicliard^), born Dec. 29, 185C, in South Ghistonbury, Conn. ; married 
Jan. 25, 1879, Sarah Isabel Quiubt. Resides in Pittsficld, Mass. Is a millwright. 

Children, the first born in Slatersville, R. I., the second in Pittsfield, Mass. : 

1242. James Fkedekick,»" b. April 11, 1887. 

1243. Clarence Franklyn, b. Jan. 24, 1890. 

1104 Harry Thompson^ Treat {Horace Brooks,^ Horace,'' Cfiarlea,^ John,^ 
Thomas* Thomas,^ Bichard,^ Richard^), born April G, 1864, in South Glastonbury, 
Conn. ; married June 22, 1886, Mart Riley. Resides in Slatersville, R. I. Is a ma- 

Children, the first born in Albion, R. I., the second in Slatersville : 

1244. Harry,'® b. Jan. 8, 1888. 

1245. Ernest Bernard, b. April 4, IS'JO ; d. Aug. 29, 1890, iu SlatersviUe. 


(5) Gov, Robert*' Treat inirhaixl^), born alnint 1G24 ; baptized Feb. 25, 1624-5, 
in I'lliuiiiHU'r, Sonu'isi'l, Kn^lmul ; died July I:?, 1710,' ii^cmI eiglilv-eight (gravoslone. 

In Milford, Conn.) ; uinnieil, Ibsl, , JankTatp, wluxHcd ilic luel ofOcU^ber, 1703, 

K^ivii HiniM»tv-nvL* (gnivostouo. nliuosl illegible), at Milford, where ber nume is 8i>elled 
Trenlr, and daujjbUMof I^buund Taj)p, one of the fonmlers of llio Cliurdi in MilTonl, Ang. 
Si?, lG3iJ, nml one ot ita *'sovon pillurs;'* second, Oct. 24, 170.^), for her third lnisbiit«l, 
MrB. KuxABh^ni (n«n.i,iN«;*wt)KTn) Hkwn, born .lune IG, 1G41, ilied Jan. 10, 170G, iij;t-4l 
sixty -eight ( ? sixly-livc) (>iriive»lmie, almo-it illegible, Milford). She wxis the diuighUTof 
KIder MIclniel und .Vbignil Towell ol Honton, mtirricil, first, Aug. 23, 16r>l>, Richard Holliuga- 
w<jrlh : !*eroiul, rtboiit ir>7S. UicliHrd Ibyun, the settlor and merch.ant of lf»3'.>. He was 
lK)rn in Knjjbind. The inventory of her iKMSonrd property, amounting to i'24. U., was 
pi'OAenleit lo Pix>bale ihe «»eixjnd Weibjesduy in .\pril, 1706. WofHiwage, which receivoi! 
Iho namo of Milfonl, Nov. 24, IGiO, whs ptircbnsiMl of the Indians Feb. 12, 1C39. Tlio 
tleeil waa given to four persons in tnisi for the Planters. Amung thi»9e wlio came from 
WelherMlk'ld was liobert Twal. Mia name, as well as the oamc^s of somis others, does 
not appear anuniii; the "fiec plantei^s," prubably on .HCctHint of his extreme youth. Ten 
names are recorded imme<»iately Ik'Kiw the '*free planters," ami Mr. Treat's is f^eventboa 
the list. At Ibo thHt meeting of tlie I'lanWrs, Nov. 20, 16H9, Uobert Trtuif, thongli Whs 
than sixteen yeara old, was one of the nine appointed to survey and lay out Uie Lands. 
IttH natuo appeal^ et>:hlh on U»r list. He subsequently returned to Wethcrsficld, and waa 
ele4U*vl ratemaker there in \(i\7. S<*on after ho removotl to Milfonl, wliore lie had own*»sl 
laud for »ome years, and there his ehlest sou Samuel was ba4»li&e«i Sept, 3, 164^, ou wbicli 
occaaton ho is ixxxndeil as belonging to the church at >Vvlherafl«ld, but waa received iuto 
the chur\-h at Milfor^l, April 10. U>4i^, lojrether with his wife Jane. lo I04i», Rtlrauml 
Tapp }:ave laud lo his »i>n-in-law Koliert Treat. Mdfonl was early unileil wiUi the New 
llavrii (*olouy fur greater prv>tecUon against the ImUans ami DqIcIu Tb« town rrconis 
commvn«vtKH. IH, 1665, fourti^cn years ader lUo »citlero«ot. Tl»e earlier :»• »f 

iiie »ulMetptefit nrvociU arc local. What remain are \'ery def«cUvc ami acmnty. re 

also ilefecU In Um chorcli rvconla. Mr. Tr«ai ia said to have beiil the ofllce of Town 
ru-rk ill ihoughibefv -^ ''■'■.<. 

i.oXi'.iKw Irani is oommk* .^ v.i twenly-coe dbttdreti, boi tlMrels no foun- 

daUoa wlMltver for Uiia autencnl. TIm niaUk* pt^MbXy torn horn ooonlins lira diiV 

*TWf» a p p — m lo ba a 4toerrpaacy ttetwc** ikm hmptltmtii aad gtaiw l ons iaat as lo bla ^ 
WwB la r^b., lOI, old slyW. hm w«mM kara W«a aiKd M y. and abooi ft n. at ib« Use «r ki-> dciib 
ITMl BaftaowMeUaMs I«p«Is« wa» daferrwl Ibc ■oatfca sad evea jcsth. tkoagk a«i«Alij MlMlaUO^rrd 
a 9tm itair* or w««ks after btnk. do that If his iMpUsai o tymit *a aaay aiooUi^ »4trt his birt^. be 
W^ah l hSTO br«o c»«oc f7 jrsars ohl, awi la Us «94b jrw; or Hm JaU ua iter ^nremtoM bsij be ao 
«tfor. sodl a* fVt%a<n4\y ocean. 



dren of his son and gratxlsori Robert as his. In his will, datuil Jan. 5, 1707, he mentions 
only seven, — Simiiel, Johiu M>uy, Rohert, Hunnah, Joseph and Al)igaii. See Lamlierl's 
Hii»lory of Ihe Colony of New Haven, pp. M'l-IGO, for an account of Millonl, ami a 8l<etch 
of Governor Treat. It also contains a view of his Ijouse, on lot 35, plan of Milfunl, p. 
ys, and R fac-aiinile of his autograph, and the seal used by bini, on p. 138. 

But scant justice hiu* as yet l>cen done to the memory of Governor Treat. Many years 
Hgo^ Mr. Henry Champion, of New Haven, to whose widow, Sarah Elizalieth ChatniMOii, 
1 am under very o^reat obliirations, prepared a most excellent paper on the Life and Char- 
ueler of liohert Treat, which was read before the New Haven Historical Society, Sept. 
25, ]8ri5. This pa|ier i have printed. I have also added an article which I had 
prepare<l long before! knew of the existence of Mr. Champion's pft|)er, as it contains many 
ibintrs upon which he has touched but lij^hlly or not at all. Both papers are the results 
of independent investigation. 

Wo know nothing us to the early history of Robert Treat. That he must have been 
well ednc^iled may be inferred fron) the fact that though he was not a college-bred n»an, 
he was familiar wilh Latin, and sometimes makes use of it in his letters, as in one to Fitz- 
Jtilin Winthrop, — who succccdeil him as Governor of the Colony, and with whom he was 
on terms of the closest intimacy — <lated A«ig. 17, 1700, ^'■itj>erare pro limere." Mass. Hist. 
Coll.t Cth Series, Vol. 8, Winthrop Papers, Tart V, p, 57; al»o in a letter to Winthrop, 
dale*! April 7, 1702, "my ?<//»>(?«," Ih. p. 90. He was then nearly eighty years old. 
'i'liere is a tradition that be was an inmate of the household of Rev. Mr. Prndden, the first 
minister at Milford. If so, i>erhap8 it was once the intention to educate Robert Treat for 
i\w ministry. 

ChiMren, born in Milford ami b.iptized in the First Church, by his first marriage: 

2. Samijki..' b. ; bnpt. 8fpt. 8, KUH; d. Msrch IH. 17IB-7; m., 1st, March IC, lG7i 

Kbzabelli Mnyo; 2(1. Ana. 2!». 1700. Mrs. .VblKiiil (Willnrd) Estabrook. 

3. John, b. — ; bupt, Oct. 20, H.50; d. Aug. J. 17 M ; m.. Ibt, — , .\bigall Tlchenor; 

2il. . Miiry . 

4. Makv. b. May 1, U52; bupt. May 80, 1652; d. Nov. 12, 1701; m. , Dea. Azarinh 


6. RonF.rtT. b. AU2. 14. PLU; bapt. Aiiff. 20, 1654; d. March 20, 1720; m., 1st, , Eliza* 

btth ; 2<l. ^ Abl;;«ll Curnp. 

«. Sarau. U. Oct. 9. IG.^^i; bnpt. <Jct. — , IGoC; d. probnbly In Infancy. 

7. AiuoiiL, b. nl)oui IdrtO; bupl. (no record); d. Dec. 26, 1727, In hor fJ8th year; m. , 

Ut'V. SauiUfl Andrew. 

8. lUvNAii. b. .Jan. 1. I('>00-1 ; bapt. between 1C59 and 1001-2. baptism recorded, but date 
niU sUt-n on the record; d. Mnrcli 8, 1707-H; m. , Itev. Saiuucl Mather. 

9. JiiwKvn, b. Srpl. 17, Hir.2; b«|H. Sept. I!i. n;r,2; d. Aug. d, 1721; m., 1st. , Frances 

Ilryau; 2d, Nov. », 1705, Mrs. Elizabeth Merwiu. 



Wfien Milford wn«t flcttlc<l in 1039, one of t,ln>sc who oamc n-om WpthersReM wns Ro'*' 
ort Tjcnt, a yuiig iiian jiot more lliatj oightncn years (if a}5<^' llo was not enrolled ntnong 
Llio irlnntciB, btil liis ntinienppeiirs imniodintcly aricrwards with oi<2:bt others^^ notincluirch 
fi'MowNJiip, iukI thrrefori' willionl llio ror|ui8ttt? qiiftlilicntion lor froiMiian. Wi* are not in- 
formoil wliy he li'ft hifl homo, hnl. a,s ilunng tho stay of Uev. Mr. IVmhlen in Welhcrslh'M 
tunny of the inhRliitnnts had fonii(>>d 90 strong an attnchnient for him, that they followed 
him to Miirord, wo miiy woll *«m>|io*»c' Rohcrt to have been riotniitod by the snme impulse, and 
Inih'ed traditi<»n v«gni'ly liinU that he s\uh n member of Mr. IVmlden's family.^ "lie was," 
»nys Lamberl,^ an<) IIollisttM' repeata the Btory,** but on what authority I do not know, ^*nt 
Uio flrnt moetiny: of tho planttMaclu>aen to assist in surveying and layin«j; out the town^shiii.'* 
It is not at all unlikely that he (iid assist, being a young man by no ineans indolent, but 
tile iM'i-Hourt chosen for that pnrjwse tire expressly direeteti to l>e rlinrch members," jiud 
this, nn we have seen, Rol»ert Treat was not ; nor did he tiuitc with the church until after 
his marriftjyo, in IGll*."^ LiimlH.'rt also gives him the credit of bein^ town clerk from 
1640->J,'* but this must be mere tJtidition. The tirnt notice which the Milforil recnirds take 
of him after the enixilment of hi8 nanur, is his ap|)ointment iit 1652, with aevenU others 
to survey » pietv of land. The New Haven colonial recorrls do not mention his name bc- 
fitiv If)! I. The unfortunate losh of reeoiils that exists from that date till 1C.W» ]c4tve£i a 
blank thtit cannot be tilled up. but it is probable tliat the young man bad gradually been 
vising mort^nud more into notiee»aud iu IG.'iS, he was chosen deputy to the (;cn<>ral Courl^ 
for Milford. The n<'Xt y^'ar Milfonl honored him further by ch" n their beuti'n- 

niit, and tlie General Court ci>nr>rming the choice, declan»d him '•' niilil.irv Mlllerr 

tlieiv for U»r pn»i»cut to onier ye military affain's of that towuc."' 

lu \Co*h, n nuuilHr of per«k^us {mivhascd Uuid at Pmiga«Bet^ now Dei l>y. ami ahkcd uud 
receivwl, fri»m the lienend Court, permtt»ston toe&tablish tUemselvcb at that place without 
iH^ing tiuder llut juriMlictiou of New Ilavcn or Milfonl,^' but U(H>n tbe strvuuuus oiifMwU 
tion of Milf(»nl, an»l especially t>f the two deputies, Robert "^I'jvat and Thoiiuu* BuekiRg- 
ham, toiiellMT with Rev. Mr. i'rudden, who nnule it evident that the pix^jxtSii] bcttlenicai 
wi»ulil narrow u>o greatly their bounds, the Piuigasttet settlers agrectl to »cll their parchsMfi 
lo .Milfonl if Uint town would furnish them with ^^comfortable accouumiilatjoufl for their 
ftulisisUMice." This Milforxl was unable lo do, pmfesMting to have uo meoilow til db(|io«<! 
of, but Rolx'^it Treat »ettlni the matter by cklTering si-veu acn» of his c»wn huvl for Uietr 
n*e.*"' He Iiad now liecomr tut exteu»i>v lamII>oUU*r, tlnrngh l>e bail n«' w^.-r......... ..r 

UumI lu the first «listriliutiiMi,^^ bat lived ujMin the Un<l of hb father-in-law. 

' n^ r«*«m fH>* h«Tf 


TOOrr \h%n •liiM«i.--J. H. T. • MRfonl Rcronls I. . i, .'.rtN Ht*!. of 
ONMft.^ 1: M9. *M .R. ^Plr^t Cliarrh lice. * llui VT. 



ntu\ hod Itirgre prrants of land made to him from time to time.' In 1C59, hv hjul tlie fiirther 
pnvilpge gnuitod Liin of taking sliurcH in ibt' diHtributiou of some public land on bib:df 
of biH childri'U, and Ibis vros extcndcil to nil Buch dietribnttons a few yeuia Inter,'-* an 
honor •imnted to no one else in the colony. 

Jililford JvreJveU u reprimnnd for rrijuiring their licutennnt ''to watch »is other men,' 
from thi-f Ciener.ll Court, in ICS.'i.^ lie was chosen by his townnmen severrd times to ]m\- 
ch»8o and divide public lauds.'* lie assisted in 16G0, at the installation of Rev. Rog<r 
Newton, Mr. Pmdden's succegsor, being i>ne of the lajTnen chosen to perform the cere- 
mony t>f bying on of hamls,'' nnd held the post of (K'i)iity for Milford until 1G51)» 
willi the exception of one year, and then bein|^ elected magislratv' he ser\'ed for tive years 
on the Go\Ti7ior's Council* when, though re-elected, he declined to scr\'e.^ In 1661, tlie 
firil serious trouble in the quiet life of the New Haven Colotiy ar*>se, and gave to the Gen- 
end Court more perplexing duties than the umuuI business of punishini!; criminals, deciding 
dinputeti, and electing otllcers. 

On May 17,' tiie Deputy Governor (Governor Newman havinfr died the Dt-ceniLMT pre- 
vious), cjdled in haste a meeting of the General Court and laid before ihem a oojiy of a 
letter from the King, CbarlcB II, commanding the arrest of the regicides, Jmlgcs GolTc 
nnd Whalley. The magistrates nnd tloputics all professed themselves utterly ignorant 
that they were in the colony. "They wisbrd a senrch had bre-u sooner made ami did now 
onlor that the ISlagistnites take care and send forth warrent" for '*'a diligent search." 
llobert Tn-at in pursuance of this order issued and signt'd a writ connnanrling certain in- 
Labitjints of Milford to make <liligent search throughout that town for *<'oh>nell Whalley 

Dd Colonell Gotfe," doubtless well aware that do search however diligent would find them 
Bl that time within the town limits. They sub»e<iuently resi<le<l there for sonte time, how- 
evrr. and nundx*retl Robert Trent, tradition says, among their select acquaintances and 

8o<m after, ihc threatened subjection of the New ITnvcn jurisdiction to Connecticut, 
called for the exercise of all the statesmanship of the colony. In this Robert Treat took 
pi Hnt^jart. lie was a man of consi»leraV>le note, having heen choRcn captain l>y 

Ji md by the colony, in IGO 1-2, as a substitute for either of the commi8si(»ners to 

Ihc United Colonies, ''^ though he had no o<'CA«ion lo act. lie must have Ix'cn second to 
none in the cr)louy, unless we except the Governor, William I^ete and a few others, as 
Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Crane and Mr. Kenn. 

He was peculiarly fitted to engage in the task of uniting and harnjonixing the two eol- 
oides, from the eirnimstances of his birth and connections. His father was an important 
!inil honored mendier of the Cotmet'tii-ut <'»tlony, fur many years a magistrate, a patentee, 
at the special request of Connecticut, in the new ehartcr under which the two were to 
unite, and this request may ha\*e been <lictatcd by his connection thnnigh his son with the 
New Haven jurisdiction. His brothers and brothers-in-law too, were no unknown per- 

[)n«, — Richard, jr., and .lames Treat, .Tohn Hollister and John Deniing, the last also a 

aleutee," — and aiv const.nntly named in the colonial records. Matthew Campfield of New 
Haven, another brother-in-law, w.oa also a patentee in the charter. By his own marriage 
had conne<'ted himself with an influential settler. Kdnnin«l Tapp, one of the chief men, 

Dd one of tlie *'seven pillars" of the tirst church in Milford. 
And here [i^rhaps it may be as well to go back and look at his private life, what little 

*li.ll. ^if». *N n.C. R.. 2: 177. »M It. »Ln-nheit. m2. "N. il C. li. 2 : r.4.X -V?... .^RD. 
•|lo1Il*t»r. I . 244. ♦ X. II. C. 1{ . 2: 410. "' ;/> . 4(»2, 4a 1 " CoMU. Col. BeC 2: ». 



then; IB kuowi) of it. He was rnan'icd Hbout 1647 to Edmimd Tnpp's only dnughler Jane. 
The traditiou mentioned by Lambert,' though compni'ntively well known, must not lie 
omitted here. One duy wln'ii cuirmg upon the eldor, lie took Jane upon his knee an<l com- 
menced to trot her. "Uoberl," suid she, ^'Be still that, 1 had rather be Tieated than 
trotted," which hint led to his projjosal of marriage, and she stion became Mi**. Treat. 
He seems* to have taken up liin abode with his father-in-hiw, as Ids homestead stood upon 
the lot originnlly jjranted to Kduuuid Tajip.^ 

AVhetJier the insinuation of Jane Tapp had any reference to the old name of Trott, I 
leave for the consideration of any who winh it. Tmilitiou leaves ue in Uie dark in reurard 
to his family affairs hereafter, and the Milford records give us all we know. Acconiiug 
to these, up to the time of the union of the two colonies, he hiul eight children, four ]x*\s 
and four girls, all of whon), with one exception, lived to become subatsintial citizens of 
this and other colonies. Goodwin's Notes^ give two other dauj^hters who died in early 
life, but there is no rec»)rd authority for tlnMu, nmch U-Bti for the absurd stury which credits 
him wilh the immber of twenty-one, accounted for by Sava^e^ on the ground that some of 
his grandchildren h:4d Ih'cu counted in, and the only solution which I can offer Is, that aomo 
entliUHiastic genealogist had counteil all th<* children of Robert Tn^at he Cfiuld fual on the. 
Milfonl records, as the Governor's, including even sotm- of his irn-at irran»lchildrfu. whii-li . 
would just about complete the requisite number. 

He was an active participant in all that concernetl llu- w^iUaic of ihe town, and aniong 
other oivupations found tiruo to establish a fulling an<l grist mill/' Ami we must turn 
now to the pai-t he Uyok in the union of the two colonies. 1 cannot, of ctmrse, go into all 
Uiv (h'tails of this matter, but it may be necessary tfl allude to the fact that Connecticut 
had, through their agent Governor Winthrop, procured a charter so framed as to include 
witliin its bonmis tJje territory of New Haven and the towns under its jurisdiction, and 
this without tlieir consent in any w^ay expressed or implied. As a rmlural conseqnonce 
llic New Haven colonistii were sorely trietl aial grieved, and resisted t he efforts of Con- 
necticut to either compel or persmnlc tJjem Ui submit, aud in the end it was maudy the 
pressure of outside danger tJ»at caused the union. In Oct., 16t>2, conespondcuce was 
commenced between the two colonies, and was carried on from time to time, mainly by the 
Governor ami Council, on the part of New Haven. One is lompttd to think that tln^hand 
of llobtMl Treat can be Been in the constiuction of many of the documents sent to Hart- 
fonl. ]^(o«lerate and cool in deti'rmining his course, but inflexible when once he hud stit- 
tleil upon it, as his whole courso shows him to have been, much of the correspomlen<H» 
shows these two traits of char.irter in a remarkable degit?e. II is signatun* is that of n 
cool and collected, though resolute pei"son, and compares favorably with any of the other 
autographs appemled to the lettei-s to liartfoixi.' In 16G3, Mr. TiH?at was again chosen 
magistrat4' for Milfoitl,^ aud also mentioned in a communication from Hartford aa 

'Ijiinbert, 187. *It )>a trnditlon thiit Robert Trent was mMrrlei) at a spinning Ir'c on Clirlstnms night 
at Um* haunv of Eilnnniil Tniip. Jiinn's vUlv^t vistcr h.'id nirt-ady in.iriirU Wiu. Fowler. On tiiit^ cmn'A- 
sSon, \\v U saUl to hnvi* irottoi! Jane, TIk' 'loirijlti'" Imvinj: Ihtouu' cool RoIhtI Tirnt st>l3ted the 
nn<lirun<i and healed ilje flip. The <dd "rtliKloy*' or "totf^'ler" was bctjn«*iiilu'd to Elder nanlel Buck* 
Wi^lintn who mnrrliMl llioiiiiih. dMni:hlfr of Wni. Fowlrr, .and preserve*! by Idni as n memrntoof tho 
tlirt-e rundhi'M. Rtirkht^ftiniuV ••i-nniKttu nmrrlrti In )Tss S«iM»nn:di Fowlcr, a d«-sr«'ndjMii <»f Wni. 
Fowler, and the ••l«>j:j:!er" wn* hnjuijlii oni at* lUv identical on«' ummI by UuIkmI Treat at hl» wedding. 
tl WAA always ui»id on the Bnulvfrnnry oC tlie Governor^ Wftldlnjc. It Is now In Ihe po»e»«lun of 
Nnihuit (i. pom) of Mllfurtl. whnolittdncd It or Mr*, (ifor^zv 'ribUnlM. It Is >itid to Ix; The oni> on« 
now tn exisiencfp.— J. H. T. 'LamtMrt, 89. 93, ]S8, M'««« 3;;8. •Geueal. Diet. 'Lnmbert, US. 



ono wlM^noQld have "mugisti'tttieall powers" iii tbnt part of tlie colony in event of a 
union. 1 
Tb«i matter vriis Oclftyed nnother year, and in May, 1 0114, Crovernor LeeU?, hft\ing sfut 

nto tjjc colony of Massachusetts for counsel nnrl receiving word tliat they Inid iippoint^d a 

■comniiUee to confer with them on the suhjeot of their differences with (Vmuecticnt, sent 
Robert Treat and \\'illian» Jones to meet the gentlemen from Massachusetts.'* They re- 
turned without neeouiplishing anything, and meanwhile eircumstancefl were renderinia: any 
oUicr issue than the Union entirely hopeless. Mr. Tresit, with h'm lowiismiui Benjamin 
Femi, were upon the election day, three weeks after, ajjain elected as niagistratea for 3ril- 
ford, but Mr. Treat deeline<l to ludd the office,^ doubtless believing that he could l>etter 
assist his country in other positions. Connecticut now assumed the government, and in- 
vesteil several persons, among them Mr. Treat, with "magistmtical power" in the towns 
of the New Haven jurlstiictiou. 

This power, however, was never exercised, unless indeed in Milfoitl, which submitted 
on its own account, doubtless by Mr. Treat's a<lvice, about a mouth afterwanls. This 
act was much dislikiMl by their neighbor of New Haven, but they also, deserted by the 
rest, fluftUy yieldinl *'as from a necessity brought U{)oi\ us by their meanes of Connecticutt 

L«foreKaid," and ajipoiuted the Geneml Court nn a committee, adding Robert Trent* and 
Several others, a committee to consumnjate the agreement of Union. This committee en- 
gaged in a very amicable corresjjondence, resulting in the settlement of all dilHculties, and 
the authorizing sdl the otficers of the old colony to act until the next election. 

At the same time the Genend Court of the now United Colonies nominatctd most of the 
old New Haven magistrates for election as assistants, "^ but for some reason or other Mr. 
Treat failwl to gain the election. Perhaps the part he had taken had made him too many 
enemies, but it is more thnn probable, that already contemphtting a move to New ,lersey, 
bo declined an office in the United Colony, since tlie Union, thougli he had assisted in it, 
vraa not founded npon the strict principles in which he had been brought up, and nnist 
have been disagreeable to him. lie does not seem to have lost favor with the Geneml 
Court, for he was very soon a[ipoiuled capUiin of the Truin liarid of Milfoixl, in view of 
the expeeleil attack of the Dutch from New York, and was also selected as one to watch 
for and give notice of the approach of the enemy.® In 1605, he was elected as Deputy to 
the Genend Court," and the succeeding year nominated as assistant,^ but again either 
failed of an election, or refused the place, and from tliis time for several years his name 
disappeara from the colonial records. But he was busy elsewhere. Many of the iuliaJH 

. itantM of Milfonl and the other towns, disliking the Union force<l upon them by Conuecti- 
eut, assisted by wutowaitl cireumstanccH, and hearing tiiat the colony of New Jersey otTered 
Cavombte opportunities for est^dilishiug theii* i>eculiar form of mixed ecclesiastical and jki- 
r ' iient, in lOOG, sent Robert Treat and two or three others t<» investigate and, 

' )d desii^nble, to make prepanition fi)r tlie founding of a new town in that 


They selecte*! what is now Newark for the site of their town, pui^chased It from the In- 
dians — satisfying a doubtful elaim to a part of it nither than enter into a conllict — and 
hmmIc all necessary preparations for the arrival of the settlers. Earlj' in May, some of 
the settlers came and established a "Godly Government" uiwjn the spot. Robert Treat, 
with ten others, five being a (juorum, was chosen to act in settling the place and preserv- 

•». n. c. n., L' 

i'M. w/i. sii'. *ii<.,^A\',. * ih , i:>\. ^c.i\\\..'2.:M). "lu.'n. ^ ih.,T,\ 



iaj{ oixlor.' A year afU^r, ull llh* <nniji;raiits arrived ami the lot* ulrciuly laiiJ <jut wcro «U- 
vick'<l, tlioso from cndi town tnkin^ lots in u jjroiip by tbrniBrlvea. But (iml tJje ncighliun* 
of Miiri>ri1 niid Now Ilavcn jjavc way tliat ('miiuin Robert Treat should choose his Jot, 
which being ilotie, aiui two more acres than the uvc*'age being given to him, the remain<ler 
watt ilistribu ted evenly among the rest, six acres cacli.^ Thus they honored their pioneer. 

IltMc, as in Miin[)rd, he w.'is foremost whenever bonn«U were to be settled. Elizabeth- 
town, llioir nearest neighbor, luul a thspnte with Newark concerning the extent of their 
I'esiiectivo rights, anrl commissioners from Elizabothtown met Robert Treat and others 
fi"om Newark, empowered to Bettle the dividing line upon a hill, thence called Dividcnt 
hill, where the captain that lifted up his voice in prayer, "tliat there migtit be a good ugree- 
tiient between them," and tlie line being run, the cotnplete<l task was closed by John Og- 
den of KlixabethU^iwn giving thanks for tlioir loving agrecjucnt.*' 

In N«'W Jersey there was a general assembly or colonial legislature, and to this for live 
years, fkom 1C67-1672, Robert Treat was annually chosen deputy by Newark,* having 
already acted first as their town clerk.* 

In M)T*J, be returned to Connecticut." WImt his reasons were cannot of course be known, 
but while it seems unlikely that he had even biteniled permanently to settle there, for I 
cannot b'arn that his whole fslraily moved, or that he sold his ^lilford property, yet it may 
have been that he found that not even in New Jersey could he liud that perfect liberty ho 
desired, and preferwd to end his days in his old home. Ho loft two of his children, how- 
ever, as pletlgos of his interest in the welfare of the town, his sou John and daughter Mary, 
wife of a prominent citizen of Newark, and he left, too, a cherishetl memory, that is not 
yet quite exlinguishe«l from the minds of the inhabitants of Newark. 

U|K>n his return he was immc<liat^'ly called upon by the General Court to act as second 
in c'«>mmaml of the forces of New Haven County in Uie anticipated conflict with the Dutch,' 
and at the next election was chosen assistant,^ which otBtn? he fillet! for the thretj ensuing 
years, and in that capatrity formed one of what is known as the '^Committee of safelyr'*'' 
often ap|>ointod during threatening times to act white the General Court was not in scs> 
ftion. Ho was placed in command of all the New Haven County forces, 120 meu,"* and 
scKxtnd to MaJ. John Talcolt in comm;uui of the Connecticut force." which they ext)eotM] 
to send against New York, 'but the peace of 1G73 reudereil tliese pre[)aratious nee^Uesa, 
and the militia was dtsbaudeil. 

Though ix'Icast'd from military duties, he did not remain idle He is one of a committee 
to run the lines of Norwalk, Sumfont, Or»«enwlch, and Ryc;'« to settle a dispolo in Say- 
iirook about common lands; '"to hear Uk^ Indian complaints ami <1raw the aaaoe to an is- 
Mie ;"•'• to settle the tK>UDds between New Haven taaX Mdfoni ;'* and he seecns to have been 
atpedally r»li«l upon In malleira of this nainre. Ue is ^ent with ^veral otliera *'to im> 
pfOv« there bc«l aMlities mad endoauoura lo seUe an acoocnodalioo between the |ieo{)lc and 
minivter of FaynsfciU . . . and to en<leanoar allao the otileyoing and scUling of a miu- 
i«ler nt Rye.'*'* His prSvale oIBosb wcro very onnMnHis. As trusln», executor, appraiser, 
etc., be a4>fw*rs nany times «}kmi oar probata reoonis and it wocild not Iw loo mtidi lo 
say that hanlly an estate of eous«<qiHM»c« in Milfocd was settled (Wmb IG70 to 17(H), with. 
o«l sooM allusion to rofcc^osa. Ue was oAeo called iipoa also to |>erfona the 

■wrrlftgrseeremony. < u Ikosc times we«t oAener to the aiagislrattf Uuui to the 

miniater. ami lie seems (o have beeu Muiwrsally tvlied on by iiersoas la all walks of life 
as oQu wboae honor ami Integrity were 8tt|tiHMie<il by wisilom and iwrnleticv. 



>ND OE.Vl 


The opening of the year 1C75 In-onglil upon the colonieg at once two (Urpfiil cvih. eitlier 
of whidi alone had been a hlowr severe enough to threaten their existence. These were 
the one external, the other internal ; the first personitteil in Sir Eilinund Amlro*, the sec- 
ond, In King Piiilip. 

The liuiits ol* this sl\elcli will not justify any aceount of tlje ciiitaes or history of these 
two perils, save In so far as they are connectetl with Robert Treat, and as he waa the prin- 
cipal nctor in Kinjj Philip's war. I will reiale his part in that without noticing the con- 
temporaneous disputes Willi Andros till aftcrwanU. The colony of Plymouth wan the first 
to suffer from the In<lian8 in this new outbreak, and the alarm and destruction soon spread 
to MasBacliuselts and Rliode Island, while as yet Connecticut was unmolested, an<l at lil)- 
erly to use all her strength iigiiinst Andros.' In the middle of September, however, the 
eouirnissioiiers of the Uuiled Colonics oidere<] 1000 men to be raised,* and the Governor and 
Conneil of Connecticut commissioned Major Treat a» commandorinchief of the (piota of 
Connecticut. This commission I have ventured to copy at length, for it shows exactly 
the trust an<l confidence reposed in hitn, anti with the nunexeil instructions is of consider- 
aide general interest. It is as follows i^ 

'•To Major Rob» Treat 

**You being nominated and appoynt^'il by the Councill of Connectlcott, Angn8t25, 1G75, 
Commander in Chiefe of such forcci as are sent forth from this Colony to assist and ile- 
fend n' confederates of the Ma^isachnsettJ^ in the persiiit or prosecution of these Indian 
enemies tliat are In open liostillly ag.uinst the Kngli^.h, The»e are in his Muj'*** Name to 
will and require you, and you are hereby commissiunated to take under your conduit, 
charg«>, and gouerment, all the sayd militnry forces with all such nrtnes, ammunition, [iro- 
VBionH arul other appurtenances, with all ollicera and soldiers, to l>e onlered, martlalled 
managed and diss|>osrd of upon ail occasions tty yourself and the council of warr accord- 
ing In the course of military <liscipline, and according to such instructions as you •^hall here- 
with receine ami from lime to time receiue from them till you »hall return ugayne. You 
are allso hereby imjKjwered w"« the councill of war to use an«l execute niartial diBcipliii' 
upon all offiMidors and delinqueutH, as occasion shall be, by fines or other military puld^ll 
menlH if nrrd iliall require. We doe apiw>ynt your commission ^(fleers to be your conned), 
wheieof y'ditv^lft* is to be preftidunt and have a casting voyce. And 30U or your council, 
or the limber of them, shall hiiue power from time to lime, as a councill of war, lo 

manag> \ res concerning this present expedition ; and you may joyne in councill wilh 

such other of the Genii" of llie MusMichusetts as shall be emi»owL>re<l to joyn in councill 
with yoUf «inil lo take iheir assistance wilh you in the pursuit of the enemie ; an<l you are 
according Lu yimr best .skill lo take all lilting wayes and meanes and opporUinilies to de- 
slruy the enemie; and in want of any oltieers in your army, you, with your councill are 
hereby authorized lo make up sut^h defects or vacancies. Yon are also impowered to use 
any stratagems of war for adnunl.age against the enemie, and lo induce or draw of parties 
or pereouH (itnn them upon jtist and hon'''*' terms of concessipn or quarter as you may ; pro- 
vide<l5" ) s and mtirtherers be exempted from panlon, and due ftAltisfaction 

maile i ten proved against them," 

To this commUsion a series of instructions were added, commencing, '^Forasmuch as 
the moftt holy and just Go<1 for our many and groat sins hath seen catise lo exercise New 
England, by Ivlting loose the barbarrous heathen to commit outrage, murther, an<i spoyle," 
and then onlering the Major where to go, and how to c^[»erate with the "Bay forces." 
He waji c«(te(rially ••to see well Uj the carriage and behauior of all under" bis "command, 
ibat ii i>e •of>er, Ctiri^tian and comely, both iit wordri and deeds according to the Gospel I 
proTeaaloii, befora tfae heathen ami in the sight of all men ; that so the name of our God 

» Tmnboll. HtoL, eO. 17D7. I 1 Ma-S49. • Jb., 853. ' C. C. R., 2 : .V>(^7. 



lio ncjl ili'slioiiourod by o'^dolvea whilt? we are oi^levivoring to viiuricale the ^am^ ftg 
heathen's wickalnesa ami hhisijhemici."" lie was fiirthei' Lo 'Mmproue the best of liit* skill 
to preserve the lived and liiiibcs*' of his soldiers, and to take speuiul care thai the R^'Ver- 
end Mr. Whiting (their t'hnplnin) be *'aceomodate<l with the best 8up[)l}cs and in the 
greatest securit}."* 

Aitned with thia commission and with sueh designs, he took a portion of the qnoU or 
Ciinneclicut lo the north U> assist in the defence of some of the Massachusetts towns. 
There he arrived in season to render llial colony the eminent serviee of saving the town 
of Springfield from utter <lestnjetion. Deurlield ha<l jnst been sacked and biirnu<l ; a body 
of the besit young men from the county, **lhe flower of Essex," employed in gnanling a 
train of whent-laden wagons on their way to Hadlcy had been attacked and barely rescued 
frotn destruction by the timely arrival of the Major on his northward march, and the In» 
dinns having devastated the regions around these Ujwns, now [dotted the destruction of 
Springfield. Major Treat, after a campaign of hard marching and fightings now hiy ut 
Westlicid, fiftt^en miles Ihe other side of the Connecticut. Informed by a friendly Indiaa 
of the contemidated attack, he started at night, but being delayed for want of Iwata in 
crossing the river, ho was not iu season to [trevent it. Many bouses had been burned, 
much pro|>erty deHtroye<i, and several lives lost, for the inhabitunta were in no cuudilion 
lo 8ucce»sfully resist, but the arrival of the troops turned the tablus. The enemy were 
routed, and Springfield saved from destruction. 

This defeat paralyzed the Indians for awhile, and Major Treat iftwi in'<i iiomc. At the 
next General Court in October, he appeared before them and laid down his coumiission. 
It is not possible to ascertain his reasons for this, but it is most likely that having been 
apiM>inted only by the governor and council, he was unwilling to serve without the assent 
of the whole court in whom the charter had vested the government of the militia. The)', 
however, would not accept the resignation, but voted that 'Miauing considered the same 
doe thankfully accept of the good seruice the Major hath done, and have taken so goo<l 
sattisfaction in the Major's goml conduct that they doe desire and order Mujtjr Roliert 
Treat to continue his regi|^ient ouor the forces of this Colony raysed for the prosecution 
of the cuemie and do order the continuance of his commission granted as before by tho 
Councill."^ One wotdd look for a vote of thanks from Massachusetts, aa the greatest ben- 
eflts of the Major's ^'good service" resulted lo them, but it was never given. 

At the same session, Oct. 14, he was ordered to Norwich, but intelligence arriving that 
tlie danger was over, lie was sent instead to the north again.^ On the 19tli, 800 Indians 
attacked Iladley, but Major Treat, by a h«n*ned nnirch, arrived just in time to turn their 
victory into <1efeat, an<l so fearful a cha«>lisemeut did he inflict upon them that from that 
time they were unable to carry on the war in the neighborhooil, except in small parties, 
and in a desultory numni'r, against which the settlers were able to defend themtsclveN.'' 

Major Treat's utteution was now ilirectetl to another field of conflict by the Trcnerftl 
Assembly. The Narraganselts in Rhode Island had engugi'd in acta of amity and friend- 
ship toward riiilip and his scatterc<) warriors, and of hostility towards the English, in 
violation of their solemn engagements with the colonies. In or<ier to strike an efTective 
blow at the whole Indian conibination, a winter catnpatgu wa* ordered liy the couimisalon- 
ers of the llnitetl Colonies. A lirge arm^ was ralseii by the throti colonies, which reudez« 
voused at Pettyquamscott in Rhode Islaitd, and started on the mondug of tJte Sabbath, 
Dec. lU, OS sw)u as it was light, Major Treat with his 450 men from Connecticut, 135 

' C. C. R., 2 : 867. ■ Jb., 2^6. ' 76., 2Ci~6. * Trumbull , 1 : 352. 



more limn her qnoLu, forming llie rear gnanl of Ihe ex|»fi<liHon. At one o'clock tlicv reaclieil 
ihe InilJnn fort, where were congrc«jat<?ii nearly all the Inflian forces in that part of the 
country, the <1cstrnclion of which wa^ the ohject of this nnrcli, ami a principal ohjrct of 
the whole cflmpaign. It was u pali'*a<]e<l enclosure in the mi(ist of a swamp, acccssiVilc 
only l)y a long log raisc<) five or six feet from the ground, an<l without artillery. Noway 
was left to gain it but by a charge across that lo2^, an 1 the troops from Mussachusi'tts. in 
the vauguanl,no sooner ha*] arrivcl, tiian they threw thcnisclves upon the fort with great 
spirit. Thf*y crosseil the log briilge expose^! to a munlorous ft<'e from within, entered the 
fort, and had almost gained it. bat were llualty driven b.u'k, so fierce was the fire of the 
Indians from every side. At this jtinctnre the Major arrived with the Connecticut forces, 
and sending a h:indful of his bravest men to discover some other approach, and make nn 
entrance if |)Ossible elsewhere, in his turn attempted the peiilons charge. There was a 
block house Just insitle the entrance to the palisalc"^, which the Massachusetts troops hail 
been unable to pass, but tlie Major's men succeeded \\\ passing it, tliough with great loss, 
and the few who had been sent around having found an entiaice by almost impenetrable 
paths now joining them, Ihey were enabled to attack the Indian jlefenders in the rear. 
This added to another vigorcms charge frou» the Massachusetts and Plymouth troops, com- 
pletely routed tiie enemy, and the battle ended in their almost entire annihilation. But 
Connecticut had sutfeied severely, losing nearly half of all that were killed or wounded in 
Mie whole encounter. Four of their five c iptains were slain, and a largo number of their 
best men. The m ijor was uuliurf , but a bullet IidIu tlirough his hat attested his presence. 
He is sail! by the General Assembly to have had "no less than seventeen fair shots at the 
enemy/' and to have been thereby as often a Tiir mark for them, He was the last to leave 
the burning fort in the darkness of the winter's evening, an<l it was to the bravery of his 
troops, and his forethought in sending a few men to enter elsewhere that the capture of 
tJ)e fort was due. 

The largo losses of his troops and a due regard to *'tlie lives and limbes" of his remain- 
ing soldiers in«h»cecl him to lead them home in order to recruit, an«l to i»l.ace the wounded 
In more favorable circumstance*. Leaving the M tssacliusetts and Plymouth troops to 
finisli the war, he returned to New Loudon, capturing on his way a number of the enemy,' 
and rcmaiiieil there with his troops for some weeks, with the exception of a visit to TI:irt- 
ford early in January to consult with the governor and council,"'* and of a visit to Milford, 
at the same time. From New L'>ri<lou, after his return, ho writes to the General Court, 
then in session, and as this U the flrit letter of his that Is now in existenc:?, so far as I 
know, 1 have ventured to copy the [uincipal i)art of it under ilate of "N. London 23d in- 
stant, at night 1075."3 

He says ^'Hono*^* Gentlemen : Through mnch trouble & difficulty, 1 am so far got ready 
as that 1 intend, Go<l willing, to begin my march tomorrow. The trouble and diUlcultys 
w*^' su<h cofuauders, to prei»are for my service is almost too hard antl heavie for me: and 
if you had appointed me a victualler of your army, I hope I might have done something 
■at it. Our (nirt of y"^ westerne forces are arrived the last night, an«l y'' vessell prepared to 
aalle, and I heare w'** about 0000 of bread & 20 barrels of beefe and porke, a hogshead 
of rum, but no wine, and some small necessaries . . . We are fully purposed if weather 
prevent not to be setting forth this rlay Trom N. Loudon. . . . I am for want of dark, 
commissary & others so little forwarding me, as that I cannot enlarge, but beg yo*" prayers 
to y" God of wisdom, courage •& strengtli, 1^ be w^'' me all that turn the battle to y*^ gate 

' Trnmhnll, i ; sr.S. • C. C. R., 2: ."tOt. • lb., 401. 



when the Lor<^ sliftll cnll llicreto. W"^*' is llie pinyer, rihI that y" Lord woul<l also giuc A 
spirit of coimccll to lijeiu y* sit in Comicell, — from your servjint, 

Robert Trcate." 

The army started on tlie morrow and spent two weolcs in effectual pursuit of the enemy, 
returned to New lyondon ftn<\ from time to time rendered elTfotual service in pursuit of Ihr 
ludinus, Until In April the gi-eiiter portion was disbanded, and the remainder under com* 
mnnd of Major Talcott aitied in finishing the war J Aug. 12, King I'hilip was slniut and 
the [leril successfully overcome, though with the loss to llie colonies of nearly one-tentU 
of the fighting men, and as large a proportion of the buildingH.^ An instance of the clcru* 
encv ami magnanimity of Uobert Treat is placed on record during tliia war, and must not 
be omitted from this sketch. *'D.iniel Clarke, jun'"*," say the reconls^ ''lutiiig convicted 
before the Councill for notorious reproachful, eontemplumis speeches, and threatening of 
Major Treat, is adjudged by the Councill to pay a line of twenty pownd and to be com- 
mitte<l to prison there to continue dureing the Conncill's pleasure, and was jly 

committed. Daniel Clarke having eonfes!;*erlJiis fault, and hauing manifested - .nua 

of repentance and the Hono'*' Major Treat hauing very earnestly soUlsited the Councill 
that they would ui>on his request release him from imfirisonment, it Wfts nccordingly 
grnnleil,"^' and subsequently the fine was reuiitted at the intercession of Mr. Treat, then 
Deputy Governor.* 

The Major's services were now needed at home and upon his return ho was elected l>ej>- 
uty Governor, William Leete, the Deputy Governor, having been advanced to the cb.«Ur 
of Governor left vacant by the death of Governor Winthrop.'^ This post he held for the 
sncceeding seven years, serving at the same time in various other capacities, now as judge, 
or committee, especially in regard to Indian affairs,^ now at the request of Xorthampton 
to mediate with the Indians for the return of captives and a treaty of peace,' now as the 
wur committee of safety, and twice being sent as commissioner for the United Colonics,® 
and Iwiee chosen as std)stitute for those elected. 

In Aprils 1683, Gov. William Leete die<l, and at the 8uccee<li!ig election Robert Treat 
was elcfled his successor. The troubles inaugurated by Andros were now rapidly ap- 
proaching a climax. Commissioned by the Duke of York, aiterwaivi James II, as Got* 
ernor of hII his territory in New Kngland, he claime«l jurisiliction over not oidy New York 
and part of New Jersey, but more than half of* Once alreruly be hiul uent 
an armeil force to Saybror^k and atlemptetl unsuccessfully to establish his nutborily,*^ aid 
tlie colonists hatl appealed to his M ijesty and lltoir Cliarter rights," wli ' " >a» 

tinue«1 to molest them, i»arlicidarly in the matter of Fisher's Island. ^'^ lu ;vn» 

time many bitter enemies of the colonies were seeking their ruin, while even the king, 
Charles II, was not at all fuvorably inclined to their uxi^le of self government, and was 
particularly incensed by their opposition to the acts of trade and navigntion,^^ and the ac- 
cession of James was even more to Im? dreadctl than the I'onlinncfl reign of his brother, 

I am not aware that Deputy Governor Treat borv any part in the dilBcuIty abtmi Ikuun* 
dary lines with .\ndros, and it was not till after hia election as Governor tiiat he took the. 
chief control in the matter. V\>on enlenng the governor's chair, he found tlie colony in 
a boundary hue di«put« altout Uho le Istaml, which ho quickly setilel,** .ind then turned 
to New York. Here Governor Andros bad been 8ucccc<led by Tnoraas Dongan, and waa 

• C. C. R.. 2: 484. •'Trumlmll, 1 : 5ST-4W0. ' C. V. K , 2 : 4iG. • lb., 4«. • A., S7S. •Ilu, ft: 
la, 5«. 78. lOS. SI I. » TnniibnII, 1 : 87*. • C C. R., »: T«. W. • Tnnnboll. I: 841. IMS. •• Jk, 
»4a-»44. " /ft., 34e-JM7. '■' *' " " ■ T^", 'M'nunl.ull, » '• '• /5.. ««. 



plollliig tnisi'liit'f in England. U|JOn Governor Dongnn's nnivnl in Ot-lolier, 1CH3, llie 
governor nn<i connril wrote to liiui, congrnluiuHiig hiui upon Ills arrival and alluding to 
Ui« disputed claimR in regard to tljat i)nrlion of Connecticut river, and receiving an an- 
swer* rather lordly liut on the wliole aniicnhle.' 

To this the governor repUetl, declaring their fttJiedom from intention to molest the duke 
in any of his rlghtftd claims, referring to the doings of souie former commissioners in set- 
tling the l»ouuds up )n Muuiaconiek river, ami declaring their InUntion to *Mnayntaine a 
goo*l correspondency between his Uoyal Highness his Government and this."'' To this 
Governor Dongnn replied, claiming at least all tin* lands within twenty miles of Hudson's 
river, If not all w^est of the Ci>nnecticnt, and desiring the? appointm:?nt of commissioners 
on their part for flie flnal settlement of the line.^ Governor Treat now called a special 
«^ r the General Asseudily. laid the matter before them, informed them of Governor 

^ claims and adviseil the appointment of commissioners as suggested. 
The governor and several others were accordingly appointed by the court to go to Gov- 

lermir Dongan aitd "uninifest to him this Court's grateful resentment of his Honors pro- 

' fcSMon of his desire lo be iti amity with us, and to a^stue him of our good wishes" in 
regaivl lo b*^un<l8. A most judicious series of instniclions were prepared, probably by 
Governor Treat himself, aclvising the utmost caution anri care to lose as little as pos- 
gil)le of their territory.* They, with commissioners on the part of New York, fully 

krpeitlctl Uie disputed bouiidit^ with the toss to the colony of the town of Rye, to whom (ir,>v- 
ernor Treat wrote in December, slating the necessity which ha«1 cofn|)elled them reluctantly 
to yield the separation, and urging them "to be satisfied and cont**nt with this change and 
carrv it suitably to the (tuvernnipnt nmler whifh you are now stated ami apply yourselves 
to the Hom)rable Govemo"" who is a noblf Gem" -m.! u ill <?<> uhit v..m shall des^iif m* >■ 

tf«fttlar maJiner to promote your welfare."''' 

The governor was re<|ue8led by the sameo«nni t]i:itiii»iHjintod the commissioners, t4.ilrdw 
np and semi a petition to the king. The colonies had been accused by evil designing per- 
sons of harboring criminaJs and fugitives from justice in England, and the discovery of 
the uun|K>wder plot, and several others at this time was also used to throw odium upon 

The governor acconiingly represented to the king their hornjr at the nefarious plots 
which had Wku dis^.'ovcri'd, their thankfulness for the escape of himself and the Duke of 
Vork, their prayers for his future welfai-e and safety, and their design to use all their i»<>wer 
for the dl90<ivery of all who stirred up tumult or rebellion. At the same time he took the 
opp»>rtunily to recite the reasons which had induced them tt leave home and frienda. and 
the fav<»rs which hud been bestowed upon them, uud to pray for the cuntinuauce of this 

[grmee and favor, ami the full enjoyment of the privileges they possessed ' 

This same year tJie Duke of Hamilton nm<le claim to a large part of the colony, and 
WM only prevented from gaining it by a long and hanl contest, l»oth at home and in Eng- 
land.'' But OS Governor Treat Ixjre no very active part in these transactions, I barely 
allniic to them, and pass on to Uie more stirring times of the administration of Andn>s. 
Hanlly liad I he colonies recovered from the difficulties just relate<l and either brought 

I them to --^uc or to some prospect of a settlement, and hardly had they stnig- 

gltd lliri- -- - - jus year of floods and famine, sickness and death, — many of their 

bent own, partlcalarly among the clergy, having been taken away, — when Charles II d»e<U 

IL, Si S?«-7. • i».. W«t. »29. * lb, »30. • Jh., 4 : I83HJ. » Trumbull, 1 : SM. • C. C. R.. 
S« i»Hl» » ;*., I3fi-4k • Trombull. 1 : 87S>-38:f. 

^^ ' ■ 



and his brother ascended the throne. iTnmwlifttely upon receiving the news of UU acces- 
sion, the governor ordered tlie proolann^tions of liis Koyal Majesty, James the scconti, to 
he read, and sent an addrews, announcing the order, condoling with him ui>on the death of 
his brother, congratidaiing him upon his accession, and beseeching liJs ''excellent Ma''** 
to {^raul the beniine shine of your favour to this your poore Colony of Connecticut,"* 
and jtluatly after, by order f)f the general court, and in their name, he tlespatched another 
ami longer address couched in much the same terms, and taking grateful notice of his 
Majesty's declaration in council of his intent to regard justice, clemency and liberty in his 

Before these documents had reached him, James hatl sent to his "trusty and well be- 
loved" Governor Treat a letter relating to some of his proceedings against the Karl of 
Argyle and the Duke of Slonmouth, written in an exceedingly friendly and amicable 8}nr- 

But tiie answer to the two petitions cnmc in the shape of a letter to the governor from 
Edwin Uandolph, informing him tliit hia Majesty "intends to bring all New England un- 
der one Gouerumen', and nothing is now remaineing on yo' part but to think of an hum- 
ble submission and dutiful resignation of your charter, w*^'' if you aiv so hanlie as to offer 
to defend at law, whilst^? you are contending for a shaddow, you will in the first i»h»f'e lose 
all that pail of your Colonic from Conecticot to N*. Yorke, and have it annexed to thatgou- 
erum*, . . . and nothing will prevent but yo*^ obuiatiug so geucrall a calamitic to all 
New England by an hartie and liniely application to his Ma"'' with an humble submission, 
wi**" an annexed petition."* At the same lime he informed hira that in order to catTy out 
these threats, two writs of Quo tcarrauto had been placfd in his hands.'' These were in 
eflect suits against the colony "for a breach of duties upon the perfonnancc of which their 
Charter depended, inquiring by what authority they still continued to exercise the privi- 
leges which by that brf*aeh of duty Ihey had forfeited, and commanding them to appear 
in Etigiaud upon a certain day and show cause why their Charter should not be forfeited." 
These Randolph declared his intention to serve unless the colony should unmediately sub- 

The thing that they feared had now come upon them, and the only apparent course was 
to delay and procrastinate, retaining their charter as long as possibh*, assured that every 
day gained before its surrender one day more of liberty and one day less of tyranny. 
With this object in view* Governor Treat despatched an evasive answer to Uandolph, and 
irnmediately calleil a special session of the general court. At their request he drew up a 
petition to the king, informing him that they had heard of the threatened writs, but that 
they had not yet been served, and that the return day, on which they were to apjiear and 
delViid themselves having passed before Randolph had reached Boston, they were conse- 
qUL'Utly vuid and of no effect- lie requested their recall, ar»d suiigeslwl that they had 
been obtained through misrepresentation, declaring the loyalty of the colony to his Majesty 
to be unimjieached.'' The suspense and anxiety of the colony were now intense. We are 
"waiting wi"' syU nee and patience," said the Governor, "what may l>c next,"' and while 
they feared the possible division of Connecticut Ivetween New York and New Enghind, 
and its consequent obliteration as a colony, yet the character of Anditjs, and his 4h)ings 
iji Massachusetts, made the prospect of coming under his power ecpuilly to l»e divaded. 
The governor himself did not consider it any greater calamity^ if Connecticut must fall, 
that part should he westward. '*lt may be as easie for us," he said, "to fall that way as 

« C. C. R., 8; 841, • lb , 179-^0. * Jb., 315-C. * 75. , 352-4. » /6,, 353. • lb., 210. ' lb., 364. 



\.B has been said, the return day of tlie writs bud nbvady passed, and rnare 
i that, they had uot been legally served. This the governor insisted on in a letter to 
Randolph/^ "But," ajiswercd Randolph, ''you have acknowledgetl the receipt of my letter 
infornjitit^ you of them, and that U sufllcieut aeknowledguient of service to justify me at 
Whitehall.^ This "way of prmreeding," replied Governor Trent, *'we understand not, 
sciog it is his Majesties pr4)clnm}ttion to continue as we were until his Uoyal |>leasure lie 
manifested to us, and there we etand."* At the session of the general court in July, the 
colony took further steps for their safety, appointing an agent. William Whiting, to repre- 
Bvul them in Kngland, sending a second a^ldress to the king, and appointing the governor 
and council a committee of safety. 

To Governor Dougan of New York, Governor Treat wrote in August, desiring him in 
view of the troubles of the co'on}', to give advice "what may be the iiest way t« manage 
our affaires so as to obtain his Majesties favor and the continuance of o' privileges. "* 
Governor Dongau, an accomplished courtier, was amply able to give them good advice, 
and had he been so disposeil, might have used his intluenee in their behalf. But he saw 
the great advantage the a^'quisilion of half of the cohniy woidd be to his own government, 
and sensible that unless they gave up their charter, he could not gain this, he wrote ad- 
vising unconditional submission and promising that should they then desire to be annexed 
lo New York, he would give them all his intluenee for favorable consi«leratiou8,® Disaj)- 
poioUKl in Governor Dongan, Governor Treat now devoted his attention to the necessary 
inslrueliouB for the agent of the colony, and in an able and well written document, which 
slill exists on file at Hartford, in Robert Treat's own handwriting, he gives minute and 
clear instmctions for every emergency, especially enjoining him to procm-e the best of le- 
gal advice in every step ho took,' and he adds to it a petition to he pi-esented to the king, 
in case of the overthrow of the charter, [iraying for tiie eontinuanre of christian liberties, 
free from any impositions upcm conscience, the confirmation of the tenure of their estates, 
and free commerce with other colonies,* But before their agent reached Kngland, a third 
writ h.-xd been issued against the colonies, and upon receiving it, Rau<lolph informed the 
governor, adding "a door is open j'et for you. . . . You have no way to make your- 
selves happy but by an early application lo his Kxcellence." lulmund Andros.^ "I am 
authoriietl," says Andros, in a letter written to Governor Treat at the same time *• to re- 
ceive the suiTender of your Charter ami to take you into my present care and charge."'" 
To these the governor replied, that Ihey i-elied still upon their charter which they had not 
forfeited by any crimes or misdemeanors, that they were the loyal subjects of the king to 
whom they had applied for helji, but from whom as yet they had received no answer, nei- 
tlier had tlivy had any opiiortunity of defending themselves against the wrlt^.*' His 
Majesty, »i»id Andros, given me his command for you as alKJve, which certainly is a 
perfect answer to the several applications mentioned in your letter. I give you another 
opportunity of suitnble and dutiful resolves. I do hope better of you. and the whole col- 
ony by your good example and loyal acting in your station ere it be too late.^* We cannot 
vary, replied the governor, from what we informed your Kxcellency in our former letter, and 
ret|ilest a good neighborhood between your Kxcellency an»l the colony till his Majesty's 
further pleasure be made known to us.'^ Andros in reply declare«l that judgment had by 
this time been entered on the writ against the colony, and that he soon expectetl his 
Majesty's commands in regard to them, but he would still urge a free compliance with 

'C C. K., «: 354. * /^ . 210 » /&.. 335. * P* , 83.'»-6. • /?»., 3fi5. • Ih., 866-7. ^ //) , .168-70. 
• i&^ 874-5. • /// , »7B. »<■ lb , H'o^ii. ''lb, 377-«. " lb,, 37y-82. '^ lb., 381 . 



KOBKRT TRRAT: »KOOND fJI'V i-if iin w 

uis n lilies.' "We cnniuil make a Hunfmit.T of o^ CIimi i.-r .u [nvseiir, tinsneivfl 

ernor; "we are rosolvod tborow tlie iidp <>f rUlnii-jhty God to jn'ov*' ofsclvrs his mn*** 

loyall and datifull subjecta.'"^ 

All tUinjis now teinli'd to the consoliilation tu ihr Xew Englftttil coi(MJK•^ mio* v Aiitlroft, 
uiid Doiigan sreiiig tliis, and thiit all his exertions hud been fruitless, yet wished to make 
onr more effort to <jnin tlie coveted territory. With thi» object in view, be wrote to the 
gencrnl court, charging the governor and clerk with fraud in their dealings with Andros. 
that for one iu Connecticut that desired consolidation, a hundred favoreil annexation to 
New YiU'k, and that "Ciov. Treat and Mr. Allen had writt [to Knglaud] desiring ye Col- 
ony of Connecticut might be addetl to Bogttm under 8ir Kiln.Uiul Audroft." Allen, the 
c4ci k, he thought to be a designing rascal, but as for "yo*" Gov'^n'," said he, **he is mi easy 
good natures! gentlnniau an«l 1 believe has bin inijKjsed n(x>n,** Tl'e ctuirt, however, paid 
liO attention to this attempt to set theni at variance with their governor.** 

In October, 16S7, Edmund Andros wrote to the governor that he had I'eceivcd ordcru 
for the annexation of Connecticut lo his government with '-particular ri-gard and favor" 
to Mr. Treat, and that be should Im at Hartfoiil shortly to attend tt> his duties. On Uie 
31st, he came and look into his hands the government, and denmnded the charter.* Bulk- 
ley, in his "Will and Doom," relates the oMlciousness of Governor Treat in welcoming him 
to Hartford and waiting u|X)n hi)n, but if anything of the kind was true, it was ibMjItdess 
all for the purpose of gaining linie. The story of the day's pi-oceedings, and of the pretn-r- 
\*ntinn of the charter, is well known, and though resting entirely u|K)n tradition, i8 deserv- 
ing i»f confidence. 

The plan was eviilently a premedit:ite«,l one and, as his pa-st record shows. Governor 
Treat was not unawaiv of it. The story relates that, n|MLin taking his. seat in the Govern- 
or'ft chair, Andros demanded the charter. After various delays and objections, na 
the afternoon began to wear away, the assembly at last was compelled to pmduce it, antl the 
clerk bringing it in, laid it upon the table. Uobert Treat then arose and rehearsed to the 
unwilling ears of Andros, the time and toil, the expense ot Irezisure and life, that It had 
Uiki'u to buihl up the colony, the hartlships and dnngere of their Indian wars, antl their 
contlict* with m-ighlior colonies; how it was because tlicir privilcgt's weiv gimrant»'cd by 
the charter that they had thus spt*nt and l»cen spent for thcra ; how he himself had fought 
and suffered to maintain those rghts, and how to him and all, the charter seemed dearer 
than life itself, beseeching hiui not to dei>rivc them of this guarantee of lilnTty. The «f- 
U^ruoou wore aiway ; Uk* evening came, but still the governor continued, and Andros, how- 
ever anxious, couhl not stop the dignified old gentleman to whom he had lHH»n es^tcctiiUj 
charged to show *'particuhu- r**ganl and favor." Then the lights wei-e Hi as it givw dar 
when by a sudden rus»h from without the lights wei'e extiuguisheil, and Uie chttrt<'r quietly 
taken t^> its resting place in the famous oak. And the object of the governor's harangue 
was accomplishe<l, prt>bably iu the way he ex[>ecte<l it w*ould be. The charter was saved.* 
The colony was a ijuiet sufferer under Androd, and Robert Treat had little to do. Ue was 
u ct»lonel of tlic troops o( New ilaveu county ."^ and was :dso on the council of flfiy tluit 
Audros aseoelatetl with himself for the government of the colonies," but it wiu* as '•!» father 
to the peoplr, who felt for I hem, in their distressed cii • s,"« au(d lo 9 

the hanlships of the nefarious schemes whirh Andn>s i 1, tiuit he look ... , i. 

Aa soon as the news of the RevoUillou of 1C88, which de))o»e<I King ,?amr-a, fonld r«Ach 

'c. c, R..a: jwi 

a : a»u-«. » Truuiball, 1 . ay i. 

'.•<3. " ib., 8««J-7. 

• Trumbull. I 

• c. a R.^ 



Androa was sinMonly il('[)O»0il. In Connecticut, witU ni» liistui hunce, Tbc 
chnrtor goverunient waw rcRunicd, and the old officers rcchoseu, — RoUert Treat agtviii tuk- 
iug tlu' ofllcc of governor, to which the people auuually reelected him for teu years, and 
administering it with the same jtriKlenre n» i>efore. lie immediately caueed William and 
Mary to be proclaimed their rifjhtfnl sovereign,' and also sent a petition to them in the 
name of thi? Governor and General Court, reciting their oppressions, the ti'nor of their 
ehorter, their uniform adherence to it. and loyalty to the king, the writs and their illegaU 
Ity in the time for api)earance, and want of service, the fact that Judgment had never l»eeu 
ijnt^'rrd apiinst them in the Kngilah courts, an*l that they ha<l never surrendered it, antl pray- 
ing for the decision thereto.'- So ably did be stale the eiwe, that he obtained a decision 
in favor of the validity of their chart^-r from various eminent persons, and finally by help 
of V." . from the king himself,^ so that the wisdom of the -Governor's delay, and 

eva?-; , rs to the repeated deaninds for the charter became apparent. Had he been 

Ix^lder in resisting, probably more tt<?tive measures would Jiave given to the proceedings, 
nt least a semblance of legality, and judgment would linve been actually entered against 
the colony ; bad he surrendereil the charter in hopes of guiniug easier and better treatment 
and belter terms, not only would he have failed lo secure them from Andros, but King 
William would never have granted another charter equally liberal. 

Indian wars now troubled the colony, but younger men than Governor Ti^at took the 
active part, and he only n]>i>ear9 in one more important scene. In 1602, Benjamin Fletcher 
arrived at New York with a commission fr»>m the king as commander-in-ci»ief of all the 
militia in New England and New York. As by their charter thia power was expressly 
ve*te<l in the General AsH<'nd»ly of Connecticut, in regard to their own forces, they deter- 
mined to make an earnest appeal to the king to sustain them and remove Fletcher. To 
Uiis end they chose Fitz John Winthrop, son of Governor VVinthrop, and a personal friend 
of Governor Treat, as their agent to Kngland. In tlie meanwhile Fletcher finding storm- 
ing and threab'uing of no avail with Ihe governor, next tried to bribe him with the oflFer 
of a commission as second only lo himself, but failing here he tried force. He came to 
Connecticut, an<l attempted to take command of the militia, but could not even obtain 
silenco enough Uy read his commission, Winthrop, in accordance with the Governor's in- 
structionfl, having observed what was most grateful and pleasant at court and cast bis 
J application with prudence, gained the favorable decision before f«pokeu of,* and returned 
home to announce to the people of Connecticut that their warfare w.ik euded aud h«iice- 
forth their charter was to be regarded. 

The great services whi<'h Winthrop had rendererl the colony justly entitled him to a 
high rewanl, and at the next election the people chose him as governor.-'' To show that 
this was no slight to Mr. Treat, they gave him the post of Deputy Governor, whei*e still 
his prudence nm\ ability would avail the stale and where tlie duties of office would be 
lighter. At the .ige of seventy-six when most would consider lliemselves excused from 
public service, he to^jk the second lime this post, ami held it for ten years more, when at 
tlie age of eighl^-six, he iieclined reelection, and retired from public life. "Few men," 
eays Trumbull, **have sustained a fairer character, or rendcrcil the public more important 
services, lie was an excellent n»ililary otRecr ; a man of singidar courage and resolution, 
tempered witli caution and prudence. His administration of government was with wis- 
dom* firmness and integrity. He was esteemed courageous, wise and i)ious. He was ex- 
ceedingly lieloveti and venerated by the pco[)le in general, and especially by his neighbors 

» Trumbull. 1 : 307. » IL, 57JJ-fl74. • Jb . 107 « P,., 415-417, ' /?>., 420. 




of Milfoi'd wliorp ho ro^jiloil,"' nnd this cncomium is fully justified b}' the account of him 
just given. 

Tlui» ODtk'vi his i»ulilic lilc. A liepiity from Milfonl fur iiL least six years; tVorn Ncw- 
ari< to Uio Asseinlily of New Jersey live fnore ; u inngistnite in the New Haven General 
Court» find assistant in lliat of Connecticut for eight years. He added U> these twenty 
years in the halls of legislation, sovcntocn years in the chair of deputy governor and 
Uiirteen in timt of governor, uot including the two years under Andros. 

His incumbency in tlie two ofBcea for over thirty years has not been equalled by any 
other ID the history of this state, nor any other, so for as I am aware, where the ofSce wf 

His public life nt an end, he remained at Milford till his death. He hiul seen liis chlU 
(Iron grow up around him and rise to i>o9itions of honor in this and neighboring colonies. 
Onf* of his sons, Samuel, w»s the honored minister of Eastham, Mass. ; another, John, 
was one of the first settlers and a leading citizen of Newark, N. J., where a daughter Ml 
ry, and a sister, wives of distini^uislied citizens and settlers of that place resideil. T«r<j 
of his sons, Robert and Josejih, remained at Milford, honored by their fellow citizens, 
and fnlhei-s of promising families, whose descendants arc well known to-day in this city 
of New Haven and surrounding towns. Two of his daughters married ministers, the one, 
Hannah, Rev. Samuel Mather of Windsor, the other, Abigail, Rev. Samuel Andrew, tlie 
minister of Mtlfoiil for thi' last twenty-five years of the governor's life. This one was 
the mother of one of Cn)vernor Law's wives. Rolverl Treat Paine, signer of the T)<-'c!:vra-_ 
lion of Indopcndenet*. was the grandson of Governor Treat's son Samuel* 

Cto<' s him two children, Jane and Anna, not upon the Milford recoils, who' 

are n<> inl in the will and probably, if they ever existed, died young. His first 

wife dlctl in 1703. He subsvM|uenlly married Mrs. Kliiabeth Bryan, the widow of Richard 
Bryan of Milfoni. 

He was for those limes a wealthy man. Some of tiie varioas graata oT Uud, from lime 
to time given him by Uie town of Milfoni and the colony, have been noticed. Others be 
purchascil, and thus liecame an extensive Kindltolder. To his eon Samnel be gave three 
Uuudretl acn^s at onoe, and as staitHi in his will he har! given to anMher of his cluKlron 
auch as he found himself well able to part with. When in Newark, h<s estate waa valued 
at .£6^,* ami was Um* largest )>e)onging to tiioee colonial^. UU inventory from probate 
reoords amo^inu to alvMit £i^HK of which £iiO are real eslaie. This at the rate of two 
abillinft the acre woald give over 2000 acrea, ami aooM sales of land were matie at that 
ticae at fire aoree ibc ahilliag. He eeeias to bare been libera) with his wealth, and to 
have aaed all hia powera for the beneQl of bis fellow eitiMaa. Says Holli^ter of him : 
^*Hi9 quick aensibillUea. < nnor, bis political wisdom, bia firaor^ midfli 

of dangers, and hla deefi , 

il a tnulitionary fame la Uia neigbbi' 

Ob the ISlh day of July, 1710, thia great and good man died. Hia remaina were laid 
lo rest iu the oemetefy of MUfonl, where bis lomb atill slanda. 

«TnuBb«n. 1 : 4U, iMv e- l^ aoto • Steanu* Newark. Si. *<7L 





At the nrst raeellng of the settlers of Milford, held Nov. 20, 1C30, it wus voted lliat 'The 
power i8 Settled in the Chuicli loChuse persons out of ihernselvea To Divide the lands into 
Lolts, as they shall have Light from the word of God, and to take order for the timber." 
(Mil ford Records.) Mr. Treat does not ai)pear to have belonged to the church at this 
time, though he may have been a member, being only about fifteen or sixteen years old ; 
but, be that as it may, according to these same records, he was chosen one of Ihe nine who 
were to lay oul the lands, perhaps because he was better qualified than anyone else 
for such un<b.*rlaking3, so that his services were Indispensiible. At the l)aptism of his son 
Samuel, Sept. 3, 1648, he is said to belong to the cliurch at Wethersfield. He and his 
wife Jane were admitted to the church in Milford, April 19, 1649. Ujwn leaving Milford 

'for Newark, he was admitted to the church there, and again dismissed to the church in 

[Hi 1 ford April 5, 1G75. 

Aug. 22, 1660, Rev, Robert Newton wiis ordained over the First church at Milford "with 
prayer and laying on of hands of Znch. Whitman ehler, .Juhn Fletcher deacon, and Rob- 

^ert Treat magistrate, though not as magistrate and deacon, but as appointed by the church 
to join with ruling cKler in laying on of hands in narae of the church." (First Church 
Records. ) 

Among the Puritans of New England marriage was regarded rather as a civil than an 
ecclcsittstic.'d onlinanee, perhaps because in the church of England, from which they hml 
separated, the elerg}* alone 8olemnize<i marriages. Therefore the rite of marriage was 
often |>erformed by the magistrate. Robert Treat as "Magistrate," married seven couples ; 
as *'Majonr,'* two couples; .as "Deputy Governor," seven couples; the first in 1662, the 
last in 1700. Doubtless he performed many other marriages which are not on record. 


March 14, 1660-1, the General Court of Connecticut made a formal avowal of allegiance 
to the crown, and applied to Charles 11 for a charier. (C. C. R., 1 : 361, 2.) On the 
seventh of June the report of the committee, to whom the matter had been intrusted, was 
accepted, and Governor Winthrop was sent to England as the colony's agent, and sailed 
in August. [Ib.y 1: 868.) April 23, 1662, a charter of a very liberal character was 

L^ranted. The Wilonists had i)ower to govern themselves, and were imlependent in all but 
name. {Jb.j 2 : 3-11.) Richard Treat, father of Robert Tieat, as well as two brothers- 
in-law, were patentees. The territory embraced in the charter include^l the New Haven 

^colony. Upon the reception of the clmrter, a commission was sent to New Haven to treat 
lith that government. (76., 1 : 3H8.) Nov. 4, 1662, the freemen of New Haven were 
convened to consult about the matter. (N. H. C. R., 2 : 467-8.) They had been robbed 
of Uieir independence and colonial existence without their knowledge or consent. In the 
Dew charter their colony was not so much as named, nor did any of the patentees belong 
to New Haven. They naturally felt very indignant over what they regarded as an insult, 
as well as the loss of their liberties. Nothing was effecle<l at this meeting. 

March 11, 1602-3, a new commis^^ion was appointed by Connecticut to confer with New 
Haven aliout the advanUiges of a union. (C. C. R., 1 : 396.) Meanwhile the latter 



colon}' lind 8ont nn ngent to Engliiml to defend their cnnse. On the I'JUi of August, the 
genernl court of Connecticut agriin np|ioinlet1 ft cointniltee to confer witli New Haven, hut 
her cunduct had heeij so arhiirnrj' tliiU nothing could he ilone with the latter, (C. C. U., 1 : 
407.) Jfin. 7, 1C63-4, the generiil court of New Htiven drew up a remonstrance against 
the conduct of C<»nuccticut, which, however, seems to have had no intttieiice ufion the pol- 
icy of ihat colony. 

In May, 1(»C4> the freemen of New ITaven met as usual and held their election. Leetc 
waft chosen Governor, and Mr. Treat one of the assistants or magistrates, but he dci'llncd 
the oITlce as he prt>l>al»ly foreftaw Ihat the downfall of Ihe colony was at hand. (N, H. 
C. R., 2 : 542.) The New England congress met at Hartford Sept. 1, H^»Gl, and though 
not approving of (he course of Connecticut, urged a speedy and f^'Jendly union of the two 
culonioa, which was effected Dec. 13, lGn4. (76., 2 : 551-551).) The New Haven colony 
was too weak, and becoming weaker every day, to continue ihc struggle longer, while the 
existence of both was threatened by the patent granted to the Duke of York, March 12, 

The union proved a heueflcial move for both parties. Mr. Treat exerted himself stren- 
uously, and etfecluati}' at last, to bring abotit this result. The fact that his father and 
other relatives were [)atentecs ma}- have inflnence<i his con<iuct to some extent. His course 
must have ma<lc him enemies, fur when nominated as as!^istant frouj Milford in 1G66, at 
the next election afler the union he was not chosen, though it Is more than pmbable that 
he declined to be a cantbdate, as he was about to remove to New Jersey, and therefore 
could not have served had he been elected. 


The union of the Connecticut and New Haven colonies was very offensive to many of the 
latter, and was the priuci|ial cause of the foujuUng of a new colony in New Jersey. Though 
some of the emigrants favored the union on general grounds, as did Robert Treat, yet 
they were opposed to it for many reasons, especially as it was brought about without any 
knowleilge and consent oti their part, and they ha<l fears, which proved to be utterly ground- 
less, that they might lose some uf their civil and religious liberties. As early as 1661, 
attempts were nuule to induce discontented Puritans and other Englishmen to settle inUic 
Now Netherlands. The "Concessions." put forth by the proprietors, inviting new seitler*, 
and giving a most glowing account of the won<lerfnl fertility and resources of the country, 
besides guaranteeing tlie largest liberty of conscience in religious matters, caused atUin- 
tion to be directed to a settlement in a new land. (N. J. Archives, 1 ; 28-43.) Nov. 8, 
1661, Ik-njamin Fenn, Mi. Uoberl Treat, Mr. Lawes, and Deacon Gun were sent ns dele- 
gates to negotiate with the Dutch Governor Stuy>'e8ftnt for a settlement at Achter Call 
in New Jersey. They were hospitably entertained by the Governor at his house, and 
taken in liis barge t-4) examine Newark Bi\\\ where they miule extensive exploratioua. 
But circumstances prevented any settlement at this time, though a ourre8|K>ndeuce was 
kept up as late as July 20, IGCa. (N. Y. Cul. Hist., 1.3: 210, 218, 221, 222, 266, 267, 
281, 282.) 

The un on of the colonies in 16r)i again directed atteutiim to New Jersey. During this 
year a few residents at the west end of Long I-ilnwl «I>" liri<l 'Priginally come »""•"» '"""ri- 
necticut, effected a settlement in tliat colony. 

Very early in 1C66, tind perhaps still earber. iCuUit Trtut and others were iippointini 
commissioners to select a site for a settlement on the I'assalc river, and lH.'fore the end of 
M.'iy of that year, thirty famlllea from the towns of Guilford, Braudfonl, Milford and 



, Conn., cmig^ratcil to New Jersey. It vfws sujipoftcil thai O<»veriior Carteret 
had cleared tlie land of all ln<liun claims, but it seems, be wiis jiot authorized to do this, 
and fonaeqiiently the emigraata were warned ofT by the Hftckensuek Indians, and obliged 
to reload their gonds Into their vessels, till an ii^'eomeut conld be ma<le. 
Oct 30, Ifitu;, the emigrants from Brandford adopted this agreement: 

**l8t. That none shall be admitted freemen or free Burgeanea within our Town, upon 
Passnic Hiver, in the province of New Jersey, but snoh planters as are mendiers of some 
or other of the Congregational churches; nor shall any but such be chosen to Magistracy, 
or to carry on atiy part of Civil Judicature, or as Deputies or Assistants to have power 
to Vote in establishini^ Laws, and making: or Repealio>i them, or lo any Chief Military Trust 
orolllce. Nor shall any liut •^uch chureti mcmljers have any Vote in such elections : Tho' 
all others admitte<l to lie planters have liighls to their proper Inheritances, and do and 
shall enjoy all other Civil Liberties and l^rivilcjj;es, A'Tording to Laws, Oixlers, Grants, 
which are, or li<'renftcr shall IJe Marie for this Town. 

*'2d. We nhail with Care and Ddigence provide for the maintenance of the purity of 
Religion profrs^rcd in the Congregational Churches," (Steams' Newark, pp. 14-15.) 

These arlicles were signed by twenty-three heads of families, among whom was Jasper 
Crane. On June 24, 1 0r»7, the oth«'r inhabitants of Newark, to the number of forty, signed 
the some agreement. The name of Robert Treat heads the list. Among the number were 
Obadiali Bruen, Matthew Campfleld, and Azariah Crane. (76., p. 15.) July 11, 1667, 
n tract of land was purchased of the Indians, and the settlement commenced in earnest. 
The first town meeting, of which there is any record, was held May 21, ir.6G. The name 
of the settlement was at Hrst culled Milford, bat wa<4 soon changed to Newark, in honor, 
as supposed, of its first minister, who preached awhile in Newark, England. 

Mr- Treat was the first town clerk, or recoriler, of Newark, holding the olflce from 1660 
to 1672. At the first rrovincinl Assembly ever held in New Jersey, May 26, 1668, Capt. 
Boliert Treat was one of the burgesses or deputies, and held that oJHce till 1672. May 
1, 1671, he was present at a special court held at Elizabethtown, as one of the Governor's 

I'lxm the division of the lands, Mr. Tieat had the choice of a home lot of eight acres, 
twti more than allowe*! toothers. He selected the lot now bounded by Market, Mullierry, 
and Hroad streets, where some of his descendants resideil up to the comnencement of the 
present century. On this home lot now stands the First Pre8b\terian church. His son 
John, daughter Mary, who married Deacon Crane, and sister Sarah, who married Matthew 
Camptield, resided in Newark. 

The proceedings at the adjustment of the boundary between Newark and Kllzabethtown, 
exhibits well the peace-loving chanict<'r of Mr. Treat. In this controversy, Jasper Crane, 
Rolirrt Treat, Matthew Campfield, Samuel Swaine and Thomas Johnson were appointed 
to represent Newark, ami .lolin Ogden and four others attended on the part of Elizabeth- 
tovrn. The parties met on a little hill, afterv\ard called Divident Hill, and subsequently 
Dividend Hill. Mr. Treat led in prayi-r "that there might be a g^Mul agreement between 
tlieni." Then .lolm Ogden prayetl ami gave thanks for their *'loving agreement." It was 
agreed that the boundary shotdd be on this hill. But long afterwards this lioundary settled 
in *'^so loving and solemn a matjner" was made a subject of alt«'rcation. (See Coll. N, J. 
Hl»l. Soe. Vol. VI, an<l Supplement; Stearns' Hist. Disc, relating to the First Prcsb. 
Church in Newark.) 

In the dr*i»um«'nt« relating to the settlement of Newark. Rol>ert Treat and only a (ew 
others had the titb* of "^Slr." lu 1672. be returned to Milfoixl, and in 1675, was dismissed 
from the cburcb in Newark to the church in that town. 



**To tlie gocxi judgment of these iDdividiials," say Barber and Howe, in iii< ir iiistoncal 
Collections of the st^ite of New Jereey. p. 173, "who were Rol)ert Treat, John Curtis, 
jAsi)er Cnuie, and John Treat, we are indebted for the plan of our town — oar wide main 
slrvets (the only one* then laiil out), and the beauty and extent of our public squares.'^ 
The Rev. Mr. Stearns, in his Hist. Disc, p. 32, Ihus si»caks of Mr. Treat: 
**Next comes Rolnrrt Treat — the flower and pride of the whole company — who cnme 
to the colony of New Haven when a young man, and was early advanced to posts of inr 
fluenee and trast. To his wbe energy Newark owe« much of ita early order and good 


In 1654, the town of Milford chose Robert Treat lieutenant of the Train Band. May 
31, 1654. the general court coudrtned the nomination and allowe<l him to be ''the chieXe 
military ollieer there for the present to order y* millitary affaires of that town.'* (N. H. 
C. R,, 2: 99,) 

In 1661, be wm elected captain, and the choice was oooflrmed by the court. May 2DtJi. 
(/6.,2: 410.) 

July 6, 1665, the court decUired that Mr. Tr.-tt uaa ''estaUiabed Cafitain of the Tr 
BaiMl'at M'dfonl.** (C. C. B., i: 21.) 

Aug, 7, 1673, Captain Thiat waa o»>! - major. (7-fc., 2: 206.) 

Nov. 26, 1673, Major Treat was d< lUix-icrc 1 tL> Sf?.x>nd cocamaiuier- in- 

chief of such forces as shall be raised in the < New ToHc. (i6.t 


The origin of King Philip's war waa owing to the gradual eBeroaehmenta of the English, 
the increasing areas of settled land, which caused a scarcity of game ami t&h, and the 111 
trvntment which the Indians fre«)nently received at the hands of tb ' They plainly 

saw that their only hof>e wa& in driving out and exterminating : -fr. To bring 

about this state of affaip», Philip sent agents far and wide amoog tiie neighboring tribes 
to incite them to take united action against the English. In most cases he was lUCiOtsa 

Aog. 25, 1675, the council chose Msfor Treat eonMBander»faKhief of the forcses next to 
be sent against the Imllans, and on the SOlh be reoeivetl hks Instntctkras. (76., 2 : 356- 
7.) He was onlered to march llrat to Weatfiehl, Maaa., then to Northampion, and furtlier 
if neeessary. He wa& also to advise and consult with the **bay Conunaaders." Sept, 1, 
at a meeting of the oouocd, be was onlerexl to return with bis troops to Hartford owing 
to reports of Imlian oatrages at home. (i6., 2 : Sd9.) Next day the ooancil reoonsid* 
sred their aelioo, and Mi^or IVeat was orderod lo procasd acoonliag to his original in- 
Btrwetloos. (/6., 2:360.) 

Sepi. 2, the Indiarn snrpdsed the p«Of>ls and garrison of Northlleld, Mass., whilo at 
woric in the fields, killed some, burned muijr bo ns us, and desUojed the crops. 

The next day Ca|K. RSdMid Beers, ignorant of lbs asaaaU, set out from Hndtsy, thirty 
milea disUnl. with thirty- six nwun t ed nea and an ox tcnm to renore the garrisoo and 
people from NorlhfieKl to UatUcT-. That night be enoaiaped within lour miles of tho 1 
Next UMimlDg be started fur the plaoe^ still Ignorant of the aitnatiou. White on his 
be was sttacfceii by the Imlians, and all but thirteen of bis men wvfw sXaln. 

Sept. 5, Mj^ Treat WMffdMd fkooi Hailley with I UU men for NorthieU. On ll»i 
U« of the sixth, he ca»c npoo the buttlefiehl with the dead still aoburiei. Ddayiog only 
long enough to bury Uieus bt haakad on to the town, whecu he Ibuna the garriioii < 



0« the same evening Im.» set out on hm return for Ha^lley with the people, receiving a slight 
wound in the tiiigh from slraggling Indians. 

Sept. 0, Major Treat was present at u meeting of the council at II:irtf(>r<l, iiaving returned 

from the front. (C. C. R., 2 : 361.) On the lllh of 8ei)t. he was present at another meeting 

and ordered to niareli with dragoons for Hadley or Northampton to consult with Major 

rPyneimn and others in regard to prosecuiing the war against the Indians and to take 

charge of all troops <ioing garrison duty. (76., 2: 365.) 

Sept. 18, Captain Lathrop with eighty-five noen, was einploye<l in conveying stores from 
LDcerfield to Hadley. After proceeding about five miles they fell into an amhuscade of 
'about 700 Indians, and seventy-six of his men were slaughtered. The conflict took place 
at Muddy Brook, which afterwards received the name of Bloody Brook. Captain Mosoly 
I came upon the scene and aft-crwards Major Treat with one hundred soldiers, and seventy 
'TrientUy Mohogan Indians, thereby turning a i^isastrous defeatiuto a victory. 

After the destruction of Northliehl and Deerflehi, Philip decided also to burn Spring- 
field. Oct. 4, a large number of Indians were reporte<l to be near Hadley. Therefore 
the soldiers were withdrawn from the former place to the latter. That very night a friendly 
Indian i'e|)orte<l that the Springfield Indians, who were suppose<l to be friendly, intended 
to destroy that town. The next day M»jor Pynchon and a force started for Springfield, 
but arrived to find the town alrea<1y in flau>ea and the enemy gone. Major Treat had ar- 
rived some hours earlier on the west sitle of the river, from Westfield, but was unable to 
cross, there being no boats. Three men and one woman were killed, an<l thirty houses 
and twenty-five barns were burnt. 

Oct. 12, Captain* Appleton of the Massachusetls troops complains of the long absence 
of Major Treat at Hartfor<l. He speaks of him very highly as »*a worthy Gentleman and 
discrete and incouraging Commander." The Connecticut troops were often called away 
„Xrom the Massachusetls towns to defend their own territory from thre.itened attacks. This 
must have caused uiueli trouble and annoyance to the Miissachuselta commanders, but 
their action was unavoidalile. 

On the Htli of Ocl(d»er, Major Treat appeared before the assembly and desired to throw 
up the commission which he ha<l receiveil on the 2olh of August last. Perhaps his action 
was owing to the complaints made above. But they refused to grant his reipiest, and de- 
clared that "they have taken so good satisfaction in the major's good conduct that they doe 
desire and order major Hob' Tieal to contintie his regiment over the forces of the Colony 
raysed for the prosecution of the enemy and doe order the <'onlinuance of his commission 
grauteil as before by the Councill." {lb., 2 : 266.) He was also ordered to send imme- 
diately forty men under some suitable commander to the assislanca of Norwich, then 
threatened by the Indians. (76.. 2; 26o.) These orders were soon countermande<l. and 
ho was sent to the relief of Northampton. While there Philip with MOO warriors attacke<l 
Hadley on the 19th of October. The garrison made a stubborn resistance till the arrival 
of Mjijor Treat with his troops, who fell upon the savt^es with such vigor that they soon 
deil. The Indians were now so distienrlenefl with their losses that many of them nbui- 
doned Philip. 

The eastern townships of Connecticut were now so threatened bj' the enemy that tliey 
made strenuous efforts to protect themselves. Every county was ordered to raise and 
equip sixty dragoons. A company of 120 dragoons was placet! under Major Treat, Nov. 
19, be and tl»e Connecticut troops were dismis^s^d at Westfield and allowed to march 

A winter campaign was next decided upon as being the only season when a serious blow 
could be inflicted upon the Indians. If left alone, when summer came, they could easily 



Inltc care of lUeinselves, nii<l sally foilli smMetily from i\u'\v liiriiio^i pl.-ices in tlie ibrcsU 
upon uni»vot<'eUMl sctllomcnls, whik' it wcmld be very tlifiic-iilt or impossible to diHcover 
and ptinisli tlioni. War wns ilechired ngainst the Nurru^nnsclts on the second of Nov., 
1675. 1000 men wore nxiRcii lo uilaeU them in their |>rinci|)rtl fort, Bitiiuteil in wlial h now 
iiio town of South Kingston. Rhotlf Uhui«l. Massarhiisetts furnislKMl ."i27 sohliers nmler 
Maj. Siininei Applrtim; Ihe Plymonth (]uoln under IVfjij. Wm. Brntlford and C'apl. Juhn 
Gorhani nnmbiMod 158; Connecticut sent 300 men besides litO Mohegan and IVquot In- 
dians umler Major Treat, in five com|ian5e«, wliose captains were Seeley, Gallop, Mason, 
Walt* and Mar»»hall. The whole expedition was placed tinder Gov. Joslah Winalow of 
the Plymouth Coh>ny. The fort to be attacked was built on a httt in the centre of a vast 
swamp, making an islanil of al)4>ut five or six acres, surrounded by high pallanden, strength* 
enctl bv fallen trees. The only etitranee was by a large log about live Cect fr<mi the ground 
which formed a bri«lge across thf water surrounding the fort, and this was g«ardc«l b^* a 
block hot»9e. The second of December was observed as a day of fasting and prayei' for 
the success of the expedition. Dee. 10. M«jftr Treat set out from New London with hfa 
force, and on tlie 17lh arrived at Pettisquaujscot. As the enemy ha<l just liunil tliis 
Iniildings, he was obliged to pass the night In Ihe open air. On the I8lh all the forers 
nnitetl, camping in the open ttchl, in the midst of a very severe snow storm. The next 
day, being Sunday, they started before daybreak for the fort, some fifteen miles tiiatanl, 
lUe ^[assachnsett-s traops leading the van, while the Connecticut forces drew up in the 
rear. It was about one o'clock at noon, wljen the fort was reached. The soldiers were 
hungry ami weary with their mnich t)»rt)ugh the deep snow. But no time was to be lost, 
for shoidd night overtake them as they were, they would be at the mercy of the foe. Wiiii- 
out any «lelay the men began to cross the tree in single file extK>setl to a raking fire from 
the enem}'. As fast as one fell another took his place. The loss was vc»y aevere here. 
What would have been the result can only be conjectured, had not Captain Mosely at this 
critical moment forced an etitranee over the hedge in the rear ami opene^l aliol (ire. Tiie 
Imlians taken by surprise now lied to their wigwams, some 600 in number, but they were 
followetl up by their assailants, who set fire to Ihcm, and they were consumed with their 
i-ontenls, including their stores, many old men and women, as well a» the wonndeil. 
About .100 Indians were slain, and many wounded crawled off into the Bwaoip where tliey 
peiinhe^l with cold and wet. The prisoner** numlvered 350. ' ' ui eqital - »f 

women and childreii were taken, making the total lo«i8 to tip - not far »i •». 

The colonists lost severely, having seven captains and 172 men killed and «ronndef!. 
Coi>noclicvit lost three of her five captains, and a fourth. Captain Mason, w.i ' 'ly 

wounded, and «sovrnly-one of her soldiers wore killed or woundcil. Major '1 a 

bullet through the rlro of his hat, and is said to ha>*e l>een the last man to leave tine fort 
being in command of the rear guanl. lliere being no slielter now tltat the wjgwams were 
burnt, the wenry soldiers, who had already marelied fifli'en miles tliat morning, Upsides 
fighting for three hours, started Kick ntK)ut snnsvt, with the dead anO woiinde^l, for their 
hcadcpmrtci^, which they reached in a terrible comltlion. Major Treat now ordered bis 
trotti^s ho<ne to rrcmiL (See the Hist, and Geneal. Ke^., Vol. XL, 74-90, Tor an acttxiQi 
of this flght, ami a view of ' • grvmnd as il now ap|«ean.) 

Jan. 10, 1675-6, the con is i a very strict onler lo |>re\Ynt ^*proCineoei»t** *■& 

to Instirv order among the soldirrs, which was to l»c published lo the army under Mi^gr 
Trral. (C. C. W., i: ^Of-4.) 

.Ian. ^5, 1675-6, Major Treat, in conoecilon with Uiv Maswchn^dU troops, left New 
Londofi un a second ex|ie<<itiou to the wooila, with S(X> white men, ami purMed tbtt enemy 
into the Nl|j«Qck country. He reiarned to New LochIoii on the ftah of Vtbnaaj, 



Martli 25, 1676, Miijor Treat was «lispatched )iy the coiiiu:ll to Norwich, with 100 men. 
(C. C. R., 2: 422.) 

At the next flection, ^lay 11, 1676, Mnjor Trent was chosen debility governor, and 
Mil). John Talcott was appointed to commaml the Connecticut forces, {/b.y 2: 279.) 

Nov. 7, 1687, Major Treat was cuminissionod as coh)nel of the militia of New Haven 
Co., hy Governor An.lros. (lb., 8 : 391.) 

Oct. 28, 1C9.S, Col. Benj. Fletcher, cnptttin-general and govcmor-in-chief of New 
York, tendered a commission to Col. Robert Treat as commander of all the militia in the 
colony of Connecticut, but the colony refused to acknowledge Uiat Fletcher had any juris- 
diction over them. (/6., 4 : 116.) 


In 1683, ft dispute arose between the colonies of Connecticut and New York in regard 
to the boundary line. It was claimed on the part of New York, that by some mistake 
the line between the two colonies had been run by the commissionora only ten instead of 
twenty miles east of the Huilson river, and that the towns of Rye, Greenwich and Stam- 
ford really belonged to its jurisdiction, and not to Connecticut. (/&., 3: 330.) 
Nov. 5, 1683, Governor Dongan, of New York, wrote Governor Treat that unless the 
boundary lino was changed to what was originally intended, ho should lay claim to all 
teiritory west of the Connecticut river, as far as the Duke's Patent allowed. (/6., 3: 

The general court, Nov. 14, 1688, authorized Gov. Robert Treat, Maj. Nathan Gold, 
Capt. John Allyn, Esq., and William Pitkin to proceed to New York to confer with Gov- 
ernor Dongan about the boundary. (7i»., 3: 134-5.) They were instructed not to ''ex- 
ceed his demand of twenty miles eastward from Hudson's river, but get him to take as 
little as may be," etc. {If>.) 

The committee accordingly visited New York and had an interview with the Governor. 
The matter was settled by a compromise, and the agreement ratified Feb. 23, 1683-4, 
The line was drawn whore it now is between Rye and Greenwich. They were obliged to 
cede Rye to the jurisdiction of New York, but wrote a very kind letter Nov. 28, to the 
selectmen of that town, informing them of the fact and giving them the reasons for their 
action. (76., 3 : 330-3.) Greenwich and Stamford remained in Connecticut. In 1697, 
the town of Rye revolted to Connecticut, but the mutter was referred to the King, and 
March 28, 1700, the agreement of 1683 was confirmed. The shape of the boundary is a 
very irregular one, as can be seen by reference to a map. It is said to be very doubtfid 
whether the boundary between Connecticut and New York is really settled to this day. 


James II came to the throne Feb. 6, 1684-5. He determined to withdraw the charters 
previously granted to the colonies, and place them un<ler a governor appointed by the 

Accordingly a writ of Quo Warranto^ dated July 8, 1685, was issued, twenty-three years 
after the gr.nnting of the charter, requiring the governor and company of the English col- 
ony in Connecticut to appear in England by Nov. 8, 1685, and show by what warrant or 
authority they clairaetl certain privileges in the colony. A second Quo Warranto^ requir- 
ing the parties to appear by April 19, 1686, was received at the same time, on the 20tU 
of July, 1686, at about twelve or one o'clock in the morning. The time when these writs 
were returnable had long since expired, (,1b., 3 : 356-8.) 



July 28, 1080, n 9i>eeiHl session of llie court was lieltl. Mr. Whiting was appointeil 
an ngcnt lo pioccetl lo Engljind and plead the cause of colony before the king. Ills in- 
structions ar*j dated Anj^. 24, and are in llie han« of Governor Treat. He was in- 
strucled to present Ihc huuihle address of tlio colony, usin«; great wisdom and prudence 
in ortler t4j produce a favorable effect. And fcince the two writs of Quo Warranto had not 
been delivered till ufler thr ln[>Be of tnoie than a year from the lime when they were issue*), 
lie was lo ascertain whether the parties were obliged to appear till after new writs should 
be issued. A copy of the charter was to t>e exhibited if necessary. The instrucUons 
say further: 

'*ln case nothing will doe, but notwithstanding our addresses and all pleas made in our 
t^ehalf, our Charter shonUI be condemned as forfeit, you are to consider and advise wheth- 
er by jietitlon or some other way, a suspeinion of entering judgement way not, by his 
Mnjestie's favour, or favour of his Juilges, be obtained, untill we may have notice thereof 
and opporluidty given us either to speak for ourselves or make our further Address lo his 

If he was unsuccessful in obtaining a suspension, he was to .Hscerlain whether Conueo* 
llcut was likely to be assigned to the Bay or Massachusetts colony, or to New York ; or 
whetlier it was to be divided between these two colonies, the river being the dividing line. 
He was to do the best he couUl that the colony might remain intact and under aucii gov- 
ernment as it should please his Majesty to appoint. (C. C. R., 3 : 211-3, 368-73.) 

A draft of an adtlress to the king, in case of a jutlgment against the charter, is written 
on the same sheet wiih Mr. Whiting's instructions- (/i., 3: ST-l-o.) 

Aug. 5, Governor Treat wrote to Governor Dongan of New York in regarxl to the writs 
of i^uo )yarra»to, asking his advice as to "Uie best way to manage ouraffaires, soe as lo 
obtjiin his Majesties favour and the continuance of o' privileges to us as formerly." ( /&., 
8: 365-G.) 

Aug. 13, Governor Dv)ngan replied, advising *^i ilownnght humble submission, the most 
eflfectual means to secure w* is most advantageous, liberty, prosperity, and what is of all 
lliings the most lender and dearest. Religion." (76., 8 : 8CG-7.) 

He also advised that Connecticut be annexed to New York, believing, as did Andros, 
that this union was necessary to the welfare of New York. Massachusetts was at the 
same liuie very desirous that Connecticut should lie annexed to her. The fertile intervnles 
of ihe Connecticut were the sources fi"om which large supplies of grain were obtained. 

Dec. 20, Sir FAlmuml Andma arrived in Boston. On the 22<l, he directed a letter to 
Governor Treat, informing him that he had been appointed Governor of New England, 
and llial he was autliorize<1 to receive the "surrenderof your charter (if tendered byyoo).** 
This Irtler was received by Governor Treat, Dec. 28, 1686, at eleven o'clock at night, to- 
getlier with a thinl Quo Warmntuy datetl Oct. 23, 16.%, and returnable by Feb. 1^, 1686-7. 
The exi»ensc of Ihe messenger from Boston was £4. 15s. Ovl. (/''., 3: 376-7.) 

Dec. 23, h^lw.inl Randolph alno wrote a sharp letter lo Governor Ti*eal from Boston, 
84lvising him to submit, and thereby merit the favors of the king, am! informing him that 
New ri^mouth and Rhode inland had already yielded. (/2t., 3: 375.) 

Jan. 26, 16HG-7, there was a special meeting of the assembly lo decide what was best 
to l»e dtme. The whole matter was b'ft lo the disrr«lion of Ihe governor and council, (/fc., 
3: 226.) Thereu|K»n an mldress was ilrawn up, dalc<l Jan. 26, 1636-7, nnul directeil to 
Um Kart of Sunderland, Secivtary of State, complaining that uo notice bad l>cen taken 
of the previous ntldrr!«srs, an<l ap<>l< » not observing the wriis of "», 

by reivson of tlic distance, and tlie i^ •' winter, and at the sane t > ^ l>at 

lo case his Majesty should see fli to unite them wilh another colob}^ tbe^* praferrod to be 
placed auder Governor Andros. (/6., 3 : S77-^.) 



Feb.'^S^Smlros sent unoLlier letter to Gurernoi* Treat iirnl council, coini>!:unliig of iheir 
Jelay in suiTentluiin;i5 the charter, tljiniirli expressing loyalty ti tl»e king. Feb. I'S, lie 
aiUlreasejl a 9i mil ar letter to Governor Treat. (C. C R., 8 : 379.) 

March 30, 1687, the governor ami council inform AmUos in a letter that they ■ < umof 
Tary from what .we itironaatl your excellency in our letters of Jnw. 2G." The following 
patsage was croasetl out in the oiiglnal ilraft, *^i\m\ then when we are commanJeil hy his 
Ma"" to gurrenilcr o'sclvos lo your excellences government, and to be uniteil w*'' o' 
nelghho'^* In yt government, we shall bo as Inyall and dutiful aa any, we hope, and as 
readily submit o'selves to your excellency." (//>,, 3 : 380-1.) 

June 13, Andros advises Governor Treat ami council to delay no longer, till an execu- 
Uon be served upon them. (lb., 8: 381-2.) 
^ June 18, the governor an<l council sent a letter to An<lros, saying that they were re- 

ilvini to continue as they were for the present till his Majesty's pleasure for a change 
wa» made known to Ihcm, and therefore they could not ''make a surrender of our Charter 
at present, {lb,, 3: 383.) 

Oct. 4, Governor Dongan in a letter to the court, expresses great surprise that Connect- 
icut shouM fleslre to be annexed to Boston instead of New York. "As for your GoVaV 
he remarks, ^'hi* is an easy good natured gentleman and I believe has bin imposed uppon." 
He could not forgive Governor Treat and Secretary Allyn for preferring Massachusetts to 
New York. In a letter to the Earl of Sumlerland, Feb., 1688, Governor Dongan com- 
plains that this had been done "by ye fraud of ye Governo'^ and ye Clerk unknowne to 
ye rest of the General Court." {lb., 3 : 386-7.) 

Oct. 22, Amlros informed Governor Treat in a letter, that the king ha*! annexed Con- 
necticut lo Massachusetts, and that he should be at Hartford about the end of next week, 
or ihonld sen«l some one in his place. (76., 3 : 387-8.) 

Thereupon Governor Treat sumraoncil the general court to meet at Hartford at that 
time, (76., 3: 248.) Monday, Oct. 81, 1687, Governor Andros, attended by many 
members of his council, and a body guard of **regular troops," entereil Hartford, where 
he was hospitably received with great ceremony. The court was in session, and Governor 
Audros entered the assembly leaning on the arm of Governor Treat. He explained the 
reason for placing all the colonies under a single head. Acconling to tradition, Governor 
Treat rem«Mistrated against the stirrender of the charter, and such arbitrary proceedings 
as had just taken place, but to no avail. The conference was protracted till after dark; 
liglited candles were brought in^ and the charter was laid ui>on the table in the mhlat of 
tlie assembly. Sudiletdy the candles were extinguished, and (juickly re-lighted. But mean- 
while the charier had quietly disappeared. There was no noise or confusiou. The ro<jm 
waa carefully searched, yet no trace of the missing document could be foun*!. It bad been 
canied from the assembly by Captain WaiUworth, and hitlden in the hollow trunk of a 
Tcuerablc oak, afterwanls calle<l the Charter oak. The tree was blown down Aug. 21, 
1&56. It waa computed to be 1000 years old, and was thirty-three feet in circumference 
aeveu feel above the ground, where it broke ot!'. It stoo^l on what is now Lot number 29, 
Cbart4fr Oak avenue, in the. city of Hartford. A marble stone marks the place where it 
once stoo^l. Tl»e charter was concealed somewhere from Out. 31, 1687 to May 9, 1689. 
(iHre Mejnorial History of Hartford Co., pp. 63-73, vol. 2.) 

It Li oommonly supposed that Andros did not obtain the charter. But this is a mistake, 
I tbiok. He doubtless did obtain it or a copy of it. or could have done so if he had been 
«o diaposed. There is no record that he ever demanded it of the assembly. He was 8imj)iy 
a uaorper, imd did not make way with the charter, for this be could not do legally, for the 
coUmusU bail not forfeited it, bnt he overrode it. He had gained possession of the gov- 




erument, as he desirecU and was loyally received by the people, accordlog to all accoante, 
who very wisely made the best of the eituation, and cheerfully acqtiiesccd io what they 
were utterly powerless to prevent. The wisdom of their ctnii-sc was afterwards apparenl. 
Nor is there any n>ention whatever in the records or by contemporary writers, of the hwl- 
ing of thi* charter from Audros. This act of disloyalty would nert:utily.have bc'cn mcu» 
tioned had it occurred, and would have caused great trouble. The proceetliuga of the verjf 
next morning prove that Audros knew nothing of this transaction. Jcreuiioh Duranwjr, 
in his "DeftMice of (he New-Erjglaml Charters," save* : ''At the same time [1^)87] Sir Kd», 
muiid Andros, then the King's governor of Xew-Kngland, did by order from court repai 
to llarLford, the capital of Connecticut, with arm'd attendants, and forcibly seized their 
charter for the king, Rhode Island finding there was no remedy to be had, made a virtne 
of necessity, and peacefully resign'd theirs." (Page 7, Loufl. Kd., 176fi.) 

This account was first published in 1721, only thirty-four years after the event, and ia 
pi*oof that Andros gained his point, whatever that was. As t*> this difficult matter wc 
know this for certainty that the colony had no trouble with Andros, and tliat if he did re- 
ceive the charter, he restored it again, for it is in existence at this day. 


From the colonial reconls we learn this much in reganl to the charter. At the fiewi 
of June 15, 1687, in acconlance with the desire of sundry personti, the charter was fli 
for and exhibite<i by the secretary, and then **the Governor bid him put it into the box 
again and lay it on the table and leave the key in the box, which he did forthwith." And 
there the recon.1 leaves it on the table. (C. C. R., 3: 2.'J8.) 

But at the same time the story of the biding of a charter may be strictly tnie. It was 
first ptiblishe<A ))y Trumbull, in his History of Connecticut, in 17D7, and it is supi>06ed 
that he received his information from George Wyllys, Secretary of the colony and state 
from 1735 to 1796, who assisted him in his History, and who was the grandson of Samuel 
Wyllys, npon whose estate the charter oak stood. 

I am indebted to the notes of Mr. Hoadley upon the Connecticut Colonial Records for 
the earlier vereions of the story of the concealment of the charters. Roger Wolcott wnjte 
for Pivsident Clap a Memoir relating to Connecticut, dated .July 12, 1759, seventy-two 
years after the usurpation of Andros. The original was some years sinc«) in the posses- 
sion of George Brinlcy of Hartford. He says: ''In Oct., 1CH7, Sir Kdmund An<lrms 
came to Hartford. The Assembly met and sat late at night. They ordered the Chaitcis 
to l>e set on the table, and unhappily, or happily, all the candles were snuffed out at once, 
and when they were lighted, the Chartei"s were gone. And now Sir Edmund l>ein*: in town 
and thf Chartere gone, the Soontiu v clonrd tlu- Colony ri'ct^rd^ \\\lh the word Fini>. niidj 
all departetl." 

In 17GI, Rogrr Wnlcotl ^avc I'n^nionl MiUs this story, as the latter rcconU it n 
Jtinrrurff^ U, 10»*>, now in \alf ColUgf Library, ''Nalh. Stanly father of lal-** Col. St. n 
took one of the Connecticut Charters, and Mr. Talcott, late Gov. Talcott's father, t >< 
the otlier, from Sir Edmund Andross in Hartfoixl meeting house, — the lights blown « ti< 
(Vol. 5: 507.) 

Jt will lie 8«»en that these stories vary widely from that told by TnimljulL 

The foltowtug onler tliiuws some light on the subject. At a nu'eling n*" •' 

and (H>uucil, May 2.5, 161)8, "the duplicate of Uiu Pall**ut by onler from ll 
Councill Wing brought by Capl" .lottf ph WruUworth, an«I ho allirming tlmt lie ir.ui i 
from the Gcu^' Asscudtly to l»e Uicktvpcr of it, iJie Govern' and Councill omcUuk-.l 
it abould remain in his cu^todie till the Geoorall assembly or the CouncUl shall see 




u» or.i«fr otherwj'.f, mvi the s" dup!icatt» was delivered to him by order i)f tin* CoudcUI," 
(C.C. R.,4: itiS.) 

Ill HftVt 1715, the general court ptisscd th'm resolve: 

"Uprrn coti^idemtion of the fuithful and good service of Capt. Joseph Wndswortb, of 
QaitfonI* esp^rially iu securing the Diiplic:ile Charter of tills Colony in a very troiiblc- 
floaie «eaj90Q when our Constituliou wus struck ut, and in safely keepiui; and pivserving 
tbe same ever gince to this day. This Assembly do as a tokiMi of their grealful resent- 
ment of snch bia faithful and g«M)d service grant him out of the Colony treasury the sum 
iug:,." {lb., rt: 507.) 

- j^inated in the Lower Hou<ie and fta passed there gave Captain Wadsworlh 

fotir poauds. The Upper House negatived it and twenty shillinga were agreed upon us 
moon From this testunony it is evident that it was not thr ortijinnl cliarter, but 

Vbtil ^ lie, or copy, that Captain Wadsworth had charge of. Nor did the a«s«em- 

biy seciningly regard his services of any very great value, as he was awarded only twenty 
sbillings or one pound. 

It may seem very Blmnge tlmt we should know nothing for certainty in re^anl to such 
an important matter as the charter, but neither have the names of the actors who thn?w 
overboard the tea iu Boston harbor in 1773, ever been known except in a few cases by 
tradition, and it is now, and was 8f»ou after the event, a question aa to who comnuindeil 
at Bunker Hill, Prescott or Putnam. 

The original charter, engroaned on three skins, now hangs in the eecretary's ofllce ai 
Hartford. The duplicate, tlmt preserv'ed by Captain Wadswoitli, was on two skins, and 

jut tljree-fourths of it, all that now renjains, is at the ])resenl time in possession of the 

onncclicnt Historical Society, to which it was presented by Hon. John Boyd, who ac<'i- 
dentally became possessed of it. In Oct., 1760, the general court oitlered the charter Xa) 
be printed. (7 6., 4: 332.) 

Tuesday morning, Nov. 1, 1687, Mr. Treat and Capt. John Allyn, l:ite. secretary of 

the colony, were made members of Andros' council, and took their oaths. They were 

klso made Jndgos of the Plena in tlieir reBpective counties. (76., 3 : 390.) November 7, 

lajor Treat was commissioned by /Vndros as colonel of the militia in New Hiivin Co., 

and other officers were api)oiuted tliroughout the colony. (/6., 3 : 891-2.) 

The wonderful statesmanship of Governor Treat is best illustTated by liis shrewd nmn- 
agement during the proceedings in regard to the forfeiture of tlio charttT. In liis ininrl 
the loss of the liberties of the colony seems to have been a foregone conclusion from the 
very beiritmiug, and be determined to make the best of the situation, iind delay lb-? cnlamity 
tis long as pussible. This is plain from the "Instructions" which lie drew up for Mr. 
Whiting, the colony's agent, whose duty was first, to prevent if possible, the loss of the 
colony's charter; secondly, failing in this, to plead that the colony might not be divided 
and united to others, Imt allowed to remain intact. 8ui>Ber4uently the hcjpe was expn-SHi'd 
that if Conuecticnt was to be united with some other colony, she might be annrxed to .Mjis- 
saehusetts, rather than to New York, Many corjKjrations in Englanii had already lost 
their charters; Mass.ichusetts and Rhode Island surrendered theirs, and how could it. be 
expected that Connecticut would be allowed to retain hers, which was so liberal that the 
colony was almost a free stale in all but name? No attention was paiil to the writs 
of i^uo Warranto^ except by addresses to the king, an<l apologies for not observing thetn 
1 - of weather, or the great distance, and yot the c<jlony did not suffer 

i lice. When Governor Auflros demanded the snnvnder of the charter, 

tile governor and cotincil replied that they c juld not comply with th»^ rerjuest till they had 
beard from the king. And finally Andros was obliged to come to Hartford in pt^r^ori U> 



tftke olmvge of the government. Yet the very next day Oovernor Trent and Secretary 
Allyii were tippciintcd members of his council, anil within a week the former wa& comnus- 
eioned u colonel. It was doablless owing to the iulluence of these men that Connecticut 
suffered less from the tyrannical acts of Audros than the other colonies. 

The conduct of AndroB in the colonics generally very tyrannical, and was a great 
blow t*j their pmsjierity. Nov. 5, 16S8, William, Prince of Orange, landed in England. 
As soon as the news reached Boston, on the 18th of April, 1C89, the people rose in rclvel- 
lion, seized Andros and put him in confinement. The following Febniary he was released 
and sent to England for trial. 

May 9, 1(589, Governor Treat and the old magistrates under the charter, resnmtMi the 
offices from which they had been deposed by Andros in 1687. (C. C. R., 3 : 250-1.) The 
following characteristic remark of Governor Treat has been preserved. At a trial l>e- 
fore the court of assistants in OcU>ber, 1690, the defendant i>leaded to the jurisdiction 
und challengeil the authority of the courts and the existing government under which it 
was constituted. To this the governor replied "that the People had put him in, and he 
had ventured all he iuul above his should ii'rs on this awouut,— and tberefore he wonUl 
maintain it." (/6., 3:4C0.) 


May 17, 1673, the general court granteil Capt. Robert Treat three iujndred acres of 
land, which was confirmed by patent May 24, 1687 (Col. Rec. of Lands, 2 : 194), "aerosa 
the west branch of New Haven East river upon the roail that lyes from New Haven to 
Farn>inglon.- bonndetl 8<juth by the Wallingford line. (C. C. R., 2 : 200.) 

Oct. 10. U\78, the court granted the Honour*^ Dept. Gov, Maj. Robert Treat* Mr. Dry* 
ant, sr., or jr., John Bird, and Lt. Samuel Eales 'Miberty to view and buy convenient land 
for a plantation in the adjacent places about Polotuck, Weantenuckor thereabouts,*' (/&., 
8 : 20.) But no purchase was made at that time. In May of 1702, the court gave the 
Milford people permission to pnrchaae, and an Indian tieed was obtained Feb. 8, 1702-3, 
(7^., 4: 389.) This tract was made a town by Letters Patent from the governor and 
council Oct. 22, 1703, and called New Milford, (76., 4: 446), as most of the settlers 
came from Milford, and annexed to New Haven Co. The number of the proprietors waa 
109. This tract is calletl *'^the Oweantinoque or Oweanttnnck purchase" in Mr. Treat's 

May 8, 1684, the court appointed Mr. Hawley and Captain Miner to lay out Gov«nor 
Treat's grant of Unnd. (76., 3: 145.) 

May 14,. 1687, the court granted the ^'HonouHGoverno'^so faros it lyeth in their power, 
all that land of the north of Milford lM>nnd8» stated by their patent, to the extent of 
twelve mile fiom tlie sea, or so far up as New Haven bounds to the northward paralel 
with their bounds." (/ft., 8 : 283.) Also the same day, ''SCO acres of land to be taken 
up where they see fit." (76., .3: 234-r».) 

Oct. 8, 16;>6, the court grantetl Mr. Treat three hnndreil acres of land In Aspinock, or 
Ashi)ennuck, now Killingly, in the ^^Whetstone country" (76., 4 : 185.) This graot wss 
in AVindham Co.» ,ind laid out Maix'h 29, 1705-6, at the rec^uest of his son, and p<steDted 
in 1708. 3Ir. Treat was one of tlie forty-four proprietors. His son-indaw, Rev. Samael 
An»bew, had two hundi-etl acres laid out here in 1C92. Oct. 15, 1709, on payraent of 
£40, a patent of the remaining lands was granted to Robert Treat and others. 

Oi^t. 9, 1701, liberty wiis granted by the court to Deputy Governor Tr^al and others to 
Uke up their land grants in the *'countrey lands mljoyning to StratfonI nortli bounds.** 
(76., 4 : 170.) 




Uiidtr the New Haven Colony. 

Ill 1653, he was electe«l deputy for Milfonl, and served for six years, till 1659. The 
records rroiii 1G44 to ir>53, are lost, and he may have lield the oOU-e for a longer period. 
(New Haven Colony Records, 2: 2.) 

In 1659, he was chosen assistant or magistrate {lb., 2: 297), and served till 1664, 
when he was again elected, but deelined to serve. {lb., 2: 543). These officers then 
constituted the Ufiper house of the assembly, or general court, and in early times were 
the Supreme Court of the slate, an<i the leading men of the times. 

In IGGl, and again in 1602, he w:\s choseu as a substitute (or the commissioners to the 
United Colonies. (lb., 2 : 402, 451.) 

Mfty 3, 1664, he was appointed commissioner to Hartford. (/^., 2 : 542.) 

While residint; in Newark, N. </. 

Mr. Treat removed to Newark in 1666. He was a burgess, or deputy, at the first 
provincial assembly, and held that office till 1672, five years, when he returned to Con- 
necticut. He was also the first town clerk. In 1671, he was one of the governor'B com- 
missioners. He occupied various other positions of trust in the town. See Stearns' 

Under the Conneeticut Colony. 

In May, 1665, he was chosen deputy for Milford. (Conn. Col. Records, 2: 23.) 

July 6, 1665, he was chosen a member of the committee for defence against the •'com- 
mon adversary.'" (/&., 2: 21.) 

In M.-vy, 1666, after the union of the colonics, Mr. Treat was nominated as assistant, 
which office he had previously held under the New Haven colony fi'om 1659 to 16G4, but 
was defeated, perhaps owing lo enmity incurred in favoring the union of the colonies, or, 
what 16 more likely, being about to remove to New Jersey, he declined the ofllce. {lb., 
2: 31.) 

In 1673, Captain Treate was chosen assistant, or magistrate, which office he held for 
three years. (76., 2:191.) 

Aug. 7, 1673, whun it was found ihat the Dutch were about to make war on the colon}', 
the court appointed a conwiiltloo. among whom was Captain Treat, then one of the assist- 
ants, (//j., 2: 204.) 

May in, 1674, the court appointed Major Treat, with others to hear the complaints of 
the Indians. {lb,, 2 : 225.) 

In 1676, he was elected deputy governor, and held the office till 1683, when he was 
elected governor. He resigned that position in 1698, at the age of seventy-four, but again 
acceplcil that of deputy governor, as being less onerous, and retained it till 170^. when 
at the age of eighty-four, he retired, being too old any longer to attend to official duties 
{Ih , 2 : 278), having served in that capacity seventeen years. 

May 13, 1678, Major Treat was chosen a reserve commissioner for the United Colonies. 
He often held the office of commissioner, and in 1684, was president of the board. {^Ib., 
8: 2.) 


May 17, 1078, he wns ap|)oiiiLeil to keep court at New Loinlon, ami to settle matters 
witli tbe Indians. (N. II. C. R., 3 : 15.) May 9, 1679, he received a aiaiilar appointraent. 
(76., 3: 27.) 

Oct. 17, 1670, l»e was appointed by the court one of a committee to go to Nmwiilk to 
settle the dispute about the building of a meeting house, {lb., 3 : 45 ) 

Mjiy 15, 1C80, the court nppointed Mnjor Treat and others a committee to selUe the 
difficulties between Die Iniiians. (/6., 3: 51, 52.) 

Aug. 17, 1680, Robert Treat, sr., and Wra. Fowler, were appointed a committee to lay^ 
out one hundred acres of land at Milfurd for the Indians. (/6., 3: 68, 78.) May 18, 
1681, the court ordered Mwjor Treat, Capt. Wui. Fowler, and John Burr to view the land 
laid out fit Coram Hill last year for the Indians, and if it is so full of stones that it isua- 
fit for cultivation, that it be laitl out again. {Ib.y 3 : 81.) 

May 18, 1082, the court appointed Deputy Governor Treat, with others to settle the 
diflTereuces between the Indians of Potatuck and the men of Woodbury, (/&., 3 : 102.) 

Tlie same day the court appointed Mr. Treat and Mnjor Talcott to settle the dispute 
between Uncas and tlie Indians. (76, 3: 103.) They made tlioir report May 13, 1084. 
(76., 3: 148-150.) 

In 1683, he was elected governor of Connecticut, and held the oflice till 1698, for thir- 
teen years, not including tlie two under Andros, when he refused to serve any longer in 
that capacity, though consenting to occupy the office of deputy governor, to which he was 
elected for the next ten years. (i6., 3: 114.) 

May 10, 1683, Governor Treat was appointetl by the cowt one of the committee to set- 
tle the bounds between Uncas and the plautations adjoining; and also between Lyme and 
Uncas. {Ib.y 3: 117.) 

Sept. 19, 1692, at a special court of Oyer and Terminer, held at Fairfteld, Governor 
Treat being pi-eseut, Mercy Disborough, wife of Thomas Disborough of Conn>o, or West- 
port, charged with witchcraft, was convicted by the jury, who adhered to their verdict af- 
ter being sent out once, and sentenced to death b}' the governor, but probably pardoned, 
as a person by that name was living in Fairfield in 1707, and was one of the executors of 
the estate of her husband Thomas Disborough. This was the last trial for witchcraft in 
the stale. (76., 4: 76, 77.) 

Oct. 12, 1699, Deputy Governor Treat was appointed by the court one of a committee 
lo settle the boundary between Rhmle Island and Connecticut. (76., 4 : 299.) 


On the 12tb of July, 1710, Robert Treat ditnl at the ripe old age of eighty-six or eighty- 
eight years, as stated on his gravestone. His had been a very active life. We first l)e- 
come acquainted with him in 1639, in Milford, when a youth of about sixteen, he assisted 
the settlers lu laying out their lots. From that time till within a few years of his death he 
was most actively engaged in the a£fairs of State as well as attending succcsefully lo his 
own. The numerous high positions to which he was elected, as well as tbe various services 
of a more humble and private nature which he rendered during his long life, show plainly 
in what estimatiou he was held by his fellow citizens. Ue was called "Mr." — which was 
no meaningless title in those days, — in both Connecticut and New^ Jersey, As late as 1706, 
out of tlie lOy Proprietors of New Milford, only six besides Robert Treat hail that title pre- 
fixed to their names. He was early recognized by the authorities as no onlinnry mon. In 
1656, Lieutenant Treat was called upon by the town of Milford to watch as other meft 


against the threatened inroads of Indians. But thej were reprimanded by the General 
Court, May 28, 1656, which declared "that he ought to be free for his person, estate, and 
one hoose lot." (N. H. C. R. 2 : 177). 

In May, 1710, the General Court passed this resolution : 

*'This assembly remembering the great and good services done for this Colony by the 
antient and honorable Coll. Robert Treat, late Governor, do give and grant unto him out 
of the public treasury of the Colony, the sum of twenty pounds, as money to be paid to him 
by the treasurer." (C C. R. 6 : 153, 4.) 

The testimony of the historian Trumbull has been given on pages 145, 6. Hollister. 
in his History of Connecticut, remarks : 

"Governor Treat was not only a man of high courage, but he was one of the most cautious 
military leaders and possessed a quick sagacity united with a breadth of understanding that 
enabled him to see at a glance the most complex relations that surrounded the field of bat- 
tle. Nor did he excell only as a hero ; his moral courage and inherent force of character 
shone with the brightest lustre in the executive chair or legislative chamber, when stimu- 
lated by the opposition and malevolence of such men as Andros. In private life he was 
no less esteemed. He was a planter of that hospitable order that adorned New England 
in an age when hospitality was accounted a virtue, and when the term gentleman was some- 
thing more than an empty title. His house was always open to the poor and friendless, 
and whenever he gave his hand, he gave his heart. Hence, whether marching to the relief 
of Springfield, or extending his charities to Whalley or Goflfe, while he drowned a tear of 
sympathy in the lively sparkle of fun and of anecdote, he was always welcome, always be- 
loved. His quick sensibilities, his playful humor, his political wisdom, his firmness in the 
midst of dangers, and his deep piety, have still a traditionary fame in the neigiiborhootl 
where he spent the brief portion of his time that he was allowed to devote to the culture of 
the domestic and social virtues." (Chap. 17, p. 371, Vol. 1.) 

The seal of Robert Treat may be seen in Lambert's History of the Colony of New Haven, 
page 138. 

There are several letters from him of the date of 1684 and 1697, to the authorities in 
Massachusetts, preserved in the Mass. Archives, 2 : 253, 255. Copies of the autographs 
have been made. 

(1684) J^oil^rzaJ^^s^- JUh'^ 

(1697) (V ^^Hi^^i^ 

The old house in which Mr. Treat lived has long since passed away. Lambert (page 
138) has preserved a southwest view of it, as it appeared (see page 166). 



In the siiiunier of 1889, I visiteil ^filfonl. The house of Mr. Baldwin is built on the 
site once occupied by the Governor's house. In digging for the cellar he discovered tLe 
drain to the old house, which now d<H's duty in the new. A well of excellent wuter, on 
the prennses, is the identicul well from which ihcGovi-nioi dicw wuti-r. lln' stiv. ( /if the 
side of the house is called the Governor's Avenue. 

G«>vcrnor Treat's tonihstnne, in tlie old burying ground at JMilford, consisU <.»f a large 
oblong slab of sandstone, raised above the ground, not resting on legs, but closed in, and 
is still iu good repair. The inscription is as follows : 












ANNO DOM : 1710 


I the said Robert Treat being aged in yt^ars and not knowing how suddenly the Lonl may" 
by death call me home from out of this life, but being at present of sound understunding 
and memory, do make this my hist will and testament as foUoweth, hereby making null and 
void all former wills whatsoever made by me. 


1 commit my soul to Gotl through the alone merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesua Christ, 
and my lyody to a deceut burial as my executors shall see meet. And as for my worldly 
goods which God of his iKjunty has betitowed upon me being not alrt-udy disposed of by 
me, having already given to all my children such portions of my estate as I found myself 
then well able to i>art with tV: hopefully to their content. 

As for ye rest of my estate undisposed of hitherto, my debts, legacies, fuuenvl charges 
being defrayed : 

I do give and berpiealh all my right and interest in a farm of two hundred acres of 
land given and granted to me by ye general Court of this Colony, not being yet taken «p. 
I do give ye same to my loving Sonn-in-law Mr. Samuel Andrew and to my daughter .Vbi- 
gail his wife of Milford and their heirs forever according to deed : or one share of my pur- 
chase of Oweantinuck. 


My son Samuel Treat having received a double portion as may appear by deed of gift 
to him bearing date August C***, 1707. Thfi ooutenta of s'' deed 1 do further hereby con- 
firm to ye above 8*» Samuel l>eat and hla heirs forever. 



A» a pledge of my FatUerly loveaud farewell kindness to all my dear and loving chUdreu, 
iz. SamaeU Jolm^ Mary, Robert, Hanab, Joseph, and Abigail, 1 do give and beciueutb 
'four pounds to each of them in pay, payable within one year after my decease. 

1 do give to my soun Joseph Treat one quarter part of my saw mill down sti'eam and one 
'qaarT/cr })art of all the rights & privileges and appurteiianees that do belong to it. 

I do give to my sons Mr. Samuel Andrew and Rol)ert Trent ye remainder of my right 
I all the privileges tliercto belonging in mills, sawing or fulling mill. 
1 do give to my sou Kcjbert Treat my Gold King and one half of my plate, buttons, aud 
lie other half of my plate, buttons, 1 give to my sonn Jo8e]jh. 

I do give to Samuel Andrew my grandson my three acre lott on the eastern end of Calves 
pen hill to him & his heirs forever. 

I do give to Mr. Samuel Mather junior of Windsor one of my shares in Oweantinoque 
' purchase to him & his heirs forever. 

I do give to my sous Robert aud Joseph Treat and their heirs forever all the land they 
t»ave tilled and sown wiih wheat on grassie hill until August 6^'' 1707 together with tiie 
flttud they have inclosed in for a yard aud a IJarne. 

My will is that all the remainder of my estate both real & personal! undis])osed of by my- 
Bclf shall be efiually divided in value among all my dear children or their heirs if any of 
them shall be deceased. Viz : 

My lands to my nattn'nll sons, shares, unless they refuse lands or there be not movables 
lenough without lauds to give each of lliem their eipiall shares in that case my will is tha 

ay sons shall have liberty to buy the lands, giving so much for the lands as the said lauds 
lehall be prized by indifferent men in the Inventory of my estate. • 


I do give to my children no t'ljuail share of my comujon and undi\ided lands in Milford 
.Towne viz : to my sou Andrew, Robert, Joseph Treiit and alsoL* to my son Samuel Treat. 

I do nonuaate and appoint my loving sonn Snm" Amlrcw and my two sonns Joseph Treaj, 
lliiid Robert Treat or any two of theTU to be the sole Kxoeutors of this my last will and 
[testament and my will is that as many of them that shall survive to be Execuf^ of this my 
will and testament shall have four \>ounds apeice for their i)ain8. 

And for confirmation of the above written instrument to be my last will and testament, 
^I have hereto set ray hand and seal this fifth of January 1707. 

Robert Treat sen' & Seale. | seal > 

The Inventory of his property is "given at country pay prices." Among the items 
1^— chiefly personal properly — nic two slaves valued at £Sb ; land at £217; and £19. I'Js., 
paper currency. 

Tlie descendants of (Jovcruor Treat were at one time very numerous in I^Iilford. At the 
Ibegimimg of lh^^ pivscnt century, in April, 180^, the following persons bearing that nan-e/ 
■•were admitted as Electors, 



Tlie town celebration tc^k place We<ln«8«lay, Atig. 28. The ilay wfis a fine one and 
was usiiered in by a salute of ibity-two guns at sunrise, accompanied by the ringing of bells 
and blowing of whistles. At ten o'clock the grand procession started. The floats repre- 
sented periods in the town's history. 

First Division. 


Float rppresenting tbo purchase of the town from the Indians, Settlors and Indiana 
being ilressed in the costiiines prevailing two centuries and a half ago. Mortimer Smith^ 
Treat (2479) represented one of the white men. 

Float repi-esenting Indian life. Richard Mortimer^ Treat (8606), son of Mortimer S. 
Treat, represented one of the Indian braves. 

Pioneer band representing the original settlers with their wives find children as they 
journeyed from New Haven to Milford, on horseback and on foot. All dressed in the 
costume of ye olden time. Elbee Joseph^ Treat (2401) was in this procession. 


Floats showing the industries practised in the town in the epoch between 1639 and 

Second Division. 




It l»ad been clecided to erect a stone bridge across the Wepowage at Fowler's Mills, and 
a tower as the most fitting nifmorial to the founders of the town. The bridge was built 
at the expense of tlie town, an<l cost 83000. The tower and all the inscriptions were paid 
for by private contributions solicited by the committee. Among the contributors of ton 
<lollurs an«l upwarda, wlio have Treat bloml in their veins, were: 

Mrs. Mary A. C. Treat, widow of Judge Amos S. Treat (1408) of Bridgeport, Conn., 
Rn<i herself ii riescendant of Governor Treat; Robert Treat Paine (526) of Boston; Na» 
than A. Baldwin, of Milford ; William E. Downs, of New Haven ; George M. Gunii ; An- 
son Treat Downes (1226), of New York; George Gunn Baldwin, of Sioux City, Iowa; 
David IJ. Ingersol; John Harvey Treat (17H2) of Lawrence, Mass. ; Owen Treat Clark; 
William Cecil Durnntl ; Lyman V. Treat (2252), of New Haven; Isaac C. Smith; Mrs, 
Sarah E. Champion (2240) of New Haven. There were several contributors of five dol- 
lars or less, but their names are unknown to me. 

The tower, of which we give an engraving, contains a large slab of stono, 5 X 7 X 2 ft., 
ibe gift of Stancliff Bazen Downes, son of Anson Treat Downes, of New York City, 
hearing this inscription : 







OBUT 1710. 



Rev. SamueP Treat (Robert,'^ liichard^), born 

-, 1648 ; titiptlzed Sept. 

3, 164.S, in Milfotil, Conn. ; dieil March 18, 171G-17, in hi8 sixLy-nintii year (gravestone 
in Eastham, Mass.) ; marriei), first, Maivh 16, 1674, Er.istABKTii^ Mayo»* haptizc«l May 22, 
1653, tlletl Dee. 4, 1G06, agec^ forty-four, in Enstliam, an<l daughter of Samuel and Tara- 
sen (I.uinpkin) Mayo; second, Aug. 20, 1700, Mrs. Abioail^ (Wii.i.ako) Estabiiook, 
born July 5, 1665, in Groton, Mass., dietl Dec. 27, 174G, aged eij?hty-two. In Boston, and 
laughter of Rev- Samuel and Ahifiail (Slierman)'^ Willurd. Mr. Treat graduated at Har- 
rard c<>llegG in 1669. Ahout 1660, his father and family, and other relatives, hud 
reinove«l from Connecticut to New Jersey, and founded tlie town of Newark. After grad- 
uttlinn, Mr. Treat probably went there also, as in July, 1670, the people of WixulbrMge, 
N. J., instructed their committee for tlie sup[)ly of the pulpit, to a[>idy to Mr. Jeremiah 
Peck, of Elizabelhtown, or to Mr. Samuel Treat "to preach six or seven months." The 
latter olflclatcd for a short time. Mr, Peck declined a second call to the ministry at 
Woodbrldge in 1675. In 1672, Maj. Robert Treat returne<J to Milford, Conn., and his 
son probably returned with him, for the same year, the Rev. Samuel Treat of Milfonl re- 
ceiveil a call to become the pastor of the church at Eastham — Indian name, Nauset — on 
Cape Co«l. It is said that he was not ordained till 1675. His salary wi\,^ £bO per annum, 
which was increased in 1710, to £70, in silver money, willi wood enough for his use 
brought to his door. Besi«les he received : 

' Rev. John' Mayo. b. - 

-, In En;:1ftnd ; d. , 1670, In Yiirmouth, Mass. ; m. Thoimtsen 

He wrrived hi Barustnljle, Mass.. It» liilii), where he wna a teacher till H>44, when he removed to East- 
Lam, and took charge of ihe church tiiere Ui lU4n. He remained in EusLliuin til) Uifio, when he wns 
scltlcd AS pastor over tlu* Second church in Boston on the ninth of November of Ihiit year. In 
1072, he reHlgned on iiccoinit of old njtie, and removed in 1«73 to Biu'nslalile. where be resided with 
his dimghter. His death toolt place ai Yannuoih. His son : 

C«|>t. Saml'El" .Mavo, b. , in Kn';laii(i; d. , ir.fiS, In B>»ston; m. . Taumen, or 

Thonvtuin^ Lutitpkin, b. . lO'iO, d. , nnd dau. of Willtam and Tamson Lumpkin. His dan. : 

EuzAnuTU^ Mavo, bnpt. May 22, IfWS, In Boston; m. Rev. Sttmutl Treat, aa above. Sewall tlins 
refers, to ilic uinnlnye, though he Ks in error as to the dale: "Mr. Trent to Mr. Malho's tfriuidciiitd 
the Ifith of April, li' Dljiry, April '27, \HH. Ma.'is. Hist. Coll., 6lh Series, p. 3. A genealogy of 
the Mnyo family i** lu course of prepiuutiou. 

•Simon' Wii.larIj. b. about bXH. In KtiKlnnd; d, April 24, 1070; m. . He came to Boston. 

Mny, 1H34, at the ii«:e nf thirty, from Hor.Hemottden, in the county of Kent, where, as nlso in the 
nci;;;lil)oilng cnunty ol .SuH'oIk, ilie nnme had eJ^l^ted as far back as the llth century. His second 

Rev. 8AMrKL» WiiXAitD. b. Jan. .^1 . 10«y-40, In Conconl. Muss. ; d. Sept. 12, 1707, aged C8, in Boston ; 
m.. l«»l, An??. 8, IB<14, Aht'jail Shrfmiin; 2nd, about l<>7*.». Eunice Tyny, who d. .Tan. 14, 1720, in Bos- 
ton, and dt»u of Kdwjinl Tyiif. of I)^nJ^t«bll^ Miu^s. He grsidunied ;it IlarVHrd college in H;.51i, and 
ctlled in Groton, .Mas.*, .\fler the de.structioii of thai town by the Indiims In 107<>, he moved to 
Boston, nnd became pa^to^ of tlie old South church, April 10, 1C78, which position he lield as long, 
aa he hved. Whru chnseii pre.sideni tif Hiirvnrd rollej^e In 1701, he was* nnwilllny to leave id«» parish. 
As the law required the president of the c<jlle;;e to reside In Cambridge, he undertook his tiewdutie.s 
widi the title of vicc-preMident, and reiuined Ids otllce up to within a montii of his death. By his 
two wives he Is said to hnve had twenty chiitlren— eight by his tlrst wife, two of whom died very 
youn)!, their names even belns; unknown, and twelve by ids second wife. His daughter: 

AuiOAil.^ >Vll.LATUi, b. July 5, ir.Go; m.. 1st, Nov. 2«. 1(51)4. Rev. lirnjainin E*tnbronk\ b. Feb. 24, 
l»;7l. in Lexington, ISfasi*., d. July 28, I»>97. He ijraduRted at Hiovard in ir.fto, and W;<s ord»lue<l at 

exin;!lon, Oct. 21, lG9i5. Hin fnlher was Rev. Jos»'ph E**tal>rook, l>. in Knfleld, Middlesex Co., 
Bnglnnd. He cume to New England In ICiJO, graduated ut Harvani in lUti4, aud died iu 1711. For 
ker second husband she m. Rev. Sixmwl Trent vls above. 



"Also a parcel of meadow ami upland, given tu the town l»y Munussetb Compton, an 
Indian ; and a parcel of u))land and nieadoiv bonglit of John Young. 

"Also, three acres of jnea<low called the White meadow. 

'•Also, an island at Billingsgate, with the meadow about it. 

'^Also, a parcel of marsh in Great Meadow. 

**Al8n, twenty acres of upland at the head of the Cove. 

'*Also, that the town bniki a suitable house for him on this land." Pratt's History of 
EasLhani, p. 36. 

These gifts are recorded on t!»e town books. In tlie original record Manasseth Comp- 
ton is not called an Indinn. Ilo was a white man ami liis correct name was Keiu[)ton, o 
resident of Plymouth. Mr. .Tosiah Pitine, of Harwich, inform-* me that he has a copy of 
his letter tn the church of Kastham, or rather to Mr. Prence. The Uonse was built a little 
southeast of the present residence of Seth Knowlca, near the brook which ran from Cedar 
swamp to the Town cove, and not far from an excellent 8i)ring of water. The ground 
where the house once stooil has been levelle<l, so that no trace of Che foundation now re« 
mains, though as late as 1832, remains of the cellar could still be seen. The house stood 
a little back of the main road. I visited the place in 1884. The stone l>ounds of the 
farm of "twenty acres/' marked T, are just where they were proV>abIy placed in 1672, 
when the land was given to Mr. Treat. The place was puri'hased in 1742, by Col. Juhn 
Knowles of Mr. Treat's widow, and is now occupied by Seth Knowles, a descendant, who 
kindly showed me over the farm, and poinletl out various sjwts of interest. Colonel 
Knowles died Nov. 3, 1757, in his eighty-lifth year, and is buried near Mr. Treat, in the 
old burying ground. Some few years ago this farm was awarded a prize, as being the 
best one in Barnstable Co. 


Ill 1644, Ihe General Court of Mass. granted anew settlement at Nausel, which included 
the present towns of Wclifleet, Easthnm and Orleans, being about fifteen miles long, 
A church was soon gathered, but the number of inhabitants did not warrant the support 
of a settled minister till 1672, when Mr. Treat was called. He proved to be a very 
acceptable pastor, and was greatly beloved and respected by hia people, as his long 
ministry of forty-five years among them proves. Hia large parish must have required great 
labor. In 1700, the town of Truro, just north of Eastham, was settled, mostly by emi- 
grants from the latter place. Mr. Treat's sons Samuel, John and Nathaniel, his ilangliters 
Jane Freeman, Sarah Rogers an<l Abigail Stevens, with their husbands, were among the 
first settlers. His son Joseph resided there some five years, between 1722 and 1727, but 
whether he lived there before removing to Boston about 1712, is not known. Mr. Treat 
performed parochial duties in Truro previous to the establishing of a church there in 

Like all good men, Mr. Treat had his enemies. In 1685, "Elizabeth, wife of .labez 
Snow, was fined 10s. 'for railing expressions on the Lord's day, used towards Mr. Samuel 
Treat.* " It is a curious fact that the son of the same Elizabeth Snow afterwards marrie<l 
Mr. Treat's daughter Elizabeth. In addition to his white congrefiuliun he ha.l ini.lvr him 
a large number of Indians. 

John Eliot has been very properly styled "the Apostle of the Indiaua." He converted 
many of the Indians al)0Ut Boston, and also preaclied the gospel to large congregations 
in the Plymouth Colony. There were already large numbers of "praying" Indians about 
Sandwich before 1672. Rev. James Freeman says of Mr. Treat : 



'*Tlii5 gcullemaii is eiililled to n distitigiiislieil rank Jinioiijj llie evangelists of New Eng- 
laijtl ; and by Ins zeal and laljoiirs, lie not only convened nniny of the fridiiLns to llie 
(Viiih wldcli he emhriiced, hnt he was also the ha[)py instrument. oT reducing I hem to a 
slate of order and civilizalion." Descrip. and lli&t. of Eastham, Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc, 
p. 170, Isl Series, Vol. 8. 

Knowing that he could not make much impression on the Indians without tjrst gaining 
their nfl'eetions, Mr. Treat not only treated them with great kindness on idl puhlic ocea- 
^ons, but also visited them at their liomes, and joined in tlieir festivities. In that way 
&e gained their good will, and they in turn looked upon him as a lather. Me coultl also 
write and speak their language with perfect accuracy. Once a month he preached to them 
in their villages, and at other times thiur teachers read to them a sermon which had been 
prepared by Mr. Treat, not being allowed to deliver anything composed by themselves. 
He also translated the * 'Confession of Faith" into the Xauset dialect, and had it published 
for the bonetlt of the Indian tribes. July 12, 10.S7, [iicrease Mather wrote a letter to 
John Leu8tlen, Hebrew professor in the University of Utrecht, which contains these words : 

"In Plymouth we have the moat active Mr. Samuel Treat laying out himself to save 
this generation. . . . Not far from a promontory called Cape Cod, there are six 
assemblit'S of lieathen who are to be reckoned as calechnmens, amongst whom there are 
six Indian preachers: Samuel Treat, pastor of a church at Eisthatn, preacheth to those 
congregations in their owji language." Cited In* ('oltou Mather, Mag, Christ., B. 3, Pt. 
3, pp. 568-9, Vol. 1. 

Aug. 23, 1093, Kcv. Mr. Treat wrote to Increase Mntlier, President of Harvard Col- 
lege, giving the following account of the progress of the G»jspel among the FinUans : 

Rkvkrknu AMi> Worthy Sir : I being advertised that it would not be unseasonable 
or nnservicable, at this juncture, to give yourself a true and impartial account both of 
the number, as also of the present state of our Indians, aful acceptation and entertainment 
pf the gospel among them, and their profc^sM 3ul>joctiou thereunto; Sir, you may be 
Bsur'd as tolloweth : 

"That there are five hundred an<l five adult persons of Indians within the limits of our 
township, unto whom, these many years past, I have from time to time iinparted the gos- 
pel of our Lord Jesus in their language (and I truly hope not without success), and yet 
I continue in the same service, earnestly imploring, and not without hopes, expecting and 
waiting for a more plentiful down-pouring of tlie spirit from on high among them: and I 
verily do not know of, nor can 1 learn that there is so much as or»e of these five hundred 
Indians that does obstinately absent from, but do jointly frequent and attend on the preach- 
ing of the won), and countenance of the same not only frequenting ami attending seasons 
of worship of a divine sanction^ but also all other occasionid opportunities, when the gos- 
pel isdispensMlo them ; and when our congregations solemnize publick days of prayer 
with fasting, or of praises (I usiiully giving them advertisement thereof), they readily 
com[»ly therewith, in their respective assemblies. 

••They have lour distinct assemblies in four villages belonging to our township, in 

which four assemblies they have four teachers of their own choice, of the more S')bei\ 

wdl-ajfeded^ and uuderMauding persons among tliem, who duly preach to them, when I am 

»t witli them ; these Indian teachers repair to my house once a week, to be further in> 

trucieil ipt'o Modtdo meo) in Ihe concernments pi^tper for their service and station. 

*'There are in the four abovesaid villages four schoolnmstorH (of the best accomplished 
for that service) who teach their youth to read and write their own language. 

"'ITiei-e are also six justices of the peace (or magisti-atos) in the four .ibovesaid villages, 
who regulate their civil affairs, and punish criminals and transgressors of the civil law ; 
they have their stated courts and other inferiour officers iu a 8ub8er\Meucy tcj their civil 
gooil order. 

"There are among them many of a serious, sober, ci\ilized conversation and deport- 
menti who arc making essays towards a further progressive step of obedience and con- 




fonnity to the rules of the gosj)!*!, viz. : nn 'ccclosjaatical combination/ having a great 
desire to be baptiz'd. 

*'They are v^ry serviciible by ihcir]:ibour in the Kngliflh vicinity, ami have all along since 
our wans with their nation been very friendly to the English, and forwanl to sctvl* Iheni in 
that (juarrel. Their de]>orlnient and converse, atjd garb being tniich more manly and hiud- 
able than any other Indians that I have obnen'M in the province. 

•'lint, sir, 1 would not be tedious, only cra\nng your interest at the throne of ^race for 
us, that we may be serviceable to the name and kingdom of oui- Loitu J>l«^!^. So 1 eub- 

**Sir, 3»ours willingly, 


^•Eastham, Aug. 23, 1693." 

Cited by Cotton Mather, Magnalia Christi, B. 6, C. 6, Sect. 3, pp. 487-8, Vol. 2. 

In lG8o, there were in tlie County of Plymouth USU Indians, besides boys and girls 
under twelve. In 10l>3, there were within the limits of Easlham, o05 adult Indians, — per- 
haps too high an estimate, — to whom Mr. Treat preached. In 1698, there wore about 
ninety families in the township. The Indians seemed to melt away by contact with civ- 
ilization. In 1764, by actual census, there were only five Indiana in Welllleet, eleven in 
Eastham, and ninety-one in Harwich. 


Mr. Treat was not a popular or pleasant preacher. Mis voice waa loud and harsh, bo 
that it could be heard at a groat distance from the Meeting House, even ami<l the wintry 
blasts tliat howled over the plains of Nauset. The character of his sermons, teaching for 
the mofit part piire Calvinism, must have been rather unpleasant to some of his hearers. 
An anecdote has been handed down, showing how a really excellent discouree wa* injured 
by a bad delivery. The Rev. Mr. Willar^l, Mr. Treat's father-in-law, minister of the Old 
South Church, Boston, from 167H to 1707, when he died, was an elegant and popular 
preacher. On a certain occasion Mr. Treat preached one of his best seiiuons before that 
congregation, which displeased them very much. Some of these critics waited upon Mr. 
Willanl, and while admitting that Mr. Treat was doubtle*»8 a very pious and worthy uiaUt 
he was but a wretclied preacher, and begged tlu^t he might not be allowed to j)reach in bis 
pulpit again. Mr. Willard made no reply, but borrowing the sermon of his son-in-law, 
after a few weeks, delivered the Hau»e without any alteration. The hearew were delighted, 
and requeste*! a coi>y for publlculion. ''See the diircrence," they cried, "between your- 
self and your son-in-law; you have preached a sermon on the same text as Mr. Threat's; 
but whil-st his was contemptible, yours is excellent." 

Mr. Treat's Calvinism was of the strictest kind. *'Tho fact is established boyond all 
dispute by a volume of his sermons in inatiuscripl, now in possicssion of his grandson 
[Robert Treat PHine]. These eermouy :ire connected in their subjects, are correctly trau- 
bcribed, n\\d appear to have been designed for publication. They displa)' learning; and 
Ihe doctrines ol his sect are defendecl with ability and ingenuity. The present age wouldj 
not bear them, as many of the words which he uses have grown obsolete, and hii Image 
too frequently are coarse, and to a fastidious modern ear would approacii oven to the ludi- 
crous. Tliese sermons are distingui?*lied by their trefnen<loiis applications, in whiih he has 
cauglit the spirit of Baxter atid Alleine. Tlie following e.xti act from the application of a 
discourse on Luke xvi : 23, is given as a specimen of hi.s manner. 

*' 'Let tliistruth be an awefnl an<l solemn word of awakening to thee, that art yet in thy 
sins, and hast not truly re[)ented of them. I have pressed thee to seriousness from the 
Ci>nsideralion of death, arid that is solemn ; but it may be that seems a little thing toJ 
thee, and thou connLest it no such great matter to die; and were the Epicurean |M'incipi«l 
a truth, that nuin <lies in all {)oints like the beasts that perish, it weie of little (concern*! 
uient. Well then, if thou canst see nothing in the grave to make thee serious, I licseeclil 



Stee to look a little furtlior, nn<l sec if thou cnnst fiin1 Jiolhins; in lioll lo sfnrtlc nml 
amu/c tliee. Uemembcr Mioii art not only going to tlie gravt?, which it inuy he thou 
mayMt look [\\K}U as an easei* of many of the 8oiruw8 of this lifo, anil so mavHt have some 
nliatemi-nt of the terronrs of it ; but thou art going to Iil'H, iho beginner of worse, unspcuk- 
nbly worse sorrows. 

** *Thou must ere long go to the bottomless pit. Hell hath enlarged herself, and is. ready 
to receive thee. There is room enough for thy entertainment: and clost thou know what 
it is for a condemned sinner to go to hell ? 1 iiave told thee in the explication ; but let me 
apply it to thee now. 

** 'Consider thou art going to a place, prepared by God on purpose to exalt his justice in ; 
a place made for no other enn»loyment but torments. Hell is God's house of correction ; 
and remember God doth all things like himself. When G<x\ would show his justice, and 
what is the weight of his wrath, he makes a hell, where it shall indeed appear to pur- 
po««. . . . 

" 'Consider, God will take tlelight to execute vengeance on thee. Gml delights in justice, 
and in executing His own decrees. Now it was his eternal decree to tlestroy stnurrs for- 
ever. He purposed to show his power, and make his wrath known, upon the vessels of 
wrath lined to tlestructlon. But woe to that soul, whom Go<l shall tielight ttj punish. 
Now ihou laughest at the reproofs which (iod givest thee by his ministers and [leople : 
Go(^ will laugh at Ihce shortly. And how wilt thou fear, when ho shall torment lliee, and 
thou shalt roar under thy torments? Thou shalt cry for mercy, and he shall mock thee. 
Thou now rejoicest in sinning: he will ere long rejoice in thy calamity. 

'"Sinner, I beseech thee, realize the truth of these thingi^. Do not go ahout to dream 
that this is derogatory to Ood's mercy, and nothing but a vain fuhle in scare children out 
of their wits withal. God can he merciful, though he make Ihee miserublr. He shall 
have monuments of that precious attribute, shining like stars in the place of glory, and 
singing eternal hallelujahs to the praise of him that redeemed them; though to exalt the 
power of his justice, he damn sinners heaps upnn heaps. 

'*The conclusions of the other scinions ;iie in general ec|imlly alarming. In<leed the 
author of them appears to have thought it his duty, constimlly to [>er8U«<le men by the 
terronrs of the Lonl : and l hough in his tirst discourse he professes to 'preach comfort and 
joy to the penitent, as well as hell and damnation to the impenitent;* yet few words of 
comfort are lo be found, whilst there are denunciations of wrath in almost every page. 
The eflect of this preaching was, that his hearers were, several times it> the couise of his 
ministry, awakened and alarme<l. . . . That they were a holy and godly people, he 
himself te8tiOc<l ; and he doubtless rejoiced in the persuasion, that he had been the happy 
Instrument of their conversion. His best friends, however, allotvcd that he dwelt too much 
on the anger of Go<l ; anil an instance is related of an innocent young man, who was so 
frightene(\ with owe of his dtea*lful pictures of the infernal regions, as nearly to be de- 
priveil of his senses. Mr. Treat, who really possessed great kindness of heart, became 
seriously concei'ued at his situation, and with assiduity and with tenderness exerted him- 
self to console him." • 

For these anecdotes and extracts an«l, in fact, for almost all we know ahout ^Ii-. Trent 
of a personal character, we are Indebted to Rev. James Freeman, a great gran<lson by his 
daughter Jane, who often visited the Capo and took much interest in it. He obtained 
much of his information from Robert Treat Paine and his sister, Mrs. Greenleaf, also 
^andchildren of Mr. Treat, liy his daughter Eunice. See Mr. Freenum's Descri[itiou and 
History of Kastham, written in 1802, and published in the Collection of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society, pp. 154-186, Ist Series, Vol. 8, 

In the Diary of Dea. Moses Painc, of Truro, are frequent allusions to the sermons of 
Mr. Treat. When in Eastham on Sunday, he was in the habit of attending clmrcii, and 
noting the text of the sermon, as well as focording some pious thought. Under the date 
of May 13, 17l<>, he writes: '"Being Lord's day I went to meeting and Mr. Treat's text in 



ye forenoon was 3c I Jt^liii 5 cli. 11^=12 verses; and yc afternoon it was in Psalms 31. 
ye 5 verse. 

'• Mjiy 20t 1716, in tlie forenoon the text was John — 8, 0, 10, 11 ; In the afternoon, Ps. 

'* June 3, 1716, in the forenoon, .h>hn IG: 10; in the afternoon, Ezekiel 24: 16. 

'^ June 10, *» •' '» '* Ps. 23 ; 1 ; *» ** '♦ Ephea. 8 : 8. 

^' June 17, *• •* •* »' John 1:18; " »^ '* P^. 23:1." 

John C >lton, in a letter to Cotton Muther, from Plymouth, July 11, 1678, thus alluflcs 
to Mr. Treat's Election sermon : 

"-Mr. Treat's Sermon on Dan. 5: 27; was very choice & eateemcil by all Judicious, 
worthy of Great Acknowledgeinent." Collection Mass. Historical Society, p. 243, 4th 
Series, Vol- 8. 


The old Meeting House, situated in the burying ground near the Town Cove, in which 
Mr. Trent preached for forty-five years, has long since disappeared. The old bulhliug 
hml become very much <lilnpid:ited, and in order the better to accxjmmodatc people, a new 
Meeting House was erected in 1720, and a new burial place laid out in the southwestern 
part of the town, just sooth of the present R. R. Station. The following lines on this 
ancient structure, by Heman D>»ane, Esq., a native of Easthaui, were sent uie by J. A. 
Doaue, of Atlanta, Ga. : 

"The old South Mtetinj; House time worn and 

That stood frontiug East by the King's high- 

Thttt iioctli to BilUngsgAtc, so runs the pliratie, 

lu the <iufliiit rvi-oril of oldoii days. 

Many scoi-fB of yearhi thnt Mt'etln^e House stood. 

And saw iiiuny days of both evil and uood. 

Reared by the fathers «ho hmg yathrreil there, 

To kfc'p Sabbath time in praise and prayer. 

1 remember it wrll, It^ outside h>ok, 

I remember its inside too lilce a book. 

The broiid aisle from d»orway to pulpit that 

The side aisles running with the walln parsiUcl. 

And the great box pcws tliat men always fllkd 

With free seals In front for old women and men 
(They had no church aristocracy then 1, 
Where »at the old fathers and mothers so near 
The pulpit that they the better might hear, 
While in their snug Hunctum the grave deacons 

Beneath the Idgh |>ulplt on this side and that. 
Look up now auil see that long rowrdclioir, 
Tlmi sotrnded and sitng with voices raised higher, 
Than mnny cluireh slni^er:* now veutiire to go, 
Who *iiritt only tunen that are set pretty low. 
They vang the sweet tunes of ancient days, 
That swelled both the voice and the heart with 

And made the Mr alls of the old church rlug, 

Without aid of pipe, reed, or suing 

The Kallery next, llllod with sober youn:; rmn 

(They dldirt go to church for frolic dirn,) 

Their liatw lu the spokes of the rails in a row; 

And all is in onier above and below. 

Youth, mnnhiKtd, and age sit n-vereutiy iherr, | 

Or stand with bowed heads In time of pi-ayer. 

The nptunicd i^eats tcM>. were worshippers Lhcu, 

And ehaiiered applause at every Amen. 

Alasl what changes have ^-Ince come o'er 

Church, priesthood and people, lUttl weiMMtlto 

Oil, sftdiH tiic thought, but mortals *honl(iknow, 
Mutation is written on all thlnjin below. 
All gone! tliat old Congregational band, 
Save here and there one, to the ^pilit laud. 
And their unmlderiiig forms are *leeplug near 
Where the old church Miood so many ay«ttr. 
Wheu 1 pass their low graves, methlnks tliey 

To rise from their beds, lu my noontide dream. 
.\n«l I sec them again fitting orderly there 
In that ancient lioiifte of praise an<l prayer. 
Oh I bleswed old days, ye shall ne'er be f<irgot,. 
The memories that cllug to tlint hallowed ^^ 
Shall be green, like David wherr he I0UI. 
When b<t said, "1 remember the days of old." 
I have Been s|)leudld templet^, filled Willi foMhlon 

and people ; 
But nijne on the tablets of uieniory ^>ill slay 
Like ihai old gray chureli i>v iii.- Kings. lUgii- 




In ISzlf, this MuiMitig was hi tuni abmnloi^od, ftiid anollier eroctoil i«i n more eligible sitiia- 
tioii, fibout liulCa mile to the north, with a burying-ground attached. U])on the death of Uov. 
Philamlor Shaw, the pastor, Oct. 10, 1811, at the age of seventy-three, the climch aud so- 
ciety ceased to exist. The building was converted to secular use. No trace of the valual>le 
and ancient church records can now be founvl. Iti 1802, according to Uev. James Freeman, 
tbere was "in Kastham, not an individual, who does not belong Lo the Congregational 
society." Up to 1820, there had been but one religions denomination in Easthnin, but 
thai year a McMioilist Society was formed, and a meeting house was erected in 1»^21. It 
is now the only religious society in fiastham. Such an '"apostacy" from his faith, the 
Rev. Mr. Treat did not foresee. 


Mr. Treat possessed a remarkably vigorous constitution. Near the end of his life his 
health began to fail. In 1714, Nehemiah Ilobart was employed by the town to assist him, 
being much disabled by sickness. A second attack of the palsy terminated his life. March 
18, 1716-7, to the great grief of all who knew him. He dieil at the time of *'the great 
SHOW," which fell to the depth of six feet. The wind drifted the snow so badly, that the 
funeral hml to be deferrrd a few days till an arch could be <lug through some of the drifts, 
in order that the lK>dy might be carried to the grave, a distance of about half a mile. 
Tl»o Iiidiaus were Allowe<l, at their earnest request, as a token of respect for their de- 
ceased friend, to assist in bearing the body to its place of burial. Sewall, in his Diary, 
March 28, 1716-7, makes tliis note: '*Am told of the death of Mr. Treat of Eustham. 
The Lord fit me for my Turn." Coll. Mass, Hist. Soc, p. 126, Aih Series, Vol. 7. 

Mr. Treat was a man of deep piety, cheerful, good natured, a kind and loving father 
and huMband, pleasant and even witty in his conversation, though a stern and consistent 
Calvinist in religion. He was greatly beloved by his people, an<l the Indians revered hiiu 
as ft father. He Is still spoken of by the old men of Kastham as ''honest Treat.*' The 
clerg}' of the day hcUl him in high ewteem ; John Cotton and Increase Mather si)eak of 
him in high terms. He delivered the Plymonlh Klection sermon in 1678, an<l the Election 
sermon, May 27, 1713, from Va. 2:8. A full account of Mr. Treat may be found in Sib- 
ley's Harvani Gradtiatea, pp. 304-314, Vol. 2. 

In the obi burying grcMind at Erislham, near the Town Cove, Mr, Treat's gravestone of 
slate anil in «j.mj.1 <'(.ndih"«)n may 8lill be seen, U'aring this inscription; 









MARCH V*^ 18, 171G-17 IN T* ijO YEAR OF HIS AOE. 

Recently a marble monument has been placed over hia grave by some of the descend- 
ants of Col. John Knowles, just in front of the old slate one, and bearing on one aide 
Ibis inscription : 




MAR. 18, 1716. 

And on Ibe other side : 





Mr. Treat received a small salary from bis parishioners, and is sui)|M)sed to have had 
a small coin|H'n*atioTi Trom the Society for the Propagation of tlie Gospel, for his services ' 
among the Indiana. In the latter part of his life he engaged Id trade, and ^Mty this ineans,^ 
with the addition of uu inheritance which descended from his father, he waa able to trans- 
mit a g<M^I estate to his family." His will is dateil Dec. 6, 1716,-^*'tlie day of general 
thanksgiving in this Province." It is probahle thai the children of the Qrsl wife objected 
to it, as Col. John Otis, who was then Judge of Probate for Barnstable Co., decided that 
the will wjis null and void. Oct. 31, 1717, Abigail Treat, willow of Mr. Treat, appcare<l 
in Boston before Governor Shute and the Coancll, and objected to the decision of Jinlge 
Otis in regard to the will. After hearing the arguments ou both sides, the sentence of 
the Judge wiis revei*sed, ami the will was allowe<l to stand. No copy of the will, or the 
proceedings exists at Barnstable, or among the Massachusetts Arcliives. I am Indeblctl 
to the late Robert Treat Paine, of Brookline, who had a copy of the will, for a few items. 
The will is quite lengthy. Each of his ten children by the first wife, were to receive 53. 
they having already receiveil a full share, *'as 1 thought meet," •*a8 may be aeeu in my 
Book of Records." An<l '"'l will timl these legacies should be paid in due tinu*, out of 
the portion of ray estate wbich st»ould be judged least prejudicial to my executor." *'And my 
mind is that my little son Robert shouUI be brought up in College learning, and that my 
daughter Eunice be brought up in all the gooil accomplishments proper for her sex." To 
these two childien am) their mother, he willed the remainder of his estate, but it was not 
to be divided until Robert became of age. He dietl when only seventeen years old. 

The descendants of Rev. Samuel Treat seem to have clung to the coast for many gen- 
eral ions, while the Connecticut family, at an early date spread out towards the \W'st, — 
New Jersey, New York, and Ohio. The Cape Cod family migrated northwani to Well- 
fleet, Truro, Boston, and the banks of the Penobscot, in what was afterwards the state of 
^faine. The name is now, and has been for some years, extinct on the Cape. From 
1713-180G, there were many of this family settled in Boston. After the death of Capt. 
Samuel Treat in 1806, the name does not again appear in the iiulfolk probate rcconis till 
1871. In the Boston directories the name does not nppuar, after 1806, till of late years. 
There are now many of the (lescendants of Joseph Treat, the first settler by that name 
and sou of Rev. Samuel Treat, engjiged in mercantile pursuits in the city of Boston. 
Two of his descendants, by the male line, have gradualetl at Harvard, his son Robert hav* 
irig died while a sophomore in that University. Many descendiuits by the female lines 
have gradualetl there. 

I'robably no part of New England is so flee from poverty as Cape Co<l, or look« so neat 
and thrifty in spite of its barren and sandy soil. The people sre very temperate, hos- 



pi table and honest. They are mostly of pure English stock, tliongh of late years a great 
many Portuguese have settled there. 

The following autograph is found in a letter to Thomas Hinkle}', dated Dec. 26, 1687, 
printed in the Collection of the M:ws. Hist. Soc, pp. 186-7, 4 series, Vol. 5. The original 
is in the Boston Public Library. 

S^fniJt' OT%MgJ^ 

There are two entries in the Eastham records which perhaps may cause trouble in the 
future if not noticed here. In these records, which are copies of the original, still ex- 
tant at Orleans, it is stated that 

Hannah Treat maiTied April 15, 1709, William Dyer, who settled in Truro. In the 
original it is Hannah Strout, 

Thomas Treat of Eastham sells land to his son Samuel Freeman and his wife Marcy, 
Thomas Treat is an error for Thomas Prince. 

Cf^PE CQt> 





Joseph Treat 

Seal ;. 

Tl»c following ileod relaLea to land once owned l»y Rev. Mr. Tieal in New Milfonlj 
Conn. The ongirial is in the possession of Col. Philo B. Biicklngliam, of New Haven, [ 
Conn., wlio kindly sent nie a copy. He has a very laij^e au<1 valtiable collection of deeds j 
and papers, some as eaily as I'i37, two of Lliem being from the S.itjamorea of Indians then 
inkahiting Mil ford : 

To all people to whom this Bliidl come — know ye that I, Josopii Treat of IMiiford in the ] 
County of New Haven and Collony of Connecticntt in New England, for and in Consi*!- 
eration of Sixteen pountis and ten shillings of money in hand received weell and truly 
paid l»y Samut'U IJuckinliam unlo said Josi-pli Treat of Milfoil iji the County of New Ha- 
ven and Collony afore Said. I have Granted bargained i\ih\ sold and do hy these presents! 
freely and absulnlely Conveigh and confirm an<l make over unlo the said Samuell Hack- 
inham, his heirs and* a Signs for Ever, a tract of land at New I^lilford not laid out being I 
u quarter of a rigid, twenty four Shillings purchns which was my iinckels S.imuel I'reatI 
Sen*", which fell to him by his honored father Cora' RobarL Treat, being a (.Quarter of ii| 
right at New Milf<»rd, as may appear by record, to have and lo hold to him t.he said Butk- 
inham, his heirs and assigns for ever, with all the i>rivellegs and pirtenances their nnt^) 
belonging, and further I, the said Joseph Tiejit, do bind me myself, my heirs ExcctitorsnndJ 
Admini>!itralors, ami do Covenant to and with the said Samuell Buckinhatn, his heirH nndJ 
asign» Exectitois an<) administrators, that I have full i>ower and lawfnll authority to Con-I 
veigli the sai<l right w hind, an<] do hearby warrant to defend the said Samuell Buckin*! 
ham, his heirs and aligns from all [x-ople ami persons that shall lay any lawfull claiinj 
their ui^to in a (^uiet and peasable Possesion their of. In witness I have heare unto sell 
my hand and Seal, this 'Jl** day of Aprill 1718 in the fL»rth year of the reign of our Sov-J 
erain King George of Great Britain trance and Irt'lniul Di-lentier of tin* fuiili. 
Signcil Sealeil and delivereil 

in presents of us [ t i, .r..._* Jun' 

Richard Piatt 
David Gibson 

Joseph Treat Jun'' the Subscriber 
Hear of personally apeaied and 
aekuowlcilgcd this Instrument to ire 
His voluntary actt ajid Deed l»cfore 
me in Milford Aprill 2P» 1718, 

Joseph Treat Justice of the P. 

Rov. Mr. Treat was rcraeinbered in his father's will, eile<1 on page 162. The following,^ 
ts the deed referred to : 

Be it known to all people that I, Robert Treat Sen*" of the Town of Milft)rd in the county 
of New Haven, in the Colony of Conecticott In America, have & by these pi*esenls <lol 
persiuuit lo a Deed of (iift many years since given by me the above »•* R«jbert Treat Sen'! 
lomy son Samuel, w*"*' s'^ Deetl of Gilt contained the Sum & V^aUie of two humireil pounds] 
in Lands ; pursuant therefore and in performance of s'* Deetl of Gift lo him, I the altovel 
s** Robert Treat Sen' of Ihe town arid County above s"' Have & by these presents doe rultyrl 
freely & absolutely Give, grant, alienate, make over to ray S** Son Samuel Treat & hisi 
heirs forever, the s'' following Tracts and parcells of Land & Housings, or lncumben(1 
Privilidges thcrcn^»on or Ihcixsto VK-lunging, lying & being in the Township of Milforil iaj 
the County of New Haven as atK>vc s'*. 

Imprimis. 1 do give fully St freely Grant lo ray abovei** Son Samuel Treat my HomHotl,] 
which I now |H>ssess, as it is bounded by the Highw.iys on one side and one tny) 

sou Joseph's Division of s'' ancieni Horaelott, which I gave to him apd as ti noi 

stands, and on the Easterly end bounded by a Divident Line between my Uomeioit and I 
the Land I gave to my Sou Robert Treat, alt the furtljer end of my now orchani, all} 
which Land so ancloseil together wilh my now dwelling house, hou^iing, ami Baru or all] 

aofl any oth» * -•" i. ■ i li- -- '* - y....i< Qurdcns, fruit trees autlall and every of lUelo- 

cuuibeut Pt her with a certaiu part and patxtel of my an*! 

cieul llouQ«iiui.t. 1^ i>^ >M vnt: iatuiLi vim ui itiy aucleul Loll, at )* tfud of the L&ue, {uurtly 



1e but cheifly on tlie other nUle of the Brook rmiiiia: soinetiinef* Uiio' it, the 
whifli 1 have ulwjiya resurvtMl lor inyMilf, together with all llu* Incmnbent Piivile<lges to 
lU'\9 whole Hoinesleml, 1 Imve & IJiMclty ^ive and fully a\n\ freely grant & confirm to ni\ 
8'' Son Suiimel Treut minister of the Go3i)el, Hesiilent fit Kusthiini in the county o( Haiiis 
table, in the Province of Mjissttchusettsi, to him & to his Heirs to have & to hold forever 
witliout any Lett or molestation by, fnnu, oi- iimler me. 

Item. I »hj give fully & freelv grant to my above s'^ Son Sarnncl Treat, twenty acres 
of Upland lying & being in the Stubbing plain, lying on the liith«>rmost side of y*^* Plain. 
Thirteen acres of Upland lying & being bounded as followeth with y* Comon Uhoad on 
the Westerly, an<l runing from y'^ lirooU and }'' Divident Line between Deacon Piatt and 
myself. Northerly along the fence and Counlrey highway toy ancient Gale or Barra that 
Icit and leml into y" fence y' iadivitlent line between my Land & y" Land I gave to my 
Son Joseph Treat lying on y' other side of y'^ s'' Path, iind to s*' Land ranging Easterly 
as s'* Pathway ranges to y* hea<l of y" Moa<low, on Southerly side ranging ahmg Easterly 
hy the Divident Line between my Land and Deacon l*latt's Land and fence to y- head of 
my Meadow. 

Item. Soven acres more of Upland lying and being att y® farther or Eastward end 
of III}' »on Joseph's Land, ranging att y" Northerly end of s'^ Land from n little run of 
Water JKulng intto the head of y" meadow, up as Joseph's Eiislerly end fence antJ Ditch 
rangeth to a quick & living hush fence, reserving a sufficient pathway by the si«le of lhi«i 
range for passage into the land above the quick & living biinli fence, and «to ranging 
along as the living bush fence rangeth, in a straight line Easterly to y" mid<lle of y* G»d- 
lee or Valley, being the Westerly bounds of my son Joseph's Land att v*" lower end of y" 
neck, and so ranging att _>*" Eantorly end as y" Gulleo or Valley runs down U:> y'- iMeadow 
side or pathway that passes along and over to Joneph's Land, and so ranging along the 
Meadow aide allowing a sutllcient pathway to the first bounds att a little Run that issues 
into y*" meadow, and an a[)ple tree standing near u'' Run. The above s"' Upland as it is 
boiintled together with all the privilidges as Woixl, Timber. Messuage, fences of all sorts, 
I do [idly ttud freely give and Grant to jny s'^ Son Samuel Treat, to liim and to his heirs 
to ha\e and to hold forever. 

Item. I do give and fully and freely grant to my above s'* Son Samuel Treat, Six 
acres of meadow in the Plain bounded and butted hs followeth; Viz. runing from the 
hea<l or Weslerl}' point of my Meadow along as the Crci'k inns to y* miihde ol y^" Creek, 
and so runing and ranging as y*' Creek runs Easterly, to a Stake Sett up by y^' Creek 
aide w"^" stsike stands on the Easterly side of a greiit Corner of Salt marish grass, & so 
runing from s'' stake Northerly to a young Oak tree aniik* on two sides, standing alone 
on a small is-land not farr fronj ^ i>atli, rnnging thro y* neck anil so from s'' Tree or path 
ranging Westerly along y** side of y* Uplan*! next jditne s^pecifiecl, till 3*" head of y* 
Meiulow llrsl fjpecilicd. This above h'' Tract of Marish Meadow or mowable ground, to- 
gether with y*" Growth, Messjuige, Waters, Creeks, Appurtenances and Privile<lge8 what- 
soever, I do fully and freely give grant Confirm to my s"^ Son Snmucl Treat, bim & his 
heire lorever, to have and to Imld it and all & singular 3*-" Privilidges forever. 

Item. I do lully Ireely grant conlbni to my above &'^ Son Snmnel Treat, ten acres of 
Upland Meadow or Mowable Ground, lying and being in a place c«ononly known by y* 
name of y" Bareneck, being boujuled as J'ollowelh, on the \W'sterly side ranging from the 
Highway along by Mr. Prudilcn's Land ilown toy* Ilarhoui, on the North Easterly en«l, 
bciMg bounded by y" Comon highway ranging the Ditch and Fence to a Stone sett up by 
y Ditch for an Easterly corner bonntis, and so ranging Irom s*' Stone Southwesterly to u 
Stake in the Meath^w, aufi so to y*" point of y" Beech and thence into y*' ilarbour. This 
above s"' Tract of U[>land, Marish meadow or mowable grounds togetlier wil-<i all y*" ap- 
purtenances privilidges thereto l>elonging, now or herealler, I tiie alfove s'' Don"" do fully 
freely give absolutely, grant, confirm to my above b'^ Son Samuel Treat, to him and his 
heir%, to have and hold forever. 

Ileal. I do give fully and freely grant contirm to my s** Son Sinuiel Treat of Eastham, 
ooe tbi'd part of my division of Land lyiitg ou or a)>out the Hill in the Indian side lying 
on y" Westerly side of my s*' Land there, be it more or less, as it is bouinled in y'" Book 
of Records, together with all the Wuo<l, Timber, Messuage, or whatsoever Privilulges do 



or &lmll appertain y' to, 1 do fully freely givo grant confirm it lo tny above 8'^ Son Sam" 
Treat of Krisllianj, lo him nnd to Ins Heirs to have ami to hold forever. 

Item. 1 do give fully and freely g;rant confirm to my a'' Son Sum" Treat of RRStham, 
one half [>iirt of all my Lands I now Fosses* at y*' place called Pnjzussett Hill, lo he 
equally divided Uolh for Quantity and Quality, the which one half part uf S'' Lund I <!•> 
fully freely absolutely givo ^rnut and confuju to my above s'' Son Sam" Treat, to iiim 
bis Heirs to have and to hohl forever. 

Item. I do fidly freely give grant confirm to my s** Son Samuel Treat, one half part 
of my Division and Allolttnent of land lying att a |)lace comonly called y'' Town plain, as 
may Jm? seen bniindetl in the Records ol old Milforil, the Land being equally divided for 
Quantity an<l Quality into two parts. The one half 1 <lo give to my above »*' Son, to him 
and his heir» to have and to hold forever, together with all y" Frivili<lge8 thereunto be- 

Item. I do further fully freely give grant con6rm to my d'' Son Samnel Treat* a fiill 
proportion of CoTuous and Comonage y^ 1 have, or ought to have, in the Township of Old 
]Milford, nnd all and singular the Comon privilidges and benefits thereof, to htm, bis Ueirs 
to have and to hold foiever. 

All these al>ove mentioned Tract or Tracts, Parcells or Severall Paicells of Upland^ 
Meadow, (Ground, Houses, Housing, fruit trees an<l fences, Waters, CreeUs, \Voo<l, Tim^ 
ber, firQwili, ]N[es8uage auil all y*' singidar PrivilidgcH, lienclitts that do, or that shall' 
herealter V>elong and appertain hereto, 1 have and by these presents do tndy fully freely 
ami absolutely give grant alienate conlirm and settle uf>o» my alnjvc s'' Son Samuel Treat, 
Preacher of God's wonl att Eastham above s*', lo him his heirs Executors and assigns, 
to have and to hold forever as a true lawful Estate of inheritance in Fee Simple, freed 
from any I )obtH, Mortgages, Alienations or any manner of Ineumberences whatsoever, and 
do give iiim lull power strength ami authority lo make Record of 3" whole and every par- 
cel thereof in the ollice of any Public Notary whatsoever. Noting that these grants and 
Donations toy'' above s'' Grantee to take place at my Decease and not before. To the 
true preformance of all the above Articles of Donation, 1 have and do sett my hand and 
affix my seal this IW\b day (»f August in the year of our »S:Uvation one thousand seven 
hundred and seven : and the sixth year of our Soveraign Lady Ann of Great Britlnin, 
France and Ireland, Queen Defender of y* Faith. 

Noting my son .loaeph shall have libei ty to come to y* Brook att y* head of y* Mcndovr 

in Stubbing Plulu against his own Land. 

Signed Sealed and Delivered 

in presence of us 

Robert Treat Sen^ & Seal JSeaL} 

liethuel LangstaflT 
Samuel Hine. 

This 0"' of August 1707 Coll. Robert Treat 
the doner herein mentione*! appeared personally 
before me and acknowiedgetl this Instrument to 
be his free & vohmtary act and Deed. 

Before me Thomas Clark, Justice 
of y*" Peace. 

Augttst V- d'** 
per • 

Jon"» Law, Reg. 

Children, born in Eastham, by his first raarriago : 

10. .Tank,* b. Dec. 0, 1«:5; <1. Sept. 1, 1729; m. Oct. 11, IC'H. Constant Preem.on. 

11. Kluahetu, h. .Tuly 24, IG7C; d. March 3. 1755; ra. ntjout lGyr», Juhv?. Stiow. 

12. Sauah, b, Jutie 20. 107!*; tl. Sept. 26, 1728; m. Dec 10, 1700. Thomas Kogers. 

13. SaMUKL, b. July — , 1«80; tl. Oct. IfS, 173«; ra.. lat, Oct. 27, 1 70S. .Joanna VIckory; Jd, 

July 2fl. 1721, Mrs*. Mitry (Sears) Street. 

14. Mauy, b. Marcb !«, I0«2; d. Jnn. 4, 1722-3; ni. Dec. 10, 1700, Dca. John Rlcli. 



15. RoBEur, b. Feb, 1»4. l«83-4; d. April 30, 1701. of a fvver; burled next Jay. 

16. b. June 13, IC80; il. ; m. Oct. 7. 170«i, liUiliard StcvtMis. 

17- Joseph, b. Nov. 19. 1<;00; »1. Feb. — , 17SG; ra., lat, June 25, 1713, Mury Larkin ; 2d, Dec. 

8. 1742, Mrs. Siifftb yinvy (Sowaid) Fiimitjr. 
18, JosiiTA, b. Miirch 17, lCi)2: d. N(jv. C. 17->.1: m. about 1720 (pub. March lH. 1719-20), 
Mercy Hlggins, who wns b. Morcli 20, H>97, and dau. of Isaac and Lydia IIig<;ins 
of Eeistliiim. Mr. Treat was one of the proprietors of Easthuui, and ulso owned prop- 
erly In Hurwk'h. He was a tithing n)aa In I't'iH, an honorable oltlce In those days. 
He was prubality a furnier, tliough doubtlc«8 engugud in other occupations. Had no cidU 
dren, ^o far as known, and was buried in iheoUl burying {jroundat Orlo«n8, South East- 
lianij prevlouH to 1797. The gravestone is still stKudinu, the oidy one in the yard 
erected to the nictnory of a Treat. His will Is dated Dec. 20, 1751, and probated 
Dec, 4, 17oU. Inventory £330 3s. Oil., Including £224. Hs. Od., in real estate in East- 
hum and flarwk-it. In hU will he mentions his brother John Treat.— but uo other 
brothiT or hister, — several couslus, niianin^ i)y that wtird nephews and idece.x, 
and some relatives. His widow. Mercy, ui. Nov. 2H, 17ri4, lor her second husband, 
John* I*alne, of EHsthtnj.b. Sept. 18, liJOO; d. Nov. — , 1771, and son of John'' and Hen- 
nil (Freeman) Paine. His nephews who gathered statistics about the family In 1806, 
were Informed liy a paternal auu'j that John* Paine wus ntarrled three time.s, but they 
did not give the uanie^i of his wives. A John Tulne ni., In 1743 (pub. Oct. 29, 1743), 
Mrs. Tliunkful Liniiell. Tlie record presents a Utile dilflculty al)0ut the marriiige of 
Mr. I'aine with the widow of Joshua Treat. The marriage intention of J«diti Paine 
and Mrs, Marcy Trent Is leconled Oct. 2i{, 1754; his mwrrla-je with Mrs, Mtiry Treat Is 
recorded Nov. 28,1754. The name Mury Is doubtless a clerical error for Mercy, or 
M.ircy, as the word was pronounced and generally spelled in those limes. To add to 
the cuufuslcHi, Jediah Lonibard ni. May 17, 1707, Mercy Treat, In Eastliam, but slie 
was a dau. of John Treat. The Proprietors' Dook uf Itecords contains the following 
In regard to Mr. Treat: 

'-Granted to sd. Joshua Treat hia heirs & assi^na forever a parcel of sd. proprietors 
common & undevlded luud iyin^j; iti tlie souiherly part of sd. Eiistham, on tiic easterly 
sidi' of the sheep Pond, bounded viz : beginning at a stone set in the groutid in the range 
of Ills fomier liind at the end t>( Uie swamp near his dwelling house, thence iliree poles 
easterly to a stone set in the ground by tlie way. thence southerly by the way to a 
stone set in the ground l>y the waystide, thence westerly about two poles to the pond, 
taking In all the land between the waiy & the pond i his other land, leaving a conven- 
ient watering place." 
Tlie location of Joshua Treats iiouse can still he pointed out at Orleans. 

19. Joii.N. b. May 17, 10*.»:<; d. about 1702; m. Dec. C, 1716, Ablgull Young. 

20. Kathaniel, b. April 15, 1G04 : d. about 1735; m, Oct. «, 1719, Mary Lyoo. 

liy hia second marriage : 

21. Eti.MCK. b. Sept. 27, 1704; d. Oct. 17, 1747; m. April 21, 1721, Uev. Thomas Falne. 

22. HouKKT, b. Jan. 21, 170U-7; d. Jan. 15, 172;i-4, aged 17, of a fever, while a sopiiomore at 
Harvard College, The diary of Uev. Thomas Paine contains the following entries: 

"1721. April 28. My Urotiier lioberi Treat, who tarried with us, put Ids snoulder 
out of Joint by a fall from a tree. 29. His shoulder was set by Mr. Sergeant." 
• "May 27. My Mother Treat came & brought Brother Uobert to live with us and be 

ntnler my Tuition," 

3 Maj. John' Treat {Eobert;^ Richard^), horn , 16i)0', baptized Oct. 20, 1()50, 

in Millord. Conn. ; dit'tl Aug. 1, 1714, in Newark, N. J. ; mjirried, first, , AuKiAiL 

TiciJUNOR, of Newark, Ikmii Feb. I, 1054 (HI54-.^), ii> New Haven, Conn., died April I, 
1713, in Newnrk, Aiulilnngliter orMtiriin untl Mary (Charles) Ticlietiar, orTlchonel, wUoac- 

coniing lo tradition caiuefroni France ; second, , Mahy , whodieil Sept. 16, 1731, 

in Newark. John Treat was one of the first settlers iu Newtirk, having txjme there with his 



fnlljer, and h vory projninoiit man. Lot No. 31 . on llie town plan, rdl Lo him wiieiUbe <inifr- 
ing took place May 26, 1C73. He was a jtistice of the peace at a court of sessions ln«l<i at 
Elizalwthtown, MartU 12, 1700; a iei)ie8e«talive of Ksaex Countjf in the Assembly in 
1701), wlion one of the ijtinlificaiions was the possession of 1000 aere«, and £500 in per- 
sonal estate; was p«"esi<Ung jnilge in court in 1712. The town patent, or charter was 
granted April 27, 1713, by Queen Anne to John Treat and others, and the same year he 
was chosen major. The early Newark records were destroyed by firo, so that names nnd 
dales in some cases cannot be furnished. Mr. Treat's will is at tlie surrogate's olllce In 
Trenton, N. J, It is dated July 30, 1714 ; probated Oct. 6, 1714 ; and the inventory W:t9 
to be exhibitef] Dec. 6, 1714. To his tlaughter Sarah Crane, and her heirs forever, he 
willed all his real and half of his personal estate. His wife Mary was to enjoy the im- 
provements of his homestead, houses, barn«, wo<h1 lot, and salt meadow, and lialfof his 
personal estate, so long as she remained his widow, and "no longer." Azarlah Crane, 
Nathan Wheeler and (reorge Hamsson were the witnesses. See the Collections of the "Sew 
Jersey Historical .Sctciel^', Wil. G, and the supplement lo Vol. 6 ; Stearns' Hist. Disc, re- 
lating lo ihe First Presbyterian church in Newark. 

The name of John Treat's first wife is erroneously called Sarah Tichenor in the supple- 
ment just mentioned, p. 135. The site of a part of the old b<irying ground was desired 
for business purposes, so the bodies were removed elsewhere, and buildings erected. 
The old gravestones now lie in a heap in a part of the cemetery and arc going to decay. 
Among the number are the following : 





LIFE AUG^ Y' 1" 1714. 

"Here lies ye body of Mrs. Abigail Treat, wife of John Treat, Esq., who <leparted tbia 

life April ye let, 1713, in ye 59th year of her age/' 

'4Iere lyes ye body of Mrs. Mary Trent deceased Sept. ye IGlh, 1731, in ye 78tU year ^ 
of her age." 

Daughter born in Newark, by his first marriage : 

23. Saiiah/ b. ; d. after June 2.5, 1744 ; ni. , Jonathan Craue. 

4 Mary^ Treat (Robert,'^ Richard^) ^ born May 1, 1C52, in Milford, Conn.; died 
Nov. 12, 1704, in her llfLy-fiflh year (gravestone, Newark, N. J.), which must be an error 

for fifty three.Jnstead of fifty-five ; married , Dea. Azariah Crane of Newark, N. J., 

who died Nov. 5, 1730, in his eiglity-third year (gravestone). He removed to Newark from 
Connecticut in 1671, and resided on the home lot of his fallier-in-law, Robert Treat, on the 
southeast corner of Market and Broad streets. He was grand juror iu 1679; constable 
in 1682; chosen deacon in 1680, or 1081, and deputy in 1604 and lG9.i. He left his sil- 
ver bowl *'to be used for the service of Go<l forever" in the church at Newark. His sous 
Nathaniel and Azariah, obtained a large tract of land at the foot of the mountain, called 
Crane Tutvn, now West Bloorafield. Robert Treat in a letter \x) Fitz John Winthrop, da- 
ted at Milford, Conn., Dec. 1, 1704, speaks of late deaths in Newark, and among Iheni 
mentions that of '*a daughter ^ granson Crane/' Mass. Hist. Coll., 6th Series. Vol, tii, 
WIntbrop papers. Part v, p. 272. 



Clilldi'on of Deacon Azariah and Mary Crane, born in Newark, N, J. : 

24. KATiu.NrKL.* b. ; d. ; m. — , Elizabeth Gibson. Had children: 

1. Willlain,* d. unm. 

2. North, b. 1 719, 
S. Kutbanie). 

4. EUaabeth, m. Young. 

5. Jane, ro. Smith. 

6. AbigttU, m. Richards. 

25. AzARiAH> b. ; d, ; m. . Had: 

1. Aznriah, d. 1752. 

2. Job. 

3. OMinallel. 

4. Ezeklel. 

5. Isaiuh. 
a. Moses. 

7. Stephen. 
ROHKHT, b. al»ont ir>84 ; d. Jnly 14. 1755. aged 71 ; m. . Had : 

1. Tlmolhy. d. Feb. 22, 1786, aged CO. 

2. ISRBC. 

3. Jonah, d. Jau. 18» 1774, in hia 43d year. 

4. Mary. m. David (Hayes?). 

5. Phebe, 
0. Lydla, m. Timothy Braen. 

Jaxic. b. nbout ICSd; d Sept, 12. 1741. aged about 55 years (gravestone, Newark); m. 
. John Richards, who d. March !0, 1748, aged Gl (gravestone). Their son: 



I. Moses, d. March 14, 1745 -C, In his 27ih year (gravestone, Newark). 

2^. JouN. b. about 161)5; d. Sept. 5, 177rt. aged 81 ; ra. 

Hannah - 


imaiee of the Presbyterian church in Newark, tn 1753. 
i. Jona.'^, a minor in 177G. 

2. Samuel. 

3. John. 

4. Sarah. 

5. Ellaklm. 
C. Elias. 

7. Mattliias. 


Was appointed 

21». .Maky, b. 



- Baldwin. 

''5 Capt. Robert' Treat {Bobert,^ Richard^), born Aug. U, 1654; baptized Au^. 
20, 1654, in Milfortl, Conn. ; died March 20, 1720, aged aixly>seveD (gravestone, Milford) ; 

married, first, abont 1678, Elizabeth ; second, about 1687, Abigail C.\mp, born 

March 28, UJ67 ; died March 20, 1742, in her seventy-fourlh year (gravestone, Milford), 
and daughter of Niclioias Camp. Mr. Treat was proposed as a freeaiau to tlie General Court 
of Connccticat, May 8, 1684, and admitted Oct. 9th following. He was appointed a captain 
Attg. 7, 1763. His wife Elizabeth was admitted to full coraraunion in the church at Milford 
Aug. 3, 1679 ; brother Robert Treat was admitted July 21, 168'J ; his second wife Abigail 
was admitted May 1, 1694. He was a farmer. Administration on his estate was granted 
to his widow Abigail May 1, 1721. 

Cliililren, liorn and baptized in the First church, Milford : 

By his first marriage : 

no. El.i7.Anr.Tn,* b. al.out 1073; bapt. Sept. 14, 1670; d. . 

81. Jaxe, b. about 1081 ; bapt. Jan. 30, l«i8l ; d. . 

By his second marriage : 



32. RotiKiiT, b, aboot IGOJ; Iwpt. Jan. 6, HI9+-5; d. St-pt. Ht, 1770; m. , Jone Laiig- 

6 luff. 

33. 8am»tkl, b. about KJit'; bnpt. Nov. 28. l(il>7; d. April 2«. 1753; m. , Annn Clark. 

34, Jonathan, b. March 17. 1701; bi»pt, MarcU 28, 1701; d. Mny 31, I77fl; ro., Ist. , 

Marlltu Clnrk; secoiuJ , Anna Tlbbn1». 

36. A mo AIL, b. nbuut 1704; bapt. June U, 1704; d. Nov. 2, 1773; m. June 1«, 17:20, Rev. 

Jedeiiiitli Mills. 

7 Abigail'^ Treat {Robert,^ Mkhard^), born abotit ICCO, in Milfoi'tl, Conn.; died 

Dec. 2.'), 17'J7. itilirr sixU-eigliLliyeur (^raveatoiie, Milford) ; umrtied ^ Rev. Sam* 

UEi/'' AM>Kk,w,' of Milfi»ni, l>orn Jhu, 29, l(io.')-G, in Caiubiidge, Mass., dic<l Jjui. 24, 
1737-K, ill MiUbnl. Inckini; five dnysof bcln*; oiglity-two years old, na staled on liis grave- 
stone, and son «jf Sanniel nnd Elizabotli (\Vliile) Andrew, of Catnbridgo. HU name is 
varionsly sptlted Andrew, Andrews, Andros, etc., but he alway:* spelled it Andrew. Foi* 
bis second wife lie married — oiiX-i^ Abigail /J<'^'"A^ ^ who died Sept. 19, 1742, in her seventy- ^ 
seventh ye.'tr (grnvesKMie, Milfoid). No iBsne. His first wir«% Abigail Treat, was ad- j 
initte«l to full coninuinion in the ehmeli at Miirurd, June 2«, 1691. Mr. Andrew gradu- 
ated at Harvard in 1G75; was ebosen fellow Oct. 8, 1679; api»ointed proctor in IGHl ; 
and was connected with the college as fellow or tutor as late as July, 1684. He was oixlained 
at Milford, Nov. 1.5, 1685, and was pastor of the church for more than fifty j^ears. The 
luwn granled hiiu Marcii 4, HIS.t, eight acres of land in Elders* or Great Meadow, pro- 
vided he settled with tlieai, two by John Newton's lot, ten near the Mill river, four at the 
west end for pasture, and eight on the nortlieast side of Morwin'a swamp. Oilier laud 
was granted after he settled. His salary was £100, to bu paid in provisions, atai £12 for 
woml. This W.1S increased to £150 in 1710. (See Lambert, p. 103.) He was greatly be- 
loved by liis people, whotn he united, having healed the divisions that existed previously. 
May II), 1686, he was admitted a froenmn of Connecticut. Oct., 1687, the General 
Court granted him two hundred acres ol land. He was one of the principal ministers of 
Connecticut who, in 1699, were nominated as trustees of Yale college. After the death 
of the rector, Abraham Pierson, March 5, 1707, he was chosen rector />ro tempore oC the 
college. Oct. 17, 1716, the coihge was moveil penuanentiy to New Haven, aiul took the 
name of Yale. He still continued to be rector jjro tempore till 1719, when Ilev. Timothy 
Cutler, who niairied his daughter Elizal>etli, was chosen resident rector. Mr. Andrew 
was one of the best scholars of his time, and a member of the Saybrook 8yno<l in 1708, 
when the Saybrook Platform wasenactetl. (See Sibley's Biographical Sketches of Grad- 
uates of Harvard University, pp. 457-462, Vol. IJ. ) His will was dated June 1, 1736; 
pio]>aled Fell. 15, 1737-8. Jonathan Law and Andrew Oiirand were executor*. 

Children of Rev. Samuel ami AVugail Andrew, born in Milford : 

36. Auio.\ii.,* b. ; bapl. Jan. 29, Ii380; d. Sept. in, 1724; ra, Aug. 1. 170(1, Jonailian 



' Wh.lum' Andrew, b. 

-, in EuglNud; d. , 1052. In Cambridge. Mass.; m., 1st, Jlfapy 

. wlio d. Jan. 13, lC3y-40: 2d, iibout Aug., l«40, widow Ilea na James, of Wntt-riown, Musv. ; 

wns n ninriner. nnd In Cimihridge as early a^ 1634 ; w;is constable I(J.'io-40. Uad oue clitlil ! 

Hamtkl* Aki>kkw, b. :iboi)t 1(;21, In England ; d. June 21, 1701, aged alwut SU(g m., Cainbridgc) ; 
ni. Svpt. 22, \M2, Etizabelh Whilf, wIki d. Jun. 24, lCi88 (l«87-€, g. a.). Wan a ronrlner like 
his father, and Inherited the Cainhrlilge Itoiuestcad. ^St& coii^tiiide 1CC6; selecltnnu 10^1-i^S; town 
clerk l«>82-9y: town trcaanrer JGy4-lfly9; couiitjr treasurer lC83-l70<i. Hod nine children, »lx feorift 
and tliiot; d:in;rbturN. Hh nuii : 

SAMti£L' Ani>RRw. b. Jut. '.".♦, ir,5'>-U; in. Ahignll IVent. as above. 




-; bfipi. Oct. U. Um-. a. April 'Jf;, 1728; m. D.-c. 0. 1710, Eunice llnll. 
; bnpt. Jiinu 20, 1690; d. Sept. 12, 1771 ; m. March 21, 1710-1, Rev. 

S.iMCBL, h. — 

EriZAnETn, b. 

Tlmi»tljy Culler. 

William, b. ; bapt. May 8, 1CJ)2; d. . 

JuHS, b. ; bapl. July 2'J. If.!>4; d. Dec. 25, 17U. 

41. Ja>k. U^i„8,i,._ 

42. MjkMY. f 
48. Jank. b. ; bapl. April HI. ir.99; d. ; m. 

. , Impt. .Ittii. 24. 1«5)0; d. Feb. 1, 160G. 

'\ bnpt. .Inn. 24, lUOG; d. , 1778; m. , Sftmoel Clark. 

-, Andrew Durnud. 

Jr>NATllAX, b. 

-; b«).t Autj. 24. 1701; d. Sept. (obscure), 1730, In hlsi 38th year 

(g. 8., Milfonl); in. .Tnn.5, 1727, Ellznbeth Smith. Will dated Sept. 7, 1730; probuted 
Nov. 12, I7yy. Gives to wITv Elizubvlh, eldest hou Joiiaihiin, iiud daugliiors 
Abl^nll nnd Mary, £1U0 etich. Rcmulndcr of the estate t(i sous .Joniilhan, Samuel 
and William. Children boru and baptized In Mllford: 

1. Ellrabetli* Andrew, b. ; bnpt. Sept.. 1728; d. ; m. — , l!»i»a( 

Clark, son of Thomas Clark, for his llrst wife. 

2. Jonathan Andrew, b. ; bapl. Oct., 1730; d. -; m. April 20, 1758, Eu- 

nice Ualdwln. 

8. Ablstill Andrew, b. ; bapt. Mrirch. 1732; d. -, iti. April 10, 1755, 

Ehene/er Buckingham, son of Biinmcl Buckingham. 

4. S«niuel Andrew, b. ; bapt. , 1734. 

6. Mary Andrew "» . ,, f bapt. Nov. 28, 1730, 

6. William Andrew }^«"""' ^' ^^^' •^' ^•^*^' ( bapt. Nov. 28, 17:W; d. ; m. 

, Esther , who d, Feb. 15, 1787, aged 43 (g. 8.. Milford). 

IUn.vah,* b. ; bapt. Nov. 19, 1704; d. ; ro. . John Woodruff. Chll- 

dreu bapt. May, 17;55, in the Flriit chnich, Mllford: 

1. Flrtnnuh* WoodinfT, h. ; d. ; m. Stephen Piatt, son of Joseph Pl*tt. 

2. John Woodruff, b. ; d. - 

John Woodruff, b, — 
Samuel Woodrntf, b. ■ 
David Woodrutr, b. - 
Iher Clark. 


'-, in. March 13, 1757, Hannah Lambert. 

-, 1733; d. Dec. 31, 1786, In Oxford, Conn.; in. 

8 Hannah"' Treat (Robert,'^ JiicJiard*), born Jan. 1, 1660-1, in Mllford, Conn.; 

died ALiircli 3, 1707—?^ ( griivestone, Windsor, Conn.) ; married — , Rev. Samdei. Ma- 

THKR, born July 5, 1650, in Dortihesler, Mass., dierl Murcb IH, lT27->», aged seventy-seven 
(gravestone in Windsor), ami son of Timothy Muthei, orDorcljeaUjr, who born in Kng- 
laud in 16-28, died Jan. 14, 1G84, and grandson of the Rev. Richard .Mather, who was boru 
in 1596, at Winwick, County of Lancaster, England. Rev. Mr. Mather gra'hiated at Har- 
vanl in 1G71. He [>reuehed in Deerfield, and after its dcsLruetion by the Indians in 1C7.5, 
went to HtvttieUl, thence to Branfonl, Conn., whence he was calle<l to Windsor, Conn., 
— having previously declined a settlement at Mdford in 1678, — the church there having 
voted unanimously in Murcli, 1681, to invite him to be tiielr pastor with a salary of £100. 
In July following the town voted to have the town house finished and ready in case he 
accepted, and also to give him £100 and the use of the house nnd land. In 1682, he was 
ordained over the church there, where he remained till his death. Plis health was early 
broken down, and he wa» bedridden many years before he dieil. lie was one of the origi- 
nal IrustecA of Yale College, chosen in 1699, but does not appear to have taken any 
active part in its formation. (See Sibley's Biog. Sketches of Graduates of H. U., pp. 
864-368, Vol. 2.; Mather Genealogy.) 

Children of Rev. Samuel and Hrtnnah Mither, the tirst and second born in Branford, 
the oUtcrs in Windsor: 

4a- Samlicl.* b. . 1C77; d. Feb. 6. I74J-6, aged 03 (jf. s., Wlad*or); in.. Ist. April 13, 

1704, Abigail Grant; 2d, May 15, 1723, Hannah BuckUnd. 



47. Jolts, b. : tl. yoatitf. 

48. IIanxaii, b. Sept.. — , 1«82; <l. . Ifi83. 

4'.>. JotiKpn» b. ; i1. young. 

60. AzAHiAti, b. Aug. 29, 1(585; il. Feb. 11, 17,*:ni-7. In hh 52d year, i\l Saybrook, Coun.; m. 

Dec. S, 1710. Martha Taylor. lie griul. nt Vnlelii 1705; was tutor of the College at 
Saybrook In 170!): vftif* ordnlnei! poAtor of the church nt Saybrook, Nov, 22, 1710; and 
dlBinlsscHl In 1732. He whs a flnu Unguit»l, and an able Ulvine- His wife, a sou and 
four dftuj^htcrs survived hlni. 
51. EliKNK/.Kii, b. Sfpt. 8, ir.!47; d. April 18, — . 

62. Joct^fii, b. March G, U;8t$-89 ; d. Nov. 17. 1717; m. . EUtabetb Stougbton. It U 

6H. F.uxAMKTii, li. Jan. 12, IfilU ; d. Jan. 17, 1^0. 

64. NATUA.sitft,. b. May 30. IGI>6; d. May 20. 1748; m. Jan. 21, 1724, Mrs, Unth Ti-rry. who 

(L May a, 1743, ajjed 5». Hc^raduated at Yale In I715, and was ordained May TI, 1728» 
at .\4[nel>ogne now Jaincsport, a parish In Rlverhcad. Sutl'olk Co.. Lon^ Island, vrhere 
be remained till his death. He left aa heirs two son:}, one of tbcin under age: In- 
creosi' and El)«nezer. 

65. Hk.vjaMUV, b. Sept. 29. IfiSG; d. . 

«C. Ji.ii.v, b. Sept. 22, 1690; d, , 

9 Capt. Joseph'* Treat (Robeii,^ Richard^), born Sept. 17» 16G2, iu Milfortl, Conn., 

Am] Aug. dy I72l» in \m fllty-tiinth ycur (gniveslone, Slilfonl) ; marrie<l, (Irst, , 

FuAKCK* Uryan, born Feb. 13, 1668, die*! Sept. 21, 1703, in ber thirty-sixth year (grai'e- 
9tono,Milfonl),Hinl daughter of Richanl and Mary(Pantry) Bryan, of Grassy HilUMilford, 
who cnnie fit>m England with his father Alexander Bryan ; second, by iiis father, Nov. 8, 
1705, Mrs. Klizaueth Mkrwin, who die«i Jan. 10, 1715-6. The liea<Ulone lo ber grave 
is illegil>le, but the letters £. T. on iUe footstone arc plain. In Ocl., 1698, he was pru> 
moted from a sergeant to be ensign of the drst train ban<linMilford. in 1704 was lieutenant, 
and in 1708 was captain. lie was a man of bravery and rendered good service in the ludian 
troubles. From 1707 to 1708, he served as deputy for Milfonl, and was justice of the 
peace for New Haven County from 1702-1719. He was one of the original proijrielors 
of Wiantanuck, afterwards called New Milford, anil in 1703, was Hp[)ointtMl by the (iene- 
ral Court one of the coinmisaloners to regulate this township whidi hud just betrn incor- 
porated, lie and his wife Frances were ndu»ilt<.'<l to full communion March 31, I7U0. 
Administration on his cst.ntr «:is granted Sept. 26, 1721, lo iiis sons, Joseph and John, 
lie was a farmer. 

Children, born and miuki/-."' i m Milford, by his first uiiun»ge: 

57. F«*xcr.s.« b. Dec. 16. lOyO: bapt. March SI, 1700; d. Oct. 7. 170S. 
68 JosKi'ii. b. March 21. Ii;it3; bapt. March 31, ITOtJ; d. May, 1772; m., 1st, Jane 9, ITtO. 
Hnnnah Buckingham; 2d, Sept S6, I7S4, Clenience Buckingham. 

60. .\NN b. Jan. 30. 169a( bapt. March 31. 1700; d. Dec. 31, lltSi m. SepL 2&, Kia, MMm 

«-.0 JoH.v, b. Dec. 24, iet>7; bapt. March 31, 1700; d. Nov. 20. 1723, la hJ» 284h ytt (g. »., 
AlUfortl) ; utmi. HU wlU was prvM-nUMl for probaU t)«c. 12, 1723. by his bioUiar Jo- 
fteph. but was refused by the Court a» uo wltuettses were appended. The cam inui 
Appealed and administration wa« granted on bond of X3U0. 

61. SaKah tl. Jane «. 1091); bapt. March 31, 1700; d. Nor. IS. 1743; m. Uftrch U. 17S1-J. 

Richard Bryan. 
CS. JA.XK. b. Sept. 11. ITDSi bApt. Sept. 19, 1709; d. Nor. IS. 1738. to bsr 2Sd year (g. 9., 
MUford). wh«rc she UcaQed Mrs. .lean Tre*t. Tbe title of Mrs. WM«o«tlIiue»|elvvn 
to onroanltd persons In thoae Uioea. Her will wa«t approved for feoord Dec. 27. 
t;83, and adudtUstratlon granted to ber brother Joseph Treat. 

63. jAJi«»» b. Sept. — 5".i-, l*pt. S<pl. *! i:n.^ .1 .in.. — |T0o-«. 


By his second marriage: 

64. Richard, b. Sept. 28, 1708; bapt. Oct. 8, 1708; d. Nov. 29,, 1778; m., Ist, May 24, 1733, 

Mary Thomas ; 2d, , Mrs. Rebecca Leech. 

66. Edmund, b. Nov. 20, 1710; bapt. Nov. 26, 1710; d. Sept. 22, 1801; m., Ist, , AUce 

Buckingham; 2d, May 8, 1786, Elizabeth Oviatt. 

66. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 12, 1712; bapt. Dec. 14, 1712; d. ; m. Sept. 2, 1736, James 


67. Samukl, b. Ang. 18, 1714; bapt. (no record); d. ; m., Ist, Oct. 26, 1748, Benlah 

Jennings ; 2d, , Mehetable . 

68. Stephen, b. Oct. 10, 1715; bapt. Oct. 16, 1716; d. Nov. 13, 1794; m., Ist, June 12, 1746, 

Miriam Clark; 2d, Dec. 9, 1756, Mrs. Mercy Bronson. 




10 Jane* Treat {Samuel.^ Robert,^ Richard^), bom 'Dec. 6, 1675, \n Eaetham, Masa. ; 
difil Sopt. 1, \72\\ aged (illy-foiir (orravestone, North Truro, Mast*.) ; married Oct. 1 1 , 1694, 
Constant"' Fkkkman,* uf Eastham, born March 31, 16()9, died Junes, 1745 (gravestone, 
North Truro), and son of Dea. Samuel Freeman, of Eastham. Mr. Freeman was one of 
the proprietors of Pamet, incorporated under the name of Truro, July 16| 1709, to 
whieli place he moved in 1705, his j^randfather South worth having ^iven him one-wix- 
teeuih part of the townahip. At the laying out of tlie meadows on Pamet river, June 17, 
1703, a lot was assigned to him, aa well us other lands. Meanwhile he surrendered to his 
brother Samuel all claim to hie father's estate, as a compensation for taking care of him in 
his old age. He was chosen the first treasurer of the town of Truro, Aug, I, 1709» which 
utilce he held for one yeai*. In 1715, he was chosen representative to the General Court, 
'^nd was one of the selectmen for seven years. Was a very prominent citizen, and often 
chosen moderator at the town meetings. Was also a captain in the militia. Nov. 5, 
1711, he was one of the seven who united with Rev. John Avery in forming the church at 
Truro. Jan., 1718, he was chosen one of the deacons, which office he held till Jan. 11, 
1727, when he was chosen one of the ruling elders, and was ordained March 25, 1728. la 
1721, he paid £5 lOs. — the highest sum paid — for a pew in the new meeting house* the 
first i>ew *'at the right hand as you go in at the door." His will is dated March 7, 1744-5 ; 
probated Nov. 12, 1745. Mentions all his children except Jane who died an infant in 
1698. The late Rev. Frederick Freeman published n history of the Freeman family 
which, though not complete as to thiH branch, has been of much service to me. 

Children of Constant and Jane Freeman, the first nine born in Eastham, the two young- 
est l)orn and baptized in Tniro: 

68. KoBEUT,* b. Aug. 12, l(i96; d. Sept. 27, 1755; m. April 5, 1722, Mary Palue, 

70. Jank, b. Sept. 20. 11197 ; d. Feb. ID, KWH. 

71. Jane, b. March o, lC98-ii ; d. May 19. 1783, ajred 85 (g. h.. North Tniro) ; num. 

72. Constant, b. March 25, 1700; d. May 3, 1756; m., Ist, Oct. 20, I72G, Ann Larkln; 2d, 

, Mrs Jane (Ela) Doauc. 

73. Mercy, b. Aug. 31, 1702; d. Dec. — . 1786: m.. 1st, Oct. 8, 1719. Caleb Hopkins t 2d, 

June 28, ]74y, Benjamin Hi«:giu8: 3d, Dec. 5, 1771, Ebenezer Dyer. 

74. Hannah, b. May 3, 1704; d. Jan. 13, 1758; m. Aug. 20, 1725, MIcah Gross. 

75. Eunice, b. Nov. 25, 1705; d, ; m. March 4, 1732-3, Wllllain Crocker. 

78. Eluabicth, b. Feb. 4. 1707-8; d. Oct. 5, 1771 ; m. Feb. 19, 1729, Janica Lombard. 

77. Jonathan, b. June 9, 1710; d. -, 1779; m. Oct. 6, 1781, Rebecca Binney. 

78. Apphia, b. Jan. 14, 1718-4; bapt. Feb. 21. 171S-1; d. ; m. Oct. 6, 1731. Samuel 


79. Joshua, b. July 4, 1717; bapt. July 7, 1717; d. Sept. 22, 1795; ra., 1st, Oct. 9, 1716. 

Rebecca Parker; 2d, Dec. 3, 1788, Rebecca Knowles. 

* Samltfl' Fhkkman, b. , in Mawlyn, Co. Kent, England ; d. about 1C39, In England ; m, , 

Apphia . Ily settled In Waiertown In 1030, bring onu of the proprietors, ownln;; one-sevcnlU 

of the entire township. Left two sons: Henry, who owned the Wtitertown estate and dk'd !n Ho». 
ton without issue, and Samuel. \l\n son: 

Dea. SaMItkl* Fki.kman, b. M»y 1 1 , H138, In Wniertown ; d. Nov. 25, or Jan. 30, 1712, hi Eastham ; 
m. May 12, 1058, Mercy Soutlncortfi, dnu. of Con«>trint SoutJiwortli, of Plymouth. Moved to Enstbani ; 
\v:m rhosuu dvncon In li>76, and rvprci^cntatWc iu lii'.i7. Had nine cliildrcn,— three sons and tlx 
duu^litvrs. IIU son: 

Dca. Constant' Frkkman, b. March 31, 1CG9, m. Jant* Treat, as above. 



11 Elizabeth^ Treat (Savmel,^ nobeH.'^Jlichanl^), boru July 24, lG7fi, in Easthnm 
M:iHB. ; dwd ISIarr'h 3, 175;*), in her seventy-nintli year (gruveatoue, Eastham old burying 
ground, near tJie railroad station) ; married, about 101)5, Jabbz^ Snow," IwrnSept. 6, 1670, 
died Oct. 14, 1750 (gravestone, in the oldest burying ground, Ea-slhani, which statea that 
h«* was in his eighty-second year, a mistake), and son of Lieut. Jabez and Elizabeth 
Snow. lu 1685, his mother was fined for using abusive language towards the Rev. Mr. Treat, 
the father of her future daughter-in-law. Four generations of this family in succcRsion, by 
the name of Jabez, married wives by the name of Elizabeth. Mr. Snow's will is dated 
Oct. 11, 1743 ; prol)ated Jan. 23, 1750-1. In it he is styled "yeoman." Mention is made 
of \vife Elizal>eth ; children, JabfZ who was executor, Silvanus, Samuel, Elizabeth Knowlos, 
Taliitha Mayo and Phebc Smith. 

Children of Jabez aud Elizabeth Snow, born in Eastham : 

80. .Iabkz/ b. July 22, 1G96; d. Sept. 6, 1760; iq. Oct. 27, 1720, Ellzftbt'th Paine. 

81. JosnuA. b. March 12, 1700; d. . 

H2. Eu»*UEtu. b. Oct. 18, 1703; d. ; m. -, Knowlea. 

83. Sylvanus, b. Feb. 10, 1704-5; d. March 2M. 1772; m. (pub, Dec. 11, 1782), Hannah 

84. TAnnnA, b, March 21, 1707; d. -: m. Oct. 7, 1781, John Mayo. 

85. SA^n•KL, b. Jan. 22. 1708-9; d. ; m. Oct. 12. 1732, Elizabeth Freeman. 

8«. Rdwaiu). b. May 18. 1711 ; d ; m. Feb. 18, 1765, Betty Myrlck. 

87. PUK0K, b. ; d. ; ni. -, Smith. 

12 Sarah^ Treat (Samuel,^ Robert,^ Ridmrd^), bom June 20, 1678, Ui Eastham, 
L^ass. ; died Sept. 26, 1728, in her forty-seventh (? 40) year (gravestone, North Truro, 

lass.) ; married Dec. 10, 1700, Thomas^ Rogek.s,* of Eastliaui, He removed to Trnro 
about 1704. Was selectman in 171*2. Had land laid out to him in Truro as early as June 
17, 170.3. Was living in Truro in 1720. It is not known when he died. 

Children of Thomas au<l Sar.ih Kogers, the first two boro in E.nsthain, tlie others in 
Truro ; the first seven were baptized at one time, June 13, 1 7 1 7, at Tniro, aud Huldah, Sept. 
22, 1717. 

88, Sarah,* b. Oct. 27, 1701 ; d. . 

' Nrc'noi.A»' Snow, b. , In Eir^tljind ; d. Nov. l.'i, Ifl?*"!; m. before 1028, ConstatU or CotiHlance 

Hopkins, b. , d. Oct. — , 1C77, nnd <lttn. of Stephen Hopkins. lie ojune to New Eiisclttna in 

the Ann, which arrivt-d lu the latter piirt of.Imu', 1«;23. Wus u freemau and Inx payer In Plvmoutli 
before l(i27, one of the suveu who seiiled in EnsLhain with Oov. Prwnce, deputy, selectrarvn for 
aeveu yeu1^<, town clerk for sixteen yenrs, and lietd other Important positions. Wc hiive no list of 
hJs children, hot in KJSO, they were .said i<i uutDber twelve, all alive nnd well. UU hou : 

IJcnt. .lAtutz* Snow, b. ; d. Dec. 27. UVM); m. , Elizabeth. . He was a prominent 

man, <nc of the Meleclmen, Lieut. In the military, etc. Had nine children mentioned in his wUi,— 
tlire** ^.t^8 and six dtiii<;htcrs. Him «oii : 

Jaeikz^, b. Sept. 6, 1G70; ni. Elizahtth Trtat, as above. Being the eldest son, he received a 
double portion from his father 

'Tuo.mah' Rookrs, b. -, In England; d, — —, 1021; m. . Came to Plymouth In the 

Mtiytlower in 1(520. !li!» son : 

Lieut. .TosEvn' Rookiw, 1>, - 

-. In EnjrlHn<i ; d, , 1078. in EftHthnm, Mn.s8. ; in. ■ 

-. Came 
In the Mayflowt'r with hit* father. Had eiyht children,— fiUir .sons anrl four^hters. His son : 

Tn()MA.H* RoGiUH, b. ; d. al)out In Kiislham ; m. Dec. 13. 10(»."», ElizahelU Stwrn, who d. 

June 1(1. 1(37H. Hiitate wr$4 settled .Tuly 8, ITOi, when mention was matle of three sou.s and one 
d:iu;;hter. Had »4^ven children, — five »«ins aud two dttn^liter!*. His son : 

TuoMAs* UoGKRS, b. Mtiy 0. 1072; m. Sarait* Treat, as above. 



Phkur, b. Kov. 1, 1703; d, 

-; m. June 13, 1728, Bcujamln Lewis of Traro. 

ELrAABKTii. b. March 27, 1700; d. 

Lucv, h. June (J, 17(»H; d. — — ■; m., Ibt, Oct. ir>, ITSi, Neheiiiiub Somes; 2d, Oct. «, 

1748, Elisha Snialley. 
Hansau, b. April U, 1710; d. 
Thomas, b. Dec. 11, 1712; d. 

1)4. JosKPH, )). March 24. 171'); d. Auj;, 8, 1728, In hb 13th year (g. 8., North Truro). 
95. Hn-OAiT, b. Aug. 13, 1717 ; d. . 

13 Samuel* Treat {Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^) y born July —, 1680. in Easthsim, 
Mass.; died Oct. 2H, 1733, in Truro, Mass., according to the town r«coi*d, entered Dec. 10, 
1733, or Oct. 6, 1734, ay:ed (irtv-four according to his gravt'stonc, at North Truro (bal 
his will, probated Jan. 16, 1733-4, is prool" that the date on the gruveatone, which tnay 
have been erected long sabsequent to the event, is incorrect) ; married, lirst, Oct. 27, 1708, 
Joanna^ Vickery^ who died Aug. 26, 1720, in l>er thirty- Ibinth year (gravestone. North 
Truro) ; second, July 26, 1721, in Boston, by the liev. Cotton Mather, Mrs. Mauy (Seahh) 
SxKEET.^of Boston, born Sept. 27, 1600,dieil , 1741, in Boston, and daughter of Alex- 
ander and Rebecca (Staines) Sears. She was adtuitti'd to full coinnuinion in the church at 
Truro, April 9, 1727. After the death of Mr. Treat, she reluiued to Boston, where she 
died. In 1736, widow Mary Treat and others sold to Henry Atkins and others, a wharf, 
laud, etc., near Scarlett's wharf. She died intestate, and Henry Atkins was appointed ad- 
nunistrator of her estate, Dec. 22, 1741. The inventory was approved Oct. i>» 1741, and 
amounted to £544 78. 8d. Among the expenses of the estate were sums paid for six 
gallons of wine for the funeral ; paid Mrs. Elizabeth Gross the legacy of £5 left her by 
her father Treat ; and a legacy of £77 2s., to Benjamin Street, her son. (Suff. Prob.,35 : 
557 ; 36 : 146, 224.) In 1742, Henry Atkins, a brother-in-law, and a merchant of Boston, 
was appointed guardian for her minor children, — Mary upwards of fourteen, Ilobert about 
eighteen and Samuel about twenty. Mr. Treat was a cooper, and lived in Truro, the ancient 
Imtian name of which Pamet, orPaomet. He was admitted an inhabitant, May 15, 
1705, and was among the first to own cattle in 1710, his mark bemg registered as a 

' She was the dau. of Rev. Joxatuax* and Elixabetii Vickery. The name wa* variously RpelleU 
In old rccordh, Vicars, Vlckers, Viccry. Vicory, Vickery, etc. George' Vlckory was in Hull us 
early as 1C79. His son Jonathan' was executor of lus will, July 21). 1G79. ills wifo's name ws»h 
ElizaUeth. I do not find the name of bis children recorded in r)ie Hull recurds. as printed In the 
Register, Vol. 27, p. ',\(^i. He sold his lands In Hull, April 28, 1 701. In lCt>n, he was the minister at 
Manamolctt, incorporntcd June 11, 1712, under the uunie of Cbutliam. In 1701, his ministry ceased, 
though he coniiuuetl to reside there till April 30, 1702, when be was drowned. The inventory of 
his estate Is dated May 2i). and July 9, 1702. His widow Elizabeth was api>oln ted udministratris. 
He owned land at Pamet, or Truro, valued at £(;8. Mention is made of his chlldreu Jonatlutn, Da- 
vid, Elizabeth, Joanna. Mary, Relwcca, and JSarnh, 

* For her first husband she m, July 20, 1718, Uenjamin SrMKKT, of Pennsylvania, mariner, who 
was buried l>ec. 80, 171H. Acrordliifr to family tradition, she was the cr. dan. of Thomas. Sears, of 
Newbury, wlio m. Dec. 11, IBiifi, Mary Hilton, alina Downer, and d. May 26, IfitJl. Accordlnt; to 
tlie Scars Genealogy, by Samuel P. May, she was the gr. dau. of Alexamler and Mary (Lemmou) 
^jears, <»f Salem, Mass. The will of Alexander Sears, shipwriirbl. it* dated (»ct. 4. 1732, and pro-_ 
bated March 26. 173(1. VVni. Pbillips and Henry Atkitis, hi.s sons-in-law, were appointed rxcculor 
The inventory nnmunted to £2i>t«l 6s. ^id. Among tlie expenses of the funeral were wine 38«.j 
graveMt«»nes GOs., for collln £5. The will mentions his seven dau<;litcrs by name, amontj; whom wiw 
Mary Treat. (SutT. Prob. 32: 3'Jl, 421; :J3: 14.) Children of IJenjamin and Mary StrtHJt. born In 
Boston and bapt. in the new North Church : 

William Street, b. Sept. 11, 1716; Benjamin Street, b. June 2, 1718. 



*'tenon in ye left Eare." A clinrcli was organizpfl in Truro Nov. 1, 1711, and Mr. Treat 
was tulniittetl to communion., Sept. 14, 1712, iiis wife Joauua, July 13, 1712, aud his second 
wife Mary, April 9, 1727. Samuel Treat, Ilezekiah Furington, aud Richard Stevens, Mr. 
Treal's brother-in-law, had each (if teen acres of laud laid out for tJieui, April 15,1715, be- 
tween I*an)et great meadow and Eastern liarl>or, for tlioir use during their abode in town, and 
which they could own ujkju certain paymmits . He al«y became one of the projirietors of lauds 
in Truro, and a meeting was held at his house J uly 14, 1 722. A meeting of the proprietora 
of meadow land on the northeast side of Eastern harbor was held at his house Jan. 3, 
17S2-3. Nov. 12, 1717, he was appointed coroner for Barnstable County, by the Gover- 
nor ami council, and again Oct, 10, 1729, and Aug. 25, 1731. Ata town meeling March 
31, 1718, Thomas Paine, jr., was chosen treasurer for Truro. But as no agreement could 
be made as to his salary, Samuel Treat was chosen in his place, and he was to receive 
four pi'uce per pound for receiving aud paying out money. He held the office for only one 
year. In Aug. 1729, ho and Deacon Vickery wore chosen to make up the accounts of the 
late treasurer. Jan. 19. 1715-6, he was appointed executor of the estate of Daniel Sam, 
an Indian. Mr. Treat's will was dated May 14, 1733, and probated. Jan. lU, 1733-4. 
The inventory amounted to £588 4s. 6d. lie willed his daughtt^rs, Elizabeth Gross £5, 
and Joanna Harding, £25, and mentions his other children, Samuel, Robert, and Mary. 
Children, born in Truro, by his first marriage : 

96. Samuel,* b. July 8, 1700; d. May 31. 1711. 

EuzAUETH, b. Jan. 8, 1711-2; bapt. July 18, 1712: d. — ; ni. July 24. 171':), Simon 


JOAN.SA, b. June IG, 1713; bapt. June 24, 17U; d. ; m. Feb. L 173L'-3. David 


By his second marriage : 

99. Samcel, b. July 21, 1722; Impt. .bily 23, 1722 ^ d Nov. (?)— , 170(1; m., 1st, May 7, 1747. 



Mary Eustl»; 2d (pub. Dec.—. 1700), Elizabeth Breck. 

100. RoaBKT, b. March 27, 1725; l)apt April 4, 1725; d. - 


101. Maky. b. ; bapt. May 21, 1727; d. ; m. Fob. 2, 17*6, Kichard White. 

-; m. Sept. 22, 1748, Anna 

Sarah, b. — 
Will in 1783. 

bapt. Auj^. 30, 1730; d. In Infancy. Not m«utioned iu her father's 

14 Mary* Treat (Samuel,^ Robert,^ JlfcharcU), born March IG, 1682, in Eastham, 
Mass. ; died Jan. 4, 1722-3, in the northern precinct of P^isllian), now Wellfli^et, Mass. ; 
married Doc. 10, 1700, as his Urst wife, Dca. John-* Rich,' who died in 1747, of the 

' Ru-hatid' liicir. h. 

-, in Eri<,'land; d. In Iho Hili of 1G:i2, in Easthara ; in. 

-, Sarah Rob- 

erlt, (\n{f^\\lcv of Governor Huheita, uf Dover Nuuk, N. II. He wh.s ji imnluei'; inudu u freenuui at 
Dover In 1671, and lived at ihe Neck; was tnxed 1071-5; iiflerwurds removed lo Eiisthain, where lie 
wa* made i\ freeman Au^. 23, HJ8L Had >ix cliildren. — four sous and two dangliters. llis son : 

Dett. Jons' Rich, b. after HJ74; m. Manj TreiH, as above. 

Thomas KolHrtM, sr., of Dover, N. 11, according to tradition, cume to New En'^land in Ui23, with 
Edward aud William Hilton, mid was the most prominent man in town In HjS'J, when according to 
WlnlUrop, History of New England, he was chosen president of tlie court, or, accordlu«? to Bel- 
knap, governor. He lived on Dover Neck, below the meeling liouse. In 1H42, he wb?« the first «m a 
bat of twenly-fonr pcr8»)ns to whom land was laid out. In 1048, he was rated at £«*9 lUs. He was 
generally called *'Mr." bnt not always. Hit. death ocenrred between Sept. 27. 1(173, and .Ian. 30, 
bJ74. The linlk of his property was left to "niehard Hieh, husband of my danghler Sarah." So 
that the blood of two early Kew England jioveruors tlow.s in the veins of the descendants of Mary 
Treat and Dcr. John Rich. 



small pox. For his second wife he married in 1 723 (puh. Aug. 2, 1723), widow Ilope Seara, 
of ChnUmtn, AIsiss. Htn- niimu before iiiarnagc was II^^pu Ilowe^, of Yurmoulh. This 
piirt of tlie town of Easthftm was settled before 1670, and was calKnl Billingsgate. In 
1723, it was set oflf as a separate precinct. Mr. Kich was the first treasurer, serving from 
1723-I72G, inclusive. It was incorporated as a separate town May 25, 1703, under the 
name of Wellfleet. His will is dated June 15, 1 7-13, and probalc<i.Nov. U, 1747. In- 
ventory £874 15s. 6d. Mentions sons Robert, Reuben, Joshua and John; daughters 
Hope, Mary and Thankful. Am under obligations for much of the genealogy of this 
branch of the family to Obadiah Rich, E-iq., of Woburn, Mass., who very kindly allowed 
me the use of valuable MS. history and genealogy of the Rich family. In that genealogy 
the generation fljure is two less than in this. For instanco, John^ Rich in the Treat gen- 
ealogy is John^ Rioli in the Rich g«>nealog3^ 

Children of Dea. John anil Mary Rich, born in Eastham, now Wellfleet: 

103. Mary,* b. Feb. U, 1701 ; d. about 1743; m. . . Had n family. 

104- RonKBT, b. Oct. 23, 1703; d. ; m. . LyiHa • 

105. .loUN, b. Jan. 23, 1705-6; d. March 27, 1779; m. April 13, 1727, Thaiikfal Sear*i. 

106. Kkuukn, b. Feb. 6, 1707-8; d. Feb. — , 1714. 

107. Joshua, b. March ."^1, 1710; d. ; ra. Jan. 18, 1749, Hannah Bacon. 

^108. Moses, b. Julj 8, 1712 ; d. Feb. — , 1713-4. 

109. Hkubbs, 1 (^' J«np '^- 1^"'^? '"•• l^'- SepL 28. 17»8, U«rtbft 

I twins, b. April 18, 1715 ; V Smith; 2d, July 2, 1747. Uuth Brown. 

1 10. TnANKi'CL, J ( d. . m. ^ J, Harding. 

By his second marriage he had a daughter : 

HopK. b. May 7, 1725; d. June 23, 170<i, iu her 42dycar; m. about 1744. Col. EUsh* 
Doane, who became the wealthiest man in M&ssachusett'^, bijlng worth £120.0(HI. He 
d. Dec. a, 1759, aged GO (g. s. Wellfleet). He was a deacon of the cburcii« and 
made Lieut. Col. In 1758, In the army raised for the reduction of Canada. 

16 Abigail^ Treat (Samuel^ Rot^ert,^ Richard^), l>orn June 13, 16x6. in Eastham, 

Mass.; die«l ; married Oct. 7, 1708, Richakd Stkvkss. He came originally from 

Dover Neck,N. H. After his marriage, he removetl from Eastham to Truro, Mass., where 
he was admitted an inhabitant. May 10, 1710. Was one of the proprietors of the meadows 
and beaches at Eju>torn llarlior, and one of the s»'leclnien of Truro in 1720. The family 
Las always been a prominent one in town. The place where his house atixnl is still known 
as Slevena' bank. Mrs. Stevens was admitted to full communion in the church July 13, 

Chihiren of Richard and Abigail Stevens, all born and baptized, except |>erhaps Ibo 
fli'fttt in Truro: 

111. Lkvi.» b. Sept. 27, 1709; bapt. July 18, 1712; d. . 

112. RicUAun. h. Sept 4. 17tl; bapt. July 13. 1712; d. Dec. S«, 1792; m., Ist, June 11, 1741, 

Mary Gross; 2d. Nor. 10, 17i;^. Mary Nlckerson. 

113. Joanna, b. .\u^. 4, 1713; Iwipt. Aug. 30. 1713; *].- — ^-. 

114. Abigail, b. March 14, 1714-5; bapt. April 24. 1715; d. . 

jKRrsHA. b. Jan. 17. 1716-7; ba|»u March 17. 171C-T; U. Nov. 80, 178*; m. about 1TS« 

(pnb. teb. S6, 1735-C^. benjamin Collins. 

Joax, b. : bapt. !>cc. 7. 1718; d- in iufaocy. 

Master, b ; bapt July 2S, ITJI: d. . 

Jotts, h. ; bapt. Sept. IS. I7rt; d. Kor. 6, 1790; m., l8l, April W. I74J, Jo 

Smith; Sd. Kor. IS. 1744. Betty Mayo. 

17 Joseph* Treat {Samwti,^ RoUrt,'^ RidMrd^), boni Nov. 19, IWO, to Eaatbam,( 



Mass.; died Feb. — , 1756, in his sixty-sixth year, in Boston; marrted, first, June 25, 
1713, by Rev. Simon Bnulstreut, Mart^ Larkin', born Sept. 7, 16*J3 ; died May 6, 1742, 
agetl forty-nine (gravestone, Copp's Hill, in an excellent condition). Was admitted to tlie 
covenant at the Set^ond chnrcli in Boston, Jan. 22, 1715-(5, and her husband Joseph, Jan. 
2J^, I7S1-2. He married, second, Dec. 8, 1742, by Rev. Josliua Gee, Mrs. Saiiaii Mart 
(Skwakd) Farmer, born May 1, 1705; died Aug. — , 1797 (gr.aveslone, Brewer, Me., 
where her age is stated to have been ninety-five, wiiich is a mistake for ninety-two), and, 
a daughter of James and Edith Seward.^ Tlie gravestone was not erected till many years 
I aft«r her death, when her correct age had been fori^iotten. Joseph Treat was the first per- 
Diauent settler by the name of Treat in Boston, having gone there as early as 1713. He 
removed to Truro, Cape Cod, after 1720, and remained there for a few years, two of his 
chiMren appearing on tlie Truro church records as bnptlzed there, in 1723 and 1725. 
Upon his return to Boaton he was admitted an inhabitant. I find the following record 
among the miinites of the selectmen : 

**Jnne 26, 1727, Joseph Treat from Trnrow Gun Smith has the Liberty to Open a Shop 
an<l Exercise his Calling being admitted an Inhabitant having given Seciuity to hlemnify 
the Town." 

**Feb. 13, 1733. Voted, That To morrow at three of the Clock, The Selectmen Meet 
at the Town House to view the Small Arms LodgM in the Town Armoury, and that Mr. 
Treat Gunsmith be ordered to attend and assist at the view." 

Feb. 14. 

"The Select men being met accordingly view'd the small arms Treat and ^— 

Miller Gutismilhs attending an<l assisting at the view. They were directed to proceed 
with all the Expetlition possilile to the cleaning the Arms, and putting them in Urder for 
use, when oc^casioii slndl require." 

"Mr. Joseph Tr»>at Guustnilh Ap[)eared & Informed that Eleazer Iligginswith his wife 
and Six ChiMren came fraru Truio about Five Wet-ks past and live in Ciipt. Dowricks 
House, an<l that li'.' hiis no Substance but House hold Goods and desires that he migiit be 
admitted an Inhabitant, and the said Treat would be his Bondsman." Nov. 17, 1742. 

Jan. 15, 1750-1, the petition of Joseph Treat and others of Boston for liberty to sell 
a house was received by the General Court, and referred to a committee to report. 

'Edward' LARKtN. b. 

-, in England; d. nbont 1651. hi Charlestown, Mass.; in. 

J&anna . He was a wheeliTiakfr, and fldmlttc*! an inhnhitant of Charlestown, July 30. Kills. Will 

dated Sept. 16, IGSl. Inventory £123. Had nix children, — two sons and four daughters, llis sou : 

John*LaRKTN, b. March 10, 1<>40; d. Feb. 17, 1677-S; m. Nov. 9, 1664, Joanna Hah. He was a 
Inrner, Had six children. — three sons, and three daiight^jrs. His son : 

Bdward' Lahkin, b. Feb. 22. IG68-9; d. — ; m. Nov. 1, IC.SS, Marjf Walker. He was a chair- 
maker. Had elfjht children,— live Hons, and three dan^'hters. His daughter : 

Marv* Lakkik, m. Jonrph Treaty as above. See Wyman's Genealoj^ies and estates of Charles- 
town, pp. 599-COO, Vol. U. 

' Sarah Mary Sewakd, m. Ist, Sept, 13, 1726, Percival Farmer, who d. . By her Urst hus- 
band she had two children accordlnjj to the Bo^iton records : 

Pnvital Fanner, b. Sept. 9, 1729, son of Percival and Sarah Mary Farmer; d. ; m. July 

W, 1759, Snsanna Bently. 

Mary Farmer, b. Feb. 16, 1731, daughter of Percival and Mary Farmer; d. Nov. 4, 1798, aged 68 
(g. 8., Copp's Hill, where she Is called Mrs. Mary Farmer^. 

Her father, .lames Seaward, was n shipwright, and d. about Oct., 1709. Her mother was Edith 

, variously spelled in the UoHton reconlK, Eduy, K<ldc, E<la and Edee, who m. about 1692. 

Seven chlldrcu arc recorded as being baptized to James and Edyth Seward in the Second church, 

Jaxnfs, b. June 29, 1693; bapt, .Inly 2, 1693. 

William, b. ; bapt. i>ct. 6, 1695; Imried May 30, 1717. 



Mr. Treat was a gunsjnith by trade. He died intestate and insolvent in 1756, and wag 
proijulily buried on Copp's liill, but no gravestone now marks lii** resting plaoe. Among 
the expenses of the eatute are cluirges for me<iiciues in Fi*b., 1756, wiiicli probably fixes 
the tirae of his death. Letters of administration were grantetl to his widow, April 23, 
175(5, The total valne of the estate was inventoried at £054 lOa. 5d., equal to £87 as. 
4^i\. lawful money. (Suff. Prob. 51 : 324, 394; 55: 146-150.) In the inventory these 
items occur : 

1 silver tankanl £66. 5. 0. 1 negro man, Peter £75. 0. 0. 

The Indian wars, the great depreciation of paper money, and enormous taxes, had' 
caused much distress in those times. Failures were of common occurrence. The JVewl' 
Letter vrns full of bankruptcy notices. Tn April, 1758, the inhabitants of Boston petitioned 
the governor and council, complaining of the enormous taxes which had not only driven 
many rich men out of town during the last Ave years, but had driven many more into 
bankruptcy. (Mass. Archives, 117: 395-400.) 

The possession of slaves in Massachusetts was common in those days. It was not Mil 
March 25, 1778, that the selling of them was forbidden in Boston. The number of slaves 
in that town in Dec, 1754, and in the beginning of 1755, was 647 males and 342 fe- 
males, total 9JS9. I copy the following advertisement from the Boston New» Letter, July 
27. 1758. 

"At the Roval Exchange Tavern Boston, 
will be Sold by PUBLIC AUCTION 
"I'lT^''" Healthy, likely negro 
BOYS and gIrLS." 


Thomas, h. May 2, IcnZ; l>apt. May f», im)7- 

John, l>. Jau. 10, IC98-9; bnpt. Jan. 15, lUDB-O. 

Samuely b, April 7, — ; bapi. April 13, 1701, 

Sarah Mary, b. May 1, 1705; bapt. .May (1, 1705; d. Aug. — , 1797. 

Benjamin, b. Jan. 6, 1708-'J; bapt. .Jan. 9. 1708-9. 

In tlie Boston town records. Miss Scward'H name Is recrtstered simply as Mary Soward. In the 
cburcli n'cordw the baptism of Snmh Miiry Seward ts reconled but It is written In such a manner 
that in the printed list of baptinmis, In the history of tlic Second cburch, tlie name is put dti>\'Ti a« 
two separate names. In the letters of admluiRtration on the estate of Joseph Treat, her hUMband, 
and in subHcijucnt legral documents, she b called l>oth Sarah Mary, and Mary Treat. On her grave- 
stone she is called simply Widow Mary Treat, and she was married under the name of Mary Farmer. 
Aug. 2. 1749, a petition was addressed to Governor Shirley and the General Court assembled, 
wherein : 

**Iiumbley shewelh Edee Seward of Boston Widow that your Petitioner lias lived the relict 
widow of James Seward late of Boston aforesaid deceased shipwright upwards of forty years 
that soon after her Intermarriage with her said husband she liad n iiarnsome Portion befall hrr in 
money wherewilh her said husljand purchised a Small Pelce of Land lyiuj? In the Nortli end of 
Boston with one Small Single Dwelling house standing thereon, that she had by her saiii Husl>and 
Seven Children, and that lier said husband Died when the youngest of them wa» but about nine 
mouths old, that she with Great and manifold Dirticvdty as well as Labour and Industry procured 
a maintalnence for her Children till they were Capable of helping themselves, and that notwiili«iaud> 
Ing all her hopes of help and Relief from them In an advanced age, Go<i lias l»eon ideated In his 
holy providence to bereive her of them all except one Daughter; tiint a few years ago two of yonr 
Petitioners sons and their wives Died Lea\-ing each of them fieveraichiUlren under very nce<ly Dea- 
tltutc and exposed Circumstances, for whose Support as well HS her own yonr P«' >•■ 

been obliged to Dispose of the Chief of her movable estate, but partly for ye Use> 
for ye repairing tlie above mentioned Dwelling house is now in arcars upwards, of oja- Uuudnrd tt 
titty poumU wbicli house Is now mt out of rcpiiir that It will CoHt a (treat Sum to make it u^uel»> 
blG| and your Petitioner t>eiug now upwanb of four score yii&m of a^e and under great lufermity 



'I'he reference in "Drake's Boston, clinp. .'iH, p. 571, toAn<lrewTreJit, whoadvortisedshivos, 
June 12, 1727, is a typogrnpliical error. In Die original il is AmJiew Trent, not Ticut. 
The burinl of an Inrtian womnn belonging to Mr. Treat \s recordetl Dec. 18, 1719. 

Autograph of Joseph and Mary Trent, Aug. 2, 1749. 

Cliildron, all born in Boston except Joanna and John, probably born in Truro, and bap- 
tized there In the Second church, by his first marriage: 

119. .VIauv.» b. May 3, 1714; bapt. May 9, 1714; d. Aiiff. 24, 1744; m. Dec 9, 173C, Philip 

120. AmOAiL. b. March 10, 17i:.-r,; bnpt. Mnrrli, 11, 1715-6; d. — ; m. Feb. 22. 17:ifi, 

K\H'uv.zer Gross. 

121, JosKi'ii, h. Oct. 20, 1720; bapt. Oct. 23, 1720; d. Feb. 9, 172r^7 (p. s., North Trnro). 

122. Joanna, b. ; bapt. Jan. 20, 1722-3; d. May 1. — , aged 31 ; m. Nov. I), 1744, James 

►"• 123. Jonx, b. ; bapt. April II, 1725; d. , 1768; m. Sept. 2, 1747, Abigail Hartt. 

1« utu^rly unable to Do anything: either for her own Support or for the Discharge of yo arears 
aforesaid and is therefore iimU-r an nl>solnt<> iicceswlty of Seeking Liberty from your excellency and 
lloitonrs tn Sell the 8ftl<l Hoime and Land. Y«Mir Petitioner therefore most huuibly prnyn that yonr 
Kxeelleney and lioijoiirn would be Pleased to Grnint her power to Sell the Same and to pass Lawful 
deed^ for the Sale thereof and to Improve so nnich of the produce arl8ln>r from such sale ivs ishtdl be 
needful to DiMchar^e the Raid huiu of one hundred and tlfty pounds ah alHo for her future Support and 
an.vonr Petitioners necessities are Kxceeding Great and preH^lnj: So nIic erncHtly Inlreats your Ex- 
eelletuty and honours to bo as Speedy as possible in Uetennininj^ja ntethotl for her releif — either by 
the Sale of tin- pri-niisrs aforesaid or Ui such other ways as your Exeelleney amd Ilonours ill your 
(treat m hdoui shall think bent, an<l your Petitioner as in duty bouud shall ever pray &c. 
IJoston Autf. ye 2 17411 

Joseph Treat Edee Seward 

Mary Treat 
Mary Sewanl" 

Of tUc)i>e three witnt'isses, Mary Treat was tlie daii;jbter, aud Mary Seward the only grandchild 
then of age, of Eolith Seward. This Petition was granted Ang. 17, 174'J (Mass. Archives, 18; 

The slate gravestone of Mary Treat is in the old cemetery at Brewer, on the ridge, facing the 
Penobscot, In a line with, and a few feet from that of lier daughter, EllKalx'th Ilolyoke, next to 
whom Is that of her husband. John Ilolyoke. From the space bi'twt^en the stones to the memory 
of his mother and sister, we may inter that it was once the Lnteutiou of Maj. Robert Treat to Ixi 
barled there Idmsell . 


Mary Treat 

mother of 

Maj. Hcdwrt Treat 

&. Khi^ Ilolyoke 

died An;,', I7t»7 

."Kt. 1*5. 






JosMiTA. b. Sept. 22, 1729; bapt. Sept. 28, 1720: U. Aur. 12, 1802; m I'^t I)..- ;• ITr.ri. 
Catherine James; 2d, Dec. 25, ITy.'J, Mrs. Polly Iwincastcr. 

JosRi'H, b. ; bftpr. Jan. 23, 17S1-2; »1. yiHing. 

SA.MDKL. b. ; biipt. July 20. 17351 d. , 1815. Ill OrlsnU. Mc Ho la said to 

have l>ecn liuriod in the old cemetery near the Unlversalist ehun-h. Orlaiid village, In 
(he Gr«isH ruw. No Kravesioue. Aeconlinji to the llnucoek prolmte records. HoIrtI 
Trent, of Itjuij^or, wuf* appoiitti'd Jan. 5, lKl«>, adndniKtrntnr ijf Ihr esUite of Sttinuel 
Treat, hue of Orland. yeoman. He d. hite^tnle. Inventory .\prll I, IHU;. The prop- 
erty comprisetl nlnf lots of hind, and four rifjhts of common land in Orhind. valni-d 
at$l3:^5. Mr. Treat Hfts pr«dijilitv unmarried. Ilr .si-mih loliavetived with his nephew. 
Joseph CJrosft. He hud dealln^'i Mith hi.s brother Joshua at F«)rt IVnvnall mid is men- 
tioned in his aceotint book .several times between 17<>5 and 17(;i;. 

second cnarriiige : 

JoBKi'ii. b. ; bapt. Marrh .SI, 1745; d. . 

ELlZ.vnKTH, b. ; biipt. Dot. 18, 1747; d. Dee. 4, 18il0; n>. Dec. i:J. 17<18. John Hol- 

liomcuT, b. Jnly 14. 1752; d. May 27, 1824: tn., Ist, Nov. 2», 1774, Mary Partridge; 2d. 

Feb. 2H, tK04, Mary (iale. 

19 John* Treat {SutnueW^ Rohen,^ Richard^) ^ burn May 17, 1693, in EasUiain, 
Mas.s, ; died altotit 1762, m WelUleet, (?) Mass.; married Dec. 6, 1716, by Nalliatiiel 
Freeman, Esq.,'^ Young,* danghler ofJolm ami Riitti (Cole) Yonng. Mr. Treat 
removed to Truro; was received into the cliureh there Get. 20, 1717, nnti dismis.setl Sept. 
20, 1730. He was one of the eaiHost settlers in that part of Eaalliani called Billing«gttt«», 
which was incorporated in 1763, iimler the nnnie of Wellfleet. July 1^, 1710, l»y the ar. 
tides of aj^ii'crnent between the heirs of the KHlate of John Youriy:, John Treat and tils 
wire Abigail had the "Twenty acre Lolt Lying in sti. Harwich and also siattoeii pounds & 
five Hliillings out of llic s'd personal estate." For many years there was trouble in WeU- 
tleet in regard to the n]ini*iter. June 22, 1724, John Treat, his brother Nathaniel, and 
othei-8 "protested against Mr. Josiah Oakes any longer continuing y" work of y" ministry 
in tills Precinct and also against y^ assessors raising any assessment Cor s'' Oakes Salary 
or Seltleinent tliis year ensuing." Feb 16, 1728-29, at a meeting of the precincl, Mr. 
Treat and others were appointed on a coniniiltee to eive Mr, Ezra Whitmarsh "a call In 
order for a seltlemeut in y*" work of y** ministry in this Precinct for y*' consitlerntion of 
ninety pounds a year." Jan. 26, 1729-30, he was appointed on a committee to agree with 
Kev. Isaiah Lewis for a seltleinent in the ministry in that precinct. March 15, 1738, he 
was maile one of the wembers of the precinct committee. March 19, 1749-50, he was 
one of a committee to confer with Mr. Lewis about his salary. In 1752 and 1753, be 
was one of the precinct assessors- The year of his death is not known. He was alive 
in 1753, as his brother Joshua mentions hiin in his will. 

Children, the Brst seven probably born in Truro, where their baptisms are recorded, the 
other three probably in WellHeet, where all the births are recorded: 

130. E\PKRiK.xcK.» b. March 23, 1717-18; bapt. April 13, 1718; d, • 

131. Hannau, b. March 4, 1718-10; bapt. April 2(5, ni'J; d. -; ; m. June 2H, 1789, Ahleicr 


M«niN' YoUNO, b.- 

In Eiiijland; d. J.m. 29, ini»l; m. Dec. 13, 1»;4.S, at riymoiith, Abigail 

, who d. April 7. 16112. Hmi eloveti children, cljiht sons and llirec ilan^hters. Hb son j 

Jons' YorNO, b. Nov. IG, 1G49, in Plyinoinh; d. — ; ni. , linth Cole. Ills daui;htrr: 

Ahio.ui.' Young, b. 

- ; m. John* Treat vui above. 



AunMii.. I). March 14, 1721; bapt. July !•',, 1721; d. ; m. Oct. 13. 1748, .Toiiftthaii 

Et.iZAUitTii, h. Miiy 10. 1723; bapt. June 30. 1723; d. , 1803; m. Nov. 26, 1747, Ricli- 

jinl Cob't. 

UACHicr,. b. Nov. r», 172.'; liHpt. Sept. 0. 172fi; d. Dec. 23, 1800; in., 1st.. lyinrcb 10. 1747- 
48. 'I'lmmas Mulfonl; '2i\, March 1!>, 1750-51. Joseph C<»bb. 

MKUcr. b. March 13. I72M; Impt. Sept. 8, 1728; d. ; tn. May 11, 1750, Jedluh Lom- 
bard, of Truro, bitpt. Oct. 25, 1725, and sou of Jtdedluh and Mary Lomburd. 

Sauah, b. Oct. 23. 1780; d. . 

MiKTil.!, b. MHrch 27, 1733; d. Dec. 27, 1770; m. J«u. 25, 1752-.53, Dca. Willlnm ClilpmrtU. 

I'HCBK, b. Nov. 14, 1737; d- Jan. 14, 1789. Accordinj<; to the dhiry of Uev. Jud«' Diimon. 
Mhc wa» noH cotnpaB meiUiv, aud ngcd 44, which U h mistake as she vraa In her 52d year. 

20 Nathaniel' Treat (Samwl^, Rohi>rt\ Hichnrd}), hovu April 15, 1G94, in Ka^^l- 
haiii, M:iss. ; ^\'w^\ uboul 1 TSa, in Trnro (ir Wt'liUeet, Mass. ; innrncil Ot;t.H, 1710, inTruro, 
Maky Liuk, or Lyon. Rev. JnMe Dninon, PuRtor orUit Cburch lit Truro, wh(>i1ie<i Nov. 10, 
t8'JK, leiln private diary of<leHtli.s, which contains tliisentry ; **1791, March 19» the widow 
Mary TrPftl, a^erl ubont 95. She came from Enj^limil at the a«;e of lonrleon, nn<l was a 
person of a fine raiml and roiuist con.Hliliilioii. S\w trave nic a l.oleruble account of Lon- 
don and Westminster bridges *' Rev, Levi Whilninn of WoUlleet, in '*A Topograpliical 
D«!8ci*iption of Wellfleel, Oct. 20, 179;%" published in the Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc. Ist Series, 
p. 119, Vol. 3, informs iiH that "Mrs. Mnry Treat, wiione name heforo mnrringe whj* Lion, 
was horn in a vill.Mge near London, a<»d died in the himdredtli year of !»oi' age, wlu-n «he 
waa auiKjrannuated, «o as not torecollet^t lute transactions. She coiiKI he very particular 
in relating what was done in her youth. She would however often repeat the same tilings. 
I have Moveral limes heard her give a pariiiulur iii.-couut. of her l>eing in London at the 
corona lion of (leorgc the tiist." 

The coronation of George the first took place in 1713. After the death of hei" htn^band 
she is suit! to have resided in \V'«"tldeot, where she is also said to have died. She was held 
in the highest reverence by the Itjdiaiis, who seemed to regard her as a divine being. She 
also practised medicine, which in perliaps the reason wh^' she had so much inHuence over 
them. A family tradition reports that Hhe was sti»len in London when ten yeum ohL Of 
Mr. Treiit we Ujiow very little. June 2;i, 1724, with utiuus lie protested against Mr. Oakes 
continuing longer in the ministry at Wellflcet. He is said to have died young, aged about 
forty or forty-five. Nor is there any record whatever, — town, church, family, or probate, 
80 far as ki>own, of the names, or births of his children. F<m- the date of the death of his 
oldest son we are indehte<l to a private record, ant! a gravestone at WelUIeet reveals all 
that wc know as to the youngest. As to the oilier chihlren we are left to conjecture. The 
maiiimcs of Jemima, Muiy, and Anna Treat are recordeil in the Kastham records. As 
the children of all the other sons of Rev. Suinuel Treat arc recoided and known, with the 
Kception of Joshua, who probably had no children, and these three names do not occur 

Dong them, we think that we are justified in considering them lo be the children of Na* 
ihaniel Treat. As to Anna Treat we have positive proof from <lescenilants that she was 
a daughter of Nathaniel Treat. Besides, in the administration of the will of Thomas 
Mulford, probated July 7, 1748, we find charges paid Samuel Treat, Sarah Treat (his wife), 
Win. Treat, and Mjiry Treat, jr. Now Nathaniel Tient's wife was i»ame<l Mtiry, and Sam- 
uirl and William were his sons, and Mary Treat, jr., must iiave been liis daughter. I have 
plncc4l the daughters in the order of tb(*ir marriage, not knowing the dates of birth. 

Children, boru in Truro or Wellfleot: 



139. SAMrKt.\ h. about 1720; d. Nov. 1. 1805, tii hli» Bdtli yi'av; tii. May 7, 1741, Sarali Rlcti. 

140. Wtu.UM. b. nbout 1723; cl. April 4. 1749, in hU 27lh yeur (b. s., Wellfleelj. 

141. Jkmima. b. ; d. ; w. Mni'ch 1, 1744. Simeon Newcomb. 

142. MiUY. b. ', d. ; m. Oct. 1«>. 174y. ,)i*hv\>U WHitt. 

143. Anna, b. ; d. about 17<;n: m. Dec. 2», 1751. Thomus lll)Lrt;ln8. .'W. 

21 Eunice' Treat {Samuel,^ Uohevt,'^ likhnnV), Um) Sept. 27, 1704, in Kasilmtn, 
MnsN. ;tlitfilOel. 17, 174 7, in Boston, in h»>i Ibi'ty-tbin] veiir ; miimo<l .\|>ril 21, 1721, wIumi 
only sixteen yenift old, by Ucv, Peter Tbftcber, in Hoslon, Rev. Tiiomas^,' born 
April t^ HJ94, «lio(l Miiy liO, 17o7, iit Gennuutown, in Ui:iinlrec, Mass., at the Iiouho of 
his iluuglitoi- Abi^'uil Grcenluur. Ho waa burieil in the ol«l North cemetery, Weymoulli, 
Mass. Mrs. Pal no wan a very beautiful woman in person, a% well as singnlarly acM'om- 
l)lislic<l, refined and captivating in her manners. Mr. Paine entered Harvard College in 
1713, at the age of nineteen and gia«lnaled in 1717. lie was a great matheniatician, and 
published almanuCB in Boston in his own n.'ime in 171K and 1719. He uUo calculated 
the great eclipse of 1S()(>, His ordination to the ministry took place at Weymouth, Aug. 
VJ, 1719. On account of ill health an<i other causes, he gave up the ministry and re- 
n>ove<) to Boeton in 173U, though ho did not foimully iievei- his connection with his pnrish 
till April 15, 1734. The following incidetit probably influenced hiuj to abandon the min- 
ihtry. His salary was t'lOO in lawful money, but he was paitl in paper bills of the old 
tenor, worth nbout it shilling to the i>onnd. Ills house also leaked »o badly that in a rnin 
storm the family were obliged to move about an«l resort to various ex[>e<licnts to ttvoi<l tlic 
wet. This si>rt of trcatuient wjis very properly regarded by hitn as swindling. Ori^iii- 
nally a strict Calvinist, this sharp practice served to shako his faitli in th?\t system. Up- 
on hisVentovai to Boston, Mi'. Paine engaged in connnerclal pursuits, and had iron fo in- 
dries at Abington !iud Briiigewaler, Mass. At lir-st he was successful in hisbusiness, but 
owing to reverses about 1759, he h>st his pro|>erty, and went Ui resiile In Halifasc, N. 8. 
Uis heaitli failing, ho was obliged to return to Bruintree, where be died. 

Children of Rev. Thouius and Kunice Paine, the Grst thi-ee born in Weymouth, the 
others in Boston : 

144. AiutiAii*. b. .Murt-b C, 17?5; d Jan. 15, ISOl); ni. Oct. 17, 1749. Joseph GrvvuleaT. 

'Tiuimam' Paink, b. 

\u Kti;;)nnd ; d. 

-; tn. . Ilocumt' to New Eiigliind. nccord- 

Ini; to tradition In irii*4. briu^in;; with Idm a Min Tliormis, ten yenr;* old, who Imd pi-«-vii<>u!»ly |ohI un 
rye by an arrow. Some think that he cann" fnmi Uie North of England ; uUiern nuppoH*. iliui Uc came 
fiotii Kent. What became o( Tlioum»' t'akuv is not known, though U Is aupposcd tj/at he \s the 
Thoiuas Inline who srttlcd In Yurntuuth. Maa.*.., In IdXi. Hi5 ^ou: 

Thomas* Painx. b. abt»ui ICIS; d. Aui:. ir,. |7or., a^ed about 94; m. ai>oat I(t50, Mnty Sn<i», Ik 

; d. April ItS, 17iM. and d<«u. of NUii<da.«aiul Coii>t4itice Souw. Uo wii« adudttt'd a freeniui 

at riyiuoulii. Juuc 1. in^S; .<iottlv4l in Ka^tlmtu »(K>ut ITi^u; t>ccniuc a leading man iltcrt;, was elccicd 
luwu clerk fur ei^iit yi^krji, ?inil »c>lectmau rv»r ubtfi^L'it yvars; wa^ a o^imkt, n» U*- afllrmctl. aixl 
alj»o * « llnd t<rii cidldieu,— «ltfht i«ona ami two di«<^ -n: 

Jam 1CC5; d. Nov. — . 172?*. agvd r.3; m. April 9. 1' i<T. who ij. 

Jaljr Si. ilii. utid tbu. ui Col. J«>btt ' r Yarmouth. Msns., wN«> a 

pviikalfr tli« crliftirMlr^l cradle In nil ' I all the chlldreu of Ibr • .1. 

U* CVMOVtrd lo B«ru»Uble. Umi^., and trik» iidiaU»«d a toiru»iiain. May ^. li'>^: w«« • »«li<»4- 
l aa d wc, otUlef, cooper, cktk. aMi poeU Uad a«vca ckUdrctt,— iwo aoitt, aad i«« dans'-'* — 111 

TnoMAS* FADIB. b. April 9. IfiM : m. JTvnfov 7rv<tf. as above. 

8er Ik* Gcacmli^y of ib<* l*aln« y^imlly. by Joalah l*ali»e. pablt^Wd In Uic N. K^ Ubt. aiHl <;cDea- 
k«lc«l B«8lil*r, p. tH-^, VoL »i aad Um I'ialM Faailly R«conls. 


RODKUT TttHATV b. Oct. !», 1737; d, Oct. 21, 1727 ; buri.Ml Jil North Weymouth. 
Thomas, h. July 3, 1729: J. Au;;. 19, 1730; hurled nl North Wcvtnouth. 

RoiiBKr TitBiT. b. Mart'li 12. l7JW-:n;\l. Mny 11. ItiU; in. . 1770, Silly Cobb. 

EpNKTK. b. Mrty II, 17JW; d. Feb, 2, lHO:i; uinu. Funeral from the house of Uobert 
TrLtti r.iliiK, luM' brother, on Milk St., Rohiou. 

23 Sarah' Treat {Johu,^ Rohert;^ llkhard^), Iwjrri , In Newark, N. J. ; r1io(l 

after JdoL' 2o, I 744 ; married , Jonathan Crane, wliodicil June 25, 1714, iiged tJB 

>ears, 7 inontlis, 16 ibiy* (<!;rftvostonu, Newark ), und won o('Jjih|>iu* anil Joanna (Swuinr) 

Crane, who was one itf the unglnal settJera of the Now H;ivcii Colony. His wife ^snrvivetl 

him. as she waft called biti widow in 1744. SUe is said to have removed to Milford, Conn. 

Clilldren of Jonathan and SaraU Crane, born in Newark, perhaps not in order of birth; 

140. 8am I) la,* b. ; .1. . 

150. Calkii, b. rtlM>ut 1713; d. .July 10. 1703. atred 80. hnrii-d at Orange. N. .1.. m. —\ 

had John. Sarah, Ilatunili. llarriHon, I'hcbe and Wiiliatn. 
i:>l. Ki.i.iAH. b. ftbniu 17K5: il. April if4, 171)0, in hi- 74tli y^'.ir (tf. s.. Newark *. .. -, 

liachcl Beach, whod. Feb. 'Ih, 1804. s«ed78, anddau. of Kpenetus Reach, and had Klljuh, 

Jonathan, Kelx-cca. Lucy, Phi;l)e who m. Zephanlah Grant, Racliel who m. 

Sickle*, llanaah who in. Baldwin, Abitcail wh«i la. Siilnney, Annl.s who 

ni. Whilunn'f, and « dan. ulio nt. a son of Rev. Isaac Browne of Ti laity cinirrh, 


152. Nkmkmiam. b. aboiil J7ID; d. Auii H, 17.11, fK<ji^\ 32; ui. . Had Jonathan, wlio ni. 

Rachel riisl>e, an«l hud a son Nehemlah J. Crane. 

158. John Tkkat. b. ; d. ; ni. Had a son Aaron. 

164. JO.VATMAN, b. . 1724 ;d. Dec 8, I73:i, in his; loth year. 

)(fi. MjkUY, b. ; d. ; m. , Johnson. 

l."'fl. EuNicK, b. - — : d. — ; m., alwnt 17*0, David Johnson. 

32 Robert^ Treat {Uohert;-^ Ilohert^, Rkhavd^), Imptize.l Jan. 6, lGl)l-5, in Mil- 
ford, Conn. ; diu«l Sept. 10, 177(1, in his Heventy-tllili year fjiravoatone, MiW'ind) ; married 

, Jank LANtiSTAKi'". baptized Feb. 2, l()99,dle<l Nov. 12, I7t)3, and<ianj(lilerorik"tli- 

uel and Hannah Lanji^ilalf. Mr. Treat gradnaletl at Yale in 1718; wrvs made tutor in the 
institution April 7, 1721 ; resi«j:ned in Sept., 1725, nn<l retnrnerl to Milford, wluMe lie residetl 
on his farm. He published almanacs in 172;^, 172o and 1727, at New L >ndon, Conn., the 
celestial aij^ns being rnd*ily cnt in etn rpiad rates wliieli were raised to thy height of the letter. 
Timothy Green was the printer of the edition of 1727. In iSIay, 1736, lie was chosen deputy 
from Milford to the General Court, to which olHeehe was animally eleele<l, with the ex- 
ception of a few years uji to Ma\', 1767, inclusive; wa« auditor t*i ibe Colony aeeonnta 
from 173G lo 1744 ; was juslleeof the peaee, ami of tl«e (junrnin for New Haven county 
from 1742 to 1770; was one of the connniltee of war in 1744 and 1757; was ai>pinnted 
one of a committee of seven to undertake and arrange everything relating to the settle- 
ment of the Kev. ]\Ir. Whittelsey as colleague to Rev. Mr. Andrew, Dec. S, 1737. He 
was admitted lo full eomnninion with the church in Milford on tbe 3Ulb of April, 1720, and 
his wife Jane on the 14th of Jan., 1732. His gravestone describes bini as a 

•^Gentleman of Learning and inte^Mity who acted his part worthily in private Life» find 
iu variout) employments till he closed the scene Sepf 16, 1770, in Ids 7atli year. 

"U.sofnl In life on earth lamented. 
The ^niall and the ureal are there." * 

His will is dated July 11, 1770 ; his estate was appraised Nov. 5, 1770 ; Pbilo ami IL'thiiel 
Treat were executors. Il mentions wife J ine ; sons Philo, Robert, Isaac, and IJelhuel, 



aiul tliiugliLer .lime, wIhj whs to have £170. Tlierc is iit> mention of son Klijfili who wM 
prohnbly ileail. 

Chihh'eii, liorn in Milfoitl: 

167. PiMLOSKUiLiti,* h. , 1727; hapt. April 2'.i. 1727 <L May H, 171»H; lu., 1st, June — . 

1765. MiTcy Hull; 2a, , EUxabetli B.ililMUi; M, , Sarnh AtwnUT. 

168. lto«i:ui, ti. . 1730; Impl. Oct. 11. 17X0; il. A ok. 10, 1H07; m. . Mary Olnrk. 

I.V.). Eu.)AU, h. -, 1733; bapt. Oct. S8, UU'd , d. . 

160. Isaac, b. ; bupl. Feb. 16, llU-o; d. June 12, 1821>; m., 1st, , Susnuuft 

(^Iftrk; 2d, , Sarnli Bt-aii 

161. Jank, h. . 17a<>; bupt. Oft. 10. 1730; il (alive 1777); ni. ■. Bonjamlti 

SpvcH (alive 1777). 

162. BK-muKr.. b. , 1738; bapt. Nov. 5, 1738; <l. Nov. 25, 1820; rn., 1st. . Anua 

Camp; 2il, . Krziiih Iliird. 

33 Samuel Treat iWtbert,^ Robert;^ Hidutril^), hnpiizc*] Nov. 28, IfiOT, in Mil- 
foi'd. Conn. ; <lie<l AjmII 'JX, 1753, in his liltv-BOVCMith year (gravcj^lonc, Milfonl) ; injinie<i 

, Anna Ci.AHK,thiu^httM* of Siunnel Chirk, an<l \h^v\\ , 1709, dieil Doc. 12» 1731, 

in her tweiitv-thiid vear (jtjravestone, MilfVird), hnt ziccortlhit; to the t-huich roconls, died 
Dec, 30. Accrirding to tliesc recorrls 'Sairuiel Treat and Annri hia wiTc were forgiviMi and 
received to Hill conmuuiion, Jan. 12, 172H." His will was dated April 2«, 1753 ; mentions 
his two cldeatsoHH, who arc cxeciitors, and dan^litcr Kunico, i>nuianie<l at «h*ite of will, to 
whom he leaven^ among otliur ihinj^jn, £4000 old tenor. 

Cliildren, hum and baptized in Mi I lord : 

\\V.\. KuNicK.* b. ; bapt. .Ion. 11, 1730: d. (ahvo 175:i). 

164. Samuki., b. Auitf. fl, 172S; bapt. .Ian. 11, 17.10; d. Au^r. 17, 1787; m. June 27, 17.'. 1, Frances 

IG.'i. AiUGAiL, b, , 17:M); bapt. .Tmm 28, 1730; d. — (prolwihly dead in 1753, as she Is 

not nicuM«nu'd In Iut fath«r'« will). 

166. JiiiiN. b, . 17ai; l>apl. IJoc. », 1731; d. Oct. 19, 17U4, aged C8; m. June 27, 1761, 

Anna Bryan. 

34 Jonathan' Treat {Robert,^ Robert,'^ RicJtanV), horn Maivh 17, 1701, In Mil- 
I'oid. Conn. ; died May 31, 1779, a|je<l Aeventy-i*ij;lit (tfnivfstono, Milford) ; married, fii'st, 
about 1727, MakihaC'lakk, horn Jan. ;>, 1705-G, died .Ian. 12, 17j2, aged lorty-six (grave- 
stone, MiU'onl), and danghler of Dea. Thomas and Martha Chirk ; second, -y Anna 

TlUHAi.H, hai)tized A[nil , 17lli,ajid dunj;hter of .Sntnnel and Ruth Tihhal*. She was 

probably the widow Ann Treat who died Doe. Mj, 17i)9. aged eighty-one. lie and wife 
Martha were admitted to full connuunion, June 8, 1736, at the FnstChuicli, MiMbrd. 
Abraham Chirk, sifinerof the Deelnralion of Independence from New .Jersey, was deHCende<! 
from a brother of Martha Claik. Waa selectman of that town in 1752. His will was dated 
May 2H, 177D ; probated June, 177U. His ne[j1iew, Snnmel Treat, was executor. In it lie 
mentions wife Anna, but no children. Tlie inventory was dated Nov. 3, 177'J, an<l consisted 
of movables valued at £743; real estate £10o7. 

Only son and chiM, born in Mill'ord, by his first marriage: 

U',7 JciNATUAN,* b, rict. li;. 1727; bapt. JnncM, 17:}r.;d. April 22, 1740. ai^ed isy. 6m. (Jd. (a. »., 
Mllford). His mouunicnt is a line lar«:e saadstonu slab, stipported ou (Ivc pillarM. 

35 Abigail' Treat {Robed,^ Robert,^ RichanV), horn alKuit 1704, Iti Milford, Conn. ; 
died N(»v. 2, 177.'}, in her seventy -second year (gravesttinc, Huntingdon, Conn.) ; maN 
ricd June IT, 1720, Kev. jKiiKUUii Mills, born March (or May) 23, 1C'.)7; died Jan. 10, 



ITTfi, iii \\\h seventy ninth yenr (ii;i"Jivc«tone, fI*intin^r1on), and l\w thinl son and ch\U\ of 
Poler anil Joanna {l*oitei) MiIIm, of Wimhor, Conn. Mr. MiUh graiUiaUMl at Yale college 
in 172:?, tfvas called to tliecluiiC i at NoiLli Huvtiii, Dee. 2, 1723, hnt Lt>ok charge of that at 
liiplon, now Huntingdon, from Feb. 12, 1723-4, to Jan., I77t>, when he «lied, in the tifty- 
seeond year of his mini.stry. Two of hia sons gradnalod iit Yale: .lededlah in 1747, and 
.Sanniel in 17G5. See Orcntt's Histoiy of liiidf>c|K>i t, Cmin., pp. i)0t»-7. 
Ciiildrcn of Rev. Jedediah and Abigait MIIIb, born in Ilunlingdon : 

1G«. JKDKDiAii.''b. April — . 1727; d. ; m. Feb. 24. 176C, Mrs llaanah Hawloy, of Stfftt- 


fi«r<l. Conn, Residetl In Derby. Conn., and ia Jolmstowu, N. Y. 
Ei,i8Hv.b Mftvrh 2«;, I732-:i; •!. April 7. IrtHt; ni. , Mary 

-, vrho d. March 

31. 1S17. hi hiT W'.nh year. Was a nierclmnt at HniitlngUon.and a delegate from Strat- 
for<l for iho mtirtcntlon of th« U. S. CoiKstltution. 

170. Ia*»c, b. a>)out 178'.); d. April 17, ITflr., in his 2«Jth year (u- **-. Iluiuinjrdon). 

171. SAMt:KL. b. ; d. Feb. 14, 1814; m. , Sarah Humphrey, dau of Rev. DartUl 

Humphrey of Derby. Was a Congre|?ntlonaU8t iidnUter, and preached at Falriltdd, 
and Chester, Conn. 

38 Abigail^ Andrew (AhhjaiP Trent, Rftbert,^ Rirhard^), born about IGHG; hap- 
tizetl Jan. 29, UiH6, in Alilfovd, Conn. ; died Sei)t. 2.'), 1724, in M 11 fold ; married Aug. 
1, 170fi, by Governor Treat, her gramlfather, Gov. Jonxthax^ Law,' of Milfonl ; honi 
Aug. 6, 1G72; died Nov. G, 17/10 (gravestone), ami son of .fonalhaii'^ ajid Sarah (Clark) 
Law. Slio wa.s his tlurd wife. Mr. Law graduated at Harvard in IGlla ; was adinitte<l 
to full cornrnnnion in the First church in Milford, Sc[)t, 10, 1G'.>.S, an<l began the practice 
of law there the same year ; was justice of the peace in 170G, and justice of the quorum in 
1710; was clerk and speaker of the House of Riipreaeiitatives from 1715-1725* e.Kcepti tig 
one year; in 1725, was appointed cliief justice of the Supreme Court of Conueclicul, atid 
lieutenant governor, which ollk-e he held till he was chosen governor in 1741. He held 
the latter olllce for nine years till his death in 1750. The inventory of his property 
amounted to £.5000. His will mentions wife Eunice, wiio is to receive one-thirti of the 
estate and the negro woman Diruih, and is made guardian of her three minor cluhlren — 
Richard, John and i»nrnh, — till they are of age. Lands in Connecticut and Rhode Isl- 
and are divided between sons Jonathan, Jahleel, .Samuel, Richanl and John, and daugh- 
ters Sarah, Abigail and Ann. Sans RichanI and John are to be sent to college, anrl su[)- 
porled till they have taken their second degree. A codicil meuUoua son Sanuiel as "not 
able to lake care of himsellV' and requests the youngest two sous to take care of him. 

Governor Law was married five times, and resided in Milford, where his children were 
bom. He married ; 

First, Dec. 20, 1C98, Annk Ki.mot, born Dec. 12, 1G77. dieil Nov. IC, 1703, and daugh- 
ter of Rev. Joseph and Sarah (Brenton) Klliot, of Guilford, Conn., and granddnugliter 
of Rev. John EMol, the ''apostle" to the Intlians. Sarah Brenton waa daughter of Gov. 
Wm. Brenton of Rho<le Island, 16G6-IL Children : 

' RionAim' Law or Lawics. as ho writes Ids uamc In the earlU-st Stauirord records, was h, 

In KuKlnntl; il. about IC87. in Htaiuford, Conn.; m. , Mnnjnm KUbourn, dan. of Thomait 

Kilhourti. of Wood Dyttou, Caiiibrl«ltfOKldre, Entf. , wlu> ctni)orlJod April 15, M35, wllli U\n wife and 
live rldblrcn, ot London, for Now ICn^lund, In llu* t*ldp Increane. MiirBcaroi, ajred 28, was the eldest 
rldhl In KWH, was at Wribrrsdcld, Conn.; in lUtl, was anionj? tin* founders of Stamford; wan a 
very prointniMd man. Hud ihrtM- cidldn'tioiip -non an«l lw<» dans. His hom : 

Jonatuan' Law, h. alioni WAll ; d, .Jan. 'J, 171 1-2. in Id.** 7.'iili year: ni. . \Wi, Sunih Vlnrk, 

inn. ttt (ienrue Ctark, i>f MUrord, Had »rttti'd tbrn* at tiuit linn*. Had one eldtd : 

ioSAtHAH* Law, b, AU^. *h bw2; m Jhifjail Aixlrftc iis»]unr. 



JrIiUhjI F/ftW, b. ; bapt. ,hu\. 7, 1701; d. Auk 2, 1701. 

Sarah Law. b. ; biipt. Aug. 2i, 1701; d. .Inn. 18. 1717. 

3. Ann I.iiw, h. Antf. 1, 1702; bapi;. (no rcci>nl); d. Aug, 23, 177(»; m. Jan. 

1727, Kcv. StuiaK'l IlaU. of CUfKbirc Conn,; b, Oct. 4, lfit)5, in Wallinifford. 
Conn.; d Feb. 2<i. !77(i, and t*on of .John and Mary (Lyman) Hall. lie i;rad- 
naii'd at Vale In 171U. 

Second, Fob. 11. 1704-5, Abigail Arxolo, born about lfi85; i\\ei\ Doc, 14, 1705, 
njl«'t! twenty » an«l ilmigiittM" <»r Ciipt. .losiuli Arnold ol* Hutivur lli'iul, near Jatuostown, 
K. I., Hoii of IJouedict Arnolil, (hst governor of the Rhode It^iland eoloi»y. Son: 

4. Jonftthan Law. b. Dec. Ti, 170'>; bapt. Dec. », 1705; d. S»>pt. 24, 171K>. In hliHe-Itfh- 

ry-nnii year (•;. s.. Mllford) : tn. .Ian. 11, 173G-7, Eunice* Andn-w. See IHk 
Third, An*;. I, 1700, Abigail' Andrew, as iiljove- Chihlren: 

172. jAiii.irici.* Law. b. Feb. 15, 170»{-7 ; Impt. March 23, 1707; (I.Nov. B, 1781; ni. -. Ann 

; Mi.'Uli'd hi Chyhhlrv, Conn. 

173. Abio^il Law. b. March 12. 1703^^; bapt. March 18. 1708-9; d. ; m. . Kl- 

der George Clark, son of Gcorjfc an<l Mary Clark; bapt. Oct. 12. 1707: d. Sept- 2H, 
17f»4, In his 47th year (g. s., Mllfonn. Children b. In Mllford and bapt. Ui the Flrsl 

L ficorKc* Clark, b. ; bupt. .lunc. 1728. 

2. Jonalhan Clork, b. ; bapt April, 1720. 

8. AblKnll Clark, b. — ^; bapt. Oct.. 1731. 

4. Lol*i Clark, b. ; bapt. Aug , 17.*i5. 


8. .InliliTl Clark, b. ; bapt. .1 line. 1788. 

15. Hlchiud Clark, b. —-, bapt. Oct., 1740; d. 1750. 

^AMiTRi. Law, b. ; bajit. June fl, 1711; d, (alive IT'jOi 


IJfskUd ill MU-. 

175. IliciiAUO Law, b. July 8. 1713; d. Sept. 12, 1713. 

Fourth, June 1. 172H, Mrs. Sakaii (Clark) Buuk, of Fairfield, Conn. ; bom , 

dietl June 17, 1727, 4lauglitcr of George Clark, sr., of Mllford. She was donbtlcss Lbo 
widow of Chief Juslico Hnrr of Fnirileld. No issue. 

Filth, Juii. II, 173U, Mrs. Kinick (Hall) Asoukw. widow of Samuel Andrew (37.1, 
brother of Abigail Andrew, who was Mr. Law's third wife. Children : 

1>. Sarah Law. b. ; bapt. March 28. 17.'J1 ; d. Oct. 25, 173(;, agctl six yea 

(g. »., Mllford). 

10. RIchaid Law, b. March 7. 1782-3 ; bapt. March 11. 1732-3 ; d. Jan. 20, |80<J. aged 72, 

at New Li)ndon, Conn.; m. , .\i»ne rrcnils. of New I^ondon, b. .\prll M, 

1743. d, Oct. 8, I.S14, and dau. of C:ipt. John imd Sarah (Christophers) Pren- 
• llR He grndiiat»d nl Yale In 1751. and »enled In New London about 1751. Wtts 

nppolntetl judge of the New London County Court; whh ii member of the Con- 
tinental C'on«rcs«, 1777-8, 17M1-I; in 17h4 was a jmlgc of the Sopretne Coart 
of Coiinectleui. and in 178C. chief Judge; hi ITSf). wa* appointed district judge 
of the United Stales, which onice he retained till his deulh. II id ten children. 

11. John Law, b. ; bapt. Sept. 28. 17.Sfi; d.Sept. IC. 1770. lie eullsteU la the 

armyj and d. at the north during the French war. 

12. Snrali Law. b. nlvout I73C; bapl. Jan. S. 1737-8; d. Mny C. 1788, In ber48lh year 

(g. 8.. Mllford) ; in. : Ucv. Scth Tomeroy, of Grcenfldd, Mass. Ue gra 

uuted from Yale 1743. 

37 Samuel* Andrew {Ab/yaiP Tt^at^ Robert,'' Richard^), iMM'n , 168H; 

Vuiptixed OrU 14, ICHH, in MiH'ord, Ct>un, ; •lied April l^fi. I72H, of fever, in iii«» fonioUi 
year (jrruvejilono, Mitfoitl) ; niarriotl I)«m'. 9, I7IU, Ki'xick IULi.,uf Wnllaigfonl, Conn., 
Iioni March 7, 17iM), dic«l June iJ (Mhtndd Im« 2k 1771, a^l j»ovi»nlv-Hvo (gmvti!iUiii«, 
Grove 8U««t coroclcry, New IIavpn)»and dniigliter of Hon. John und Mary (li»yisuu)> llall, 

ROBERT trkat: fouktr genekatjon. 


of \\":il ling Ton!, Conn. For lier second Imslmml rIic manioil Jan. 11, 1730, Gov. Jona- 
than Lnw ; for her third husbunfl she manied after June 20, 17dG, C(jL Joseph ritkin, 
of East Flartrord, Conn., born Msiy 26, 1696, died Nav. 30, 1762, aged sixty -seven. He 
h.nd no cbiUh'en by hor. Mr. Andrew was a mercluint of Millbid. Hi** estate was iiiveu- 
lorJod Nov. 0, 1728, at £14.53. Widow Eunice was a[ipoint.eiJ bo .i<lminister the estate, and 
as guardian of lier four minor children, Samuel, Eunice, Abigail and Sarah. 
Children, horn in IMill'ord : 

170. EirxtrF.,* b Aug. Ifi. 1720; bapt. Sept. 25, 1720; d. Mfiy 2, 17fi2, fn her 42(1 yenr (;j. s., 
Miiroid) ; m. .Fan, 11, 17;ir.-7, .lonnthan Law. b. Dec. 6. 170">. d. Sept. '2i, 17'J0, iuu\ son 
of Jonrithun iind Abigail (AruoM) Law. Si-e 36, No. 4. (Miiltlicu born in Milfoi'd: 

1. Rnnlce" Lnw (twin), b. ; hnpt Ati;:. ao. 1741. 

2. Beneillct Arnolil (twin), b. Dtc. 20, 1740; bnpt. Au;,'. 80. 1741; d. Nov. ID. 1810 
(g. 8,. Orange, Conn.); in , l«r, .Tun, 4, 1770, Safali Bryan, b. April, 171".), U. 
Nov. 2J>, 17H5. In hvr ai'.tii yt'nr, and iliiu. of Oipt. RlclMnl mid (FuwUtr) 

Bryitn; 2d. . Henrietta Olbbs. Cliildren. born in .Vlilfutd, by his llrst niur- 

rlngc : 

1. .Tonnlhnu' Luw, b. Aut'. — , 1771 ; d. In Infancy. 

2. Sarah Law, I). ; bnpt. June, 1773. 

3. Bt-MU'dlct, ArnoUl Law, b. ; Impt, Feb., 177(;; m. Aug. (>, 17U7, 

TliankHil Sndth of West Haven. 
.Tonndnin Law. b. ; bnpt, 

-, 1778. 

-, 1822, In New Uaven ; in. 


5. liieiiard IlryunLiiw, h. .July 12. 1780; d. - 

April y. li^li, Anna Wuotlruff. 

6. Andrew Law, h. .Sept. 10. KSJ; d. , 1805, In Charleston, S. C. 

7. Sanilt Bryim Law, b. Oct. fl, 1785; d. ; m. .Tan. H, 1808, El)ene- 

7,*'T Jolin^^on. llml tliroo wont* and four dans. Son Charles Andrew 
.Johnson, Yale 1H37. is a lawyer; reHides lu New OrloanH, La. 
Uy Ills !iccond nwiniiij^e: 

H. Lymnn Law. I). Oct, 9, 1788. 

9. .lohn Gibhs Law, l». Fel). 12, 1791 ; d. Sept. 20. 1810. 
• 10. Harvey Law, b. .Inly 22, 1794. 

11. Esther Law. b. .Ian, ir>, 1797; <1. ; ni, Dec. 34, 1818, Fowler F. 

Fenn, of Tallmad<;c.Ohio. 

12. Wjllrs Law. b. April — , 1800; d. Aug. 9, 1819. 

13. Ilenriolta Law, b. Aui;, 19. 18iH. 

14. Alji<rail Andrew Lnw, b. May 29, 1807. 

3. Mary Law, b. ; Iwipt. March 10. 1744-5, 

4. Aim Law, b. : Iwpt. Mnreh 5, 1748-9. 

5. Abigail Arnold L'uv. b. ; bapt. .May HI, 17.52. 

Samckl, b Feb. 2:1, 1721-2; bapt. (no roedrd) ; d, Oct, Ih, 1700 (g. 9., Milford) ; m. Nov. 
8, 1748, Kllz«beth Ibrplnv who d. Oct. 13, 17<>0, and dan. of l>r- Jean Antoirte and 
Mary (Camp) Ilerpin. a KrenoluiHin who practised in Miifoitl llfty years, and d. Nov. 
14, 17<Jo. atfcd 74 (g. s.). The name was corrupted to Harpin to correspond with the pro- 
nnorlation. He vraduated at Yale in 1739; studied law, and enj^a^wJ in trade. Ills 
monument cuntainH tIdH In.scriptlon : 


JURIS PEurrns 

OBIIT rK'T""" i:>»"> A. D. 1760. 

OdUlrun born In Milford : 

1. Kllzabcth Ann" Andrew, b. Sept. 2(1, 1749; d. ; m. , Ezra Boleliford, 

tionof Setli liolrlilVird. 

Euniec Hall Andrew, b. Feb. 17, 1751-2; bapt. May 24, 1732. 




178, AttKiAtL, 

twins, b. Feb C, 1723-4; 


SARAn.b. March 27, 1726; d. 

bapt. Feb. •». 1723-4; d.Jtine 13, 17r,3; m. 

Ilov Wllllnia RiiM^cll. Ynlc 1745. She was udmlt- 
U'll totl»o First Cliiiri'li. Mllfurd, Aug. — , 1751. 

bixpt. Feb. 9, 1723-4; tl. . 

m. Oct. 22, 176J, 8t«pl»cu Ailing. She wa» aU- 

inlttcd to the First churth. Mll/ord. Oct. 20, 1751. 

38 Elizabeth' Andrew {AhhjaiP Treat, Robert,^ Iiichar(V),hon\ , 1000; bap- 
tized June 'Jii, nVMi^ in Millbrd, Conn. ; ilied Sept. 12, 1771, at^ed ciglily-one, in Boston, and 
buried Sept, 17, 1771, in Capt. Thomas Pott's tomb, under Christ Church ; married March 
21, 1710-1 UalStruirord, Conn., Rev. Timothy* Cltleu, D.l). (John,^ Jofm," Robert^) horn 
May 31, IG-St ; dieil Aug. 17, 17fi5, in Hoslon, and son of Maj. tlohn and Martha (Wiftwall) 
Culler, of Chnrleatown. Ilograduateil at Harvard in 1701, at ilie ageofsi'ventoen. Wasad- 
milted to the church in Charlestown in 1705. Sept. IG, 170!), he was called to settle over the 
church ftl Stratford, Conn., and was ordained Jan. 11, 170'J-10. The pari-shioners held 
him in great esteem. In 1717 he preached the election sermon at New Uavon. March 
21, 1717, he came to New Haven and txiok charge of ihe senior class of Yale College. 
In March, 1719, he was electe«l president of the college. On the 13th of Sept., 1722, the 
next day after Coinraencemeut, he, with others, appeared before the trustees of the col- 
lege, antl announced his disbelief in the validity of Presl>yterlan orders, and that he was 
tlnnking of joining the Church of England. On the 27th of Oct. following, he was ''ex- 
cused ftom all further service as Rector of Yale College." Nov. 5, 1722, he sailed from 
B«>ston for England to obtain Holy Oiders. He was ordained deacon March 22, 1723, 
by Di\ ( Jreen, Riahop of Norwich, in the Church of St. Martin in-the-liuldB. London, and 
tt few days later, on tf»c 31sr, was a<ivance<l to the priesthood by the same bishop, in the 
same church. Christ Church, Boston, was ronncd Sept. .'», 1722, and the chui-ch built 
and opened Dec. 20, 1723. Mr. Cutler was the first rector, having been scttlc<i Dec. 29, 
1723. His ministry extended over a peri(Ml of nearly forty-two years. His l\ineral Uiok 
place at the church Aug. 20, 17G5» and he was buried In Capt. Pott's tomb, under U)0 
church. Mr. Cutler was an excellent linguist and a great Hebraist and Orientalist, be- 
ing acquainted with Arabic and speaking Latin fluently. He was regarded by every one 
as a man of great learning, an<l lieUl in respect, thougli regarded as rather arbitrary in 
his manners. His will was dated June 29, 1757, and probated Aug. 23, 1765. Men- 
tions wife Elixabcth, who is executrix, to whom he leaves his negro woman, named Anna, 
a pew in Christ Church, .lands in New Hampshire, and the whole income of bis estate. 
To son John he gives books from his library to the value of £13 Sb. 8d. The other diil- 
dren, who are not named, arc to receive each 20s. The inventory amounted t«» £210. Is. 
ll^d. His library consisted of 1130 volumes, valued at £70 15s. lid. See CiitlsT iron- 

Children of Rev. Tiraotliy and Elizabetli Cutler, the Rrst five born in Stratford, tne oiiiers 
probably in New Haven, or Bostcm : 

Martiia* (twin), b. Dec. 80, 1711 ; d. 

-; ra. Feb. 85. 17.31, John (Jlhbs. of Boston. 


EuzAaKTH (twin), b. Dec. 30, 1711; d, In Infancy. 

Joux. b. June \9, 1713; d. , 1771. He grttduated i»t ITarvard lu 1732; xrent tO Bug* 

land In 1730, and lu 17.'»0 obtained the living of Cressing. Archblfthop Si-cker, in % 
letter to Mr. Cutler, dnted Aug. 2H, 1754. j-peaks of his son, .Udin. as hcin« then 
cnrate t«i Rev. Mr, Dean, of Roeklim in Knst^x. llr niu^ alive iu 1757. 

Eu/AiiKTii, b. Autf. — , 1715; d. March—, 17y5. agi'd w, hi Butttuu, and buried from 
Clirittl Church, Blarch StS, 1795; atim. 



185. TiMOTHV, b. Oct. 2'^, 1718; d. , I7;n», He Kruilutttcd at Hiirvard In I73t. iit the age 

of 10. 

IM. Saumi, h. ; d. July — . I'tW; iMirled July 4, 1700, from Christ Church, Bonton. 

IMa Ri'iH, b. about 1742; bur .Iidy '27, I'ho. atrml 5)S; m. July IH. I7.1H. Capt. Thomas 
Pott, mariner, at Christ Church. They hid :i dun,, EM/.alxHli INitt, linpt. April Ul. 
l7no. In ChriMi Church; bnr April 23. I7«|J. An Dr. and Mr^* Cntlorwi-rc both buried 
In Capt. Poit'ri Tonif*. and I cannot tlnd the KutU Cnllor mtMitl<iiud in either of tho 
Cutler gencaloj^les, I thinic she was also a dan. of Ur, Cutler. Capt. Pott died in 
17'JO. His will isolated Feb. 20, I71>0; prob. May 11, 171>0. Mentlont* wife Joanna, 
and a sister, bnt no children. There Is no mention of u tomb in the inventory. 

187. Abigail, b. ; d. Nov. — , 1703; burled Nov. 24, 17C3, from Christ Church, Boston. 

46 Dr. Samuel' Mather (Hannah^ Treat, Jlobert,^ RkhurcU), born , 1G77, 

in Ilr.'inrord, Conn. ; died Feb. G, lT4.'>-6, uj^efl sixty^eight (^ruvesLone, WindsDr, Cotm.) ; 
iiiarriod, lirst, April i:^, 1704, Adioail Gicant who died Sept, 1, 1722, aged forty-tbree 
(gravestone » Windsor), and <lun;^liter of Sumnel &w\ Mary (Porter) Grant; second, 
Mny ir>, 1723, Hannah Buckianu, wIio tlie«l March 23, 175K, A|>;ed sixty-ronr (grave- 
hionu, Windsor), and flangliter of Nicholas Buuktuiid. He graduated at Harvard in 1608. 
AVas a noted physician. 

Chiifhen, born in Windsor: 

\SS. Ei.iAKHi.* b. Feb. 10. 1704-5; d. Sept. 24. 1712. 

let). SAyiKt., b. Jan. (1. 170«>; d. April 2J>, 177!) (g. s., Northampton, Mass.} ; m. , Mar- 
tha Holcondj, who d. Dec. 2, ITh.^, In her JHth year (g. s., Northampton). He nrrmlu- 
ated at Yale In 172G. Was the llrst regular physician in Northampton, -where he 
practised for 50 years. He woii Holectman for twelve or fourteen terms; justice of 
the i>cflc:e from April, 1754; In 176i w.iis ai)pointe<l special justice of theconnty court 
of common plea«. Ho lind h\x children. 

IDO. TiMoriiY, b. April 2.S, 1710 ; d. April 5, 1752, aged 42 (g. 8., Windsor) ; m. , Sarah 

Marsliall- Had fonr children. 

191. AnuiAii,, b. Sept. 1, 1714; d. In Infancy. 

l'J2. N,\riiAMKL. b. Am;. 8. 171G; d. Auj;. 31. 1770, aged 54 (fz. s.); ra. , Elizabeth Al- 

lyn, who il. May 7, 1791, aged CH (g, s,, Wliidnor). Had fourteen children. 

IM. JoHKi'u, b. May 31. 1718; d. l>ec 27, 1732. aged 14 («. s., Windsor). 

1^4. CnAUUKs. b. Feb. Hi, l7iy-20; d July l». 17M',, agtsl 17 (g. »., Windsor). 

1»5. AiiiOAiL, b. March 6, 1721 ; d. June U, 1741 ; m. , Capt. Gideon Wolcott, who d. 

Jtine 5, 1701, In his 60lh year, and son of Henry and Knchel Wolcott. He ra., 2d, 
. Naond Olmsted. 

VJCt. Haxxah, b. Aug. 12, 1727; d. March 18, 17<J1, aged 34 (g. s., Windsor). 

197. Lucv, b. Feb. 18, 1720; d. Jan- 1, 1771. 

1118. Ki.iZAnF.rn, b. Jan. 22. 1731 ; d. Feb. 1, 181,'^; m. May 2, 17.'51, John Allyn. 

I'M. EuAKiM, b. Sept. 2r., 1732; d. June 11. 181(1, a;;ud 84; m. Dec. 4. 1755, Sarah Newberry, 
A gr. dau. of Gov. Roger Wolcott, and a ulece of (Jov. UUver Wolcott. 

58 Capt. Joseph^ Treat (Josejfh,^ Hubert:^ Richard^), bor» March 21, 1G93, in Mil- 
ford, Conn.; <Jieil May — , 1772, in ids eightieth year, in Milford ; marriuil, lirst, June 0, 
1720, Hannah Bdckinouam, born March 12, 1701-2, died May 25, 1733, in hav thirty- 
Rccond year (>;ravestone, Milford), and rlun<jfhler<>f John und Sarah Biickinj^hnm ; second, 

^vpt. 20, 1734, Clkmknce Buckingham, born June 3, 171<', died , a cousin of his 

rat wife, and dau}^hter of Gideon ai»d Sarah (Hunt) Buckingham. She is said to have mar- 

"ried, second, , M^-rwin. Hf» and his wife, Hannah, were adinitled Uj full 

tiornmunion in the First church, Milfurd, June 28, il'M). He subsequently united with the 
St.'cond socit!ty. May 7, 1724, he had about 200 acres of land hiid out on She[jatig neck. 
New Milford. He did not settle there himself, but two of his sons did. In May, 17311, 



lie wvis appoiutetl ensign of llie First Co. of the train band in Milfonl, and in 1711, lieu- 
tenant. He was afterwards cai)t:».in. lie was a d«j>«ily fidrn Miiftird for five year^* be- 
twiM'u 174H and 1750. Was si.k'ctn)an of llie town m 1770 and 1771. HIh tviil is datod 
March 16, 1772. Wife CkMUont and sou Steplieii were exocntora. AlL-nlions wife 
Clement; daugliLera Jane, Frances, KHzuheth, Ilannuh Sanfoit] — who rectiived liia ailver 
tankard, — Clement liigcrsoll, and iSarnli Fenn, wife of BcnjnmJn Fenu, jr. ; sons .Stephen, 
Joseph, John — who had Ids silver mounted cane — and Gideon. The personal i>roperty 
of his estate was inventoried at £420, real estate at i'1049 in Mil ford, and £183 in New 
Milfoni and Litchfield. 
Children, horn and baptized in Milford, by hia first marriage: 

200. JoKKi'n/ b. July 9. 1721 ; d. Aii^. 12, 1721. 

201. JosKi'H, b. Nov. 28, 1722; bttpt. June 28, 1730; d. .luly 27. 1701; ra. , Mary Mc 


202. John, b. Sept. 4, 1724; bapt, June 2*<, 1730 ; d. May 27, 1.S04. m. Aug. 17, 1749, Pheb« 

203- Uanxah, b. May 14. 1728; bapt. June 28, 1730; d. ; in. , John SaufonL 

By his second marriage : 

204. UiniAUD,*b. Feb. 2, I7:i:>-(1; bapt. Feb. 22, KS/j-fi; d. April H, 1760, in his 26th year 
(g. s., Milford) ; num. 

206. GiDKoN.b. May 6, 1'Hl ; bapt. May 8. 1 737 ; d. Get. 10.1746, In his 10th year (g. a., Milfoni). 
20(5. Jase. b. Auff. 24, 17i«J; bapt. Aug. 2G, 1730; (I. Aug. 14, 1786, of cousumptlOD, lu her 

4«th year (g. s., Milford) ; unm. 

207. StkI'UKN. b. June 22, 1741; bapt. June 27, 1741 ; d. Nov 29, 1807, In his r.7th yoor (ff. »., 

Milford) ; m.. 1st, , Deborah Newton, bapt. July — , 1751, d. June IH, 1782, agod 

30, aud riau. of Samuel aud Dcborali Newton ; 2d. Dec. 25, 1786, Snrab Lambert, AvhoU. 
Dec. 81, 1826, aged 79 (g- s), and duu. of Jesse and Anne (Peek) Lambert. Mr. Treat 
was noted for his eccentricities. Professed lIU Ids death U* lie a anhject of Kiug 
(M-urj»e, and annually celebrated his birth aud coronation day by the tlrlnt; of cannon. 
Was an outspoken and brave Tory. Intlueed a niece to name a son Cieorge Rex In- 
gersoll i)y a j^ift of land. There wa.s no steeple on tlie Secoud clnnvii till 17fl9, when 
one was Imilt liy Mubscriptiou. iSlepbeii Treat j^ave the bell. His will U dated Not. 
— , 1807, and tlic estate was divided Jan. IC, 1808; Inventory 03178.81. Mcnliona wlf« 
and relations. Had no children. 
20S. C'LKMKME. b. July 18, 1743; bapt. July 21, 1743; d. May 18, 1817; m. March 9. 17G8, 
David lujserHoil, 

209. Sauaii, b. July 20, 1745; l)apt. July 20, 1745; d. Aug. 12, 18!18; m,, 1st, Oct. SI, 1T«M, 

Lieut. Benjamin Fenn. jr. ; 2d, , 1797, Maj. Eiisha Fell«»WH. 

210. t;ii»i.<iN. b. net. 22, 1747; bapt. Oct. 2.^i, 1747; d. July 11, 1811; m. Nov. K). 1770, Lu- 

cretia Washburn. 

211. Fhance-s h. March C. 1750; bapt. March 17, 1750; d. Nov. 27, 1831 ; m. Aug. 31, 1772. 

(iideon Camp. 

212. Elizaiiktu, b. Nov. 6. 1762 (clinrcli reeordn missing from May 26, 17".ri to Mnreii U. 

17t;r) : d. Oct. 7, 1801. aged 49 (g. e., Milford) ; m. , Enoch Clark. 

213. Davjo, b. Dec. 3, 1750; d. . 

59 Ann' Treat (Jos^'ph,^ Jlohcrt.^ Rkfiard^) , Ufun Ann. 'M), DJ1J6, inMilfnrd, Conn.l 
•lied Dec. ."il, 1723, in her tweiity-ei<;;hth year (gravestone, MUford) ; ninrri«'d Sept. 25, 
171H, Milks AIkuwin, jr., who died May 14, 17«J4, in hi.s lorty-llfth ynnr (grnvestone^ 
Milford). For his second wife he raurried Nov. 11,1 730, Mrs, Mary Allen, of Now llavcn. 

Children of Miles and Ann Mcrwin, born iu Milford : 

214. Mii.ifS.Mi. Nov. 2t», 1711>; d. Ang. 1>, 1721. 
2i:.. Av\. h. Die. -j-A. ]:j:\. 



61 Sarah' Treat (Joseph;-* Rnhert.;^ RiclmnV), Uom June (5, lOOf), in Milfonl, Conn. ; 
»li«'.«i Nmv. 12, 17-lx, ill \wv fort.y-nintli ycHi' (gniveslone, Milford); »nJU"ric<l Mairli 15, 
1721-2, as liis soeotul wiTc, Uicuakh'* Ukvan, jr., bod of Kicli:ml ami Sninli (Plntt) 
Hiyan, He was :uliiiittc<l to the First cljiircli, Milfurd, June 27.1741. Tlie reconls 
bl»€ak of tlie lm[)li8n>, I^Iny 31, IT.'^O, of "Itich.nrd, Muliitsibli', Surali luul Fr.ineos, chiU 
• Iren of Riclinrd Bryan, jr." His line of descent is : liiehnrd,'* born Oct., 1666; died 
Jiui , 1734-d; RicliMrd,'-* horn in England; Alexander,' liorn in Eogl«n<l. For bis 
first wife lie married Meliitable ClarU, daughter of Samuel and Mary Clark, who died 
Aug. (?), 17*21, after giving birth to twins: Richard'^ (twin), born Aug. 15. 17:21 ; died 

; married Jan. 13, 1742, Surah Fowler, daughter of John and Susan Fowler, who 

died Feb. 5, 1803, aged oightj^ (gravestone). He was called Captain Ibyan. Meliitable^ 
ftwiii), born Aug. 15, 1721; rlied June 7, 1798 (gravestone, Mil ford) ; married al>out 
174U, David Ingersoll, born Sept. 4, 172t), died Feb. H, 1742 (gravestone). 

For his third wife he ranrrie<l , Sarah Merwin, daughter of John Merwin, and 

by her had a (laughter Sarah,"' nnmariied at the time of his death. 

Children of Richard and Sarah Bryan, born and baptized in Millbnl : 

LMC. Sauaii.» b. Jnnc 4, 1723; bapt. May 31, 1780; d. Oct. 2«i, 1739, In her I'tli yeiir (g. sV 

217. riu-VCKS, h. Ang. 10, ITi'fi; bapt, May 31. 17:10; d. Jnno 13, IBOr,-, in. Juno 27. 1751. Dca. 

Samuel* Treat. See 164. 

218. AxN. Ij. Keb. lU, 1730-1 ; bapt. April 25, 1731 ; d. June 28, 180G; m. , Jolui* Treat. 

See 168. 
21'). Maky, b. March 7, 1736; bapt. May 0, 173C; d. ; nv , Zacharlah Marks. 

64 Rev. Richard* Treat (Joseph,^ Itohert;^ RickanV), born Sept. 28, 1708, in 
Milford, Conn. ; died Nov. :."J, 177H, in AI)ingt<on, Penn. ; married, lirst, May 24,1733, 
by license, in the First Presbyterian church, Philadelphia, Maijv Thomas, who died Sept. 

22, 1742, bj her twenty-ninth year; second, , Mrs. Riuikcca Lkkcii,' who died 

Jidy 1, 1785, in her seventy-si.xth year, and widow of Isaac Leech, who was a mcmher of 
the Provincial council of Pennsylvania, and a large land proprietor in and aroirnd Philadel- 
pliia. His fai her Tobey Leech, came to America about 1700. Mr. Treat graibiated at Yale 
in 1725, and received the degree of S.T.D. from the same institution in 177<i. He was 
admitted to full comnmnion in the First church, Milford, Oct. 4, 1730. After preaching 
some three years in New Jersey and Peniisylvanin, he was ordained over tlie ehnreli at 
A'lington. Montgomery Co., Penn., about ten miles from Philadelpliia, by tlie Pliila<leb 
pliln Presbytery, Doc 30, \l'^\. David Evans preached the sermon and spotvc of him as 
n godly and considerate man. He was a member of the Philadelpliia Presbytery from 
1732 to 1741-2. In 1739 and 1740, Whitefield came to Abington. Uuder his preach- 

' From The Pennsylvania GazHle of July 20, 1785 : 

*'0u tlw l8t instant ilieil. at the of Mr. Snuim^l Krw'm. in the Manor of Morclnnd. Mrs. Ile- 
^K'cca Tr«'nt, widow of ihu Reverend Dr. Trent, late of Al»iiigtou. Slie wu.s a wonuin of u siroji^ 
and ilpcisivc mind, and reranrkable for a quirk and pcnetratiiiir (Ibconiiuent. She was enKn.Ucd in 
llu^ fjirly part of her life in active and l)U8y st'cnes, and wa.-* dlsitiiffuLshed for the prudiMirfand tlrni- 
uetiti of her conduct. But this In her lowest praise. She wasn good woman nnd a piou.<4 ChristlAn, 
exemplary bi tlu- disclmij.'e of all the private and r<'lnitve duties, Ix.ilovrd l)y her friena.s, and re- 
Hi»o«-trd l)y all who kiicw her. Sho lK)re her hist illness with ('liristian rej<i:r»'ation, and when ex- 
luinttU'il naturr aflf-r a fi'w HtrujL'yfles gave up the c«»ntc»t. »)\c cahnly sank awny, and expired tiitbe 
7iini year of her n);e. She avuk bittrred in Uie grave where the Vi^ieinhlr ruiuaint* of her former 
Iin^haiiit were deposltcil, and u funeral sermon well adapted to the occa&lon was preuclied hy the 
lleveretKl Mr. Teniiaiii, from 1 Cor. xv, 54." 


EOBEHT treat; fodrtb ornrration. 

ing which was oflt-n in the grave ya.u\, Mr. Treat hecnine^'ooiivlcted of sin," and felt Ihnt 
he Imd heretofore iiulnlgeci in false boi»e3. He became r revivailsl. His zeal and fer*'or 
for lost sinners whs jireiiMy increasetl, ami ins laijors were hlesae<i in a wontlerful degree* 
yet tljcre was some <li8sension in tlic congregation. Tl»e Piiilaiieipliia Presbytery uow 
began to regard liira as a ''ringleader In destroying learning and good order," He ac- 
cordingly withdrew from tlittn in June, 1741, and with others like himself, who were zeal- 
ons for what they regar<led a» evangelical religion, joined the New Brunswick Presbytery, 
under the name of the synod of New York. He became a prominent man In the councils 
of the society. In June, 1743, he visited Abington, and preached to the seceders from 
the old chnrch, who iiad formed a new chvirch, an«l intended to settle over them, but the 
strong o|ipoaition from the old society prevented this step. William Black, in bis Joarnal, 
shows how the "New Lights" were regarded by some : 

''After the Dismissing of this Congregation, 1 went a Second time to join the New 
Lights where I found one Treat holdinjj: forth, but nover in my life did I hear or see any 
like him [jrctend to mount a Pulpit. I thontrht with myself, Surely he was very Dark and 
wanted some New Liglit very much. I con'd not for my life find the least Connection 
between any of the Sentences of his Discourse, at last being tir'd with his Harrangue I 
came of." rUiludclphia, Sunday, June 10, 1744. 

In 1741, tiiere arose a trouble in the church at Milfoi-d, Conn. Some forty-seven per- 
sons, dissatisfietl with Mr. Whittekey's moderate religions opinions, seceded and estab- 
lished a Presbyterian clnnch. They niet with much opposition from the ohl society, Imt 
in Nov., 1742, built a church and placed themselves umier the Presbytery of Now Bruns- 
wick. They held the first public m^'Cttng the first Sunday in Dec, 1741» in a private 
house. Mr. Treat was sent to Milfoi-d 1.o heal the difficulties there, an«l preached for 
them in Jtine, 1743, But instead of coming to nn agreement among themselves, they ex- 
tended him a call Aug. 10, 1743, which by advice of the Prcabytory of New Brunswick, 
be declined. In 1751, the Abington Presbytery was formed, of which Mr. X»eat was a 
member till it was merged into the Philadelphia Presbytery in 1758, the "Old Side" and 
the "New IJght" parties having united. Jan. 14, 1756, Richard Treat and oIIkm-s, in- 
habitants of tlie province of Pennsylvania, signed a petition to the king for putting the 
colony in a state of defence against the French and Iiuiians. This was aimed especially 
against the Quakers who frotn religions scruples were uvcise to bearing arms. 

He often [)reached on the West Branch of the Forks^ of the Delaware, Allen township, 
CundierhiTnl Co. ; at the ordination of Lawrence in 1747 ; at the institution of Ucv. Mr. 
Clark, Oct. 13, 17G2, and shortly before his death which took place in 1778. lie was re- 
garded as a very pious man and a peace-maker, and died fidl of good works and much 
regretted. Mr, Treat wjis one of the trustees of the college of New Jersey, at Princeton, 
from its charter organization in 1748, till his death. He published a sermon preached 
April 2, 1747, at the Forks of the Delaware, at the ordination of Daniel Lawrence; a 
sermon preached at the funeral of president Samuel Finley, 17GG. who was ordained 1740, 
died nGfi, aged fifty, and president of New Jersey college; and a letter in The Penn- 
gi/loauin Chronicle for July 18, 1768. His wife and three sons, — Rev, Joseph, Dr. Mala- 
chi anil Dr. Samuel, — survived him. 

'Whitctlclfl purHiftstfl .>0<Xt acrt'M of \ni\<\ nt the Forks of tin- T>..lawrtrc In 1740^ far £2200, to f<.»nM 
A Rcttlnnrnl fur tlmse pcrHccutcd for cjm>cifr)re' sake. Sec also IHslory of A lion Townsliip I'ns- 
bytcrljn Church, Phil., 18TG. 


The following epitaphs are to be found in the Presbyterian graveyard in Abington. 
There are no town recoi-ds. 

BORN SE1*TEMBER YE 28™ 1708 


Brnkatii this mauble rlerps the dust 
Of treat tuk great the good & just. 

a pa8t0k patriot friend sincere, 

An HUSBAND kind & parent dear. 
His COUNSEL wise his doctrine plain 


Mors Sanctis vita Eterna. 



WHO DECEAS'D 7BK YE 22©, 1742 

A gigantic tulip tree grows directly out of her grave, between the head and foot>stoncs, 
both of which are partially embedded in the tree. It was necessary to cut a hole in the 
trunk in order to find the year of her death. 










JULY 1ST A. D. 1785 

IN THE 75""! YEAR 




Cliililien, born a«(J bapUzoU in Aliington»by his first roaiTluge: 

220. J.isEPii*. b. ; bapt. April 21, 1754; d. . 1707; ra. , Mr«. Elizabeth 

(IJrynnt) WoodrufT. 

221. MAi-Ariii. I). ; iMipt. Mnrch IK. 17:'.:.-fi; <l .Tuly2S>, 170."i. In New York. aiim. Noth- 

iiij< 1h known of llio i-arly life uf Dr. Treat. lie was probal»ly uuuiod aftrr ihu 1^•v. 
Maliirhl Jum'K. from WalcH, who organized the tlrst PrcKbytcrlau church In Abiuutuu, 
III 17-11. Was a pi*actisiu;K physiciau in New York as early as I7<)5). In 177«5, he? was 
adnilUi'd a profesMor of medicine In Kinu'M, now Columbia CulU'iro. New York, and the 
f»anit' ywir was made surgeon of a militia company. He had been for a lonj; time ouu 
of the l>oard of examiners for the odndsslonof candiilato^ Into the hospital department 
from New York. Feb. '2'2, ITTG, he wns Te<|iieste<l by the N. Y. Provliu-lai Council to 
tUul Mouie place for a hospital for soldiers. On April 11, he was rei|ueste<J by iheNew 
York cotiiniltiec of Safety to take care of the small pox patients sent to Lltlle'liorti 
Islniid. June '», he was i>rdereil l)y the coniieil to l-akocbari^e of rertaln nuHllolues,amI 
be palil a reriisonable Hum for his trouble ; but on Aug. !). he turned them over «f* nollMj- 
liis; r>afe in New Jcr>»ey. Oct. 2G. 177(>. he received from tlicN. Y. cotniulttec «)f safety, 
£107 Ts. (kI., h\n account for medicines and attendance. April 11, 1777, he was ajv 
polntiHl physician irenernl of the hospital for the northern department. The par wa* 
*5 |»er day and six rations. Sept. ,10, 1780, a bill was Ipasswl for re-organixing tho 
hospltnl department, and Oct fJ, Dr. Treat was chi.»8en cUief hospitJil physician, being 
known a^^ ii f^urueon of the very hlphest order. Sept. 2C.. 17«3, thec<Hnnmnder-ln-chlef 
;:rnnled fnrlouKhsi to!«nch of the metUcal statfas were no longer nece^iary. ^'hlch was 
equivalent to an abandonuH'nr of the hospital department. The office t>f rezcnt of llie 
uiilveoity of New York, wan created by an act i»f the leslslature of New York, May I, 
1784. Finding It dltllcuU to assemble a 4|uoruni of t)mt body, as many of them UvckIJ 
at a distance from the eity, the system was rhaufted by a new act, Nov. 12, 1784, an<t1 
new appointments were made. Dr. Treat of New York city was added Nov, 20, 1784. 
Feb. 13, 178H, he with others signed a memorial to the New York Leijislttturc in favor 
of Vermont us a separate itato. He and W. W. Morri* wore the patentees of tho viU 
laire of (iroene, Chenanj^o Co., N. Y. He was also one of the truHtees of Cedutubta 
CoUeife 17D2-J. Was health ofhccr of the port of New Yerk at the time of his dcaLh 
by yellow fever, July 2*), 17i>i3. 'Hie Jonrual of that dati- ^ipi'ftks of him as *'emtoont io 
his profe»*Hlon and Indoveil by ail who knew him." 

222. S*ML'KL. b. ; Impt. March 5, I737-«; d. Feb. 14,1812; m. . Agnes HQllinss- 


22:1. EuxAnKTn, b. ; bapt. Sept. 20. 1740; d. . 

124. MiHY. b. ;b«pt, Nov. 4, I742;d. April 8, I74fi,airwl Syrs. 6 mos. {_g. s.. Ablngton). 

65 Edmund^ Treat (Jo««'/jA,3 Rottert,^ Richard^), born Nov. 20, 1710, in Milfonl, 

Co»n. ; tliiHl Sept. 22, IKOl, ngevj 91, in MilToni ; roarrietl, first, , Alice Buckimo- 

DAM, born Nov. 20, 1715, dicil Jnne 1, 1785, aged 6'J. ami daughter of Gideon and Sarali 

(Hunt) Buckingham; second, May 8, 17K6, Kluakkth Oviatt, who died . In 

Uic copy of the chui'ch records her name is incorrectly spelled Uvit, and she is there 
stated to bo ajjed 21, and he 73. For her second huslmnd sl»e m.irric<l, 3Iay 31, 1H04, 
Klias Smith, of New Milfonl, Conn. Ho was among those who in 1742 (pialifKMl in onlerl 
to form the Second Society. Was a farmer. A»i domestic animals were allowetl to fee<! 
at largo and in coinmon by the early settlers, every owner was ohlige<l to distingaish Uis 
crcalnm t\rotik his neighlK>rs* by private marks, which were registere<l in tlie town reoonis, 
tlins : **K<lmond Treat marks his ci-ealnros with a tennaut on the left ear & a cross of ye 
to|i of right ear. Entcretl April -Ith, 1732." *'Kdmund Treat marks bis Geese by cqt- 
ting a silt down ye right foot l^etween ye onUide elaw and ye middle claw. Knterc«I Kbh. 
?8Ui, 1743--I.*' A committee ap|H>intei1 to settle Edmund Trent's cluirgc* for cnrini* for 
a i-i»w foiiiul in asuirciiii;^ oondiliuii. :i«;<l itiin €l 10^.. M iv II. 1747. TTi->^««ill was 



riftletl Jnn. 15, 1700. Inventory in Ian<^8 and household goods amounted to £1031 17s. 
9d. Mentions wife Elizabeth and his four t^liihhen. 
Children, born in Milford, by his Urst uiarringe : 

225. liONALD.* b. ; a. Morcli 24, 180«; nv. Int, , Mary ; 2d, . Mrs. 

Sarah (Siutth) Stone. 
Ass. b. ftl>out 17fl5; d. Dec. 6. 1812. a^od 77 (>. s., Mllford); m. , Capt. Natlmu 


Clark, bnpt. April—, 1730, d. July 4, IH07. a^ed 7r» <g s ,) and son f»f Thomas Clark. Hatl 

a son, Treat Clark, b. , 1765; d. May 27, 1830, aged 65; m., Ist, Dec 1«, 17'J<;. Sibyl 

Ncttlcton ; 2d, Aug. 5, 1805, Nancy Clark, who d. Feb. 18, 1847, agedCti (g. a , MllXord}. 

227. Sarah, b. about 1744; d. Jan. 9, 1813, ayed 69; m. Fletcher Prudden. 

By his second marriage : 

228. Isaac, b. Feb. 22, 1788; bapt. AprU 6, 1788; d. Sept. 2S, 1858; lu. Feb. 10, 1810, Elea- 

nor E. Stilea. 

66 Elizabeth^ Treat (Joseph,^ Robert,^ Richard}), born Dec. 12, 1712, in Milford, 

Conn.; died ; married .Sept. 2, 173G, James David.sos. Administration wag 

granted on his estate to widow Elizabeth March 8, 17fi'l, and in April following she was 
appointed gnardian to her minor aon fsaac. 

Children of James and Elizabeth Davidson, born in Milford: 

229. J.vMBrt,» b. Aug. 24. 17;J7 , bapt. Aui*. 2«. 17;)7 : d. April <». 1826, nged 80 (g. s., Milford^ ; 

ra. , Anna , >vbo d. Nov. 12, 18'.'6, a^ed 84. Was a captain. Ue and his 

wife were admitted to the First church March IC, 1788. 

230. John, b. Dec. 15, 1789. 

231. Anurkw, b. April 16, 1741 ; bapt. April 19, 1741. 
£32. Jj)SEni, b. ; bapu J.-m. V», 1742-3, 

233. RicilAUi>. b. ; bapt. Miiy 11, 1746. 

a»4. Isaac, b. . 

67 Samuel* Treat {Joseph,^ Robei-t,^ Richard^), born Aug. 13, 1714, In Milford, 

Conn. ; died (some years before 1802), in Washington, Conn. ; married, first, Oct. 

26, 1743, Bedlah Jennings, of Fairlield, Conn. ; second, ■ — •, Mehetable . She 

must have been dead in 1795, when Mr. Treat signed a deed of land. His granddaugh- 
ters write me that they never hcaril that their gtaudfather was twice married. Perhaps 
Mehetable iu the church records may be a mistaki.% or his wife, Jennings^ may liave had 
two names. Ho removed ft-oin Milfonl to Washington and, with his wife, Mehetable, 
united with the Congregational church there in 1757, by letters from tiie church in Milford. 
Previous tx> 1779, this town formed a part of the town of Woodbury. He afterwards 
joined the Church of England, and St. John'8 Church having been organized in 1792, 
soon after the name of Samuel Treat appears among the members. He was wont to re- 
mark that, "One could tnako a very good chivrciunan, after that he had been everything 
else." June 4, 1795, he gave a deed to Joseph Titus. 

Children, the first six and perhaps others, born in Milford and baptized in tije First 
churcli there, by his first marriage ; the ninth, by wife Meiielable, baptized at Washington : 

286. Samurl* (twin), b. Oct. 29, 1744; bapt. Nov. 21, 1744; d. iu Infancy, prob^jly. 

Maky (twin), b. Oct. 29, 1744; bapt. Nov. 21. 1744; d. ; m. Sept. 27, 1762, Joel Titus. 



Bkclah, b. Jan. 15, 1745-6; bapt. between Jan. 19 and Feb. 9, 1745-6; d. March 30, 

1M4, agi'd92 (98?), In Watertuwn, Conn. Shorn. , ManvUle, <»f Watcr- 

towu. I ^appose be wa.s David .ManvilU;. who d. AprU 6, 1839, aged 93. He m., 
lat, Susamm , who d. Oct. 24. I7WG. Widow Beulah Manvllle il. March ;J0, 

1844, ajii'il 92, ncri»rdinK to a record, 
glvcu US 92, instead of 98. 

Think 6hu was Buulah Treat, though her age is 


210 ROBERT treat: fourth oeneration. 

288. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 19, 1747; d. in infancy. 

239. Elmathan Peet, b. ; bapt. Junfe 18, 1749; d. in infancy. 

240. Elnathan Pekt, b. ; bapt. Sept. 1, 1751 ; d. . 

241. Samuel Peet, b. Sept. 29, 1754; d. July 6, 1837; m. , Sarah Thompson. 

242. E1.IZABRT11, b. about 1756; d. Feb. 19, 1841, aged 85, in Washington. She was an In- 
valid and never wallced a step for seven years, between the ages of 18 and 25. 
243. Abijah, b. about 1761 ; bapt. Dec. 16, 1761 ; d. Jan. 5, 1799 ; m. , Mary Sperry. 

244. Hkpzibah, b. ; d. — ; m. , Warner. Had a son, Treat* Warner. 

68 Stephen^ Treat {Joseph,^ Hobert,^ Richard^), born Oct. 10, 1715, in Milford, 
Ck>nn. ; died Nov. 13, 1794, aged 79, in Middletown, Conn. ; mairied, first, June 12, 1746, 
• Miriam Clark, born March 15, 1726-7, died July 12, 1754, and daughter of Joseph and 
Miriam (Cornwell) Clark; second, Dec. 9, 1756, Mrs. Mercy Bronson, of Farmington, 
Conn., who died Feb* 28, 1810. Mr. Treat was admitted to full communion in the church 
at Middletown, Aug. 18, 1765. Three of his daughters, Mercy, Anne and Ruth, were 
baptized in infancy, and Miriam was admitted to the church July 2, 1769, upon profes- 
sion of faith. Mr. Treat early removed from Milford to Middletown and passed his life 

Children, born and some of them baptized in Middletown, by his first marriage : 
246. Stephen,* b. May 26, 1747; d. — = ; m., Ist, Dec. 2, 1778, Grace Sage; 2d, . 

246. Miriam, b. Oct. 30. 1748; d. ^ m., Ist, , Abraham Ranney; 2d, , 

Johnson. She was baptized July 2, 1769, on profes.sion. 

247. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1750; d. ; m. , Josiah Wilcox. 

248. John, b. Oct. 29, 1752; d. Nov. 18, 1822; m. Nov. 27, 1783, EUzabcth Lancton. 

By his second marriage : 

249. Amos, b. Oct. 23, 1757 ; d. Nov. 6, 1788 ; m., Ist, Feb. 8, 1781, Mary WUcox ; 2d, Dec. 26, 

1787, Rebecca Stow. 

250. Mercy, or Maky, b. May 23, 1769; bapt. Nov. 4, 1759; d. , 1794; probably unm. 

261. Hannah, b. April 13, 1761 ; d. ; m. », Solomon Sage, jr. 

262. Anne, b. Aug. 20, 1763; bapt. Sept. 11, 1763; d.— ; m., 1st, , Malony; 

2d, , . 

253. Ruth, b. May 1, 176<j ; bapt. May 18, 1766 ; d. ; to. , Ranney. 



69 "Roberf^ Freeman {Jant^ Trent, Samuel,^ Robert,^ lUchar(V), l>orn Aug. 12, 
BtXj. in Kiistham, Ma8s. ; dit^'d Sopt. 27, ITf)/), lii Poinfret, Couu. ; miirrU^d April o, 1722, 
|a«y 1'aink, of Flasthiim, born Fob. 1, lGJ)5-(5, ami daughter of Eli^lia Psiiiie. She mar- 
'd for hf.r second Imsband, Deacon Waldo, of Norwich, Conn. He moved from Truro, 
[4188., to Canterbury, Conn., l>efore the birth of his last child. All the children were 
nrried except Elijah, and all the others, except Hannah and Simeon, reBideil in Connec- 

Chihlren, the first eight born and baptized in Truro, the ninth in Cftuterbury : 
254. Eluah,' h. Jan. 6, 1722-3; d. about 1748, aged 25, in Nova Scotia; unm. 

2r»5. UKi»Kcr*, b. Sept. 23, 1724; d. \ m. , Abraham Paine. 

860. Hannah, b. .\prU 28, 172fi; d. ; m. , Capt. Chapman, of Boston. 

Had two children : 

Hannah' Chapman, b. . Joseph^ Chapman, l>. . 

267. RiiUKRT. b. Doc. 31, 1727. 

258. Mary. b. Aag. 18, 1729; d. — --, m. , Holmes. 

Elisiia, b. July 2, 1731 ; d, about 18."^0, aged 90; ra. 

-, Mercy, or Marj', Vincent. 

J. SiMKOx, b. April 28. 1733; d. July 2i, 1772, aif«d 39, in Boston; m. (pah. Jan. 12, 17G3) 
Elizabeth .hick.son in Boston. Was a sea captain. 

1. MEKt:Y. b. March 11, 1736-6; d. ; n». ■, Olmsted. 

2. AuiOAiL, b. ; d. ; m, ■ , Howell. 

72 Capt. Constant' Freoman {Jane^ Treat, Samuel,^ Robei%^ RirJiard^), born 

larch 2a, 1700, in Eabtbam, Mase. ; died May 3, 1756, aged fifty-six (gravestone. North 

Truro, Alass.) ; married, first, Oct. 20, 1726, Ann"* Lakken, of Chnrlestown, Mass., born 

May 16, 1704, died Jan. 26, 1730, daughter of Edwani and Mary (Walker) Larkin, and 

a youjiger siBler of Mary Larkin, who mai ried Josepii* Treat, INIr. Freeman's unrle ; sec- 

nd, , Mi's. Jank (Ela) Doane, widow of Nehemiah Doane, of IJuHitou. i>he died 

lay 21, 1762, in her flfty-eighth year (gravestone. North Truro). Mr. Freeman's estate 
ras taxed in Chnrlestown in 1729. He returned to Truro, and was a farmer, a mariner, 
Dd a captain in the militia. 

Children, the first two born and baptized in Charlestown, the others iu Troro, by his 
st nuiiTiage : 

203. AxxA,« b. .Inly 27, 1727 ; d. June 8, 1814, a widow, in Bmnswlck, Me.; m. May 28, 1767, 

I^aac Hlfiffins. of F.aslhnm. 
104. Cox'jTANT, b. May IJ, 1729; d. Feb. 6, 1800; m. 1st, Sept. 19, 1754. Lois Cobb; 2d. Jan. 
31. 1792, Mrs. Susanna (Cazneau) Palfrey; 3d, Dec. 11, 1796, Susannah Mitchell. 

By !»is second marriage : 

2(16. John EL.i, b. Sept. 9, 1734; d. , In Jamaica; unm. 

2r.6. Nkhe.miaH, b. ; bapt. Dec. 4, 1737; d. in Infancy. 

,67. Mauv, h. March 5. 1740-1 ; d. Aug. — , 1790; m. April 6. 1761, Silas Knowles. 

2(18. Nkhk.muii, b June 7, 1743; d. , 1762, drowned at sea. 

269. Ehnuk, b. Oct. 12. 1746; d. ; m. Dec. 6, U6S, Hezeklah Harding, of Truro. Re- 

movc<l to Brunswick, Me. 

73 Mercy^ Freeman (Jane* Treaty Samuel,^ Rohert,'^ Richard^ ) , l>orn Aug. 31, 1702, 
I EastUiim, Maes. ; died Dec. — , llUG, aged eighty-four (gravestone, North Truro, Mass.), 

212 ROBERT treat: fifth generation. 

but Nov. 10, 1784, by a private record; married, first, Oct. 8, 1719, Calbb* Hopkins,^ 

born , in Easthara, died about 1741 ; second, June 28, 1749, Benjamin HiooiNS.of 

Eastham, born April 19, 1701, died , and a son of Isaac and LydiaHlggins ; third, 

Dec. 5, 1771, Ebenkzek Dtkk, of Truro, who died July 23, 1777, aged eighty-two (grave- 
stone, North Truro). She was admitted to full communion in the church at Truro, April 
17, 1720, and dismissed to Eastham, Aug. 13, 1749, after her marriage to Mr. Higgins. 
After his death she returned to Truro, and married Mr. Dyer. She died at the house of 
her daughter, Mercy, who married John Grozier. Caleb Hopkins, her first husband, 
yeoman, was one of the first settlers in Truro. Meadow land was laid out to him on 
Pamet river as early as June 17, 1703. He also owned meadow land at East Harbor at the 
time of his death. His son. Constant Hopkins, was appointed executor of his estate, Oct. 
21, 1741. He died intestate. The inventory, dated Nov. 29, 1741, amounted to £671 
12s. Mr. Thomas S. Hopkins, of Washington, D. C, is preparing a genealogy of the 
Hopkins family, and I am under ol)ligations to him for favors. 

Children of Caleb and Mercy Hopkins, born and baptized in Truro : 

270. Constant," b. July 28, 1720; bapt. Aug. 21, 1720; d. June 15, 1800; m. Dec. 1, 1743, 

Phebe Paine. * 

271. Mauy, b July 18, 1722; bapt. July 22, 1722; d. Oct. 21, 1795; m. Oct. 21, 1747, John 

Cross, of Boston. 

272. Thankful, b. May 20, 1724; bapt. June 28, 1724; d. ; m., Ist, June 22, 1746, 

Elisha Paine; 2d, , 1767, Freeman Higgini. 

273. Calkb, b. July 28, 1726; bapt. July 31, 1726; d. Sept. 12 (or 80, family record), 1799; 

m., l8t, Nov. 4, 1747, Mary Paine; 2d, June 16, 1777, Jane Vernon; 3d, March 22, 1781, 
Mary Williams. 

274. Jonathan, b. July 27, 1728 ; bapt. Aug. 25, 1728 ; d. , at sea. 

276. Simeon, b. Feb. 7, 1731-2; bapt. March 12, 1732; d. ; m. Aug. 28, 1766, Betty 


276. Mkrcv, b. April 26, 1784; bapt. May 26, 1734; d. April 26, 1817; m. , John Gro- 


277. Jamks, b. Aug. 16, 1736; bapt. Sept. 19, 1786; d. ; m. Mehetable Freeman. 

278. Joshua, b. Jan. 10, 1738-9; bapt. Feb. 4, 173'.); d. , at sea. 

279. Abiel (dau.), b. Aug. 21, 1741 ; bapt. Sept. 27, 1741. and called the dau. of Mercy Hop- 

kins, whereas the others arc called the children of Caleb Hopkins, which proves that 
the father was dead at that date ; d. . 

74 Hannah^ Freeman {Jane* Treat, Samuel,-^ Robert,^ Richard^), born May 8, 
1704, in Eiistliain, Mass. ; died Jan. 13, 1758, in Iter flfty-fourll) year (gravestone, North 
Truro) ; married Aug. 20, 1725, as his second wife, Micah* Gross,* of Truro, mariner, 

' Stephen' Hopkins, b , in England; d. , 1644, In Plymouth; m., Ist, ; 2d, — - — , 

ElizabHh . with whom, and son Giles and dangliter Constance, children by Ids first wife, 

he cnme to New England in the Mayflower, in 1620. He had nine children, — three sons and six 
daughters. His oldest son : 

Giijcs' Hopkins, b. , in England; d. about 1690, in Eastham; m. Oct. — , 1689, Ctuh- 

arine, or ''Catone" Wehlon, who died March 6, 1688-9. Lived in Yarmouth for several years, 
and then returned to Eastham. Will dated Jan. 19, 1682, probated April 22, 1690. Had ten chil- 
dren, — five sons and five daughters. His third son : 

Caleb* Hopki.hs, b. .Ian. — , 1650-1, in Eastham; d. , 1728, in Eastham; m. , Jdarg Wil- 
liams. Had four children, —three sons and one daughter. Ills oldest son : 

Caleb* Hopkins, b. ; m. Meixy Freeman, as above. 

• The name of Gross Is variously spelled In old records— Grosse, Groose, Groce, Grose, and 



who <\m\ Oct. 8, 1753, in his sixty-eighth year (gravestone. North Truro). She owned 
tijo covenant May 1, 172G. Mr. Gruss' will is (kted M ly 27, 17.)3; prob.iteiI l)w. 4' 
1753. Mentions wife liunnuh ; children Simon, £l)enozur, Tsniel^Mury Stephens, Jontih. 
Benjamin, Hannah and John. Son John was '*lo learn tlie mariners' art." To grandson 
Micali, son of.Ton.ah Groas, was given a silver headed cane. 

Chiiciren of Micah and Hannah Gross, born and baptized in Truro: 

MjcAn,«b. Feb. 2fi, l72fi-7; U. 
Ji.NAif. b. Dec. U. 1728; d. — 
.TosKrii. b. April 2(i, 1731 ; d. - 

-, lost at sea. 

-\ ni. Dec. 21, I74y, Dorcas Dyer. 

— , li>st a I sea. 

— . 17511; m. March 17, 1757, Rath Dyer. 

Bksjamis. b. S*'|>t. G, 17:13: d 

HAVNAn, b. Fob. — . 1735-fij d. Jn hifancy. 

lIiN.VAii, b. March 17, 1710-1; d. ; m. March 20, 17C0, Juhn Ridley. 

Joii.s, b. Feb. 6, 1744; d. (?) Jan. 12, 182.^, aged 78. 

75 Eunice^ Freeman {Jane* 

25, 1705, in Knsthain. Mass.; died 

Treaty Samvel,^ Robert^^ Rfchard^)^ born Nov. 
; married March 4, 1732-8, William Cuockkii, 

of Tniro, Mass. The family afterwards moved to New Loudon, Conn., and had nine 
chUdren in all. 

Children of William and Eunice Crocker, born and baptized in Truro: 

2«I. Bn.LK«, b, ; bapt. Jan. 27, 1733-4, 

288. John, b. ; bapt. Sept. 5, 1736. 

Grosw. Tt 18 supposed to be of French origin— De Cross. The biinuHllati' famHy cami' from Eng- 
land. Am indebted to Mr. J. M. Burgess, of Boston, for miich information in re^^anl to the early 
history of this family. 

Isaac' Gko>.se, b. , In England; d. ; m. . Came with his wife and Ihrce sons 

— Edmund, Cleujent, and Mattbcw— to New England before 1(J35. lie was a brewer, but called an 
husbandman when admitted to the First rintrcli In Boston, April 17, 163»», fronj wliieli he was dl»- 
mUbed in lfi.S7, as an .Vntinomlan. He followed Jobn Wheelwright to Exeter In H;37 and 1038. Had 
large possessions of real estate In Boston, where are now State street and Faneuil Hall, and at the 
North End. Was a man of consequence and had the title of Mr. Had three sons. His son : 

Clkmkvt' Grossk, b. , in England; <l. ; tn before 164», Mnry , Was a brewer. 

In ItioH was a licensed innholder, and was such In IG78 in Boston. Had eight children,— the sons 
and three daughters. Ills .son : 

Simon' Gicossk, b, abo\;t l«;r»(), in Boston ;d. 

- ; tn. Oct, — , 1675, Mary lionrl, of Boston. 

He Is generally supposed to have Ijeen a son of Clement Grosse. though some think that he 
Mas a son of Kdmund, his brother. At any rate he avus a grjiudson of Isaac Oroose. He n-- 
moved to Hingham, where lie was a ronlwainer It is supposed that there was no male lnh)U>liant 
by the name of Grosse in Boston In IG'JJ. Had eight children, — live sons, two daughters, and one 
child «ex unknown. His son : 

MiCAtf* Oit4)s.s, b. Feh. 20, Iflt^S; d. Oct. 8, 17r.8; m., 1st. , Mary , who died July 

1«. i7i4, In her thlrty-flfth year (g. s., North Truro); 2d, Aug. 20, 1725, Hannah* Frtemnn, as 
ftbore. Children by his first marriage, born In Truro: 

Simon* b. May 2. 170!); d. ; m., 1st, July 24, 1720, Elizabeth* Treat, dau. of Samuel 

Treat, of Truro; 2d. Feb. 14. 174!*, Mrs Phebe (Knowles) Collins. 

Ehtnrter. b. Aug. 17. 1713; d. ; ai. Feb. 22. 1730, Abigail* Treat, dau of Joseph Treat, 

of Boston. 

Umeh b. .April 28, 1718: d. Oct. 19, 1781$. aged 70; m , Ist. , Ellxabeth Rich; 2d. Dec. 

23, 1702. Lydia I'aine. b. Aprils, 1731, d Oct. 0. 17yO, and dau. of Dea. Moacs and 
Margery I'aiue. 

Mary. b. June l>. 1720; d. ; m. June 11, 1741. Richard* Stevens, jr a loubIu of Ellza- 

abeth and Abigail Treat. 



76 Elizabeth' Freeman (June^ Treat, Samnely^ Robert,^ Richard^) ^ bom Feb. 

4. 1707-S, m Eastham, M:is9. ; died Oct. 5, 1771, aged sixty-four (gravestone. North 

Tniro, Mn-*s. ); married Feb. 19, 1729, Jaites Lombaud, yeumari, born Oct. 11, 1703, 

die<l Srpt. 12, 17<j9, aged sixty-live (griivestone, North Tniro), and son of JfdediRh and 

Ilsuinuh (Lewis) Lombard. His will is dated July 20, 17C9. Inventory amounted lo 

i'a37 OS. bd. Mentions dauglitcrs Racbel, Mehitable, Hannah Pike, Jane Rich, Sarah 

Rich, and sons JauieB, Lewis, and Ephrairn. The name Lombard is 8})ellfd in various^ 

ways ill old dotuiments, as Lombard, Lumberd, Liunbart, Lumbert, Lumbeft etc. 

Children of .Tames and Elizabeth Lombard, h»orn and baptized in Truro: 

289. Jamk«.« b. March 31. 1731; bapt. May 9. 1731; d. - - ; m. March 28, 1754. Tliankfttl 


290. Sakah. b. July O. 1733; bnpt. July 8, 17S3; d. Aug. (J. 1734. 

291. Elizabktu, b. July 4, 17.*li5; bapt. (no record) ; d. . 

292. Hannah, b. Nov. 16, 1737; bapt. Dec. 16, 1737; d, Dec. — , 1881; m.Dec. 13. 1750, T-.J^. 

203. Lkwis. b. March 17, 1789-40; bapt. April 13, 1740; d. Oct 9, or 20. 1H14, In his 74Ui v. iir; 

m. . Elliabcth , who d. Sept. 80. 1818, iu her 87tb year (g.8.. North 


294. Jank, b. April 22. 1742; bapt. June G. 1742; d. ,- m. April Uh 1704. Thacher Rich. 

2U.'». Ei'niMVM, b.Junc 13. 1744; bapt. June 22, 1744; d- ; m. Nov. 17. 1774, Mehilftble 

290. Sarah, b. Sept. 15, 1746; bapt. (no record) ; d. ; m. March 10, 176«, lilchard Rich. 

2I>7. Uaimikl. b. April 20, 1749; bapt. Majj 21, 1749; d. -; m. Jan. 23. 1772, Benjamin 

Colli nj«, jr. 
2l»8. Mkhktablk, b. April 11, 1751 ; bapt. May 19, 1751 ; d. ; m. March 12. 1772, Zacchcas 


77 Jonathan'' Freeman {Jane* Treat, Samnet,^ Rohert,^ RirhnrrV), born June* 

9, 1710, in KaritJKUii, Mass.; died , 1779, in Gorhatn, Me.; married Oct. 6, 1731, 

Rebkcca BiNNEY, of Hull, or Nantaeket. Removed to Gorliam, Me. ; after the birth of 
his sixth cliilil, it in 8uid, in the infancy of that township. He left his farm to Uia chil- 
dren, who settled in the neighborhood. 

Children, the first four born in Truro: 

299. Ja.nk* (in the bapiismal and family n.'cord, but Jessk lu the town records), b. Nov. 7, 

1732 ; bapt. Dec. 9. 1733; d. . 

300, JoN-.imAN, b. May 18. 1734; bupt. May 19, 1734; d. ; m. (pub. Nov. 28,1759) 

SaraJi Parlier. 
401. Kkbpcca, b. ; bapt. April 11, 1730; ni. (pub. Oct. l. 1701) (leorge Sirout, 3d, of 



Elizajikth, b. 


Constant, b. - 

- ; bapt. July 16, 1738. 

78 Apphla'' Freeman {Jane* Treaty Samuel,^ Robert,* Richard^), I»om Jan. H, 

1713-4, in Truro, MaHB. ; died ; mairied Oct. 6, 1731, Sam ukl Rick koicd. The 

name is sometimeti .spelled Bigford in the records. She owuetl the covenant, Dec. 14, 
1734. Removed to West Haddaui, Conn. 

Children of Samuel and Apphia Bickford, the fli*st six born in Truro, the last in West 
Had lam: 

30.-., Samcbl,' b. ; bipt. Dec. 14. 1735 ; d. in infancy. 

30tJ. Samikl, b. Oct. 17. 173(1; bapt. (no record). 



Hans. 1 11. b. 

-; bapt. Jmit: 18, 1738; U. in iiifaucy. 

30H. Jkrkmiaii. b. Sept. 11. 1740; Impl. Sept. 14. 1740. 

soy. Elihju. li. ; biipt. Aug. 21). 1742. 

810. Hannah, b. Oct. 6, 1744 ; bapt. Oct. 28. 1744. 

311. Jaxk, b. Julyl, 1747. 

79 Dea. Joshua'^ Freeman {Jnne^ Treat, Samueh^ Robert,* RicharrV), horn 
July 4,'1717, iu Truro, Mays. ; died Sept. 22, 17^5. in his seventy-ninth year (gravestone, 
North Truro) ; married, first, Oct. 9, 1746, Rkbkcca Parker, who di«l May 7, 178;i, in 
ber sixty-sixth ytar, and dimjrhter of Benjamin Parker of Yarmouth, Mass. ; second, Dec. 

3, 1783, REbErcA Knowlks of Eastham, Mass., who died , 1^10, aged seventy-five 

(gravestone. North Truro). Mr, Freeman was a very prominent citizen of Truio. He 
waa chosen deacon of the church, Aug. 22, 1750, wliich office he held for forty-five years. 
.At a town meeting, Feb. 28, 1774, in regard to tea, a committee of nine were chosen, 
among whom was Deacon Freeman, "to prepare a proper resolve" in regard to the intro- 
duction of tea from Great Britain, subject to a duty payable in America. May 25, 1775, 
be was chosen one of the representatives to the County Congress held at Barnstable, 
Maas. ; in 1782, he was elected town treasurer, which office he held for five years. He 
inherited his father's estate jointly with his brother Constant, and sister Jane, but by 
puifhase became sole possessor. 

Children, l)orn iu Truro, by his first marriage : 
312. Aprnu." b. AprU 2, 1748; bapt. April 10. 1748; d. Aug. 4, 1774; m. Aug. 10. 1708. Samuel 

ai3. RKKfrxcA. b. March 15. 174y-50; bapt. April 1. 1750; d. Dec. 23, 1752, aged 2y. dm. (g. s., 
North 'I'mro). 

314. .Saraii, I). Jan. 16, 1752; bapt, Jan. 20, 1752; d. ^ j m. Sept. 23, 1773, Nathaulel Smith, 

of (Jerry, Vt. 
316. Rkukita, b. Feb. (Jon, ?) 18, 17:i4; bapt. Feb. 6, 1764; d. Sept. 5, 17iM); m. May 30, 1775, 
Curuelius Lombard. 

80 Dea. Jabez"^ Snow {Elizabeth* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ RichanV)^ horn July 
22. IGllG. in Eastham, Mass.; died Sept. 6, 17G0, in Eastham j married Out. 27, 1720, 
Klijubeth* Painr, born June 2, 1702; died July 6, 1772, and daughter of Jolm^ and 
Bennet (Freeman) Paine. Mr. Snow was a prominent man in Eastham, and a deacon in 
the church. He was selectman in 1743 and 1744, and town clerk iji 1759 and 17C0. His 
will is dated July 31, 17G0; probated March 17, 1761 ; inventory, May 9, 1761, £254 Os. 
4d. Mentions wife Elizabeth and his six children. Son Jabez was executor, who ap|»lied 
to the General Court June 24, 1761, and obtained permission to sell the properly of (,hc 
estate, which was insolvent, and to a[>propriate tlie proceeds, after i>aying the widow's 
thirds, towards paying his deceased latfier's just debts. 

Children, born in Eastham : 

31C. Elsick,* b. Nov. 30, 1722; d. — ; m. . Ilcrting. 

317. ELiZAJiRTH, b. Jan. 12. 1730-1 ; d. 
318. Jabkz, b. June IS), 1733; d. 

ni. May 22, 1755, Elizabeth Donne. 

Joshua, b. Sept.21>. 1735; d- - 
Edward, b. Jan. 20, 1737; d. - 
Banmau, b. July 28, 1740; d. - 

84 Tabitha' Snow (EUzabeih* 

21, 1707, in Eastham, JNlui^s. ; died 

Treaty SumueU^ Robeii,'^ Richard^) ^ l»orn March 
— ; married Oct. 7, 1731, Joun^ Mayo, born Oct. 



11, 1707, died , 1750, nnd a great, grandson of Uev. Jobn^ Miiyo. She was Teincm*^ 

bered by Jier uncle Joslitin Treat in his will. Mr. Mayo died intestate, and was styled 
"yeoman" in the utbninistralron oT his estate, Fob. 11, 1760. Son John executor. Men- 
tion made of widow Tabitlja; children, Juliii, Su»aiinah, Lemuel, 8urah, Simeon, Kzekiel 
and Abigail. 

Children of John and Tabitha Mayo, born in Eastham : 
322. John,* b. April 9, 1733; d. -. 

Brtty, b. Sept. 25, 1787; (1- — 
SU8AKNA, b. Jane 11, 1789; d. 
Lkmukl, b. June — , 1741 ; d. - 
Sakah. h. March — , 1745; d. - 
SlMKoN. b. May — , 1748; d. — 
ADLrAH, b. Murcli — , 1750; d. - 
EzEKiKL, b. July — , 1751 ; d. - 
AUIGAIL, b. ; d. . 

-; m. Jan. — , 1775, Jolm Mores, 

85 SamueP Snow {Elizabeth* Treaty *Vamwe/,3 Robert,^ liichard^), born Jan. 22, 

17«)w-l*, ill Kasthan), Mass. ; d. ; married Oct. 12, 17:52, Klikauktu Fuecman. Will 

daU'd July 17, 1775, probated May 5, 1784. Meiiiiuns wife Klizabetli, who was alivo 
May 6, 1784 ; children, Samuel, deceased, Joseph who was executor, Sparrow, Freeman, 
Barnabas, Abigail, Mercy, Betty, Mary and Phebe; also his gruudcUildren Samuel, Josli- 
UA and Abigail, by son Samuel, and their mother Surah. 

Children, born in KasLham : 

331. AniOAJL,« b. Jan. 21, 1733-4; d. — . 

832. SaMukl. b. Oct 12. 1735; d. April — . 1774; m. . Snimli . 

833. Mehcy, b. May 8, 1737; d. ; m. (pub. Aug. — , 1702) VVIliartl Knowlca. 

334. Tkkat, b. May 27, 1739; d. . 

836. IlKrTY, b. March 18, 1741 ; d. . 

8«G. AlAiiY, b. Nov. 27, 1743; d. -. 

837. JoSRPU, b. Jan. 9, 1746; d. . 

888. 8PAKKOW, b. July 16. 174(;; d. . 1748. 

889. Spakruw, b. April 12. 1748: d. ; m. Juuti 8, 1776, Lucy Koowles. 

840. Polly, b. March 6, 1750; d. . 

341. Frkbman, b. . 

3i2. IUrnauas, b. . 

343. PnBBB, b. — — -. 

90 Elizabeth'^ Rogers {Samk* Treat, Saynnel,^ Rolm-tr Richiir(V), born March 

•i", 170G, in Truro, Mass.; died- ; mnrried June 13, 1728, Benjamin Lcwi;», of 


Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Lewis, born and baptized in Truro: 

844. 8AR4n.« b. June 29. 1729; biipt. Aug. 24. 1729; d. . 

345. LrCY, b. June 13, 1731 ; bHpt. June 13, 1731 ; d. . 

Uknjamin. b. Sept. 12. 1733; bapt. S«*pt. Hi, 1733; d. 
JoSKPU, b. Oct. IG, 17S5; bttpt. Oct. 19, 1735; d. 

Thomas, b. March 12. 17.^; bnpt. March 19. 1738; d. 
GKonoK, b. Mai'ch 24, 1740; bsipt. Miucli 30. 1740; d. - 
Moaiw. b. April 18, 1742; bapt. April 18, 1742; d. 

JoeiiiJA, b. April 1, 1744; bapt. May 13, 1744; d, hi inrancy. 

Joshua, b. March 4. 1745-0; liapi. April 20. 174«; d. . 

Kl.KA7.KU, b. April 10. J7t8; linpt. Miiy 24, 1748; d. , m. 

Durrt, b.Sepl. 14, I7aO; bupt, bvpl. 23, 1750; d. . 




91 Lucy'' Rogers (Sarah* Treaty SnmneU^ Robert^^ Richnr(V), horn June «, 1708» 

in Truro, Ma98. ; ilieil ; marriod, llrst, Oct. 15, 1734, Nkukmiah^ Somks, of Gloncca- 

ter, Mas«., who was horn Aug. 2'2, 1704, and son «»f Tinnothy and Elizabeth (Robinson) 
Soraes. For his first wife he niarricil July 27, 1730, Al>igail Collins, who died July 17, 
1731. His line of descent is Neliemiah,'* Tiraothy,^ Timothy,*^ and Morris' Somes, who 
was bora in England in 1(U4, and was one of the earliest settlers and proprietors ol' land 
iu Lynn, Mass. She married, second, Oct, 6, 1743, by Rav, Win. Welstead, of the 
Second church, Boston, Eli9ha Smallbt. 

Children of Neheraiah and Lucy Somes, born and baptized in Gloucester : 

355. LccY,* b. about 1735; d. ; m. Nov. 20. U<50, Benjamin* Rich. 

860. NERKMiAn, b. about 1737; l>ftpt. Oct. 18, 1737; d. March 10, 1812; in., l«t, Aug. 24, 1768, 
Suauuua White : 2d, April G, 1772, Surah Pru.^ton; 3d, April 22, 1775, Elizabeth Dawes. 

97 Elizabeth'' Treat {Samuei,^ Samuel,^ Jlnheri,^ n{char(V)J\orn .lan. H, 1711-2, 
in Truro, Mass. ; died between 1741 and 1749; married July 24, 172y, Simon^ Gross, 
(page 213) of Truro, born May 2, 1709, and eon of Micah^ and Mary Gross. For hia 
second wife Micah* Gross married Aug. 20, 1725, Hannah^ PVeeman, a cousin of Eliza- 
beth Treat. Simon Gross owned the covenant April 25, 1731, and liis wife was admitted 
to full communion, June 3, 1731, After the death of Ins wife Elizabeth, Mr. Gross mar- 
rie<l Feb. 14, 1749, Mrs, Phebe (Kuowlea) Collins, for his second wife. She was the 
daughter of Paul and Phebe (Paine) Kuowles, baptized Jan. 3, 1720, and widow of Joseph 
Collins, whom she had married Feb. 16, 1743. She was atlmilted to full communion at 
Truro, Oct. 27, 1752, and dismissed to the church at Lebanon, Conn., Oct. 30, 1757. By 
her Mr. Gross had one son, Samuel, born May 2, 1751 ; baptized May 11), 1751. lioth 
Freeman and Rich make Phebe Collins, married 1749, and Lydia Hinckley, married 1755, 
to have been the first and second wives res[)ectively of Simon Gross. This is an error. 
It wits Simon** the son of the above Simon* Gross, who married 1755, Lydia Hinckley, for 
Mr. Grriss* wife Phebe was alive iu 1757. 

Ciiildren of Simon and Elizabeth Gross, born in Truro: 

867. Simon.* b. ; bnpt. April 25, 1731; d. ; m. Sept. 18, 1766, Lydia HiucWey. 

868. SA.>tUKt.. b. ; bnpt. Sept, 2, 1733; d. Iu Infancy. 

98 Joanna'' Treat {Samuel* Samuel^^ Rohert,^ Richard}), born June 16, 1713. 
in Truro, Mass.; died ; married F'eb. 1, 1732-3, David Harding, of Truro, bap- 
fused Nov. 1, 1713, died about 1742, and son uf Nathaniel and Hannah Harding. She 
owned the covenant July 11, 173(5. 

Children of David and Joanna Harding, born in Truro who, in 1742, were said to be 
respeclivcly eight and six years ohl, and Jonathan Harding appointed their guardian : 

369. Da van.* b. nbout 1734: bapt. July 11, 173U; d. ; m. , Sarah . 

3»jO. BiCTTY. b. aboot 178G; bapt. July II. I7HC; d. about 1757; uuin. Her brother David was 
appointed admiulstrator of lier estate, Dec. 6, 1757. 

99 SamueP Treat {Sam^ieU* Samuel^^ Robert,^ Richard}), bom July 21, 1722, 
in Truro, jNIass. ; died Nov. ( ?) 176G, in Boston ; married, first, May 7, 1747, Mary'' Eustis,i 
or Elsfa^ck, as it was often spelled, born July 6, 1727; died , and daughter of 

•The name of Wii.mam' Ensxis nppei\rs on the Riiinney Marsh (Chclsen) tax list In 1074. He d. 

No?. 37, KJUi ; lu. , 6'ara/* , who d. June IU, 1713, aged scveuty-four (g. a. Churlcstowu). 




Daviil njH\ Susanna (Moore) EimUb ; aeoomlt aboat 1761 (pnblisbeil D«<^. — , 17C0), £LtZ4- 
Bern' BBfu:ic«' bom Miiy I. 1797; died Starch — , 1780, »ju1 tUiighlrr of Jubn ami Mar- 
gftr«:l (TUrjuiiLsi Kreck. Slie nuuriedalNjut 1775, Rev. Nnlitan Ki^k, of Krookfield, M.-i)ia., 
H. C, 17o4, wbo dinl 17'J:^, as his seconti wife, and her sec-otid hu»baitd. He reociveil 
Ute degree of S.T.D. in 1792. She was lalted widow Treat as late aa Jan. SO, 177i. 
Tlip name Brock nas often pnmoiinced Brick in those time*, and is so w ii- 

aU3'even in legjil dociimcntii. Her bi other, Samuel Hi c<*k, lx>rn April 11, - i ly 

7, 1809, was a famous merchant of Boston, and an a^ent of the FreiMrh Navy during tlic 
Revolution. His eon Samuel Breck, born July 17, 1771 , died Aug. 31, 18f»2, in bis ninety- 
second year, waa the aulborof Ibe ** Recollections of Stinuiel Bi-eck.'* By li«r father's will, 
date<l Nov. 1, 1760. and prol>ated March 13, 1761, Elizabeth Breck was Ui have as her portion 
£125, "to fix her off when married." Samuel Treat waa one of the witnesses l») the will, 
Tl»e estate was valued at £2767 Bs. M. (Sutfolk Probate 58: 224-5; 5U : 147.) Mr. 
Treat was a coojwr, ami held the office of culler of staves in the town of Boston, from 
1749 to 1766, inclusive, when lie die<L For some years he carrieil on iMisiuess by him- 
self, but afterwards entered into partnershit) with Joshua Pico,' under tlie firm name of 
Treat & Pico. They did a large business in cooi)erage ami fish, and made **rMlvcnIure3** 
to the Penobscot, where Mr. Treat had cousins. See the account book of Jo&hua Treat, 
pp. 7, 63, 64, 195, 196, for 1766, as well as the l>ooks of Treat Sc Pico. John Adams, 
afterwards President of the United Slates, was their book-kee|>er in 1766. Their receipt 

The oldest son Joha was b. Dec. 8, 1769. 

Ul.« iw)n : 

Davii>« Ersiis. b. 5fay 81, 1670; d. — 
sons and frMir linu'rhlerN. Ills Hon : 

He had ten children, — seven sons and three daughters. 
— ; m. , Eachtl . Had seven ehlldren, — three 


Davu>' K( ^ri^. b. May r*. 161>G; (J. before Sept. 26, 1748; m. Oct. 29. 1724. .S'ujaaaa Moort. 
wiiM u »liH*wri^lii. Hnd three children. — une »oii and twodaughlerM. H'tsil'iuyihter: 

Maky* KiBtii}, b. July C. 1727; in. Hamuel Treat as above. (See Geuc»logical Register, Vol. 32, p. 

* The Brocks are said to have come from Lancaster Co., Ensrland, about lfl»S5, aod settled \n Por- 

EowAiio' nRKCK. b. about 15'.>5. In England ; d. Nov. 2. 1«G2; m. 1st, , ; 2d. , 1C47, 

JUrt. hnbrl Jiiyhif, widow of John Rigbie, prubtibly his second wife. She ni. for her Ad lm»tiandt 
Anthony Fb«bi'r, who <1. Apr!) 18. lC7l.ln his 80th ycnr. In Koxbury. Had eight oldldreu,— two Mras 
and h\x datighterfi. He tnay hitvc lia^l another dnnghter. llts son : 

Copt. Joun'Brkck, h. -. ir.5l; d. Fet». 17, 1»>91; m., , ^^aaaa . Resided in Dor- 

cbenter. Had ten children, — dre iiodn and Are dnu;;jhters. His son : 

John' BaacK, b. Dec. 22. ItWO; d. Feb. 16. 1712-3. aged 32yr8. Ira. Sw. Cg.«.,Copp*9 Hill) ; m. Nor. 
II. 1703, Attn PtUteshatl. Settled In Boston. Was a cooper, and lived near the old North Church. 
Had Ovc children, — four soits and one daughter. His son : 

.loiix* Bkicck, b. Aug. 31. 1705; d. before March 23, 17C1 ; ni. Jan. 18. 1727, Manjaret Thomat^ 
dan. or William Thoniiu, mariner, of riymouMi. and xibigail his wife. Was an cxteublve merchant 
and cooper of Boston. Was also largely cnijnged In the Newrnumlland Hiiliery. Ihwl a warvboQS« 
near Clark's wharf at the North End from 17;U to 1747. His wiiarf ^as incnlloned in 1752. Hla 
mansion house was on Ship street. Had nine children, — tlve sons and four daughters; seven of 
them are nictitloned in hlM will. His daughter: 

Klizabktu* BitKrK, b. May 1. 1737; m. fiauiutl Treat as above. (SeeGeneal. Reg., Vol. 5, pp. 390- 
897; Rreck (Jcnealogy.) 

■Joshna Pico was a cooper, ^nd dhl business on Sheaffe St. Ills residence was In Clarke St. H© 
was b. July 16, 1732, In Boston, nnd d. Jan. 5, 1807, aged 73. He was a prominent rnnn. and an ardent 
patriot during the Kwolutlon. Un the 2Uth of Nov. 1773. he and Paul Ucverc acted as jjuanl over 
the Li'a Mhl]*«. 



i« now in Hit? Boston Public Lilirary, and contftins the autographs of many pfoml- 
nent moii of Ronton in those time.*, tnclti«}ing llincm^k and A<i5im8. Tiie mimitfs o( tlie 
selectmen of Boston contain the following reconl Hated Sopt. 19, IT/iO : •♦Vote<l thnt mr. 
Samuel "IVeat bo a>lmitUMl into the Ktiiiine at the North «^nd, wlioreof m'. Thouia** B<^ntly 
is Master/' April 7, 1758, the General Court excufwd 100 men from military duty to eervc 
the ffre engines. Mr. Treat was ainon^; the number, and was assigned to engine No. 1. 
At a meeting .Tune 'J, 17d2, he declined In serve arjy longer. 

At a meeting of the selectmen Aujj. .^1. I7i53, *'M^ Samuel Treat was sent for. and ac- 
quainted by the Sele(rtmen, that the Towns Committee relative to the Circular Line had 
given them information, that he was about Erecting a BuiMing at the end of hU Whnrtf 
which wo«ild Incroach on said Line — they therefore warned him against, anti f»>rbi(l his 
carrying out said Rjiilding so far as shoiiM incroach in any manner on that Line." 

At another meeting. Sei>t. 28, 1763, '*yv. Simucl Treat having made applicati<m to the 
Selectmen for their Opinion whether a 8oli<l Foundation can be obtained for a Brick Build- 
ing he is about to Krect on his new Wharlf with«)ut great and extraoiilinary ExiMJUce, 
and sai<l Land having been view'd by the Selectmen. 

**Voted thai it In their Opinion that no solid Foundation can be had for such a Building 
without greut Expetice." 

Mr. Treat, his wife Mary, and her sister Susanna, sold land on Love St., Sept. 26, 1748, 
to Hugh Kennedy, for £1000. and again, April 2t), 1750, sold lami to the same, for £133 
G-i- «d. (Siitr.jlk Deeils. 7.> : 200; 79: 2*.) .Tune 13, 17rt5, he <«)ld a house and land on 
Wo<mI Lane In .John White for £2i\G 13s. 4d. (SulTulk Deeds, 104: MU.) He diml intes- 
tate in 176C, probably in November. Dwemlier 12, 176G, Nathaniel Parkmau rendered 
A bill against the estate *Ho a cofH i for hiuHelf, £1. «1. S." Administration papeis were 
granted Dec. 5, 17Cli. The inventory is dated Dec. 12, 17ti<), and aujounts to I'I'jU 8s. 
9^<l. Among the items are these : 

Negro man named Harry.' 

' We have on ncconiit of thr ««!•' of th'it* netjro nmn Harry, recorded In Smith and Watson's 
Amorlr-an Lhenirv r'uri«>!«ilk's, I'laU" AS: 

KNOW Ai.i. MKN by tlitv-te proHents. that I, Elizn])etli Treat of Boston, In Uit? I'oinily of SnlTolk, 
widow, iu con»iileniLiou of the smn of Twoniy six PouuMh IH. 4. Li» ni« in IimhI |jald helore tlie En- 
sealing hereof l>y SHninol Hnjik of llostnu arnresaiil, mtMvhunl. The Uucelpt Aviicrejif I il.i lierel)y 
«cknow1e<l::e. Havr fititnifcl, Bjir^tiinfd &, SoUI. nml by ilieHe pres(Mits Do fully Jt alisoluteiy Unuit, 
Uar^nin &. Sell unto iho sitiil Samnel Hrtclc. my Neyr«> man nameil Hurry, asert about Faurly years, 
with III'* nppjuel. To h;*ve iiuti to h«»ld ilie huhl wvarn man Hiury with tiis apparel, utiiu tlie wuid Sam- 
uel Rreck, liifi ExecuU)re<, Ailmliii'<trritorH nnd Assigns, To lii.i &. tlieh* only proper U^e, llunvlli & 
Behouf forever. And t tite muIiI Eilzabecli Treat, for mynelf, my IteirN, KxecutnrM& AdmltiUtratorH» 
do Ovenant ilmt m the time of Kusealiajj, & until the Delivery hereof. I am the true and lawful 
Owru I iif the said Neijro mui, & timt jie Is ftue from nil former iSnle**, Chnr^es & Tmtinnberencea 
whiitsorfViT, and tlmt I will Wiineut & Di-fend the said nt^gro man unto the said Samuel Hreck, his 
helr>« and a-»lgns* r»r»-'v<'r, tigulnsi the lawTnl f'laims \ DeiUJUuSs of all porsonn whomsoever. Wit- 
he»s my llitnd & seal thin Ti-nlh D^y of O(!toher Auuo Doiaiiii Une thouNund Seven Ilniidred & Sev- 
enty, Iu the Tenth year of His Majesty's Reign. 

Elizabeth Treat. 
Signed Srnled & Delivered 
Iu presenci- of ns 

Thomas Melvill 
Mary White. 

Santuel Itreck was a brother of Elizabtlh Treat, and Mary White was, perhaps, the sister of 
Samuel Treat. 



Negro wonifln naine«l Flora. 

3 Rights of land nl IVnobscot No. 2. (Now Oilmul, Me.) 
1 ilillo " '* of Tliorntoii No. a. 
I Pai't of a saw mill al Truro. 

There were also sbares in several vessels. (Suffolk Probate 60: 220.) 
Cliildrcii, born in Boston, by his first nuirringe : 
361. M.uiY,* b. M»y 8. 1749, bopt. May U, 1749. In the NewNoith Church: d. 

A Mary 

Trent wa» admllled to the covenant. Juue 26, 1780, at the New North Church. 

Ky bis second marriage, baptized in the Second church : 

3G2. Samuki., b. 

bapt. Aug. — , 1704; d. 

Dec. 22, 1788, lie vrtia appointed ml- 

mtnblrutor dc bonis non of his falher's estute; In 1769, was a Jeweler and cold^niiih, 
nnd lu the directory of 17U(>, Is put down its a denier In crockory. No. 27 Union St.. 
BuHion ; Feb. 3, 1805, was In PortsmoutJi, Va., and is styled gentleman in a q. c. deed 
to J. Merry, of lJot»ton ; April 14, 18UT, wrote a Kater from Norfolk, Va.. to John Dt.»r- 
by, of Salem, requesting liim to forward to him nt the Sugar House. Portsmouth. Va.. 
a piiriiali of hU brother. John I*. Treat. Know nothing more about him. He woi 
protiably unmarried. 

3(;«. John Bukck, b. ; bnpt. May 12, 17G6; d. . He is called n hntler. July 10. 

1787, in adcfd to Jededluli Lincoln; wns HSse.xsed in Boston in 175>H, real estate £400, 
pcrsouul £400, nnd culled a merclinnt, but had removed to IMdladelphia ; a John B. Treat 
was In the 2d Co., Capt. H. Kussell, 2d Ueg't, which turned out in Mny and June, 1782, 
In HnmpsljIre County, in sup|>ori of the govetuuieiit, and served six days, ns long as 
required; Feb. 13, 1805. he gave a q. c. deed to J. Merry, of HoMton, the same as his 
brother Samuel. He was unmarried then. What became of him, I do not know. 

100 Robert"^ Treat {Samuel,* Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born March 27, 
1725, in Truro, Mass. ; died in Boston, it is said ; tnarrictl Sept. 22, 174H, Anna^ Green- 
wood,' of Boston, born Sept. 14, 1726, died Jan. 81, 17iKl, in Hnverbill, Mass., and daugh- 
ter of Natlittuiel and Elizabeth (Ventemnn) (rreenvvood. Mr. Trent was a cooper, and a 
culler of staves for the town of Boston, from 1752 to 1700, inclusive. Oct. 24, 1752, he 
bought a house and land on WcmxI Lane, for £88, and Jan. 27, 17G4, sold the same to his 

•Milks Grkkxwooo. hapt. Sept. 1, 1600, at St. Peter's, Mancroft: burled Sept. 3, H'.58. In the 

Church of St. Mioharl-at-Pleas; m. , Abigail .. Wjui adudttetl a citizen of Norwich, 

Enjiland, May ii, lt;27. Was a wnrnted weaver and did not coiue to New England, though hi? tw*o 
sons, Nathaniel and Sanmel, did. His son : 

Samvkl' r;»KKNW«»or>, b. , in Norwich, England : d. Aug, 19, 1711, aged (15 (g. s,, Copp'sFlUl); 

m. , Mary Thornton. He was a brother of Nathnuiel Greenwood, bapt. Aug. 28, IG'M. at St, 

HlchaeUat'Pleas, Norwich, England, shipwright, who d. July 31. n;84,aged53 (g. »., Copp'sIHll), and 
received from him a legacy of £10. Had eight children, — four son.**, and four dnnj4liter«. His »ori : 

NA'niANiKL* GiiEKNw<><»D, l». April 29, (the date of the year is missing in the Hoston Uecnnis, 

but it was between 1090 and 1700). in Boston : d. 1779, aged 84 : m, Sept. .'i. 1724, EHznbHU Venti 

man, b. Jan. 8, 1703-4, and dau. of ('apt. John and Elizabeth (Sndtli) Venteman. Captain Vent 
man was formerly of Portsmouth, N. U., and m., Ist, July 13. l«Ui9, El(zaf>^ih Svtith who d. Feb. 
14, 1709-10, aged about 30; 2d. Nov. 9. 1710, Jdary Hetd, Had nine children, born in Boston.— six 
sons and three daughters. His daughter : 

Anxa* GnKKNWooo, b, Sept. 14, 172C; m. Robert Treat, ae nhovo. She is called Haunaii In the 
Boston records. Her sister : 

Ei.tZABKTH* GitKKNWOoD, b. Nov. 18, 1734; d. about 1825, aged 91; in. (pnb. Nov. 10, 1754) 

John* MnrMtttn. Her ^on. Col. John* Marston, b. March 27, 175(1, in Boston; m. Aug. 4, 1 784, Anna 
Bnndall, of Newport, R. I., Is the aatlior of tbe letter clte<l on p. 221. He wan a merchant in Bo»tnn, 
and d. Dec. 13. 184(>, at;cd90y.!iin., in Taunton, Muss. His great-grandfather. John .Marston. woa a 
mariner of Salem, Mass. See Marston Genealogy. 



STOthe^SaTna^lTor £320. (SulTolk Deeds, 101 : l.'>8.) He was iinfortiiuftte in his busi- 
ness, aa were a great ninny of the tuerehaiits at that time, antJ his nnmo apijeurs April 15, 
1765, among those wlio had move<l away from town owing debts but was chosen cnller of 
fttaves the next year, March 10, 176(i. He probably went to the Penobscot, where iie liad 
a cotjsin, Joshua Treat wlio was armorer at Fort Pownall. Perhaps he was the Robert 
Treat who was a private at that Fort from Jan. 20, 1764 to June 2, 176G. It coiitd not 
well have l>een his cousin Robert* afterwards Mnj. Robert Treat, for he was not born till 
July 14, 1752, and would have bfen too young for that position, an<l is said to have gone 
to Maine in 1769. He bought goods of Treat ftn<l Pico, of IJoston, June 19, 1766. 
Have been unable to find when and where he died, but he is said to have died in Boston, 
after which his widow removed to Haverhill. In company with others, he is said to have 
received a grant of Orland, ISIe. 

The following letter' from John Marston, Esq., formerly of Quiucy, Mass., to his cousin, 

' Dear Cousin. 

This Is Tlianksjriving day and we liave eaten our plum puddin^i^nloue, a circumstance 
I do not rcmombcr having occurred before In the course of my life. All annlversarl<.'s hriiifi with 
them Holemii reflections and reniinders of former da3\s. I haxe been cogitating on one of the 
cnrliest I can remember when I was about ten years old. My father always invited a largo party 
to supper on the evcnlnifs of those days, and by carrying you back to one. I may be ab e to ^rlve you 
some Idea of the "olden times" you express a wish to hear about. The room in which were to bo 
assembled Hn Boston) the invited gJicsts was what we call the Drawing room, but In those days it 
wa8 calletl the lar«e parlour. At the upper end of which tsUnnl a la rife mabt>;ifany desk ami Ixiok 
case. Between the windows hung a larpe Pier class with a black and ^old frame, and under It, a 
mahogany round table, co\'cred with the be.iutiful chintz of that day. Opposite to this %vas another 
fflaHS In a Kilt frame, and under It a vaUiable marble «lab on a richly covered mahogany frame. 
The chairs also were carved mahogany with black morocco seats. In one corner stootl aclcKk with 
a bhie enameled case, and In the other corner a "Bemi f^t," fashionable In those days, the upper 
part of which displayed the richest burnt China, enameled, and the lower part a goodly assortment 
of silver plate which was more common then than now. The window cnrt.ains were blue, made of 
a fabric not now in use; compoMcd of worHted and cotton, or may beUneu, veri/ handsiuiie. The 
carpet was humble Scotch and considered at that time a great luxnry. The wall8 were hung over 
with flowered paper, and covered with eleifimt printis of the King and Queen, Lord Chatham and 
gome others. I do not rect»Uect of a different dcHcriiition. The old fa.shloned walnut wood (Ire, 
must not l)e omitted, and the brass rtrc-set. We seldom see now this cheerful accompanlnnent of a 
family gathering. The only children present were, on that occasion, your aunt Brsnie Treat, and 
myself. We were anxiously looking for the company as tiiey arrived. And tlrst came our dear old 
grandfather Greenwood, with the countenance of a saint, his silver locks flowing on his shoulder, 
his cand)rick neck-cloth tucked throuj^h the button hole of his coat. .\nd next nur vritevaljle urniiil- 
mother, with a rich brocade, ^o suhatintii'il it ndght have stood alone; yet, with the address of her 
sex, she would <j<'c«sionally raise her dress, so as to discover a scarlet broad cloth skirt, with a 
broad ijoUt l.ncc round the bottom. Then came my aunt Downs (?) hi a rich dove colored damask 
dre«««i. I have since .seen many Dn('hef>>ies wliUe in England, who with all their dlamomls, were 
vastly her Inferiors In beauty and dl;;nity of port and elegance of manners. She was at this lime 
A widow. Next her sat my j/ooti aunt Treat, yoiir worthy Grantlmother : dressed In a brocade, the 
color of which I have forgotten. There ttio was her noble husband, my uncle Robert Tnat, your 
Grandfather, dressed In a blue coat, scarlet vest, black smtill clothes, and white hose. lie had the 
fare of an Apollo ! with the tna:idty of Mars. There were also your uncles Nathaniel and Samuel 
(Ireenwood In plain s.dts— thiMr hrothe.r \rdes was approaching to a Maccaronl — what wj now call 
a dnudy. His coat was scarlet with a dash <if ju^ohl iaci?. He was naturally fond of dress, but at 
that time he was secretary to the Governor of Novii Scotia, In which position, a young man wDidd 
wish to appear well dressed Anil last but not least wij/ bcjloved fath-r and mother — tk'ir portraits 
are familiar to you. When we recollect, my dear (Tousin, our worthy am-esiors, who were pos- 
5CJ<8cd of higli xmnal worth, and moAt of the n of desp and ardent pfefy, should we not feel proud 



Mia. Tljotiifw B. AilniDH, gives a little ;iC'Ount of Uo1>erl Tront aiul an insight mlo Uie 
ciiMtoinx of Uiose tin»08. Tlie letter is without date, ami speaks of an oveut wlilcli occunml 
ttl»mt I7C0, when he was let) yeaiB oKK 

Children, horn in Hoston : 


AxNA." b. Auk- 13, 1749; «l. Mny 'iO. 1H:J2; m. Mnrch 1^, 1771, ,Iiisoi>h Unrrml. 
Bkm«ik, l>. ; d. ; m , (lAnliinT Davis. j»nd rt-sidod nt Waliloluiro'. Mc , 

aImmU 1813. Sliv was a verjr agreeable and iiiU're>iliii;; person. It In nu\d lliat •iiie hail 
two dati^Utcr^. 

8W. 8am(iki.. h. ; (1. Nov. 15, 1777, kllbd atFortMimin, Mud T>lftnd, nejir IMinatldpUla. 

An Jirilllery eompany was fiirnied In HosUjii lu 17iW. by David Masoo. In 170H, Capt. 
Adhio I'addock took command with the rnnk of major. Ilr mified the company to a 
high statr of prollcti«nry. Aftfr the breakintr out of tlic Kevolntion. being a I^>yalUl, 
hv iMubarki'd for llullfnx with tin- HoyHl army, in MaiTh, I77<5, and di«'d in En^jland, 
Mnrrh'JA, 1ho4. Yountf Trent was a prlvnte in thbnrtUlrryeouipany. Thecomnjill«"oof 
ttttfoty vt)ti'd. Feb. l'i\. i;*:*, llmt Dr. .loscph Wnrrcn sliould a*:ctTinln lu»w- many of l^»iI- 
diH'k's ei>nip(in> could \h' dc-'pi'itdrd upon to form nn nrtill<^ry eouipuny for the ('ontU 
nentul arinv. Mof»i of the prlvwlesof thbcianpnny wore sub(*e<|uenlly t»nieer»» In the ar- 
lilhTv retfluu>ut» of CJrldley. Knox, or Crnnc. ,Tnne :.*. 1775. wc ilnd Mr Treat a ^d Lleu- 
tennnt In Capt. John C'alWndcr'H Co., Colonrl <JrldloyV Reg'l of artillery, and ho wa* j 
present at the tiattleof Bunker or Uret-d's lllll. Frothlnji;ham,lIl»U)rjof theSietfeuf Bo<^ 
lou, p. 4<)l, ^ive8 him the title of ensign at this battle. CalUnidcr's buttery, cou^Utlnp uf 
forty seven mm, opiMunI on the advaminiir f<M.* with gn^vat I'floet, but for some reason 
J.OOU tln'w out of ihe ll;;hl and t<:K»fc a iK^«tlilon on Hunkcr'it Hill. Putnam ordere«l Cnl- 
leinlor to rviurn, whlrh hr di»l, but >oon Irft his post, and was in turn dl'^rrte<l by 
hl> nu-n. .Ml ncoiiunt»> a;KriM' for sH>n»e r^'iisioit tlu- artillery was rtrry ^mtliy *rrvrc| 
durlni: thlt« itallle. Cnllender w«» irU^il, June 27. for disoln-dlvnce of oi ' ! 

cowardlet*. He was eojihleretl and dismissed from the army by General W ,^ 
July 7, 1775. Bnt hr waj» l»oun<l uv wash ant thr slain of cowanlice, so he enli^iinlri 
antl McrviHl a» a votuntcer In tlie artillery, aud at the battlr of Lonj; Island, comluctcit 
hltimclf so bmvfly. that Gen. Washington revoked his prcvUm* order. He served 
thnnixh the war with the i^reatcst bravery. Wc n«xt Hod Mr. Treat In Col. ll^cry 
Kuux'» Ri-gt of arUUi-r>- a« early a« Marvb 16, l»7«, where be »mrt<<l ap to Vor. 
Irt. 1777, w hon he wa»i kUle\1, In the various capacities of 1st Ueatmaut. qaartmuwlcra j 
and captain'* llvutenaut. After the rracoatlon of New Yprk. h» waii Mrnt to I 
sylvanla. and vtatlonnt at Fort Mlfllln. Mitd Utand. deren milea bolow l^tadalp 
ami one mile )h*Iow thr mouth of the Schuylkdl. An attack wm$ oooMMetieed nn 
Fori by thr BrltUb forrt*M, Xo». II, 1777. It w^ so 8* lestxaeilTv 

ptrrUon wa^i eouitHllrtl to retire Satnidajr, Not. 15, ai •• raabtanr 

.?n\- Thrt>c captains. na<- U«>tiicaaat, aod aU*at forty primies mrr kiUed 
>^viuud«Hl .\m«nts ttu> killed wa» "joaotr r:ii>tjiLii Treat, who vas killrvi br m t^na 
ball whlW dcfiudintf hb poal witli the 1; .hat woald har«do< ' • 

okl Mtkller." So says a letter from rmiBp. )~^ .»»iH4 la tW CoUeel. M*»». ust. 
Ittt Seriefk p. \», Vol. S. ii«e aL«D Uto JDmDmi Hmflfe, IW«. 8. 1777. U Cb* ] 
nulla MaitajlM of lUatoryaMlBKHCr . ' '^^. VoL, 41, MMO-W.Biqr 1 

tnmmA a full arcouat of ibr iirife O* p^» 9$» iwtkm Is 

rrwat, wbo dlsUvsnlabed Mtus-rif for iteutwrjr See Knas l*aprra. lo i 
the N. K. llUt. G««. Soc^ Boaloa, ToL 46« pp. »l-97. for «• accoant of i 
Uwi.>M»uiaTrc*lMMlo4b«ra«lttt«nlMiacio1riBi. ! Wnnim C\)L Oiaiib wai ii<^d 

of aw pcv«<MiUi«cay 0» tkt$ w. i u mI im i aof fath«r lavttalot^tryw rta . Oa thks «<cm1oo 1 1 
tW Rm^ Mr. ARaa. aa BmHiak ha?-^ • '>'rv>« i>ua— «i«ll kMo%ni te thv MrIov? of the Krr^fl 
Ur. To«ac and so«c alhar^ A «li the caf i a ay mtrt i th s rwl taio the a^V9 

Tht tnt cuttTw «fw a»mc<tl cm ai^oiy t'^'^^s^Md p»wter. TW mcemd «• the •a«»t oi chlaa. 
ialre* •ml ffrt.% 1^ aUrtr Jaailw The fa M mt kk* vnsv off ptn alHv. Thr uhle «ra» of | 
tehcil iMh, aorf cowml with Ihr terol I 



B sword by Congress for the iiallant defence of the Fort by those under his command. 
Cnptaln 'I'real'M utiuiv ri-m»lnetl on lli*» jiay rolls from Jan. I. 1777 to 1783. with Ids pay 
nncalltHl for. I>r. John Brown Cutting, a fricnO of ilie family, an army sntscon. and 
nccordinij to Smith and Watson's American Literary Curiosities. Plate 22. a sniiHeribei 
it* a daiiciiiij; a>iMrndily at MorrlHtown. in ITHO, wn>t.e some verses in honor of ('apt. 
Treat, which were printed on white satin and hunt; in a glazed frame for many years 
In the house of his sister at Haverhill. Mivss. They are now In the possession of Miss 
Klizabeth Adams, of Quincy, Maaa. The original MS. is still lu existence. 

>«ath of Ctijit. Treat, who Httfurtunalely fell in an attack upon Fort Mifflin, Mud 
iHldmi, Dtlaware, Xovtmbvr, 1777. 

And has from Earth tlie youthful warrior rtowu. 
Forever soari^<l iH-yond our weeping view. 
To mix with spirits iiindred to his own. 
And join in Heaven the bravely virtuous fewl' 


ye.H, Fate lias snatched him hrnce in early bloomi 
When dawnin.i,' ulorles did but just expand ; 
When rlMltiff manhofMl half defle<l the totnb, 
And almost dared to shake life's fleeting sand. 

The rose of healtli fresh idossomed on Ids face, 
Vl^or and 8tren>rth his comely form expren.sed. 
No pnlo consumption luid usurped their place. 
Nor keeu di»ea<te hla tiervous powers dlMtressed. 

Like some tall cedar, Nature's boast and pride, 
That stately, jErracefuJ, towers through all the 

Nor seeks fr«>m threatening cloads Its hc4Ul to 

But struck by tltunder shnks at length subdued, 

8o towered brave Treat above the martial train, 
8o ahonc conspicuous in the crimsoned Held, 
Such thirst of «iory tired each ardent vein 
That scarce to death the Hero deigned to yield. 

Ah! what availed the external beauteous frame, 
Which nature forme<l with such peculiar care? 
These cliarms. alas I are but an empty natne, 
Mere fleeting bulibles. transient as they're fair. 

All ! what availed the dawn of manhomVs room, 
The I'urly blo8Mom of maturer age 
Tlut protuiHe<l future harvest t^hould I)e born 
To enrich his Country and odorn its page I 

Ah ! what availed a parent's anxious fears. 
Wh«)Me fondest prosp«ct« centered all in thee? 
Ah I what avalle<l thy lovely sisters' tears. 
Who weep distressed, and join in grief with me? 


Could these, dear youth, have lengthened out thy 

Or fervid prayers from destiny could save, 
Zeal, friendship, love, had snatched the shears 

from fate 
And plucked the triumfih from the cniel grave. 


Serene through each vicissitude of life. 
With noble intropidiiy he passed. 
Ambitious ever In the glorious strife 
To make new actions still outshine the la^t. 


Blest with a temper mild as evening ray. 
When full orb'd Cynthia silvers o'er the vaidt 
So calm, betdgn, and innocently gay, 
That in him candor scarce discerned a fault. 

The social vlrtaes habited his breast, 
Adorned his manners gentle and sinccri', 
He still relieved or pitied the distressed, 
And ne'er to misery refused a tear. 


romplacent goodness beaming from his rainil, 
Shone o'er each open feature of his face, 
Benevolence he felt for all mankind, 
But loved with ardor Freedom's generous race. 


•Twa»* this Impelled him In her noble 
To de<*m one lift' 1<mi small a sa«^riflc.e, 
With purcluised h(Mior and a world's aptdause. 
To brave >Lern tlt-ath ami soar aimve the skif^i. 




O say, ye warrior train ! how calm lie stood, 
Fierce vulor clufkM by reoftoii's just control, 
And anappiiUcd, tuid^t carua^e, death and 


Taught the big ball of vengeance where to 


Say how his words could animate each heart 
That droop'd or trembled in the dangerous 

Fire InkeAvartn tMSonis ; his own soul impart 
To coward fear and dastardly dismay. 


No mor»o nndauntcd In the dubious tight. 
His eager breast Aviih ktudllMU ardor cluirs. 
No more In Siyirlfiu thunder's drriulful mij^ht, 
lie burrtt^ iudlguaat on his Country's foes. 


No more his presence (Ires to martial deetlB: 
No more his acts llerce reterau troops sur- 
For midst the conflict, see the Hero bleeds. 
And for Columbia's freedom nobly dies. 


Oh I may his bright example Are uh all 
With just ambition worth to emulate; 
Then should the gods, like his, decree our fall. 
We'll smile at death and triumph over fatcv 

101 Mary' Treat {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Robeit,^ Richard^), born about 1727, In 

Truro; lmptize<J Jlny 21, 1727; die<i ; married Feb. 2, 1746, Ricbabd WnrrB, 

according to the New South church records, Boston. 

Children of Richard and Mary White, boru in Boston, the first three b.ii>tize<1 iu tlie 
New Brick Church : 

867. Mary,* b. April 20. 1T4S; bapt. April 24, 1743. 

3CS. RiciiAKD, b. Jan. 7, 1760-1 : bapt, Jan. 20, 1750-1. 

369. SAitAH, b. ; bapt, Nov. 19, 1752. 

370. Samuel, b. July 21, 1757. 

104 Robert^ Rich {Mary* Treat, Samuel,^ BobtH,^ Richard^), born Oct. 23, 1703, 

in Eastham, now Wellfleel, Mass. ; died ; married , Ltdia . Isaac* 

Rich, of Uosttju, born Oct. 21, 1801, died Jan. 13, 1872, who by hia will lea nearly the 
whole of his property for the endowment of Boston University, was descended froiu tbia 
Robert Rich. See Rich*3 Trui-o, pp. 40G-410. 

Children, some of Ihcm baptized in Truro, and perhaps born there: 

871. Mary.* b. July 12. 1732; bapt. May 27. 1738. 

372. »lo»*t.H. b. Au*r. 15. 1735: bapt. Sept. 14. 1735. 

873. IlooKnT. b. Sept. 12. 1787, bapt. (Jet. l«, 1737; d. ; m. Jan. 27, 1757, Mary 8v 

874. Jfnix. b. Feb. 12. 1740; d, in infancy. 

875. JoB?f, b. Oct. 8, 1741 ; d. June 30. 1803. aj^ed <H (?. s., WoUfl«et) ; m. April S5. 1766. Han- 

nah Swett, who d. Oct. 14. 1T7G, in her 34th year. 

876. Joshua, b. Sept. 11, 1743; iMipt. Oct. Ki. 1743. 

877. Hannah, b, March 21, 1747. 
37*. Nbhkmuu, b. March 8. 1750; d. ; m.Oct. », 1771. Margaret Lewis. 

879. Ukuhiw, b. Aug. 12, 1752; d. ; m. Kov, «, 1775, Hannah Gross. 

105 John- Rich (.Viiry* Treat, Samuel,' Hoberi,^ Rtchanl^), liorn Jan. 23, 170a-^, 
in Kcisthaiu, uuw Welltleet. Mass.; dieil Maix'h 27, 177'.> 

North Truro, Mans. ) ; inarrie<l April l.'l, 1727. TuANKKi I 

Oct. 17, 1782, Hgeil seventy^six (gravcslonc. North Truro). She and son Samuel wero 
ba{>tizoil at the same time. April 27» 1729, ami sbe and ber husband owooil the covena 



Ton. June 10, 1770, son Richaixl was appointcil .idminialrator of Ills father's 
hlnlo. Sons mentionetl, Ricliiin] ftiid .Tolin ; ilaiiglitera, Hannah Snow. Betty Snow, nml 
lopo Mayo; grandchildren, Tliankfnl Rich Lnmbert (Lombard) and Paul Lurabert. 
Children, l>orn and baplizod in Tniro: 

880. Samitx." b. Mftrcb 2, 1727; bapt. April 27, 1729; d. Dec, 16, 1777, a«od 60 (g, 8., North 

381. Iluu.MU). b. .July 28, 1730; d. March 12, 1783; tn. Nov. 19, 17G1, Kel^ecca Lombard, dau. 

of Thomas Lombard, bapt. ,l«ly 12, 1741 ; d. Sept. 1811, aged 70. 
382 Joiiv, b. Fub. 20, 1732; bapt. April 1, 173.3; d. .\prU 19, ISM. aged 74 («. 8., North Traro) ; 
TO., 1st, Dec. 2, 175fi. Jane Atkins ; 2d, Aug. IL 17«0, Betsey Doanc, who d. March 24, 
1816, affc<I 7ri (g. s., North Truro). His will dated at Truro, Dec. 26, 1705, probated 
Oct. IC, 180fi, mentions no children, but leaves his whole est.'iteto his wife Hetty. The 
■win of Betty Rich of Truro, widow, dated July 23, 1814. probated May, 181G, makes 
many l>erpiests, but mcatious no childreQ. 

^88. TiiANKFLL, b. March 23, 1737-j*; bapt. May 7, 1738; d. ; m. Nov. 10, 1760, Caleb 

Lombard. Had two children : 

1. Paul^ Lombard, b. ; bapt. May IB, 1762. 

2. Thankful Rich Lombard, b. -, bapt. Oct. 2, 1703. 

Ha>-sah, b. April 19. 1740; bapt. .Inne 8, 1740; d. (?) Oct. 18, 1794, aged 51; m. Dec. 2. 

17fi2, Elisha Snow, who d. June .SO, 1802, ageil C6. Had a family. 
885. HopK. b. Feb. 19. 1742-3; bapt. April 8. 1743; d. June 11, 1780; ra. March 15, 1764, Noah 

380. liLTTY, b, Feb. 23, 1760; bapt. May 19, 1761; d. Nov. 16, 1790; m. Nov. 2, 1772, Ambrose 


109 Deacon Reuben'^ Rich (Man/ Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Bichard^), born 

^(iril 13, 171.*), in Esisth.-un, now Wellflcet, Mass. ; died June 18, 1770, in Ida fifty-sixth 

Bar (gravestontf, Wcllllcet) ; murrifd, first, Sept. 28, 173«, Majstilv Sj^ith, who died 

in. 31» 1745-6, in her tweuty-fifth year (gravestone, Wellfleet) ; second, July 2, 1747, 

IcTM BuowN, who died Jan. 1, 1794, aged seventy-seven (gravestone, Wellfleet). His 

will was probateil Nov. 6, 1770. Son Reuben was administrator. Mentions wife Ruth; 

flinor children Aaron, Isaac, and Fvlisha ; other children Reuben, Martha, wife of Jo^iah 

^ich, Ruth Covell, and Abiiiail Younj^. Mr. Rich was one of the first selectmen of Well- 

Bt, which was incorporated May 25, 1763, having been chosen Aug. 4, 1763, and eerv- 

for three years. In 1761, he was granteil the privilege of taking alcwivea in Herring 

:>k for Dve years, at £2 per year. 

Children, born in Eostham, now Wellfleet, by his Grst marriage : 

887. TiiAXKKrL.* b. Anif. 5, 1739; d. . 

388, Mautua, b. June 5, 1742; d. ; m. March 25, 17G2, Josiah Rich. 

389. Mauy, b. Nov. 29, 1743 ; d. . 

590. AitniAiL, b. ; d. ; m. Jan. 27, 1763, Henry Young. 

By his second marriage : 

391. RkubkK, b. Aug, 23, 1748; d. Jan. 24, 1819; m. May 23, 1802, Anna Thayer. 

392. Umi, b. Nov. 17, 1760; d. Aug. 20, 18;/3; ra. Oct. 25, 177f), Daniel Covell. 
398. Ki.iSMA, b. Jan. 27, 1753; d. Nov. U, 183«»; m. Dec. 21, 1775, Hannah Suuw. 
894. Ihaac, b. April 17, 1755; d. Jnue 29. 1818; m. Oct. SO, 1783, Sarah Hopkbis. 

395. AarijN, b. . 

112 Richard-'* Stevens {Abigail* Treat, Samuel,^ Hobert,^ Richard^) ^ born Sept. 

1711, in Truro, Mass.; dioil Dec. 26, 1792, in his eighty-second year (gravestone, 

wtU Ti'uro, which is an error), or Dec. 26, 1791, aged eighty, according to Rev. Mr. 




Damon's record; mnirie*!, first, June 11, 1741, Mary Gross, born June 0, 1720, «liea 

, and dungliler of Micah mid Mury Gross; tliey ••otii ownc<l tlie covenunt Jnnc 20, 

1742; second, Nov. 10, 1768, Maky Nickkrson, of Provincetown. Resided in Trnro. 
Was A cooper by triide ; )>otiji;ht pew No. 12, in the new meeting house, in 1765, for £103; 
Jan. 15, 1776, was nppointed one of a eoniniiUee to act for Lhe interests of the \owu ; was 
town treasurer in 1777, an<J hehl the office for three years. Ilia will was dated March 
19, 1787; probated March 27, 17y2. Invefitory, £326 HU. Mentions wife Mary; sons 
Richard, and Levi who was ap|>ointtid executor ; graiuUoim Rlchurd Stevens, Atkins Sinitli, 
and Samuel Parker. 

Children, born and baptized in Truro : 

89fi. Jonah.' b. Mny 8. 1742; bapt. June 30. 1742; d. ; m. Oct. 17, 1765, lUchel Rich* 

897. MtCAH. b. April 14, 1744; bapt. May 13. 1744. 

MahY, b. ; bapt. Feb. 22, 1747: d. In Infancy. 

Levi. b. May 5, 1748; bapt. June 5, 1748; d. March 13, 1823; m. Oct. 19, 1772, Anna 

RiCHAiui. b. April 22. 1751 ; bapt. June 2.1. 175! ; d. ; m. . Mercy . 

Mauy, b. Oct. 30, 1754; bapt. June Il». 1753; d. ; m., Ist, ; ild, \ 8d, 




402. Abioaii., b. June \H, 1756; bapt. July 18. 1750; d. Feb. 9, 1770 (k. s., North Truro). 

403. Ue.VRT. b. Sept. 13, 1759; bapt. Sept. 28, 1759. 

115 Jerusha'' Stevens {Ab'gail* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born Jan. 17, 
1716-7, in Truro, Mass. ; died Nov. 80, 1788, aged seventy-two (gravestone, North Truro) ; 
married about 1736 (puhlislied Feb. 26, 1735-6), Hknjamin Collins,^ born May II, 1713, 
diet) March 10, 17i)4, aged eighty-one (gravestone, North Truro), and son of Benjamin 
and Sarali Collins of Eiistham, Mass. Ue was a prominent and wealthy roan in Tniro, 
Both he an<l his wife owned the covenant Dec. 2, 1739, and in 1765, when the meeting 
house was enlarged and remixlelled, he bought pew No. 1, on the right side of the fhint 
door for £1^3. His will was <lated Dec. 20, 1787. Was styled ''gentleman.*' Mentions 
wife Jerusha ; children Ilannnh Snow, Joanna Alwoo<l, Benjamin, Treat and Miclmel ; 

granddaughters Jeriisha ^ , and Mercy Collins. Son Benjamin executor. Mr. Damon, 

his pastor, in his diary, calls him *'a very worthy man." 

Children of Benjamin and Jerusha Collins, l>oru and baptized in Truro: 

404. MKRCY,"b. Aug. 14, 1737; Impt. Pec. 2. 1739. 

405. Jkuusua. b. June 9, 1739; bapl. Dec. 2, 1739; d. Dec. 9, 1758. 

' The name Collins Is often written Colli n^a in wilKs, town reci>rd8 and on jjravestones. The origin 
of the fatally Is unknown. Am unable to trace It to Henry Collins of Lynn. Wo can trac« ll for 
a certainty to 

JosKPH Collins, of Eastharo, b. ; d. ; m. March 20, 1*171-2, Evth KnotcJfx, nf VmU 

bam. She is commonly called Duty Kiiowles, but Mr. Joslalt Paine assures mo that in the uriirbml 
record the word Is plabily Rnty, which like Ruthey, stands for llutU. He settled in Eosthain l»efore 
1670. Had five sons. His son : 

Bknjamix CoLUJfS. b. Feb. 6. 1687; d. l>ec. 23, 1750, In his 70tli year (g. s , North Truro) j m. 

, Sarah , who d. April 2, I'.'iy, In her 7Sd year (g. s,, North Truro^. He removed from 

Bastbam to Truro, and IxTnme an extensive farmer, ownlou many hundreds of acres of land at thn 
Head of Paniel, n^nr the «K'e«n. His nunierous farm bulUHii|?s remaine«1 ui) to a comparatively 
recent period. He was the owner of Hector, the hist slave in Truro, having purchased him Oct 7,. 
l7;f<J, when about three ycrirs old. of Jonalhan rnine for £30. Hector was IwipUxed by Uev. John 
Avery, June 27, 1747. July 17. 172M, Thomas Mulf.M'«l, Jouaihau Paine, and Henj. Collins were ap- 
pointed trustees to receive for the town «»f *rruro Us proportion of Uic £1*0,000 loan. Had uluc 
chlUlren— dvc sons and four dauuhier*. IHs non; 

lia.<<JAiUM CoLUNS, b. Muy ll, 1713: m. Jtrmtha* StevtM, as above. 



Han.vaii. I». JimcO, Kil; hapt. July 2C, 1741; d. Feb. 1, 1816, agcil 7J; m. June 7. 1750, 
David Snow, who d. (?) May itt, 1792. 
407. RiriiAUD, b. June tio, 1743; bapt. July 31. 1743; d. ; m. , Rcl>ccea , 

408. Bk.v.ia%iin, b, April 19, 1745; tmpt. Juno U, 1745; d. ; m., Ist, , Kliznbclli 

: I'd. Jan. 2«. 1772, lUchel Loinburd. 

409. JoAXXA. b. March 2, 174r.-.7; bai.i. April 26, 1747: d. Dec. 27, 1809; m. Feb. 13, 17C6, 
JoahUA Aivvo<kJ. of Wf'lllkva. who d. iJfc. 21, 1812. 

410. Trbit, b. Feb. !♦;, l74«-9; bapt. April 2, 1749; d. ; m. April 9, 1774, Jane Sarah" 

411. Sjlvanus. b. June 3. 1752; bapt. July 19, 1752. 

413. UlCAH (called Michael In the will}, b. Feb. 5, 1755; bapt. June 19. 1755. 

118 John' Stevens {Abigail* Ti^eat, Samuel y^ Robert,^ Richard^), hum alHDUt 
1722 ; baptixoil S.^pt. 13, 1722» in Triin), Mnss. ; dicJ Nov. 6, 17'.H), in \\\h sixty-tiint.Ji y<'"r 
(w^aveslone. North Truro) ; nuirricd, tirsl, April 15, 1712, Joa>jsa Smith, who (iifil June 
15, 1743, in her twentk-th yvar (gravestone, North Truro) ; second, Nov. 15, 1744,BETTr 
"Mayo, who dit-d Nov. 9, 1807, »gt^<l eiii^hty-rine. Widow Brtty was nppoiuteil adininiB- 
tratrix of hi.>* estate, March 27> 1792. Inventory £1jO 12s. licslded in Truro, 

Children, born and Itaptized in Truro : 
4I». Rir.nAni»,» b. March l.l. 1744-5; bapt. July 7, 1755. 

414. THoma». b. Feb. 11', 174<>-7; bapt. March 22, 1747. 

415. l^T.TTW^^) 5. r,^. 6, 1 748-9. /^'^P^- ^''^'' »^' '^^^' ^ ^^P^" '^' ^''^^ 
41«. JoAXNA 5 (bapt. Feb. 19. 1749; d. May 14, 1749. 

417. LErrieK. b. April 20. 1750; bapt. May 28, 1750. 

418. Jo.iXXA, b. Si'pt. 18, 1732: bapt. ; d, Nov. ID. Ihi«; 

41». b. May 7, 1755; bapt. June 19. 1756. 

420. Bkttk. b. April 2, 1758; bapt. April 9. 1758. 

421. Joax, b. July 18, 1760; bapt. AnK. 10. I7rt0. 

422. JkuLMHA, b. ; bupt. Sept. 18, 1763. 

423. JoKAH, b. ; bapt. June 7. 1767. 

424. Jamiw. b. Jun«^ 19. J76i* ; bapt. Auk, 21, 1768; d. Jan. 17, 1801, aged 82, at Norfolk. Va. 

425. ToAH (dau-), b. Nov. 6, 1770; bapt. Nov. 18, 1770. 

119 Mary^ Treat (Joseph,* Samuel,^ Roberty^ Ricftard^), iKjrn IMny 3, 1711, in 
BcMiton; died Aug. 24, 1744, in BoBton (gravestone, Copp's Hill) ; married Dec. 9, 1786, 
bj liev. Jotihua Gee, Philik IIowkm., horn about 1714, tVnnl m Boston, March 6, 1753, 
aged Ihiriy-nine (gravestone Coin's Hill), an<l son of Philip iind Sarah (C'lough) Howell, 
who yrata married Dee. 18, 1711; the father dying Oct. 26, 1717, when his son waa in in- 
fancy. 3Ir. Howell was a <-anlkor l)y trade. His wife Mary owned the covenant at the 
Second church, Sept. 11. 1737. June 2S, 1738, he was a<linitted a njember of No. 1 Fire 
Kugine Co. of Boston, audwa^ a member in 1742. 

Children of Pliilip and Mary Howell, born in Boston: 

426. Maky. b. Oct. 15, 1737; bapt. Oct. 16, 1737. 

427. Vuiuv, b. Oct. 10, 1739; bapt. Oct. 14, 1789. 

120 Abigair Treat {Jont^ph* Samudy^ Robert,^ Richard^), boni March 10, 

1715-6, in Bo8loa: died -; married Ft'b. 22, 1736, Kuknkzkk'^ Guoss (p. 213), born 

Aug. 17, 1713, and son of Micah and Mary Gross, of Truro, MasB. He 18 8up|)osed to 
have removed from ]{o.ston to Maine, where thivc, at least, of his children nettled. Can 
find no trace of the family in Boston after 1746 except that hisi son Kbcuczer, when mar- 
ried in 1763, is said to be of Boston, according to the Truro reconls. 


Cliildren of Ebenczcr and Al»igail CJross, liorn in Boston and baptized in the Second 
church : 

428. EuKNKZK.ii," b. ; bapt. Jan. 8, 1737-«; d. abowi 1806; m. Nov. 21, 1763, lliinHali 


428. JosKi'H, b. Doc. 20, 1739 ; Impt. Dec. 23, 1789 ; d. Jau. — . 1817, aged 80 (?) ; m. . Ta- 

bltiiA rroodcU. 

4«0. b. ; bapt. March 15, 1741 ; d. . Lived near Scltuate. Masa. 

481. AiiUJAiL. b. ^ .; bapt. D«;. 19, 1742; d. . 

4S2. Simon, b. ; bapt. March 2i*, 1744; d. young. 

4Sd. JoiiJN, b. ; bapt. April 21, 1745; d. . Moved to Camden, Me. 

484. Mary, b. ; bapi. Dec. 2.H, 1746; d. ; m. , Larason, and lived in 

Camdeo, Me. 
4S5. Joshua, b. ; d. — , on a voyage to the West Indies. 

122 Joanna'* Treat (JoHeph,* Samuel,^ Bobert,^ RichnvfO •, horn ; bnptize<l 

Jau. 20, 1722-3, in Truro, Mass. ; died May I, , aged thirty-one (gravestone on Copp'd 

Hill, Boston, date illegible) ; nianied Nor. l>, 1744, James^"* Tilkstume,' baptized May 21, 

1704, ditnl -, and son of James and Mary Tilestone. lie was a houitew right, and 

his wife Joanna was admitteil to the covenant in the New Brick Church, Boston, SepL 18, 
1747, whei-e her children were baptized. 

Joanna Tilcstone of Boston, and Mary Tilestone of Bane, sold land, Aug. 27, 1784. to 
James Tilestone of Newbuiyport. (Sulf. Deeds, 144 : 167.) James Tileatone and others, 
of Newbury port, petitioned the General Court, Aug. 28, 1780, for permtssion lo sail a 
vessel to the West indies. (Mass. Archives, 177 : 26.) 

Children of James and Joanna Tilestone, l>orn in Boston : 

430. James,* b. Oct. 11 (>), 1747; bapt. Oct. 7, 1747. 

437. JoAXSA. b. ; bapt. March 6, 1749. 

438. Mary, b. ; bapt. April 22, I7o0. ^ 

123 Capt, John^ Treat (J<r»«^.< Samuel,^ Jiobert,^ liichard^)^ bom - 

baptizeii A])ril 11, 172.'>, in Fruro; died — — , 1758; kiUe<l ncconling to family tradition, 
at the 9ecx>nd taking of Lou isburg from tlie French; married Sept. 2, 1747, Abioail^ 

'The family name of TylesUmc, or Tilestone. vna proliably derircd from Tllslone. In Cheshire, 
Sa);laml, whore the family lived. One branch altered the name to Tilloteon, It is said al>out lH**), 
of w hU:h family was John TlUolson, Abp. of Caiitertiury. 

Tii«»\i\s.' riLt:sTi>NE. b. — —, 1011, In Eutflaud; ^1. ,Iunc 24. 1694, aged 83; m. , ElUal^h 

-. Was ^-anied laud In Dorchosirr In liHil, and tnaile a freeman, Blarch 19,1636-7. Had 

seven children.— thn-o ?«on!i, and fonr danghters. Ills son : 

I.i»u-T. TxMOTHV* TiLKHroNK. b. . 1«J3»J; d. Auif. 9, u;97: m. .May 3, !«», S-nnh BHditmHH^ 

who d. June Sii, ITli. Was made a freeman tn l*;f.«. and a representative in 1689. He was a coojicr, 
and owned a ildc mill, now known as Tllc^tono's mill. lhu\ seven children,— four eooa and tLre« 
daughters, lib son: 

JaMis* TiiJCtToxK, b. Julys, 1675 ; d. Feb. 90, 1739-40. agrd €3 (?>, (g. a Coppis Hlin ; m. JtUy 29. 
1703, Marg White, who d. altout 1749. He was a b<vuscwrlghi. lita natn^ apfMars amon^ the 
twenty-four perijons who a^^soclatrd i« luilld then*w brick church, which waa erected al>out 1721. 
Ho was one of the buildlni; cuntmlttriT, and auioni; the first of i .^ 

lnl<.» a churrb state. His widow and son. James, were appointed : 

1740. Thf" itfd Keb. 18. 1740-1, amonnt^ lo £23^4 {f^.. Ul. luUudiu^ I. 

Had four t 7H>n«, and one daiitfhter. IUh sou: 

Jamb** Tiucsmxa, ui. JomMttm Yrtol as above. 



Hartt,' born Doc. H, 1727, died May 10, 1790, nrul daugliter ofCaiitain Rnli)h and Mary 
(Ilmlson) Harlt. Tbev were married \*y tbe Rs'V. lleuiy Crtiun*, \he htst. C linrrh of Eng- 
land priest of King's CLnpel, a graduiite of Yale iu 1724, inducted a» rector, April 11, 
1747, and diamiascd in March 17, 1770, when, witli a large number of his parishioners, 
l>eing Loynlists, he loft the country. After the death of Ca|)tain Treat, she married 
for her second husband in 1763 (publishetl Oct. 5, 1763) Kilward Gyles, of Boston, by 
whom she had three children. See the Giles Memorial, pp. 133-134. According Uj family 
tradition, John Treat was a captain in the French war. When his widow was about to 
many Kdward Gyles in 1703, she took out letters of administration on the estate of her 
late husband. The letters are dated Nov. 16, 1763. In them Ji>hn Treat is said to have 
been *'a soldier in his Majesties Corps of Rangers, intestate." The bond is signed by Abigail 
Treat, Joseph Howe, tinplatf work»'r, — her sister Rebecca's husband, — and Edward Gyles, 
painti^r and stainer. Very little is known about the Rangers. They were a kind of in- 
det>endent soldiers, sometimes called Light Infantiy, and emploj'ed on scouting expoilitions, 
where fjuicknessof movement was very desirable. It is said that the pay rolls were sent 
to England for adjustment and payment and never returned. It is therefore impossilde 
to obtain the name of the soldiers, except as recorded in private li«ts, town i^ecords, and 
family tradition. Louisburg was taken from the French by Sir William Pepperrell in 1745, 
but restored to them iu 174JS. It was retaken July 26, 175.S, the siege having begun June 
8th of tlie same year. In 1757, the Earl of Loudon and Gov. Pownall held a convspond- 
ence a1)out raising Rangers, who were to be selected from Massachusetts troops. May 
22, 1758, there were at Halifax six companies of Rangers, comprising seven hundred men, 
under Major, or Brigadier Major Scott, awaiting the attack on Loiiisburg. Kt»ox, in his 
Iliaiorical Journal of the Campaigns iu North America from 1757-1760, gives some account 

*8auurl' IIakt, b. 

-, in England: d. abont IHM.^, In Lynn, Mnfais. ; m., Ist, 

-, Mai'i/ 

, who d. Dee. 21. lt>71 ; 2d, Jan. 29. liuA, Marff Wliitiiuj. Ho settled in I-yun between HUS 

and nWK). The inventory of tbe estate of Samuel Hart, sr., of Lynn, m dated Jnly 4, liis.4, ami hI- 
lowiNJ Nov. 27, lt»rt:K .Samuel and Joseph Hart, sons, were udmiidslrutors. Widow Hart signed 
her name wllh a umrk. A widow Mary Hart m. March .'>. Hi84. Wm. IJeule, in Lynn. The family 
name was varintijily spelled, H:irt, Harit, Ilarte, and Uarttc. In tins cidHe it is Hart. A Samuel 
Hart, prohahly son of Samuel, sr., was an apprentice to George Coale in 1(»75. Samuel Hart, w., is 

supposed t«i have nmrried u dnmchter of Kdnumd Needltam. Avho was probably the widow of 

How, as there i» meiuiou by Needbam in bis will, dated June 2(5, i(i77, of Hart's daugbter-iu-law, 
£li£al>eth How. who by nmrriaicr wasithen Elly,abetb Cbnihvell, und some of Hart's cbildren, — Sam- 
uel, eldest Hon. Joseph. Abigail, her gnuulfntber Needlmm's nurse, and Rebeeca. 
Children, born in Lynn, by bis tirst mirriaj^e : 

I. Mtinj,^ h, ; d. Sept. 2n, IKSZ- 

Hamuel. b. : d. Dee. 30, 1730. 




Hannah, b. .April — . 1G57. 
J03in>h, h. .\prtl 10, ir.5y; d. - 
Abii/Qil, b. Nor. \h, lft»)U. 

-: m. June 24, 1084, Rnth Chadwell. 

John, b. An«. 3. MMW; d. Oct. 8. l<>(;7. 

Iieb«<ya, h. Jnn. 27, hUW. 

Ezekiel, b. April 2«. IGCU; d. May 10. U'M. 

Bj Uls second marriage : 
9. JTO/tViMi, b. Jaii.4, 1676. 

C«pt. SAafiKL* Hautt, b. 

-; d. Doc. :\n, 17:^0, in Lynn: m., Ut, .Tan. 4. H'.RO-l. EKznhrth In- 

fali$, of Lynn, b. Mareh 7, H'mII. d. Nov. 2, 1081, and grandilHUKhter of Kdmund ami France-' Iiitralls, 
who came f rum LiucoIu»Jdre In l<;2ii ; 2d, June D, IGH4, AlU^ail Lamherd, or Lambert, d. Sept. I, 1747, 



of the Uftngers in tliis carap.iign, tin<l on page 238, tlescribeB their uniform. They were of 
grent service at the landing of the forces on the 8th of June, and suljscquently. The ii*o<>pa 
diseniharked at Saint Ann's at the eastern end of the Island of Cape Breton, (i\xmt 
twelve miles from Clioborogiie Bay. The Ions of the Freneh durin;^ this siege is said to 
have amonnte*! to between 1,.500 and 2,000 including women and children. The Kuglieh 
lot»s in killed ami wounded was 515, though some eHtimate the number higher, distributed 
oa folh>ws : 

Killed. Wounded. 

Captains 2 4 

Lieutenantfi 8 1 6 

Knsigns 2 3 

SergiMinta 3 4 

Corporals 7 3 

Privates IK; 31.'» 

Diunmjers 2 

Total 168 347 

See Boston Nrwx Lvller^ Aug. 24, 1758 ; Knox's HistoriralJotirnal, pages 127-197. The 
names of the killcil and wounded are unfortunately not given. John Treat was allowed 
£10 for n8siutance in settling his father's estate in 1756. 

ChiUlren, born m Boston : 

439 Am«iiL.» h. Ihni. 29, 1747; d. .Tuly — . 1797; m. .\prll 24. 1771, MaJ. EUa* Parkinan. 

440 SamthIm h. . 1750; d. May 1, IHUfi; ni., 1st, . 1771» (puli. March l(J. 1770)»| 

KUjr.«bflh Brewer; 2d. June 20, 17U0, Aun Mayj SU. alx>ut l«W (pub. Dw. 'ilJ, IHOiX)" 
Helena Mcrllno dc St. Try- 

124 Lieut Joshua"* Treat {Joseph,^ Samuel,^ Robert,'^ RicJianV), born Sept. 22» 
1729, in Boston ; died Aug. 12 (17, Prosi>ect records), 1M02, at Prospoot,Me. ; m.trricd, 

Bjfed M (g. s.. Old Bnrylnff Ground, wherr her nnnic is spelled Unrtt), and rUn. of Michael l^uil>Mrl. 
who d. \n^. 18. H»7r». Tlif will of Sjimufl Unrtt, sr., of Lyun, yeomnii. i!« datt-d June li, 17!V«. ntui 
pndMiti-d Fib, 2*», 17:<l-2, It innitlons >vifi' Abi^rHil. sons John and Ralph, who are sole oxocutora, 
dauirhters Mary MuntiUcld. and ({Hnciah. SiKnetl Samuel Hartte. hU mark. 
Chihlreu, Iwrn in Lynn, l)y Uls lirst marriage : 

1. BifMttt^tth,' b. Oct. 22, ir.81 ; d. Feb. li*, 1082. 
By hU second marriage : 

2. y.iuiurt, h. Jun«9, |B*»5. 

». Jtfdry. b. Fel». iS. IC87-8: d — — -; m. , .»iau-i.fld. 

i, JInmnah, h. Jan. 25. lrKN>^l. 

5. JuHn, b. Aug. 34. UHKl; d. - 

-; m., April 24, 1710, Experience Norton. 

6. M^h^tlt. b. July 18, ItWU; d. Oct. 14, 1718, aged 22 (k. 6. Lynu). 

7. liitl}^, b. June 12. i(UM»: d. March 14, 17TC. 

Capi.* lUurr. b. Juno 12, 1<)U9. in Lynn; d. March 14. 1774, ajred 77, tn Boston (g. a.*^ 
Copp s I{U1> : m.. 1st, Nov. 27. 1722. .Vqrjr tlnti^m, b. May 27. KM). In Lynn. d. Aus. 9. 1733. a; 
Slyrs. 2mos. 0?- »• Copp's Illlf), and dau. of Moms aod Sarah (Collins') Iln ' ' • were in. 

Nor. 12. tr»8A; 2d. abont 1783 (pub. l)cc. 12, 1738. la Boston, and April S2. 17 . L 

t^tre* K'ttci'tud of Lyuu, b. , KOTi; d. Nov. .1. 1751, ajted 4rt rr». 

1752 < pub. Nov 9. irA2^. Mr«, .^iinA ( nt Stonfham. Mas<>. ^ 

after h\> di- ; 'ifham, t i • wus a •»!•'.• k .^ .: t.i.. 

Bo«tou: r* - Hewa'«. - inlx'mf tii \.,. . • t -.r . 

Co, tn I7i!y. and cb^xMMi captain In 17o«. Feb. :i.H, 1712, he wh> ,. , k^ ,„..| by Got. hbirtry aa 

IJti«a <»f i!i.- F(.oi C\».i»f lU»-»iou. This c\pmmJ»«i«.»ul» printed ill ; • 1 .. .; !: -r.. Vul. x\ii. i..?Tl. 




PC. 9, 17.*i5, Catuarine James, ]»firn , rlied Mny 4, 1 <00, niifl dnngliter of 

AVilliam and Ciillinrine (Cunninghuii») James« of Fort George's, now Warren, Mo. Mv. 
Jarnea died Ocl, 20, 1700, age<l ulglily-one, and was one of tlie firjit Scotch IrisU scltlera 
on Gt?orge*s river, the Indian name of wliich was rreor<reekep. For jjis second wife he 
uiarrie<1 Dec. 25, 17i»3, hy Benjiiniin Sinite, Esq., Mrs. Pmuly Lancastkb, spelled Lunks- 
ter in the Prospect records, where she resided. Mr. Treat was a gnnsmith by trade. Ho 
was at Fort George's as early as Aug., 1750, and peiliapH a little earlier. The fort was 
ej-ccted in 1719-20, Ilia name first appears on the p:iy roll of Capl. Jabez Bradlnu'y'a 
company, Aug. 30, 1750-Jnne 16, 1753, ns armorer, at (SGs. 8d. w.iges per month. In 
1767, the pay wa« reduceil to 403. A treaty with the Eastern Indians was ratified at this 
fort, Oct. 20, 1752, which wjis witnessed U» by thirty-two persotis, among whom was Joshua 
Treat. See Antials of the Town of Warren, hy George F^iton. Mr. Treat ha« also fur- 
nished an account of a conference with tiie Indian**, dated St. George's, July 27, 1757, 
on which occasion he acted as sworn interpreter of the Indian language. (Mass. Ar- 
chives, 32: 777.) Feb. 2, 175'J, the committee, api)ointed hy the General Court to con- 
8»<ler Governor FownalTs message, reported that it was expwiient to hnihl a fort on the 
Penobscot, ond that when built, the forts at St. George'^ and Pemaqtnd should be disman- 
tled, and the garrisons removed to the Pt-nobscot. Accordingly an expedition was fit- 
ted out for the work, whicli lelt Boston, Mny 4, 1759, accompanied by the governor. It 
touched at Falmonth, now Portland, where it remained a few days, leaving on the eighth. 
On the ninth it arriveil at George's river, where it received on board a part of the garri- 
son there, a portion tuarching for the Penobscot by land. On the seventeenth, tl»e expe- 
dition i-eache<l Fort Point Harbor, now Stockton Springs. The bnihling of a fort was cotn- 
tiienced at once. The governor embarked for home on the twenty-sixth, and arrived at 
Castle William, Boston harbor, on the twenty-eighth. The fort was completeil aijout 

fits 4nravt?stonc, and those of his first two wlvcn may gtill be se<rn In tfood condition on Copp's Hill. 
The Inventory of iho estatx? of Ralph H.irtt, ifeiilleman^ intcstttte, dated June a4, 177fl (Suff. Prob. 
75 : 13-'). aim Hints to £'1H»'» 12s. <>d. Auonf? the Items are these : 

Silver Tankard, porringers, spoons, 4c. 52oz. Spwt. (a> ^- dd. £17. 7. 8. 

2 gold Kuij/H Si Silver watch. £3. 19. «. 

Man»*iou HooRe and land on Charter St. £300. 8.0. 

Olber Hou!4c«4 and land)* amouuli(i<; to £530. 0. 0. 

The Haritj* -were a fainUy of Mhipwrijrht'*. At their wharf, now Constitution wlmrf, the frlf^atc 
ConMtUutton was launched iii 17y7. Edmund lltirtt was the maister carpenter. 
Chllilrea, born In Doston and baptized in the Second church : 

1. Zephanioh,* h. Oct. )», 1724: bapt. Dec, «, 17'i4; d. Sept. — . 1791, atfeti 07; m. Nor. S4. 1748, 
8amh Copp. W««» a shipwright. In 17«J5, he was made a memlx'r of the A. and H. Artillery Co. ; 
wa« afterwar<ls a Ueat<>nant. 

2. Martf, h. July .11. 172fi; hapt. Ancr 7. 172fi; d. Jan 16, 17«0. aged 52 {?), (r. «.. Copp's Hill) ; 

m., 1753 (pub. Feb. 1, 175;»). Joshua Bowles, h. about 1722, d. Aug. 31. 1794, ajjed 72, and 

tton of Hon. John Bowie*, of Roxbnry. and Sarah his wife, who was the dan. of Rev. Jolm Klhit 
of Xcwton, an<l tfratidrlHuji^liter of Rev. John Eliot, the "Apostle" to the Indians. He was a brl- 
gsila major during the Revolution. 

S. Ahigntt, b. Deo. 8. 1727: hapt. Dee. 10. 1727; d. .May 10,17^0: m.. l«t, Sept. 2, 1747. John 
Treat: 2d. shout MdW (pub. Oct. 5, 1763), Edward Uvlcs, b. May 93, 1718. d. July 18, 1785, by whom 
she had two i^ntm and one daughter. 

4. Rfl>fc<a, b. April 21. 172yi bapt. April 27, 1720: d. ; m. alnjut 1730. Jowoph ir'.wc. b. 

; d. , 17S4. He waM A tin-plate worker. In 177<», the Boston Conirailtee of Corref*pond- 

ooee mU'nil aeuniplaiut at^alnid hitu f«>r breach of orders. He resided, and luut his workshop In 
Mamhan St., near \\w U4)!«ton »(tnnc. In I7'J8 the bnum; waa occupied by hl»> von JoHi'ph Howe. 

i. SfiMuvl, b. Dec. 12, l7.tO; bapt. Dec. 20, 171W*. 


Jttly 6. at a of nHiirly £5,000 and nfiino<l Fort PjwDall, in Uouor of tlie governor. 
Hot Governor Pownnll'** .Journal, M-istnclmsctU Archives, Vol. 88, A, pp. 305-321 ; Wll- 
Unmm}n'n Hiftl. of M-.iinc, pp. 3;jr)-331*, Vol. 2. and his Hist, of the City of Belfnst, diap- 
ter 4, p. 56, for ft cut of this fort, ah it i» supposed to Uiive appeared ; N. E. lli^r.- aiu! 
GencnloKlcttl IU>g., Vol. XIII, p. 1G7-8; XIV, pp. -4-10. 

In Lli<; r«»lU of Cii[)L. (iforge Berry's t-oinpniiy. at Fort Pownall, I find tlio name of 
Jonhiin 'I'rvtit hm crisijin from April 1-Jnly 16, l75y. at £2 10s. per month (Ma88. Ar- 
chive*, 97: 213). From July 16, 1759-May 81, 1774, he was armorer; Jan. 20, 1764, 
Ills pay was ruiHod from 408. to TjOs., and July 20, 1766, increased to 70s. ; from July 
2U, 17(16- May 31, 1774, it waa only 308. He probably continued to s^rve aa armorer af- 
tor the hrenking out of the Revolution, for he is spoken of in a public document (Mri<i9. 
ArchivoK, 20H : arii), as acting; in that t;a|)acity. I cannot fln<l that ho ever held any 
higher rank than that of ensign, thrmgh alwiiyn now called Lieut. Joshua Treat. From 
July 20, 1705-Juno 2, 1766, ho acted ns Indian interpreter, with Thomas Fletcher, at £3 
per month, 

Acc(jrdln^ to tradition, Joshua Treat was the first permanent white settler on the Pe- 
nobveot. Whipple says : 

"DiirlnK ihlH year [I7.'>U] Lieut. Joshua Treat arrived at this fort, in a ship from Bos- 
ton londi'd with pivernujont stores for the fori; where he remained and was the t]v^l act- 
ual telller on the Penobscot river." Oeographicol view of the district of Maine^ p. bl. 

But Mr. Treat did not come direct from Boston. He came from 8t. George's, and was 
not lieutenant, but armorer, it is also a tradition that in May« 1759, he paddle<l up the 
river in n cano<' with (iuvernor Pownall, and lantled on the banks of Sowadubseook i 
ntream in Hampden, where he acted .isinlerpreler in a conference held with the TamM4no | 
Indians, n warlike race, and introiluccil the governor to the old chief Modocowanda. 

Dee. 17, 1 700, the foUowing petition was directed to the General Court, by Mr. Treat J 
(Mass. Archives, 7^ : 332) : 

"The Petition of Joshua Treat 
Humbly shews, 

That he has been in the service of this Provlooei 
of the Fort at St. Georges upwartls of Ten Years, & endeavoureil to dlscliarg« his I^tilxj 

faithfully, and al the lime said Fort eonsisleil of thirty men he reeelv'd Thwi- ' {wr ] 

month. That when Fort Pownal was Built your Pet' was remove<l there, m il»e I 

««slabli»hment of said Fort t?on«isle<l of one hundretl men, d: he has the < • of I 

the like Number of Arms, your Pel'^ Pay insUwul of l>eiug iularge«l in his 1^ 

enre iVi tninble in re«lui-od to Forty shillings |»er mouth, wiiich h« finds tou auiall aa al- 
low ai»ee lor hi-* soi»|M>it, 

**Th«t in ' iif Aujri. Pel' wa« • - oo 

liiy»iciaii M;t ■ i-WK«reiii. .itn^^es&i .ysl- 

<riaiMi cars oWwa Wv«ks A hUlsicknvsaooatioaiDg be was reoiovwj from tiwvoe to Boeton 
«rlH)oi b« vaa oonQuM mvtler tlie PtijrakiaBa care acTen weeks loeger dariag Um which ilme 
he never ivcelviNi any (ianieon or Hocpital allowance. That the oeeeaaary Charges A 
KxiM^ivs.N* r.»r 1i..i.,i in.<.l.'. ;i,.% ^ aiteodance dtinit); said Sickoeas amoaiited to npwards 
elr .ick he iaobllgcil to Par, asd as Yoer Pel' waa la the Prov- 1 

ievv >.,... ,, . .1 a .,-.-,. «. ., - i*'->Tiaioo was made for the skk. He hum- ] 

My l\«ys Yo«ir • .Uoo of his Ca^'. & that a reasunalde 

A«Mitki«i akay bo imxk- ui um m jvcch, Hri .•us^> that an allowance majr be m^ie him for 
Ihe ohainee of his tkikiMea. And Toar IM* as in Dntj Booad will Ptaj Ae. 

Joshaa Treat.'* 

Ft>n l\»w«al), Mar wIm«« Mr. IVmI acUha^ was onxiaallj la Ike towa of 



Springs. Fiaijlxfort was ini-orpovnted June 2D, 17K0, nn»l exten(]L'<] rrom 
Bclfasl line to Wheeler's mills. Wus oiigiu.illy ti very large town, hut lias been div'ulod 
into several towns. Prospect was set otTaml incorporated Feb. 24, 171H ; Searsport was 
incorporatefl Feb. 13, 1845, which took a little from B<-»lfa<»t; Stockton was inoorporatcMl 
March 13, 1H57 (the name has since been changed to Stockton Sprint^s) , and Wiiitor|Mjrl in 
1860. Mr. Treat's lot was near the hoat^ of Fort Point Cove, just above Stockton vlUat^e, 
Q(l was divided by tlie county road. His house wus on the sotitheastorly corner of the 
[>t, about two miles due north of Fort Powniill, where a part of the cellar is still visi- 
ble. The dimensions are about 40 by 25 feet. His grave, unmarked by any monument, 
is nearer the shore. His sons Robert and James Inherited the lot, the former the north- 
erly half. The author visite<l the place in 1H90. During the Revolution Mr. Treat 
moved his family to Camden, but soon returned. 

One of Mr. Treat's account books is now in the possession of E. P. Treat, of Frankfort. 
It consists of 241 pages. The lower part of the book has been ranch injured by (lamp, 
dU a few of the leaves have been torn out. The name of Joshua Treat is on the first 
"page, and on the inside of the cover opposite, the wonl Fort Pownall, is written several 
times. It was opened in 1764 and extended to 17G7, bnt the once vacant spatres have 
been filled up with entries from 17.'>1 to 1797, some of them taken from a prcviotis book. 
In the earlier entries the penmanship is very good, antl everything shows that Mr. Treat 
undcrsUxxi book-keeping. Later on the writing is not so good or so careftdly done 

Resides being armorer at the fort, he kept a store containing .«iuch articles as were 
ncM.'de<l in the settlement, aa rum, meal, mohisses, pork, moose meat, tobacco, Hip, cof* 
fee, shoes, various kinds of dry goo<Ls, etc. He was also probably the only mechanic in 
the neighf>orhood and did all kinds of blacksmith work, making bolts, tempering axes, 
mending gun's, repairing steel traps, and forging the iron work for vessels. He did some 
trading with his cousin Samuel Treat in Boston, of the firm of Treat & Pli50. As early 
as Kfio, he owned a farm which he leased to Abner Lowell under certain conditions, 
page iil. On page 2J11, i&"the Imlian account," which contains this entry among others: 
**I^nt Sabbatis Atteon a tr.ap for the fall Hunt which he is to pay me i!4,0.0." On page 
^14><, under date of **Oct. yo 10, 1797," is this curious entry: ''This Day Rickoncd and 
itlod with my son Joah* Treat all accounts Debts Dues and Demands from the Begin- 
ing of the World U> this day and received payment in full of forty shillings Lawful 

as Witness my Hand 
Josh* Treat." 

Oct. 7, 1707. he paid Thomas Cooper for "schooling my 2 children £10," page 83. 
The Itook contains the names of many of the early settlers and is valuable on that accon nt. 
irr. Trrat must have been a man of great energy and enterprise. Uia silver ware far 
exceeded that of any other settler on the river. 

Autograph, 1757; 


TUc family Bible, which was given to Joshua's mother by her father Edwanl Larkin, 




contained the family record, but it is so worn and faded tlmt in so»no cases it cannot be 
nmdc out. ll is to bo fouiul nnioni; the Prospect town records. 

Children, the Urst two born at Fort George's, the others in Frankfort, afterwards Tros- 
Peet, now Stockton Springs^ hy his first marriage: 

441. Josiiin.* I). Sfpt- 1«5t l"5fi; d. Oct. 22, IS'iii; m. March 5, 1780, LydUl Back. 
442. Caihakinb. I). March 4, 1757; d. Dec. 30. ITfiO. 
44a. Mauv, h. Sept. W, 1759; d. Dec. 10. 17G3. 
444. Ann, h. June 8. I7(ii}; d. Mny t*. 17«4. 
445. JosKPil, b. Jan.*14. 1764; d. May r». 18.S«; m. Nov. 27. 1788. Abiirall Idc. 

446. John. b. June 4, 17C6; d. Aag. 29. 17(10. 

447. Cathauinb. b. Jnne 14, 17(W; d. June 30. 1708. 

448. Kuz-AiiKTH, U, July 10. 17m>; tl. Jan. 22, 18.S7; m. Dec. 10, 1789, Nathan (Jrlfflo. 

449. Wu.uamJ.wmks, b. Dec, 2G, 1771; d. Se|H. 16. 1801; m. April 24, I7y2, lluldah Stimson. 
460. JouN, \ / d. April 11, 1870; m., Isl, Jan. 7, 1802, Surnli SH»>«'t- 

l twins, b. Aug. 22, 1775 ; | scr; 2d, June 24. I8in>, Mrs. Lucy (.Horler) Llttlefleld. 
451. Samukl. ) (d. Yvh 10, 1K.'.!I. ill Wiuierport. Mo.; unm. 

452. RoHKKT. b. June 6. 1777; d. April II, 1845; m.. 1st, Nov. 12, 16Uji.Mary Uldley? 2(1, May 
16, 1834. or June 14. 1843. Mr«. Rebecca (Berry;) Crockett. 
James, b. Aug. 80, 1779; d. Nov. 80, 1819; ni. April 20. l«0C, Lytlia Parker. 


By his second marriage : 
454. WaKKKN, b. Sept. 16, 1801 ; d. 

-, 1801. 

128 Elizabeth"' Treat {Joseph^ Samuel,^ Rdbert,^ Richard^"), l>orn ; bap- 
tized Oct. 18, 1747, in Boston; died Dec. 4, 1830, ageil eighty-two (gravestone. Brewer, 
Mc.) ; marric<J Dec. 13, 1768, hy Rev. Jolin Lnthi-op, John^ IIolyokk,* lH)rn Aug. 27, 
1743, in Boston, «iie«l Aug, 21, 1807, ngetl sixty-four (gravestone, Brewer), and aon of 
Jacot) and Susannalj (Martin) Ilolyoke. BIr. Ilolyoke was a cooper, and resitioil in Boa- 
ton. Aooonling to faudiy Lrudition he was one of the Tea Party, Dec. 16, 1773, Uiough 
Ids name <Kh?s not uppear in llie list given by Drake, Tea Leaves, pp. xcii-xciv. This list 
does not pretend to be u complete one. Al)out 1775, he renioveil to the settlement of 
Penoliscot, on tlio I*enol)scot river. This name was an indefinite one, meaning any anincor- 
porateii place on the river above the mouth. He waa among the earlieat aetUera in Or- 

MiMiN IIuLYOKK (spelled Ilolllock, or Holloke) of .Mcestrr, Warwick Co.. England, mercer, made 
his will, Nov. 21. 1*>87. Aud mciiLlons wire Elizahtth ; fttther-m-law Richard Stokes; cbUdren Mary. 
Edwarvt. and a child not yet born. John Stockion Wii.« a witness. His sou : 

Ed\%ahi>' IIolyokk, b. tu Kitj;lnnd: d. May 4. UWO; m. June 12, 161t. Prudtnct StncHon, 

daughter of Rev. John Stockton, rvcU>r of RIncolt. He is said to have come from Tamworth in Staf- 
fordshlte, cloao to the nortliern boundary of W:irwlcksh)re. Wa-i In Lynn, Mitss., 1436-7, and 
IDad« a IVvemaa March 14, I6.'^H-9 Livt^l mostly In Rummry Mttr:>b. now Chelsea. Maas. Was 
reprciicntatlve for severu) tuwuH between 1(>39 and 1618. HIa sun: 

Capi. Ki.«rK,* or KLrrKru Hoi.vokr. b. . In Kn^j^land; d. Sept. — l«7*>; m.. 1st, Nor. 90« 

1640, .Vary Ppnrhon. who d. Oct. ?6, l(k17. and daughter of William Pyt ;1eld. Mmh.| 

2d, , widow K»l\fr Mttynnrri. RevidiHt In Springfleld, and was r*. , > the Otoeral 

Coart, 165r>. '67. *70. *7^, 73. Had seven children. — Ave sons, aud two danshiera. Hla son : 

F.MzrR* HoLToRR. b i^t. 12, 16S1: d. Aug. II, 1711. aged *Uly: m. Jaa. t, IHU, M«rf SHU, 
who d. Feb. S, I72t\-], a^ed itUty-iiU, and daauhter of Jacob Eliot, Jr., of Boortoa. Lived la Bus- 
ton, and was reprFfH.*ntatlvu to the G«ttcral Court 1701-7. Had ekven cbUdrra. — seven aona, aad 
foor daushters. His son : 

JAtxm* H»»i.voKK, b. Nov. «, 1697; d. Sept. 19. 1767; m. Aug. 13, 1730. Sutannith Martin, who d« 
, 17M. Waa a merchant. Had aeven chiUUrn,— Are aons, aod two daogfalers. Ula so*: 

Jcuist* IIolyom:. b. A«g. »7, lU»i m. JOUwbtOi TVval. ■» above. 



^s-ooniing tbere about 1777, — which was then a wilderness, from whicli Brewer 
rards taken, and taking up two lots Of land, each of one hiimlred acres, one 
above and one below where the Penobscot bridge now stands. Each lot was sltnateil 
along the river 40 roils, ami exten<led back 400 ro4l8. Mr. Holyoke first bnilt a log house 
on ttio hill on the ui)per lot. A frame house was erected about 1788, the (irst in town, on 
the lower lot, al»out twenty ro<ls from the river, which in course of time has given pl.'ice 
to another building. For many years after he made his cioaring, humlreds of Indians 
used to encamp in a bo<ly and huiUJ their wigwams near hts dwelling. Though friendly, 
they were at times rather disagreeable. They would come into a house at any hour, day 
or night, even forcing the door if fastened, and help themselves to food, or lie on the 
floor l)efore the fire, without the slightest reganl to the trouble and inconvenience caused 
by their Intrusion. It was thought l>est to submit quietly to these rude ways, rather than 
to incur the ri«k of trouble. Mr. Holyoke was the first treasurer of Orrington In 1788 ; se- 
lectman In 1791, and held other town otllces, l)eing held in the highest eateem by his 

To illustrate the dirticnlties of travelling in those days, I subjoin the following peti- 
tion of Mrs. Oolyokc, which is to be found in the Massachusetts Archives, 177 : 171. 

-lioston Oct. 7, 1780. 
**Tlie petition ofElizabeth Holyoke Humbly aheweth th:it she was a native of thisTown^ — 
but previous lo the Commencement of Hostilities her hushantl & family moved to Penob- 
scot where they now are — She sometime since Obtained Liberty to come up to Boston «fc see 
her fkiends — and is now very anxious to Return to her Husband & 4 young Chihben, 
having no other prospect of Conveyance than the present. She Humbly begs your Hon- 
ours to grant her permission to proceed in Ihe vessel with Cap^ Ingrabam & the Gentle- 
men from ye Colledge — (at her own Expense) who are now bound uear her Habitation. 

Audyour petitioner shall ever pray 
Elizabeth Holyoke. 
Granted Oct. 9, 1780." 

Children of John and Elizabeth Holj'oke, the first two born in Boston, the others in 
Orrington, now Brewer, Me. : 

456. John.' b. Mnrcli 10. ITTS; d. Oct. 3, 1831 ; in. Nov. 27, 1800, Miriam Tibhets. 

466. Calkm IloiKiss. b. March G, 1775; d. ; m. .Margaret NeaJ. He lived In 

Pt>rt*uiuut.|», N. H. 
Folly, b. .May 13. 1777; d. Oct. 7. 1849; m., l«t, May 24, 17D6. Capt. Charles Borr. of 

15r«wfr. who d. Aug. T. 1n20; 2d. , 1825. George Witwell, of Brewer. See Ban- 

{jor Hist. M&<r.. Vol. .H, Nu. 5, p. 8*. Tor further Inforniation. 
Edward, b MircL 27, 1779; d. abooi ld04. aged 25, by drowtiinjf. 

Eliza, b. March 7, 17HI ; d. ; in. , as her eecood hu?«hand, Richard Hohen, 

of IrUh deaceiii, rroiii Frankfort Marsh, who aetUed la Orrington. For hia Aral wife 

he ID. Veazle. 

4e0. Jacob, b. March 27. 1783; d. May 2, 1865; m.. lat (pob. Sept. 80, 1809), Martba Brewer ; 

2d. , Anna Tread well : 3d. . Sally Hopkins. 

4«1. Sally Sassust, b. April 30, 1785; d. ^ ; rn. (pab. July 15, ISIS), Samuel E. Fields. 

4«;2. Wiujjtw. b. April 20, I7«7; d. ; m, . Lucy Greenleaf. 

463. KoMKirr Txrat, b. April :fO. 1789; d. lu Infiuicy. 

464. BlOUAKD, \K Oct. 5. 1791 ; d. . 



129 Major Koberf Treat (Joaeph,* SamueJ,^ RobeH^^ RicJiard})^ bom July 14, 
1752, in Boston; died May 27, 18:24, in Baugor, Ue.; married, first, Nov. 28, 1774, Mabt 



Partriugk, born Muy 5, 1757, in Havorhill, ilied June 10, J 800, in Bangor, aged forty- 
four; bcchukI, Fch. 28, IMi't, in Miivcrhill, Wauv Galk, bom Deo. 23, 1772, iUcmI Feb. 20, 
1842, in IJonlton, Mo., 'Mid iUm*z;literiit' Mt)sra iia.U\ n promiueut niorcliant luul leiitljcr deal- 
er of Haverhill. Air. Gale died June 20, 1H27 ; marrie<lOcl. 12, 1760, Mary Applebin, who 
died March 29, 1«30. (See Gale Genealogy.) In 1769, when seventeen years old, Robert 
Treat ih Haid to have left iJoston. and j«»ined his brothei' JonhiMi 'I'reat, who was aruKMvr 
at Fort Townall on tlu- banks of the Penobseot. lie worked at his trade of gnnHmithfor 
Bome five years, lill his removal to Bangor, about tlie year 1774, — the pi'ecise time is not 
now known, Jt is very probable that a portion of the time was employed in other ])Ur- 
suits, Hueh as exploring the country, hunting, and snneying, but of this little can now 
be said. Accoixling to the muster rolls, there was a Kobert Treat at the Fort from Jan. 
20, 1764 to June 2. 176R, but he was perhaps another Robert Treat, formerly a merchant 
at Boston, won of Samuel Treat of Truro, Mans., and a cousin of Major Robert Treat. 

Mr. Treat was apptiinted jigent for the proprietors of Oriand to run out lots to the 
settlers at the Upper Falls, abont two miles above the present village, and the same year, 
1774, began to build the first saw mill there, Imt probalily did not finish it. Perhaps it 
was about this time that he nuived to the Falls at the head of tide Mater on the Penobsc«»t, 
afterwards called Treat's Falls, in his honor, where the city of Bangor now stands. ,Janies 
Ginn moved from Brewer and carried on the mill till 1797, when Mr. Treat sold it to .lohn 
Lee of Caatine. 

The name Penobscot was given in early times t«> any unincorporated place on the river 
of that name. The first settlers of Bangor, who began to arrive as early as 1769, were 
squatters. The State of ISIassachusetts owned the township, but nnule a compromiBO 
with the Waldo proprietors, which gave each actual settler [previous to Feb. 17, 179«, 100 
ACi^s. A petition to the General Court for a settlement of the matter, is dated Bangor 
Nov. 23, 1795, and the name of Robert Treat heads the list. March 5, 1801, n resolve 
was passed giving each actual settler since , Ian. 1, 17^4, and previous to Feb. 17, 1798, 
100 acres of land on payment of 8100, and all settlers previous to 1784, were entltletl to 
100 jicres by paying the treasurer of the eoinmonwealtli $H.75. Mr. Treat receivt-d n 
great many lots l>y assignment. 

The city of Bang()r was originally called Bagaduce, or Kenduskeeg, sometimes spelled 
Con<leskeeg, Plantation. Sept. II, 1787, Robert Treat and eighteen others presented a 
petition to the Cieneral Court of Mass., requesting them to incorfforate the towns^hip, 
which then consiste<l f>f about forty families, into a town by the name of Sunbury, but, tut 
fur as it appeal's, without result; yet the settlers seem ti> have regarded themselves ud be- 
longing to a town organization. March 3, 1788, Robert Treat was chosen moderator of the 
town of Sunbury; Oct •), ]1HH, he was chor^en collector; March 2, 1789, he was chosen 
miKh-rator, and again, June '60, 1789, ata meeting held at liis house. June 27, 1790, another 
jK'tition was presented to the court requesting to l>e incorporated under the name of Bangor, 
Ity Rev. Seth Noble, who has the credit, whether justly or n(»t, of having the name cbange<l 
from Sunbury to Hangor, which was the name of an old Psalm tune, a gi*eat favorite with 
Idm. The petition was granted Feb. 25. 1791, and the inhabitants were notilietl to inert 
at tin- house of Major Robert Treat, March 22, 1792, to choose oOlcers. It is not known 
whi'U tln' organizalion of tbe tuwu of Bangor actually took place, as its first extant record 
Is dated April 4, 1796, 

I'pon hie settlement in Bangor, Mr. Treat built his cabin at ih^- fool of Newbury St., 
nnil notm after occupied the first frame house built in that township, for Jedediah Prebb* 
before the revolution. lie Vmilt mills near the Red Bridge, and kept the i>ost-<»lIlcr. h 



is snid by somr that he w.ia the firHt trader iu Biinj^or. He kept a 6t<ore nnd CftiTlod on 
an extcriHiive triide ifi furs with the Imliuiis, whose laugiiajze he uiuterstood, ttri<l hccume 
very wealthy. Iu ITIU* he built a ahip, junt below Penjejawook wtreani, the first vessel 
larger thau a bout ever built iu Uuiigor, or perhaps alwjve Fort IVmt. Itrecpiired two 
years to bui]d It. Was also eiiga^red in the Uunber business. Had a luuiljer yard and 
wharf in Boston, where he frequently visited, though he probably did not reside tliere. 
According to the directory, his place of business was on Lynn, afterwards Coniinercial 
street, in 179C. In 1800, he was at Treat's wharf, which was on the east side of Ann 
street, near Proctor's Lane. There was a larafc fire on this wluirf Mtiy 17, 1775, when 
Boston was occupied by the British, coninienciug iu a barrack where soldi<'rs were quar- 
tered, which burnt twenty-seven stores, one shop, ami four sheds. 

In 173H, he was taxed on one wharf and two wooden stores thereon. One store, throe 
stories 18x70; one of two stories, iGxfiO; wharf contained 34*20 sq. ft., vahie $1800, 
bounded north on town slip. A bouse of brick and wood, fronting on Fish street, 1,110 
square feet, two stories, eighteen windows, value 82,000, land contained 1,380 square 
feet. An adjoining house, 972 square feet, three stories, twenty-six windows, value 
$2,000, land containing 1,110 square feet. A house adjoining, bounded southeast on 
Treat's wharf, and fronting on an alley, land 1,110 square feet, house 600 square feet, 
fifteen windows, value SlK)0. 

Mr. Treat was second lieutenant in the second company, Penobscot Regiment, Colonel 
Jonnh Brewer, July 20, 1776. A petition of the inhabitants of Penobscot river was pre- 
sented to the General Court, dated Penobscot, Nov. 5. 1777. They had been embodied 
in a regiment whereof Jonah Brewer was colonel, without tlieir knowledge nr consi'iit. 
They ivgarded one regiment as sufUcient considering the sparseness of the i)opulation, 
and wished to be returned to and iucon>orated in the ancient regiment under Col. Jona- 
than Buck. In 1785, he was chosen nmjor of tlie tirst regiment, in the second luigade, 
of the eighth division of M.iss. militia, of which John Brewer was colonel. Held the 
office in 1H06. 

A treaty hjul been made with the Tarrntine Indians Oct. 11, 1776, })y the commissioners 
a])pt»inted by the governmeut, l»ut the matter had been left incomplete. In 1788, Mas- 
sachusetls sent an agent to confer with them iu order to complete the treaty. June 17, 
1788, the connnissioner, Kev. David Little, arrived in ISunbury, now Bangor, and the 
Indians were notified through Mr. Treat, acting as interpreter, to meet liim at OhlTown, 
for the purpose of conlirming the treaty, on the twentieth of the month. This conference 
was helil. though the results were hnrdly satisfactory to the government. Religious ser- 
vices were hehl at the h«mse t>f Mr. Treat on the following ^(^nday• 

He was one of the cori>orators of the Penobscot Bank of Buekstown, now Bucksport, 
lncori)oratrd March 14, 1806, which commenced business in June following. This was 
the sixth bank in the State of Maine, and the first cast of the Kennebec. 

Major Treat owned no less than fifteen hirge tracts of land bordering on the Per»(>bscot. 
At one time he resided on the *-Rose Place," which was overflowed in the great flood of 
184C, and so greatly damnged that it was necessary to remove the buildings. This loca- 
tion h:is since beeome the site of the Bangor water works. He (Ixed his final abode on 
BlU Hope, situated upon a considerable bend of the river, from whicli a (h'lightful view 
of the Penobscot could be gained. Mr. Treat was an eminently social person, and by 
nature a perfect gentleman. He was also very pbi in spoken, and always said just what 
he meant. There was no chance to mistju lerslaud him iu that respect. His nmny acts 



of kimluess and assistnuce, reudeivd to his mlatious, are rememberod to tliw ilnv. He 
was liurkMl in Mount Hope cemetery. 
AulogiHpb, Nov. 5, 1777 : 


Children born in Bangor, by his firet marriage : 
465. JosKPH.* h. Dec. S, 1775: d. Fob. 27, 185a; unra. 
4(J«. JoHX, b. Fcl). 1, 1777 ; d. Nov. 8. 1777. 
4ri7, RoHKUT, b. Atig. 1, 1779; d. Oct. 19, 170>*. Ho was wrcckcil aud lost on Houar IsUiid, 

during n thick and cold storm whllo on his way to Uoston. 
468. Joim Pautjuoge. b. Jul}' 21. 178:i; d. Sept. 18, 1857; m.. 1st, Feb. 21, 1813, Rosannn L.j 
Dugfe'ftns; 2d, Fd). 7, 1845, Mrs. Lucy (Bailey) WInslow. 

469. Polly, b. Oct 1, 1785; d. Sept. 18. 179:^. 

470. Joshua, b. Aug. 0. 1787; d. Sept. 1. 1821. He was paroled after the battle of HarapduD, 

which occurred Sept, 3, 1814. 

471. Bbttv, b. June 24. 1791 ; d. Nov. 25. 1791. 

472. Samtkl, b. June28. 1795; d. July 9, 1795. 

473. RouKKT Hkmiv. b. May 28, 1798; d. June 12, 1843, at Enfield, Me. ; unm. 

By hirt second marriage : 

474. NATHANfKL Gale, b. March 13, 1807 ; d. Nov. 25, 1880; m. May 22. 1842, Lucy Joftcphlno 


475. Maky Hannah, b. April 23. 1809; d. March 20, 1844; m. (pub. Sept. 8. 1827) Zoliedlah 


476. Elizabeth Holyokk, b. Jan. 19, 1818; d. April 2, 18G0; m. Oct. 7, 1847, Nathan JcwelL 

No issue. 

131 Hannah"^ Treat {John,'* .S^^m^/r^3 Robert;^ RicMnV), horn Man'l» 4, 171)^-9, 

in Tniro, JMuhm. ; .jitil , in Georgetown, Me.; marrietl, .June 2tt, 1730, Aiwexkk 

HoLBKooK, of WcllHeet, Mass., born iicpt. 16, 1719, died . He removed, about 

1750, to Georgetown, Me., tlnit jjtirt sinee called Bath. 

Children of Abiezer and Hannah Holhrook, the first five born in Wellfleet, the othera_ 
in Georgetown : 

477. AniF-ZKR." b. Aug. 20, 1741 ; d. , 1780, in St. Pierre; m. Jan. 14, 1762, EUzaboth Snow/ 

of Hrun.swlck, Me, 

478. JKS8K, h. Jnly 24, 1743; d. Sept. 21, 1791 ; in. Nov. 29. 1703. Ruth Dyer. 

479. Jonathan, b. July 21, 1745; d. — — -: ni. May 23, 1772, Uobecea Vcazic. 
480. ELiZABKTn, b. Oct 14, 1748; d. ; m. , Samuel Page. n«d tt-n children. 

481. Lixv, b. Dee. 4, 1750; d. , fit Islesboro, Me. ; ra. , Samuel Veatio. 

Hannah, b. May 1. 1754; d. — 
Mautha, b. AuR. 26, 175<;; d. 

Folcr Jordan. 
-, Charlea Cowing. 

132 Abigail^ Treat {John,^ Samuel^ Robert,^ RkhanV), born March 14, 1721, 

in Truro, Mnss. ; died ; marrie<l Oct. 13, 1748, as his second wife, Jonathan 

Hakimno, of Truro, ycomnn, who died al)0(it 17o2. For his first wife he munied , 

Huldidi — , who died Ajn-il 27, 174S, aged thirty-six. They both owne<l the covenant, 

May 18, 1789, and had live children, — Hannah, Priscilla, Huldah, Martha and .Tonalhau, 
luirn and baptized in Truro. Widow Abijjrail was appointed administratrix of the esUile, 
Oct. 17, 1752. The inventory is dated Nov. 7. I7')2, and amounted to £2.'».'i U'.s. f.d. 



Chiklren of Jonathan and Abitxail Harding, bom and baptized in Truro: 
4H4. KBiDK>-,»b. Nov. 4, 1750; bapt. Dec. 10, 1750. 
485. Abigail, b. Dec. 29. 1752; bapt. Jan. 2(J, 175a. 

133 Elizabeth^ Treat {Mn,^ Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), bora May 10, 1723, 

inTniro, Masa. ; diyd , 1803 ; marrifd Nov. 2G, 1747, Richard Coijb, born Feb. 28, 

1721-2, died Jan. 7, 1809, in his eighty-seventli yeur, and son of Thomas and Mercy 
Cobb. He and his wife owned the covenant, Jan. 13, 1754, and Mr. Damon, his pautor 
spoke of liiiu as '*a man of a serious and exemplary life and couversatiou." He resided 
in Trnro. 

Children of Richard and Elizabeth Cobb, boru and baptized in Truro : 

4S6. Joiiy,* b. July 14. 1748; bapt. Aug. 18, 1753. 

487. EuzAiiKiu. 1 twins, b, March 2fi, 1753; j 

48ft. Makth.i, J bapt. Aug. 30, 1753; Id ; m. Aug. 24. 1773, Samuel RUlcr. 

489. S.iRAti, b. March ii, 1755; bapt. Nov. 80, 1755; d. — ; m. Aug. 24, 1773, Joseph Snovr. 

134 RacheP Treat (John* Samuely^ Robert,^ RicJiartV), born Nov. 5, 1725, In 
Truro, Mays. ; dietl Dec. 23, 1809 (gravestone, Sotilh Trtiro) ; married, first, March 10, 
1747-8, as his second wife, Thomas Mulkoud, of Trtiro, born Oct. 20, 1703, in Eastham, 
died April 27, 1749, in his forty-sixth year (gravestone, North Truro), and sou of Deacon 
Thomas and Mary (Basset) Mulford, who were married Oct. 28, 1690 ; the former dying 
Sept. 14, 1747, in his eighty-second year, and his wile, Jan. 22, 1741-2, in lier seventy- 
Bixth year. Both are buried in North Truro. Mr. MuKord was a very prominent man in 

Truro and ipiiU^ wealthy. For his first wife he married ^, Mary Smith, dangliter of 

Capt. Samuel Smith, wlio died Oct. 10, 1747, in Iier till rty -second year (graveHtf)ne, North 

Truro). She married, second, March 19, 1750-1, Josbpu Couh, born , 1726, died 

July 21, 1807, in his eighty-second year (gravestone, Soutli Truro), ntid son of Thomas 
and Mere}' Cobb. His brother Richard nmrried a sister of his wife. In 1765, Mr. Cobb 
bought pew number 2, on the left side of the front tloor, in the new meellng jjotise, Truro. 
Barnabas Paine and widow Rachel Mulford were appointed administrators of Mr. Mulford's 
estate. May 23, 1749. Mr. Cobb's will is dated April 7, 1807; probated Oct. 15, 1807; 
inventory, real estate and personal, 85,582.35. He is styled yeoman. Mentions wife Ra- 
chel ; children Mulford, Richard, Sarali, wife of Treat Collins, Fanny Lombaril, deceased, 
and her children. The name of Fanny does not appear among the children in the town 
or church records. Son Mulford Cobb executor. By her first husband she had no cliil- 
dren so far as known. 

Children of Joseph ami Rachel Cobb, born and baptized iti I'ritro : 

Jase Sarah.* b. Fob. 15. 1752-3; bapt. June 17, 1733; d. , in. April 0, 1774, Treat 

Collins. CSec 410.) 
431. JogKJ'H, b. Oct. 28. 1754: bapt. June in. 1756. 
492. Tamskn. b. Jan. 31, 1757; bapt. April 24. 1757. 
4U3. FiiKKMAN, b, .lau. H>, n.VJ; bapt. April 22, 1759. 

494. Mulford, b. March 26, 17C1 ; bapt. .May 31, 1701 ; d. ; in. Oct. 28, 1784, Mary Wiley, 

of Wellrteet. 
Rk'uaud, b. Dec. 11, 1768; bapt, May 27, I764;d. July 10, 1815, aged 83 (g. s.. South Truro). 

137 Martha^ Treat {John* Samvel,^ Robert,^ Richard^) y born March 27, 1733, in 
Wellduet; died Dec. 27, 1770, in her thirty-eighth year (gruvcstonc, Wcllficcl) ; married 



Jan. 25, 1752-3, as his first wife, Deacon William-^ Coipman,' of Welltlcet, born ifay 6, 
1731, in 8ftn<lwiul>, <lie(l Marcli 18, 1795, in liis sixty-ronrtlj year (ufrnvostone, \VeUttecl)t 
and son of EWeuczcr and JMary (Adnrns) C'liiiininn. lie was left an orphan at an early 
age, and loarned liic carpenter's trade, and also navigation. In 1758, he was a private 
in Capt. Samnel Knowles' Co., and in 1771, an ensign in Capt. Ellslift Cobb's Co., 2<1 
Barnstable regiment. In 1774, was secontl lieutenant in the WellfleetCo. He wuA<ieacon 
of the ehnreh at Wellfleet. For his seeotnl wife he married Marcli 3, 1772, Betl^' Mayo, 
who died Oct. 7, 1808, aged sixty-eight (gravestone, WelllJeet). .She was appointed to ad- 
minister his estate, April 8, 1705. The inventory amounted to £453 l»is. 8d. 
Children of Deacon William and Martini Chipuum, l>orn in Welllleet: 

49«. Mkuct,' b. March 30, 1754; d. In Infancy. 

4!)7. Mkucy, b. Sept. 1, 175<J; d. ; m. , laaAc Pepper, of Ilanvich. 

4l)«. Mai«v, b, ; d. ; ra. Oct. 22, 1772, John Rich. Her name is called Mercy In 

the town records, but Mary in the seltlcment of the estate. 
499. William, b. Dec. 2.'^. 1707; d. Jan. 1, 1800; in. Feb. 20, 1792, Dorcas Cobb. 
600. JrMiN. h. Jnly 17. 17CU; d. j ni. Sept. 2a, 1795, Elizabeth Atwood. 

Children by his second wife: 

I, Samuel Mayo ChlpTHiau, b. July 28, 177ft; d. March 4, ISo.'i; ni. Dec. 7, 17'.>7. Uobccca At- 

woihI. who d. May 21, l«o7. apetl 82. 
3. Ditvid Chlpinun, b. Dot. 20. 177G; d. ; m. Nov. 30, 1803, Bathshcba Atwood, of I'rov- 

iiiet'tow n. 

3. Martha Chlpman. b. Dec. 20, 1778; d. ; m. Nov. 22. 17UG, Moses lllnklcy. of Well- 


4. Ebene7.«T Chipman, b. June 30, 1781; d. May 16, 1885; in, May 24, 1807, Tatty Atwotxl Hig- 


139 Samuel' HreSit {Xathaniel,^ Samuel,^ Jlobertr Richard^ ), hovn about 1720. 
in Truro, Mjish. ; tlied Nov. 1, 1805, in bis eighty-sixth year, in Truro; married I^Iay 7, 
1741, Sarah Rich, born Nov. 20, 1715, died Nov. 23, l7H9,aged seventy-foiu-, and daugh- 
ter of Samuel Rich, who was a brother of Deacon John Rich of Welllleet. Mr. Treat 

'John* CniPMAN was of Brinsflltse, about Are miles from Dorchester, la Dorsetshire, England. 
His son : 

EUler Jons' Cuh'man, b. , 1615 (as he said In 1652, tliat he was 37 years old). In Kiigland; d. 

April 7, 1708, agvd fl3, In Sandwich. Mass. ; m., lat, , HMrt, f/opf Ilowlnud, who d, Jan 8, HW.i-4, 

aged .'4 ; 2d. . 1084, Mrs. Iluth Bourne, who d. Oct. 4. 1713, need 71. and widow of Uichiird Bonrnc 

of Sandwich. lie was la Boittou In IrtSl ; in Yannoatb in 1049; ordained ruling elder in B.irnsta- 
ble, April 14, M570; moved to Sandwich, and was admitted townsman hi I(17'». wlu-r*? hf whs live 
years a deputy to the General Conrt. He was a carpenter by trade. Had ton children by his first 
■wife. His son : 

John* Chipman, b. March 3. Ifi70-1; d. Jan. 4, 17*.6; m., Ist, ■. ICOl, Mary Skif. b. Nov. 18. 

1671. d. March 12, 1711, and dan. of Capt. Stephen and Lydla Skiff, of Sandwich: 2d, Jan. 29. I71fi. 

Widow Elizabeth Jiuasfll, of Boston. daiL of Capt. .lames llandley; Sd. . 1725. Hannah 

Ilogkty or Hoxil, of Rhode litland, who d. June 2r>, I72j». He was admit tvd a townHuian, Oct. 8, 
Irtni ; was a representative, niaglstrato, and an olllcer In the militia. Was a shoemaker by trade. 
Had twelve children, — seven sons and five daughters. His sixth son: 

EnK.xi:/KR* Chipman. b. Nov. 13. 1701>, in Sandwich; bapt. May 18, 1710; d. al)ont 1745; TD. 1>0C. 
3, 1730, ^iinj Adams, of Dartmouth. For her second husban*!, she m. (pub. July 10, 1747, In EamI 
ham), Kbene/.er Hurd, of Harwich. He liveil in Dartmouth. Sundwirb. HaiiiHtablr, tmd EnstlmiH 
Hn<l !iix children, all sons. His oldest son : 

William' Chipman* b. M.ny »>, 1731 ; w, Martha Treat, a** abovL. 



wfts Impttzed and n<1mittefrto the church at Truro, Aug. 15, 1742; bis wife was admitted 
to full ootnjuunion Oct. 2, 17G8 
ChildrGHf born and hapllzed tn Truro: 

5ni. MtJLFonn.* h. Mjirch 11. 1741-2; bapt. Aiic:. 1.', 1742; rt. ~; m. Mnrch 22. 1704. In 

Wellfleet, Ffaiinali Doakos, who was julrnittiMl to coininunloa at Truro, March 20, 1774. 
She was ai that time a widow. Can tlncl no trace of hlin. 
Mary, b. ; Impt. May Ki. 1744; U. . 




Samuel, b. June 18, 1745; bapl. Aug. 25, 1745; U. Nov. 22, 1820; m. Fab. 6, 1772, EUxa- 

iKi'th Lombard. 
Nathaxiei., b. Dec. l.'i, 1747; hapt. April 8, 1748; d. April 13, 1824; m. April IS, 1773, 

Anna Rich. 

Sarah, b. May 2, 1730. bnpt, .InnetO. 1700; d, . 

A.VN. b. ; bapt. Feb. 18. 175a ; d. . 

WiLLMM. b. ; bapt. (»ci. 8, 1751;; d. . lie was a Revolutionary soldier. 

Served In CoL .lohn Cushlni^'s Reg'l, at Newport. R.I. . from Sept. 2.*), 1776, for 6!) days ; 

in Cttpt. Bcnj. Gixl/rey's Co., Col Joslnh Whitney's Ren't. for two months service in 

Rhode (inland, from May in, t<i July 10, 1777. Was in service this time 2 mos. 14 das. 
EZKKIKL, b. ; bapt. Nov. 2, 1700; d. . 

142 Mary*"^ Treat { Nathaniel,* iSnmuel,^ Robert;^ Richard^), born — , in Trnro, 

Mass., proli!d>Iy; ^\. ; married Oct. 16, 1749, .Toskph Ward, of Easlhara, Mass., 

])oi'n Oct. 8, 172."), an<l son of Goorij;e and R<diecca (Newcomh) Ward, who settled iit tiie 
northern part of Eostham, now calleil Wellfleet, about 1700, married R«d»ecca Newoomi>, 
March 2G. 1711, and is lH.dicved to be the ancestor of all tlie Wards of that part of the 
Capo. .Joseph Ward was chosen one of the school coninilttee for the .southern district of 
Wellfleet in 1761. In 1777, and 1778, he was one of the Committee of Correspondence 
and Safety for that town. In 1778, he was elected to take care of Indian lands. Wag 
appointed executor of his brother George Ward's estate, Dec. 4, 1776, and rendered an 
account Oct. 11, 1781. There was a Joseph Ward, jr., in AVelllleet in I77s, who whs a 
son, I think, by a previous marriage. A Joseph Ward married (published Sept. 16, 1775)| 
Martha Smith. A widow I^Iarlha Wan.1 married Dec. 23, 17'J0, Samuel Smith. A Joseph 
Ward died May 14, 1802, in Wellfleet. 

Children of Joseph and Mary Ward, born in Easthatn : 
fiOO. Joirv.* b. March 18, 1750. 

s in- Dec. — , 1778, Thankful Smith. 

WiUJAM. b. Jan. 16, I7r.2. 
DaVII», b. June 1, 17r»4. 
Elisiia. b. Oct. 29. 17.7«:; d. 
EzKKiKL, b. .lune 22. 17.VJ. 
DaSIRJ., b. Sept. 21, 1761. 

143 Amia'^ Treat {Nathaniel,* Samuel ^^ Robert,- Richar(V)^ born 

-, probably 

in Truro, Mass.; died about 1769, in Wellfleet, Mass. ; married Dec. 28, 1751, Tho.ma8 
IIiGGiNH, 3d, of Eastham, now Wellfleet, who died Oct. 31, 1809, in his eightieth year 
(<^ravestone, Wellfleet) ; he married June 19, 1777, Rulh Rich of Trnro, for his second 
wife, but had no children. 

Only child of Thomns and Anna Higgins, 3il» born in Wellfleet: 

615. Tno.MAg.' b. Feb. IH, 1766, accordinj; to town record, or .Inly 9. 170^1, according to family 
record; d. Dec. 20, 1842; ni. .Tan. 29, 17i)2, Martha Swctt. 

144 Abigail' Paine (Eunice* Treat, Samuel,'* Robert^^ Richxrd^)^ born March 6, 
1725, in Weymoulh, ; died Jiiu. 15, 1809; married Oct. 17, 1749, Joseph^ 



Grf.kxleaf,^ born Nov. 10, 1720; died Oct. 28, 1810, in Boston, nged nini'ty, ar 
in theGrjinary liuiyiug ground, and aon of Williiiin and Mary (Sliattuok) Givouleaf. Sonic 
timt' after bis niarrluge he removed to Abin<«;tont Mass., aud was appointed jtistioe of the 
peace for Phinouth county, Feb. 6, 1765. He was a po|»ular writer and an uvd*'nt pa- 
triot, and wfu> llie author of the **Nolile Resiilvea/' passed at a town meeiiny; al Abiiig- 
ton, March 10, 1770, whidi retl*'ctwl great credit on liini (see Hoimrt'H HiHtory oCAInngton, 
p. 2G9-272). He resided in Abinglon for many years, near where tl it? prison I town house 
stands. In 1771, he moved to Boston, an<l rre<]uently wrote for the MutttntckiiHett* S/tf/, 
printed by Isaiah Thonuw. Nov. 14, 1771, he wrote an article under tlie signature of 
Mucins Scaevoia, which caused much excitement among the autlioritic8. As they could 
obUiin no satisfaction from Thomas, they summoned Grecnleaf, Nov. 16, 1771, to appear 
before the governor and council. He rcni8e<i to obey tlie snnunons and was deprived of 
his commission of justice of the peace, Dec. 10, 1771. In 1773 he opened a printing of- 
fice on Hanover street, where he printed several [>amplilet» and Ik>oI<3. In August, 1774, 
he utuk'itook tlie iMiidishing of tlic Uoyul A-.nerican Magazine, begun Iiy Mr. Thoina**, 
but tiK' breaking out of the Revoluliou obliged liim to close his ImsiueHS. Ho had but 
little property, and went into the printing business when old, as a moans of sup|>ort. His 
son Thomas, wIjo had learned the art, manngeil his father's business. See Thomaa' His- 
tory of Printing, printed in the Tratisactions of the Ainerican Anti<pu»rian Society, vol*j. 
A and 6. Was jumice of the peace in 17D6. Ilia will is dated Sept. 15, 1^09; probated 
Dec. 10, 1810. Mentions cliihlren, Katherine Rho.a<ls, M;iry Thwing; grandchildren, 
Joseph Greenleaf Wold, Tliomas Weld, Wm. H. Prentiss; and the two children of sson 
Thomas Greenleaf, deceased. 

According to the Hoston town records he was a very prominent jnan an<l lilled numer- 
ous positions. Nov. 2, 1772, he was chosen one of a committee of twenty-one **or Cor- 
respondence to state the Rights of the Colonists & of this Province in Particular," etc. ; 
March 9, 1773, one of a committee of live *'to consider what is proper to be done to viu- 
dicAte the Town from the groas misrepresentations & grotindless charges in liitt Kxoul- 
lencys Messages to both Houses;*' May 5, 1773, Sept. 25, 1774, and JNIay 23, 1776, one 
of a committee of live ''to prepare Instructions tor otu- Representatives in General 

'K0MiTNi>' Grrkklisaf, b. about 1590, hi Kugland; d, about 1671 ; m., 1st, , Sarah Dote, who 

d. .Ian. 18» UUVA, in Boston; I'd, , Sarah IliU, widow, first of Wllaon. ^M-ond of WH- 

littm Uilt, of Fairfield, Couu. Slie d. in Boston, in 1C71. He came to Now Enj^iand in n;ar». ontl 
Kt'ttlfd in Nrwbury, Mass., where lie wa"* a freeman Marcli 13, l(;ai». and inovuil to Boston aUrr 
H517. Ills will wuK proved Feb. l->. ir»7l. in which year he is «nppaxed to have died. He vra-* by 
4K*<'iipatiou u silic-dyer. Had nine children, born in Ipswlcli, Eug. — six sous and three d.ingliler5. 
HIk sou : 

Kxoch' GaKKSLBAF, b. about liil7, or 1018. In Ipswich, Eng.; d. (.alive 108.1) ; in . 

Mary . Probably he came to New England witli liis fatlier in l*i;i5, antl was \a XLiIden, 

Mass., In HW3, but soon after moved to Boston. Was a dyer. Had four children —two son* and 
two danifhters. His son ; 

ENO<iiM;«KENf>K.\K, b. , ie47: d Sept 8, 1706, in Boston; m., Ist, Oct. JO. IfiTS, Dt-thtah 

Wooflman ; '2ii, \\ij,. 20, KI7'.), C'U!te>'iu« Truesdnle, who d. Aug. — , 1712, agiMl 5l>, In Cambridge, 
Ma«H. IIhiI U'W clilldren— live worif* aud five dauglitcrs. Ills son : 

WiLUAM* Grkkm.kaf, b. Feb. 5. iiilKl; d. Sept. 20, 17.VJ; m , 1st, .lunc ID. 1714. Maru Shnttnrk, 
wbo d. Aug. 18, 17:12; 'Jd. Marrh — , ]7X\, liutk liufjgles. Was a hatter, and had fourteen rhlldrcn 
— Heven sionH and seven liauKhlers. His «ion : 

Jof*KPU* GxtKKNLKAK, b. Nov. 10, 17-JO; HI. Ahhjnit PuUte, AS above. See N. E. Hist, and Genenl. 
Keg.. Vol. 10, p. 5>j; Vol. 38. p. UlUMlOl ; (Jenealojxy «tf tl»« fJrc. iiliMf Fumilv. In .l.inntlian 
leaX, N. Y., 18&4. This book, however, contains many errors. 



RSenmiy" — a '*l)riiii}»liL" of the lutter instructions, leiul on the 30tlj of M:iy, 177ii, tit a 
town incctini|r, mny ]>e seen in the report of tlie Ret'onI CouiiniMsioners, p|» 2.1C-238, vol. 
18, which coutiiins such cxproifisionB as these, *'thc whole Unitc><1 (.'olonios are M|irin the 

Wr^ie of a j^hnions Ui'vr»h»tion Lovalty to him [the Kirl'] \h now Treason 

lo our Country ;" — .July 'iO, 1774, one of a committee of fonr to thaw np a ''Letter to ho 
sent to other* Ti»wna, reUitive to the Two Bills lor altering the Constitution oK thi» Prov- 
ince;" Dec. 7, 1774, memher of *'a Committee of Inspection,*' and one of a committee of 
Beven to prejjsu'e a re|>ort on a **V«)le of Thanks of the Town of Boston," etc.; May 30, 
177G, he was excnued from *'S»rving on the Committee of Correspondence Safely & lu- 
Bpeclion for Keasons by him offered," and the next day KllisGray was chosen in hi8[)lace; 
Aug. 27, 177fi, one of a connnittee nt Heven '•'Ut determine upon some Method to have thu 
Iidiahiianls provided with Arms;*' Siipt. 10, 1770, one of a committee of three to "draw 
up the litnisons the Town ha<l for V'otintr as they had done;** Nov. 8, 1776, one of a coin- 
niitt4>e of sixty — five fnim ea<^h waj'd — to collect *'ttn Acc<)unt of the Danjages sustaine<) 
ginee the B«>ston Port Bill;*' Feh. 14, 178»>, one of a commlttco of seven to *'olitaiu a 
Supply of Piovisions for the Inhahitants of this Town." 

ChildreD of Joseph and Abigail Greenleaff born in Boston and Abington, two of whom 
were baptized in Brattle ^treet Church: 

5ir,. AmOAil.,* b. -. 1750: il. yoini*?. 

517. A«m-\rL. h. Fob, 27. I73:t; hapt. March 4. 17^3; d. July 3, 1788; m. (pub, July .1), 1771)), 
lU'v. K?r» Weld. 
518. .TosKiMi. b. Mtiy 2M. 1754; (I. Nov. — . 1771, aged 18, in Uoston. 

619. TiioMis. b. . 17r.r>; bapt. July 20, 1753; d. , I71»8; m. Oct. 13, 1701, Auua Quack- 


520. M.%iiv. b. . 1757; d. . J804; m. Aug. 14, 171M, NalUanic;l Thwlng, a merchant of 

UoKton, an his m<?coih1 wife. No Issue. 

521. Catui'KIXK. b. .Iiiiie 11, 17(10; d. ; m. (pub. Doc. \',\. 1780), Dr. Jorsopli Wnntoa 

Ub«Mle«*. Ilnd two sous ami three claugbiers. Dau. : AhtfjatV RhiHlfn vitis bapt. June 
2a, 1782. at ih' Klriit (liureh, Bowtoo. An Abl;«:uil (Jrceuleaf Khoads m. Nov, 2J, I7'.H>, 
Uenj. Grcenieaf, hi Dorchester. 

522. EUNICK Taink, b. Aug. 7, 17«2; d. April 11. IHD.I; m. May 15, 17i»0, William Prentisa. 

147 Robert Treat- Paine {Eanlce* Treat, Samfwl,^ Jioberl,^ RivfuircV), boni 
March 12, 17^J<»-I, in Hosion ; died May 11, 1814, a^ied ei^htv-four, in Boston, and 

buried in the Granary buryinj^ j^round ; married , 1770, Sau,y Couu, who died Jum^ G, 

1816, aged aeventy-aiie, and daughter of Thomaaand Lydia (Leonard) Cobb, of TaQuton, 
Ma^a, Mr. Paine Htudied at the Boston Latin school. In 1745 he ent»'rcil Harvard College, 
and grmluHled in 1741L After teaching school for a year, he next made three voyages to 
North Carolimi, actlug as master. He subsei^ucotly sailed to Kayal, Cadiz, and to 
tJrec.nland, tm a whaling voyage, in the sime capacity. In 1755 he read lavv in Lancas- 
ter with Judg*' Willard, a relative, and at the same time preached in Shirley. He was 
appointed chaplain of Col. Willnrd's regiment, which was sent to Crown Point. Was in 
camp at Lake George aliout three months. Maps and plans drawn there by him are still 
prcijiTved. In 1757 he was admitted to t!ie bar, and removed to Tauritcui in 17iJl. After 
the Boston Tuassacrc, March 5, 1770, hi; was r»'tained by the town lo prosecute Capt. 
I*rc8ton. lie espoused the popular cause, and iu 1773 was a representative from Taun- 
ton. In 1774 he was one of the deputies to th'* llrat congress; in the winter and spring 
of 1775 be attemled the provincial cojigress at Cambridge, autl in Msiy the C(uigrc88 at 
Philadelphia; July 4. I77fi, he signed t hi^ De claration of Inde^ndenco ; was elected to 
ootjgrcsB 111 1777 and 1778, but did not attoud; In 1781 removed ti> Boston, and pur- 



chiisetl llu! ronuer rfsidence of Gov. Sliirloy, coiqim- of Milk ami Federal streets, a brick 
luui wouien btiildiuj;, three stories, Hfly windows, the lot coutniniug 18,476 sqnare feet; 
wju*4 utturuey jji'iu'rnl froiri 1777 IH) ; in 17*.)0 was iiiMde jud«re of the «upreiiie eourl, which 
portillon ho rosi<^Mi('tl in ISOl. Sri' Hopkins' Minislrv of Taiintou. j)|t. 30'J-l(i. vol. 2. 

Children, the first six Iwrn in Taunton, the others in Boeton : 

f»23. HOHMUT 'r«KAT,* h, . 1771); d. July 30. 17T»8. In Boston, of yelh>w fevrr; titim. lit 

Kmduateil At llftrvarU In 1789. lu the Harvnnl Tri(Muiinl CAtalnguc ho is caIumj plain 
Robert Paine. His yonneer brutber, Thoma*. assnnied his nan*c In li^Ol, after hU 
dtsath, and H railed, though Improperly-. Uobert Treat I'aine, in tUe catalogae tn J71»2, 
as he did not Icjzally l>ear that name till some nine yeonj after. 

nS4. Sally, h. . 1772: d. Jan. 20, 1823; nnm. 

525. TlloMA((. b. Dec. 9, 1773; d. Nov. 13, 1811, aceil 37, In Boston; m. Feb. 22, 1795, ElUn- 

tfth liftier, who died, . lie gratliintod at Harvard In I7i)2. In l«tH he bad 

his name ehanu'ed by act of lesflslatnre to Robert Treat Paino. not wishing to bear 
the Mtnie name as Tlioiuas I*aine, the Inlldel. He wa^ a briliiHnt man anU a poet of 
nmeh note In his time. Sec his works In verse and pr^xse. Uuiiton. 1812; ami the Hnu- 
dnnl Uoston Orators, pp. 28.i-«7. Children l>orn in Boston: 

1. Elixabrlh Cobb' Palnc. b. Aug. ». 1796-. d. : m Jtme 10, 1822. Llcnt. Nathan-1 

Icl .\ppJrton* PrentisA. J»e« Prentiss Oencalogr. 

2. Mary .\nn Sndih IHilne. b. . IT*.*!*; d. Nov. I8<e, a^wjd 3y. 8m. 

», Rufien Treat Paine, b. . 1801 ; ± Nov. 12. 1802. aged ly. 2m. 

4, Itobcrt Treat Paine, b. Oct. 12. IhOS; d. Jnne A. 1HH3. in Brookline. Ma*.g. ; m, ' 

. Ann Stevens. He^ravinaietl at Fiarvarl In IK22. Wa.» devtiiftJ to astnra- 

oniy. and left a iwg^e sum oX wouey loliarvanl university In the lntcrcssl.of that 

5. James It. b An^ It. IM»; d. !>««. 2S, IRSS, tn NewTork; ttun. Waa 

a man .» .^bllUy. b«t very vcoentxic wmI left a fortone. 

SH, Clt%lUJt8. b. Au|;. 90. I77*>: iL Krb. 15. I*il0: m. May 21. imi. Smiif Stmm*r Cuakiiut, h. 
Nov. 21. 1777; d. Jan. «6, Ia23, and «Uu. of ttrig. Geo. Cbartea CuahlatS. eierk of the 
SnlTotk eonrtti. He icradiuleu at Itarrard lo 179S. Was a lawyer. Sec the llmidrrd 
lk»ton 4 ^ralon^ pp mo- 1 1 . Chlldrea bnni In Bikstoa : 

1. Helen Maria' Paltke. b. ApHl 9. HWl; ta. SU-pi. ». 1»«23, G«oc9r B. Oir.v 

2. 8arati l>Mlikn$ l*aiiM. b. Jane lii. ISOf ; d JttljS8. 1848; m. ScpC 30. IAS. Wl 

«\ Alwln. 

•» Harrirt AagaaU IV - - « i4. OkX. ! - -m. 

4. Charks CuaUaK Pn - dJan.4 ><:l ». 18S2. 

ralioCJarlK2MMi.ila«.olUo«i.Ctarle«JarlcM>a. BoCwrt iTv«t*raioe,a| 
lawyer la ftoaloa, la Ma m«. li««Mi« la Waltham, Mas«. 
or. ncxKT. h. iVl, 20. IT77: d Jaar 9. 1814 : m. Jaa. 12. 18Qft. iXivt Umtn. mho d. Amr. ta. 
191l,aad<laa. oCTIkeodart Lyaaa. Ha wasvdoeatni n-^ - '^^ 't^noL Left oar daa. : 

I . Lacy Lyaua^ l^atoe. b. ; 4. ; m. April *> flr»i miU. Ka«<aeU 

ISt - ' laB«>^iia.d. ^ ' .:i i.ratl>rrbrad, Ei^t. and 

* - ijtaa (F^tfHaar' N<i iasae. Pcnr kb 2d wife he 

■L s<4«t. :^, ii<^% >UrY GfMfw tiabtaiil, am. of Joha aad Marr nahbard, hj 



wliom lie had four cUUdreu; 3d. Jaue 4, 184G, Jullft Overing Boit, dau. of Jolm 
Bolt, hy wUom he hod fotjr children, IIo i?nid. at Hnrvanl iu IH2;5; wjix ad- 
niitU'd to I ho Suffolk l»ar .Inly 4, 1 82* J; in 18:i« hcrjitnc n partner In the Arm 
of Jouuihun Ainory i Son; In iH'H a nnfinbiT of the llnu of IMhsiMI A Sturul^i 
Manilla, and liussoll. Stnrgls & To.. China; in ls4!» jolnetl the flnn of Bann;^ 
Brotlitrs A Co.. London, of which he became the senior partner upon the death 
of Mr. Uarinfi. 
S2«. Mary. b. Feb l», 17H0; d. Fob. Si7- 184 L'; in. Sept. fi. 182.'., Uev. Eli.sha Clap. b. .Tunc 25, 
177(1; il. Oct 22. 1830, and son of Lemuel and Kebece.a (Dexter) Clap. He graduated 
at Harvard In 17'.)7; was tutor in Greek for two years; stndied for the iiiinl.siry, and 
preached for a few years; was afterwards principal of Sandwich academy. 
52!). Maiua Aktoixbttk, b. Dec. 2, 1782; Ijapt. Dec. H. 17S2. In the First Church; d. March 
2fi, 1812; m. Oct. 18, 1831, Dr. Samuel Grecle; born July 3, 1783, in Wilton, N. H.; d. 
AviK. 10. 1861. in Swanipscott, Mass., and son of Samuel and Olive (Ueed) Urct?le, No 
\asxw. Ho wa.«4 married four times. She was so named In honor of the French court, 
for assistance received durinfr the Revolution. 
iWO. LucKBTiA, b. April 30, 1783: Impt. May 1, 1783; d. Au|f. 27, 1823; unm. 

ISTPhilOSehiXX&^TveSit {R"hert* Robert;^ Jiobert;^ liichanl^), born nl>out 1727; 
baptized April 23, 1727. in Milford, Conn; died May ^i 17^8, aged seveuty-two (grrtve- 
stone, Milfoid), of Kiiitdlpox, tit Wutertown, Coiiu. ; married, first, Juno — , 17.'>5, Mkkcy 
Hull, of Bridy;eport, Coun., born about 1731, died July 3, 1758, in her twenty seventh 

year (gfavestone, Milford) ; second, ,ELiZABiirH Hai,i>win, baptized Oct. 3, 1731, 

and ilaughter of Stephen and Eunice (Fowler) Baldwin, who died March 2'J, 17SS, ami in 
his will mentions his daughter, Kliznbetli 'Ireat, und in the divisicm of the mother's share, 

four daughtera are mentioned (See Baldwin Gen., p. 98) ; thirti, , Sarah Ai'- 

WATKRf born Se]>t. 21, 174G, in New U.aveii, died Sept. H, 1^22, a}^ed Beventy-seven 
(gravestone, Milford), aud dau;j:htor of fsii'AC und Dorothy (Mix) Atwater. Mr. Treat 
was a farmer and resided at Milfonl. Mis will wjis dated May, 1798; presented for pro- 
bate May 8, 1708 ; invo-ntory £U54. Son St^pU^n A. Treil was executor. M'Utiuna 
wife ; sons Phiiosebius, Elijah, Stephen Atwater, Isaao ; and daughters Abigail, Sarah 
Peck, Klizabetli, Merry, Eunice. 

Children, born in Milford, by hia first marriage: 

531. PniiosKiiOTs," l>, aiHHjt I7.'»»l; d. , 1R;1.S, in Windsor, Conn.; unm. About Jan., I77»s 

he enlisied for on<r year In the Continental lte^im','nt of Col. Charl'.'S Webb, williC-ipt. 
Perrlt. and went tlrrit to lioiton, where lie reiniined till the lirititih evacuated tiie 
pla«>e. Marth 17, 177<{, when the rc^ment was ordered to New Yoric city. He eon- 
tinued with Col. Webb till he joined a company of rangort*. commanded l*y thoKaHant 
and unfortunate Capt. Nathan H;ile, who was Uiken prisoner by the IJriti'h and cx- 
ecntc'd. While in New Yoric city, Hen Washington directed the organization of a 
botly of "rangers" from v.duutetjr.s, and gave the command to Limt. Col. KuowUon, 
of Conn., who had l)een active In tlu- siege of IJoston. He was killed at the i)attle 
of Harlem, Sept. IG, 177r.. and a number of rangers mn«le prisoners. Gen. Wash- 
ington said of Idni that "he woidd l»ave l)een an honor to any country." Capt. Hale 
had t»flbred to re(vmnoltre the Hrilish on Long I-lanfl. but was raptured and hanged 
Sept. 22, 177«J. After these events no mention Isi made of llit* rnngers. I'robahly the 
survivors returned to the companies to which they onghmlly belonged. Mr. Treat 
wab in the battles of Long Island. Aug. 27. 1770; Harlem. Sept. 1<>, 1770; White Plains, 
Oct. 2H, 1770; Trenton, Dec. 2«J, 177<>. wlicn over 5Hj() Hessians were captiu'cil; and 
Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777. In April, 1818, he was living in Slm*ibury, Conn., and had 
bten lillnd for more than llfteeii year?*. He was of Windsor, Conn., when h" died. 
Hl« will was pnibated Feb. 1!), IHM. To Charlotte Vhelps. of Windsor, widow of 
Timothy I'helps, jr . i)e left all bin property. Mubjeet ti» legacies. To hitj half brothers 




and »i8ti'r». Elijah, Isiuic, ElizabctL. Merc,v, Eunice, .Snllv. and Abigail, l»o Ivfl $1.00 
each. In case of recovery of sight beforo ilt*atli this will was lo Im; void. I think hi« 
>vn.sihe "IMillow I'recf* who. at a motalnif of the proprietors of Gutldimll, Vt.., Sopt. 
1. IIS'A, yvas cltoscn the 5th out of 7 to run the t«iwn linea. He r«^oeivrd a piMisfoii. 

By h\a 8ecoQ(l luarriage : 




Mkucy. b. 

— . 1759; d. Oct. «0, 1834; ra. 
-; d. (alive IS33) ; m. — 

-, Sarauol Tamp. 
Abraham Peels 

EuMCK. b. about 1703; d. Nov., 1855, a««*d Ii2; m. .\pril 2'J. 17HH, Amos Kord. 

SAn\H. b. ; bapt. .July 1J>. 1707; d. young, lu tJie FirMt. ('Iiunh rnnnls >.bc 

called the dau. of riiilo and Elixabtiib Treat. 

By his third marriage : 

636. EL1.I.V1I. b. ^ .1775; bapt. April 10, 1775; d. Oct. 14, l«87: ra. Pec. 8, I79C, KhDwF 

Hlio<1es, or Mallory. 

637, SirrnKN .Xtwatkr, b. , 1777; bapt. May 4, 1777; d. Aug. 27, ISIH; m. Juno 23, 1W)7, 

Uarriet Dull. 
688. SaI<.\ii, b, Fob. 14, 17H0: bnpt. March 28. 17.H0; d. July,!, 1855; m., 1st. April 2. tTUT, 

Fenn l»eck; 2d. April 28, IHIU, Elijah Bryan. 
530. ISAAr. b. Nov. «0, 1780; bapt. Feb. 18, 1781; d. March U, 1844; in. Sept. I. 179I>. EHwi- 

buth Miles. 
510. AwnuiL, b. ,1784; bapt. April 4, 1784; d. .Tune 14, 1828, aged 45 {g.s., Milford). unm. 

168 Robert^ Treat {Robert,* Robert-^ R'jbt'rt.,^ RicJtanV), l>oru Oct. — , 1730; 
baptized Oct. II, 1730, in Milford, Conn.; died Aug. 10, 1807 (grttveatoju*, in Mxlfonl) ; 

inanie<l , Maky Clakk. boru Dec. — . 1733, died Aut;. 2'J, 17*.lL», of fever, nj;iNJ 

sixty six (gnivestone, Milford), nnd danji:hter of riiomas and Susunnu (WocHlniff) Chuk. 
His will mentions children Robert. Jonathan, David, Mary Uryan, and Jane Tomlinftou, 
with her three daughters. Maria, Jeniiette, Martha. Was a farmer. 

Children, l)oni in Milford : 

641. KiiuK«T,« b. May 25. 1758; d. April 7. 1825: m. April 21>, 1784. Content Bryan. 

642. JmNaihas, b. Aug. \'J, 17i;3: d. Nov. 20. 1829; m. .March 30, \im, 8ui<aunah Gutm. 

643. Jane. b. ; Impt. May 17, 17fi7; d. Sept. a, 17y»; tu. Nov. 1, 1787, Capt WUlljira 

544. Mauy. b ; bapt. May 14, 1771; d. Sept. — , 18»5; m. April 29, 1781, Capt. JeUlel 

Kryan. jr. 
545. Maimha. b Fel>, 7. 1772; d. April 23. 18J2, aged TO (g. 9 . Orange. Conn.); m. Nov. l!5. 

1702, ('apt. John Ciimi, b. iKc. .11, I7<t5; d. Xwj.. 2B. \s'>*), aged fll (g. »., Orange). 

They were \mih disniiHHed from the First Church, at Milford, lo the new church, at 

North Mllfonl, how Orange. July 21. I7i»7. No issue. 
646. Davii>, b. July 22, I77U; d. April 10, IHiiii; m. Nov, 23, 1800. Lydla Pardee. 

160 Capt. IsaaO*^ Treat (Robert,* Rnbert.^ RofMirl,^ RicharfP), boru 

; bap- 

tized Feb. 16, 1731-.'), in MUford, Conn. ; died June 12, 1829, aged ninety-six (grave- 
atone, Milford) ; married, first, , Susanna Clauk, daughter of Thomas and Su* 

eanua (\V<H>dniflF) Clark. lK>rn May — , 173C, died Feb. 12, 1772, aged thirty-flve, and burled 

alongt^ide of her father and motluT; second, , Sauaii Bkan, bom about 17.*>J, 

and daughter of Benjamin Bean, who survived hira. Mr. Trent wag a farmer, lu May, 
1770, he wa« appomted by the assembly, quartermaster of tlietro<ip of hoi-se in the second 
regiment in the i-olony, and Jan. 29. 1774, cornet in the coiin);iny, ami in October, 177"», 
lieuteiuint. Dnriog the Kevolutlou he (H)mmHndp<l u company of light horse* and did 
service alK>nt Milford. lie rc('eive<l no pension. 



DauglitLT .irnl only child, born in IMilfonl ; 

647. Ansa* (soioetlmt'S called Susanna), b. , 1770; U. Nov. 19. 1777, ag«d 7y. (g. s.. MU- 


161 Jane' Treat {RofM^rt,* Robert,^ Rohen,^ RfchanV), born , 173fi; baptiaeil 

Oct. 10, 1730. in .MiU'onl, Conn.; difd (alive 1777) ; nmrritMl » Hknjamin 

SrKKS. Tliey wire l»otl> uilmiltod to the First Chuicli in Millonl, June 28, 1707, on which 
ocoHsion two of ihoir chihlrtMi were buptized. The family is said to have reinovcnl l*j New 
Jersey. A Benjamin S[iecs was chosen by the assembly, lieutenant of the 12th Co., 
13tli Reg't, Conn. tn>opi:t, June, 1776. Was also justice of the peace iu \V<x)(lbury, Conn.) 
about 17H2, 

Children uf Benjamin and Jiinu Specs, liorn in Mdford: 

548. Trkat/ b. ; hapt. .lune 28. 17*»7. 

549. Jank, b. ; bttjit. June 28, 1707; d. ; (?)m. Feb. 5. 1780, Oliver Glbbs, In Wood- 


650. SAMt'KL. b. . 

551.\UKru, b. . 

55a. pi.Li.Y, b. . 

553, Sally, b. . 

162 Capt. BethueP Treat (Rohert,* Robert,^ Robert,^ RlcharrV), born , I78«; 

bupiizeil Nov. .'^ 173H, in Millord, Conn.; <bed Nov. 25, 1H20, aged eii;hlytwo (grave- 
stone, ill South Hrilain, Conn.) ; married, first, , Anna Camp, of Milfoid, who died 

May 4, l~>i3, nge<l forty two (gravestone in S )ntli Britain) ; seconrl, ., Kk/iah 

HuRi), who dieil Oct. «, 1^24, nged seventy-four (gravestone, South Britain). Mrs. Mary 
Baldwin of Ashland, N. Y., lias a "sampler," made by Anna Camp in 1751, when seven 
years old. Mr. Treat graduated at Yale in 1750. He and his wile Anna were admitted 
to the First Church in Millord, June 28, 1767. He subsequently, alter the Revolution, 
removed from Millord to South Britain, where he purchased a large tract of laud in the 
northwestern part of the village. Was a captain in the militia when they were called out 
at the alarm at H«)rse Neck, where Putnam rotle ilown the st«*ps in the town of Green- 
wich; assisted to drive the British from Danbury when they burnt the place, — the nuisket 
ii8«il 0!i this occasion was recently presented to his gieat grandson Bethnet Robert Treat ; 
WAS at one tinn^ in the main army at or near PeeksUiH, N. Y,, in Col. Samuel Whiting's 
regiment. Was iu the service some nine months, from March to November, 1771*, and 
perhaps longer. In 1779, he marched with his company to New Haven to rei>el the enem}'. 
There are no pay rolls showing term of services. Hi; never received a pension. Was 
also captain in the militia 179G-H. His will was dated June 18, 1H15; probated .\pril 3, 
1820. Mentions wile Keziah ; ilanghlers Mary Allen, Esther Barlow, Susan Lewis ; grand- 
son Treat Watkins, antl grand<laughte4' J:uie T. Watkins» chiUb'en of daughter Sarah Wat- 
kins; granddauuhter Janet Page, daughter of Jane Page; and four sons, Bcthuel, Alfred, 
Amos C. and Isaac R. 

Cliildren, the first nine probably b<irn and baptized in Milford, tiie tenth and eleventh 
bom in South Britain, by his first marriai^e : 

5r>4. Anna,* h. . 17*;r>; bapt June 28. 17r»7; d. March 24. 17f^r>. a<rcti 21. hi South Britain. 

16. Makv, b. Oct. 18, 1705 (?^; d. April U), 184I>; m. Feb. 1*), 1784, .hmnU Alleu. 

&3i$. KsTiiKU, b. , 1767; l>apt, June 28, 17i!7; d. , 1772, in South Britain. 

657. Bkiiiukl, h, , 1709; d. Aug, 30. 1855. a^jcHl 80, In Soutlibury, Coiui. ; m. Feb. 21, 17!>3, 

Tolly rainier, hi Uoxlturj . C*«>im,, wUn «1. April 2'.), 18.'»0, .a^u<l 80, in S<»ulhltnry. IIU will 


was prohatwl Sept. «, 1855. by widow Polly Trout. Property li>ft to Ww wUlovr anU 
ifn»n<lHon Hethnel Trent HusHell. na he wasctillc*!. lIuviiiK no fhlklren, Mr. Trvat ftdoptod 
Caroline rnlutor of Koxbiiry. who d, .Tan U, IHUO, ajfcd M, in South l>ury, and m. Capt. 
narlow UusMell. of SoiUlibnry. wUod. Sept. 28. 1H70, In Woudl)iiry, Her flrnt son wa* 
named Ik'thucl Treat Kussell. Mr. Treat adopted hhu and left hlui ahandHomo pri)pcrty. 
lie n«. Nov. U',, 1H42. Iluldah Ann Dosvuh. and d May 5. 1H72, atred 51. In Sonlhbnry. 

668. S\itAli, I). ; bapt. April 5. 1772; d. ; m. Feb. 3. l-<08. lleirkiah VVatklns. 

559. A.Mos Camp. b. Dec. L'O, 1775; d. Sept. 26, IftoO; in. -, Elizabeth She|>ard. 

500. ALKttKi>. b. Oct. 25. 177fi: d. Aug. 3. 18:>fi; in. Oct. 2(1, 17r>8. Lydla Mallory. 

661. EsTHKii, b. ; d. Jan. t>, Ih4J); n\. Jan. 8. 17!H>, AI.el Barlow. 

562. SiirtAN. b. ; d ; m. Jan. 31. IHOi, Aaron Lewis. 

By his Hecond nmrriage : 

563. Isaac Rkxford b. March U, 17li3; d. Jan. lo. \H:,i<, aped (U: ni. 
664. Ja>-i!, b. ; d. ; m. Oct. 14, 1807, Erastua Puije. 

-. Clarence Piatt. 

164 Deacon SamueP Treat (Samuel,^ Eobert^^ Robert,^ JiichanV), born Anjj. 
6, 1728, in MiU'oni, Conn.; die<l Aug. 17, 17H7, in hiii fifiy-uintli year (gravestone, Mil- 
ford) ; injirrie.l June '27, 17ol, Fii.\NCKa* Bkyam (217), ^>oin Aug. 16, 172G, (UedJune 13, 
180G, siged eighty (giaveMtone, Milford), and dsmglitcr of Uiclincd and S.ariih^ (Trortt) 
Bryan. He was ailmitlinl to full corntmunion in the First Church, Milford, June 27, 1741, 
and his wife Frances, Mjireh 2x, 17.V2. Ho was chosen ileaoon of tlio cluirch Aug. 31, 
1786. He was appointed ensign of the 2(1 Co., 2d lleg't, by the Assembly, in October, 
1768, lieutenant in 1772, antl captain in May, 1775. Was proinotwl rrotn captain to be 
major of the 2<J Reg'i May, 1778, and resigned in 177I>. Was a member of the legisla- 
ture in 1783-4, The inscription on his gravestone is as follows : 










IN THE .')9"' YEAR OF lU^ AGE. 





And ro ihk Gravks (uiey 

And wakino Saimh wimi .roYi-nL Eyes 

Sall'Tk Til' Exn«:TKD Day" 

Administration on \\\% estate waw grantcil to widow Frances Treat, and Samuel, eldest 
son, Aug., 1787. Inventory was jialed Oct. 20, 1787; movable properly was vaUied at 
£832 ; real estate at £2834. Mention is made of aix ohlldren. In the wilt of widow Fran* 
cea Treat, dated April 12, 171^8, the six chihiien are meutiuned, hut the three daughlor« 
were then married, which not the (tase in 1787. The family Bible, dated 1785, eon- 
tains the record of six children, but is too much worn in places to be deciphered. It waa 
given to Jonah' Treat, gniuiUon of Sumucl Treat **by my honored grandmother Frnnccji 



TreaU" and is now (1888) in tbe possession of Rev. H. W. Pope» of Palmer, Mass , his 

Children, born in Mi I ford : 

566. Abioaij.,» b. .fan. 9. or March 26, 1752; d. Feb. 27, 1842; m. July 4. 1771, .Johu Bryan. 
Anna, b. May 18, 1754: <1. Jnne 5, 1843; m. Feb. 28. 1782, Cftpt. Willtani Davi(KN<„i. 
FiciNCEH. b. Dec. 30, 176- ; d. : m. Feb. 6. 1792, Dr. Peres Mann. 




Samitkl, b. Ang. 1<;. 1760; d. May 3, 1813; in., 1st, June 28. 1787, Sarah Ncttlcton; 2d 
April 22. 1794, Claris?»ft Wetmore. 

669. EiisHA. b, Jan. — . 1764; d. May 15, 1813; m. Dec. 25, 1794. Pamella* Treat. 

670. JoxAii, b. Nov. 27, 17«7; d. Feb. 2, 1843, aged 75; m. May 25. 1791, Rebecca^ Treat. 

166 John^ Treat (Samuel* Robert,^ Robert,'^ Rkhani^), born , 1731 : baptized 

Dec. 5, 1731, in Milford, Conn.; die<i Oct. 19, 1794, aged sixty-lliree (gravestone in 
Milford), of dropsy and astliran; married June 27, 1751, Ann^ Buyax (218). born Feb. 
19, 173U-1, died Jane 28, 1806, and .langUlerof Richnrd and Sarah^ (Treat) Bryan. Was 
ft farmer. Admmislration was granted to wiilow Anna (or Ann), in 1794. In 1795, a 
new will was found by tbe son Richard, in which lie was made sole executor. He gave 
Lbonds for £12,000. Feb. 18, 1795, widow Anna received her<lower; March 5, 179o,an in- 
Tentory was presented which amounted to £4068, consisting of household giH^ls, lands, 
negro man, etc. In 1795, the widow leases the farm to her sons John aud Richard. The 
will mentions four children, .John, Richard, Ann Blakslee, and .Sarah Parker. The will 
of Mrs, Anna Treat, of New Haven, is dated April 13, 1796, and was probated Aug. 7, 
1806. She mentions her four children. 
Children of John Treat, born in Milford, some of them liaptized in the First church: 

671. SAaAU." b. Dec. 10. 1751 ; d. ; m. , Jeremiah Parker. 

.^673. John. b. Nov. 17, 1755; d. Dec, 23, ld07; m., Ist, Feb. 26, 1789, Esther Hlne; 2d, May 
1794. Esther Clark. 
673. iacH.\RO. b. June 20, 1760; d. Dec. 31. 1808; m. Sept. 23, 1784, Sarah Smitli. 

674. ANHRKW.b. ; bapl. Nov. 10, 1771. 

675. Sybil, b. ; bapt. June 5, 1774; d. May 26, 1782, aged 8, scalded. 

676. Anx, b. ; d. ; m. , Blakslee. 

201 Dea. Joseph^ Treat {Joseph,* Joseph,^ Rof^t,^ Richard^), born Nov. 28, 
1722, in Milford, Conn.; died July 27, 1791, iu his sixty-ninth yi-ar (gravestone, Mil- 
fon;l) ; married . Maby Mkuwin, baptized Nov., 1 725, died July 22,1803, aged seventy- 
eight (gravestone, Milfoixi), and daughter of John and Hannah (Piatt) Merwin, who in 
his will mentions his daughter ]Mary Treat. She was admitted to the First church July 
2, 1749. He lived north of the Milford settlement near Grassy Hill, afterwards called 
North Milford, and now the town of Orange. He had four sons and four daughters, and 
owned a negro slave and wife who also liad four sons and four daughtiri*. These 
eight slaves he distributed to his eight children. His will is dated Sept. 10, 1 787 ; probated 
Aug. 1, 1791 ; estate valued at £1915. To his <ion .Joseph he gives all his land in Wood- 
bridge, ami his *'gold sealed ringj** to son Richanl all hia land in Watertown, and the ne- 
gro lM)y Levi; to son Isaac his slave Nando Glasco; to sou David his homestead. 
The daughters and wife received their share. His great grandson, Mortimer Smith Treat 
(2479), has hi.s old gun, with Joseph Treat's name engraved on the brass facing opposite 
the lock. It is very long, with a bore for an ounce and a half ball. It was carried by his 
son Joseph" in the war of the Revolution and it was the best shooting gun in the company. 
He would never acknowledge that he ever killed a man, but many a box of cartridges he 
emptied towards where the red coats were thickest, and being a good shot, it is presumed 



that he must have done aome damage. He was a great hunter. Once he ebol R buck and, 
a bear on a day's hunt in the wooils near Tvhere the town of Derby now stands. 

Childivu born in North Milford, now Orange, the fifth and sixth baptized in the Sec- 
ond or riyinouth church, the othere in the First Parish, Milford : 

677. Mary/ b. , 1745; bapt. July 2, 1749; d. AprU 18, 1824, aged 79; m.. Ut. . 

Capt. Enoch Wootlruff; 2d, , Capt, Enoch Newton, of Woodbridge, Conn. 

678. JosEPJK b. , 1747; bapt. July 2, 1749; d. Oct. 24, 1828, aged 81; ra. Rebecca 


570. Hannah, b. , 1760; bapt. Aue. 12, 1750; d. , 1888; m. , Zenaa Peck, and 

resided In Woodbridge. Had four children : 

1. Jerry,' b. ; d. April 14, 1854; m. , Amelia Ford. 

2. Mary, b. , 1780; d. ; m. , Jonas Sidney Newlon. 

3. Hannah, b. June 4, 1785; d. Sept. I, 1879; m. March 10, 1816, Russell Johnsou, 

of Oxford, Conn. 

4. Zenas, b. , 1788. 

680. Isaac, b. April 7, 1766; bapt. — ; d. Oct. 9, 1822, aged 67; m. Feb. 9, 1785, Mehe 

able PJatt. 

681. KicHAUD, b. June 26, 1761; bapt. Aug. 16, 1761; d. Jan. ai, 1882; ra.. Ist, , Sybil 

Clark; 2d, Sept. 17, 1821. Mary Jones. 

682. Datid, b. Dec. 10. 1705; bapt. April 19, 1766 ;d. June 17. 1848; m. May 24, 1792, Meheiabk 


683. Mabki., b. ; bapt. ; d. ; m. — — , Nathan Clark, b. Aug., 1746, and 

son of Nathan and .\bigail (Newton) Clark. 

684. Pamklia, b. , 17H8; bapt. ; d. Jan. 21. 1886, aged 68; ra. Dec. 25. 1794. Ellshn 

Treat. (See 689.) She is called Mehetable Treat In the Plymouth Church records wheu 

202 John^ Treat {Josephy* Joseph^^ Robert,^ Richard^) ^ born Sept. 4, 1724, in 
Milford, Cono. ; diedAlay 27, 1804, aged eighty (griiveatone. Bridge water, Conn.) ; murried 
Aug. 17, 1749, PuEBE Hawley, born July 1, 1734, died May 6, 1813, and daughter of Cap- 
tain Jehif 1 and Sarah (Dunning) Flawley. Mr. Treat settled in Bridgewater, then n part of 
New Milford, where he was a very prominent citizen and a successful farmer. He set- 
tled on land given him by his father Joseph Treat on i>hepaug Neck. la said to have 
built the firet frnmw house iu town, in which bis son Abijah afterwards lived. 

Children, born in New Milford, that part now called Bridgewater: 

686. 8aKah.* b. Oct. 3, 1750; d. Sept. 27, 1786. aged 86; m. April SO, 1776. David 8ummer§. 

686. IiAN]«AU. b. Nov. 25, 1752; d. Feb. 25. 1754. aged 2 yrs. 

687. Abijau, b. March 29. 1755; d June 15. 1760, in his 6th year (g. b.> 
688. Uansah, b. March 29. 1157; d. Aug. 28, 1S27; m. Dec. 9, 1779, Ralph Keeler. 
680. AiiiJAH, b. Dec. 30, 1761 ; d. Oct. 3, 1837; ni. March 6, 1783, AblgaU Canfleld. 

690. PUKUK, b. Dec. 15, 1763; d. March 3, 1801; ra. March 6, 1781. John CanOeld. 

691. AxxA, b. Jan. 25, 1766; d. June 16, 1845; m. , Ralph Smith. 

692. CrjiRA. b. Dec. in, 1768; d. Jan. 4, 1844; m. Aug. 16, 1787, Cal«b Beach. 
598. John, b. AprU 26, 1771; d. May 6, 1771. 

694. John Uawlky. b. Nov. 19, 1774; d. Aug. 20. 1868, aged 79; ra., Ut, Nov. 25. 1794, Sally 

Januet Randall; 2d, , Sarah Ward. 

696. Polly, b. Nov, 17, 1776; d. ; m., 1st. Nov. 20, 1794. Nathan Betts; 2d, - — 

John Canfleld. 

203 Hannah"* Treat (Jotn^ph,* Jost^yK^ Robei-t,^ Richard^), born May 14, 172«, 
in Milford, Conn. ; died ; married , John Sanfokp, of Milford. 

Childrt'U of John and Hannah Sanford, bom in Milfoitl, and baptized in the Second or 
PljTnouth chui*ch : 



DB. flAKXAH*. b. 

597. Elisba. b. — 

699. M*RY, b, 

599. DxxnD, b. — 

— ; bapt. July. 1749. 

; bapt. Oct.. 1751. 

bapt. Sept., 1756. 
; bapt. Jane, 175^. 

208 Clemence'^ Treat { Joseph y* Joseph,^ Robert,^ Richnr<V), horu July 18, 1743, 
in Milfonl, Conn. ; died Mny 18, 1817, in her seventy-fourth year (i^avestonc, Milford) ; 
married March 9, 17G8, David In<jkk3oll, of Milford, l»oru Deo. 11, 1740, died June 10, 
1774, in his thirty-fourth year (gravestone), and son of David and Mehotable (Bryan) In- 
gereoU. They were both admitted to the First church, Milford, on the occasion of the 
death of their infant daughter, March 24, 1771. 

Children of David and Cleraence TugersoU, horn in Milford : 

eoo. Mkhktablb/ b. Oct. 26, 1768; d. March 24, 1771. aged 2 yri». 6 mos. (g. s. Milford). 

601. DatidBryaX, b. Aug 16, 1771 ; bapt. Ang. 18, 1771; d . 

603. Jonathan, b. Oct. 24. 1778; btipt. Oct. 31, 1773; d. 

209 Sarah^ Treat {Joseph* Joseph,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born July 20, 1745, in 
Milford, Conn.; died Aug. 12, 1838, aged ninety-three, in Tallmadge, Ohio; married, first, 
Oct. 31, 1765, Lieutenant Ben.tamin® Fenn, junior, of Milford, born July 30, 1742, died 
Oct. 27, 1780, in his thirty-ninth year (gravestone, Milford), and son of Colonel Benja- 
min and Mary (Peck) Fenn, of Milford ; second, , 1797, Maj. Elisha Fellows, of 

Sheffield, Muss., who died , 180G, in Sheffield. The inscription on her gi-ave- 

Btone at Tallmadge informs us that 


was a woman of a vigorofs mind, 

a mother of uncommon excellence, 

a consistknt christian, 

and after a useful and honored life 

<IF 93 rEARS 

DIED August 12'^ 1838. 

Mr. Fenn wa8 a lieutenant in Captain Peck's Company, during the Revolution. His 
ancestor Benjamin Fenn came from Parish Whittington, Muaworth, Enj^land, to New 
England about 1G30, and died in 1672. lie was a magistrate of the New Haven colony. 
Children of Lieutenant Benjamin and Sarah Fenn, born in Milford : 

608. Bknjamis,' b. May 14, 1766; d. July 10, 1817. In Tallmadge, Ohio; m. , Comfort 

Fowk-r. flau. of Jonathan and Comfort (Baldwin) Fowkr. 

604. Pkck, b. Feb. 28, 1708; d. March 12, 1824, In Tiillinadge, Ohio; in. Jan. 28. 1794. Uraula 


605. TrkaT, b. March 10, 1770; d. Feb. 21, IHOC; m. May 3. 17(>1. Sally* HolUster, who d. Jan. 

29, 1880, and dau. of Salinoa and MlUlceiit (Goodrich) llolUater. 

606. Sally, b. Feb. 28, 1773; d. Oct. 26, 1796, in Ohio; m. , EUhIia Edwards, at Berlin. 


607. CiEMENCic, b. April 13, 1775; d. Oct. 6, 1776. 

608. WiLUAM. b. April 5, 1777; d. Oct. 15. 1855; agod 79 (_a;. s. Milford) ; ni. Feb. 10, 1799, 
Msry Fenn, who d. March liJ, 1864, and dau. of Aaron Fenn. Their son: 

X. Kllaklm Tibbals^ Fenu, b. .March 24. 1804 : d. May 25, 1885 ; m. May 28, 1828, Eliza- 
beth Ann Piatt, who d. April 245. 1875. Their dau. : 

I. Frances Ann* Fenn, b. May 26, 1834 ; m. May 4, 1851. Noycs Ailing' Treat. 
(See 2492). 
RiCQARD. b. July 4, 1779; d. Feb. 20. 1868; m. Aug. 15, 1802, Mehetable Piatt. 



210 Gideon'' Treat (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Robert,'^ Richard^), born Oct. 2*2, 1747» iu 
Milforil, Conn. ; died July U, 1811, aged sixty-three (gnivcatone, Bridgewyter, Couu.) ; 
married Nov. 13, 1770, Lucrktia Washburn, born Sept. 16, 1750, in Derby, Conn., dieil 
March 3, 1847, aged ninety-six (gravestone). He carae to Shepaug Neck about 1 770, 
and hud one of the best farms in the county. He left a large eatate, being one of the 
wealthiest men in the town, and possessed a large deer park of 100 acres, built about 
17H0. A high fence surrounded the grounds except on one side, which was bounded by a 
steep rock. Wild deer could jump into the enclosure, l)ut could not get out again. So 
the park was kept replenished. He was one of the proprietor of the Union Library of New 
Milford, established Feb. 18, 1796. He lived in his great house for three years without 
doors or windows, being unable to complete it, owing to the Revolutionary war, using 
blankets instead. 

Children, born in New Milford, that part now called Bridgewater : 

610. Joseph,* b. July 25, 1771 ; d. Jan. 20. 1774. 

Gil, Minerva, b. Feb. 26, 1773; d. Feb. 4. 177C. 

«12. Joseph, b. July 3, 1774; d. Murch 2«. 1776. 

613. Akikl, b. Nov. 14, 1775; i1. March 15, 1776. 

614. GiDKOX Washdukn. b. Feb. 3, 1777; d. Sept. 30. IS62 (g. s., New Mtlfordj ; nam. His 

g. B. contains this luscription : 

"Spiritxial tMrth 
Dec. 2!i, 1813 
In Missourle." 

615, Daxiel Allen, b. May 8. 1778; d. Feb. 1, 18 J8: ra. Nov. 30. 1809, Alxnlra Sherman. 

♦;i6. LucRKTU, b. Oct. 25. 177'.*; d. Jan. 28, 1859 (g. a , New Milford) ; unm. 

617. Stephkn', b. Aug. 0, 1781; d. Sept 6, 1849; aged GH (g. ti.); m., Ut, Mflrch 28, 1811. 
TliirzaWelton. whod Sept. 2."^. 1832, aged 42 (g. a.), aud dau. of Geortfeand EUzaJieth 
Ann (Botsford) Weltun; 2d, Oct. 1, 1833, Clara^ Smith, b. Oct. 13, 178ti, d. Dec. 28, 
1851, aged 65 (g. s.) and dau. of Ralph and Anna* (Treat) Smith. See 1381. No issue. 
All three are buried in Bridgewater. 

618. Joseph, b. Dec. 10, 1788; d. May 9, 1841; ra. Sept. 20, 1820. Julia Burrlll. 

619. HoMBu, b. Aug. 7, 1788; d. Nov. 25, 1855; m. March 19, 1823, Beulah Falrchild. 

211 Prances' Treat (Joseph* Joseph,^ Robert,^ /ffc/ta^-d'), born March G, 1750, 
in Milford, Conn. ; died in Washi ngU>n, Conn., Nov. 27, 1831, aged eighty; mArrled Aug. 
31, 177*2. GiDKos Camp, born Oct. 10, 1748, in New Milford, Conn., died Aug. 28, 1822. 
aged seventy-four, in Washington, where he resided, and son of Enos and Lois (Wheeler) 

Children of Gideon and Frances Camp, born in Washington : 

620. FitANCES,* b. April 7, 1774 ; d. . 

621. Clemencb, b. May 3, 1776 ; d, ; m. Jan. 28, 1796, Keubcn Hurd. of Washlngtoa. 

622. GiDEOK.b. May 6, 1778; d Sept. 3, 1849, aged 71. In Bethlehem, Conn. 

623. Sarah, b. March 1ft, 1781 ; d. ; m. June 5, 1802, Elihii Merwin, of Brook Held, Couu. 

624. Abigail, b. July 30, 1783; d. ; m Dec. 19, 1809, Ambrose Baldwin, of Newtown. 

625. TiiE-vT, b. Oct. 8, 178.j; d. Jan. 27. 1850; m. April 3. 18()9, Eunice Hard, who d. Sept. 29, 

1868. &gf-(\ 82, In Woodhnry, Conn. Was membir of the Conn. Legislature from Wood- 
bridge, in 1831. 1832, wai« Justice of the peace la Woodbury, In 1837, aad postmaster 
at Ellsworth, Sharon, Conn., iu 1822. 

626. Naxcv, b. Aug. IG, 1787; d. . 

627. Bbtty, b. Feb. 20, I790;d. . 

628. DjkVW, b. Nov. 22. 1792; d. Sept. 7. 1840, in Woslilngtou ; m. Dec. 19, 1820, Patty Logan, 

-whod. March 3. 1834. aged 36, In Waahington. 



220 Rev. Josepll'' Treat {Richard,^ Joseph,^ Robert,'^ Richard^), born , 

1734 ; baptized April 21, 1734, in Abington, Peiiu. ; died , 1797, in ; mnrried 

, Mrs. Klizadkth (Bryant) WooDitrFF. Sbe is buried in Albany, N. Y., but the io- 

scription is sitnply ''Mother of Richaivl Treat," and hera'io is statod to have been Beventy- 
six. Mr. Treat graduated at New Jersey College, Princeton, N. J., in 1757. He was 
a tutor in the college from 1758 lo 1760. The Presbytery of New Brunswick, N. J., 
licensed him to preich in 1760, and he supplied the pnlpit in that town between 1760 and 
1762. In Oct., 1762, he was assooiated with Rev. Dr. Rostwick, then in feeble health, 
ns asHist».int minister of the First Presbyterian church New York, and upon his death in 
Nov., 176.3, 8uccec<led him as pastor. In the sprin*^ of 1764, Rev. John Murray, from 
the Nortli of Ireland, was called as colU^ague, but want of unanimity, and other consider- 
ations caused him to decline the iuviUition. Rev. John Rodgers, born in Boston, Aug, 5, 
1727, whose parents came from Londonderry, Ireland, was next caDed in Jan., 1765, and 
installod the 4th of October following. In 1766, upon the occupation of New York by the 
British, the clergy au'l most of the people left llie town. The church was converted into 
a hospital. Mr. Treat was an ardent patriot. May 8, 1776, cominisaions were issued to 
the offlcers of Col. Malcora's Regiment, and one to Rev. Mr. Treat as chaplain. The 
New York Convention, Aug. 26, 1776. resolved that Mr. Treat continue Ijis services as 
chaplain to Col. Lasher's and Col. Mulcom's Battalions, in Brig. Gen. Scott's Brigade, 
his pay to commence from the time of calling said brigade into service. 

Rev. Ml-. Rodgera, after the departure of the British troops, returned to New York on 
the 26th of November, 1783. Mr. Treat did not return till the summer on7K4. His 
conduct seems to have very much displeasei] his parishioners, for on the first of July, 1784, 
he wa* summarily dismissetl by the following resolutions : 

*♦ R/'solved, that this congregation can sijpport but one minister. 

" Resolved, that the Rev. Dr. Rodgers be that minister. 

*• Resolved, that a committee be appoitited'to apply to the mo^lerator of the Presbytery, 
and request him to call a meeting of that hodj' as soon as convenient, that we may apply 
fn ft regular manner for a liberation of this cougregatloa from the Rev. Mr. Treat as one 
of our miuisters." 

Pastoral relations were accordingly dissolved, and Rev. Mr. Rodgers became sole pastor. 
May 18, 1785, the Presltytery of New York reported that since their last report they had 
dismissed Mr. Treat to the Presl)ytery of New Brunswick, which employed him and others 
from time to time to itiuerate about New Jersey, to organize new churches. Mr. Treat 
supplied the churches of Lower Bethlcliem, Hunterdon Co., and Greenwich, Warren Co., 
till hie death. He was a popular and succc'^slul preaclier and minister. Silas Dean after- 
wards delegate to congress from Conn., in a letter from New York, Aug. 29, 1774, thus 
speaks of him : 

♦'Sunday. Heard parson Treat in the forenoon, an I Mi-. L 'dlie in the afternoon. I 
think the former much inferior to the latter." Collect. Conn. Hist. Soc, p. 146, Vol. 2. 

During 177y, Mr. Treat preached one or more Sundays at Allen Township, Cumberland 
Co., Penn. 

Children, born in New York city : 

r.2n. M.iRY Davis,* b. Aug 28. i7CC. 

eSO, RicnuiD Samukj.. b. Aug. 18, 1769; d. May 22, 1.S37; in., almol 1794, GerLmde Stringer. 

6a 1. JoH>- Thomas, b. t)ct. 24, 1772. 

«32. EuzABETU. b. Nov. 19, 1774, 



222 Dr. SamueP Treat {Richard* Joseph^^ Robei-t,^ Rhhard^), born about 
173S; haptizeil Mfticli 5, 1737-8, in Abinglon, Peun. (tlie saine ilate of baptism is con- 
tained In the records of the First Prealiyterian church, Philmlelphia) ; dietJ Feb. 14, 1812, 

in New York, and buried in Trinity church-yard, it is gaid ; married ^ — , Agnks Hoi^ 

LiNGSHEAu. After pr.ncltsing medicine for a while in Burlington, N. J., he removed tn 
New York, where lie continued in practice for about five years. A grandson wrote me 
that Mr. Treat had eleven children, lie believed, but could remember the names of only 
eight. As there was no Presbyterian church in Burlington at that time, Dr. Treat attend- 
ed St. Mary's church. Jan. 30, 1786, he subscribed £2 towards retaining the Hervices of 
Rev. Samuel Roe. May 3, 1792, he subscribed £3 for establishing an Academy. The 
early records of the church were kept very carelessly, and contain but few ba()ti8m8, mar- 
riages or ileaths. The records mention the marriage of Martha Treat, who was probably 
a daughter of Dr. Treat. 

Childi^en, not in order of birth : 

Charlbs,* b. 

JoSKPH.b. — 

MiCAJAit, b. - 

ROBKRT. b. — 

Mary, b. 

Agnks. b. — 



; d.- 



; d. --; m., about 1796, Anthony Lamb. 

-; d. ; m. , Anthony Lamb after the death of her sister Mary. 

Samukl. b. Nov or Dec. 6. 1791, In Burlington, N. J. ; d. Feb. U. 1855; m.. Ist, March — , 
1820, Jane Taylor; 2d, Sept. 20, 1827, Lydia Sender. 

Martha, b. ; d. ; m. Dec. 12, 1803, ,Iohn Hosklns. 

RicUAHP Hkmrt, b. -; d. , 1855, In Mobile. Alabama. He was the younges 

of the family. Taught school in Moutgomery and Mobile, Ala. 

225 Donald'' Treat {Edmund* Joseph,^ RoherU^ Richard^), born - 
ford, Conu.; died March 24, 1803, in Litchfield, Conn. ; married, first, 
-, who died Ang. 30, 1785, aged forty-five, of consumption; second, 

-. iu Mil- 
-, Mary 
— , Mrs. 

Sakau^^ (Smith) Stoke, (?) born 17C4, died Feb. 26, 1841, aged eighty-seven, daughter of 
E[ihraini and Sarah (Newton) Smith, and widow of Samuel Mansfield Stone. She was 
dismissed to the Second or Plymouth church, June 4, 1789, from the First church. He 
was dismissed by the Plymouth churcii in 1796, ti) the church in Litchfield. 
Chihlren, born iu Milfurd, by his first marriage: 

642. Daxtkl," b. ; bapt. April 21, 1765. Plymouth church; d. -; m. Nov. 1, 1790, 

Elizjibeth Bristol. 

.Fane. b. ; bapt. .June 2H, 1771. 

Ei.l, b. Feb. 20. 1774, bapt. April 10, 1774; d. March 17, 1854; m. AprQ 28, 1800, Urania 

Sauah Axdukw, b. . ; bapt. May 21, 1780; d. ; m. , Dennis Ortoa. 



Removed to Camden, N. Y. 
liy his second marriage : 
646. William S.. b. , 1788 ; d. - 

-, 1882. aged 44; m. . 1812. Loclnda Hubbard. 

227 Sarah^ Treat {Edmund,* Juspph,^ Robert,^ Ridtard^), boru about 1744, in 

Milford, Conn. ; died Jan. 9, 1818, aged sixty-nine, in Bethlehem, Conn. ; manied , 

Ensign Fletcher' Pruudfn (John,* John,^ Samuel,^ Peter^). bapiizL-d May 14, 1738, iu 
Milford, died Jan 9, 1708, in Hcthlchem, and son of .Job n^ and Hannah (Newton) Pru<l- 
den, of Milfoni. They were both admitted to the Fli'st church, Milfonl, April 5, 177«. 



Cbildrun of Fletcher and Sfirah Pruddeu, horu and baptized at the First cburoli, in 
Milford : 

647. FLETcriEJt NKWTON.'b. ; bapt. Aug. 28, 1772; d.^ — -; m. 1st. . , who 

d. Feb. 4. 1801, agetl 27, in Uethlehem ; 2d, March 22, 1826, Mr.s. Persis Terrj-. Resided 
• In Colebrook, Conn., In 1826. 

Sarah Thkat, b. ; bapt. ; d. ; m. Doc. 23, 17%, Moses Parmalee, of 

Anna, b. ; bapt .Ian. 7. 1776; d. April 3, 1859, aged 84. In Bethlehem; m. Dec. — . 




1798, Eleazer Crane of Bethlehem. 

Hannah, b. ; bapt. April 5, 1778. 

EuzAUETH, b. ; bapt. Dec. 26, 1779. 

228 Isaac'' Treat {Edmund,^ Joseph,^ RobeH,^ Richnrd^), horn Feb. 22, 1788, in 
Milford, Conn. ; died Sept. 23, 1S58, in Oxford, Conn. ; married Feb. 10 (5, town record), 
1810, Eleanor E. Stiles, of Oxford, born Feb. 18, 1789, d'wd Feb. 4, 1854, aged sixty- 
♦'vo. 8o<:»n after the death of his father,Ji« went to live with an uncle,. Tonah Treat, who 
was appointed hit* guardian when about sixteen years old, and resided in Orange, an ad- 
joining town, since his mother had married again. His father had intended that jje ahoal<< 
ha educated in Yale College, but cireumatanceB prevented. 

Children, born in Oxford : 

652. Hahhiet E.,«b. Feb. 10, l«ll ; m. April 5, 1831, Marvin R. Sanford. 
653. GeoROB N.. b. Nov. 20, 1812; d. Nov. 24, 1821, aged 9yr9. 

e5l. CvNTBiA M., b. Dec. 21. 1814 ; d. Ang. 2fl, 1887; m. Feb. 14, 18.10, Daniel Merrill, of Nrw 
Haven, who d. Feb 4, 1872, ajred G»J yre. 8 mos. She resided in New Haven, and furnished 
me with much inforraatlon In regard to the family. 

655. William Kdmu^d, b. Jan. l«, 1817 ; d .Tiily 14, 1887 ; m. Jan. 2, 1842, Augusta N. Nettleton. 

656. Boukut Smith, b. May 14, 1819; d. .Tan. 8, 18G9; m. , Mary Lum. 

057. Betsy A., b. Sept. 3, 1821 ; m. Nov. 19, 1840, Mllo Downs, who d. Nov. fi. 18G8, aged 58. 
Had a Mon : 

L Horace Trcit^ Downs, b. . 1S43; d. March 9, 1844, aijed 9 mos, 

658. Sakab LucixDA, b. June 29, 1824 ; d. March 9, 1874 ; m. , 1853, John Smith. 

659. EiTsiCB E., b. Sept. 23. 1827; lu. Mjirch 4, 1S72. Hart David Munsou. son of David rtn<l 

Huldah (Baldvrln) Munson. Reside In New Haven. No Is.sue. 
G60 BricRiT I., b. Sept. 17, 1830; d. July 6, 1860, aged 30. 

236 Mary-' Treat {.Samuel,* Joaeph,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born Oct. 29, 1744, in 

Milford, Conn. ; died , in Conn. ; married Sept. 27, 1762, in Wasliington, Conn., 

Joel Titos, who died about 1820, in Forrisburg, Vt., at the house of his daughter Han- 
nah, while on a visit. Of Mr. Titus it cannot be said po.sitively who his parents were. 
His liome was in Washington, near Birch Plain, Davis' Hollow, or Romford as it is now 
cnlleil. He owned a Forge which was burned ai)0ut the beginning of this century. The 
site is still known as Joel Titus' Forge. He was or became a fnember of tlie Church of 
England, nn<i was piominent in St. John's Cliurch in those times, and a vcslryuian from 
1794-1798, He also served in tlie French and Indian wars. After the death of his wife 
he removed to Sandy Creeic, N. Y., and lived with his children. Nov. 11, 1789, Samuel 
Peet Treat gave a deed to Joel Titus, wlio is supposed to have left town about 1802. He 
was there Sopt. 23, 1802, receiving a deed that year from Samuel N. Johnson. 

Children of Joel and Mary Titus, sai<l to be fifteen, born probably in AVashington, not 
in order of birth, dates not known : 

661. JOKL,' b. ; d. , wlien iibont 40 years old ; num. He was ihe eldest born. Whs 

Injured at the raising of a building and ever after a crippie. Was clerk of St. Johu's 
Cliurch for many years. 


Samukl. b. 


at Glean, N. Y. ; ra. 

Httd a don SaiddcI T1- 


in. Emma Daniels. Has descenditnt** living iu Oneida Co., 

tU8 who was a Freewill Baptist rulniatcr in Mich. 

Peet Tkkat, b. May 10. 1776; d. J:m. 28, 1861. In Muxlco, N. Y.; iu. — , 17D9, Mar- 
tha Bamura. Flad 9 children :~Sarah A., Treat, Luclnda, Belsj. Baruum, Susan, An- 
son, Hiiunah, and Patty. 

Hesry, b. ; d, , In Illinois ; ra. , Sukcy Brlgbam. Ills descendants lUe 

near Blackberry, 111, 

Hannah, b. ; d. — — ; in. , a Quaker minister, late in life. She waa Ibc 

eldest dau., and resided In Ferrisborg, Vt. 

EsntER, b. -; d. - — — ; m. -, Gardner Geer. Resided in Kent, Conn. 

Sally, b. ; d. ; in. Sept. 10, 1793, In Washington. Conn.. Wlillaiu Lyons. 

Had a son Daniel Lyons, who was a Freewill Biptlst minister In Otitatlo, N. Y. 

Nabby, b. ; d. ■; in. , Tronp. Bellied in A««btJiliuU Co., Ohio. 

UuLDAH, b. about 1788; d. ; m. , Orlu iiiron^:, who d. in 1«74. nged 86. See 

Strong Genealogy. 

CH.1RLR9, b. ; (I. — 

N. Y. 

Billy, b. March 2. 1780 or 1781 ; d. Jan. 4, 1860, In Marsljail. N. Y.: ro.. 1st. May 26. 1806. 
Judith Hai'stfd whod. Nov. 11, 1829; 2d, April 4, 1830, Susan Derby, who d. May 9. 18o». 
aged h4. He settled in Paris, now Marsliall. N. Y.. in 1804. and carried on a large busi- 
ness in Forge Hollow. All bis children were l>y Uis (irst wife : 

1. Sophia' Titus, b. , 1807; d. , 1808. 

2. Anson Titus, b. March 13. 1809; d. Dec. 22, 1882. in Phelps. N. T.; m. June .'i, 

1834. Atmira Sabin, b. Jan. 26. 1810, d. Nov. 16. 1887, and dau. of Oliver and 
Ollvf(Upharn) Sabln. He settled In Phclpi in 1835. Cliiidrcn, the first b. In By- 
ron, N. Y., the second in Wolcott, N. Y., the others in Phelps : 

1. Thomas Benton' Titus, b. March 2. 1835. Resides 0888) iu Clifton 

Springs, N. Y. 

2. Mary Juliet Titus, b. Sept. 13. 1837; d. May 2, 1841. 

3. Oliver Sabin Titus, b. May IS. 1843. Resides iu Shorisvllle, N. Y. 

4. Billy Titus, b. April 4, 1845; d. May 12, 1864, killed at Spottsylvunla. Va. 
6. Anson Titus, b. June 21, 1847; m. Dec. 11, 1872. Lucy Toble Merrill, b. 

July 16, 1851, and dau. of James and Lucy (Toble) Merrill of New 
Gloucester, Me. Rev. Anson Titos isaUniversalistclergyman, and now 
(1890) resides In Nalick. Mass. He Is well known as a geue^logiat and 
writer. Children : 

1. Anson Merrill* Titus, b. April 8. 1875, in New Gloucester. Me. 

2. Marlon Lucy Titus, b. Nov. 20, 1880, in Weymouth, Mass. 

6. Susan Olive Titus, b. May 5, 1849 ; ra. . C. D, C^rr. of Phelps, N. T» 

7. Albert Alberto TItUM, b. Feb. 16, 1852; d, Oct. 21*. 1852. 

3. Lucius Tllus. b. July 28. 1811; resides (1888) in Coldwater, Mich. 

4. Sophia Titus, b. March IS, 1813; d; ra. , Adonljsh Day of Deansville. N Y. 

Living 1888. 

6. Horace H. T\\Ui>, b. Aug. 4, 1816; refsldes (1888) in Plielps. N. Y. 

6- Phrbe J. Titus, b. Dec. 28, 1818; m. , James McAdam. of New York dty. 

Living 1888. 

7. Orriu Sii'oog Titus, b. July 2a. 1821 ; resides (1888) la New York city. 

8. Juliet Titus, b. Oct. 27. 1823; m. , Mark Hanchct. Resides {.lASS) in 


9. Hosca Bnllon Tllos, b. Jan. 2, 1826 ; resides (1888) in Wslorville. N. Y. 

10. Delos K. Tltn.«. b. May 10. 1828; d. , 1871 ; m ■. . Resided In 

New York city. 

Bki'Laii, b. ; d. ; ro. , Jedeillaii Smith. Had a sou Aral who sUll lives 

Resided In Walworth, N. V. 

m. , Case. Had among others a son Joel Tlttta 

0'*iW) at Ontario. N. Y. 
BrrsY.b. ; d. ; 

Case, who graduated at Y:v!«' in ls2s nnd A. In Victorhi, Trxas, in 18C8. aged W. 



674. Mahgarkt or, b. 


-Clark. Hail ii son Joscpli 


('Ijuk.n pr!est in the Episcopal Chnrcli. a ruLisionurji' iu Uie Wiisl Indies, wbtre he died. 
Family resldeil lu-or Cuzenuvia, N. Y. 
AxsoN, h. Dec. 11. 1785. 

241 Samuel Feet-' Treat {Samuel,* Joseph,^ Robert,'^ liichard^), born Sept. 29. 
1754, in Milfonl, Cunn. ; dieil July 5, 1837, in Russia, Ileikimcr Co., N. Y. ; married 

, Sauah TnoMPSON, of New Haven, Conn., horn Aug. 22, 1763, dicil Jan. 13, 

1830, in Wiiteitown, Conn. Was ii Revolutionary soldier. Jan. I, 1770, lie enlisted at 
Washington, Conn., for one year with Capt. Bostwick, in Col. Cbarlea Webb's Re^'r, 
going to the hiego of Boston, thence to New York city, and to White Plains. When Gen- 
eral Washington in the latter part of 177<I, retreated from the Hudson through New Jersey 
into Pennsylvania, Mr. Treat was left sick at Peekskill, N. Y. Received a pension. After 
the war he went to New Haven, where he married, but he retiirnc<i snbseijiienlly to Wash- 
ington, to live with his mother. Wiiile there he received a deed for land fiom Ephraini 
Barker, in 1786, and gave one to Joel Tilns, Jan. I, 17t>0. Was a member of St. John's 
ehnreh, and collector in 171it. Thence he removed with his wife and tliree daughters to 
Bristol, Conn., where he bongiit land in 1796, an<l sold about 1808, He next remove<l to 
Watertown, Conn., thence he went to Jordan, Onondaga Co., N. Y., and finally to Russi.'i. 
Herkimer Co., N. Y., before 1818, where he died. He was a siiddle and harness make; 
by tfftde and a farmer in a small way. 

Children, the fii-st born in New Haven, the second in Washington, the third and fourth 
in Bristol, the filth in Watertown ; 

678. Mkhetabi.k,^ b. Oct. 1, 1781; il. Jon. 11, 1866; m. Aug. 11, 179J>, SamurlJones. 
677. AxxA.b. March 15, 1784; d. Oct. 12, 18G6; m. . 1801, Cunolins Graves. 

678. llKrziHMi, b. March 19, 1795; U. May 23, 1881. In Jordan, N, Y ; m. Murcli fi, 181fi, SImou 

679. Sally BEisjrK-, b. June 10, 1802; d. March 28, IWl ; m, Feb. 5, 1822, Amherst Coon. 

680. Naxcy Jenxet, b. Nov. 9. 1809; in. Oct. 8, 1834, EdwnrU Waters SiUiderson. 

243 Abijah^ Treat {SamueL* Joseph,^ Rohei-t,^ RkhnrtV), born 1761; baptized 
Dec. 15, 1701, in Washington, Conn. ; died Jan. 5, 1799, in Bristol, Conn,, and buried in 

the North burying-g round ; married , Maky Sperry, who tiled Nov. 17, 18.')3, aged 

ninety-two, in Bristol, and daughter of Timothy Sperry of Bristol. She married, second, 

, as his second wife, Seth Roberts, who ilied Oct. 6, 1823, aged seventy-two. 

They had. one daughter, Chloe Roberts, who married , Ferdinand Roberts. Mr. 

Treat was a farmer. He removed to Watertown, Conn., where it is said his chihlren 
were born, and afterwards to Bristol, where he died. Sold land In Washington to JfK'l 
Titns In 1793. 

Children, liorn in Watertown : 

681. B.iiiziiLAi,' b, about 1780; d. March 5. 181o. ajjod C5 ; m. . Amy Royce. 

tW2. Nancy, b. ; d. , In the south; m., 1st. , Stephen Barnes, who d. Dec. 

23, 1810; 2d. 

— Elius Roberts. Cidlilren, born in Bristol, by her ilrsl marriage; 

Leandei^ Barnes, b. , 1809; d. Murch 15, 1809, nged 1 mo. 

2. Leandcr B.-irnes, b.- — -. 1310; d. Sept. 15. 1810, ngod <) mos. 
Slieliad children l)y her second nuirriage. 

8.»LLY, b. . d : m. -, Hill Darrow. VN'ent west before IS'IO. Cliildren, 

l)orn in Uristol : 

1. Cyrub^ Dttrrow, b- . 

2. Mrtrv Darrow, b. . 




Pliny Diirmw, b. 
Anon Danow, b. - 

R8(, Eu, b. itboiit )7WC; d. Nlv. £G, 182(1, aged 40; m. July — . Iftlo. VoUy Collen. No IssueT 
.so far as known. 
685. SriEKMAN, b. about ITDfi; d. Nov. 21, 1851» aged 65; ni. Nov. 27, 1817, Danja Mullhews. 

245 Stephen-* Treat {Slepheii,* Joseph,^ Robert,^ Richard^) ^ born Aray 26, 1747, 

in MiiUUclosvii, Conn. ; dio<l , prohaUly in Wliileslown, Oneiila Co., N. Y. ; mai- 

rierl, first, Doc. 2, 1773, Grack Sagk, born in 1757, anil duugliler of Solomon and Lois 

(Wilcox) Sjige, of Middlctowu ; second, , . During Ibe Rcvolnlion he and 

his brother Amos were in Ihe company of Caul, f^li Butler, of Middlelown, in llic Rcg't of 
Light Horse commanded by Mnj. Elislia Sheldon. The oomi)any marched Oct. 25, 1776. 
He was discliarged Doc. 4, 1776. 

Cliildren, the first ten and perhaps others, born in Middlelown : 

i]8il TiMOTMY,' b. March 9, 1775; bapt. Dec. 10. 1788. 

fiS7. John, b. June 17, 177«i; bnpt. Dec. 10, 1788. 
688. IIui.DAU, b. Jan. I, 1771); bapt. Dec. 10, 1788; d. Sept. 24, 1811; m. Nov. 28, KDl), James 

680. IIo^K.\, b. June 8, 1781 ; bapt. Dec. 10, 1788; d. Sept. 17, 1818; m. April 4. 1802. Ilanuuh 

C'JO. XJfnsKY. b. ; bapt. Dec. 10, 17«^8; d. ; m. . Ira Crofut. Had chil- 

C!tH- LuAMA,b. — ; bnpt. Dec. 10, 1788; d.— ^ -; in., Ist, , DnnielDemtng ; 2i\,- 

Nathaniel Morifno. H:id children. 


SuLTUAEL, b.Sept. 9, 1785; bupL Dec. 10, 1783; d. Feb. 10, 1823; m. Oct. 28, IftOD, MA(Py 

Anson, b. ; bnpt. Dec. 10, 1788; d. ; m. April 28, 1810, CAthnrlue Chauucey. 

GiuCK, b. ; b.ipt. July I'J, 1781). 

Amos, b. Nov. Hi, 1790; d. Sept. 4, 18G0; ni. Feb, 1, 1814, Saraautha Roberts. 

By his second marriage : 

nw. Amam>a, b. . 

697. Almika, b, . 

698. BuTLicu. b. . 

699. SiEPUEN, b. ; d, Oct. 31, 1834, In Utica, N. Y. ; unm. Was a llnsmUh. 

i(X>. llANKAii, b. ; (\. ; m. Albert BeKlcn, of Berlin. Conn. Both were alive ! 


248 John-Treat {Stephen,^ Josejth,^ Robert,'^ Richard^), bom Oct. 20, 1752, in 
Middlelown, Conn.; died Nov. 18, 1H22, in Middlelown; matried Nov. 27, 1783, Eliz- 
Autm Lancton, born July 4, HAS; died Oct. 28, 1842, aged eighty-four, in Middlelown. 
They were marricil at Kensington, a parish in tlio town of Berlin, Conn., at the house of 
Jjtbez Lanclon, a distant relative, in whose family she was living. Her name was called 
Klizalielh Lancton, in the town recor<1s, and Betsey Lankton,' on the church records. 
Mr. Treat served during the Kevolntion from the beginning to the end of the war. He 

'The name wiis orl;;lni\lly spclU'<l Lnncton. but now generally Lanjjdon. George Lancton. tUc 
enii;;rant settler. In drat found lu WetburstleUl, Conn. He died Dec. 29, 167<<, in Nortlinmptou, 
Ma*». IjiucUhi, Laiikton, Lanyton, and Latigdau were ori;;iutdly one and the same wonl. There 
In a coat o{' arniM l>eloiii;in}; to the Liin^lon fiiiuily. The old family bible, diiled 1758. given by Hvr. 
M<. Lancton, lo his daughter Bot^tey Trent, \» tiow in the po.« of l^.orgc Husnell Treat (1666) 
of Meridrn, Coiui. In (><ome of hi6 b0f.>k8 his name Is spelknl Lanklon. uo lu this case, but lu oth- 
ers. Lapgdoh. 


I a private in the cnmpivny of Capl. Abel Brnw, and arrived nL New York, Aug. 19, 
1776. Whs rtiscUnigeil Sept, 10, 177G. Jan. 13, 1777, be enlistetl al WeUierslield, Conn., 
in the first company, Capf. Benjamin Tallmadge, afterwards major of the same regiment, 
in the second regiment of Cunneeticnt Light Dragoons, Col. Elisha Sheldon, and was 
discharged at Danbiuyi Conn., June 12, 1783. He serveii generally along the Hudson. 
His discharge was signed by General Washington. Was in the battle of Brandywine, 
Sept. 11, 1777, and in many skirmishes. Was in the light whicli preceded the oaptiire of 
the light house near New York city, under Colonel Tappan, when he was in the "year 
service" in 1776. Received a pension, also a gift of land in the western reserve of Ohio, 
which was lost to tiie family through the fraud or negligence of the agent. 
Children, born and baptized in Mi<ldletown, Conn. : 

701. Ins," h. Sept. i?. 1784; d. Oct. 19, 1859; in. July 3. 1808, L >i.s Clark. 

702. SA-MrKi. Lancton, b. Nov. 29. 1788; d. Feb. 3, 1802; m., l»t. . 1811. LydU Sheldon; 

2d, Aug. 29. 1822, Mrs. Elizabeth A. B. (Treadwull) SlieWoii. 

703. GBMnoK, b. Feb. 4, 17U1 ; U. Nov. 3. 18G7; m. Jim. 5, 1815. Laura Ford. 

704. Emily, b. Oct. 21, 1704; d. Dec, 1807, aged 73; m. , Seth Corowelt, who il. April 

— , 1857. aged G8. 
706. Joseph Lancton, b. Oct, 29, 1797; d. Nov. 9, 1826; m. Oct. 6, 1820, Nancy Holmes. 

706. .If.HX. b. April 1, 180u. 

249 Amos'* Treat {Stephen,'* Joseph,^ Robert,'^ Richard^), born Oct. 23, 1757, in 
Midtlletowii, Conn. ; died Nov. C, 1788, in Middletown ; married, first, Feb. 8, 1781, M\ry 
Wilcox, born Sept. 13, 1756, died Sept. 1, 1787, and daughter of Israel and Martha 
(Barnes) Wilcox; second, Due. 26, 1787, Rf:be<:ca Srow, daughter of S.iinnel and Desire 
(Cander) Stow. lie and his brollier Sle|»l»eu enlistcil in the company of Cupt. Eli But- 
ler of Middletown, in the regiment of Light Horse commanded by Major Eli Sheldon, at 
the time of the Rt'volulion. They marchc<l for the front Oct. 25, 177G. He was dis- 
charged Dec. 25, 1776. These troops were ordered to New York, and a portion of them 
were with General Washington in his retreat through New Jersey in Dec., 1776. 

Chihlren, born in Middletown, by his first mariiage : 

707. SlBBKL,* b. May 1, 1782; d. ; m. , Ira Bonrdman. 

708. Abba, b. Jnn. 19, 1784; d. July 4, 1857; m., 1st, , Lituni Stow; 2d, Mnrch 2, 1834, 


Mrs. Nnncy iTIolinesj Treat. 
Mary, b. May 6, 178(1; d. 

Url Boardmao. 

By second marriage : 
71m. Rkbkcca, b. Sept. 20, 1788; d. Jan. G, 1789. 

251 Hannah'* Treat {Ste2)hen,* Joseph,^ Robert,'^ RklmnP), \)orn AprW 13, 1761, in 

JMiddlctown, Conn. ; dietl ; married -, Solomon Sage, Jr., who was born in 


Children of Solomon and Hannah Sage, born in Mi(hllelown: 

711. Lois," b. ,1781. 

712. IIosrA, b. ,1782. 

713. Uariuet, b. , 1784. 

m. HlitAM, b. , 1786. 




259 Capt. Elisha'^ Freeman {Robart,^ Jana* Tiwit, Samuel,'^ Robert,^ Richard^) y 
lioju July 2, 1731, in Tiiiro, Mass. ; dleil about 1830, aged ninetj'-iiine; married 
Mkucv or Maut Vincent, in Pomfret, Conn. He was a mariner. Removed (irst to Norwich 
I/indinfi;, Conn. In 1761, lie settled in Cornwallis, Nova Sjolia. In 1769, wrecked 
on n rock in tlic Buy of Fundy, since known as "'Freeman's Woe." In 1770, lie settled 
in Amiiorst, N. S., with his wife and four children. One of his dangliters was the first 
\vliile child horn in that l.rtwn. U|>on the breaking out of tlie Revolution, he wlshe<l to 
return to Now Kuglaml, imt was persuaded to remain by Colonel Street, a Britisli officer, 
who liad nmrried a ilaughter. About 1787, he removed to Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and set- 
tletl ut Kinderhook. He pub1i?<hed. in 1819, at B:dlaston Sjm, N. Y., a lillle book con- 
taining incidents of tiis life. Am indebted to the Freeniaii Genealogy for w!i:il. information 
I possess of this iuanch of the family. 
Chlldien : 

715. Son,^ h. , d. in Inffiiicy. 

7ir.. Elisha, Ii. July -. 17n7: d. May «. 1818; ni. , Lydia Reynolds, 

717. Maky, b ; d. ; m. , Morse, of Stevenstown, N. Y. 


Mkiicy, b. ; d. - 

AaiOArL, b ; d, 

ASN Fkancrs, b. 

IIan.nah. b. ; (1. — 


EuKADRin. b. ; d. 

; d. 


— — -, Doubk^dsiy. of Cooperstr>wu, N. Y, 

. — , Col. Street, of St. Johns, N. B. 

— ; m. , DilUs Dernier, of Cohlesklll, N. Y. 

I. , Chester, of Truro, Ohio. 

; m. , Lncrctia Babcocl;, of Wjrcestor, N. Y- 

m. , Calkins, of Ilalfmoou. N. Y. 

264 Capt. Constmt'' Freeman {Conatanf,^ Jane^ Treaty Samitel^^ Ii therl,^ 
Richard^)y born May 12, 172'J, in Charlcslown, M.ass. ; died Feb. 6, 1806, in Boston; 
married, first, Sept. 19, or 23, 1754, Loia Cobb, died JIareh 2.i, 1775, ami danglitor of 
.lames Cobb; second, Jan. 31, 1792, Mrs. Susannah (C.vzseal) Palfuky, ilied .Inly 16, 
1793, nged fifty-two, buried trom King's Chapel, ami widow of Col. William Palfrey 
(whom slje married Feb. 14, 1765), born Feb. 24, 1741, in Boston, <lied Dae. — , 1780, 
lost at sea. wliile onTds passage to Franco as consul general, formerly paymaster general of 
the Continental army, an<l aid-<le-camp to tieneral Washingt.ou from March to April, 1776 ; 
third, Dec, 1 1, or 15, 1 796, Susannah Mitchel, whadied Oct. 3, 1805. aged fifty-three. Mr. 
Freeman removed from Truro to Charlestown about 1755, where his estate was taxed 
from 1756 to 1763. He, with Ins wife, three sons, and a daughter, was in Boston as 
eaily as April 5, 1765. The following entry in the Boston selectmeu':» minutes, Jane 11, 
1766, probably refers to htm : "Cnpt. Freeman, with his wife, is come to live in this Town, 
and has hired a House in Middle Sireel." Page 218, Vol. 20. He was an ollker in 
Castle William, now Fort Imlepcndenco, at the breaking out of the Revolution. Being 
a Loyali'»t, he went to Qjiebec an<l became a merchant, and remaineti there us late as 1786. 
lie aaerwartls relurneii to Boston, and was master of the alms house from 1796 to 1806, 
when he died. 

Cldldren, the first three born in CUarlestown, the last two in Boston, and baptizctl iu 
the First church, by his first marriage: 

724. Constant,' l>. Fct). 24. 1757 : b<ipl. Feb. 27. 17:.7; d. Feb. 27. 1824. In WashlnijtoD, D. C. ; 
iinni. lie fuureU Ibe Latin Srlioul \\\ 17<W. Is ^)d to liave joined Arnold bcfc 
Qnol»oc lu 1775; wts Lieut \\\ Kmvi\« ArtlUory Itc^'tlu 1776; Capubrs Ueut. iu ( 
AriUlery, Oct. I. I77«; In the Mas^. Artillery i» I7»2; appointed Capt. 2d U. S. tnfl 
try lu 1791, but (leellnrd; commUsloned major of the isl AnlUertst* and Euglnecri», 



S. 1795; Lieut. Col. of tlic 1st Artillery. April 1, 1802; Brevi-t Col. Jnly \0, 1812. 
He was luu^^iercMl ont of tlie s^rvicf upon tlu* riMluction of the army, June 5, 1815. He 
WHA next an accmntnut in the navy d-partment at Washincfton, and fourth auditor of 
Ihi? treasury from .Mnrch. 1810, to Feb. 27, 182i, when he died. 

725. .T\MKS, b, April 22, KAJ); d. Nov. 14, 1835; m. July — , 178S (pub. June 8, 1788). Mr*. 

Martha (Curtis) Clarke. 

726. EzKKiKL, b. Jan. 12, 1702; d. ; m. , Rebecca Price. 

727. Loi8, b- Aujr. 12, 1704; d. May 1, 1«20; m. about 178'J. D ivid Davis. 

728. NKHKMI.UI, b. Juuc 25, 17G9; d. April 7, 1819; m. Juue 2r>, 179ft, Sarah Duncan, 

267 Mary* Freeman (Constant,^ Jane* Treat, Samtu^l,^ Rof/ert,^ RicJtar(V), boni 
March 5, 1*40-1, in Tiiiro, Mass.; died Atig. — , 1790, aged fifty, iiiTruio; inarried 
Ai>ril 0, 1761, Srr.AS Knowlf.j*. of Truro. 

Children of Silus and Miry Knoivles, born in Truro: 

72y. John,' b. Aug. 1. 17fil ; bapl. Aug. 6, 1761 ; d. yonng. 

780 SiL\8, b. Juue 27, 1703; bnpt. July 3, 1703; d. -. 1798; m. . 

781. MiUY. b. July 8, 1705; bapt. July 28, 1705; d Oct. 24, 17U4, a^ed 2!*. 

732. John, b. Apill 3, 1707; b;ipt Apdl 19, 1707. 

733. rHEliK, b. D,-c. 28, 1700, »Kipt. Feb. 11. 1770. 
731. NKH&MrAU, b. Nov. 15. 1771; bapt. Nov, 24, 1771. 
735. Ansa Fhkkvian. b. Oct. I'l, 1773: bapt. Oct. 31, 1773. 
730. Thomas, b. ; bapt. Oct. 25, 1770. 

787. El.^, or Ely, b. ; bnpt. Jan, 24, 1779. 

738. jAMKfi FitKKMAX, b. ; bapt. April 25, 1781 ; d. In infancy. 

731J. Jamics Fukicmax, b. ; bnpt. June 29, 1783. 

289 Eunice'"' Freeman {Constant,^ June* Treat, Samut'h^ Robert,- Bichorff}), 

iKjrii Oct. 12, 1740, in Timo, Muss.; died ; married Dec. 6, 1768, IIezekiah 

IIardixq, of Truro. The family removed to Brunswick, Me. 

ChiUlren of Ilezekinh and Enidce lluiding, boiti in Truro: 
710. Hic/KKMH,' l>. Juue 2, 1771; bapt. June 9, 1771. 

741. Er.vjcK. b. July 10. 1773; b.ipt. Aug. 1, 1773. 

742. Samltki., b. July 10, 1775; bapt. .Vur C, 1775. 

743. Constant Fuickm\x. b July 22, 1777; bapt July 27, 1777. 

744. Nkhemiau. b. Oct. 23, 1779; bapt. Nov. 7. 1779. 

270 Constant'' Hopkins {Merci/-* Freeman, Jane* Treat, <SomHfiI,^ Robert,- /?a7i- 
o>*d'_), l>orn July 2M, 1720, in Truro, Mass. ; died June 15, 1800, aged eigliLy (gravestone, 
North Truixi) ; raarried Dec. 1, 1743, PueiiE^ Paink, horn Dec. 2, 1724, died May C, 
179K, aged srvenly-llu'ee, and daughter of .loniitliau' and Mary (Puriington) Paine. Ae- 
cordins? to her gravestone, pcrliaps creeled long suhseqncuL to the event, she died April 
— , 1798, ngeil seventy-eight, whicii is incorrect. 

Children, liorn and baptized In Truro: 

745. CuNST^ST,' b. .May 10, 1747 ; d. March 29. 1817; in. March 14, 1775, Elizabeth Paine. 
74C. Jonathan, b. Feb, 7, 1748-9 

747. Sc.%MMON, b. April 28, 1751 ; d. about 1770. in the 19th year of his age, of small pox, in 
the hospital. 

748. Cai-eb, b. May 15, 1753; d. — ; m. March 10. 1780, Bethlah Smith. 

743. MiCAH. b. Nov. 2. 1755. 

750. PHKnK, b. May 17, I7.i9; d. ; m. Nov. 21. 1780. Elijah Dyer. jr. 

751. Hannah. I». May 19. 17G1. 

752. M Mir, b. Auk. 28. 17a. 

753. Meucv, b. Sept. 2. 1705. 
751. EtiZAUKTU. b. Juue 9, 1708. 



271 Mary'^ Hopkins (Mercy^ Freeman^ Jane* Trent, iiidmuely^ Ruhrnrt,^ Jtn'knr(V), 
born rluly lf<. 1722, in Tiuro, Muss.; tlit-il Oct. 21, 1795, ageil scventy-lbree, a widow, 
ill Truro; inrmied Oct. 21, 1747, in Boston, John Cross. She was n'imilted to the New 
Brick Clinicii, Boston, Oct. 8, 17'1'J, wliere her cliihlreu were bsiptized. 

Chiliiron of John and Mary Cross, horn hi Boston : 
755. William.^ b. Aug. 7, ITiiO; hapt. Attg. 12, 17J0. 
7*;6. AniGAiL, b. ; bapt. March 4, 1753; rl. in infancy. 

757. Abigail, b. April 24, 1755. 

272 ThankfuF Hopkins {Mercy^ Ft-eenutn, Jane* Treat, SamueU^ Robert ^^ Rich- 

ard^). liorii M.-iy 20, 1724, in Trnio, Ma§s. ; died , probably in EasLhain, Mass. ; 

married, first, June 22, 1740, Elisha Paine, burn Aug. 21, 1721, in Truro, died , 

1753, in Middietown, Conn., and son of Elkaiuih and Reliance (Vonng) Faino; seconi^ 

, 1757, Frkkmax IIiGGiNS, of Easthain. Mr. Paine removed loMuldlelown soon after 

hia marriage. Tlie homestead Uicre was sold in 17G9. 

Children ofElisha and Thankfu! Paine^ born in Middietown : 

758. Maiiy.* b. Mai'ch 18, 174*;-7; \\. — — -; in. , King- who realdcd in Boston to 


750. IlKUANCE. b. Feb. 18, 174H-H; d. — ; m. March 0. XH'A^, Priuce Snow. 

760. Catuauixk, b. ; l>apt. May 2u, 1753; d. — . 

273 Capt. Caleb'' Hopkins {Meroj^ Freeman^ Jatie* Treat, Samuely^ Robert,^ 
Ric/inrtV), born July 28, 172G, in Truro, Mass.; died Sc'pt. 30, family record, or 12, 
town reconl, 1791), age<l seventy- tliree, in Boston; married, first, Nov. 4, 1747, Mauy 
Paine, of Boston, who died Nov. 23, 1772; second, June 15, 1777, Jank Vernox, who 
died Jan. 30, 17J^0, **SuiHlay morning, at G o*clock;" thi^d, M:irch 22, 1781, Mauy 
Williams. In his early life he was a sea captain, antl resided in Boston. lie is said to 
have been the [uesident of the first bank established in that town. Two beautiful minia- 
tures of him and his wife, Mary, painlc«1 in England, are in the possession of hia descend- 
ants. They represent a fine appearing couple in mi(Ulle life, and he is dressed in a red 
coat and ruffles. Some of his plate and jewelry are still preserved. The family Bible ia 
in gootl con<ri*Jon, and the entries of births, deaths, and marriages are all in his haod- 
wriling. lie was a promjneni man in Boston. March -S, 171'.), he was chosen one of the 
twelve wnnlens for the ensuing year ; Dec. 7, 1774, a member of *'ft Committee of Inspec- 
tion & to carry the Uesolulions of the Continental Congress into Execution;" March 2^, 
177t». one of the sixteen fire wards for the year ensuing; also one of a committee of 
twelve to go through the wards and sec that the houses that need it are cleansed, etc.; 
Nov. 8, 177G, one of a committee of 60— five from each ward — to collect **an Account of 
the Damages sustaiue<l since the Boston Port Bill. Ue resided In ward one." 

Children, born in Boston, by his first marriage: 
7r.l. Maiiv.' b. Sept 6, 174.S; d. Feb. 6, 174U'50. The childs ring says "Obit. Feb C, 1749." 
762. Mauy, b. JnJy 17, 1750; d. Sept. 2, 1751. 
76». AniOAiL, b. Mirch 17. 1752; d. April 18, 1758. 
764 Maky. b. Jan 30, 1757; il. Feb. 4. 1757. 

By his second marriage : 

786. Ja.nk Vernon, b. Nor. 85. 1770 ;d, Sept. so, isoi, m. Nor. l«J, 1790. L>r. Isaac Rand, jr" 

275 Simeon® Hopkins (\feir.>f^ Frepm^»fu Jane* Treat, Samuel^^ Robert,^ Rich- 

ord*), Imrn Feb. 7, 1731 2, in Truro, .Mas'*. ; died ; married Aug. 28, 1755, Bi:tty 

Cods, lK)rn Dec. 22, 1782, and daughter of Thomas and Mercy Cobb. They both owned 
the covenant Oct. 17, 1756. Removed to Maine. 



Chililren, l»oiii in Tniro : 
7C6. 3lKncY,' Ij Auk- "V irSfl; bapt. Oct. 17, KSC. 
767. SiMKox, h. March 11. 175H; bapt. May 7. 1758. 
7158 .Tamiis, I). Aug. 31. 17f{0; bapt. Nov. 16, 17C0. 

276 Mercy'^ Hopkins {Mercy^ Freeman, Jane* Treat, Smnuel,^ Robert,^ JifchanV), 
born April 25, 1734, in Tnno, Mnas. ; <lied April 26, 1817^ aged ciglitytUree, in Tniro; 
ram ne<1, John (4rozier. 

Children of.Tohn and Mere}' Grozier, born in Truro: 

7«0. MKKcr,' li. .luly 17, 17:)7; bapt. July 17, 1757; d. young. 
770. Jun.v, b. April 22. 1750; bapt. May 13, 175U; il. April 27, ISOl ; m. Oct. 2U. 178:>. Mary, tir 
Tolly. I'eppcr. 
171. JosHf A lliirKiN8. b. Aoif. 14. 17C0; bapt. Ang. 17. 1700; d. younj?. 

772. Wn.LUM. b. .Msiy 14. 17(;'J; bapt. (no record}; d. Dec. 1, 178G, aged 2(; (?), Damon'* 


773. Mkiujy. b. May ^, 1764; bapt. .Tudc 3, 1764. 

774. Maiiy. b. April 2y. I7r.«; bapt. May 4, 17G(J. 

775. Josin'A llorKix«4, b. .Aug. 6. 17rt7; bapt. Aug. 9, 1707. 
770. Joshua Fmkkmax. b. April 2. 17«y; bapt. April 0, 17<i9. 

7. CALiciiUi'UiM.b. Nov. IH, 1770; bapt. Nov. 25. 1770; d. , 1828; m. Nov. «. 17'.>C. llaunob 

Atkinn^. Whs captain of a brig which foandered with the whole crew, except the aiac- 
oud mate. 

277 James'' Hopkins (.V^-^vw^ Freeman, Jane-^ Treat, Samuel,^ Rofjertr nichar(V). 

born Ang. IT., 1736, in 'I'ruro, Muss. ; died ; married , Mkiiktaule Fkek- 

MAK. lie removed to Mid<Uetown, Conn. Was a soldier in tlie Revolution. Wus taken 
pri94>ner by the Briti-sh, ctirried to England, and conHiied in a prison ship. The piiva- 
tions endnred resulle<l in his deuth not long afler his release. His widow nianied, 
, for her second luisband Johnston, of Middletown. 

He is saitj to have l>ad eight children. I subjoin the nniuis of Bve, though parhaps 
not in the order of their birth ; 

778. Ffi£RMAN^, b, ; d. ; m, , Phebc Davla. Chiklren : 

1. Georse' Hopkins. 5. William HnpVlnH. 

2. Miittliew IIopkhKS. G. Phebt Ann Hopkins. 

3. Sauinel Hopkins. 7. Edwanl F. Hopkins. 

4. Frances Hopkin:^. 8. CharloH Hopkins. 
9. Mkhktawpl. h. about 17«2; d. Ang. 15. l."^43, aged 81, at Cat^kill, N. Y. ; unni. 

0. Samuki.. b. . 

1. Jamk.s. b. ; d. , in Middletown. 

2. Calkd, b. Jan. 3, 1780; d. ; m. Jan. 18, 1811, Keturah Hill. Childreu : 

1. Charles'* Hopkins. 7. FramiH Hopkins. 

2. Charles Hopkins. 8. James Hopkins. 
8. Mary Hopkins. 9. Jane V. Hopkins. 

4. Louisa Hopkins. 10. Frederick Hopkins. 

5. John Hopkins. II. Jane V. Ho|)kins. 

6. Henry Hopkins. 12. Josephine Hopkins. 

SBlJonah'' Gross {Hannah'' Freeman, Jauf* Treat, Samuel,^ Jtobeii,^ Richard}), 

born I)»'f;. 14, 1728, in Trnro, 3[ass. ; died ; married Dee. 21, 174l>, Dokcas Dyf.k, 

baptized June 14, 1721>, nnd ilanghler of Ebenezer and Sarah (Doaue) Dyer. Ik>th owned 
the church covenant Aug. 12, 17.71. In 1758 he was cor[>oral in Cn|>t. Samuel Knowles* 
Vi)., Colonel Doly's Ueg'l. In 1759-CO, he was ensign in Capt. Jabez Snow's Co,, 2nd 
baruslttble tteg't, at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia- 

264 ROBERT treat: sixth generation. 

C III Id ten, born iu Triiro : 

788. MiCAH,' b. May 8, 1750; bapt. Aug. 19, 1750. 

781. Sabra, b. May 16, 1762; bapt. May 17, 1752. 

785. JosAii, b. Sept. 14, 1754; bapt. (no record). 

786. Ai.EXANDKR, b. April 14, 1757; bapt. May 22, 1757. Taken a prisoner duiing the Eero- 

iQtiou, and sent to England. 

787. DoiiCAS, b. Aug. 5, 1762; bapt. Aug. 8, 1762. 

788. Hannah Frkemax, b. Jan. 2, .1765; bapt. Jan. 20, 1765. 

789. ^Vbigail, b. June 18, 1771 ; bapt. July 28, 1771. 

283 Benjamin^ Gross {Hannah^ Freeman^ Jane^ Treat, Sa7nueU^ Robert,'^ Rich- 

ai'd^), born Stpt. 6, 1733, in Truro, Mass. ; died , 1759, at sea; married March 17, 

1757, UuTH DvER, baptized April 2, 1738, in Truro, and daughter of Jonathan Dyer. 
She married, second, , Joseph Cole of Truro, and her son, Joseph Cole, jr., bap- 
tized there Aug. 22, 1762, died Dec. 18, 1843, aged eighty four years, five months, seven 

days (gra\estone, North Bucksport, Me.), who married Betsey , died May 9, 1848, 

aged eightj'-three (gravestone, North Bucksport), was one of the first settlers in Bucks. 
l)ort, and lived neighbor to Benjamin' Gross, his lialf-brother. For her third husband 
she married , Cornelius (?) Hamblen, of Wellfleet, Mass. Mr. Gross was a sol- 
dier in the French and Indian war, and fought under the English General Wolfe, at the 
capture of Quebec from the French, Sept. — , 1759. He died on board the transport on 
the passage from Cape Breton to Boston, and was buried at sea. He never saw his son, 
Benjamin, who was born during his absence. 

Children, born in Truro : 

790. Haxxah,' b. Dec. 23. 1757; bapt. Dec. 25, 1757; d. , in Bucksport, Me. ; m., Ist, 

Nov. 2, 1775, Capt. Reuben Kich, jr. (see 379) ; 2d, , Thomas Wiley. 

791. Bkxjamix, b. Aug. 15 (2, town recoid), 1759; bapt. Aug. 26, 1759; d. Feb. 11, 1844; m- 

March 31, 1778, Mercy Hamblen. 

285 Hannah^ Gross (Hannah^ Freeman, Jane* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Rich- 

arcV), born March 17, 1740-1, in Truro, Mass. ; died ; married March 20, 1760, 

John Ridlet. 

Children of John and Hannah Ridlej', born and baptized in Truro: 

792. Rf.ubex,' b. Nov. 14, 1760; bapt. March 22, 1761. 

793. John, b. June 9, 1764; bapt. July 8, 1764. 

79 1. Hannah Gitoss, b. June 17, 1766; bapt. June 29, 17G6. 

795. Nathanikl Morton, b Nov. 9, 1768; bapt. Nov. 13, 1768. 

796. Thomas, > j.^..^^ ^ j,^^, gg j^-j. ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ j^^^ 

797. Elizabeth, j 

798. Martha, b. Dec. 25, 1774; bapt. Jan. 1, 1775. 

799. Deborah, b. Jan. 22, 1777; bapt. March 23, 1777. 

800. Jerisha, b. Nov. 23, 1779; bapt. Jan. 2, 1780. 

289 James^ Lombard {Elizabeth^ Freeman, Jane* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Rich- 
ard^), horn March 31,1731, in Truro, Mass. ; died ; married, March 28,1754, 

Thankful Dykr, baptized Nov. 8, 1741, when several years old, and <laughter of Sam- 
uel and Mary (Brown) Dyer. Both owned the church covenant Nov. 10, 1754. 

Children, born in Truro : 

801. Elizabeth.' b. July 9. 1754; bapt. Nov. 10, 1754. 

802. Thankful, b. June 18. 1756; bapt. July 18, I75G; d. young. 

803. Abigail, b. Sept. 7, 1758; bapt. Oct. 8, 1758. 



PHiXKfrL, b. Nov. 3, ir<W; bapt. Dec. 7, I'fiO. 
Jank , h. March 31, 17i'>3; bapL. May 1, 1763. 

806, IIaxn.ui, b. April 7, 17«n; bnpt. May 5. 17fi5. 

807. MKiiirADLK. b. July 2«, l7tJ7; bapt. Aug. 30, 17G7. 
(*(», Appiiu, b. Aug. 25, 1770 •, bapt. Oct. 7, 1770. 

294 Jane*^ Lombard {Elizabeth^ Ft'eemaji, Jane* Treat, Samuef,^ lioberU^ Rich- 

rin/'), horu April 22, 1742, in Tiiiro ; died ; mrinied April 19, 1764, Tiiacheh 

RiciJ, baptizc<l Jime 17, 173U, and son orZacohena and Rulh (Collins) llicb of Truro. 

Children ofTbncber and June Rich, boni iu Truro: 

600. Rurn,' b. July 2, 1765; bapt. Nov. 24, 17C5. 

810. Ei.iz.v»Krii, b. July 17, 17G7; bapt. Aug. 23, 17G7. 

811. TlucMRit, b July 4, 1770, bapt. Aug 12, 1770. 

812. Zaco»iki-8, b. ; bapt. Aug. 8, 1778. 

813. Jknnv. b. ; bapt. July 14, 177C. 

8U. DiXAii. h. ; bapt. Dec. 15, 1781. 

300 Jonathan^ Freeman (Jonathan,^ Jane* Treat, ^aiimel,^ liobert,^ RkJiard^), 

bottj May 18, 1734, in Truro; ditnl *- ; married (publisIitHl Nov. 28, 1759) Sakah 

Paiikkr, of Fylini»uth, n«>w Portland, Me. 

Children, the first boru in FuUnouth, the others in G orhain, Me. : 

816. Sarah,^ b. May 9, 1761 ; d. . 

816. Jv:ssiK, b. July 28, 1763 ; d- . 

817. Uenjamin, b. June 18, 1765; d. -; m. , 1787, Eunice Sears. 

818. Rkukcca. b. , 1767; d, — . 

819. 8i:SANXA, b. , 1709; d. . 

JOXATIIAX. b. Feb. 8, 1773; d. - 
KiJKXKJKKn, b. April 8, 1775; d. 

Ari'HiA.b. Dec. 6, 1777; d. 

JosnuA, b. , 1780; d. — — 

-; m. , 1794, Hannali Thompson. 

-; m. Feb 3. i:;mk Polly Prcutlss. 

312 Apphla^ Freeman {Jonhua,^ Jane* Treat. Samuel,^ Robert^'^ RkharrV), bom 
April 2, 174H. in Tiuro; died Aug 4, 1774, ill Ti-uro; married Aug. 16, 1768, Samlel'' 
Gro*»5, bftptized May 27, 1744, and sou of larae! ami Elizabeth (Rich) Gross. For his 
second wife he married June 30, 1776, Mary Lewis, of Truro. 

Children of Samuel and Apphia Gross, born in Truro : 

824. Josui'A Fbkkman,^ b. Nov. 13, 176i»; bapt. Nov. 19. 1769. 

825. Ei.i2AnETii, b July 15, 1771; bapt. Jtily 21. 1771. 

826. l8it.t£L, b. ; bapt. July 81, 1774- 

315 Rebecca'^ Freeman (Joskna,^ Jane* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,"^ RfchanV)^ born 
F»'b. (Jan. ?) 18, 17M, in Truro; died ?epl. 5» 1790, in her thirty-Heventh year (grave- 
stone, North Truro) ; married May 30, 1775, as his lirst wife, Coknklius Lomuaud, 
born April 27. 1750, and son of Simon and Anna Lombard. For his second wife, he mar- 
ried March 29, 1792, Mercy Harding, and had children by her baptized in Truro. 

Children of Cornelius and Rebecca Lombard, born in Truro : 

827. Bkn.i\mix Pabkeu,^ b. Dec 6, 177i1; bapt. Feb.9, 1777; d. , 1807, aged 31, on hlspas- 

Ba^e from South America. 

828. Arniu Fukkman, b. Dec. G, 1779; bapt. Dec. 12. 1779. 

829. SA1.0MK, b, ; bapt. Jan. 6, 1782, 

fiSO. BEBr.cCA. b. ; bapt. Feb, 1. 1784. 

881. Sarah, b. ; bapt. Dec. 17, 1786. 

m. Anva. b. ; bapt. Aug. 16, 178». 


266 ROBERT treat: sixth generation. 

318 Capt. Jabez^ Snow {Jabez,^ Elizabeth* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^) ^ 

l>oni June 19, 1733, in, Mass. ; died ; married May 22, 1755, Elizabeth 

DoANE. He was ensign in Capt. Peter West's companj', at Fort Edward ; was mustered 
Oct. 11, 175C ; second lieutenant in Capt. Samuel Knowles' company, Colonel Doty's Reg't 
for the reduction of Canada, M irch 13, to Dec. 23, 1758; was captain in the 2d Barn- 
stable Ueg't for the invasion of Canada under General Amherst, April 13, 1759 ; was at 
Annapolis Royal, March 81,1759 to Dec, 1760 ; was captain in the 2d Barnstable Reg't, 
April 18, 1761. 

Children, born in Eastham : 
833. Josun,' b. Oct. 17, 1755; d. . 

8;U. Han.nah, b. Sept. 10, 1757; d. 

324 Susanaa^ Mayo {Tabitha^ Snoto, Elizabeth* Treat, Samuel,^ Robeiiy^ Rich- 
aril^), hovn June 11, 1739, in Eastham, Mass.; died ; married Jan. — , 1775, 

John Mores. 

Children of John and Susanna Mjrcs, born in Eastham : 

8;«. Treat,' b. Dec. 6, 1775; d. ; m. . 

830. PiiKiiK. b. Feb. 5, 1778 ; d. . 

332 Capt. SamueP Snow {Samuel,^ Elizabeth* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Rich- 
a)'d^), born Oct. 12, 1735, in Eastham, Muss. ; died April — , 1774, ageti thirty-eight, in 

Boston ; married , Sarah . The inventory of the estate of Samuel Snow, 

mariner, was ilate<l May, 1774, and amounted to £445 6s. ^d. He owned seven-eighths 
of schooner Abigail valued at £350. His widow Sarah was appointeil administratrix 
June 10, 1771. (Sutrolk Probate.) Samuel Snow^, of Eastham, in his will dated July 17, 
1775, mentions three children of his son Samuel Snow of Boston, decease<l, Samuel, Joshua, 
and Abigail. 3Iay 5, 1784, John Doane was appointed guardian of these children. 

Children, born in Boston and baptized in the Brattle-street church: 

8;i7. Trkvt.' b. ; bapt. March 9, 1766; d. young probably. 

8:i8. Sa-MIKI.. b. ; bapt. Feb. 21. 1768. 

83',>. .TiJSiiiA, b. ; bapt. Sept. 2, 1770; d. iu infancy. 

840. Josm-A, b. ; bapt. Nov. 2l>, 1772. 

841. Abigail Fkke.m.\x. b. about 1774. 

333 Mercy* Snow {Samuel^ EUzabelh* l^eat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born 

May 8, 1737, in Kasthani. Mass. ; died ; married (pub. Aug. — , 1762), Willa.rd 

Kni»wlks,* lK»rn Oct. 26. 1737. Think he the i*cpresentative from Wellfleet in 1767 
and 176S, the town being then united with Eastham in the choice of repiesentatives. 

'Rev. ,Tohn' Kn«^wi.ks. b. in I.incolnsliire. England: d. ; m. . Elizabeth TTiV/r*, 

diu. of ThiMns> WiUis. lie was eduoAted at .M.i^d.-ilene Oollejre. Oxfoni; came to New England in 
UkV; was niinisior .it W.itertown: reiunuHi to England about 165<>. and was there in 1672. It is 
IvUevtHl that ho h.-id a >on : 

l\icii\Ki>* Knowlvs. l>. : d. : m. . l'''-''.^ i?'if\ Bourne, of Plymouth. Was in 

riy mouth in 1 •>;»:: mo\^^^ to Ea<:ham in l«vV?: was snr\fyor of highways in l•>^.». lrt70. Ilad five 
ehildi\':i. ruul perhaps luoro — thrtv sons and two viaujiiiors. His son : 

Capt. ,1ohn' KN.«\^ir>. l». aKnit l'W»: d . l':::»; m IVv. i»>. lOT'^. Ap:\ii B^.n-js, whom.. Sd, 

.losoph AiwtHvl. !K' wax s'.ain in the Indian war iu li'7:». Had ihrvo ohiMren. — two sons, and one 
tlau. II:n >on : 

iV:. John' Know i.ks. b. July 10. lOTS; d. Nv>v. o. 17:»7. in his >:>ih year ^gravestone, Eastham) ; m- 



Children of Wilknl ami Mercy Knowie?, born in Krtslham: 

842. TiiKAT,' 1>. Oct. 2.i, 17r,:{: d. Mrv '20( acconllii;; to town record) or SO (gravestone). 1765, 
In his second year i g-ruvestonc. Eastimm). 

843. TiiKAT, I). Oct. 25), 1700; d. Oct. 2il, 1708. agotl 3 yrs. 7 nioa. (?) (gravestone). 

844. Maky, b. July 8, 1767; d. Sept 20, 17U7. 

845. WiU,.\nD, b. March 25, 17«'j. 

446. Abigail, b. May 29, 1771 ; d. , 1772, aged 9 m^s. 

H7. Experience, b. March 7, 1774. 

848. Natjiamkl Atwood, b. .Mine 22, 177C. 

355 Lucy"' SomOS {Lna/^ Rogers, Sarah* Treat, Samnely^ Hobert,^ Jik-harfV), born 
Ml 1735, in GI<JU(!e3ter, Mnaa. ; died ; maiTie<l Nov. 20, 1760, Bkxjamin Rich, 

3rn Feb. 17, 1737; ilied — , and son of Zacchciis"* and Rnlli (Collins) Ricli ufTrmo. 

Children of Benjamin and Lucy Rich, born an 1 trnplized in Truro: 

84a. Lltcv,' b Oct. 18, lT<il ; d ; m. Nov. 20. 1783, .Jesse Avery. 

850. Haxxaii, b. Sept. 22, I7fi4; d. -, m. , Capl. John Uich. 

861. LVDIA, b. Nov. 17, 17611. 

832. IIi'LD,in,b. June 11, M&J; d. 5 m. . Richard Bakxrr, whod. June. 1811. a^eil 


863. Somkk, b Auff 29, 1771 ; d> Dec. 22, 1788. aged 17. In Truro, 

854. Sally PaKsroN, b. Sept. 0. 1773. 

855. BiCN'.tAMiN, b Dec 12, 1776. 

866. NKnRMiAn, b. Sept. 12. 1778; d . (A Nehendah Somes Rich d. at sea in 1804.) 

356 Nehemiah'^ Somes {Lucf/ liogem, Sarxh* Treat, Samuel ^^ Robert,^ Richard^), 
horn n\H)i\i 1737; baptize*! Oct. 16, 1737, In Gloucester, Mass.; died March 10, 1812, 
in Boston ; married, first, Ang. 21, or Oct. 2ri, 1768, Susanna Whitf, l)a|>tized Si'pt. 6, 
1747, died Sept. 3, 1770, aged twenly-lhree (gravestone, Copji's Ildl), and danglikM' of 
Julin and Susanna White; second, April 6, 1772, Sakah PitKsroN, who die<l Oct. 19, 
1772, aged nineteen, and only child of John Preston, carpenter ; third, April 22, 177o, 
Klizabetii Dawes, born July 22, 17.'>6, <lied Ainil 12, 1787, aged tliirty one, aufl daughter 
of Thomas and Hannah (Uhdte) Dawes. Mr. Dawci was a very prominent man iu Bos- 
ton. See the Dawes Genealogy. After the death of the father, probably, Llie family re- 
moved from Gloucester to Boston, where Captain Somes became a merchant, and i^urchased 
goo<lg of Treat & Pico m early a.s 17G6, ami was still engnged in business in 1790. 
March 14, 1774, he was chosen one of the w.ardens of llio town, an*! Oct. 25. 1774, was 
one of the ten added to the ^'Committee on Ways & Cleans for supplying the Poor." 
During the Revolulion heengagetl in privateering. Oct. 15, 1776, Jacob Williams, Nehemiah 
^omefi, and others pelitioned the Council for permission U) fit out the schooner Active as 
l;|)rivQtecr, and same day Andrew Gardner was commissioned as captain. (Mass. Ar- 

"cbives, IG.v : 358 ) Oct. 2, 1777, J. Williams and N. Srjmes again petitioned the Council 
to be allowed to tit out the lirig Active^ eighty-five tons, as a privateer, an<l Oct. 14, John 
K. Williams was made commander. ( Mass. Archives, 167 : 313.) Aug. 13, 1769, wife Sn- 
ma wai^ admitted to tlic covenant at the New North church, and Mr. Somes was ad- 

-, Mitnj ■ 

-, who d Nov. 7. 1713, In h^r 73d yeir ('jrave-ttone. E-isthani). Wai* a min of 

wealth and Inrtuence. Hud eight children. — Sfven sons and one dau^)iter. Ills son: 
Col. WtLLARi>* Kxowi.Ks, l>. Nov. <), 1711; d. Marrh 11, 178«J, in h\» 7r>th year (gravestone, East- 

haiu) ; m. May 10. 1733, Dethiah Atwood, who «1 March 1>, 178:». In her 75th year Cgravestoiie). He 

was town clerk hi 17(50. and held the office for four years. Was lieutenant colonel of the 2d Barn- 

rtable Keg'i in I7f!3, and colonel In 177K His son ; 

WiLL.\til»* Knowujs, b. Oct 2C, 1737 ; m. Mvrc^ Snoto, as above. 



milted June 7, 1772. ft[ ly 3, 1789, Uo was tlisinissetl to tbe Old Sjuth, which he joined 

June 14, 1789. Son Thomas was appointed admlnistrntor of his estate, Muy 11, 1812. 

The iitveiitorv, dated Aug. 17, 1812, nmonnted to i8ir),01>2, a huge sum lit those days. 

In I79i<, he resided in a wooden lionsc, bi)nndcd ctiat on Purchase street, 

Chihlren* born in Boston, by his first mjirriage : 

8ft7. John.' h. Sept. 17, 17i!0 ; biipt. Sepl 24.17r.9. In New North church ; tl. May lf>. 1802, agert 32. 

In Dorchester, Mftss. ; in. Sept 13, 17J3, Haiiimh DlUo.vay. lie jf radnated at the Doiilou 

LiithJ stlmol 111 1779. 

By his tliird niariiage : 

858. Tno.MAS, b. .Tttn. 1, 1777; bapt. Jan. 12, 1777, In New South church; d. , suddenly 

in the streel. Graduated at the Boston Latin school In 1787. 

869. Sally, b. May 9, 1778; d. . 

860. Keukmiau, b. ; d. — — ■. Gradtiated at the Boston Latlu school In 1791. 

357 Simon'' Gross {Elizabeth'^ Trent, Samuel * Samuel,^ Eoher t, ^ Jiichard^)^ hovn 

nhout 17.31, in Ti uro, Mass. ; !»aptizcd April 25, 1731 ; died ; married Sept. 18, 1755, 

Lvi>iA IliNcKLt-y, baptizetl March 1.17.10. died Oct. 9, 1796, aged sixty-sjy. and daughter of 
Shuhnel HliieUley, of Trnro. 

Dniigiiter, horn and baptized in Truro: 

861. Ei.i/;tBKTH TuKAT.' b, Fub. '», ur*.-^; bapt. Murcli '2G. \7oA: i1. ftlmtit ISIH: m. March 11^^ 
1782, Ell>ha Eldridge. 

359 David'^ Harding {Joanna^ Ti-eat^Samnely* Samuel^^ Jiobeii^^ Richard^) ^ born 

about 1734^ in Truro, M:i8s. ; baptized July 11, 173C; died ; married , 

Sarah , He was a joiner. Dm. G, 1757, was of Truro, and appointetl to admin- 
ister tlie estate of his sister Betty Hurdingf single woiDiUi. He removed to Welltleet. 

Children, l>orn in Welllleet : 

8«;2. Klizahkmi,' b. \\ig. U. 175C. 

8<J3. Kr.KANAU. b. July 7, 1759. 

SM. Dav<i». b. March 14, 1702. 

865. Jane, b. Sept. 2S, 1764. 

364 Anna'^ Treat {Robert,^ Samuel,^ SamueJy^ Robert,^ RirhairV)^ born Ang. 18, 
1741), in Boslon (iiceording lo a fiuuily recor<l) ; died May 20, 1832, aged eighty (grave- 
stone, Unveihill), while her .sge is stated lo have been eighty-three years, two months, 
twenty-four days, by a family record, neither of which is cori-ect unless there is aa 
error in the dale of birth ; married March 12, 1771, Joskpii* Harrod,' of Boston, liorn 

' The name llAKRon U generally written II xRwoon in the old records. Ilarwood was apparently 
contracted into Ilarrod, just as Norw Ich in England is pronounced Norrlch. The chililreu "tf John* 
llarroil were Imptixcd inthc New North church undor the uarae of Harrod, but their blrtlw arc rcconJcit 
in the Boston records under the name of llarwood, with the exception of the llr«i two, who are rc- 
c*)nleil uruier the name of llnrnvd. He is calletl llarwood in the records of his flrsl and secotul 
marriages, and llnrrcMi in that of his third. The ancestor of this family was probaldy 

John' IIarwoop. b. , In England; *1 nbout IC85, In London: m. . EU/abi-th , He 

WAS in Boston In lt>4d; mstlc a freeman May 2. li;4y ; was a merchant tailor; wa» admitted to tbe 
Flr*t chnrxh Dec. 25. IC47. and <llsml*sed March l«, l«72-4». lo Mr. (ireenU'R [Gre^nhlirs] church. 
Utudon; sold his eslaU' in BustiMi to Thomas Scottow. Nov. 4, 1057, and was in LuuUoii in If 71. 
Had two sons and two daughters Iwipt. in the Flrsl church under the name of HarhMt .- 

ElUof'rth* h. ; iMipi. March 17. H»5<); d. ; m. .Samuel Scdj(wick, who waot 

to England a-i early as 1037. and was dead In ItkiJ. 

John, b. ; bapt. May 4, 1651. 



Nov. 4, 17^7; died Mny 22, 1828, a^eil eiglity (gravestone, H iveHiill), and aon of 
Bciynmiii au I Piiobo (Stevens) ILirrod. Slu^ was note 1 fot- tier beauty, and was a most 
amiable and lovely person. Mr. Il.irrod was a mannraclnring jeweller, and soon alter 
1772, moved to Haverhill, where his father owned ao:no [)roi»erty. In April, 1780, he 
was admitted a member of the Haverhill Fire S >eioty, organized In 1768, and composed of 
the most resp.'ctablc citizens, for the p irpose of protecting each member's property from 
theft, M well M from fire. Iti 1798, he was a householder to tiie value of $1000. Was 
an intimate frleml of General Knox, and entertained General Washington at his house, 
Nov. 4-5, 178!), when he visited H iverhill. He kept a pnl)lic house, and his sign was a 
painting representing the Freemason's Arms. In commemoration of Washington's visit, 
a memorial stone was erected on the site of the tavern, in front of the present City Hall, 
at the 2.i0tb anniversary of Haverhill, July 2, 3, 1890. The family was remarkable for 

Cliililren of Joseph and Anna Ilarrod, the first born in Boston, the others in Iliver- 

Jl^zekinh. b. April K, 1>1'.3; bapt. May 1, ir.a3; r1. Jiur* 2.i, 1634. 

Anna, (nr Uaunah. a» she Is called elsewhere), h. March f>, Ifloo; bapt. r^Iarcli 11, 1C55 ; m. 
. Hulpli Mainvaring. 

The will of .l<ilin MarwurKl of London. Merchant, dated Nov. 19, I(*.S4. proved .Inue 23, 1683, was 
printed In the New England Ulst. and Genealogical Hegister, Vol. xlu, pp. 64-0,5. MeutLons wife 
Elizabeth; children, Jacob, Joseph, EHzalM-th Sedjrwick, John, and Hannah Manwarlng. Also 
Thomns Harwood, hit* brother, of New England, Nathaniel Harwood, no relationship stated, bnt a 
brother, of Concord In 1705, and several others. Savage suggests that he was a son of UKrutoK 
IlAUWOorj, the first treasurer of tho Massachusiictts Company. John, son of George and .iane Har- 
woiid was bnpt. .Jtily 4, ir.;^l», in the First chun h. But In that case he would have been only 11 yrs. 
old when his daughter Elitabeth was born. 

Ills son JioiN,' was alive In Boston In lfi77, and in New England in \t)M. Acconling to Boston 
town and church reconls. there was a John Harwood, called Ilarrod in one case, who m. . Han- 
nah — , and , Susannah . Whether this .Tohn llarwofxl was Ihi" son of th«^ preced- 

ing, and h«d two wives, 1 am unal)le to prove, 
who was perhaps 
John' HjiKwoon, or ITaruop, b. — 

By wife Hannah he had a son Jolm, b. June t>, 1677, 

-; d. , 1755. in Boston; m., 1st, April 2."., 170fi, MdiU 

ahlt Hopkins, who d. Dec. 24, 1711 ; 2d. June 10, 1712. Mary Carter, who was admitted to the Sec- 
ond church, July 10, 1715; 3d, May 8. I74<.). ElUahHh Paine. He was i baker. Was admitted to 
the Second church, Feb. 24, 1711-2; di.HUilsscfl to the New North church, Oct. 23, 1720, where he 
■was admitted April S, 1721 : and dismissed back to the .Second church. Nov. lo 1 7.'*. His will is da- 
ted Jan. 13, 1755, and proliated Feb. 14. 1755. Mentions wife Elizabeth; grandchiUlren John, Ben- 
jamin. Jotuithan, Joseph, «nd James llarnnl. who reeelved landn at N<irth Yarmnuih; Samuel, Dean, 
Ha.sannah, Hannah, and John Osgood; Jonathan, Mehitable, Elizabeth and Mmiv Luke. Son Ben- 
jamin was appointed admluistrator. Children born in Boston, and baptized in the Second church , 

Mhitnhh,* b. April 2«], 1707; bapt April 27, 1707: d. ; m. July 9. 1728, Israel Locke. 

He was published Jnne 12. 1728, as Israel Loolce, and called Luke In the will. 

SiufH, b. ; bapt. Ang. 21, 170<>; d. in infancy. 

JoA»i,l). March 10. 1712-8; bapt. Marcli 15, 171M. 

benjamin, b. Jan. 4, 1714-5; bapt. Jii-i. l«, 1714-5; d, Dec. 31, 1780; m. Jnne 17, \7M, PliebeSte- 
vens. * 

Siifll, b. May 19. 17ir>; bapt. May 2ii, 1710. 

Wtiry. b. Jnne (J, 1717: bapt. -luueO, 1717; m. Dec. ,30. 173(1, D^an Osgood. 

Suixinuah. U. April .Ho. 1718; Impt. May 14, 1718; m. Feb. 3. l~nr>, Joseph How. 

Jlaitttnh, b, April 27. 1720; bapt. May 1, 1720: d. ; in. May 1, 1740, Witter Cummiugs. 

nKx-Ji-rtlN* IKunoo, b. Jan. 4. l71t-5; d. D.*c. :)l, 1780 (grav*«stoni?, in Newburyport. Mis«,)' 
where he died while on a visit to his sou Benjamin; rn. June 17. 173G, Ph^he .Sl'-venit, of Andover, 
where they were niarrUd by Kev. John Barnard, and daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Osgood) Ste- 

270 ROBERT treat: sixth generation. 

860. Maky,' b. June 11, 1772; d. Jan. 13, 1871 ; m April 15, 1811, Willinm Greenougb. 
807. AxxA, b. April 25, 1774 ; d. Sept 5, 1845 ; m. May 7, 1805, Judge Thomas Boylston Ad- 

868. ELiZABEni Makstox. b. June 8, 1776; d. June 16, 18C2; m. , Chester Stebblns, of 

the Arm of Greenough & Stebblns, printers, Boston. 

869. Samubi. Trkat, b Aug. 17, 1778; d. Oct 1, 1802, aged 24, In Calcutta, where he had been 

for two years in the Kast India Company's service. 

870. John, b. Aug. 30, 1780 ; d. Oct. 19, 1797, drowned on his passage from Copenhagen. 

871. Fkan'ces, b. Sept. 21, 1782; d March 22, 1872; m. , Phineas Foster, a merchant of 


872. JoSKPH, b. April 22, 1785; d. Oct. 29, 1876; m. Sept. 27, 1807, Eliza Cox. 

873. Ciiarlks, b. Nov. 18, 1787; d. Sept. 23, 1870; m., 1st, March 7, 1811, Hannah Rolf Day- 

ton ; 2d, Dec. 10, 1836, Mary Morgan. 

874. William Hkxky, b. April 9, 1790; d. Dec. 22, 1795 (gravestone, Haverhill). 

875. JA.MES Henuy, b. July 24, 1795; d. March 29, 1802 (gravestone, Haverhill). 

373 Robert® Rich {Robert,^ Mat-y* Treaty iSamitel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), horn Sept. 
12, 1737, in ihat part of P^aslliam now called Welltteet, Mass.; died about 1765; married 
Jan. 27, 1757, Mauy Swett, who was appointed adiuinislratrix of his estate, April 23, 

Children, born in Eastliam, now Wellfleet : 

876. Bkxjamix.' b. Nov. 3, 1759; d. . 

877. UUTH, b. Aug 21, 1762; d Dec. 1, 1810; m. Nov. 8, 1781, William Withcrell. 

879 Reuben® Rich ( Robert,^ Mary* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born Aug. 12, 
1762, in Tniro or Wellfleet, Mass. ; died in ; married Nov. 2, 1775, as her first 

vens. She was admitted to tlie New North church, Boston, March 20. 1736-7, and d. ; 2d, Dec. 

1, 1787, Mrs. Mar./ Stltoustall. By hor previous marriage she had three children. Mr. Uarrod af- 
terwards removt'd to Haverhill. He owned slaves there in 1753. March 1, 1762, the General Court 
of Massachusetts granted a township of laud on the Penobscot, to David Marsh and others. Among 
the number were Ik'ujamin Harrodand liis two sons. Benjamin and James, and a Joshua Harrod. In 
17ri3, Benjamin Harrod (probably tlieBenj. Harrod at Fort Pownall 1764-7, Harrod, Treat and 
MrKenzie were in company tliere in 1767), and James Duncan were appointed agents for the to\*Ti- 
ship. Children, lx)rn in Boston, and baptized in the New North churcli : 
Ph€he.''b. April 16. 1737; bapt. April 17, 1737; d. May 12, 1746. 
Jihn, b. Jan. 3, 1738-'»; bapt. Jan. 7, 1738-9. 

Benjamin, b. June 4. 1741 ; bapt. June 7, 1741; d. Nov. 11, 1793, aged 52; m. , Mary . 

They had ten children. Phei>e, next to theyoungest, b. Aug. 28, 1786. in Newburyport, celebra- 
ted her IWith birthday, Ang. 2.S, ISj'e, and d. Oct. 19, 1887, in her 102d year, in Newburyport. 
She was the tlrst native of that city to reach tliat age, and was in good health and quite smart. 
Her sister Harriet d. in 1879, ngetl 90. 
Jonathan, b. March 5, 1742-;^: bapt, Mar.h 13, 1742-3: d. March—, 1742-3. 
Susunna, b. March 10. 174:J-4; bapt. M.arch 18, 1713-4; (k May 12, 1753. 
Jonath'in, h. Jan. 27, 174'»: bapt. Feb. 2, 1745-6; d. Jan. 12, 1775, drownetl on the East branch of 

the renoJ>scot river. Me. 
Jostph, h. Nt>v. 4. 1747; bapt. Nov. 8, 1747; m. Anna Tnat. as above. 
ll'Uttr Cnmiiiingif, b. Sept. 5, 1749; bapt. Sept. 10. 1740; d. Sept. — , 1749. 

Janus. I>. Dec. 10, 1751; bapt. Dec. 15, 1751; d. . 

Mmy. b. Dec. S. 1752; d. Oct. — , 1791; m. , Samuel Bliss, a widower, and had several 

Witln- Cumminys. h. March 18. 1754: d. April 3, 1754. 

Ph f he. h. .hiU :M. i:,".5; l»apt Aug. 3, 1755; m., 1st, Nov. 10. 1766, John Barnard; 2d, , 

O'Brien ; 3d, . Richardson. 

Dorvthif. b. ; bapt. Jan. 16, 1757; d.- 



-, in NoilliBiicksi)©!!, 

hnsband. IlAXXAn' Guoss (790). born Dec. 23, 1757 ; tl?e*l — 

Me.» ami iluughtcr of lieiij-'iinin and Riilh (Dyer) Gross, or Tniro. After the <lcnlli of 

ber Imslmml, slje removetl to North BiKiksport, abont llie tirao her brother Bonjnmin di(J, 

where she married, second, , Thomas AViley, by wliom she liad issue. I li.ivo been 

nnnble to get the record. Iler grandson Isaac Rich, into of Boston, presented tlie Con- 
giegational chnrcli of North Buelcsport with a silver comnuiuion service, iii memory of 
his grandmother. 

Cliildren, i>orn in Truro or Wellfleet: 

878. Benjamin.' b. Sept. 23. 1770 ; d. ; lu. March 17. 17'J0. Dt'b«)nih Avery. HlsUjtoiilion 

of marriage was published Feb. 25,1796, where he is called Benjamin Hlcli. but was 
luarritd nuder the name of Benjamin Gross hich. 

879. KoBEiiT. b. .7an 19, 1778; d, Uct. 24, 1820; m. Sept. 10. 1801, Eunice Harding. 

880. Isaac Bakkii, b. Dec. 27, 1779; d. Jan. 15, 1813; m. Nov. 16, 1P02, Azubah Witherell. 

381 Richard'^ Rich (John,^ Man/ Treat, Siinineh^ Robert,^ Mtchard^), born July 
28, 1730, in Truro, ]\I;iss. ; died Mart-h 12, 17«3, aged fifly-seven (?) (gravestone, Truro) ; 
married Nov. li), 1761, RfcUErcA Lmmiiakd, b:v[itiziid J(tly 12, 1741 ; died tSei)t, — , IHll, 
aged seventy, and daughter of TIioukis and Klizubeth (Hiuney) Lombard. His will was 
probated April 11, 1786. Widow Rebecca and son Jolm Rich, 3d, were administrators. 
CIdldren all nlive then but AbrMhaui, 

Children, born and baptized in Truro: 

881. John,' b, Jaly 7, 1768; bipt. Oct. 9. 1763; d. ; m. • , 

882. RiouaRU Seirs, b. Nov. 17, 17CC; bapt. March l.=>, 1767; d. Jan. l.i, 1844, aged 77; lu. 

Dec. 115, 1792. Mary Rich d. .Tuue 11. 18fl8, ft;^ed 04 yrs. 9 moa. 11 das. (j*. a., Truro), 
and dau. of Jesse «Tid Abii;;ill (Yonn^) Rich. 
888. PEtEii, b. iJec. 26. 1768; bnpt. Miirch 19, 17t",9; d Feb. U, 1795, aged 2fJ. 

884. TuOMAS, b Doc. 24, 1770; bwpt. .Mtrch 24, 1771 ; cl. Vvh. 2ri, Isa.T.aged 65; m , 1st, Sept. 

25, 1793, Sirah Faln^. d A:)ril IG. 1816. aged 40; 2d. Sept. 19, 1816, IlnUhib IJaker, 
who d. April 30, 1841, aged 72. 

885. Rebecca, b. March 23, 1773; bapt. May 9, 1773; d. ; m. Sept. 13, 1792, John 


886. Samtkl, b. Feb. 13, 1775; bapt, April 16, 1775. 

887. Abraham, b. ; bapt April 6, 1777; d. . 

888. Hecmkx, b. ; bapt April 4. 1779, d. . 

889. Efhimim Doane, b. FL-b. 15. 17H2; bapt. May 26, 1783; d. April 29, 1853, ajfcd 71 (s. s., 
North Truro): m., 1st, March 5. 1805. Mehltable Atwoo<l. of Wellfleet, wbo d. June 
25. 1825, aged 41 (g. 8 , North Tnu-<>) ; 2d, Nov. 27, 1825, Elizabeth Lombard; 3d, 
, Betsey who d. Jau., 24, 1841, Bged 69. 

335 Hope'^ Rich {JoUn,^ Miry* Treit, S imnd-^ R*h3rt,^ IVchanl^), born Feb. 19, 
1742, in Truro, Miss.; died in Truro, J.ine 1 1, 1789, aged forty-seven; married Mtircb 
15, 17C4, XuAii Mayo, born , 1743-4 ; ilied , and son of Noub and Mary (Gush- 
ing) Mayo. 

Children of Notdj and Hope Mayo, born and baptized in Truro: 

890. NoAii,' b. ; bapt Nov. 29, 1767; d. Nov. 15, 1809, In Truro, at the house of his 

brollicr; m. . He removed to Harpswcll, Me. 

891. Nehioiiah Doaxe, b. ; bapt. Fel), 11, 1770; d. ; m. Malatiah Ulch. 

TUoMlR, b. 
.Mauv, b. — 
John, b. — 
Samuel, h. • 

bapt. Marcb 1. 1772; m. 

-. Sabra Rich. 

-; bapt. Dec. 25, 1774; m. , Zoheth Sniitb. 

-; bapt. March 9, 1777; m. , 1798, Hannah Rich. 

— ; bapt. March 5, 1780; d. In Infancy. 

272 ROBERT treat: sixth generation. 

896. Jknny, or Jane, b. ; b ipt. May 30, 1784 ; d. ; m. , Moses Paine. 

897. Samuel, b. ; bapt. St-pt. 28, 1788; d. ; m. , 1810, Tlrzah Wiley, of 


386 Betty* Rich (Jb/m,^ Mary^ Treat, SamveJ,^ Robert? Richard^), born Feb. 28, 
1750, in Truro, Mass.; died Nov. lo, 1790, in her forty-first year (gravestone, North 
Truro) ; married Nov. 2, 1772, as his first wife, Ambrose Snow, jr., who died July 17, 
1823, aged seventy -seven (gravestone, North Truro) ; for liis second wife he married, 

, Huldah , who died March 29, 1816, aged sixty-nine (gravestone, North 


Children, of Ambrose and Betty Snow, born and baptized in Truro: 

898. Leoxakd,' b. ; bapt. Aug. U, 1774; d. Jan. 2, 1788. 

899. Betty, b. ; bapt. Mny 19, 1776. 

900. Thankful, b. ; bapt. Oct. 4, 1778. 

901. Anna, b. ; bapt. Oct. 22, 1780. 

902. Richard Rich, b. ; bapt. July 27, 1783; d. Jan. 13, 1809, aged 28, at sea. 

903. Joseph, b. ; bapt. Sept. 10, 1786. 

388 Martha^ Rich {Reuben,^ Mart/* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert,^ Richard^), born June 

5, 1742, in Eastliam, now Wellfleet, Mass.; died ; married March 25, 1762, Jo- 

siAH Rich, of Truro, Mass., l)orn July 24, 1741, died , 1789, and son of Obadiah 

and Mary (Crowell) Rich. She was the daughter of Isaac, granddaughter of Thomas, 
and great grunddaughter of Yelvertou Crowell, of Yarmouth, Mass. Nov. 8, 1789, Isaac 
Rich, of Truro, was appointed guardian of Hezekiah, Josiah and Henry Rich, children of 
Josiah, and grandchildren of Obadiah Rich. 

Children of Josiah and Martha Rich, born in AVellfleet : 

904. ZOHETH,' b. Sept. 16, 1762. 

906. Hkzekiah. b. ; d. Oct. 25, 1817 ; m. , Sarah Winslow Smith. 

906. JowAU, b. ; d. May 16, 1815; m., 1st, , Ruth Smith; 2d, Nov. 11, 1805, Zero- 

iah Smith. 

907. Hexhy. b. May 28, 1771 ; d. July 6, 1816; ra. Dec. 24, 1805, Chloe Atwood. 
908. Hope, b. . 

391 Capt. Reuben^ Rich {Reuben,^ Mary* Treat, Samuel,'^ Robert,^ Richard^), 
lK)rn Aug. 23, 1748, in Easlhain, now Wellfleet, Mass. ; died Jan. 24, 1819, in his seventy- 
first year (gravestone, Wellfloet) ; married May 23, 1802, Asna Thayer, of Truro, who 
died March 3, 1849, aged soventy-five (gravestone, Wellfleet). His will is dated Feb. 7, 
1811 ; probated Aug., 1819. Mention made of wife Anna and her three daughters. 

Children, born in Wellfleet: 

909. Axx\J b. Doc. 3, 1802: d. Feb. 24. 1.<S0: m. April 16, 1821, Xapthali Rich. 

910. TuANKFn.. h. Juno 4. IKU: d. ; m. April 8. 1S23. David Baker. 

911. Kliz.i, b. Jan. IS. 18ut>. 

392 Ruth^' Rich {Roubeu.^ yfanj* Truif. Sumuth^ Robert,^ Rkhanl^), bom Nov. 
17, 17.')0, in Eastham, now Wellfleet, M.iss. ; died Aug. 20, 1823, in Wellfleet; married 

Oct. 25, 1770, n.\NIEL COVKLL. 

Children of Daniel ami Uulh Covell, born in Wollfleel : 

012. Makv,' b Nov. It;. 1771 ; d. : m. botwoou Any;. \'J and Nov. 11. 17W. Jesse Smith. 

l>13. Mkkcy, b. Nov. 8. i:7o: d. ; lu. April 10. ITi'i. Sylvauu^s Towor. 

l»;4. Sabka. b. .April 6. 1776: il. : in. Fob. '2u. 17i>:». Olive C. Louil>ard. 

915. Samukl. b. Aug. 7, 1778; d. Oct. l>, isc\i; m. March ;>0. 180.'. rhol>e Brown. 



91 C. Daxikl, b. March 12. 1781 ; d. 
917. Ruin, b. Feb, 25, 17S8; tl. 

-; m. Dec. 7, 1803, Howes Atwoocl. 

918. Abioail. b. Sept. 1, 1787; (1. May 3. 1R70; m. Jan. 23, ISIO, Nchcmiah M. Ryder. 

393 Elisha*^' Rich {Reuben,^ Mary^ Treaf, Samud,^ Jiobert,^ liirhai'iV), hnrn Jan. 
27. 1753, ill K:Lstl»:iin, now WeUneet, Mnss. ; died Nov. 11, 1836, in Wfllfleet; marne<l 
Dec. 21, 1775, EIansah Snow, of Enslham, who died Oct. 18, 1822, in Wollfleel. 
Children, born in Welllleet: 

919. Er.i,<ii\,^ b. Jau. 27, 1777; d. Nov. 11, 1836; m. Nov. 25, 1802, Susanna Cahoon. 
nKiJOUAH, b, Oct. 18. 1779., b. Sept. 18, 1782; d. ; m. Feb. 25, 1806, James Carlisle, of Provincetowii. 

Mass.>cs, b. Jnno 17. 1785; cl. Dec. 4, 1834; m. Dec. 12. 1802. Martha Ryder. 
Krumex. h. June 27. 1780. 
l8UAEL,b, Dec. 1, 1790. 

Nancy, b Way 25, 1793; cl. ; in. Oct. 24, 1816, Freeman Cobb, of Traro. 

Wjluam Hatch, ' 

Da>- CovBLr,, 

Amo8 Kxowles, b. April 28, 1799. 


' \ twins, b. March 3, 1797. 

394 Capt. Isaac- Rich {Reuben^^ Mary^ Treaty Samuel^^ Robert,^ Richard^) ^ born 
April 17, 1755, in Kusilmin, now Wt'Ilflect, Mass.; <lied dune 2l>, 1813, in liis (iny-ninifi 
year ('gravestone, Wellllcel) ; nniriied Oct. 30, 1783, Sarah Hopkins, of Welllleet, avIiu 
died March 17, 1835, in her eightieth year (gravestone, Wellfleet). His will was dated 
June 29, 181.^; pmhateil (.>ol. 14, 1H13. MiMilions wife Sally, sons Aaron, Isaac, Tlifu- 
philuM, Selh, Suniiiel, and Uriah H. ; ilaughlera Kuthy and Sail}'. 

Children, born in WellHeet: 

020. AAtt<»',' b. July 4. 17rt4; d. Nov. 12, 1819; m. -, Temperance , 

930. Knil, b. Ang, 22. 1787. 

OSl. Is.iAC, b. Si-pt. 1, 1789; d. ; ra. July 16, 1815, Mercy Pike. 

932. HoPKjys, b. Auj*. 23, 1791 ; <1. ; m. Aug. 10, 1813, Deliverance Perry. 

033. Skth. b. Ang, 24, 1793; cl. ; m. Sept. 10. 1816, Eunice H, Bacon. 

084. Sau.y. b. Aug. 22, 1796; rt. ; m. Jrin. 8. 1815, Richard P. Lombard, of Truro, 

086. S.oiiKL, b. July 12. 1798; d. ; m. Nov. 13, 1821, Polly L. Rich. 

936. IIoi'Kcxs, b. Auj;. 12, 1800. 

399Ievi'' Stevens {Richnrd^^ AbirjntV Trent, Samuel,^ Robert;^ Richard^), born 
ilay 5, 174-H, in Truro, Mass.; die(i March 15, 1829, in his eighty-second year (grave- 
stone, North Truro) ; married Oct. 19, 1772, Anna Snow, haplixed April 28, 1751, died 
Sept. 6, 1830, aged eighty (gravestone, North Truro), ftn<l danghterof Deacon Anthony 
and Sarah (Paine) Snow. They lioth owned the covenant May 1, 1771. Mr, Stevens 
was chosen town clerk in 1791, ami served for two years; selectman in 1707, and served 
for nine years, and representative for the year 1800. 

Children, born and ba[itizcd in Trnro: 

037. AiUfiAiL,' b. Jan. 5, 177<; bupt. May I, 1774; d. .lunc 15, 1841; m. Oct. 4, 1792, Joseph 


038. Ju.N,<u. b Dec. 1, 1775; bupt. Jan. 21. 1776; d. Nov. 17. 1859; m., 1st. Nov. 28, 1799, 

Ilttuiiuli Sellew; 2d, , Mercy Sellcw. 

939. RiciiAun, U. Fi'b. 13, 1778; bapl. Feb. 22, 1778: d. May 1, 1799, In his 22d year, by drown- 

bite (g. «., North Truro) ; unm. 

940. Mauy Gross, b. June 27, 1780; bapt. July 9, 1780; d. — — ; m. May 16, 1799, Ssranel 


274 KOBRRT treat: sixth generation, 

941. IlKNttY. I). Si'pt. 1. 1782; bapt. SopL 8. 1782; U. July 10, 1853; m. April 3. 1808, Robocca 
SiHlih Ncwcoinb. 
942. S.\R.\ii Snow, b. Dec. 3, 17S4; bupt. March 27, 178S. 
043. AxxA, b. June 20, 1787 ; bapt. July I, 1787; d. ; ro. Dec, IS, 1817, Francis Small. 

944. Lkvx, b. Sept. 4. 178D; bapt. Nov. 8, 178i>; d. Oct. 1. 1862; ra. Aug. 25, 1812. MehlUble 


945. J*Mix, b. Jtiu. 14, 1792; bapt. April 8, 1702; d. Aug. 24, 1830, lost at sea; m. Jan. 28. 1817, 

Polly Coan. 
046. Hktsy, b. ; bapt. April 6, 1794; d, Dec. 10, 1705, aged 1 yr. 11 mos. 

400 Richard" Stevens {WchanJ,^ Abigail* Treat, Samuel,^ Robert ^^ Sichanl^), 

Imni April 22, 1751, in Truro, Mass. ; (\\e<\ ; inarrierl , Mercv 

Son, Uoni ill Provincelowii, Muss., ami baptized in Truro: 
947. Richard,' b. July 21, 1771 ; bapt. Nov. 3, 1771. 

407 Richard*^ Collins {Jemsha^ StevtnSy Abigail* Treat, Snviuel,^ Jiobert,^ RicJi- 
fl/t/'), born Juue 20, 1743, in Truro, Mass.; diet! ; married » Rebecca 

CliiUiren, born and baptize<1 in Truro: 

048. JiCRUSHA,' b. Aug. 21, 1768; bapt. Dec. 18. 1768. 

049, Mercy, b. Jan. !♦>, 1770; bnpl. March V5. 1770. 

408 Benjamin^ Collins (./e^7/^7^a" Stevens, Abigail* Treat, Samufl,^ Robtrt,- 

UiK'hariV)^ \^o\\\ ±\{n\\ ID, 174.J, in Truro, Mass. ; died ; married, first, , 

KuiZAUKTn , wiiodied April 15, 1771, in her tweuty-secoiul year; seeond, Jan. 28, 

1772. Rachel^ Lombard, born April 20, 1749, and daughter of James and Eliztti>etli* 
(Freeman) Lombard. She and her husband owned the covenant at Truro, March 28, 

1773. lie was one of the selectmen in 1769, and served in that office seven years. Will 
dateil Jan. 17, 1825 ; probated March 81, 1831. Blentions wife Rachel ; children: Betsey, 
wife of Henry Dyer; Rebecca, wife of Nathaniel Atkins; Jenny, wife of Isaiah Cole; Je- 
rusha, wife of George Collins, Joanna Parker, Rachel Collins, singlewoman, and sons 
Michael and Stepben — I^licah and Stevens, in the baptismal i*ecord — who are executors. 
Also two grandchildren, Betsey, wife of Charles A. Brown, and Paul Dyer, children of 
daughter Betsey. He is styled **yeoraan" in the will. 

Children, born and baptizetl in Truro : 

960. Bkttt,' b. ; bapt. March 28, 1773; d. ; m. , Henry Dyer. 

951. Rkbecca, b. ; bapt. Feb. 5, 1775; d. ; m. — — -, Natbaiikl Arklns. 

932. Joanna, b. ; bapt. March 9, 1777; d. ; m. , Parker. 

0i>3. R.VCHEI., b. ; bapt. Jan. 31. 1778; d. -; unm. 

964. MiCAii, b. ; liapt. Jan. 14, 1781. 

965. SncvKN**, ) twins, b. ; bapt. May 25. 1783; {. f..,.».r- ,^ 

ftSG. JAXicor Jkn-xy. » > v j ^^ . „j^ . Isaiah Col<._ 

957. Mitncr. b. ; bapt. Sept. 10, 1780; d. ; nnm. 

05i*. Apphu. b. ; bapt. Aug. 12, 1787; d. Dec. 80, 1709, afred 12. 

95a. JkhvsOa. b. ; bapt Aug. 28, 1780; d. ; m. , Gcor^ Colllas 

410 Trear Collius {Jemsha^ Stevens^ Ahignit* Trmi^ Samutf^* Robert* Rick- 

ard^), born Feb. IG, 174H-9, in Trnro, Mass. ; died ; married April 9, 1774, Jank 

Sarab* Ct»b5 (490) t lK»rn Feb. 15, 1752, died , and daagUlcr of Joseph an 

Rachel^ (Treat) Cobb. Both owne<l th« covenant April 9, 1775. 

Children, bora and baptized in Tniix> : 



9C0. RicBARn,^ b. Nov. 30. 1774: bapt April 9, 1775. 

»6L'^-KK, b. MArch 21, 1777; bnpt. May 4, 1777; died In 1794, aged 17, on his poasftge 

from the (trarid Banks. 

9«2. Sarah, b. March 14. 1779; bapt. May 9, 1770. 

\h\'A. FuEKAf^x Cobb, b. ; bapt. Jaue 2. 17«2. 

i>fi4. Abigail, b. Oct. 7. 17H4; bapt. March 27. 1785. 

Or.S. SiLV.%si'S, b. July 2i». 1787 ; bapt. Sept. t>3, 1787. 

BfiG, Bf.ttv. b. ; bapt. Dec. 2, 1702. 

567. Ebkxkzer, b. j bapt. July 19. 179.i. 

428 Ebenezer'^ Gross (AhigaiP TrmU Joseph^* Samueh^ Robert,'^ ltichar(V),him\ 
about 17'M<\ li.nptizfxl Jsin. 8, 1737-8, in Boston; died al)ont 1806, in Orlaud, Me ; iiuii- 
ried Nov. 21, 17G.'3, Hannah lluuws,(>r Truro. Ho was a ciliz mi olBoston when umiried, 
but soon removed to Truro. Hu afterwards removcil to Orlando where liis brother, Jo- 
sepli, residetl. We find in llio Huncock probate records, an inventory of the estate of 
El>enezer Gross, of Orbind, yeoman, consisting of real estate, $l08o, and personal e;4Lale. 
$275. Oct. 8, 1806, widow Hannah wa8 appointed adminiatratrix. 

Children, bt)rn and baiitized in Truro, except perhaps the seventh: 

i»68. Mehcy," b. ; bapt. Dec. 16, 17G4; d. ; m. —.James Blalsdel. Uad a large 

9«». J«>HNB,,b. ^;b«pt. Au;^ 31. 176G; d. April 20, 1858. in Biicksport, affedOS; m. , 

Polly Tracworlhy. Children born in Orlund, and also recorded in Biiclisport, -where 

he afterwards resided, as born in (frland : 

1. Edward Triieworthy* Gross, b. May 81, 1796; d. Feb. 24, 1857; m. Sept, 3, 1822, 
Irene" Ireat See 1700. 

2. Elijah Gross, b. April 10, 17H8; d. . 

3. Catharine Gross, b. April 4, 1800; d. ; m. (pub. June 15, 1816), Thomas 

Snow, of Bucksport. 

4. Rally Gro*48, b. June 2n, 1«02; d. , 1821, aged ID. unni. 

6. Charlotte Gross, b, Sept, 13. 1804; d. — ; m. , Theophllus Batchelder. 

6. John Gro^s. b. Nov. 21. 180f»: d. . 1842; m. (pub. May 4. 1834). CaroUne 

Gross, of Orlaud. Hi.^ will is datt-d Jan. 5. 1842; probated Feb. 2, 1842. 
Mentions an infant child, Augusta Gross, undi-r 18. who was alive Auj?nst 3, 
185y, frttinr J<j|liii B. Grosis. mother Polly Gross, brother Edward, and slaters 
Charlotte Batchelder, and Catharine Snow, 

7. DowzlUa (Duizillain Bucksport records, nnd Drusllla in family record) Groes. 
b. May 21, 1810; d. , uum. 

EnF.NEZRR, b. ; bapt. Nov. 26 17G9; d. . iinra. 

PHtUP. b, : bapt. Dec, 2l>, 1771; d. Jan. 17. 17'J«, "Tuesday night or Wednesday 

morning at four of yc clock," aged 2i, (27?) years. There are two entries of this event 

in the Orland records. Unm. 
Simon, b. ; bapt. Nov. 7, 1773; d. Nov. 29, 1867. aged 82 (?), (g. s., Orland ohi 

cemetery): m. Jnly 31, 1800, Elizabeth Williams, who died July 17. 18t0. aged Go (g. s., 

Orbiud). Their son, Avery, d. Nov. 14. 1H40. aged 37 (g. 8), Had H children,— 3 sons, 

5 dan. 
Abigail, b. ; bapt. July 20, 1777; d. ; m. (pub. March 14, 1797) Edward 




True worthy, or Treworgy. 
SaI.i.y. b. aboQt 1780; d. Dec. 14. 1820, aged 40; ni. Dec. 15. 1806, Amos' Treat. 


429 Joseph*^ Gross (Abigaii^ Treaty Joseph^* Samuel^^ Bobert,^ Jiichard^), born 
IK'C. 20, 173V, in Huston, Mass.; died Jan. — , 1817, aged eighty (?), copied from a 
newspaper extract iu the Bangor Historical Magazine, Vol. 0, 1891, p. 156, in Orland, 
Me. ; xuarried , Tabitha Goodell, of Frankfort, Me. He is said to have luarried 

276 ROBERT treat: sixth generation. 

while a soldier at Fort Pownall. Mr. Gross was a soldier at Fort Georges, according to 
the muster rolls, from May 31, 1758 to Aug. 23, 1758. His uncle Joshua Treat was al- 
ready armorer there, and that is probably the reason why Mr. Gross enUsted as a soldier. 
He was also a soldier at Fort Pownall according to the muster rolls, from Aug. 25, 1760 to 
July 5, 1761, and from Jan. 20, 1764 to Oct. 17, 1764. March 1, 1762, the petition of 
David Marsh and three hundred fifty-nine others for a tract of land for settlement was 
granted, and six townships, of six miles square each, between the Penobscot and St. 
Croix rivers was allowed. The township of Orland was formerly called No. two, or Ala- 
masook. It is said that it was granted to Robert Treat, a cousin of Joshua Treat, and 
others of Boston, and was incorporated as a town, Feb. 21, 1810, under the name of Or- 
land. Joseph Gross was the first white settler in the new township in 1764, and settled on 
Gross' Point. His son Zachariah was the first white child bom there, in 1766. 

Children, the first born at Fort Pownall, the others in Orland. In the Orland record 
of his children, from which this is taken, someone has written, **Thi8 is not right," with- 
out stating where the error is : 

975. JosKPH,' b. Oct. — , 1763; d. ; m. , Lucy Lumphier, of Bucksport. ChiUlrea, 

born hi Orland : 

1. James" Gross, b. Feb. 6, 1791. 

2. Samuel Gross, b. Jan. 11, 1792. 

3. Joshua Gross, b. Dec. 20, 1796. 

4. Champlalu Gross, b. May 4, 1799. 

5. Nathan Gross, b. Oct. 4, 1800. 

6. Stephen Gross, b. Jan. 2, 1803. 

7. WUliam Gross, b. April 22, 1805. 

976. Zachariah, b. Aug.—, 17G0; d. July 22, 1846, aged 79 (g. s. Cape Cod settlement, 

Bucksport, Me.) ; m. , Lucy Lawrence, of Castlne, Me., who d. May 11, 1846 

(g. s., Bucksport). Among those who are said to have unlawfully occupied lots on 
the Waldo Patent at Frankfort, when possession was taken by the attorney for the 
heirs Oct. 26, 1793, I find the name Zaccheus Gross, doubtless an error for Zachariah 
Gross. Children born in Orland : 

1. Rebecca* Gross, b, Jan. 16, 1789. 

2. Zachariah Gross, b. May 2, 1791. 

3. Deborah Gross, b. March IS, 1795. 

4. Benjamin Gross, b. Jan. 1, 1799. 

5. Tabitha Gross, b. May U, 1801. 

6. Lucy Gross, b. Sept. 7, 1803. 

7. Lowranna Gross, b. March 29. 1805. 

8. Lyilia Grt)ss, b. March 29, 1807. 

977. Joshua, b. Oct. 6. 17«;8; d. Jan. 11. 18.')5, 86 yrs. 3 mos. (g. 8., Calf Ridge Ceme- 

tery. Orland). "Ouo of thotirsit settlers of Orland ;"m. , Mary Rooks, who d. 

Oct. 15. 1850, aged 79 yrs. 7 mos. (g. s). Children, burn in Orland : 

1. Israel' Gn)ss. b. March 15. 1792: d. April. 1834; m. , Caroline Rooks, of 

Thorndike, Me. 

2. Joseph l.n)ss, b. Nov. 26. 1794 : d. : m. , Martha Foote, of Thorndike. 

3. Mehi'table Gross, b. Feb. 23. 1797 ; d. ; m. , Faith Higgms, of Stand- 

ish. Me, 

4. Oliver Uross. b. Feb. 28, 1799; d. Fo'). — . 1S79; m. , Edith Gray, of 

Sedgwick. Me. 

5. Mary IJrass. b S.^t- 2. l^'^l : ^^ : ni. . Iloman Iligjrins, of Sedgwick. 

»;. Tabitha Gross, b. March 9. 1S04: d. Feb. — , 1875; m. , Phineas Brown, of 

7. Joshua Gross, b. March 8. 1807 ; d. May 11, 1887 ; m. Feb. 3. 1841, Mary H. Small, 
of Deer Isle. 



-; m, May W, ITU3. WtlUam McItUire, 

97a. Ann. All., t> Mny 10, 1772; d. - 

970. Pnii.i-ip M., b. June 2, 1774 ; cl Nov :J0, ISlii, nEjed 7i? yrs. (5 inos. (/?. s., Cap"* Ci d Settle- 
ment, Biicksport) ; m. (pub. April 24, 1SU2). Eunice Brown, of Oiland, >vho d. Oct. 
12, 1H80. aued tifl yrs. f« mos 13 days (»;. s., Bnck8p'«rt). 

980. Bathshkiikk. b. Mny 2, I77i;; d. ; in -. Thomas Ames, of Masenchusetts. 

Ml. J«nix, b. April 2, 177S; d. ; m. . 

439 Abigair Treat {John, ^ Joseph,* Samuel,^ Robert,'^ Ji/chariP), born lX»c. 20, 
1747. in Boston; died .Inly — , 1797, buried July 12; niiuTied April 21, 1771, by R«v. 
John LRtlirop, Maj. Klias*' Paukman,* born Dec. 9, 1747; died. July — , 179>t,agetl fifty, 
burietl July 22. In 1776, Mr. l*arkman wan a second licuteuiuit in the ward two com- 
pany, of the Boston regiment of militm. From 1778-1781, he was cuptain ; in 1784- 
1785, Vk'ds major, and there are no returns for 178(5 nnd 1787. Mr. Parkman was a prom- 
inent man in the town of Boston. May o, 1773, March 29. 1776, and March 14, 1777, he 
was chosen one of the clerks of the market for the year ensuing. Dec. 7, 1774, he was 
chosen a member of the • 'Committee of Inspection, to cariT the Resohitions of the 
Continental Congress into Kxecution." Aug. 26, 1776, was a member of a committee of 
thirty-six, one from each ward, to visit every honse in the respective wards, and make 
inquiry in regard to the small pox, and also to ascertain all persons in the sersice of their 
country. He then resided in ward two. Feb. 6, 1777, he was on a coamiittee of thirty-six, 
"to prevent Monopolies " He was also a prominent member of the Masonic Order. I n 1 78 1 , 
he was maile a lueuiber of St. Andrew's Lodge. At«me time was Senior Warden of WooiHter 
Lodge. In 1783, he was Grand Sword Bearer, and in 17rt6, Grand Marshal at llie Grand 
Lodge of Massachusetts. Major Parkman was a commission merchant and auctioneer. 
JIc dill a large business under the firm nnme of Parkmin and HlnUley. M-iny of the p:\- 
pere relating to that tinn are now in exist'.nce. In the Boston directory for 178'J, his oc- 

•EuAs' I*AnKMAN.I) . lu Englaud *. siipposefl to have been drowned July 28, 1602; ra. , 

Briihjet . Was la Dorchester in 1GJ3; made a fre-emin, Miy (>, lf>:i.'i; removed to Wlndsir, 

Coon., where he was hi bXO; moved back to Boston about I'JIH, wbt-re h* bought a hoiiMc and 
land of G Palmer. May 12, 1C«0. Was a mariner. Inventory taken Aug. 20, biC2. Wife Brldiift, 
and tlie oldest son, nnine not given, were administrators of the estate. Bis children were bap* 
Uzed In the First church, Boston, where his name la written Partman. Had S3ven children,— 
four sons, oud Uirce daughters. Ills son :' I'AMiLMAN. b. Nov. 5, l<ia5, in Df»rchest' r. Mass : d. Aug. irt, WM. In Wapplng, London, 
EuK. ; w. Oct, 13, IfJoO. Sarah Trnsk, <\w\)i\\\vv of Cupt William atid *Sarah of Salem, Mass. 
Will dated London, Au{?. K. l» ; probntid March 7. l«:»2-3. Had propi-riy in Wappiimj. Wife 
Sarah wiia executrix. Childr.'n mention.-d in the will : William, Klias, Elizabeth, and Sirah Cmgg. 
S<»n .lohn, b. Jan. :;4, IfifiS, was |>rol>ably dead. June 17, 1702, stui WliUam was appointrd ndiuin- 
Islmior (If hoTtU jion of his father Kilns Parkman, as hU mother Sar.ih had UiLely deceased. I! id 
live chiUtren, and pt-rhaps more, — three sons aiitl two daughters. lli» son : 

William* Park.Man, b. March 2I>, lfi.">8, iu Salem. Mass.; d. Nov. 28. 1730, riged 72 (73. Boston 
records) (g. s , C. ppS Hill) ; ni May 18. IftSO, KHznUHh Adnmn. who d. April 13, 1746, aged 85 yrs 
7 mos. (g. 8., Copp'ii. llill^, and daughter of .\lcxnnder and Mary Adams, of Bowton. He was a 
mast maker. Wid«>w Kli/.ibeth Piirkinan and Wilbam I'arkman, joyncr. his sou probably, were ap- 
pointed iidndulstrators of his estate, June IS, 1730. Tlr? iuveinory of the estate bears the same 
I dole, anil amount^ to £1.H23 5«». (id. Division of the property was iiiatle Dee. 7, 1732. Sons Wil- 
^Uam. EUtts. and Alexand<'rw<'re to have the property, p.iying to ih« other heirs, who arc mentioned, 
tliirlr •Ine. The will of whiow Elizabeth Parkman is d:it«.'<l Aui;. 10, 1742. It ra*ntk>us among oth- 
ers the heirs of «ou Ellas deceased. Sm William wa;^ appoinied lulininlstrator May »!, 174*). Had 
eleven chlldrea,— SHVen sons ami four duighters. Ills son : 

Elias* 1'aurma.v, b. Uct D, 16»S. la Bo.ston; bapl. D.-c. 3, liWK, nt the Second church; d. May 21. 
1741, aged 62 yrs. 6 mos. l« das. CK- s. Copp's Hill); m., 1st, Nov. 22, 1711, Martha Ctowjk, b. 



cupatiou is j^iven tis ''Scrh'ner." FTe was a licensed auctioneer, or "veudne njaster," as 
lute as 171>1. He lived in a large house, with a garden attached, in that ]>firt of North 
street now called Hanover street, close by Hunt's, now Constitution wharf, where the fa- 
mous frigatf Constitution was launched Oct. 21, 171*7. Like many otliers he built a stag- 
ing in his garden on this ocoaeioa in order to obtain a better view of the launch. 

Children of Maj. Klias and Abigail Parkinan, bora in Boston, and baptized at the New 
North church : 

i)S'2. Abigail Hartt,' b. June 19. 1773; d young. 
1>88. Poi.LY CHAXDLKie, b. March 9, 1776. 
1>8L Emas, b. Dec. 29. 177!); d. Aug. 23. 1838; unm. IIl- was a very bright and promising 
child. A bliste** was applie.l to the crown of Ms lioiid dtirinir nii Hhnrsoj, accordlDg to 
tlio custom of the tbnes. which afTfctcd hN brain mid caus<«d Insanity. 
^85. Sally, b. .luiie 5. 1783; d Dec. 5. 18(W; imm. 
989. KuzABBiJi, 1>. JuHv (!, 1785; d, Oct. 23, ISC6; ui. Oct. 4, 1812, Samuel Boll. 

440 Capt. Samuel' Treat (John^^Josepk^^ Samuel,^ Jioh^rl ,^ Rkhanl^ ) ,\}oru , 

<1750, in Boston; died May 1, 1806, aged fifty-six, in Boston, buried in Cotton Thayer's 
toud> on Copp's Hill; married, llrst, in 1770 (published March Ifi, 1779), Elizabeto 
BuKWKR,' born about 17o.s or 17G], in Btxston ; died Jan. 6, 178G, aged twenty five or 

May Ufi. I'iO.'i, d. March 30, 1713, and dnu. of Ebencz^T uud Martha (Goodwin) Clongh ; 2d. Nov. 
13. 171>2. Klizabelh WfJit, of Koxbury, b. July 2fl, I(*.l>2; d. Nov. 1. 1746. aged 58 (S."??). and dan. of 
John and Flmuah Weld, jr. He !s said in the printed Boston records to have been the hou of Wil- 
liam nnd Debnrah rnrkman, which must br* a mistake, and his age on the gravestone is to Ik* reck- 
onod from the date of his baptism, insttnid of that of bin birth unless there be an error, lie was • 
nm>.t mnki'r. Oct. 22, 1728, lie Avas appohiiinl >ruard5an of his son Ellas, al>out ten years old, lo 
wh«nn his grandfather. John Goodwin, bricklayer, of Boston, liad left property. He was also re- 
membered by hi^J grandfather. El^enezer Cknigh. Mr. Parkman was admitted to the New Xortli 
church, March 27, 1715. and his wife Marth», Aug 28, 1715. Aug. 4, 1741, widow Kll/.abeth Purk- 
man, and her son Ellas, ^ontleman, were appointed to administer the estate of KliaH Parkman. 
Had three children by his flr^t marriige, one sou au4l two daughters, and two daughters by his 
second. IHa son ; 

Dr. Ellvj* Pahkma.v. b. March 10, 1717-8. in Boston; d March G. 1750-1, aged 33 (g. s., Copp'a 
Hdl) ; m. Jan. 1, 174»>. Abltjall ir/M/p. Entered Bostou Latin School in I72fl, and grailuati>d at 
Harvard College In 1737. Was a physician. 'Ilic inventory of his estate, taken May 2M. 17.>1. In- 
cluding; miinsion house ant! land on North, now Hanover .street, valuexl at £2i;J r>s. 8d . and houfie 
and land on Linn street, valued at £.'i."> Th. Sd., amounted to £4G1 48. U^d lu addition, he owned 
laud at "(Hmiplirt't" value'l at £2r,Gr. 15s., and property elsewhere to the amount of £08 lis. JU. 
The eniiie estate wnst Vidiied at £yi9(i lis. ^d Widow .4.l)la:aU Pdrkmau, was appointed Fel». 13, 
1701, guardian of son Elias, and dan. Abjjrail imder fourteen years of age. The latter, iMipt July 
80, 1745), at the New North church, ra, April 6. 17G9, Ellis Tyler, and had four sous and three 
daui^hters bapt. In the same church. Mr Farkman waa admitted to the New North church, Jao. 
20, 1730-40. Uisjson: 

Maj. Elias* Pirkma.n, b Dec. J». 1747; m. Ahifjnil Treat, as above. 

MonN BuKWER, b. ; was dcjid in 1727 (according to King's Chapel records, a Mr. Brewer 

d. May A, 1727. who was probably this John Brewer) ; m,, Ist. Sept, 15, 170.3, Marlhd Warf., b. June 
6, 1085. d. April 23, or 28, 1717, and dan of Hobcrt Ware, carpenter, of Boston; 2d, Oct. «, 17H>, 
widow Mnry {QyUa) Ham, h. about 11582. was dead in 17G0, and dau. of Thonuis and Margiu'K 
Gyles. For lier llrst husband slie m. Nov. 17, 1710, Andrew Ham of B<j»»tou Mr. Bftfwer was a 
honsewrighr, and hml hy his first wife four sons and one dan^liter, and by his second, two sou* : 

Gijles, h. abonl 1720: d. Sept. 19, 1784, aRcd lU (Trinity church records); m , Isi, Feb. 23. 1717, 

ChnrHij Hicks, of Charlestown, who d. Aug. 17, 17Gtj..'mddnu, of Joseph Hicfc«j 2d, Nov. 80, 17M. 

AuHti Ti'hftj. He was a hounewri^ht, and had live sous and two daughters. 

Thomas, bapt. Sept. 20, 1724. 



nty-ciglU, iiceording to another account, and (IniigljttT of Thoinaa mid Experience 
(Thornton) Brewer; second, June 20, 17'JO, by Ktv. John Elliot, Ann" May.' baptized 
May 16, 1762; died May 3, 1707, uged thirty-five, at Castle William, now Ftrt Inde- 
pendence, Boston Harbor, and buried from her father's house: third, about 1801) (pub- 
lirthed Dec. 29, 1800), Hei.kna Mkulino i>t Sr. Pny, b. Aug. li», 177U, in BoKtoii, died Aug. 
24, 1X45, in IMttsfield, N. H , buried at Mount Auburn, subsequently removed to Wal- 
tliuui, Mass., and daughter of Bennctte Claude and Elizabeth (Gyles) Merliuo'- de St. Pry. 
Rev. Mr. Curtis of Pittsfield, preached her funeral sermon, which was printed, Aug. 26, 
18i5. According to the Boston town records Mr, Treat was one of the number who vis- 
itiHl the public schools, July 5, 1770, in company with the selectmen and others invited 
by them, in accordance with a vote passed on tlie eighth of May preceding, at a town 
meeting. He was a second lieutenant in ward four company, Boston Regiment of miliiin, in 
I77i]. He was proniotfd to bi> tirsf lieutenant, Aug. 16, 1777, by the cauncll. Another 

irio.MA* BKicwr.R, liapt- Sept. 20. 1721; d- about 17i'4. in Boston; m. about 1753 (published Dt-c. 
H. 1752), KrpTi'ure Tlmrutou fthe bans were lorbiddeu by a Thomas Brewer, probably an uncle), 
b Feb. It;. 1724. (1 l>c<r. — , 1772, dau. of Ebenczur and K':lznb:?th Thornton, and Krcat irranddauffh- 
tcT of Rev. Tlioiuas Thornton, wiio was b. in En'^land H ? was a ia:iHt-uriker. .April 10, 17«iO, hi 
and bi-i brother Gyles deeded to .lames Fulton one-fourth part of a tract of laml of oU> acres ni 
••the intended township i»r district of Topsharn," Me., for £7t' lOd. 8d. This property must have 
come from their sfrandfathT Tlioraas (Jyles, through their mother. Mr. Brewer's will is tlated 
Dec. U. 17ti:i, and probated March 2, ITUl. It mentions wife Experience, sole executrix, and bis 
children, though not by name. Her will Is dated Dec. 10, 1772, and probat 'd .Ian. 1, 1773. Execu- 
lofji, Mary Pomeroy, singlewoman, Avho d May 8, ITUO, aged 67 Cg- s., C<»pp*.s 11111), and FhMuy Al- 
Une. jr. Inventory, Oct. 8. 1773, amounts to £87 5s Cd. Should judge from Ihe articles lueii- 
lloned that she was engoge^l In trade- Mentions her children : 

Elizabeth, who subsequently m. Samuel Treat as above. She was noted for her Ijeauty. 

Ebettexer. d. Sept, 13, 1807, aged 43, at llartforil, Vt, Was at one time of Cohi>s, now fTavcr- 
hlU. N. H. 

'Jons' May. b. about I590,.in England; d. April 28, 1670, in Roxbury; m.. 1st in England, 

r(nftme unknown), who d. June 8, 16.M, in Iloxbury; 2d, — , Sanih -, who d. May 4, 1070. 

lie h supposed to have come from Sussex. A.s early as 1(530, was mrister of The Jumf$. which gsalled 
between London and Xcw England. He settled in lioxbury. Had two sons who came wUb him 
from England, liis sou : 

Jons* May, b. . IC31, in England; d. Sept U, IC71 ; m, Nov. 19, 165C, Mrs. Sarah {Brevier) 

Britce. Had eight children, — four sons and four dan:;hter9. Uis son : 

Joii.n'May, b. May 10, 1603: d. Feb. 21, 17:10; m. June 2, lii84, Prudnice Brifhje,h. Jan. 11, 1C64, 
d. Sept, 20, 1723. Had eleven children,— seven sons, and four dantjhters. Ills son: 

Erkxkxkk* May. b. Oct. 19, IC82; d. May 2, 1752; m. April 3, 1718, Ahhjail Gvre, b. , 1092. d. 

June 2G, l"i;3. Had el^bt children, — six sons, and two <laughters. His son : 

Aaho.n* May. b. May lU. 1733; d. Nov. 14, 179'^; m. July 19. 17(11. Elisabeth Cravath, b. , 

1746. d. .May 18, 1821. lie resided on tlie west side of (»ranji;e. now \Va«.hbi{^ton .street, and was 
posseHHvd of Cimsideralile property, his land extendina: back to the sea on Back Day. He was an 
ardent patriot, and was present at a dinner of the Sons of Liberty, Aug. 14, I7(J9. In the Boston 
directories of 1789 and 1798, he is put down as ' jjcntleman," that is, a person who lives on his 
iDconte, and is not engaged in any particular business. Had seven children, — foiu-sons, and three 
dauKliters. Ills dan^hter : 

A.N.x* May, i>Kpt. .May lO, 17i>2, in Hoilis street church; m. Samuel Treat, as above. 

•The Jd^tory of Hk.nnbtte Ci.AinE Mkmi.ino i>k St. Tuy is very interesting. He was a native of 
Lyons. France, and the son of amcrcliant, descended from the highest fantliies in France and Italy. 
The name 8t. Pry, or as It is commonly written, Prix, Pris. Prle, Priest, is derived from St, Prae- 



coramission ns first lieutenant, is i^Jtid Mnrcl> 19, 1789, jind signed by Joliu Ilnncock. 
an intimate fruMnl. liolh of tlu'so cuuiniirision^ are still in posspssion of tli<' family. 
The Boston regiment of militia ranked uhave all the other SufTolk regiments. From July "20 to 
Sept- aO, 177t>, as appears from the rcoordt*, he waB a lieutoiumt in Captain Champney's 
company, Mnj. Nathaniel Heath's detachment of (iuards. Mr. Treat was always called 
Captain Treat though on the rolls he appears only as first lient-enriut. He t»erveil in the 
army some twenty-one years, from 177C to June 2iJ, 1798, most of the time at Citatle Wil- 
liam. The castle was appointed a place of confinement for criminals by the Geueral 
Court, March 14, 1785. The name wjis changed fr<Mn Cahtle William to Fori Independ- 
ence, Dec. 7. 1797, President Adams being present on this occasion. June 2.'», 1798, 
the jurisdiction of the island was ceded to the United States, and on the tweuty-uinth of 
that UHinth the officers and men were ordered by the General Court to be discharged, as 
being no longer needed under the circumstances. Mr. Treat was accordingly retired frotn 

jectns. bishop «>f riermont in Auvcrgnc, France, a celebratt-d martyr of the sevrnth century. What 
reljitioii oar St. Pry bore to thegr.ut historic family of .St. Prix, is not now known, bat it Is a trn- 
(lltion that the families were related by marriage. The Merlino family, to which he belonged, wns 
a very anelent anti honorable Italian iind Spanish one. Carlo Tappia, son of Kgidl » Tappla. who 
was president of the Chamber of .Vcconjpts, Auditor, Jadgc of ihe Vicariate. Naples, and in 1597, 
('onnseUnr, went to Madrid in ir>12, Regent of the Supreme Council of Italy, lie relurnrd to Na- 
ples in H'.2.}, Hv'gent of tho Chancry, and died la .Ian,, 1<U4, while Dean <»f tlieColhilcrnl Coautil. 
lie ^^as burltd in the family chajiel. In tlie ehnrch of St. Jiinn-s of the Spaniard.s. He was the au- 
thiii' of m; ny valuable works. Don rranoesco Merlino, his uephow, wns made auditor of Sak-rno, 
jntljje of the Vicariate, Comnussary of Cainpagna and Counsellor, through the oflbrts of Regent 
'J'appta. lie wa,s afterwards elected rcgrnt of thn Supreme Council of Italy, and after hi* return 
from Sp :in in lH4rt, was made prebideut of the same. He died Sept. 6, 1650, ond was buried in the 
chnreh of the prof«'»f»ed house of l!ie Jcsiiiti IHk learning was also wry extensive. Sec Giaunone. 
Ci\il Hiv^tory of the Ivhigdoin of Naples, hook 38. p. 790-1, Vol. 3. Toppi gives a portrait i»f htm. 
Dur iNbrllno «Ip St, Pry >vns desceiided from this faml y. We know but very little of thf Euro- 
pean history of his hnm<-idatc fiudly. Am preparing a memnrial of him and in due time expect 
to ftsec-riain all thf f.icts in tlie case. The lariri- amount ot letters, memoranda. diari«'!^, bills, etc., 
whl< h I hiivc in my po&t<esnl«>n. enables me to furnish :i very full ueeonnt of him after hv came to 
America, and to tra<'c Ids course from 1770 to l7dJt. when he returned to Krnuce, with the i-xcep- 
tion of 177«J. 

We first hear of captain St. Pry, as owner of the seliooner La Fortinin, at St. Pierre, Martini- 
que, Jan. 9, 1770, The >nme year lie entered Into business partnership at Cape Francois, St. Dt> 
mlnjfo. The tlr>t trace of hiai in New Enslaud is on .tunc 10, 1774, when he sailed fnun Rercrly. 
in the liark JftnubUr, for Qucliec. Jan. i, 1775, he was In London, where he wrote in Ids diary: 
•'I ha>e in ready money £12.000." 

Then h« enumerates goods and dcbt!» dne him amounting to £1.407, making a total of £13.407, a 
very larire sum for ihose days. 

In 177.".. probai)ly pn'vlous to Jime 17, he rec»'lved from St. George de Vtart, a letter of intro- 
duction In (icn. .foscpli Warrt-n. which seem.s never to have bem presented. Sr^it. 1, 1 775 , he re- 
eelvetl »n Imrodnetory h'ltor (rouj Nlciiolas Pcrr6e, of New York to M. narral. a merchant at 
Kintfston, .bimaiea. recommentlini: Idm as a native of Lyons, of birtb, upright, highly educared and 
proiieii-ut in mathematics, and in tin* Etigllsh and French lancrnajEres. About the last of Jan., 1777, 
lie arrived at Newbury port with a car-o of merchaudisf fr«m» Cape Francois. Uv was in Boston 
from Feb. 6-23. April 4, 1777, Iho Geui ral Court (jranted him permi.sf.ion to sail for Capo Fran- 
^oia. Ho was ajjain in Boston in the fall of the year. It is a family tradition that on one of his 
voya(f«'s \w was captun-d by the En;;;llsh. and with two other Frmelijientb'iMen sent Into Newbury- 
port, and parolrd; that he was s-lck aiul went to thi-hou»